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  1. I have a 6 year old child in my class who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 5 months ago. Should this mother be giving her chips and chocolate bars for her morning tea (as that is all she is supposed to eat)? Her levels are sky high in the afternoon. Please help me so I can delve into this more before confronting the parents. (31 Oct 97)

  2. I have a 15 year old son, Type I since age 12. A while ago he had a seizure and I have not been able to explain why. (31 Oct 97)

  3. My son and daughter have Type 1 diabetes; they are 11 and 9 years old. My husband has Open Enrollment to choose a health insurance plan for next year. I need some help in getting the best health care for my children. We have offered to us an HMO, a POS, and a PPO. How do we choose a plan? (31 Oct 97)

  4. I married a diabetic 7 months ago. I love him dearly, but I can't help but worry about his blood sugar levels. I want him around forever, I can't imagine my life with out him. I want to learn everything about the disease and help him fight this. I need to join a support group. What else do you recommend? (30 Oct 97)

  5. We have read that some suspected environmental and viral triggers linked to getting Type 1 diabetes have been identified. Would you please list the suspected environmental and viral triggers? (30 Oct 97)

  6. My 25 year old granddaughter has Type 1 diabetes and is on insulin. She has recently come down with an irritation of her esophagus. Is there any known side effects of diabetes that will effect her esophagus? (30 Oct 97)

  7. Is there any kind of radical therapy (for example, cell transplantation) for Type 1 diabetes? (30 Oct 97)

  8. What are sugar alcohols? (30 Oct 97)

  9. My 17 month old has diabetes and I need ideas for food. (30 Oct 97)

  10. My mother, age 77, is an insulin-dependent diabetic. I bought some sugarless chocolates for her, but she says sorbitol causes problems. I contacted the maker and they said the chocolates are made with morbitol. Is morbitol chemically close enough to sorbitol that she shouldn't eat them? (30 Oct 97)

  11. Can you provide me with any information on lipoatrophic diabetes mellitus? (26 Oct 97)

  12. My coworker's mother is blind and is a Type 1 diabetic. She is on a two-injection per day insulin regimen and has her syringes pre-filled because she lives alone. However, her blood glucose readings are done very infrequently because of her blindness. Is there a glucometer on the market for diabetics who are blind that gives an audible reading in addition to the digital readout? (26 Oct 97)

  13. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about 18 months ago. I do my best to keep all refined sugar from his diet, but that is not easy. How many carbohydrates a day should a nine year old get? (26 Oct 97)

  14. My son is 24 years old. He was diagnosed at age four. Last year his retina detached in his left eye. He had two operations and lost a lot of his sight. He also had operations on the right eye and now they say it isn't working. They say there is a big chance that the retina will detach again and nothing can be done. (26 Oct 97)

  15. Are there any products on the market to take care of colds and the flu for a diabetic? I understand that diabetics can't really take any decongestants. (25 Oct 97)

  16. My doctor uses special software to analyze my blood sugar readings that are downloaded from my meter. Where can I get the hardware/software to do this? Can I download the software? The monitor is great for the doctor but useless for me as I can't monitor my own progress effectively. (25 Oct 97)

  17. I am curious about the range of responses I've gotten from medical personnel about the target maximum blood glucose reading after meals. Is there a single target for diabetics or is it a function of age, Type 1 or 2, etc., or really an individual target which is set with one's doctor? (25 Oct 97)

  18. Our 5 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago. We have had a very hard time keeping her glucose levels within her recommended target range. There is no pattern to her highs and lows and today her endocrinologist told us that he does not know what to do. Is it time to see a pediatric endocrinologist or are most kids this difficult to keep in control? (25 Oct 97)

  19. I am 46 years old and have been on an insulin pump for about 1.5 years. I have found that heavy exercise causes blood to back up in my pump tube. This blood backup worried me at first and now I'm just ignoring it. I would like to know why I have this backup and is there anything I can do about it. (25 Oct 97)

  20. I am totally ignorant when it comes to diabetes and I need help in learning all that I can about the disease because my boyfriend has it. I am worried about him because he never goes to the doctor. He never misses his shots, but he doesn't do any glucose monitoring. Could you please give me some information about the side effects of not getting tested regularly? (25 Oct 97)

