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    16 August 2017

  1. [New!] Celiac Disease and Increased Risk of Pneumococcal Infection: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

    9 August 2017

  2. Papa John's has made a gluten-free pizza that gluten-intolerant diners can't eat.

    2 August 2017

  3. Caesarean Section on The Risk of Celiac Disease in the Offspring: The Teddy Study.
  4. Transglutaminase antibodies and celiac disease in children with type 1 diabetes and in their family members.
  5. Comparative study of clinical features of patients with celiac disease & those with concurrent celiac disease & type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  6. Latiglutenase Improves Symptoms in Seropositive Celiac Disease Patients While on a Gluten-Free Diet.
  7. Self-Reported Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity in High School Students: Demographic and Clinical Characteristics. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  8. Mass Screening for Celiac Disease Among School-aged Children: Toward Exploring Celiac Iceberg in Saudi Arabia.
  9. The Relationship Between Child Mortality Rates and Prevalence of Celiac Disease.

    26 July 2017

  10. Serum Vitamins and Minerals at Diagnosis and Follow-up in Children With Celiac Disease.
  11. Colonial Williamsburg forced boy with gluten allergy to eat outside in the rain, lawsuit says.

    19 July 2017

  12. Omitting duodenal biopsy in children with suspected celiac disease and extra-intestinal symptoms. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  13. Variability of anti-human transglutaminase testing in celiac disease across Mediterranean countries. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  14. Increased risk of herpes zoster in patients with coeliac disease - nationwide cohort study.
  15. What’s a practicing Catholic with celiac disease to do?

    12 July 2017

  16. Prevalence of Celiac Disease in 52,721 Youth With Type 1 Diabetes: International Comparison Across Three Continents.
  17. No Evidence of Transfusion Transmission of Celiac Disease.
  18. Avoidance of Cow's Milk-based Formula for At-risk Infants Does Not Reduce Development of Celiac Disease: a Randomized Controlled Trial.
  19. Symptoms of Functional Intestinal Disorders Are Common in Patients with Celiac Disease Following Transition to a Gluten-Free Diet.
  20. Intussusception in Celiac Disease: is it a common feature in Children?
  21. Gluten-Free Host A No-Go, Says Pope. See also The Catholic Church says no to gluten-free communion. Here’s why.

    28 June 2017

  22. Whole lipid profile and not only HDL cholesterol is impaired in children with coexisting type 1 diabetes and untreated celiac disease.
  23. Infections in early Life and development of celiac disease.
  24. Extraintestinal Manifestations of Celiac Disease: Effectiveness of the Gluten-Free Diet.

    21 June 2017

  25. Accuracy of Tests for Antibodies Against Tissue-transglutaminase in Diagnosis of Celiac Disease, Without Biopsy.
  26. Delay in diagnosis of celiac disease in patients without gastrointestinal complaints.
  27. The Long-Term Consumption of Oats in Celiac Disease Patients Is Safe: A Large Cross-Sectional Study. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  28. Gluten-sniffing dogs help people with celiac disease.
  29. Honors student presents celiac disease research at conference in Pittsburgh.

    14 June 2017

  30. The identification of celiac disease in asymptomatic children: the Generation R Study.
  31. Markers of inflammation and cardiovascular disease in recently diagnosed celiac disease patients. Free full text available in HTML and PDF via link.

    7 June 2017

  32. Risk of Eating Disorders in Patients with Celiac Disease.
  33. Daily Experiences and Challenges Among Children and Adolescents with Celiac Disease: Focus Group Results.
  34. Commercially available glutenases: a potential hazard in coeliac disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  35. The Celiac Surge.
  36. Sampling Finds High Level of Gluten-Free Compliance.
  37. Coexistence of celiac disease & type 1 diabetes mellitus in children.
  38. Anti-gliadin antibodies in breast milk from celiac mothers on a gluten-free diet.
  39. Effect of soy flour on nutritional, physicochemical, and sensory characteristics of gluten‐free bread. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.

