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  1. After twice-daily insulin injections for the past 22 years, I've developed unsightly insulin deposits on my arms and legs. Is there anything that will help get rid of this condition? (28 Apr 1998)

  2. My 3-year-old daughter has 2 injections a day. Just recently she has found it very hard to relax while having her injection. Can you give us any tips please? (28 Apr 1998)

  3. Do you have a list of sugar free oral liquid antibiotics? (28 Apr 1998)

  4. I am 33 years and have a daughter, age 2 1/2, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 15 months. I am now pregnant and wonder if I have a higher than average chance of developing gestational diabetes. (28 Apr 1998)

  5. I recently tested for gestational diabetes. He said that my reading was too high. But in reading other persons results at your website, their readings seem to be around 150+ . My results were 90. (28 Apr 1998)

  6. My 9 nine year old son has been giving himself his own injections and is very responsible with his blood tests. To maintain his sense of freedom I have been premixing his syringe at night (he takes NPH and Regular). One of the nurses says the NPH will convert the Regular to long lasting if mixed for longer then twenty minutes. (26 Apr 1998)

  7. I have a friend whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago; she is now 17 years old. No matter how much we tell her the damage she is doing she wants to have a normal life. We are truly worried about her. (26 Apr 1998)

  8. My husband has MODY. We have three children ages 9, 6, and 3. What are the odds of them becoming diabetic? (26 Apr 1998)

  9. My 21 year old daughter was diagnosed 10 years ago. Six months ago she had a seizure and was taken to an Emergency Room. Her physician recommended she see a neurologist. He felt she may have epilepsy and prescribed Tegretol. How do you feel about Tegretol? (26 Apr 1998)

  10. I am a 47 year old female who has been switched to Humalog with Ultralente. My blood sugars are remaining high (250-320). I give myself U at dinnertime only, Humalog 3 times at meals. Is it normal to be so out of control at the start of using Humalog? (26 Apr 1998)

  11. I've noticed that you say people should treat sugars under 70 as a hypo. I feel great at about 60 or 70, feel kind of "icky" at about 175 or so. Can this cause a problem I'm not aware of? (24 Apr 1998)

  12. I've had Type 1 diabetes for 14 years. Over the last 2 years, I've experienced 2 or 3 seizures. I don't understand the seizures and why they are happening. Do you have any thoughts or ideas? (24 Apr 1998)

  13. My 16 month old daughter is perpetually thirsty. I worry since her sister is Type 1, so I occasionally test her blood. Yesterday morning she awoke at 47. Today she was 48. No symptoms of hypoglycemia. Should I be concerned? (24 Apr 1998)

  14. I am concerned for a friend who is 14 and diabetic. She has been missing a lot of school. Is diabetes enough to keep a 14 year old out of school, and how bad can it be if one forgets to take insulin? (24 Apr 1998)

  15. My daughter has had diabetes for 2 years. Since diagnosis, she seems to catch colds every few weeks and some days will get hiccups 10 times in the day. Are these all related to diabetes? (24 Apr 1998)

  16. I am concerned about the diet of my five-year-old granddaughter. It is almost exclusively carbohydrates. Please direct me to research or other sources on whether or not there is correlation between diet and the onset of diabetes. (22 Apr 1998)

  17. I have heard from a medical nurse that it is advisable to store insulins at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Is that true? (22 Apr 1998)

  18. Is there any current study being done on the use of Humalog during pregnancy? (22 Apr 1998)

  19. I recently read an article in a newsletter claiming that Vitamin E would decrease the glycosylation of hemoglobin and therefore would improve the outcome of patients with diabetes. I would like to more about the effect of vitamin E on diabetes. (22 Apr 1998)

  20. My 3 year old daughter has had diabetes for 15 months. We are considering the pump. We would need diluted Humalog for her basal rate. We have heard of a buffer for Humalog but don't know where to get it. (22 Apr 1998)

  21. I'm newly diagnosed Type 1 and I'm going on an overnight Field Training Exercise with Civil Air Patrol. Is there any advice you can give me about what foods to bring and maintaining somewhat normal glucose levels while I'm out? (22 Apr 1998)

  22. I have been a diabetic for 40 years. My doctor gave me the new insulin Humalog to try. Is there a sliding scale for Humalog? (22 Apr 1998)

