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  1. I am seeking information on strenuous hiking (overnight backpacking) and diabetic meal planning and precautions (especially at high altitudes, over 10,000 feet). (29 Jul 97)

  2. I was eating a bowl of hot oat bran every morning, but found it really elevated my blood glucose. I tried oatmeal, which didn't elevate my blood glucose. Why is oat bran so high on the glycemic index and oatmeal so low? (29 Jul 97)

  3. How often each day should I use my blood glucose meter? My numbers seem to be dropping as I am losing more weight. Is there a correlation? (29 Jul 97)

  4. My 15-year old Type One son was recently treated for hives with an injection of Celestone [a steroid medication]. His blood sugars are now completely out of control (200-500 mg/ml). How long would you expect this to continue? (29 Jul 97)

  5. When children with diabetes have flu and vomiting, IV fluids turn them around quickly both in eliminating ketones and reducing blood sugar levels. Why do physicians insist on keeping these kids at home for so long when it is inevitable anyway? (29 Jul 97)

  6. My 2 year old son was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 6 months ago. We control his blood sugar level with his diet. Is it unusual for a 2 year old to have Type 2? (29 Jul 97, Updated 2 and 4 Aug 97)

  7. I read about a person on a self-regulating insulin program, but it did not go into detail about it. Have you heard of such a program? (29 Jul 97)

  8. I am a 16 year old male with Type 1 diabetes. My blood sugars are mostly good during the day, and night, except when I wake up in the morning. (26 Jul 97)

  9. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 23. I have heard of a few others who were diagnosed in their early to late-twenties. Is the medical community presently finding diagnosis in this age group more common? (26 Jul 97)

  10. Do diabetics sustain worse bruises than non-diabetics? (26 Jul 97)

  11. Do you know of any health concerns related to eating dextrose? (26 Jul 97)

  12. I am 21 and have been diabetic for 19 years. I recently went on the insulin pump and found my sugars a lot easier to control. My question involves the effects of the pump on hunger and weight gain. I have gained 14 pounds. (26 Jul 97)

  13. Where are the best body spots for insulin shots? (26 Jul 97)

  14. While reading through some material, I noticed that nicotinamide, which I believe to be our form of niacin or niacinamide, may prolong the honeymoon period. Any comments? (26 Jul 97)

  15. In an altered mental status patient who is unable to control their airway and is a diagnosed diabetic as well as hypoglycemic with no Glucagon available, and no IV access for D50, is rectal glucose of any value? (26 Jul 97)

  16. What countries legally do fetal tissue transplants for diabetics and how much would a procedure like this cost? (26 Jul 97)

  17. I would like to find an answer as to why moderately high sugar in young children does not seem to have the damaging effects on blood vessels and nerves it does on adults. (26 Jul 97, updated 29 Jul 97)

  18. My mother is a 55 year old diabetic. Where can we go to get a diet or information on things she can eat? (26 Jul 97)

  19. Our son will be 13 in about a month. It is obvious that over the last six months he has entered puberty. He is on 60 to 65 units of insulin a day, a combination of R and NPH. His doctor seems to think this is too much insulin. Do you agree? (24 Jul 97)

  20. A mother of an eleven-year-old girl with diabetes asked me about insulin resistance in Type 1 diabetes. I have only seen information about insulin resistance in Type 2. Can insulin resistance be an issue in Type 1, and if so, under what conditions and what are the implications? (24 Jul 97)

  21. If I am breastfeeding and have diabetes. How will taking insulin injections affect my baby? (24 Jul 97)

  22. My 6 year old son has had high and low blood sugars for 3 years, without medication. If he gets an infection he passes blood in his urine. He then goes off his food and he continues to have 3+ ketones and major blood in his urine. Any suggestions? (24 Jul 97)

  23. Since the weather here has reached the 90's, it seems that my sugar has gone up. Does the heat affect blood sugar levels? (24 Jul 97)

  24. I am a kindergarten teacher who had a child with diabetes in my classroom last year. Her mother told me to give diet Coke when her blood was above 200 as that would bring it down as good as insulin. Is that correct? (22 Jul 97)

