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  1. Are non-invasive monitors going to be available soon? (31 May 1999)

  2. My 5 year old daughter has been having ketones in her urine for the past 6 weeks. We have been to see her endocrinologist and our family doctor, neither of who has found the reason why she is having the ketones. (31 May 1999)

  3. I have the computer game Xylo by the Starbright Foundation to teach my 7 year old child. Have you found computer education helpful for kids, or is it better to receive one-on-one education if they are newly diagnosed? (31 May 1999)

  4. My friend has Type 1 diabetes. She is complaining of tiredness a lot and occasionally she gets chest pains. Should I be worried about this? (31 May 1999)

  5. I have heard of reports that the UK has approved a nasal insulin application, available in lieu of injections. Could you please give me any information or details on this? (30 May 1999)

  6. My 17 year old friend wants to start using steroids. He is diabetic, but not the real serious kind. I wanted to know, if he does start taking steroids, will they have any effect on his diabetes? (30 May 1999)

  7. I am 19 and was diagnosed with type I diabetes at 2 1/2 years of age. All of the information I've read about pregnancy says that my A1c should be in the 6-7% range. What if it is in the 9% range? (29 May 1999)

  8. My 10 year old son has had diabetes since he was 6 years old. I have an extremely hard time getting good control of his blood sugar. It's like a roller coaster: if it's not high, it's low. (29 May 1999)

  9. We found out that my 8 year old brother had diabetes about a year ago. Could you tell me if there is anywhere on the web that I could sign up for a newsletter that could be mailed to my mother so she can get more information on these disease? (29 May 1999)

  10. My 4 year old son was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. At this point we are not counting the carbohydrates he's eating but we are providing healthy meals and snacks at the same time each day. Any suggestions on what we can do to keep his levels more consistent? (29 May 1999)

  11. My husband has diffuse peripheral demyelinating, axonal polyneuropathy. He had a GTT and results showed 59 mg. Is he hypoglycemic? If so, could this have anything to do with the neuropathy? (29 May 1999)

  12. I am 39 years old and have had Type 1 for 9 years. About 5 years ago I developed an underactive thyroid. Before my thyroid condition was diagnosed I put on a lot of weight. I've tried the low-fat diet without any success and now I want to try the Protein Power diet (low carbohydrate). (29 May 1999)

  13. I am a 31 year old woman. My only health problem prior to diabetes was frequent kidney stones for which I took hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ). I am wondering whether the HCTZ could have caused the diabetes. (29 May 1999)

  14. It seems that I have to take rather a lot of insulin, 15 units with meal of Humalog, and eating approx 60 grams of carb. Is this normal? (29 May 1999)

  15. My friend's daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for a couple of years now, and now she has developed antigens against insulin. They have not been able during this time to get her insulin doses stable. (29 May 1999)

  16. I am 27 years old and am now pregnant with my third child. I was 16 weeks when the doctor discovered that I have gestational diabetes. Today my doctor informed me that if I tryed to go natural, that I would have to face the possibilty of my uterus rupturing. (29 May 1999)

  17. In December 1998, my 21 month daughter was diagnosed with Ketoacidosis Hypoglycemia. She has been hospitalized once a month since then. Is there anything I can do to stop these frequent visits to the hospital? (29 May 1999)

  18. I have a 14 year old brother (type 1) who cannot resist the temptations of chocolate or sweets. He has recently had an episode of DKA but this still does not stop him from eating sugary foods. (29 May 1999)

  19. My son, who is 24, out of nowhere had blood sugar readings of 450 into 500. He was admitted into the hospital and insulin tratment was started. Is it normal for diabetes to onset with such high readings with no warning? (29 May 1999)

  20. I am a 29 year old male with hypertension, low thyroid, epilepsy, and bipolar disorder, and was diagnosed one month ago with diabetes. What long term problems can I expect with the diabetes in relation to my other health problems? (29 May 1999)

  21. I'm a type 1, diagnosed nearly two years ago at age 33. My problem is that the amount of Ultralente I require seems to vary a lot. What could be causing this? (29 May 1999)

  22. I have been doing my injections in my legs and they are getting very swollen. I don't know what to do, as it is not very easy to inject in your arms and when I do it in my stomach, it bleeds. (28 May 1999)