  23. I have a friend who is thinking of migrating to Indianapolis but is concerned about daycare for her 4 year old daughter who is a diabetic. Can you give me a list of day care centers in Indianapolis? (22 Apr 1998)

  24. I am 47 years old and been Type 1 for 42 years. I have had severe hypoglycemic reactions for about 16 years where I lose consciousness. Where can I be tested and diagnosed for hypoglycemic unawareness? (22 Apr 1998)

  25. Since a little before his diagnosis, my son (age 10) has complained of severe stomachaches. I heard of a study of diabetic gastroparesis, and the symptoms sound similar. What is diabetic gastroparesis and what can be done about it? (22 Apr 1998)

  26. My 11-year-old son was diagnosed at 4 1/2. His blood sugar levels are like a rollercoaster. Could you please give us a reasonable daily carb range and how we can determine the best dosage of insulin based on those carbs? (20 Apr 1998)

  27. My son (5 years old) has recently started getting ketones whenever his blood sugar goes high. We follow the standard protocol for extra insulin and the ketones have always gone away in 4 hours or less. Does this cause any long term and or short term damage? (20 Apr 1998)

  28. Our son, age 4.5, had another A1C yesterday. The result came back at 6.6 (lab norm 4.4-6.4). His previous A1C, taken several months ago, was 6.75 and 8.11 a year ago. Do you feel these last two A1C's are indicating too tight of control? (20 Apr 1998)

  29. Could you please tell more about a blood test which can detect diabetes in a future baby? (20 Apr 1998)

  30. My daughter is 6 years old and has had a chronic vaginal rash for the last 6 months. She is also a little over weight for her age. Are these symptoms of diabetes? (20 Apr 1998)

  31. My mom has a problem. Her nurse signed her up for mail order test strips. They sent her the wrong test strips and we are looking for an 800 number for them. (20 Apr 1998)

  32. Do you have any information on mixing Humalog, Humulin N, and Humulin R together? (20 Apr 1998)

  33. Where is the best place to get an I.D. bracelet for my diabetes that isn't too expensive? (20 Apr 1998)

  34. You frequently mention a diabetes team. Is this course of action more for children than adults? (20 Apr 1998)

  35. Can you identify to us who is doing research into the Type 1A - 1B areas (20 Apr 1998)

  36. Is there any research being done to see if Heliobactor Pylori, which can cause a stomach ulcer (and stomach cancer, etc.), plays any role in diabetes? (18 Apr 1998)

  37. I am a 36-year old woman with Type 1. I have read several articles in diabetes publications describing a rare condition in women with Type 1 called diabetic mastopathy. Do you have any information about diabetic mastopathy? (18 Apr 1998)

  38. How do I convert mmols to mgs? (18 Apr 1998)

  39. Have you come across any research that has been done on the number of people with diabetes that also suffer with Bipolar Disorder or Depression? (18 Apr 1998)

  40. I am interested in the research on an insulin nasal spray. (18 Apr 1998)

  41. Can fluctuations in insulin levels cause mood swings? (16 Apr 1998)

  42. I had diabetes when I was pregnant with my second child. Does this put my child at a higher risk of getting diabetes? (16 Apr 1998)

  43. My father who is 57 years old has been borderline diabetic for about two years. We have been using fructose in our baking and now find that it is as bad as sugar is. Is there a safe sweetener that we can cook with? (16 Apr 1998)

  44. I seem to notice a difference in my 16 year old son's readings when R is given alone versus when it is mixed with N. Is this normal? (16 Apr 1998)

  45. Can you give me any good links or literature references or sources on the benefits of exercise to people with Type 2 diabetes? (16 Apr 1998)

  46. After 2 years of terrible control on insulin shots, the endocrinologist hypothesized that my 4 year old son has skin antibodies to insulin, so he placed him on the insulin pump. I'm unable to find anything in the literature about skin antibodies. Can you comment on this? (15 Apr 1998)

  47. My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed 4 months ago. Tonight I discovered that she has been regurgitating her food and performing self-mutilation. I'm no longer sure which specialist she needs. Where do I go? (15 Apr 1998)

  48. I was just diagnosed with Type 1 at 25 years of age. Hopefully I'll be starting medical school this fall. I'm interested in any information or advice on handling my diabetes while in school. (15 Apr 1998)

  49. My 8 year old daughter has been on 3 courses of Augmentin for impetigo on her face. The doctor said if the impetigo does not clear she will need to have a blood test for diabetes. Is this correct and why? (15 Apr 1998)

