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Amy holding her quilt
Amy Altman
Diagnosed December 3, 2001

Amy Altman was diagnosed with diabetes on December 3, 2001 at the age of six years and 9 months. Her mother suspected that she had a UTI when she took her to the doctor. The family was in shock when she was instead diagnosed with diabetes. Amy has the dubious distinction of being the fourth generation with juvenile onset (type 1) diabetes in her family.

She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her parents and two older brothers, plays the piano, loves her cat and dog, and excels in her school work. She tests her own blood sugar and is very careful with her diet.

While testing her blood glucose levels at school daily, she has met two other children who also have diabetes and test at the same time. While other children her age have the freedom to enjoy a carefree and worry-free youth, Amy is comparing testing units and results with her diabetic friends, keeping daily records of her test results, and questioning what she ate that resulted in a high blood sugar.

Amy is eager for researchers to find a cure. She aptly recognizes that nothing short of a total cure will result in enabling her to toss her syringes and her daily injection ritual.

The quilt panel is the loving work of Amy's two grandmothers (Shirley Gould and Barbara Altman) with direction, creativity and some of the printing supplied by Amy.

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