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  1. I am looking into buying a multi-alarm watch and possibly a diabetic computer product. Is there a more specialised device that could possibly track foods and levels? (28 Dec 97)

  2. I am looking for information to help a child who has both diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. (28 Dec 97)

  3. Last night we saw a TV documentary. A research program had been initiated to confirm if there was a link between the consumption of cow's milk and diabetes in children. Should we avoid giving dairy products, including cheeses and yoghurts to our children? (28 Dec 97)

  4. I am 28 and was wondering how do you explain to a doctor that you may need to be checked to see if you have some sort of a sugar problem. (24 Dec 97)

  5. My 7 year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 months ago. He has lost weight since his diagnosis, but was very overweight to begin with. He always had bowel movements that sank right to the bottom of the toilet, despite my giving him lots of fruits and vegetables to increase his fiber intake. Was this a sign of diabetes? (24 Dec 97)

  6. I have a 2.5 year old Downs Syndrome child that has been diagnosed with diabetes. Less than one drop of insulin can take child from 500+ to 30 in minutes. Child is hyper when blood sugar is high, opposite symptoms than adult. Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated. (24 Dec 97)

  7. My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes one year ago. I recently read an article which read "Fat, it turns out, is a much more important dietary variable than sugar, when it comes to controlling diabetes." This is the first time I've ever heard about that correlation. Is it true, and can you elaborate for me? (24 Dec 97)

  8. Do you know of Type 1 diabetics who have tried the Atkins diet? (24 Dec 97)

  9. Diabetes runs in my family so I am very interested in this disease. I understand that they have changed the blood sugar level so that more people will be diagnosed with diabetes. How will this change things? Will this affect more children? What were the levels changes from and what were they changes to? (24 Dec 97)

  10. My 6 year old son was diagnosed about 2 months ago with Type 1 diabetes. At that time he was placed on Regular and NPH. At our recent visit to the endocrinologist, they replaced his Regular with Humalog. I'm interested in knowing how many units of Humalog cover one carbohydrate exchange (approximately 15 grams). (24 Dec 97)

  11. I am a 25 female diabetic, Type 1. I recently started taking chromium picolate and my blood sugars have become a lot more stable since. Can chromium picolate harm me or cause side effects? (24 Dec 97)

  12. My 9 year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for 6 months. During the past two months, her blood sugar readings have been rising. A month ago, we threw out the bottle of NPH and opened a new one. Her readings dropped back down. For the past 4 days the readings have be creeping back up and we are worried that her insulin may be going bad after 1 1/2 weeks. (24 Dec 97)

  13. I have had IDDM Type 1 for 18 years, diagnosed when I was 7 years old. I just started Physician Assistant school and want to know what other health professionals with diabetes do about blood testing. I currently test 3-6 times/day in my fingers. This leaves micro-lesions in my skin. Do I wear gloves or double gloves with all patients? (24 Dec 97)

  14. Can you tell me the concentrations of acetone and other ketone bodies which would typically be found in the breath and perspiration of a diabetic? (24 Dec 97)

  15. Our five year old daughter has had a couple of bouts of distressing pains in her lower limbs. This seems to come on when her sugar is falling quickly, and possibly after she has been running higher than usual. Are we seeing something that is anything to do with her diabetes? (20 Dec 97)

  16. My son is 6 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes last year. We are on an exchange meal plan. If I am giving him a "bread" that has 15 grams of carbohydrate, how much of that carbohydrate can be sugar? (20 Dec 97)

  17. My son, who just turned two, has had diabetes for nine months. My wife and I have had an impossible time keeping his blood sugar levels in a consistent target range. Should we just resign ourselves to the fact that always keeping a toddler's blood sugar between 150-300 is going to be impossible? (20 Dec 97)

  18. My son is 12 and has both ADD and diabetes. Is there anyone out there with any advice on this matter? Our specialist is clueless. (20 Dec 97)