  50. Please tell me about the drug Rezulin. My son (17) was diagnosed 7 months ago, at that time they said he was Type 1 diabetic. One of his doctors prescribed Rezulin for him, but after reading about it, I'm very concerned. (15 Apr 1998)

  51. My son is twelve years old and he has Type 1 diabetes for year. His blood sugars before breakfast, lunch, and dinner are between 140 - 180 mg/dl. Are these values normal? (15 Apr 1998)

  52. Could you please give us information about new medications for Type 1. My brother is 15 and he's had diabetes for about 10 months and he is fed up with injections. (15 Apr 1998)

  53. I am a 16 year old female diabetic who has developed the eating disorder where insulin shots are omitted or reduced to lose weight. I am willing and ready for help, but I need to know what course of action to take. (15 Apr 1998)

  54. I have had Type 1 for 13 years. I am 25 years old. I had my cholesterol taken and it was 159. My HDL's were 63 and my LDL's were 77. Can you please tell me what an "excellent number" is concerning my lipid profiles? (15 Apr 1998)

  55. My third child is 18 months old and has been drinking more than 108 ounces of water throughout the day and night. I have done 4 finger sticks today before her meals and before bedtime. The highest being at bedtime at 222 and the lowest at 87 this morning. Should I have her tested for diabetes? (15 Apr 1998)

  56. I am a college freshman. I'm taking Ultralente and Humalog. Frequently, I fill a syringe with a mixture of the two and then go to dinner in the dining hall, taking the syringe with me. Sometimes, up to 30 minutes will pass before I inject. Will the time lapse cause any kind of problem with the effectiveness of my insulin? (14 Apr 1998)

  57. My daughter has expressed interest about going on to a pen. I noticed the B-D Pen Mini. I have been told that B-D has no intention of distributing the pen in Australia. I'm feeling very annoyed at this discrimination. (14 Apr 1998)

  58. Some research sites indicate that they have transplanted islet cells with a protective coating and no need for immunosuppressants. It seems things are being done everywhere separately, never in conjunction. Would not an organized effort by all the minds work better? (14 Apr 1998)

  59. I know a lady who is 35 who might have diabetes, but will not go to a doctor. (14 Apr 1998)

  60. I recently read an alarming report about the dangers of aspartame use. Does the AMA have a position? (14 Apr 1998)

  61. What can you tell me about diabetic children and dissociation? (12 Apr 1998)

  62. We are trying to find information on how diabetes affects the adrenal gland and what it does to the adrenal gland. (12 Apr 1998)

  63. I recently was put on hormone replacement and blood sugars went wacky. I checked the medical stuff on the internet and found that medroxyprogesterone has been shown to sometimes induce diabetes in lab animals. (12 Apr 1998)

  64. Could you please tell me why gastroparesis could be much worse during pregnancy? I'm 29 and thinking about having a second child. (12 Apr 1998)

  65. My husband has had Type 1 diabetes for 20 years. We have 3 little boys, who we are concerned may also develop the disease. (12 Apr 1998)

  66. My 21 month old granddaughter was diagnosed three weeks ago. It is necessary to do multiple fingersticks (6 times/day). She is not cooperative due to her age and we need to know about the non-invasive glucose monitors. (10 Apr 1998)

  67. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on her second birthday. My question is actually about my newborn daughter. What can I do to possibly prevent it from "triggering" again? (10 Apr 1998)

  68. I would like to know if a diabetic person is prone to have problems of the heart. I also wanted to know if insulin can produce some form of holes in the skin. I also would like to know if a person with diabetes can enter thermal waters. (10 Apr 1998)

  69. Could you please explain the mechanism by which steroids cause hyperglycemia? (10 Apr 1998)

  70. I am 25 years old and my fiance is 23 years old and we are both diabetic for 15 years. Is it possible to have a healthy baby? (10 Apr 1998)

  71. My five year old son was diagnosed 7 months ago. The first week after being diagnosed he gained 5 pounds but has not gained any more since then. What are some reasons that he is not gaining weight? (10 Apr 1998)

  72. My six year old son was diagnosed last year with Type 1. Recently I noticed a very slight bump under on the underside of his chin. Our pediatrician said he has a submandibular cyst which would eventually go away. Could his diabetes could be contributing to this? (10 Apr 1998)