  25. I'm a 39 year old female with Type 1 diabetes. I use 70/30 type insulin. My doctor doesn't know that I don't use it on a regular basis. I use it for a couple of months and then I stop. I stop using it because I noticed that every time I'm on insulin I gain weight so I stop, then I lose the weight. (22 Jul 97)

  26. I am a 16 year old male who has had Type 1 since age 4. I am to embarrassed to ask a doctor, in person, this question. I have noticed that my genitals (especially my testicles) are very small compared to the other boys my age. I was wondering if diabetes may be the cause of this. (22 Jul 97)

  27. My son is 15 and has had Type 1 for two years. He seems to become dehydrated frequently in hot weather which seems to push his blood sugars up. Does diabetes make one more vulnerable to heat related dehydration? (22 Jul 97)

  28. Is there a difference in the glucose readings from a plasma test and the test I do with my One Touch Basic? The new guidelines have made me curious about this. (22 Jul 97)

  29. I am a Diabetic Educator. I'm looking for information on using Ace Inhibitors (prescription medications for the treatment of hypertension) in the treatment of nephropathy. Could you send me some sites where I could find info? (22 Jul 97)

  30. My 9 year old sister has had Type 1 diabetes for 4 months. Though we are sure about her control, we get high sugar levels especially in the evening. Doctors recommended exercise. She does not want to go to the doctors because of their longlasting tests. What should we do? (22 Jul 97)

  31. Our 8 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about three months ago. We are interested to know whether any long term damage is sustained during the period leading up to the diagnosis as the body is exposed to extremely high blood glucose levels. (22 Jul 97)

  32. Our daughter is 5, and has had diabetes since 2. Her control is getting better, but we continue to have problems with the dawn phenomenon and highs up to 300 around 8 A.M. Is the NPH wearing off or being broken down so quickly that it is gone in the A.M.? (22 Jul 97)

  33. My son is 17 years old and was diagnosed at age nine. He came home from diabetes camp angry and has announced that he is leaving to live with camp director on his birthday. This has been a really great kid who seems to have gone off the deep end all of a sudden. Any ideas? (22 Jul 97)

  34. Has there been strong evidence for the use of DHEA pills to improve the health of senior citizens with Type 1 or 2 diabetes and heart conditions? My father is 65 years old and on diabetes tablets. (22 Jul 97)

  35. I am 29 years old, male. I have had Type 1 diabetes since 15 years old or so. I have good control of my blood sugar except some hypoglycemia cases where I get too lazy to take food. I am thinking about insulin pump therapy. What do you advise? (21 Jul 97)

  36. I would like to know how far the development of the implanted insulin pump is. (21 Jul 97)

  37. There seem to be hundreds of models of blood glucose monitors. I recently found that my three blood glucose meters gave different results. Is this okay? (21 Jul 97)

  38. I am a 28 year old male in great health. I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 14. I have been taking Valium to deal with anxiety problems. Now my insulin intake has to be cut almost in half when I take my Valium. Is there any connection to Valium and reduced blood sugar levels? (21 Jul 97)

  39. I am interested in the proper way to test my cat for diabetes; preferably with a blood meter. (21 Jul 97)

  40. I'm 53 years old and diagnosed at 26. I don't know if I am Type 1 or 2. I am still using my old NPH and Regular pork insulin on a regular basis. My physician is reluctant to changing to human insulins because of antibody buildups. What is your opinion? (21 Jul 97)

  41. I have a 12 year old son who has Type 1 diabetes. I no longer have medical insurance and can not afford insurance on my own. Can you direct me in the right way so my son can continue to get the care that he needs? (21 Jul 97)

  42. During a checkup, my 12 year old son's blood test turned up that he had an elevated blood sugar. We were told to bring him in for a glucose tolerance test. The test revealed a sugar of 115. It had apparently gone down but it was not normal. What can and can he not eat during this time of uncertainty? (13 Jul 97)

  43. To your knowledge, what is the highest blood sugar level ever recorded in a living human being? (13 Jul 97)

  44. What is a Type 1 diabetic "honeymoon period?" How long does it usually last? (13 Jul 97)

  45. My daughter has Type 1 diabetes, diagnosed 6 months ago at age 2 years. Has there been any clinical experience with Humalog in this age group? It would lessen the extreme anxiety that my wife and I have when our 2 year old decides not to eat after we have just given her insulin. (13 Jul 97)