  19. My husband has just been diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor said not to eat any sugar and to exercise. I need information on what he should and shouldn't eat. The more I read the more confused I get. What do I feed him? (20 Dec 97)

  20. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 16 years and I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. My last A1c was 5.7 taken a few weeks ago and I am wondering if it is recommended that I begin using an insulin pump during pregnancy. (20 Dec 97)

  21. It's lack of insulin that causes diabetes, right? Then what is the sugar connection? Why are we asked not to eat too much sugar? (20 Dec 97)

  22. My 9 year old son is having his eyes checked for the fourth time this year. If he does need glasses will they do him any good considering the effects high and low blood sugars have on the eyes? (20 Dec 97)

  23. My adopted son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, Type 1. He is 31 years old now and has a son of his own. If the parents and children are trying to maintain a vegetarian diet, what type of protein and calcium sources replace milk? (20 Dec 97)

  24. I took my daughter for a checkup and her doctor told me about a new monitor they are using overseas. He said Johnson & Johnson is checking into buying and selling it in this country. You don't have to prick your finger with this meter. It uses ultraviolet light. (16 Dec 97)

  25. Are children's normal blood ranges different than adults? (16 Dec 97)

  26. I babysit a little boy who is allergic to all glutens. He cannot eat sugar or wheat, or peanuts. Sugar substitutes (including Sweet & Low, Equal, and fructose) all make him sick. Do you have any ideas of what we can use as a birthday cake for him? We do have access to wheat-free flour, but no ideas for sugarfree cakes. (16 Dec 97)

  27. I need to know if insulin can cause swelling of the the hands. (16 Dec 97)

  28. My son is 2 1/2. His father is 22 and has had diabetes for 5 years. Everyone tells me that my son is going to get it. Should I have my son tested? (16 Dec 97)

  29. If I can't remember if I took my insulin at dinner time or not, should I skip it or take it in case I forgot it? This happens quite a bit to me. (16 Dec 97)

  30. My 2 1/2 year old son was diagnosed 3 months ago with Type 1 diabetes. His blood glucose level was 394 mg/dl with positive ketones when admitted to the hospital. Subsequent lab tests came back negative for islet cell antibodies and autoimmune antibodies. Is there anything else that our endocrinologist should be looking into aside from the diabetes diagnosis? (16 Dec 97)

  31. My 5 year old niece was diagnosed with diabetes 5 months ago. My mother is taking care of her because her 3 year old brother has leukemia and is getting ready for his transplant. My mother would like to know if there is a time limit on how long she has to eat her lunch and supper. (16 Dec 97)

  32. I myself have had diabetes for 6 years. I am 15 years old. I have a friend who also has juvenile diabetes. He was just diagnosed with leukemia. He is now going through chemotherapy. I was wondering if there was any connection between his leukemia and his diabetes? How will his diabetes or leukemia be affected by the other? (14 Dec 97)

  33. I have an 18 year old son who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 15. The diagnosis seemed to come at the same time as his taking the medication Accutane for acne. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can find any information on the relationship between these two? (14 Dec 97)

  34. My 19 year old grandson, who has had Type 1 diabetes since age 6, is having changes in the way he experiences hypoglycemia. His hypoglycemia manifests itself in shaking hands and arms (similar to a seizure), closed eyes, and disorientation. What is causing this unusual response? (14 Dec 97)

  35. Is Purified Pork NPH insulin better on children than the Humulin N? (14 Dec 97)

  36. My 11 year-old son has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 2 years old. He is now believed to have familial periodic paralysis also. His consultant has asked me to do some research to see if anyone has clinical experience of this combination of diseases. (14 Dec 97)

  37. Does the need for insulin increase with years since onset (31 years)? (14 Dec 97)

  38. I just read Type 1 diabetics are not supposed to take oral meds, but it didn't say why. Could you please answer this for me? (12 Dec 97)

  39. Are there benefits to having a pediatric endocrinologist? My insurance company has refused to allow my 8 year old son (Type 1) see one. We are certainly not satisfied with the endocrinologist we have now. (12 Dec 97)

