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  1. I am a community health nurse having just lately been involved with Type 2 diabetics who have been started on prednisone. This of course plays havoc with their glycemic control. Could you direct me to information on the effects of steroids in these situations? (27 Feb 2000)

  2. I am a nutritionist at an HMO. One of my colleagues has type 1 diabetes. He asked me if taking vitamin C affects A1c test results. Do you have any information on this? (27 Feb 2000)

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes a year and a half ago. Recently, we have been having to give her a few extra doses of insulin. Is this dangerous for her? How much insulin is too much? She is 5 years old. (27 Feb 2000)

  4. Is there any connection between polio and diabetes later in life? (27 Feb 2000)

  5. My daughter was diagnosed at 13 months; she is now 3 years old. About 2 months ago she started using an insulin pump. It has helped to level out her blood glucose levels, however, her appetite has increased. She always seems to be hungry. Does the insulin itself trigger hunger? (27 Feb 2000)

  6. My 2 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago. He has had a lot of problems with ear infections and tonsillitis. They are now talking about having his tonsil removed. What possible side effects could occur? Would it be worth the hassle in the long run? (27 Feb 2000)

  7. My whole family thinks that my 7 year old little sister might have hypoglycemia. Once she got so sick that she had to go to the hospital. They told us that she does't have diabetes, and she might have hypoglycemia. I need some good information on a hypoglycemia diet. (26 Feb 2000)

  8. I am a school nurse working with a child with diabetes. His diet is the carbohydrate counting type. Is there a booklet that lists carbohydrate contents in various foods that I can refer to in cases where there is a special snack at school? (26 Feb 2000)

  9. I am a mother of an 11 year old boy who has had type 1 since the age of 3. He developed acute pancreatitis last year and was on TPN for almost 4 months. A lot of the professional people that work with us suggest going to the pump to try and keep him under better control. (26 Feb 2000)

  10. My son is 13 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes several months ago. Two weeks ago his hands started peeling from the fingertips down, and his feet are also peeling. His doctor did not think that this was related to his diabetes, however he has never had this problem before. (26 Feb 2000)

  11. What do you think about putting a 5 year old on the pump? For three years we have been getting blood glucoses all over the map and are particularly concerned about night-time lows. (24 Feb 2000)

  12. I am a 43 year old male with Type 2. I am having a little trouble with my vision, mainly with reading or just some trouble focusing in the earlier part of the day. Tell me, is this related to the diabetes or am I just getting old? (24 Feb 2000)

  13. My 4-year-old grandson has diabetes and his parents are terrified that he could die despite their best efforts. What percentage of children with diabetes die because their blood sugar cannot be maintained at normal levels? (24 Feb 2000)

  14. On a recent news program about diabetes, a doctor said something about a new insulin coming out that would stay in your system all day and maybe even for 2 days. Do you know anything more? (21 Feb 2000)

  15. I got results to an "insulin" blood test and the level was 267 and the highest normal should have been, I think, 45. What does this mean? (21 Feb 2000)

  16. I am 26 years old and have had diabetes for 18 years. My husband and I would like to have a baby and am working on excellent control. I am looking for any current books with information on diabetes and pregnancy. Most I have seen are over $100. (21 Feb 2000)

  17. My daughter has swelling, pain, and redness to the bottom of her toes and pads behind her toes on both feet. The pediatrician thinks it is diabetes related as in diabetic neuropathy. The podiatrist and allergist both think it is contact dermatitis. She is 12 diagnosed at age 2. Can a test confirm or rule out diabetic neuropathy completely? (21 Feb 2000)

  18. My 15 year old foster daughter has had diabetes for 4 years. The last couple of days we can't get her sugar level up. She had a seizure several days ago. But she had not had any insulin since two days earlier. (21 Feb 2000)

  19. My daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am really concerned about my daughter. The doctor just told us she was a diabetic and that she would need to take Regular and NPH insulin shots. If insulin is supposed to be helping my daughter, why is it that she feels worse? (21 Feb 2000)

  20. My daughter, age 12, was diagnosed two months ago. She is currently taking NPH and Humalog twice daily. We seem to have problems keeping her within range. Would a regimen of other types of insulin with more frequent injections allow us to keep tighter control? (21 Feb 2000)

  21. I need a sugar free recipe for condensed milk and sugar free candy. (21 Feb 2000)

  22. I am a 33 year old woman who has had Type 1 diabetes for 27 years. I had a baby girl last year who is healthy. I want to have another baby but would like to know your opinion on the risks or should I be happy with one healthy child. (21 Feb 2000)