  21. My 6-year-old son is in remission for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He had a scary incident at school the other day in which he felt dizzy, had blurry vision, a headache, and severe shakes. I find it hard to believe that he could have something else seriously wrong with him, but I wonder if he is showing signs of diabetes. (25 Oct 97)

  22. I am a 50 year old with Type 2 diabetes diagnosed 1.5 years ago. I also have hypertension and high cholesterol levels. I lost 20 pounds but have put it back on. I have read Ead's Protein Power book and would like to know if any medical studies have been done to validate their techniques in relation to controlling diabetes and other diseases. (25 Oct 97)

  23. I recently became aware of an alternative method for counting carbohydrates. This method takes the total carbohydrate and adds the sugar carbohydrate to the total. This seems dangerous to me. Wouldn't this kind of calculation lead to more frequent hypos? (25 Oct 97)

  24. Our son is 4 and was diagnosed at 2 1/2. How often should his diet be reviewed? At diagnosis he was not really put on a diet plan per se. The dietitian gave us a lot of free play as it was her thinking that its best with a toddler not to be strict. Now that he is 4, should we be more regimented? (25 Oct 97)

  25. I am part of a multidisciplinary team in the state of Arizona who is setting up guidelines for care of the child with diabetes in the organized day care setting. I have the Kindercare information; is there anything in specific you could recommend to include? (23 Oct 97)

  26. I got diabetes about five years ago and I've been having problems with my blood sugar. I love to eat a lot, and I mean a lot. The problem that I have is that my eating habits revolve around my blood sugar count. If my blood sugar is low I eat more sugary food, if my blood sugar is high I take more insulin. (23 Oct 97, updated 30 Oct 97)

  27. My 4-year old daughter diagnosed 4 months ago with Type 1, often has high sugar levels at dinner (300+). She finishes dinner at 7 P.M., and is in bed by 8 P.M., so no bedtime snack. If she has received Regular insulin at dinner, I check her while she's sleeping at 9:30 PM and she's usually dropped to the low 60's. What can I do at this point? (23 Oct 97)

  28. Which is better, human insulin or animal insulin, and why? (23 Oct 97)

  29. My 11 year old daughter has diabetes and travels with us a lot. I read once where they were researching a way to test whether a soft drink is diet or not by using a stick. Is there something like this on the market? We would like to be sure because there have many times where we've had to send regular drinks back. (23 Oct 97)

  30. We discovered my daughter has Type 1 diabetes a year ago; she is now 10. Should she be on any special vitamins to help the diabetes? (18 Oct 97)

  31. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost a year ago. She currently takes 1H and 23N in the am, 2H at noon and 1R and 6N at supper. Even though I have her down to just 1N she still tends to go low (50's) just before lunch and early evening. What can I do to get these numbers up a little higher? (18 Oct 97)

  32. I am a 24 year old who was diagnosed with diabetes eight months ago. During the first seven months, my insulin needs steadily decreased. Over the past couple of days, almost all my blood sugar readings have been unacceptable to me (average 130). Are there any other effects to the honeymoon period besides increased insulin needs? (18 Oct 97)

  33. I am interested in learning more about microvascular complications (especially kidney) in kids under age 7 diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Is it true that until after puberty that these complications don't really seem to kick-in for the kids? After puberty, what percentage of the children will go on to develop these complications? (18 Oct 97)

  34. My 14 year old son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about 10 months ago. His team has raised his insulin periodically and tells him to try it for two weeks. It has been three days since his last change, and his numbers are still well over 200. Does it take two weeks for new doses to take effect, or should I contact them before the two weeks are up? (18 Oct 97)

  35. We received a message from Brazil informing us that our 8 year old nephew has diabetes. We would like to help him. I'd like to know what are the best insulin, glucose tablets and glucometer to send him. (18 Oct 97)

  36. I am a 73 year old male diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes seven years ago. I am taking NPH insulin. I am supposed to take it in the morning but I feel better if I take it later in the day. Several people have told me that I should take this earlier in the day as it is a 24 hour insulin. (18 Oct 97)

  37. Our daughter is now 10 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a year and a half ago. We have never been referred to an endocrinologist. How soon after diagnosis should children be seen by an endocrinologist? (18 Oct 97)

