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  1. I am a school nurse in Montgomery County, Maryland. We believe we are seeing an increased incidence of type 1 in a certain cluster of schools. Do you have suggestions as to where to look for simple incidence rates among children to see if this bears further investigation? (29 Dec 1999)

  2. I am a 20 year old male and was diagnosed as having diabetes about 10 months ago. Suddenly last week, I found that I was hypo'ing badly after any meal I had. Last week I stopped taking my insulin and ever since have been okay. I was wondering if you had any ideas as to what could have gone on. (29 Dec 1999)

  3. My daughter just turned 12. All her friends have started their periods, and she is worried when hers will start. Will the fact that she is diabetic have any effect as to when her period will start? (29 Dec 1999)

  4. Our 2 year old daughter was just diagnosed with type 1. We are trying to keep her blood sugar level between 100 and 200. Is there damage, and if so what type, by keeping her blood sugar at 150-200? (29 Dec 1999)

  5. I am 44 years old and I was diagnosed Type 1 three years ago. I am having some trouble regulating my diet. I seem to creep up on insulin dosage and then eat to control it. (29 Dec 1999)

  6. How does smoking and second-hand smoke affect people with diabetes? (28 Dec 1999)

  7. My 13 year old daughter has type 1. I think she is smoking and drinking. What would happen if she did, and also what about drugs? (28 Dec 1999)

  8. My daughter is 9 years old and was diagnosed 2 years ago. She takes Regular and NPH insulin. Her blood sugars are always above 200 and hard to control. Is there another type of insulin that she can be put on for better control? (28 Dec 1999)

  9. I am 29 years old. My husband and I are seriously considering having a child in the very near future. I realize that each laboratory has a different "normal" range for HbA1c levels, but could you tell me what number you recommend for the preconception stages of planning a family? (28 Dec 1999)

  10. Where can I find a computer program that will record and graphically display serial blood glucose levels? (28 Dec 1999)

  11. I have a 22 month old daughter who was diagnosed with diabetes at 18 months. We just took her off the bottle. But now at bedtime her sugar is very high a lot of nights. I'm not sure what to do. (27 Dec 1999)

  12. Why isn't there a device that would combine an insulin pump with blood glucose testing? (27 Dec 1999)

  13. My granddaughter is 6 years old. She is in the middle of a custody battle. I have found that she is having more and more problems controlling her blood sugars. (27 Dec 1999)

  14. My son began an onset of bedwetting at the age of 5. The doctors did a glyco-hemoglobin test and it came out to 6.3. They said the normal range is 4.3 to 6 and his is over the guidelines. Does this mean he has or will develop diabetes? (27 Dec 1999)

  15. My son, age 4, was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 27 months. This past week he was sick with an intestinal virus. In the aftermath of the virus, his appetite has been less than usual, but we have noticed that his sensitivity to the insulin has increased tremendously. What is going on? Can a virus change the sensitivity to insulin? (27 Dec 1999)

  16. I was reading something about symptoms of diabetes. I have all of the symptoms except three. I'm worried that I may have diabetes. How do I find out? What should I do? (27 Dec 1999)

  17. My daughter is 16 and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes one year ago. She is missing one permanent tooth. Is there any reason why we should not choose to correct this with a surgical implant? (27 Dec 1999)

  18. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with type 1 diabetes. She has for several months been having severe itching in her genital area. I know that as a diabetic she will be prone to yeast infections, but could her doctor be missing something? (27 Dec 1999)

  19. I am a 14 year old female. My problem mainly is my teammates. They think I'm slacking when I need to eat or test. How can I explain my diabetes to them and not sound stuck-up? (27 Dec 1999)

  20. My 4 year old grandson is scheduled for a 3 hour blood sugar test. They will draw his blood 6 times and give him sweet things to drink in between. Is there a simpler test for one so young and active? His only symptom is thirst and lots of liquid consumption. (27 Dec 1999)

  21. My daughter is 6 and has had type 1 diabetes for a year. Should I send her to school when her sugar is high? And how long does it take her to feel normal after a high reading? (26 Dec 1999)

  22. I have type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed five years ago. I would like to know how to lose weight. I have tried every diet possible. I do exercise every day. I only want to lose 15-20 pounds. Is there a possibility that my body is happy with where my weight is? (26 Dec 1999)