  23. I am a 38 year old female and have a six year old with diabetes. I have hypothyroidism and take thyroid pills daily. Today I was having the shakes and felt "low". I checked my blood sugar and it was only 65. Should I be concerned and have this checked out? (28 May 1999)

  24. I am 37 years old and have had Type 2 diabetes for about 3 years. Can I be a diabetic become normal again? (28 May 1999)

  25. My daughter, age 34 months, has been vomiting on and off over the past month. There is a strong family history of diabetes on both sides. (28 May 1999)

  26. I am a community paediatrician. I'm looking for a web-site that I can print out and give to a nine-year-old diabetic boy, explaining to him how to look after his type 1 diabetes. (28 May 1999)

  27. My daughter has had type 1 for 17 years and began to have difficulty controlling her diabetes when she began puberty. We think that the estrogen and progesterone are causing this problem and want to know of a safe way to mute them. We are considering Depo-Provera. (28 May 1999)

  28. My 22 year old daughter (diagnosed with diabetes at age 11) is 6 1/2 months pregnant. She doesn't feel the baby move very much. Do you have any idea why she wouldn't feel the movements? (28 May 1999)

  29. I delivered a baby boy several days ago. He was delivered at 37 weeks as I had been diagnosed with both pregnancy-induced hypertension and gestational diabetes with multiple complications. Since birth, his blood sugars has been unstable ranging anywhere from 24 to 78. (28 May 1999)

  30. My husband, age forty, has Type 1. He has had the disease for 15 years. Should his physician be prescribing the new drug repaglinide (Prandin) since he is a Type 1 diabetic taking two shots a day of 70/30 insulin? (28 May 1999)

  31. Is there a possibility of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy precipitating diabetes insipidus? (28 May 1999)

  32. I'm a mother of a 14 year old boy who was diagnosed 6 years ago with Type 1. I've read in the newspaper about Actus which is supposed to be a good help for diabetes. Please could you explain me what that is? (28 May 1999)

  33. My sixteen year old son has diabetes and PKU, therefore diet is very difficult. His blood sugar levels are up and down, no certain trend. I would appreciate any information from anyone with these two diseases. (28 May 1999)

  34. Is there any serious research going on to find the cause and the cure for diabetes? I am seeing more and more people I know contracting diabetes. I am a Type 2 diabetic myself, and every day more and more of my friends and acquaintances are contracting. (28 May 1999)

  35. I am a 19 year old type 1 diabetic. I am thinking about going on the depo injection (for birth control) and I am wondering if this is possible with my diabetes, as the local health nurse has expressed some concerns. (28 May 1999)

  36. In order to achieve good control one must have a near normal HbA1c. But, HbA1c reflects only the mean glucose level during the past three months. Is there another parameter one can use to check if his glucose levels are not varying too much? (28 May 1999)

  37. I am a grandmother of a little girl who was diagnosed at the age of 3. I have rheumatoid arthritis and in the course of my treatment, it was recommended that I not use aspartame as a sweetener, as it is really a poison. (27 May 1999)

  38. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed at 13 months of age. Several weeks ago, her pediatrician prescribed prednisilone to reduce swelling so the fluid could drain from her ears. This immediately sent her blood glucose levels soaring into the 300s! (27 May 1999)

  39. Since being diagnosed a month ago with Type 1 diabetes, our 13-year-old son has really been terrific watching his food intake, monitoring himself and accepting his twice a day shoots. How do we stress the importance of tight control without dashing his hopes for a cure? (27 May 1999)

  40. We have a 5 year old son with type 1 diabetes, diagnosed about 2 and 1/2 years ago. All in all I think his control is relatively good, his last HBA1c was 7.2. However, he still has wide variations in his numbers. (27 May 1999)

  41. My fiance has had hives for about a year. Sometimes they are very severe. She has been tested for just about everything on the planet, except for diabetes. (27 May 1999)

  42. My 6 year old grandson was diagnosed last week with Type 1. He has to take two shots a day. How long does it take for his sugar to level off? (25 May 1999)

  43. What prevents non-diabetics from having hypoglycemic reactions? (25 May 1999)

  44. I am 16 and have Type 1 diabetes for 7 years. Lately the idea of anorexia is very appealing because I can't seem to do a thing with my weight even though I exercise everyday. Do you know any other means for a diabetic to lose weight? (23 May 1999)