  23. My 3 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia that he has had since between 12 and 18 months of age. Last week we spent 5 hours in the ER for IV dextrose because I could not bring it around at home. Could something else be happening? (21 Feb 2000)

  24. My 10 year old son has been a type 1 diabetic for almost 2 years. Recently, he went into seizures from low blood sugars. Now I get up at 3:00 A.M. every morning to check his blood glucose. Is it possible that he could have suffered mild seizures from low blood glucose in his sleep before, and we never knew it? (18 Feb 2000)

  25. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed type 1 six weeks ago. We have not been checking her blood sugar levels at night at first as we were told this was not necessary. It seems probable that she has been too low at night for the past few weeks! How would this have affected her? (18 Feb 2000)

  26. I know how insulin was discovered, but why is insulin called insulin (how did it get its name)? (18 Feb 2000)

  27. My daughter is seven years old and she is diabetic. Now, there is a new problem: the last test of antibodies antiendomyseal IgG is positive 79 units with the ELISA method. How much possibility does she have of being celiac? (18 Feb 2000)

  28. My 16 year son was diagnosed 1 month ago. He is just starting wrestling and wants to drop weight. He is skipping lunch and just not taking a dose of Humalog. He is also exercising excessively. So far his sugars are in the 70-100 range. How long until he runs into problems? (18 Feb 2000)

  29. Our 7 year old son woke up wailing, inconsolable, and incoherent with a blood sugar of 96. After noticing right side paralysis, we administered glucagon and I rushed him to the hospital. The ER doctor almost immediately diagnosed Todd's paralysis due to hypoglycemia. (18 Feb 2000)

  30. My daughter has had type 1 since 16 months and was formula fed since birth. I am pregnant with my second child and am wondering which formulas are cow's milk based and which have the proteins broken down to peptides? What formula would be the safest for me to feed the new baby, based on a sibling having type 1? (18 Feb 2000)

  31. My 12 year old son has been experiencing mild "episodes" where he seems to maintain gross motor skills, but fine motor skills go away. We have taken him off of refined sugar, and have less "episodes". How do we go about testing him? We have tested his blood sugar and it generally reads "low". (18 Feb 2000)

  32. My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. I worry a lot about high blood sugars, because I am concerned about long-term effects. But the CDE who works with our endocrinologist says high blood sugars in pre-pubescent children are no big deal. Is she right? (18 Feb 2000)

  33. I was wondering if there is any research out there about childhood diabetes and bipolar disorders. (15 Feb 2000)

  34. I am a type 1 diabetic, and I was wondering what info you could give me on the protein they are testing on lab mice that has cured their diabetes, and how it affects people. (15 Feb 2000)

  35. I have 2 vegan vegetarian patients (eating no animal products: meat, milk, cheese, eggs, etc), a 6 year old with type 1 and a 60 year old with type 2. How can I advise them on eating habits when they are already eating so well? (15 Feb 2000)

  36. I am a 26 year old Type 1 diabetic and I was diagnosed 6 years ago. I am currently using an insulin pump with Humalog. I am planning to get pregnant in the near future. What do you consider to be a good A1c number -- prepregnancy? (15 Feb 2000)

  37. I recently read in a local newspaper that an early symptom, among others, of diabetes was what appears to be dirt on a child's neck that won't wash off. My 8 year boy has this. Is it true about the dirt like markings around the neck? (15 Feb 2000)

  38. My daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago with type 1 diabetes. She is now 8 years old. I would like to know what the Hemoglobin A1C tests results should be. (14 Feb 2000)

  39. My 8 year old daughter has always been a big water drinker and has been urinating very frequently. She has also gained weight just this past summer, but was eating as usual. However, I've been reading that weight loss is a symptom of diabetes. Should I have her tested? (14 Feb 2000)

  40. What are the differences, if any, in metabolic effects between partial and complete insulin deficiency states? (14 Feb 2000)

  41. My son was diagnosed about 10 months ago with diabetes. The doctor how says he is a Type 2 because of the antibody test and his sugars never get very low or high. What I am confused about is why did the doctor say Type 1 for almost 10 months and now he is saying Type 2? (14 Feb 2000)

  42. I go to college and my problem is that since 2 months or so, I have begun to experience a tingling sensation and this needle like pain in my feet. I would like to know if this could be dangerous and how I can get rid of this pain. (14 Feb 2000)