  23. I am a type 1 diabetic of 37 years, diagnosed at age 6. What is the longest period of time someone has ever survived with Type 1 diabetes? (26 Dec 1999)

  24. I am a type 1 diabetic, age 37. I am trying to get pregnant and my obstetrician wanted me to do a HgbA1c test - which was 6.5. He told me he wanted me to get this number down before trying to conceive. What do you think? (26 Dec 1999)

  25. My husband has a seizure disorder resulting from a head injury. He is currently taking Depakote [an anti-seizure medication]. He was taking Tegretol and Depakote and became overmedicated. Also, he has developed diabetes. Would either of these medications induce diabetes? (26 Dec 1999)

  26. My 5 year old child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2 years ago. At his recent physical, his physician noticed that my child's thyroid was enlarged and suggested a blood test. Please advise me what to expect from a positive blood test result. (25 Dec 1999)

  27. Is it common to use Glucophage with type 1 diabetes? (25 Dec 1999)

  28. As a general rule, does blood sugar rise during ovulation? I seem to have one day during mid cycle that it seems to run a little higher and then the next day, it usually drops back down. (25 Dec 1999)

  29. Has anyone experienced significant loss of appetite or general tiredness after taking insulin even when resulting glucose levels are normal? This was experienced by my son, a newly diagnosed 12 year old. (25 Dec 1999)

  30. I am 30 years old. My partner and I are thinking of trying to become pregnant but I am worried because twice this year my blood analyses have shown traces of microalbumin. In what way could this affect the pregnancy and the child? (25 Dec 1999)

  31. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 18 months and is just about 2 years old. His blood sugar readings have been up and down meaning sometimes 600 to 50 in a day. Will this ever level out? (24 Dec 1999)

  32. I was recently made aware of a middle-aged male diabetic who is currently testing a type of implantable pump. Are you aware of this? What more can you tell me? (24 Dec 1999)

  33. My son, who is 21 months, was diagnosed at 14 months. Where can I find more age specific information? Everything I find is aimed at adults or school-aged children. (24 Dec 1999)

  34. For the last year and a half I have been trying to become pregnant, with no success. I have heard that diabetes can affect fertility. Could you please explain in what way? (24 Dec 1999)

  35. My son is 4 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago. Is there a medical solution for this problem? I'm worried about my son's future. (24 Dec 1999)

  36. My daughter is 16 years old and has always been brittle. She complains of being tired and says she often feels like she will pass out. We have checked her for anemia and low thyroid but these tests were normal. Can you think of anything else that should be looked into? (24 Dec 1999)

  37. Our 12 year old son has had diabetes for 11 years. He has chosen diabetes as his weapon for rebellion, and is skipping meals and snacks, and chooses to "forget" to do his insulin. (24 Dec 1999)

  38. I am 13 years old and always feeling tired, sad, thirsty and hungry. I have been doing research on diabetes and found out my family has a history of Type 1 diabetes. Should I ask my mother to take me in to the doctor or should I just see if anything happens? (24 Dec 1999)

  39. What is the use of glucose, potassium, and phosphorous in an IV treatment for a child with severe hyperglycemia? (24 Dec 1999)

  40. My daughter is 4 years old. Her blood sugars range anywhere from 22-400 and her doctors make weekly changes but nothing seems to make any difference. She recently had a positive TB test and is on Isoniazid. Do you think they have anything to do with each other? (24 Dec 1999)

  41. My 15 year old son (diabetic since 4 years old) has extreme thigh pain. He has had 2 MRI'S, X-ray's, and a bone scan. Could this be neuropathy? (21 Dec 1999)

  42. I am ten years old and have type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed when I was 6 years old. How come you need to take shots in the arm, belly, butt, and stomach? (21 Dec 1999)

  43. My 4 year old son was diagnosed 9 months ago. I feel sure the honeymoon phase is over because his blood sugars are very hard to regulate now. It seems he is sick every other week and now he has started losing weight. What can be causing the weight loss? (21 Dec 1999)

  44. I am a 43 year old female with type 1 for 30 years. I have a question concerning rebounding. Often when I expect my sugar to be somewhat low I find at testing that it is 10-12 mmol/l [180-216 mg/dl]. Could those "highs" be some form of rebounding or what is else causing them? (21 Dec 1999)