  73. Please send me information about the new treatment for Type 1. I have two boys, ages 7 and 5, with Type 1. (10 Apr 1998)

  74. I would like your opinion(s) on the Atkins Diet. It's the one that's no carbohydrate, meat, and mostly fat diet. My husband says that Dr. Atkins says this is a perfect diet for diabetics and Dr. Atkins claims diabetics can stop their medicine. (10 Apr 1998)

  75. My daughter (age 10) was diagnosed with diabetes last year. The doctors had our son (age 7) and daughter (age 5) tested for ICA antibodies. Our son's test was positive. What does this mean? (10 Apr 1998)

  76. My 3 year old son was diagnosed about 6 months ago. We experience high glucose numbers 2 hours after breakfast; they range from 250 to 380. Will these high numbers affect him later in life? If so, how can we control it? (8 Apr 1998)

  77. My granddaughter has been diagnosed with "granuloma annulare." Will she be a diabetic? (8 Apr 1998)

  78. Can exercise cause high blood sugar if there is little to no insulin in the body? (8 Apr 1998)

  79. My son was diagnosed two months ago. We are having difficulty keeping his blood sugars in the range of 80-180. He seems very erratic. (8 Apr 1998)

  80. Last weekend when my son was visiting his father, they encouraged him to do a blood test. He is not diabetic. The result was 193. The next morning, it came out to 102. Am I doing enough to watch out for him? (8 Apr 1998)

  81. I was diagnosed with Type 2 five years ago. I had both legs amputated above the knee due an infection. What do I have to worry about as far as my diabetes is concerned? (7 Apr 1998)

  82. Our youngest son is exhibiting symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes. The doctor has told us that if he is developing diabetes there is nothing we can do. Is it true that we can do nothing to prevent the onset of Type 1 diabetes? (7 Apr 1998)

  83. Can you tell me at what glucose level you usually begin insulin treatment? My son is being "watched" because his pediatric endocrinologist suspects he is in the early stages of clinical Type 1. (7 Apr 1998)

  84. My endocrinologist says that I have counterregulatory problems, which are responsible for lows during workouts. I am curious as well as to whether this is a problem with Type 1 or 2. (7 Apr 1998)

  85. We have been trying unsuccessfully to convince my son's endocrinologist and CDE to switch him to U and H. (7 Apr 1998)

  86. My father has diabetes and is taking Micronase. Recently he started taking aspirin with the Micronase and his blood sugar went down. Is it okay to take aspirin with Micronase? (5 Apr 1998)

  87. My son was just diagnosed. His initial blood sugar was 253 and he was spilling ketones in his urine. But after arriving at the hospital his blood sugars were normal and ketones were no longer showing. Is there any other condition that could of made his blood sugar high that one time? (5 Apr 1998)

  88. Is there any link between fluid retention (edema) and insulin? (5 Apr 1998)

  89. My son recently has had two ear infections. After several days on the antibiotic, he had severe hypoglycemic events. Have you ever heard anybody having a reaction like this? (5 Apr 1998)

  90. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago. When she participates in certain activities, her glucose levels go up, not down as we were told they would. Could adrenaline be raising her sugar? (5 Apr 1998)

  91. Our daughter was diagnosed over a year ago. We are not having much trouble keeping her within her target range of 80-180. However, some students at her school are the same age with very different target ranges. Why is that? (5 Apr 1998)

  92. I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and I am trying to get my blood sugar levels steady and finding out which junk food I can eat without sending them too high. Is a "starch" what we call a "portion" -- 15 grams of carbohydrates? (5 Apr 1998)

  93. Could I see a "straw poll" of programs at larger children's diabetes centers that routinely use diluted insulin for young children and infants? (5 Apr 1998)

  94. My son was diagnosed with diabetes when the age of 8. He is now 10 and is totally depressed. He says he is "cursed" with diabetes and he has nothing to live for. (5 Apr 1998)

  95. My daughter is nine years old and she is having trouble with her sugar. It goes up and down and, when it does, she gets real weak. What kind of test can they do to find out what is wrong with her? (5 Apr 1998)

  96. What effect do drugs have on insulin dependent diabetics? How much more dangerous are they for diabetics? (4 Apr 1998)

  97. How common is it to become Type 1 after the age of 40? My initial incident was severe ketoacidosis. (4 Apr 1998)

  98. I have diabetes. I had been a vegetarian. When I eat a diet high in complex carbohydrates, my blood pressure and triglycerides skyrocket. If I include lots of animal protein, everything drops to normal. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? (4 Apr 1998)

