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Diabetes News in the Popular Press

    27 May 2015

  1. [New!] Bob Duff: IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball races past diabetes.
  2. [New!] Indy 500 notes: Kimball, with diabetes, pleased with third.
  3. [New!] IndyCar's Charlie Kimball: 'There's no gas in the gas tank'.
  4. [New!] Four-year-old girl makes history in world-first attempt to prevent type 1 diabete.
  5. [New!] Rockwell native receives medal from diabetes center.
  6. [New!] A study in living well.
  7. [New!] Basketball camp in Rockford helps kids with diabetes manage their condition.

    20 May 2015

  8. Kimball overcomes diabetes, eyes Belle Isle win.
  9. Teens With Type 1 Diabetes: How to Cope and When to Seek Help.
  10. In the Spotlight: Julia O'Leary raises awareness about Type 1 diabetes.
  11. Living with diabetes.
  12. New remote monitoring device provides lifeline for people with diabetes.

    13 May 2015

  13. 'Top Chef' star visits UM's Diabetes Research Institute.
  14. One step closer to an insulin vaccine for type 1 diabetes.
  15. Breaking Silence.
  16. Mother balances work, life and illnesses.
  17. Diabetes Scotland name Larkhall teen Nadine McGrory as their Outstanding Young Person.
  18. Brave six-year-old girl saves pregnant mother's life by calling 911 and saying her mom was 'frozen' after she fell into a diabetic coma the day before Mother's Day.
  19. New device could change lives of millions with Type 1 Diabetes.
  20. For local girl with diabetes Tech device is life-changing.
  21. Athletes with diabetes make bid for win.
  22. Spirit CEO Larry Lawson rides for a cause, and takes hundreds of workers with him.

    6 May 2015

  23. Type 1 Diabetes Cases Continues to Climb in Children.
  24. Diabetic Alpena woman, 96, shares life's highs and lows.
  25. Taking a vacation from diabetes: Teens take 'artificial pancreas' for a test run.
  26. Diabetes in play: High school athletes don’t let it stop them.
  27. On deck: Orange Lutheran High sophomore Mitchell, a Type 1 diabetic, is stealing spotlight in Orange County.
  28. Diabetes doesn't slow Maine track star Kate Hall from becoming record setter.
  29. Bishop Gorman kicker plans to continue diabetes fight in college.
  30. Diabetes Simulation Pumps Up STEM Interest.
  31. Living with diabetes never lets up for teen.
  32. New diabetes standard for commercial drivers in the works.

    29 April 2015

  33. National study to test unborn babies for type 1 diabetes, attracts major funding.
  34. How the data revolution could transform the way people live with diabetes.
  35. Arlington softball player inspired by battle with diabetes.
  36. Ayala High's Jonathan Buckley pitches a winner against diabetes.
  37. Brandon Morrow: ML pitcher, T1 diabetic. See also How Padres pitcher Brandon Morrow helped form one of California's brightest baseball prospects.
  38. Michelle Kaufman: U.S. soccer fans should be excited about Jordan Morris.
  39. Warning over youth diabetes deaths.

    22 April 2015

  40. 'Device-less' cell transplant allows safer, more effective treatment of Type 1 diabetes.
  41. Could High-Dose Insulin Prevent Type 1 Diabetes in High-Risk Kids? See also Vaccine For Type 1 Diabetes One Step Closer To Reality.
  42. Razorfish's Jeff Dachis Launches One Drop, An App For Diabetics To Log And Share Info With Each Other.
  43. Ryan Reed helping raise awareness for the Diabetes Alert sticker.
  44. UNCG student athlete won't let type 1 diabetes slow him down.
  45. Diabetic, Sudbury's Greg Weintraub embracing his 26.2-mile run to Boston.
  46. Life still sweet for those with Type 1 diabetes.
  47. Stop Telling Me How to Control My Type 1 Diabetes.
  48. Diabetes alert dog a 'life-saver' for St. Mary first-grader.
  49. Engineers Made a Simple Device to Numb Skin So Injections Hurt Less.