  45. I appreciated your earlier reply to a question about the safety of syringe and lancet reuse where you listed references, however, all of the references were about insulin reuse, not lancet reuse. What is your source for safe lancet reuse? (21 Dec 1999)

  46. My daughter, age 11, has had Type 1 for 4 years. Her annual urinalysis had trace protein and a microalbumin of 100, so her physician ordered a 24 hour urine for protein and microalbumin. While waiting for the results to come back, I'm searching for reasons why she should be showing signs of nephropathy so early. (19 Dec 1999)

  47. Please, can you explain me my 5 year old nephew's GTT results? All urine glucose were negative. He had a former 2 hour postprandial blood sugar value of 116. He is not diagnosed yet. Does this results mean he is diabetic? (19 Dec 1999)

  48. I would like to know the side effects and complications in Type 1 diabetics who smoke marihuana. (19 Dec 1999)

  49. I am 13 years old and we are using 70/30 for morning and evening and Regular if over 200, 2 shots a day. I am using a general practioner for a doctor. I am having blood sugars that are averaging okay except at evening before meal -- I am always around 250. Should I be using different insulins yet at my age? (19 Dec 1999)

  50. My 14 year old daughter has had diabetes since she was 7 years old. Her weight is 48 kg. She takes 62 units of insulin. Is her dose high? She continues to have high sugars. (19 Dec 1999)

  51. My 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes 4 weeks ago. I read a posting about taking nicotinamide to prolong the honeymoon period. Would it hurt to try it? (18 Dec 1999)

  52. My son is 8 1/2 years old and has had diabetes for about a year and a half. He has recently switched from NPH and Humalog to Ultralente and Humalog. He always needs an extra snack at night after taking his Ultralente and he tends to go a little too high during the late afternoon. (18 Dec 1999)

  53. My 12 year old son was diagnosed with Typeá1 diabetes when he was 6. He is having problems with his complexion and his doctor has prescribed topical remedies which are not helping. Does his diabetes mean that he is unable to use oral remedies? (18 Dec 1999)

  54. My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 6 months ago; she also is has subclinical hypothyroidism. I received a call this week from her endocrinologist with the news that she has blood work consistent with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Can you tell me what this might mean for my daughter? (18 Dec 1999)

  55. My grandson started to show signs of diabetes by 3 years of age. We took him to the diabetic specialist. And after the consultation and test he was diagnosed as being hypoglycemic. He does not want to eat and also his father nags him about his diet to the point of rebellion, I am sure. (18 Dec 1999)

  56. My 19 month old grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 7 months ago. His doctor wants his blood sugar to stay between 200 and 225. It seems like everything he eats raises his blood sugar to way above normal. Do you have any suggestions? (15 Dec 1999)

  57. When I was sixteen I was having symptoms that made my doctor order fasting blood tests. At these tests the drink that they gave me made me sick within minutes. From the fact that I could not keep the drink in my system, he determined that I had hypoglycemia. (15 Dec 1999)

  58. We are vacationing to San Diego soon from the United Kingdom. Any advice about long haul fights, time zones, etc. for our 12 year old daughter (IDDM for 9 years) would be gratefully received. (15 Dec 1999)

  59. I am 27 years old and have had diabetes since I was 4. I have type 1. I recently have had shortness of breath. Every time I go to the doctor (every 3-4 months) he asks if I have shortness of breath and at this last visit I said no because I hadn't had any. What does this mean and what should I do? (15 Dec 1999)

  60. I am a school psychologist involved with a situation in which the parent of a middle school aged young man is concerned about the appropriateness of following the school discipline policy with her diabetic son. (15 Dec 1999)

  61. My 9 1/2 year old type 1 diabetic daughter has had diabetes for 4 years now. Her blood glucose level has gone as low as 19 and she has never gone unconscious. I feel lucky in a sense, but why hasn't she? How low can one go before unconsciousness occurs? (15 Dec 1999)

  62. My mother has been taking Prandin for one month, and when her finger is lanced, her blood runs out as thin as water. Is this normal? Would the continued use of this product cause a lack of clotting that could be fatal? (13 Dec 1999)