  45. I'm looking for information on exercise and the effect on blood sugar before and after exercise. (23 May 1999)

  46. My blood sugar test came back 307. How bad is that? (23 May 1999)

  47. I believe I read somewhere that diabetics shouldn't wear silver jewelry. Is this true and if so, why? (23 May 1999)

  48. Our 15 year old son was diagnosed 2 years ago with type 1. However, he was asymptomatic, and had no antibodies. Six weeks ago, he was switched from insulin to Glucophage. We remain skeptical that our son has type 1 diabetes. (23 May 1999)

  49. My 13 year old daughter has had type 1 for about 1 1/2 years. I would like to see about the pump for her. Are there any certain guidelines to be followed before starting a pump? (23 May 1999)

  50. I have a friend, male, 49. He is on oral medications. He just told me that his doctor wants him to take a Glucose Tolerance Test. Isn't this a test used to detect diabetes in undiagnosed patients? (23 May 1999)

  51. Do you know of anyone who makes a device to administer insulin in 0.2 unit increments? (22 May 1999)

  52. I just found out about the carbohydrate counting program. Is that a better way of controlling diabetes? (22 May 1999)

  53. Is it unusual for a 10 year old diabetic to be confused when his sugar is low? Also, he has frequent headaches that I think are migraine because he vomits for quite awhile. Is that common for diabetics? (22 May 1999)

  54. I have been having problems with my blood test meter. I have to test my blood 3-4 times to get one reading. (22 May 1999)

  55. My 9 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for 3 years. Recently he was diagnosed with epiphysitis in his heels. Is it possible this is related to his diabetes? (22 May 1999)

  56. I just had the 1 hour glucose test which came back at 159. For four weeks, I have been prescribed Brethine (for pre-term labor) and recently started Celestone injections. Is there any correlation of gestational diabetes and these medications? (22 May 1999)

  57. I am getting married in a few months and my boyfriend and I have been seriously talking about starting a family. How high can my blood sugars get before it really does damage to a fetus? (22 May 1999)

  58. My daughter-in-law has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Even though her levels are up to 195 in the mornings, she insists that her dietitian says it's okay to eat processed sugar in small amounts. (22 May 1999)

  59. I have been told I may have Gestational Diabetes. Can you tell me what this means as it pertains to my unborn child? Will this endanger the baby? (22 May 1999)

  60. Are kidney infections more commen in women with Type 1 diabetes in their mid to late 20s than in women without diabetes? (20 May 1999)

  61. My sight seemed to be just fine until I was diagnosed and started treatment. Now my vision has become blurry and unfocused. The doctor told me that this is normal while the blood chemistry gets balanced. Is this true? (20 May 1999)

  62. I am travelling to Australia in the summer for 7 weeks and am wondering how the difference in time will affect when I have to do my injections. I am on 4 injections per day. (20 May 1999)

  63. Is there such a thing as Trauma Diabetes? (20 May 1999)

  64. We are currently seeking Diabetes Support groups for children with diabetes, or some kind of counseling, for my 13 year-old grandson. His grades have taken a dramatic fall and his attitude is such that he does not want to go to school because he doesn't feel good. (20 May 1999)

  65. My five year old son had a serious case of croup about 6-8 months before he was diagnosed with diabetes. I heard that it is possible for a respiratory infection to trigger diabetes. (20 May 1999)

  66. I have a 8 1/2 year old son with diabetes. How do we get on any studies or trial programs? (17 May 1999)

  67. Our son is 3.5 years old. He has had diabetes for 2 years. We are considering carb counting. Is it a good choice at that age? (17 May 1999)

  68. Is there any research to suggest that the insulin inhaler may replace the pump? My daughter, 14, diagnosed a year ago, getting started on the insulin pump hopefully in the next month. Any reason to hold off? (17 May 1999)

  69. I heard that it is more likely for a father to pass diabetes to his child than the mother. Is this true? (15 May 1999)

  70. Is there any correlation between ADHD and diabetes? (15 May 1999)

  71. My grandfather, a senior citizen with Type 2 diabetes, currently is in hospital due to high sugar levels. It seems like the insulin is not working in stabilising his sugar level. Can you please offer advice on what could be going on and suggested alternatives and questions we should ask the doctors? (15 May 1999)

  72. My daughter is 4 with type 1 diabetes. She just got a cold and has severe hives which cover much of her body, including her head, and it spreads wildly. Is this because of her immune system attacking her tissues, similar to how her beta cells were destroyed? (15 May 1999)