    31 May 2017

  40. Prevalence of Celiac Disease in 52,721 Youth With Type 1 Diabetes: International Comparison Across Three Continents.
  41. Tests for Serum Transglutaminase and Endomysial Antibodies Do Not Detect Most Patients With Celiac Disease and Persistent Villous Atrophy on Gluten-free Diets: a Meta-analysis.
  42. Anti-transglutaminase 6 Antibody Development in Children With Celiac Disease Correlates With Duration of Gluten Exposure.
  43. Similar Responses of Intestinal T-cells From Untreated Children and Adults With Celiac Disease to Deamidated Gluten Epitopes.
  44. Celiac disease symptoms more likely to resolve in children.

    24 May 2017

  45. Gluten-degrading bacteria are present in the human small intestine of healthy volunteers and celiac patients.
  46. Celiac Disease Symptom Resolution: Effectiveness of the Gluten Free Diet.
  47. A B-Cell Gene Signature Correlates With the Extent of Gluten-Induced Intestinal Injury in Celiac Disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  48. Science Has Begun Taking Gluten Seriously.

    17 May 2017

  49. Psychiatric Disorders in Children Linked to Celiac Disease.
  50. Assessment of dietary compliance in celiac children using a standardized dietary interview.
  51. Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Tale of Two Mice Pairs.

    10 May 2017

  52. Eating Pure Oats May be Okay for Celiac Sufferers: Study.

    3 May 2017

  53. Celiac Disease and Anorexia Nervosa: A Nationwide Study. Free full text available in PDF format.
  54. Is the Diagnosis of Celiac Disease Possible Without Intestinal Biopsy?
  55. Charting Celiac Disease's Millennia-Long Rise to Prominence.
  56. Infectious component of celiac disease?
  57. Gluten-free Strategies: The emotional toll of adjusting to celiac disease.

    26 April 2017

  58. Safety of Adding Oats to a Gluten-free Diet for Patients with Celiac Disease: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Clinical and Observational Studies.
  59. Cereal Consumption among Subjects with Celiac Disease: A Snapshot for Nutritional Considerations. Free full text available in HTML and PDF via link.
  60. Zonulin transgenic mice show altered gut permeability and increased morbidity/mortality in the DSS colitis model. See also Mass. General researchers provide evidence linking "leaky gut" to chronic inflammation.
  61. Prevalence of Celiac Disease Autoimmunity Among Adolescents and Young Adults in China.

    19 April 2017

  62. A Novel Patient-Derived Conceptual Model of the Impact of Celiac Disease in Adults: Implications for Patient-Reported Outcome and Health-Related Quality-of-Life Instrument Development.
  63. Living with celiac disease: A life-changing diagnosis.

    12 April 2017

  64. Reovirus infection triggers inflammatory responses to dietary antigens and development of celiac disease. See also A Seemingly Harmless Virus Might Be Triggering Celiac Disease, Here’s how an otherwise humdrum virus sparks celiac disease, and Virus linked to celiac disease, new study finds.
  65. The New Niche: Gluten-Free Dining Halls.

    29 March 2017

  66. Greater postprandial glucose excursions and inadequate nutrient intake in youth with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  67. Screening for Celiac Disease: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement.
  68. The US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation on Screening for Asymptomatic Celiac Disease: A Dearth of Evidence.
  69. No Need To Get Screened For Celiac Unless You Have Symptoms, Panel Says.
  70. The effects of modified versus unmodified wheat gluten administration in patients with celiac disease.

    22 March 2017

  71. Reduced Bone Mineral Density in Children with Screening-detected Celiac Disease.
  72. Recent advances in pediatric celiac disease.
  73. Pediatric Celiac Disease: Follow-Up in the Spotlight.
  74. Local ocular surface parameters in patients with systemic celiac disease.

    15 March 2017

  75. Celiac Disease Is Associated with Childhood Psychiatric Disorders: A Population-Based Study.
  76. Celiac Disease: Role of the Epithelial Barrier. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  77. Low gluten diets linked to higher risk of type 2 diabetes.
  78. Deerfield 7th grader organizes concert to benefit celiac disease center.

    8 March 2017

  79. Psychological Manifestations of Celiac Disease in Children: Differences Noted Pre- and Post-Diagnosis.
  80. Maternal use of dietary supplements during pregnancy is not associated with coeliac disease in the offspring: The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study.
  81. Large population study shows that adolescents with celiac disease have an increased risk of multiple autoimmune and non-autoimmune comorbidities.
  82. 15 Women Describe What It's REALLY Like to Have Celiac Disease.

