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Peter in front of his quilt square
Peter Stevenson
South Africa
Diagnosed October 10, 2001

Peter is almost eight and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on October 10, 2001. He is in Grade 2. His is very good at reading and math. He is currently into climbing trees, which gives his mother more gray hairs!

Peter?s Dad is Paul, who is a mining geologist in the platinum field. His Mum, Jane, is a physiotherapist and works from home, as well as looking after senior citizens in a couple of retirement villages. Peter has three brothers, all of whom helped with making the quilt. Duncan is 18 and is in his last year of school, writing his Matric exams in October 2002. He did all the computer graphics and photos. Tom is 15 and in Grade 9. He did some of the drawings including the blue beach buggy, which has played a central part in our holidays at St. Francis Bay. Richard is 11 and in Grade 5. He is our artistic fellow and designed and made the print blocks for the border of the quilt square.

Peter is desperate for "The Cure" and wants to be right up front when they call out the names for the first ones to be made better!

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