  73. We have a 6 year old girl that has had Type 1 diabetes for 18 months. She wants the school lunches -- hot dog with a roll and a bagel with cream cheese and a bag of potato chips. Are potato chips alright 2 days a week back-to-back? (15 May 1999)

  74. My 6 year old daughter has Type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed two years ago. No matter what we do she seems to run high in the morning. I have heard mention of Dawn Syndrome. Can you please explain this to me? (14 May 1999)

  75. My daughter has had diabetes for 12 years and takes thyroid hormones. She has since gone into what seems to be a form of depression. Her behavior is sleeping 14-16 hours daily and eating huge amounts of selective food. (14 May 1999)

  76. I recently have been diagnosed with Type 2, and have been given Prandin. Does it cause weight gain? (14 May 1999)

  77. My brother was diagnosed about a month ago with Type 2 diabetes. He is 38 years old, not overweight, and in excellent physical shape. I am questioning his diagnosis of Type 2, because we have 3 members in our family with Type 1 and nobody in our family with Type 2. (13 May 1999)

  78. My 15 year old son was diagnosed 4 years ago. For the last 18 months his average has always been over 190 and as high as 280. I worry about the long term effects this is going to have on him. (13 May 1999)

  79. I am a teacher and have a student who is a borderline diabetic in my classroom. The mother said he is diet controlled, and is not on insulin. His sugar levels have been running in the 300's. Could high or low sugar levels affect his behavior? (13 May 1999)

  80. I am currently giving insulin shots to my 74 year old father. Although I've been given instructions by his physician I'm still having difficulty finding a fatty area as described by the doctor. (13 May 1999)

  81. I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago with Type 1. Sometimes my feet get cold and fall asleep even though the weather is warm outside. Should I be worried? (13 May 1999)

  82. My daughter has had pneumonia for the second time in the past few years. Her sugar levels have been volatile and ketones have ranged from small to large for one week solid. I am worried about long-range damage to her kidneys. (13 May 1999)

  83. I eat out a lot on my job, and I find that most restaurants do not have foods for diabetics. Is there a way to educate the people that serve our foods on the road? (13 May 1999)

  84. I was recently reading the transcript from the forum with Dr. Brink, and was intrigued about his method of the overlapping small doses of NPH. Could you please explain it, and how I should present it to our endo for further guidance? (13 May 1999)

  85. We have two meters that give different readings when taking readings at the same time. What should we do? Are there any that you recommend? (13 May 1999)

  86. I have a 7 year old niece with some symptoms of diabetes. Her mother is unwilling to have her tested. How can we help convince her to get this child tested for diabetes? (10 May 1999)

  87. My 6 year old son has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes for 1 1/2 years. He is currently on a low carbohydrate diet. With normal blood sugars and no illness he occasionally passes ketones. Have you any information on low carb diets and ketones? (10 May 1999)

  88. My adult daughter who has Type 1 diabetes is having kidney and eye problems. The doctor has told her that she needs an insulin pump. We were in hopes that we could obtain some information from the sites on the web. (10 May 1999)

  89. My 7 year old son has had Type 1 diabetes for 3 years. During the day we try to maintain a tighter control, but due to convulsions during the night we have lowered his N -- causing him to wake up (10-15). Any suggestions? (10 May 1999)

  90. A friend of mine has a 6 year old son who has had a yeast infection twice in the last 6 months. Her doctor told her that is a sign of diabetes. I have never heard of that. (10 May 1999)

  91. My 7 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about one year ago. He has never experienced a low blood sugar in the middle of the night. How often does this happen? (8 May 1999)

  92. I am 28 years old and was diagnosed 5 years ago with Type 1. I am curious about what is generally agreed to be really good control of blood sugar versus poor control. (8 May 1999)

  93. My daughter, age 3, has had Type 1 diabetes for 2 years. Three weeks ago, at about 4 A.M., she began crying. We took her blood reading and she was 43. She seemed aware when she first woke up but then she had some convulsions. (8 May 1999)

  94. My daughter has been using a glucose meter that uses whole blood. Her pediatric endocrinologist's lab, however, uses plasma serum. Should we use a glucometer that uses plasma serum instead of whole blood? (8 May 1999)

