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Sabrina Sayre
Diagnosed November 17, 1999

My name is Sabrina Gabrielle Sayre and I am five years old. This is my quilt and it has all the stuff I like the most. Kittens and puppies, princess crowns, pretty shoes, make up, fairies, hearts, stars, and flowers. As you can imagine, my favorite colors are pink and purple. I have two sisters, Danielle who is seven years old and my best friend, and Sophia who is a very cute baby. She is only one year old. I am the only one with diabetes. I was diagnosed when I was two years old. I don't like getting the shots very much but my baby sister makes me feel better by rubbing the place where I take my shots. She thinks this is very funny.

I am going to Kindergarten this year and I am going to have lots of fun. I also like to dance ballet, tap and Jazz. I play soccer, ride my bike (I finally learned to ride on two wheels!) and I love to swim in my pool. I often pretend I am a mermaid named Krystal. I love this quilt that my grandma Rose helped me make, but I am happy to send it to that we can help find a cure for diabetes! Love from Tampa, Florida.

Quilt by grandma Rose

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