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Ashley Hawrysch
Diagnosed September 13, 2001

Ashley was diagnosed on September 13, 2001. She was just 4 years and 9 months old. It was quite a shock to all of us. She has been a real little trooper but still hates the needles.

Ashley picked out her favorite things for her quilt. She loves D.W. and Rugrats games on the computer, and also enjoys seeing them on television. She is into sports and play T-ball every spring. Right now she is in gymnastics and is loving it!

Her life revolves around 30 carbs for each meal and snack, and her insulin shots. We walked in the JDRF walk to cure diabetes as Ashley's Angels for the first time, and we will do it again. Insulin is not a cure!

Ashley is still doing well with her diabetes. She amazes me everyday. She is doing her own finger pricks, and is reading the meter. She still doesn't like the needles. I don't think any of the children do. Academically, she is in the first grade, is reading well--hates math! Ashley loves to draw, and puts such detail in her pictures. I think God gives all of us a gift--hers is in her drawing and her expressive nature. Ours in just in having a precious little angel in our lives. We have started collecting for JDRF Walk for the Cure. This is the second year we will be participating. Ashley is very excited, and we are excited for her.

Ashley is doing remarkably well this year, so far. We had a few problems last year with her blood glucose levels, which in turn, affected her work at school. But this year, we are really into counting carbs, and Ashley is using the NovoPen Junion during the day. She is beginning to understand why making good choices in her food is important. After all, this is her diabetes and her life. She is my little angel, and I love her to pieces!

January 2006 Update:
Ashley continues to thrive even though her eating habits are not the greatest. She is growing and gaining weight. This past summer she attended Diabetes Camp for the first time, and is ready to go back again! I thought she would be afraid, but she loved every minute of it. She learned how to give herself her own needle with the NovoPenJr. And she made many friends. She is doing well in school and we continue to pray for a cure for her and all type 1 diabetics.

June 2007 Update:
Well here we are, almost 6 years into diagnosis, I cannot believe it! Time does go by much to quickly! Ashley continues to thrive, and is still on the nova pen and needles. Her school was very much into good eating this year and had recieved a grant to teach the children about the choices they make in their foods. So this all worked out well for Ashley. She will be in the 5th grade in the fall, and has made the honor roll this final quarter of the 4th grade. Ashley is a treasure to me and her entire family! She recently entered a drawing contest about Maryland Farm Life and won! Her picture will appear in the 2008 calendar! And she won a certificate and a $50.00 prize for the picture! She tends to excel in what she loves to do...don't we all! We continue to pray for a cure, and know that one day there will be one.

September 2008 Update:
Here we are 7 years now into diagnosis and Ashley is growing like a weed! She has gotten taller and has filled out so much! Ashley finally got on the pump in April of 2008. She loves it! She recently went to Camp Nanjemoy in Maryland and had a ball. She learned that she could put on her own pump site, and she does it so well! I am so very proud of her. Ashley will be attending Middle School in 2 weeks.... I cannot believe the time has passed so quickly. She is well rounded in both her school work, her diabetes and her friends. We walked in the Walk for a Cure this year and raised over $8000.00! Every year we raised the bar a little higher! I thank God every day for my happy and healthy grandchild!

July 2009 Update:
My girlfriend is growing like a weed!! I can't stand it! And she is beautiful to boot! Ashley is now 12 and will be 13 in November. She did very well in school this past year, I am so very proud of her! Ashley went on the Animas 2020 pump in April of 2008, and she loves it! It has made life ever so much easier. She is able to update everything when she attaches the pump site herself! And her A1C'S are lower.....hooray!

Ashley's Grandmom Jane made the quilt with Ashley's help.

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