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Kryssy and Casey Jones
Kryssy Redmond
New Jersey
Diagnosed January 14, 2000

Kryssy will be 9 years old in August 2002 and will enter the fourth grade in September. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6 and is currently pumping with a MiniMed 508. The dog in the picture is Casey Jones -- he is Kryssy's best friend with four legs.

Kryssy aspires to be on Broadway when she grows up. She loves musicals and spends much of her time creating costumes, choreographing routines, and writing songs for the stage. She also loves to sing, cheerlead, and going gymnastics.

Academically, Kryssy is an exceptionally gifted student. She excels in math and reading, but she particularly enjoys creative writing.

The whole Redmond family is looking forward to our third Children with Diabetes conference being held this year in Pasadena. See you there!

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