  40. My daughter has Type 1 diabetes. I was advised not to use chocolate, such as a candy bar, to treat my daughter for low blood sugar because the fat in a candy bar would slow down the absorption of the sugar. Two teens with diabetes have told me their diabetes nurse educator recommended it for lows. So, what's the scoop? (12 Dec 97)

  41. Why are IDDM patients undernourished while NIDDM patients are usually obese? What is the possible genetic aspect of Type 1 vs. Type 2 diabetes mellitus? (12 Dec 97)

  42. Where can I find research that discusses the link between viral infections and the onset of Type 1 diabetes? Who is an expert on the subject? (12 Dec 97)

  43. I am so completely confused about all that is going on with our son, who has both diabetes and Addison's disease (failure of the adrenal glands). Our biggest problem is getting the blood sugars under control. (12 Dec 97)

  44. My 15 year old daughter has only very recently been diagnosed as having diabetes. She was admitted to hospital and although I feel she has received a lot of care she was in and out of hospital within 3 days. There is support also at home but I wondered why everything they did in hospital was done so quickly. (12 Dec 97)

  45. I have a 14 year old son who was diagnosed with Diabetes nearly two years ago. In addition, he has been experiencing back pains for approximately 1 1/2 years. He came across this condition called Diabetic Myelopathy and we were hoping you would give us some information. (12 Dec 97)

  46. At 7.00 am I tested my blood sugar reading 8.9 mmol/l [160 mg/dl]. I then had two slices of wholemeal bread toasted with a small can of baked beans and a large glass of water. At 9.00 am I tested my blood sugar again it was 20.8 [374 mg/dl]. Is this normal for such an increase over that period of time? (12 Dec 97)

  47. We have a 5 year child who has started kindergarten this past year. We have problems with control of her blood glucoses. Our questions revolve around any advice you might be able to give us regarding a better insulin regimen, one that would give better afternoon coverage at school, without the big postprandial spike, but with less chance of lows. (12 Dec 97)

  48. I'm totally confused about the activity duration of Iletin II (pork NPH). (10 Dec 97)

  49. We are interested in the prevention studies that use insulin injections to delay or prevent the onset of diabetes. When is diabetes considered to be prevented? (10 Dec 97)

  50. How about using natural methods such as Vitamin E or Primrose Oil instead of aspirin to protect from heart attacks and strokes? These are natural remedies that will give you the same results as aspirin without the adverse effects. (10 Dec 97)

  51. My daughter is 9 years old. She doesn't eat well, has stomach aches and diarrhea. She has been tested and has low blood sugar. Our doctor said to make sure she eats right. Could this be hypoglycemia? What are other symptoms I should look for? (10 Dec 97)

  52. I am a 34 year old female who has had diabetes since I was 18 years old. My endocrinologist has determined that I have an enlarged thyroid gland. He has prescribed Armour Thyroid tablets. Does this treatment seem reasonable and what is the difference between the Synthroid, that I had an allergic reaction, and the Armour, that I am now taking? (10 Dec 97)

  53. My son-in-law developed diabetes at age 8; he is now 21. It is not uncommon for him to have several seizures each week. Is this an unusual reaction for diabetics to have? (7 Dec 97)

  54. Just wanted to tell you within 5 years my dad, my daughter, and then the dog was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes. I wonder if it is not environmental or something. (7 Dec 97)

  55. Can a person take too much insulin as long as the blood glucose's are good? (7 Dec 97)

  56. Are diabetes and skin discoloration (leucoderma) related? If so, what is the remedy? (7 Dec 97)

  57. My sister is searching for any information Stiff Hand Syndrome and the Stiff Man Syndrome. She is 44 and has been insulin dependent since the age of 21. She has been diagnosed with stiff hand syndrome. She is specifically searching for how symptoms started, progressed, etc. or people with the above diagnoses that she can correspond with. (7 Dec 97)