  63. My six year old son has type 1 diabetes and is in first grade. He is very bright and articulate, but is having a problem in school this year. Teachers are starting to talk about attention deficit disorder. Is there any connection between diabetes and learning abilities? (13 Dec 1999)

  64. My daughter who is 9 years old has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about 60 days ago. She is on insulin twice a day, but does she not have to stick to a diet? If a child is diabetic, would she have to watch her diet and other things? (13 Dec 1999)

  65. Our daughter, 28 is due to give birth soon. She has been on Zoloft. Someone told her Zoloft has been linked to newborn diabetes and death and this has caused her to stop taking it. Can you confirm what she was told? (13 Dec 1999)

  66. I am 26 and have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for 3 years. I have run 3 marathons and would like to know if there has been a fastest time set by a diabetic and how competitive runners managed their sugar levels during a race. (13 Dec 1999)

  67. What is the lowest blood sugar limit for the brain not to be permanently damaged? I have recently read that these lows at night have been linked to children dying of heart failure due to the low blood sugar. What is the blood sugar limit for the heart to work as a muscle? (13 Dec 1999)

  68. Can erythromycin [an antibiotic] interact with insulin or rate of digestion to cause low blood sugar levels? (13 Dec 1999)

  69. My son is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with Type 1 for nearly three years. He has two injections per day morning and pre dinner. Our problem is that his meal plan only allows for a light lunch and packed lunch which he has at school. (13 Dec 1999)

  70. My sister-in-law is having some symptoms in early pregnancy which sound, to me, like hypoglycaemia. Can reactive hypoglycaemia in early pregnancy prefigure diabetes in pregnancy and/or diabetes in later life? Can reactive hypoglycaemia in early pregnancy affect the baby? (13 Dec 1999)

  71. My son is 9 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 1 1/2 years ago. He has had approximately 8 seizures in the last 6 weeks while sleeping. (13 Dec 1999)

  72. I have a 7 year old son who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 2 and 1/2 years old. He gets 4 units of Humalog and 12 and 1/2 units of N in the morning. When does the N insulin start to work? When is the best time to check him to determine when the N is peaking for him? (11 Dec 1999)

  73. My 15 year old daughter has possible granuloma annulare. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis 2 years ago. What is the chance that the granuloma is now related to diabetes? (11 Dec 1999)

  74. My 14 year old daughter has had diabetes for 7 years. Her dose was 80 units before. Last month, her doctor advised me she is in a vicious cycle. I decreased the dose to 60 units. For three days, her blood glucose remained in control, but now it goes high in the evening and morning. (11 Dec 1999)

  75. I was wondering if there's a high frequency of hypoglycemia with children from age 10 to 15? (11 Dec 1999)

  76. My 7 year old son has had diabetes for 2 years. He has had 2 episodes of tachycardia (heart rate today was 230) which self resolved. His blood sugar was 45. The ER doctor and his pediatrician think it may be due to low blood sugar, or rapidly falling sugar. Is this common? (11 Dec 1999)

  77. I read on the Internet about testing at the Barbara Davis Center which measured ketones generated on the breath of diabetics. How can I find out more about this study? (8 Dec 1999)

  78. Sometimes I hear my 10 year old son, who was diagnosed 8 months ago, talking (arguing) in his sleep and he is very restless. He kicks the wall and thrashes around. A quick check usually shows a low blood sugar reading. Is there a connection between the two? (8 Dec 1999)

  79. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes several weeks ago. He turned 7 two weeks later. We have a wonderful pediatrician but he has perhaps only 2 other children in his medical group, not his patients, with diabetes. Would my son "be better off" with a pediatric endocrinologist? (8 Dec 1999)

  80. How safe is it for my 19 year old daughter (diabetic for 9 months) to bathe and use the new fad of scented bath and body products sold in stores now? Can it cause her skin extra irritation or dryness because of her Type 1 diabetes? (8 Dec 1999)

  81. My 9 1/2 year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for almost four years. Her A1c tests results have always been within the non-diabetic range. Recently, she had her first seizure. Within minutes after the seizure, however, her blood glucose was 78, and then 85 1/2 hour later. (8 Dec 1999)