  46. My son is turning 12. He wants to learn how to self inject. He seems a little uncomfortable with the idea of loading a syringe by himself. Any advice on which type of injection device to use or if I should help him learn the traditional syringe method first? (12 Jul 97)

  47. I hear Rezulin actually works. Would you know if this would be good for juvenile diabetics? My son is going to be 16 and is taking what I believe to be relatively small amounts of insulin by injection. (12 Jul 97)

  48. I am Type 1 diabetic and have been for 38 years. I recently was put on Humalog and Ultralente. My morning blood glucose is always over 230 mg/dl. I take 20 units Ultralente at dinner, and sliding scale before each meal of Humalog, and count carbs. Which one would you suggest I increase and when? (12 Jul 97)

  49. We received a brief medical history for the 5 year old Russian girl we are adopting. It mentions phosphatic diabetes. What is this? (12 Jul 97)

  50. My friend's son (age 3) was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. His little boy is really having a problem with the shots twice a day. Is there any other way he could receive the insulin other than a shot? (12 Jul 97)

  51. Recently my husband had a critical low blood sugar episode (blood glucose of 28 mg/dl [1.6 mmol/l]) and I ended up calling the paramedics. I'm afraid that one day he'll have an episode like this when my children are alone with him, and they won't know what to do. (12 Jul 97)

  52. When traveling by air, is there any problem with taking insulin in the pressurized cabin of a plane? (12 Jul 97)

  53. Our son was using BD UltraFineII 5/16th 30 gauge and is on 0.5 unit of NPH. Our endocrinologist switched him to 1 unit of Ultralente. We were told after two days of bouncing sugars that we needed a bigger gauge needle. We are now using a 29 gauge but his readings were bouncing again. Any suggestions? (12 Jul 97)

  54. We are considering changing our health insurance policy. One of our options is to put our daughter with diabetes on a new state-mandated standard policy. It has a $100,000 limit on transplants. Would beta cell replacement count as a transplant? (10 Jul 97)

  55. My five year old son has Type 1 diabetes. His sugar levels have been running much higher than usual. He is at the very end of an illness and did not show increased levels at the beginning or middle of his illness. He is taking an antibiotic. Could the medication be causing the increased levels? (10 Jul 97, updated 13 Jul 97)

  56. I have a 13 year old son who developed Type 1 diabetes when he was 7. Last week I heard a news story about something called CT112 that might help people with diabetes because it blocks the formation of alcohol in the eye. Are children with diabetes troubled by dry eyes due to alcohol formation? (10 Jul 97)

  57. During a consultation with a specialist, my daughter was told that environmental factors have much to do in diabetes. (9 Jul 97)

  58. Could you please tell me how a one to two year old child with Type 1 diabetes is optimally treated? Is it enough to inject insulin on a regular basis? What kind of insulin is best today? (9 Jul 97)

  59. My daughter is almost 15. She has had diabetes for 7 years. Her doctor just recently put her on 3 shots per day. The problem we are having is that now she is having lows in the morning after breakfast until lunch. Her HA1cs have been 13 since puberty. How do we bring down her HA1c without so many lows? (9 Jul 97)

  60. Is there any link in development of diabetes Type 1 soon after puberty and soon after that also hirsutism (idiopathic hirsutism or polycystic ovary syndrome)? (9 Jul 97)

  61. I was wondering what significance geography plays in diabetes. Is there any evidence of environmental issues with diabetes diagnosis or are we all sharing a particular virus? (9 Jul 97)

  62. I am working on any way to lengthen my son's honeymoon period. Did the drug "Imuran" ever prove helpful in maintaining diabetes, or were there nasty side effects? Also, I was told Nutrasweet weakens the immune system. Is this true at all? (9 Jul 97)

  63. Is 10:00 P.M. the right time to be taking NPH? I know some people take it at 5:00 P.M. Also, 12 units of NPH gives me overnight lows and 10 gives me A.M. highs. Any suggestions? (9 Jul 97)

  64. I am 29 years old and have had Type 1 for 8 years. I recently changed to Humalog. I have been trying to maintain strict control of my sugar levels due to anticipated pregnancy, but seem to be having trouble with random fluctuations. Is this normal? (7 Jul 97)