    15 April 2015

  50. Building a Bionic Pancreas.
  51. Elite cyclist inspires JDRF of La Crosse.
  52. NASCAR driver honors top Keller ISD fund raisers.
  53. Camp Nejeda boot camp helps adults with diabetes.
  54. How to fashionably wear an insulin pump: New dress designs made for diabetes sufferers.
  55. Peggy's award for her work with diabetics.
  56. Diabetes monitors may endanger avalanche victims, study finds.

    8 April 2015

  57. Dealing with diabetes at age 2.
  58. Eiger North Face speed record attempt: Jerr's Insulin Challenge 2015.
  59. Endo Apps: The DIY Artificial Pancreas.
  60. Diabetes survivor hits record 80 years.
  61. Horsham pensioner's medal for managing diabetes for 70 years.
  62. Diabetics worldwide to benefit from artificial pancreas.
  63. Medical device maker Medtronic buys Dutch diabetes clinic.
  64. Kleiner Perkins Leads $20M Round in Livongo for Cloud-Enabled Glucose Meter.

    2 April 2015

  65. Gophers' Sara Groenewegen doesn't let Type 1 diabetes throw her a curve .
  66. Midlands mom takes advocacy for diabetes funding to Washington.
  67. Type 1 diabetes device is 'step towards artificial pancreas'.

    25 March 2015

  68. Eight-year-old Amber meets the queen at Diabetes UK event.
  69. Supporting Student-Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes.
  70. Kids with type 1 diabetes to design Ryan Blaney's Brickyard 400 car.
  71. Monroe girl lives life with, beyond diabetes.
  72. World's first all-diabetes professional cycling team joined Le Tour de Filipinas.
  73. Teddy Bear Clinic held for young diabetes patients.
  74. Palo Alto company creates app that integrates diabetes management technology.
  75. Dynamic Father-son Duo Contributes to Educating Families About Type 1 Diabetes.
  76. Miss Idaho visits Anderson Twp., talks about diabetes.

    18 March 2015

  77. UCSD creates ink sensor for glucose.
  78. For diabetics, fatigue and burnout are a constant challenge.
  79. Local teen fights for diabetes awareness and funding.
  80. Type 1 diabetes didn't stop Anaheim Hills woman.
  81. Kroner: Judah's Allender has all-out effor.

    11 March 2015

  82. Emma Watson raises awareness of type 1 diabetes by saluting mum with the condition.
  83. Diabetes On 'Alarming' Rise Among Children.
  84. Twins catching prospect Turner not letting diabetes divert career.

    4 March 2015

  85. Know the Difference: Local Mom Creates Website on Diabetes Education.
  86. Women’s basketball’s Kacy Swain talks about living, playing with diabetes.
  87. School kids rally around classmate who nearly died.
  88. Competing with diabetes: Tyler Larson.
  89. Suburban Mother Denied Potentially Life-Saving Medical Device by Insurance Company.
  90. Dallastown's Mikaelie Gonzalez doesn't let Type 1 diabetes slow her down.
  91. Eagles's Vause stars on the ice with Type 1 diabetes.
  92. Ava Joyce: Battling baby beats the odds after rare diabetes diagnosis.

    25 February 2015

  93. Reed overcomes diabetes to win. See also NXS: Ryan Reed Passes Keselowski for First Career Win - Daytona 2015.
  94. Queen meets 'incredible' diabetes sufferers including teenage daughter of Liverpool football boss at St James's Palace reception.
  95. A Pancreas in a Capsule.
  96. Emergency insulin could have saved man's life.
  97. Diabetic refused access to insulin by Moncton sheriffs.

    11 February 2015

  98. Both cause and cure for diabetes could be in your gut.
  99. News Anchor Wakes Up to Diabete.
  100. Diabetic schoolboy Lewis, 10, heading for London to meet the Queen.
  101. Cutler's foundation does great work.
  102. Mum says children saved her life after she nearly slipped into deadly diabetic coma.
  103. Why Do Women With Type 1 Diabetes Die More Often Than Diabetic Men?