  99. I am a 35 year old Type 2 diabetic. My daughter has been very pale lately complaining of aches and pains. She also is always thirsty. I decided to test her with my blood sugar meter. Her sugar was 158. Should we be concerned? (4 Apr 1998)

  100. My son was diagnosed two years ago. For the last two weeks he has gone to the Nurse's Office every day. She reports that he is pale and lethargic and immediately falls asleep. (4 Apr 1998)

  101. I am 26 and have recently been diagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes. I tend to drink a lot of fizzy drinks and would like to know what sort of drinks I can have without raising my blood sugar levels too high. (3 Apr 1998)

  102. My 16 year old daughter was just recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My insurance company only covers the insulin. I thought in this state all diabetic supplies were to be covered 100%. (3 Apr 1998)

  103. I was in a health-food store the other day and they carry a product called Target P14. The clerk claimed that it has been used extensively and had miraculous results with insulin-dependent diabetics. What have you folks heard or read about this product or others like it? (3 Apr 1998)

  104. I recall reading on the web about a new home Ha1c test. Do you have more information? (3 Apr 1998)

  105. My 3-year old daughter has recently started having accidents after being perfectly potty trained. The reason this concerns me is because my father has diabetes and her grandmother on her dad's side has diabetes. Should I have her checked? (3 Apr 1998)

  106. I have a friend (a boy about 10) who has Type 1 diabetes. Because my friend is a little boy, it would be easier to give him insulin orally. So please send me information about oral insulin. (3 Apr 1998)

  107. My father is 77 and recently was involved in an accident and came to recuperate with us. Just before supper tonight he had a very sudden insulin reaction. We ask him about this and he just says that's the way it is. Is this true? (3 Apr 1998)

  108. I am a Type 1; onset age 11, now 49. Started a pump 4 years ago. After three or four days of use, the sites where I insert the needle become hard after I remove the needle. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? (3 Apr 1998)

  109. My infant son was born hyperglycemic with a blood sugar in the high 300’s. Our current diagnosis is "neonatal diabetes." Apparently this is very rare. Have you ever come across a similar case? (2 Apr 1998)

  110. My daughter is four. Her A1c has always been in the range of 8.2 to 8.5. Our doctors tell me we have great control, though it doesn't feel like it. Is that really good? What is "very good" for a four-year-old? (2 Apr 1998)

  111. Does nicotine stimulate insulin production? (2 Apr 1998)

  112. Is there a link between juvenile diabetes and canker sores? (2 Apr 1998)

  113. I am a diabetic who takes two oral medications to control my diabetes. Like those on insulin I need to use test strips to keep a close watch. I am on Medicare but can not get these strips paid for because I am not insulin dependent. (2 Apr 1998)

  114. I need a diet to go by for Type 2 diabetes. I am a 38 year old female. I just need to know what I can eat and not eat. I need a list of things I can eat. (1 Apr 1998)

  115. Could you give me a sample 2000 calorie ADA diet? (1 Apr 1998)

  116. My 13 year old son was diagnosed two years ago. He seems to be depressed. He doesn't seem to be interested in friends or activities other than sitting around reading or playing alone on his computer. Is this normal? (1 Apr 1998)

  117. Has any research been done on the possible link between adverse reactions to the DPT vaccination and diabetes? (1 Apr 1998)

  118. My 11 year old son lost 12 pounds over a 3 month period of time. Fasting glucose was 153. The doctor feels that he may be in the early stages of diabetes. If my son does not have Type 1, what else can cause these elevated blood glucose levels? (1 Apr 1998)

  119. I am 24 years old and have had Type 1 diabetes for about 2 years. How often should I go to the doctor? (1 Apr 1998)

  120. My four-year-old daughter has Type 1 diabetes. She has had a flu for 10 days now, where she vomits all that she eats. Any advice? (1 Apr 1998)

  121. My son has had diabetes since 3 1/2; he is now 12. He has always been fairly easy to control until this last year. Now his numbers have been so high that on occasion we cannot get a reading. Could this just be his age? (1 Apr 1998)

  122. Can too much insulin trigger the production of glucose? (1 Apr 1998)

  123. I have a friend who had to quit her job because she had diabetes very badly. She must test herself every hour and she could be 150 or 450 at any moment. (1 Apr 1998)

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