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Michael and McKenzie
Michael and McKenzie Trevallion
Diagnosed June 13, 2003

Meet two amazing children, McKenzie, now 9 and her brother, Mike, just 4. Last summer, Mike had classic symptoms of high blood sugar. Mom, who has had Type 1 for over 30 years, prayed that she was wrong in her suspicion. He started insulin injections immediately. Just six days later, to show encouragement to do finger prick blood tests, both kids and Mom and Dad did a test. McKenzie's blood sugar was over 600! Now both children are on four to five injections a day.

One just cannot imagine what our lives are like now. We order cases of blood test strips and mom has trouble keeping everybody's prescriptions and blood test records straight. We spend way too much times at doctors' offices. The worry of lows never leave our minds. We are managing the best we can because we are a loving family and are the best "Diabetes Team" you can imagine. Mom and Dad both work full time and are thankful to the special people that help to care for both kids in day care and after school care. We'd like to find a babysitter that could care for two diabetic kids so mom and dad could have an occasional night out together.

By the way, Grandma has had Type 1 for 44 years! It's crazy. We figure that everything happens for a reason and we are all put here to learn something. Let's hope this is happening so we can be the "Poster Family" for the Cure someday?SOON!

McKenzie crafted this quilt square for her and her brother during winter vacation. She is one talented, happy, beautiful little girl. Michael adores her. Kenzie will attend Clara Barton Camp for girls with diabetes this summer to meet new friends. Mom's an alumnus from 20 years ago! Please find inspiration from our story to help you find a cure!

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