  65. Our son is 4 years old and recently diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. We have received military orders to be stationed with the US Military in Germany. We are concerned about the quality of care we will receive should we have to use a pediatric endocrinologist in the German health care system. (7 Jul 97)

  66. My son was diagnosed about 3 years ago with Type 1 diabetes, on his 7th birthday. He developed some antibodies to insulin and resistance. He is just short of 5 feet tall and weighs 125 pounds. He is on huge doses of insulin, total of 103 units a day. His weight continues to climb. Any suggestions appreciated. (6 Jul 97)

  67. I am a 39 year old female who was diagnosed 4 years ago with NIDDM. My fasting blood sugar is now 120's and evening blood sugar 140-170. I am lean (110 pounds), and have hypothyroidism. I would like to know if I am really Type 2 or early Type 1. I have never had a C-peptide or ICA test done. (6 Jul 97)

  68. I have a concern with my child (Type 1) drinking a lot of diet drinks and its relation to tooth decay. What diet drinks do you suggest besides water? (6 Jul 97)

  69. My five and a half year old son is Type 1. He was diagnosed five months ago. He was doing really well for a few months with numbers in the 200's. However, the last few weeks he's started to rebound and occasionally he's passing ketones. The pediatrician says he is still not under control. (6 Jul 97)

  70. Our daughter is a 14 year-old diagnosed 5 months ago. As she approaches driving age we worry that many states don't allow diabetics to drive. It seems I quite frequently hear of diabetics blamed for car accidents. (6 Jul 97)

  71. My oldest son is 10 and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 5. We have had lots of conflicting information regarding the importance of testing for ketones. Is it important? Why? When should we test? (6 Jul 97)

  72. My Ob/Gyn had me go for a 2 hour fasting gestational diabetes test in my 27th week. The results were 138 at 2 hours. My doctor considers this a high level and has recommended a 3 hour fasting test. Can you provide any information on the 2 hour test and normal/abnormal blood sugar level? (6 Jul 97)

  73. My 7-year old granddaughter in Texas was diagnosed last week with Type 1. What does a child that age need most in the way of support, besides love and care and a programmable watch? In other words, what should I be doing to help her get through these first few weeks? (6 Jul 97)

  74. I am 34 and am diabetic for the last 14 years. Can you suggest to me an alternative to Lente and availability of pens or jets in India or Kenya. (6 Jul 97)

  75. Please let me know if triglyceride levels play any part in diabetes. (6 Jul 97)

  76. I am interested in learning how one would evaluate whether the insulin pump is appropriate for a 12 year old girl with Type 1 diabetes. Have there been any studies that indicate the benefits or problems resulting from the use of the pump with children at this age? (4 Jul 97)

  77. I have a five year old daughter who experiences many hypoglycemic episodes, passing out three times in the past year. We have had a 5 hour glucose tolerance test done, that proved to be fine. Should there be any other tests done to look to see if this is something other than hypoglycemia? (4 Jul 97)

  78. I read about diabetic diarrhea in Diabetes Forecast. My 3 year old son, diagnosed 2 months ago, has had diarrhea off and on over the past two weeks. What is diabetic diarrhea and how does one get rid of it? Could this be caused by adjusting to a new insulin? (4 Jul 97, updated 7 Jul 97)

  79. Is there a way to give insulin more accurately? Does it call for an insulin pump? (4 Jul 97)

  80. I am going to be going on Humalog and Ultralente this next week. I was lead to believe that being on the Humalog/Ultralente combination you would not have to eat a bedtime snack. Also, that you wouldn't have to eat snacks every 3 hours (at least that is how often I eat). What do you know about this? (4 Jul 97)

  81. I am 27 years old, and have had Type 1 diabetes for 9 years. My husband and I are considering trying to become pregnant. I am wondering what my HbAc1 level should be before we actually begin trying to get pregnant? Also, how many times a day should I plan to check my blood sugar before becoming and while pregnant? (4 Jul 97)

  82. I have had Type 1 diabetes since 7 years old. I am now 25. I am having trouble with low blood sugar at night and vaguely remember seeing an alarm worn on the wrist that will sound if my sugar drops. Any information please. (4 Jul 97)

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