    6 February 2015

  104. Diabetes Technology Inches Closer To An Artificial Pancreas.
  105. New Technology Helps Monitor Juvenile Diabetes.
  106. Breakthrough 'artificial pancreas' helps control diabetic's insulin levels.
  107. Diabetes sufferers commended after 50 years living with disease.
  108. My Health Experience: 'I like to focus on the positive things having diabetes has given me'.
  109. Postprandial glucagon linked to glycaemic control in Type 1 diabetes.
  110. Diabetes Technology Inches Closer To An Artificial Pancreas.
  111. Fuld determined not to let diabetes hamper him, others.
  112. St. Pius X senior Studyvin overcomes diabetes, gains scholarship.
  113. Pumped up for diabetes.
  114. Diabetic father signs up for Brighton Half Marathon.
  115. Millie's Manifesto: Schoolgirl delivers Type 1 diabetes manifesto to Number 10 Downing Street.
  116. Dear Coleen Nolan, diabetes is not my fault.

    28 January 2015

  117. Father of diabetic criticizes school.
  118. Peer mentoring may improve diabetes management among adolescents. See also Patient perspectives on peer mentoring: type 1 diabetes management in adolescents and young adults, previously reported.
  119. The Benefits of Growing Up With Type 1 Diabetes - T1 Everyday Magic.
  120. Seahawks fans join in the madness of Media Day.
  121. Locals Mark 50 Years Of Managing Type 1 Diabetes.
  122. 13 Lessons Learned After 90 Days of Diabetes.
  123. Over 200K Americans under the age of 20 live with diabetes.
  124. What FDA developments in Diabetes mean for FDA approval in Digital Health.

    21 January 2015

  125. Derek Theler Talks Living With Type 1 Diabetes With Bello Mag.
  126. Colorado Springs man sets Manitou Incline record despite suffering from diabetes.
  127. Phil and Marie Hewitt, diabetes awareness activists, Pools for Prevention.
  128. Teen with diabetes organizes Winter Masquerade Ball.

    13 January 2015

  129. Steering stem cell trafficking into pancreas reverses type 1 diabetes.
  130. People with type 1 diabetes are living longer.
  131. Longer Lives For Type 1 Diabetics Who Strictly Control Blood Sugar.
  132. Photo essay - one day in the life with type 1 diabetes.
  133. Weavers Turn Silk Into Diabetes Test Strips.
  134. Type 1 Diabetes is a 24/7 Responsibility - and We Get No Vacation Time From It.
  135. Recovering From Diabulimia: 2 Women Share Their Success Stories.

    7 January 2015

  136. Miami doc on mission to cure Type 1 diabetes.
  137. 3D Printed Rig Helps Knoxville Girl.
  138. Diabetes life expectancy 'improving', study finds.
  139. Diabetes awareness: Fort Mill girl celebrates her 'diaversary'.
  140. WJC: Nothing can hold Domi back.
  141. Metformin: A Great Lakes Disaster?

    31 December 2014

  142. How Drug Combination Helps Control Type 1 Diabetes.
  143. Number of Type 1 diabetes cases growing.
  144. Sugar levels may slow brain growth in children with Type 1 diabetes.

    24 December 2014

  145. Open source and the cloud: Changing the lives of people with Type 1 diabetes.
  146. Diabetes Patients Are Hacking Their Way Toward a Bionic Pancreas.
  147. Diabetics told to check glucose before driving.
  148. Faith-healing couple sentenced to 10 years in diabetic daughter's death.

    17 December 2014

  149. Jay Cutler is the Chicago Bears nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year Award.
  150. CU-Boulder student group working to educate campus about Type 1 diabetes.
  151. Stanford soccer star handles diabetes, faces decision to join Sounders.
  152. Girl Scout awarded for helping children with Type 1 Diabetes.
  153. Dispelling the misconceptions and confusion surrounding diabetes.
  154. Texas County Constable Saves Life Of Veteran In Diabetic Coma.