  43. My husband just made the switch from animal-source insulin to synthetic human insulin. When he is running low on his blood sugar levels. Should we decrease his human insulin intake? (14 Feb 2000)

  44. In general, can DKA lead to seizures? (13 Feb 2000)

  45. My daughter is 12, and was diagnosed two months ago with Type 1 diabetes. Her insulin has been reduced from 39 to 13 units. Could 100-200mg. of niacinamide prolong her "honeymoon period?" Also, she has a small patch of dry skin on her back that has not responded to cortisone cream. Could "Diabet-x" help? (13 Feb 2000)

  46. If you were to have two different Type 1 individuals with identical blood glucose values over the typical HbA1c time period, is it possible to have vastly varying HbA1c results? (13 Feb 2000)

  47. I am a sixteen year old Type 1 diabetic. I was first diagnosed three years ago. I am beginning to get frustrated with this disease. I am 5'4" and weigh about 178 lbs. I was wondering if there was a way that I could lose some of this weight. (13 Feb 2000)

  48. My 8 year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 6. On two occasions he has demonstrated what seems to be very unusual reactions to low blood sugars. He experiences a paralysis in his extremities. Have any of you ever heard of someone having this type of reaction to low blood sugars? (13 Feb 2000)

  49. My brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes approximately 23 years ago. He has recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. Is the development of Hodgkin's common for those with type 1 diabetes? (13 Feb 2000)

  50. My son is 12 and he was diagnosed 4 months ago. I have had him on a diet with exercise and now is blood sugar is 105 and the peak is around 166 with a trace of ketones. Can diet and exercise manage this? (13 Feb 2000)

  51. I have a 15 year old that was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 3 months ago. He is on Humalog and Lente. He has continuously been running highs all the time. His doctor suggested that we try NPH instead of Lente before breakfast. If this works, will we notice a change in his blood sugars right away, or will it take a few days? (13 Feb 2000)

  52. I have a 15 year old daughter, who has been a Type 1 diabetic since age 6. She is not dealing with her diabetes -- her blood sugars are generally over 250 to 350. We have tried therapy. I was told that there are treatment centers for adolescents who are out of control. (13 Feb 2000)

  53. My 5 year-old daughter's lab work came back with signs that she may have pediatric diabetes (type 1). Could you please tell me how this could affect her daily life (and mine)? What can be done to cure or help her? And how likely is it that this can be fatal? (12 Feb 2000)

  54. Is there a way to calculate how many grams of carbohydrate one unit of insulin will cover and how many points one unit of insulin will reduce blood sugar? Also, is there a way of calculating how much 15 grams of carbohydrate is likely to raise blood sugar, other things equal? (12 Feb 2000)

  55. I am suffering from severe diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Could you please give me detailed literature about the same? (12 Feb 2000)

  56. I can't gain any weight. I have type 1 diabetes which was onset about 12 years ago. My weight has been constant plus or minus a pound or 2 for years with no major gain regardless of eating more plus exercise. Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated. (12 Feb 2000)

  57. My son has had type 1 diabetes for 10 years. He also had minimal lesion nephrotic syndrome. He is starting to leak more protein than he normally would. His doctor thinks he is in the beginning stage of diabetic nephropathy. He started him on an ACE inhibitor. Could Amylin help? (12 Feb 2000)

  58. My daughter is twelve. Recently, her blood glucose was 68 at 6 A.M. I waited to do her insulin shot until she was ready to eat, about 30 minutes later and retested. Her number was 250. What could account for such a drastic rise in so short a period of time? (12 Feb 2000)

  59. I lost my machine so I stopped taking insulin. I feel pretty good. Although I can't monitor my sugar, I have adjusted my eating habits and I want to know is this method dangerous? (12 Feb 2000)

  60. I am trying to find some information for one of the parents in my support group. At the age of 1 1/2, she found out that her daughter's pancreas was not growing. She was told that her daughter was diabetic, but is controlled by diet. (12 Feb 2000)

  61. Is it possible to get an already planned month's menu sent to me? I have a friend who has one, but I don't know where she got it. (12 Feb 2000)

  62. If a person has one autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto's hypothyroidism in my case), is she more likely to develop diabetes? Does that chance increase if, like me, a sibling has Type 1? (12 Feb 2000)

  63. My daughter is 11 years old and was diagnosed 14 months ago. How long could the honeymoon stage continue? How will puberty affect it? (12 Feb 2000)