  82. I am a 15 year old female and I have had diabetes for a year but it is still hard to adjust to the regimen of taking my blood sugar and my insulin. How can I stay on a steady regimen of taking my blood sugar and insulin and staying on my diet? (7 Dec 1999)

  83. Our daughter, age 8, has had diabetes since 2, and asthma since 4. She was just diagnosed as being hypothyroid. She has had severe stomach aches and headaches for the past 2 months. We have now seen a pediatric gastroenterologist, who suspects celiac disease. (7 Dec 1999)

  84. My 3 year old son has been a Type 1 diabetic for about 1.5 years. For the last few weeks, we have had to decrease his insulin at supper time. We are having too many night time lows. He is was waking up several nights in a row, when we checked his blood sugar, he was around the 40-50 level. (7 Dec 1999)

  85. My daughter is 21 months old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a little more than a month ago. Is she at a higher risk for developing complications from diabetes due to the fact that she is going to have it longer than most juvenile diabetics? (7 Dec 1999)

  86. I am a female and almost 13. About 8 months ago, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Since then, I have put on a considerable amount of weight. I would like to know what I can do to maintain or even bring down my weight and what kind of diet I need to stick to. (7 Dec 1999)

  87. I had blood tests done and I was told that I have very high insulin levels, around 700 (whatever that means). I have to go for more tests and then I am going to start on medication. I guess they are testing hormone levels or something. I am 23 and I am totally clueless about what is going on in my body. (5 Dec 1999)

  88. My thirteen year old son has been diagnosed 3 months ago. He is scared of having to go to three shots a day. He also still does not want to meet anyone else like him. Is this normal or should I encourage him to meet others? (5 Dec 1999)

  89. My daughter now has had diabetes for 3 1/2 months and we can't seem to get it under control. Her numbers have gone as high as 450 and we always check for ketones -- there aren't any present. (5 Dec 1999)

  90. My 2 year old niece has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Is there any way she can be treated with insulin without the use of invasive puncturing needles? (5 Dec 1999)

  91. My daughter is now 23 months old she was diagnosed three months ago with Type 1 diabetes. We are still very unsure of ourselves when dealing with her condition. She has a 30 day average reading of 6.2 [mmol/l] at the moment. I would like to know what is an acceptable high reading? (5 Dec 1999)

  92. I am the father of a 13 year old son who has had IDDM since age 7. I would like to know what tests would you recommend for the healthy functioning of his kidneys in the years to come. (5 Dec 1999)

  93. I am the mother of a 12 year old son diagnosed with Type 1 four years ago. Is there some type of scale for age or body weight in relation to amount of insulin to be given or is totally individualized and based on readings? (5 Dec 1999)

  94. On making Maple-Flavored syrup, what is the shelf life span that you can keep it stored? It would save money for some of us that have a hard time purchasing diabetic food and supplies. (5 Dec 1999)

  95. My daughter is 5 and was diagnosed two months ago. I have read about islet cell transplantation, but nowhere I have seen anyone mention the possibility of using the child's own islet cells (removed during the honeymoon period). This would solve the rejection problem. What do you think? (5 Dec 1999)

  96. I have been told that Acanthosis Nigricans is a symptom of diabetes; is this true? (5 Dec 1999)

  97. Our 14 year old daughter has controlled her diabetes with multiple injections of R and NPH. A new Pediatric Endocrinologist put her on Ultralente and Humalog. Her blood glucose levels have been swinging wildly from daytime highs to nighttime lows. (3 Dec 1999)

  98. My son was diagnosed with type 1 just after his 6th birthday about 7 months ago. Do you have any information on publications giving exact recommendations on adjusting insulin dosages based on blood sugar fluctuation patterns? (3 Dec 1999)

  99. I have a daughter who had been potty-trained for about 3 or 4 months. She suddenly started to have a lot of accidents. The pediatrician ordered a urinalysis and culture. The urinalysis showed sugar. Subsequent tests showed no signs of diabetes. Should any other tests be performed? (3 Dec 1999)

  100. My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed 3 months ago. I recently read that the vitamin niacin in the form of niacinamide has been shown to restore beta cells and in some cases reverse the effects of the diabetes in newly diagnosed patients. Do you know anything about this? (3 Dec 1999)

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