    10 December 2014

  155. 50 Years Later — Beating The Type 1 Diabetes Prognosis.
  156. Quick-thinking Lucas, 4, saves life of diabetic Plymouth mum.
  157. Mother finds unique, savvy way to monitor son's Type 1 diabetes.
  158. KORN Singer Jonathan Davis Discusses His Son's Battle With Type 1 Diabetes.
  159. Mifflinburg teen overcomes Type-I diabetes.
  160. Research at UVa Medical Center could change life for Type 1 diabetics.
  161. BU student refuses to let diabetes hold her back.
  162. Mothers slam diabetes emergency injection policy.

    3 December 2014

  163. A Roanoke County 9-year-old who lives with Type 1 diabetes.
  164. Tonbridge dads taking on Ironman to help children with diabetes.
  165. Medtronic Diabetes and Dexcom Rivalry To Heat Up.

    26 November 2014

  166. Iron Man Joins The Fight Against Diabetes.
  167. Is a Bioengineered Organ Going to Lead to a Biological Diabetes Cure?
  168. UM's Diabetes Research Institute working toward cure of Type 1 diabetes.
  169. Type 1 Diabetes Increasing As Medical Teams Shrink.
  170. Thoughts on 'A Day in the Life of a Diabetic' from a journalist who's had plenty of them: opinion.
  171. Type 1 Diabetes is a 24/7 Responsibility - and We Get No Vacation Time From It.
  172. Johns Creek woman shares story of life after diabetes.
  173. Chislehurst mum backs new Diabetes UK care in school helpline.
  174. Type 1 diabetes hasn't slowed SC kicker.
  175. Harris' Heroes: Md. teen with type 1 diabetes fights for a cure.
  176. Diabetes Awareness Month: Certain eating disorder on the rise among type 1 diabetes patients.
  177. Living with type 1 diabetes: Cases rise, causes unclear.
  178. Pumps, glucose monitors keep Type 1 diabetes in check.
  179. Children with diabetes can learn from bear.
  180. At 88, Irene Cook is inspiring proof a full life and diabetes can co-exis.
  181. Dr. Donald F. Steiner, Diabetes Researcher, Dies at 84.

    19 November 2014

  182. Runner with Type 1 diabetes completes cross-Canada trek to raise awareness. See also Sebastien Sasseville concludes cross-country trek to raise awareness for diabetes.
  183. Beta-O2 testing cure for type 1 diabetes.
  184. People with diabetes 'still denied vital prescriptions'. See also 700,000 diabetes sufferers put at risk by "appalling" NHS blood test cuts.
  185. Helping children live with diabetes.
  186. Freshman fights Type 1 Diabetes.
  187. Student lives life normally in spite of Type 1 diabetes.
  188. Diabetic cheetah gives hope to sick kids.

    12 November 2014

  189. Tonight's University Lecture: Creating a Bridge to a Cure for Diabetes. See also ENG Prof's Bionic Pancreas Takes a Big Step Forward.
  190. UAB research could be a breakthrough for diabetes treatment. See also In human clinical trial, UAB to test drug shown to completely reverse diabetes in human islets, mice.
  191. Woman's insulin use in fighting diabetes recognized.
  192. Diabetes UK launches new care in school helpline.

    5 November 2014

  193. Usher teams up with Camp Kudzu for Atlanta charity event.
  194. Woman with Type 1 Diabetes Completes NYC Marathon, Raises Funds for Research.
  195. Miss Idaho gives Type 1 diabetics brave role model.
  196. Middle Georgia family raises childhood diabetes awareness.
  197. One wheel, many goals.
  198. Giant Coup For Diabetes UK Northern Ireland.

    29 October 2014

  199. App allows local mom to monitor son's blood sugar levels.
  200. Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers bike outside house for diabetes fundraiser.
  201. MU student's death highlights difficulties of balancing Type 1 diabetes, college life.

