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Kelsey Willis
Diagnosed October 19, 1999
Kelsey was diagnosed in October 1999 at age 6 1/2, eight months after leaving Johannesburg, South Africa and relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. She lives in Atlanta with her mom (Barbi) and Dad (Martin) and her big sister Ashleigh, who is 13. Kelsey loves animals and is most frustrated that her parents will not let her add a dog or two or a horse to the seven cats that she already has at home. Since she started pumping a year ago, Kelsey has regained her mischievous personality and is a bundle of good health and energy. We are really proud of the manner in which Kelsey has coped with this disease and, like all parents of a child with diabetes, we are hoping that she will not have to endure it for too much longer!

Kelsey's quilt square was made for her by our friend Agnesia Lubbe. Thanks Agnesia!

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