  95. Our eight year old son had had 90% of his pancreas removed because of nesidioblastosis. Our pediatrician tells us that he is at risk for diabetes but is unable to tell us of any long term studies of people who had pancreatectomy in the newborn period because of nesidioblastosis. (8 May 1999)

  96. I had three miscarriages during the past year. My blood sugar after two hours glucose fasting was 12.7 mmol. Is it possible that I developed diabetes when I pregnant? (8 May 1999)

  97. I am interested in learning about trials with Islet Cell Transplants and also Pancreas Transplants for myself. (8 May 1999)

  98. What is the physiological reason to experience abdominal pain with diabetes? (8 May 1999)

  99. I am a 39 year old diabetic male. Most of the time when I am low I have no signs of hypoglycemia. If a body was to go through this rebounding process often is there any adverse affect on one's organs with having to produce or convert stored fat into sugar? (8 May 1999)

  100. I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 51 years old. Will Glucophage damage my liver over time? Also, is the C-peptide test an accurate test to determine the type of diabetes you have? (8 May 1999)

  101. My friend's niece was recently diagnosed. Her parents do not have insurance and are not well off financially. Recently, the father stated that they are going to clean the needles with bleach and reuse them. (8 May 1999)

  102. I am a 26 year old female. I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This is my first week on insulin and I have noticed that my body creates a lot of gas. Is this a result of the insulin? (8 May 1999)

  103. A friend's 19 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She has had bladder leakage problems since she was younger. Is this something that has caused the diabetes? (5 May 1999)

  104. Is Semolina something that I can have as a recently-diagnosed type 2 diabetic? (5 May 1999)

  105. I have heard very positive things about the pump. My son is 18 and very athletic. Is this a good thing for him to have? Are insulin pumps dangerous if you play contact sports, such as soccer? (5 May 1999)

  106. If I'm not feeling well and I check my glucose level and find myself at 340, is there a scale that says for example how many units of insulin I would have to take to bring my levels down to 100? (5 May 1999)

  107. My son tests his blood sugar 5 to 7 times a day. He is having trouble getting blood from the largest 3 fingers and thumbs on each hand. Is this a symptom of an emerging circulation problem? (5 May 1999)

  108. I want to know about the sex life in people with diabetes. Specifically, my girlfriend has had diabetes for 5 months and I am trying to inform myself about this. (5 May 1999)

  109. I just found out that I have diabetes and I'm having hard time adjusting. My rate goes from 41 (not eating or drinking for awhile) to 157. What is happening? Do I have Type 1 or 2? (5 May 1999)

  110. A friend's child aged 10 has had type 1 diabetes for four years. For the past six weeks his blood sugars have been in the high twenties and thirties (mmol/L). (5 May 1999)

  111. My 5 year old son has good HBA1C numbers (7.5) but has a lot of fluctuating numbers during the week. Would multiple shots a day help? What about the insulin pump? (5 May 1999)

  112. My 16 year old daughter has been complaining for months about being thirsty, tired and urinating frequently. I took her to the doctor, and so far they pricked her finger, that blood was fine, but her urine showed a trace of sugar. Could this mean she is a diabetic? (5 May 1999)

  113. I have been legally blind since birth, and have had diabetes for eight years. I cannot see the needle well enough to measure the insulin. I was wondering if there is anything that you could put the needle in that would make a noise every time you went up one unit, so that I could measure my own shots. (3 May 1999)

  114. What is the ratio of type 1 to kids with MODY? (3 May 1999)

  115. My 13 year old son fainted in school. He fell off his chair hit his head and had a brief seizure. The doctor said it was due to not eating breakfast; he had low blood sugar (37). Should I follow up and see if he has diabetes? (3 May 1999)

  116. I am wondering about any investigation into the Hepatitis B vaccine series and autoimmune disease, specifically Type 1 diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes one month after completing the Hepatitis B series several years ago. (1 May 1999)

  117. Which is the better pump? The MiniMed 507c or the Disetronic H-Tron plus? (1 May 1999)

  118. I am a 26 year old female, diagnosed with type 1 several years ago. I run 3-4 miles daily and would like to train for a marathon. Is this possible? If so, where do I start? (1 May 1999)

  119. It would be great if there were a report on what diabetics can and cannot eat. My wife has taken sugar out of my diet, but that's as far as we have gone. (1 May 1999)

  120. Can you give an explanation of what a condition called Gad 65 is? I'm a 13 year old male. (1 May 1999)

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