    22 October 2014

  202. NASCAR Driver Overcomes Diagnosis To Get Back Behind The Wheel.
  203. Out of the Ashes: Ashten Smith-Gooden hasn't let diabetes define her.
  204. Handsworth hitter Maya Bennett a study in perseverance, and an inspiration to her Royals.
  205. Local TD calls for reduction in waiting times for insulin pump therapy.
  206. Siblings share type 1 dilemma.
  207. Diabetes and Division I - Field Hockey's Sarah Keer is Inspiring by Example.
  208. Sen. Nybo now a member of legislative diabetes caucus: Nybo family to share their "touched by type 1" story soon.
  209. New EU Driving Rules for Type 1 Diabetes Could Spell Danger. (Free Medscape membership required.)

    15 October 2014

  210. Sigh of relief: Tech gives PCSD parents peace of mind.
  211. When diabetes is your running buddy.
  212. 5 Uncommon Diabetes Diagnoses.

    8 October 2014

  213. 'Bionic pancreas' opens up new possibilities to kids with Type 1 diabetes.
  214. Girl hopes for freedom at 11 with insulin pump.
  215. Stroudsburg woman's life-changing diagnosis.
  216. From Barcelona to The Alps, Powered By Insulin | The Glucose Project.
  217. Collins' checklist includes managing Crusaders' offense, juvenile diabetes.
  218. Coon battles opponents, type 1 diabetes.
  219. Lana Chestang is Mobile's first Red Strider youth ambassador.

    1 October 2014

  220. Girl tests bionic pancreas.
  221. Hudson college student's blog makes life sweeter for others with diabetes.
  222. Citizen Hackers Modify Diabetes Device.

    24 September 2014

  223. When the Biomedical Industry Can't Prioritize Diseases, Private Money Can Save Lives​.
  224. Modern Life Without a Pancreas.
  225. Living With Type 1 Diabetes -- a Forgotten Disease.
  226. Brandon Roux, son fight Type 1 diabetes together.
  227. Teaching through high-tech teddy bears: a chat with inventor Aaron Horovitz.
  228. A 12-year-old girl with diabetes is taking on 410km bike ride in Taiwan.
  229. Southern Owls lineman won't let diabetes hold him back.
  230. Farnworth mum: 'Kearsley West Primary School is struggling to supervise my daughter's diabetes'.

    17 September 2014

  231. Bionic Pancreas: A Father's Mission To Fight Type 1 Diabetes.
  232. Kids with Type 1 diabetes get a taste of normal life with 'bionic pancreas'.
  233. Amesbury brothers try out bionic pancrea.
  234. Researchers test "bionic pancreas" at camp for diabetic kids.
  235. Artificial pancreas: the future is now.
  236. If You Meet Someone With Type 1 Diabetes, This Is What You Should Know.
  237. Diabetes doesn't slow down UCLA student.

    10 September 2014

  238. The all-diabetic pro cycling team in the Tour of Britain. See also Unique diabetic team to ride final Bristol leg of tour of Britain.
  239. Triathlete inspires children with type 1 diabetes.
  240. Four-Time Olympian Kris Freeman Balances Type 1 Diabetes with Olympic Dreams.
  241. Hiding nothing: Diabetic lingerie model Amanda Kuc poses with insulin pump.
  242. Diabetes doesn't slow down Ben Davis quarterback Kyle Castner.
  243. Ben Davis QB, diabetic Kyle Castner emerging as role model for both on-field, off-field exploits.
  244. Breastfeeding my Type 1 Diabetic Baby.
  245. Pharmaceutical company ends type 1 diabetes drug program.

    3 September 2014

  246. Diabetes trials hailed a potential cure.
  247. Artificial pancreas could change diabetics' lives.
  248. The Netherlands triumphs at international football tournament for children using insulin pumps.
  249. Cardiff Half Marathon challenge for Rachel.
  250. Diabetic Pune teen conquers Macchu Picchu.

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