  58. I am 13 years of age and I hate my diabetes. I am under very good control. But one day my dad came rushing in the door and told me that they did this experiment to someone, and what they did was they took a saliva cell and genetically engineered it to produce insulin. Can you tell me if this is true? (7 Dec 97)

  59. Has there been any new research that suggests Glucosamine Sulfate will lower blood sugars in people with diabetes? I have searched Medline, but I am still seeking more information. (7 Dec 97)

  60. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 15 months, 4 months after receiving the MMR vaccination. I noticed other parents have asked if the MMR vaccination contributes to the onset of diabetes and you said it is unlikely. Are you aware of research that is going on regarding this vaccination and the onset of type 1 diabetes in children? (4 Dec 97)

  61. I am writing to you to find out if there are any legal guidelines or efforts made by diabetes associations to curb the labeling of things as "sugarfree" if they contain a form of sugar. (4 Dec 97)

  62. My cousin, 5, was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I am concerned I might find myself in a first aid situation with her. Where might I find guidelines? (4 Dec 97)

  63. I am a 36 year old woman who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent) for eight years. I have a 16 month old daughter. I was insulin dependent during the pregnancy. When should I have my doctor start testing my daughter for diabetes? (4 Dec 97)

  64. Why do sugar levals drop dramatically within the course of 1 hour, e.g., from 12.7 mmol/l to 2.3 mmol/l [228 mg/dl to 41 mg/dl]? The child is 3 years old and at rest. (4 Dec 97)

  65. Our 2 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 weeks ago. He is allergic to many foods including milk, eggs, wheat, and soy. Please let us know where we can get information about food allergies and Type 1 diabetes. (4 Dec 97)

  66. Can drinking coffee and other caffinated drinks help lower blood sugar? (4 Dec 97)

  67. What are the benefits of a pediatric endocrinologist as opposed to an adult endocrinologist? (4 Dec 97)

  68. Do you know anything about the studies that were being conducted a few years back on an "insulin patch" to be worn on the arm? (4 Dec 97)

  69. I'm 18 years old and have had Type 1 diabetes for eight years, treated with insulin. Now I'm getting tired of taking shots so I was thinking about changing to an insulin pump. How is it with a pump on the summer when you're taking a swim? (4 Dec 97)

  70. I have been reading about the High-Protein, Low-Carb diet and it sounds like an excellent way to help control blood sugars. But, as I was reading about it, it said, ketones could possibly result from following this diet. I was wondering if I could still follow the higher-protein, lower-carb diet and be cautious about the ketones, or is that not possible? (1 Dec 97)

  71. My 10 year old son (Type 1 for 3 years) has been depressed recently. We are considering giving him St. John's wort to help with this but can't find any information on how it might effect his diabetes or interact with the insulin (R and NPH). He is currently receiving counseling but it, by itself, does not seem to be enough. (1 Dec 97)

  72. I'm an eighteen year old college student and I have had a lot of difficulty keeping my blood sugar levels at an appropriate level since I have started school. I seem to have no regular eating schedule because I sleep late or go out to eat with friends. Do you have any suggestions? (1 Dec 97)

  73. I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid. At my last followup the doctor mentioned I could be borderline diabetic. If my next lab work shows all is fine, is there a chance I could develop diabetes? Are there any precautions to keep from developing diabetes? (1 Dec 97)

  74. I have been a Type 1 diabetic for five years. I am currently taking 15 units of Ultralente before bed and varying amounts of Humalog before meals. I have very good control during the day. My problem is overnight and my morning blood sugars--they are frequently very high. Do you know what could be causing this? (1 Dec 97)

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Bill Jones, MD (Specialist in the management of diabetes during pregnancy, member since April 1997)
Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
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John Schulga, MBChB MRCGP MRCP FRCPCH (UK) (Consultant Paediatrician in childhood and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology, member since July 1999)
Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

Barb Schreiner, RN, MPH, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist, member since July 2002)
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Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

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Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

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