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Taylor, age 10
Taylor Howard
Diagnosed May 6, 1997

Taylor is 10 years old and in the fifth grade. She was diagnosed at the age of 4 1/2. Taylor lives with her mom and dad, Teresa and Michael, and her two younger brothers, Brandt and Sean. Taylor and her family are very involved with their local JDRF chapter and have participated in six walks and the Promise to Remember Me campaign. Taylor was also just selected, along with 200 other diabetic children, to go to Washington, D.C. in June 2003 to participate in the Third Annual JDRF Children's Congress.

The poem on Taylor's quilt reads:

When a child is born we expect perfection; they are to be perfect in every way. Ten toes, ten fingers, two healthy eyes and a small button nose. Never to cry and to sleep at our beckon command. As they grow there should be no problems, no argument on what to wear or eat; life should pass us by. Then, one day in their little lives something may change. The perfection is gone and our child has problems. Where do we put the blame? Amongst ourselves, are we to blame? Or, is God to blame? Why has God done this to us? The answer is, no one is no blame. For every child is a gift and the one you have is gifted. They will learn to appreciate life, love it, hold it and share it with those around them. They, too, will learn how to forgive at a young age. They will embrace those with less than perfection for they will not see it. How lucky for them, they will share an unconditional love. They will not know the judgment that we withhold in ourselves. They will dance and smile with lifted spirit. For they are the lucky ones; they have the Lord walking beside them. So, my friends, rejoice and be glad for you have a child that has already touched the hearts of hundreds and will teach us to celebrate life the way we should.

Written for Taylor and her family by a close family friend.

Taylor's quilt was made by Taylor and her Great Grandma Howard. Taylor drew the pictures herself and the poem was written for her by a close family friend.

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