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  1. My best friend just called me and told me she is pregnant. She has been taking insulin 3 times daily for about 4 or 5 years now and it still doesn't seem to be entirely in check. What are the risks to her and the baby? (31 Aug 97)

  2. Are headaches ever attributed to either rebound or severe hypos? (31 Aug 97)

  3. I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease diagnosed 10 years ago when I was 39. Last year, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I understand these two diseases are related autoimmune disorders. Am I eventually going to be a Type 1? (31 Aug 97)

  4. I'm 29 years old and been diabetic for 24 years. I was promised a cure 20 years ago. How close are scientists to a cure? Is there any hope for the near future? (31 Aug 97)

  5. Do the following glucose tolerance test results indicate a diagnosis of diabetes? (31 Aug 97)

  6. My daughter experienced hypoglycemic seizures a few years ago. Following each seizure, she experienced a severe headache, which lasted well into another day. (30 Aug 97)

  7. How long does it take for ketoacidosis to appear? (30 Aug 97)

  8. Our pediatric endocrinologist suspects that our son may have transient hyperglycemia. What exactly is this, and is it a precursor to Type 1 diabetes? What is his prognosis for a long and normal life? (30 Aug 97)

  9. How dead are the insulin producing cells in a person with Type 1 diabetes? Is there no way that they can regenerate, or would the immune system kill them as soon as they form? (30 Aug 97)

  10. I have a 28 month old daughter that was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 22 months. She has experienced two severe lows that caused her muscles to jerk in intervals with screams during this jerking. What effects can lows have on such a young child? (30 Aug 97)

  11. Our thirteen year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2 months ago. He displayed no symptoms on diagnosis, but sugar was detected in his urine at a routine physical. Based on testing done after the initial diagnosis, I question whether he has Type 1 diabetes, or MODY, or some other malady. (30 Aug 97)

  12. My 12 year old daughter has had diabetes for over 3 years. Up until now she was in good control. Now she is starting puberty and her numbers are all over the place. Her reactions have changed drastically too. Is this due to puberty? (30 Aug 97)

  13. Two weeks ago my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He takes 7 units of Monotard in the morning and three units of Monotard in the evening. His blood glucose level always seems to be below 3 mmols. Could it be that he has diabetes Type 1.5? (30 Aug 97)

  14. Do you know anything about using rice bran being used to stabilize blood sugar levels? Is there anything that might be harmful in taking this product? (30 Aug 97)

  15. I am a Diabetes Educator. We generally encourage toddlers to have higher sugars because of the risk of hypoglycemia. How strictly do you control the diet in this age group? Do you use a specific meal plan or just encourage regular meals and snacks? Are you using lispro insulin? (30 Aug 97)

  16. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was four years old. What effect will puberty have on her diabetes? (30 Aug 97)

  17. I am 15 and have had Type 1 Diabetes for three years. I have always maintained excellent blood sugar control, but soon after coming down with diabetes I began to experience severe digestive trouble. Have there been many other diabetics with similar problems? (30 Aug 97)

  18. I am going on a guide camp with a 10 year old girl who has recently been diagnosed as diabetic. Have you any helpful pointers in relation to her blood sugar level, e.g., when do I decrease/increase insulin? (30 Aug 97)

  19. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with diabetes one year ago. I am 35 years old and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism six weeks ago. Since these are both autoimmune diseases, is it common to have both in a family, and are his chances greater of developing hypothyroidism and mine of diabetes? (30 Aug 97)

  20. My daughter was diagnosed two years ago at the age of two. We test her blood sugar about 6 to 9 times per day. What are the long term consequences of repeated finger pokes, especially in small children? (30 Aug 97)

  21. The most recent Hgb A1C results for my 7 year old daughter with Type 1 diabetes have been 7.8 and 7.6. Her pediatrician says that Hgb A1Cs less than 8.0 are acceptable for her. Do you agree? (25 Aug 97)

  22. I have read about antibodies testing that is available to first- and second-degree relatives of diabetics for what I believe to be no charge. If a person wishes to have an antibodies test done, and does not fit into the "no-charge" category, how would he go about doing so? (25 Aug 97)

  23. I am an eighteen-year-old who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about one month ago. Does Type 1 diabetes bear any relationship to high alkaline phosphate and calcium levels in the blood? (25 Aug 97)

  24. I want to start an exercise program. At what blood sugar level should I not exercise? (24 Aug 97)

  25. Can you give me any information on the effects diabetes may have on mood swings or any other related symptoms of behavior in a teenager with diabetes? (24 Aug 97)

  26. I noticed that some of your recipes contain honey as an ingredient. Can a diabetic use honey as a substitute for sugar? Isn't it the same thing? (24 Aug 97)

  27. My 8 year old son has had Type 1 Diabetes for 2 years. We have not been able to find out what blood glucose levels are considered hypoglycemic and what to do about it. Also, he plays tennis three times a week. How much carbohydrate supplement should he get before his tennis lesson? (21 Aug 97)

