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  1. My 15 month old son has had off and on shakiness before meals. At first, I passed this off, but now am beginning to think we have something bigger here. Could this be hypoglycemia? (30 Apr 2000)

  2. My 7 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 6 months ago. He has been having blood glucose readings running in the 300's for about 2 months and the more insulin I give him the higher it seems to go. Can too much insulin cause the high blood glucose readings? (30 Apr 2000)

  3. My granddaughter has Type 1 diabetes and she is 18 months old. She takes 5 shots of insulin per day and has her sugar level tested at least 6 times a day. When should the doctors be notified if her sugar level goes up? (30 Apr 2000)

  4. I was wondering if you could tell me if taking Combatrin would increase blood sugar levels of a Type 1 diabetic. (30 Apr 2000)

  5. I work in home care and recently started to take care of a man in his 70's who has diabetes and the beginning of Parkinson's disease. He also says he doesn't know when he is having a bowel movement. Is this related to diabetes? (30 Apr 2000)

  6. I received a letter from my child's doctor regarding his latest test results. Included, there was a new prescription for a thyroid medication. It seems that he tested positive for antibodies. Are these antibodies going to do uncontrollable damage? (30 Apr 2000)

  7. Have you any information and support on diabetics who struggle with anorexia and bulimia? I currently struggle with this problem. (29 Apr 2000)

  8. My 5 year old daughter has had Type 1 for 3 years. What is the incidence of thyroid dysfunction in young children with Type 1 diabetes and what are some other endocrine abnormalities that we should watch out for? (29 Apr 2000)

  9. I have a 3 year and 9 month old daughter that has diabetes and goes to daycare. The daycare provider will not let my daughter have the same thing that the rest of the kids eat. She keeps telling my daughter that she has diabetes and that you can not eat that. (29 Apr 2000)

  10. I am a 31 year old female. I have been hypothyroid for 10 years. Could anyone tell me if the thyroid problems, antibodies, low blood sugar level and symptoms are related? Every time I mention the antibodies to my family practice doctor looks at me like I am crazy and have no idea what I am talking about. (29 Apr 2000)

  11. I have a 13 year old granddaughter diagnosed with diabetes several days ago. She is on a calorie counted diet of 2200 per day. I have no knowledge of any of this because I've never done this before and I'm petrified. I need help with a menu plan and how to count calories. (29 Apr 2000)

  12. Are there statistics on pregnant and/or nursing mothers taking antibiotics and their children developing type 1 diabetes? (29 Apr 2000)

  13. My daughter is 12 years old and has insulin dependent diabetes. She is currently on 3 injections a day of NPH and Regular insulins. If she has an occasional treat like at birthdays, holidays, etc., should I give her extra insulin to cover this? (29 Apr 2000)

  14. My 3 year old was diagnosed one month ago. I have read the research and articles by Dr. Classen. My daughter was given seven different vaccine injections, two of which were three vaccine live virus each. (27 Apr 2000)

  15. My son, 11 years old, gained a lot of weight. Also during this time he has had an incredible increase in thirst and hunger. Of course with the constant thirst there is the excessive urination. The thought of diabetes has never crossed my mind. (27 Apr 2000)

  16. My 4 year old daughter has been diagnosed with ketone hypoglycemia. What can you tell me about this? So far they don't think she is diabetic. Do you know if there is a connection between the two? (27 Apr 2000)

  17. My daughter is eight years old. Her 5 year anniversary is next week, and I have every single syringe she has ever used. Where can I go to dispose of these things? (26 Apr 2000)

  18. My son was diagnosed a bit less than a year ago. About an hour after he eats he starts complaining of a stomach ache. I took him to his pediatrician and they give him liquid Zantac. It doesn't seem to help. Could he have gastroparesis, or some other stomach ailment such as ulcers? (26 Apr 2000)

  19. I am 31 and my husband is 30. He has been a diabetic for eleven years. He has told me that he became a diabetic because he had strep throat in college and it went untreated for so long that the strep virus destroyed his pancreas. (26 Apr 2000)

  20. Can children with diabetes consume foods with sugar addedlike Fructose, Sorbitol, polydextrose and maltodextrine, etc? (26 Apr 2000)

  21. My 3 year old daughter wakes up with ketones frequently and always has them after breakfast, whether she woke up with them or not. It's like the Humalog is not working for an hour. Is this a problem I should be worried about? (26 Apr 2000)

  22. We have been told that when kids reaches puberty, the general hormonal change in their bodies triggers the functioning of pancreatic cells and body may start producing Insulin hormone normally. Is this a myth? (26 Apr 2000)

  23. I have a 9 year old son. He had a 4 hour glucose tolerance test done last week. His initial level was 90, one hour later was 59, with gradual gains in the level up to the four hour point. His doctor stated this is indicative of hypoglycemia. (26 Apr 2000)

  24. My son, age 14, is considering hiking down the Grand Canyon with relatives. It will involve about 5 days with possible 100+ degree temperatures. The only way out is the 13 mile trail or emergency helicopter. Any suggestions? (26 Apr 2000)

  25. My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago with diabetes. One year later she was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Her sugar levels are impossible to control. Is there a better drug than prednisone to control the inflammation and still keep her sugar levels down? (25 Apr 2000)

  26. I am 17 years old and have had diabetes since age 6. Lately I have had really high blood readings and I don't know what to do. (25 Apr 2000)

