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Ainsley Basham
Diagnosed April 1, 2003

My daughter, Ainsley, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of two. She is now three and is the strongest person I know. Ainsley has such an amazing spirit and approaches each day with an inner strength that oftentimes props me up. On the days that I feel like I am going to crack, I watch her endure shot after shot and finger prick after finger prick with a silent strength that tells me that we will make it through this. We have all had a very difficult year, but she continues to thrive and her wonderful smile and laugh fill me with such pride. It is overwhelming at times.

We have had a difficult time getting Ainsley regulated, which is often the case with little ones. But, she is now doing great. She recently began using an insulin pump and is finally beginning to even out. She is feeling better and better. Ainsley is an extremely active child who loves dancing, gymnastics, and swimming. It is great to watch her having fun and enjoying life.

Ainsley has had such amazing support from family and friends. One of her little buddies, Kevin, recently said that he wished Ainsley's diabetes would go away. His mom replied that we all wished that. We all pray for a cure for her and every other child that battles with this disease.

When Ainsley was diagnosed, I made a silent deal with myself that she would not have this disease in vain and that we would do everything we could to make a difference. I want her to know that she can be proactive and do something to fight this disease. This quilt square is one more way of doing that. I hope that, as she grows, she will see her quilt and realize that she is making a difference.

Her dad and I love her very much and feel very blessed to have such an amazing daughter.

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