  38. I have a 12 month old son who was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My husband and I have been trying to locate some information on the Internet about diet and carbohydrates. (13 Oct 97)

  39. Our seven year old experiences quite a few lows during the day. Can you give us an idea of how many points his blood sugar should go up with each gram of carbohydrates given? (13 Oct 97)

  40. My 10 year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for 4 1/2 years. She has problems with dawn phenomenon. Any suggestions? (13 Oct 97)

  41. I am concerned about my diabetic wife who is also expecting our first child in 7 months. Recently, her insulin was changed from Human insulin to Humalog Lispro. Nobody seems to have much knowledge regarding the effects of Humalog on the feotus or baby during pregnancy. (13 Oct 97)

  42. I suspect that research should be performed to explore the use of glucagon to remove the long term adverse effects of diabetes. Glucagon is a peptide hormone like insulin which is also secreted by the isles of Langerhans. (13 Oct 97)

  43. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about 4 months ago. Is there anything that we might try to either prolong his "honeymoon" or turn off production of the antibodies that is causing the diabetes? Is there any other disease that can have these same symptoms? (11 Oct 97)

  44. My son never sleeps through the night. He wakes up, gets a drink, goes potty and back to bed and has glucose readings in the 200-250 range each morning. Any ideas? (11 Oct 97)

  45. My 21-year-old niece was recently told she has hypolipidemia (low levels of blood fats). Despite that, she had gone to her doctors because of severe fatigue and dizziness, and they have done no follow-up since the initial blood tests. What should she do next in terms of diagnosis and/or treatment? (11 Oct 97)

  46. Is there is a home test for diabetes? My girlfriend is concerned that her 10 year old daughter is displaying characteristics of diabetes. She has said that diabetes runs in her family, but that typically it has been adult-onset. (11 Oct 97)

  47. We recently switched from a One-Touch meter to the new Profile model. My son tested his blood as usual and called out to me that he was "high." I ask him, "Are you sure?" and he says yes and so I glance at the meter and see what looks like "HI" and give him 4 extra units of Regular. About 45 minutes later he has a severe hypo seizure. (11 Oct 97)

  48. My son was diagnosed 7 months ago. One type of insulin he uses is Lente. My husband and I have noticed about 21 days after opening a bottle, his blood glucoses become erratic. We refrigerate it until we open the bottle for initial use, check expiration dates. Should we replace the bottle every 21 days? (11 Oct 97)

  49. My 11 year old child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about a month ago, at which time his blood sugars were in the 200-600 range. Since then he has had several low blood sugar readings. Our doctor has decreased the morning N and the U in the evening, but he still continues to have low sugar reading of 40-70. Is it possible to control this by watching his diet? (11 Oct 97)

  50. Our diabetes team in England recommends a testing regimen of only once or twice a day for our 4 year old daughter. From visiting this website, it would seem much more frequent testing goes on in the States. What do you think? (11 Oct 97)

  51. I recently married a diabetic with type 2. What can I do to help her stay on a balanced diet to keep her blood sugar safe? Is there a book or plan I can get with different type foods and drinks that would be good for her? (11 Oct 97)

  52. Can you give me any information about Tupelo honey? I have been told that it is safe for diabetics to consume. The literature I received on Tupelo honey says that due to the high levulose, low dextrose ratio some diabetic patients have been permitted by their physicians to eat it. I have a 10 year old Type 1 diabetic and think this is too good to be true. (11 Oct 97)

  53. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 10 years and am 30 years old. About 6 months ago, my doctor switched me to the new insulin (Humalog). We are contemplating pregnancy. I read the Letter to the Editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. Now I'm worried about staying on Humalog for my next pregnancy. (7 Oct 97, updated 13 Oct 97)

  54. I read with interest your comments about mixing Regular and Humalog. I spoke to our son's endocrinologists. Their reply to me was that it would make it very difficult to adjust Humalog or Regular for tighter control. I would like to know how often you have used this protocol, and how you use the two together. (6 Oct 97)

  55. I am a 30 year old female with Type 1 diabetes; my endocrinologist noticed that I had "hollows" indentations in my upper legs, apparently common in women with diabetes on insulin. She suggested I not inject there and in time it may go away. I have never injected insulin in my legs. What causes this? (6 Oct 97)