    1 March 2017

  83. Accumulation of Heavy Metals in People on a Gluten-Free Diet.
  84. Psychological Manifestations of Celiac Disease Autoimmunity in Young Children. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats. See also Celiac Disease, Gut-Brain Axis, and Behavior: Cause, Consequence, or Merely Epiphenomenon?
  85. Lower Prevalence of Celiac Disease and Gluten-Related Disorders in Persons Living in Southern vs Northern Latitudes of the United States.
  86. Coping with celiac disease: how heavy is the burden for caregivers?
  87. Risk of Cross-Contact for Gluten-Free Pizzas in Shared-Production Restaurants in Relation to Oven Cooking Procedures.
  88. Overview on the General Approaches to Improve Gluten-Free Pasta and Bread. Free full text available in HTML reader format.
  89. Gluten-free diets: Where do we stand?

    22 February 2017

  90. Mode of Delivery and Risk of Celiac Disease: Risk of Celiac Disease and Age at Gluten Introduction Cohort Study.
  91. Characterization of celiac disease related oat proteins: bases for the development of high quality oat varieties suitable for celiac patients. Free full text available in HTML and PDF formats.
  92. Impact of gluten-free diet on quality of life in celiac patients.
  93. Your toddler’s behavior may hint at celiac disease: study.

    15 February 2017

  94. Blood levels of lead and mercury and celiac disease seropositivity: the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found lower levels of lead and mercury in children eating a gluten free diet.
  95. The Unintended Consequences of a Gluten-Free Diet (click on PDF link to download full text). See also Gluten-free diet may increase risk of arsenic, mercury exposure.
  96. Gluten Contamination in Naturally or Labeled Gluten-Free Products Marketed in Italy. Free full text available in HTML and and PDF via link.
  97. The Celiac Patient Antibody Response to Conventional and Gluten-Removed Beer. See also ‘Gluten-removed’ beer not as safe as ‘gluten-free’ beer for those with celiac disease, study suggests.

    8 February 2017

  98. At-Risk Screened Children with Celiac Disease are Comparable in Disease Severity and Dietary Adherence to Those Found because of Clinical Suspicion: A Large Cohort Study.
  99. Increasing Incidence and Altered Presentation in a Population-Based Study of Pediatric Celiac Disease in North America.
  100. High incidence of Celiac Disease in a Long-term Study of Adolescents With Susceptibility Genotypes.
  101. Transverse Myelitis as Manifestation of Celiac Disease in a Toddler.

    1 February 2017

  102. Prevalence of Celiac Disease in the U.S. Appears to Have Plateaued.
  103. The Celiac Patient Antibody Response to Conventional and Gluten-Removed Beer.
  104. Prevalence of Self-Reported Gluten Sensitivity and Adherence to a Gluten-Free Diet in Argentinian Adult Population. Free full text available in HTML and PDF via link.

    25 January 2017

  105. Value of IgA tTG in Predicting Mucosal Recovery in Children With Celiac Disease on a Gluten-Free Diet.
  106. Pre-symptomatic Diagnosis of Celiac Disease in Predisposed Children: the Role of Gene Expression Profile.

    18 January 2017

  107. Early Infant Feeding Practices May Influence the Onset of Symptomatic Celiac Disease. Free full text available in PDF format.
  108. Salivary Gluten Degradation and Oral Microbial Profiles in Health and Celiac Disease.
  109. Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes: Is There a Connection?

    11 January 2017

  110. Evolution of Gluten Content in Cereal-Based Gluten-Free Products: An Overview from 1998 to 2016. Free full text available in HTML and PDF via link.
  111. Ethnic differences in coeliac disease autoimmunity in childhood: the Generation R Study.
  112. Biomarkers to Monitor Gluten-Free Diet Compliance in Celiac Patients.
  113. Iron deficiency anemia despite effective gluten-free diet in celiac disease: Diagnostic role of small bowel capsule endoscopy.

    4 January 2017

  114. AGY, a Novel Egg Yolk-Derived Anti-gliadin Antibody, Is Safe for Patients with Celiac Disease.
  115. Are Treated Celiac Patients at Risk for Mycotoxins? An Italian Case-Study.
  116. Seeking flavor within strict limits.

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