  64. I am a nationally ranked USA swimmer specializing in the breaststroke. As a borderline diabetic, I want to know how to measure the sugar content in sports beverage drinks, like Gatorade, that are promoted to athletes like myself. (12 Feb 2000)

  65. I am an 18 year old female. In the past six months I have had two separate cases of cellulitis: once from an insulin injection and the other time from the pneumonia vaccination. I was wondering what is the significance of a diabetic having this happen to them if there is any. (7 Feb 2000)

  66. My daughter turned 2 a month ago. A few days after she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. At 15 days old she got the RSV virus. Is there a link to her diabetes and the RSV virus? Can a severe infection (flu or any strong virus) weaken the pancreas and cause diabetes? (7 Feb 2000)

  67. My son was diagnosed over a year ago with diabetes type 1. Last week he went to a birthday party for 3 hours without me or his mother. I told the birthday boys' parents that he has diabetes and that he knows what he is to do and not do. Do you think is was right for me to inform the parents? (7 Feb 2000)

  68. My sister is 36 years old and would like to know what goes wrong in the body for her to be diagnosed as having hyperglycemia. Her symptoms were that she was enraged and ready to murder and the next ten minutes break down in tears and depression. There is a history of diabetes in the family. (7 Feb 2000)

  69. I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed when I was 21. I have three children and have been told that they are at a "slightly" increased risk of developing the disease. Should I have my children tested for antibodies? (7 Feb 2000)

  70. My 10 year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes since she was six, and has had problems with frequent bed-wetting during this time. Her doctors say she will grow out of it, however, she is in 5th grade now and I believe the bed-wetting is affecting her self-esteem. (3 Feb 2000)

  71. I have had type 1 diabetes for 34 years. I have heard about a new insulin called glargine. Can you provide me any updated information on this insulin and if and when it will be available in the US? (3 Feb 2000)

  72. Could you tell me why we teach not to aspirate after injecting insulin? (3 Feb 2000)

  73. My son is a 19 year old type 1. We have kept "blood sugar" records for the last 12 years. Isn't there a downloadable chart that could make keeping and reading the sugar readings easier? There must be a web site somewhere that one could use to print a well designed, easy-to-use form. (3 Feb 2000)

  74. My good friend has type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed about 6 months ago, and still has unexplainable highs and lows. She talks about not living a lot, and she has been to see counselors and other doctors for that, but it doesn't help. I don't know how else to help or what to recommend. (3 Feb 2000)

  75. My son was diagnosed with at age 2. Now he is 4. His teachers and I are concerned about his behavior. He is rude to his teachers and his parents and seems to have an "undercurrent" of anger. Do you think that he needs to see a counselor? (3 Feb 2000)

  76. I am a 31 year old female with a 26 year history of IDDM, now on a pump. I am currently pregnant with my third child. On a 24 hour urine during my first trimester, my microalbumin was elevated (155 with a normal of <20). Is this "normally abnormal" for pregnancy? (3 Feb 2000)

  77. My 5 year old son was diagnosed at age 22 months. I now have a 2 year old girl. My relatives sent me an article stating that they were finding evidence of childhood immunizations being a cause for diabetes in children. What are your thoughts? (3 Feb 2000)

  78. I'd like to know why I keep reading in these Q&As that no one suggests Type 1s trying this trace mineral -- chromium picolinate? (3 Feb 2000)

  79. I am an 18 year old female and have a question about what kind of diabetes I have and how it could be tested. I was diagnosed approximately 1 year ago with type 1. I had then switched endocrinologists due to insurance and he said I had type 2 because I am overweight and black (3 Feb 2000)

  80. My granddaughter has had type 1 diabetes for the past 3 years. Is it possible for her to be without insulin if she takes to yoga and other exercises and diet control? (1 Feb 2000)

  81. I am worried that during the first four weeks of pregnancy and the few months prior to conception, my blood sugars were not very good and that my baby might not be healthy. Is there anything else that I can do to prevent birth defects or is it too late? (1 Feb 2000)

  82. What happens to a non-diabetic person's blood glucose level if injected with insulin? Does it lower it? I'm curious about the effects of insulin on the body. (1 Feb 2000)

  83. I have type 1, and was diagnosed almost 16 years ago at the age of nine. Lately I've been having normal bedtime testings (100-140), but about 2/3 of the mornings I wake up in the 250-300 range. I've considered waking up at 3 A.M. and 5 A.M. to test. (1 Feb 2000)

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Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
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Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

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Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

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Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

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