  28. Our 22 month old granddaughter was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at the age of 13 months, 10 months ago. We are beginning to experience extreme lows -- about 1 to 2 a week -- around 30 to 40 mg/dl and then some highs as high as 400's. Are we allowing something to be damaging her body by her highs or lows? (21 Aug 97)

  29. My 6 year old son had his annual physical at which time he gave a urine specimen. The next day we got a call from the doctor who told us that a dip of the urine register a +3 on the chemstrip. A 9 hr fasting urine was a +4 but a blood sugar was only 165. Does this sound like a diabetic child? (21 Aug 97)

  30. I want to know the results of islet cell research being done by a Doctor in North Carolina who has been diabetic since he was a child. (21 Aug 97)

  31. I am 20 years old, and was diagnosed as Type 1 on my 10th birthday. My grandfather has Type 2 Diabetes, and just yesterday my brother was diagnosed with Type 1. I was wondering if there is an increased risk of my children developing diabetes since I have so many relatives with diabetes. (21 Aug 97)

  32. My 10-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two weeks ago. She is taking a combination of Humalog and Regular insulin. I just read on the Internet that Humalog is not recommended for children or pregnant women. However, it was written in 1995. Is it now safe for children to be on Humalog? (21 Aug 97)

  33. What is the sugar content of different types of alcohol? Is some liquor better than others? How about vodka? Or beer? Where can you get the nutritional information for alcohol? (21 Aug 97)

  34. I have an almost 10 year old son who was diagnosed three years ago. I think maybe the pump would be very good for him. He is on a large amount of insulin daily (105 units). His doctor feels he is too young for the pump. (21 Aug 97)

  35. When I test my blood sugar meter with test fluid for "low" (expected range 50-90) it always reads around 90. Does this mean my sugar may actually be lower than what the monitor shows? (21 Aug 97)

  36. My 4 year old was diagnosed about 8 months ago. Three months ago, he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and has been on prednisone for treatment. We find it very difficult to control his blood glucose levels, especially when the prednisone dose is changed. Do you have any suggestions? (19 Aug 97)

  37. I have an eleven year old boy who was diagnosed 9 months ago. His father and I are divorced and we differ in our views on cleanliness. His father doesn't think he needs to wash his hands each time he tests or injects. He must do all these things when he is with me. Am I just overreacting? (19 Aug 97)

  38. My primary-care physician no longer accepts my used needles. What is the best way to properly dispose of insulin needles? Who can I contact in my area? (19 Aug 97)

  39. I have been asked to participate in a study of insulin growth factor (IGF) hormone to help determine whether IGF can help make insulin more effective. What is your opinion of the potential of IGF to increase the effectiveness of insulin in IDDM patients and the risk of side effects that use of this hormone poses? (19 Aug 97)

  40. Recent reports are showing a link between the onset of diabetes and overconsumption of protein (in meat) and cow's milk. As a diabetic (diagnosed at 6, 21 now) how valid are these claims, and should I steer clear of dairy and red meat? (17 Aug 97)

  41. We lost our child several months ago; our doctor didn't put my wife on insulin during her pregnancy. Her blood sugar levels were over 180 most of the time and as high as 230+. We are looking into having another child and are interested in get any and all the information on this subject. (17 Aug 97)

  42. I would like some advice on meal planning for my 11 year old daughter. She was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and last month went into diabetic ketoacidosis. (17 Aug 97)

  43. My 7 year old son has Type 1 diabetes. For about eight months, he has been taking Humalog instead of R insulin. Is this new insulin more similar to human insulin than R? Also, his most recent A1C was 8.2. They want his A1c in the 7 range. What do you think? (17 Aug 97)

  44. Can a "blackout" state (i.e., fully functioning without memory of actions) occur as a result of diabetes in a 17-year old female who was diagnosed approximately 8 months ago? (17 Aug 97)

  45. My daughter had a severe hypoglycemic reaction at a friend's house two days ago. She had a seizure. Two days later, she still has a severe headache. How long can she expect to feel these symptoms after a seizure? Do anti-seizure medications help in diabetes-related seizures? (17 Aug 97)

  46. I am wondering if blood oxygen levels are normal in children who are developing diabetes, and I am also wondering if a mother's low blood oxygen level would have an impact on the developing child and be diabetogenic in the child's later development. (12 Aug 97)

  47. I am interested in finding out how to receive a booklet or something that would tell me the average blood sugar ranges, so when I read my sugar I have a better understanding as to how and where I am that day with my sugars. (12 Aug 97)

  48. Is bed-wetting for a 6 year old Type 1 typical, and could this be indicative of nocturnal high blood sugars? (12 Aug 97)

  49. I'm a 32 years old male with Type 1 diabetes for 12 years. I switched to a pump 2 weeks ago. It works rather well, except for one thing. I have very high sugar levels after meals, but before the next meal, I have normal sugar level, sometimes too low. (12 Aug 97)

  50. Can someone with diabetes drink "agua miel," the juice of the sugar cane? (12 Aug 97)

  51. I have a 10 year old with symptoms of diabetes. They include increased thirst, frequent urination. muscle pains, and stomach discomfort. He had a fasting glucose test done 2 months ago. His results were 103. We're wondering if we should just ignore the symptoms at this point or research into it further. (12 Aug 97)