  56. I am 25 years old and have been a diabetic for 3 years. I do not have a very healthy diet, and I do drink somewhat on the weekends. I am, however, relatively good at keeping my blood-sugar in a good range (100-150), and I am very active in exercising. Am I still at risk of the long-term effects of diabetes? (6 Oct 97)

  57. I'm 32, diabetic for 9 years. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and am on the insulin pump. I haven't seen a pump doctor for years thanks to insurance problems as well as distance. Right now I'm really struggling with my night basal rate. I need to control the rise that I have first thing in the morning. Any advice? (6 Oct 97)

  58. My 8 year old daughter had vitiligo. It is small white patches on her tummy, knees, chin, cheeks, eyebrows and her left leg. Is there any new treatment for vitiligo? If not, what shall I do? (6 Oct 97)

  59. My 14 year old daughter is a Type 1 diabetic. For the last week she has had bedtime blood sugar readings between 100-120. She has had the appropriate bedtime snacks (we check) and yet when she wakes up in the morning her blood sugar readings are 250-300. We don't understand what is happening. Any ideas? (6 Oct 97, updated 11 Oct 97)

  60. As a school nurse, I am frequently asked to care for a diabetic student. I have an 8 year old Type l student who I can't seem to get into control. Everyday for the past few weeks he has been coming into the office with blood sugar in the low 40's. (6 Oct 97)

  61. I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been for 37 years. In the past two years I have had many very severe hypoglycemia attacks. When I was last in hospital, my blood glucose was at a level of 0.20 mmol [3.6 mg/dl] and I did not show any visible signs. Is there anything on the market or in test for giving an audible warning of oncoming hypoglycemia? (5 Oct 97)

  62. My sister has a medical history of pancreatitis. For a few days, she has been quite thirsty and frequently urinating. We took her to the doctor and he suggested that it is Juvenile Diabetes. My sister has become very depressed. Is there a way that her diabetes can come in control without injections of insulin? (5 Oct 97)

  63. I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 7 years ago. My husband and I would like to start planning a family next year, but I am worried about the stress I currently face with my job. How does stress affect diabetes and how will it affect the pregnancy? (5 Oct 97)

  64. My 18 year old son was diagnosed two years ago. He did very well over the first year, but now is sliding considerably in his own care. He will no longer test, his diet is poor at best if he eats at all, he refuses to speak about his diabetes and gets very upset when I even mention the word. What is your suggestion to me as a mom? (4 Oct 97)

  65. Diabetes runs in my family. Lately I've been showing signs being hypoglycaemic. Signs include nervousness, panicky, confusion, and sweaty. Please advise on a good diet to control this or advise me accurate measures to take for treatment. I'm starting a new job and I won't have insurance for 90 days. (4 Oct 97)

  66. I noticed that some of your recipes contain honey as an ingredient. Can a diabetic use honey as a substitute for sugar? (4 Oct 97)

  67. I am trying to find a peanut butter substitute for cookies. (4 Oct 97)

  68. I am having extreme problems with my diabetes. The doctors couldn't really help because I don't have insurance. I need a monitor, but can't afford one at this time. Is there any help around for us Type 2 diabetics? (4 Oct 97)

  69. I'm a 33 year old male first diagnosed when I was 21. I have been managing with insulin for about 12 years. I have been seeing a specialist for about a year now. During my last visit, she informed me that she has classified me as Type 2, and would like to start me on Rezulin. (4 Oct 97)

  70. Our son is five years old and starting school. He was diagnosed when he was seventeen months. Sometimes when we give him his shots it is very painful. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong to cause him pain. Also, since he started school his sugars have been very high. (4 Oct 97)

  71. My daughter, five years old, was recently diagnosed with Type 1. She has an identical twin sister. What is her sister's chance of getting diabetes? Is there somewhere I could get statistics from research? If she is to get it, would it happen sooner than later, within a year versus ten years from now? (4 Oct 97)

  72. I have had doctors tell me recently about a study currently underway involving the administering of oral medication along with the insulin injections to aid in reducing the need for insulin injections. Do you have any knowledge of such a study? (4 Oct 97)

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