  52. Could you give me more information on the new transplant discovery made by two military doctors about being able to transplant organs without being a perfect match? (12 Aug 97)

  53. My niece's son age 9 has been diagnosed with Ketotic Hypoglycemia. We are not finding much about this disease. Would you have any information about this or where we could find some information on this disease? (12 Aug 97)

  54. Our son was tested for antibodies over a year ago and was found positive. Last summer, he was tested again and there was a dramatic change in the amount of antibodies, from 66 to 514. My wife and I have become convinced that he will develop IDDM in the very near future. What do you think? (12 Aug 97)

  55. Can juvenile diabetes cause personality alterations resulting in oppositional defiant behavior? (12 Aug 97)

  56. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 19 months old. We just got results back from his last check up. His triglycerides were 480 mg/dl. They said to talk to the dietitian about reducing saturated fat in his diet. We won't see her until October. What should I watch for on his food labels in the meantime? (10 Aug 97)

  57. I'm a little upset after reading your answers to the questions submitted to you in the alternative therapy section. Why is it that doctors such as yourself are so quick to scoff at anything that isn't concocted in a lab and pumped into animals? (10 Aug 97)

  58. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 eleven months ago. We had a great diabetic team. We have since moved and are disappointed with the new team she has. Do you have any listing of doctors or other ideas of how we might find information? (10 Aug 97)

  59. Unfortunately, doctors still commonly take Type 1 diabetics off of insulin during the honeymoon period. I and many other Type 1 diabetics that I know who were diagnosed as "young adults" were taken off of insulin following initial lowering of high blood sugars and put on pills for Type 2 diabetes. (10 Aug 97)

  60. I am a Registered Nurse on a endocrine ward. I am interested in the way others educate newly diagnosed family. If you could help me or put me into contact with anyone I would appreciate it. (10 Aug 97)

  61. My daughter was diagnosed last year. A diabetes specialist nurse called every morning for three days, explaining the process of injecting, etc. After that, the nurse has not been in contact whatsoever, offering no support or guidance. Is this the norm? (10 Aug 97)

  62. I am a physical therapist. A pediatric therapist that I work with is trying to find some guidelines to use in regards to exercise and activity recommendations with diabetic kids. (10 Aug 97)

  63. The son of my colleague in Belgium just went into the hospital diagnosed with diabetes. He is 2 months old, and the hospital says it is the youngest case they have ever seen. Is there a standard treatment for very young infants in the US? (4 Aug 97)

  64. How harmful is olive oil with regard to its fat content? We have a 9 year old daughter diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 years ago, and try to maintain a balanced, but low fat diet. (4 Aug 97)

  65. My 13 year old daughter is extremely overweight. She seems to crave sugar. I want to have her tested for diabetes, but since she is gaining, and not losing weight, what are the chances that she would be diabetic? (4 Aug 97)

  66. My 11 year old daughter recently tried to switch to the short syringes. After about three days of use she developed an injection site reaction. She would like to use the short needles but we worry about the reaction. What could cause this and is there anything we can do to stop it? (4 Aug 97)

  67. Our 4 year old son was diagnosed one month ago with Type 1. We recently got the results of his Islet antibody test. It was negative. Are there other causes for increased blood sugar readings that we should be trying to rule out? (4 Aug 97)

  68. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes four years ago. I was 26 at the time. My doctor told me that it's not a good age to get diabetes. (2 Aug 97)

  69. I often hear that the availability of human islet cells would be a major stumbling block in having this procedure available to all who need it. With the recent news of being able to "manufacture" organs through cloning, wouldn't this be a simple solution to this islet availability problem? (2 Aug 97)

  70. My 11 1/2 year old son was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. He has just had his long acting P.M. insulin changed from NPH to Ultralente (he is also on Humalog). He will remain on NPH and Humalog in the A.M. What is the benefit of this change and what should I expect? (2 Aug 97)

  71. For the last 2 years my son has been treated for ADHD. Recently we have discovered that he has hypoglycemia. I know this is the opposite of diabetes, but I have been told that he could develop diabetes. Is this true? (2 Aug 97)

  72. My six year old son was diagnosed 8 months ago. We recently purchased our first home computer and I am very interested in software available for diabetes data management. I'm also interested in learning about any educational computer software for school age children. (2 Aug 97)

  73. I am a recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic, and have been using Humalog for several weeks. I realize Humalog is relatively new, but is there a chart that predicts the unused insulin in your system after a given time has passed? (2 Aug 97)

  74. I'm a pediatric endocrinologist. My methodology of control is done with urine examination, four times a day, checking for ketonuria and glycosuria, and one time a week, the patient does a blood sugar determination. Would you suggest anything different or better? (2 Aug 97)

  75. My four year old daughter's insulin arrived via UPS. It is not refrigerated and the temperature today is 95 F. The box was hot. Will this harm the potency of the insulin? (2 Aug 97)

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Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

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