  27. Can kidney infections produce ketones in the urine with normal blood sugars? (24 Apr 2000)

  28. Our son, 10 years old, diagnosed with Type 1 about 5 months ago, has developed scaly, patchy red skin on the palms of his hands. Is this connected with his recent higher numbers (200+ at least twice a day) and if so, how are the high numbers causing the skin problem? (24 Apr 2000)

  29. Many popular diets, such as Atkins, claim they work by breaking down fat, which leads to production of ketones. Yet in a Type 1 diabetic, ketones are very dangerous. Why are non-diabetics able to produce ketones on these diets without significant apparent danger of DKA, while Type 1 diabetics are not? (24 Apr 2000)

  30. My son is 13 and underweight and small. What do you know of taking creatine to increase his muscle mass, etc? (24 Apr 2000)

  31. Does diabetes or insulin have anything to do with body temperature? Sometimes for no reason I get really hot or really cold. I am a 32 year old female who has had type 1 diabetes for 20 years. (23 Apr 2000)

  32. Can a 17 year old young lady who does not take of herself relative to her diabetes cause enough changes in brain chemistry to present symptoms of depression? (23 Apr 2000)

  33. I have had type 1 diabetes for five years and would like to do anything possible to prevent my 2-year old daughter from developing it. I have heard that limiting the amount of sugar she consumes could help prevent the onset. Is this true? (23 Apr 2000)

  34. Do you feel that it is acceptable to take an insulin shot without testing? My son has type 1 diabetes, is 13 years old, was diagnosed approximately 3 1/2 years ago, and is now taking 5 shots per day. For his 3 A.M. shot he sometimes skips his sugar test and takes his shot. (23 Apr 2000)

  35. Has anyone tried the new AtLast monitor by Amira? It uses blood from the forearm and thigh. My daughter has had diabetes for 4 years (she is now 6) and her finger tips are quite calloused. This new monitor seems like a good idea. (23 Apr 2000)

  36. My six year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago. During this honeymoon phase, is the use of oral medications of any benefit to prolong this phase? Also how important is an antibody test for diagnosis? (22 Apr 2000)

  37. My 5 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2 years ago. He is under excellent control. However, we find ourselves very frustrated by his eating habits. He is still extremely picky and eats very slowly. Are we dealing with a control issue here? (22 Apr 2000)

  38. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 3 years ago. Today she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have been told that thyroid problems are common with diabetes but I would like to know more, such as why? (22 Apr 2000)

  39. My daughter does very very well with her injections, usually never a peep. Lately she has been brought to tears and saying her arm hurts only when the insulin is being injected in her arm. She has woke up during the night complaining of her arm and fingers hurting. Any suggestion on what could be causing this pain? (22 Apr 2000)

  40. I am a first year medical student doing an investigation into why there is often a discrepancy between home blood glucose meters and the lab generated results. So far all I have managed to find is there is often user mistakes yet I am assured there is much more to it than this. (22 Apr 2000)

  41. My 6-year-old son was diagnosed with 4 months ago. We are planning a trip to Mexico in 3 weeks. Besides issues with food, I am concerned about days spent at the beach. Will warm weather and extra activity in the water have an effect on his insulin absorption? (22 Apr 2000)

  42. I am a father of two and four year old girls. My mother has diabetes. I am concerned about my two year old. Someone told us to look up something called "water diabetes." Not sure if there is even such a thing. (22 Apr 2000)

  43. I am 21 year old female and my mother is a Type 2 Diabetic. For the past year I have been suffering what I can only describe as several hypoglycaemic attacks. Does this mean that I am a diabetic? (22 Apr 2000)

  44. When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a little over a year ago, I had had progressive symptoms for about 6 months. At first I was slightly thirsty, then two months later, I started getting very thirsty and hungry. I lost 20 pounds, and my weight fell to 96 lbs. Then I missed my period. (22 Apr 2000)

  45. My son was taking Regular and Ultralente. However, he was not doing his shot till 1/2 hour to 1 hour of eating. Would this cause his A1c to be high and his regular reading to be fine? (21 Apr 2000)

  46. Can you please tell me the New York state law that requires medical insurance companies to cover costs of insulin and diabetes supplies? (21 Apr 2000)

  47. Do hypoglycemic episodes (e.g., 35 level requiring emergency medical attention) have a cumulative negative effect on our systems? If so, does their duration add to such a cumulative effect? (21 Apr 2000)

  48. My seven year old son (diagnosed at age 4) has adjusted very well to his care routine for Type 1 diabetes. At what age can he begin to draw up a mixed shot with supervision? He really wants to do everything himself, but I am worried about the complexity of his mixed morning shot, and about the added responsibility he might feel. (21 Apr 2000)

  49. I am a type 1 diabetic, insulin dependent for 36 years. About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves' disease. Is there a higher than usual predisposition to Graves' in people with long term diabetes? (21 Apr 2000)

  50. My son was diagnosed at age 2 with Type 1. When he has low blood sugars he starts to have a diabetic seizure. It happens at midnight or around 2 A.M. around the time when his NPH peaks. What can I do to help stop this? (21 Apr 2000)

  51. My daughter is now 7 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age two. I am interested in moving her dinner time to a later time to aid in dinner preparation. I find it hard to cook a decent meal with the time constraints of her diabetes. (21 Apr 2000)

  52. My husband is 36. Recently he went for a pre-employment physical and the only thing the employer told him that showed up from his physical was an enlarged pancreas and low blood sugar. Could his enlarged pancreas have anything to do with his low sugar? (21 Apr 2000)

  53. I have a 3 year old that we checked his blood sugar (because grandpa was here and doing his). It was a bedtime check and his was 195. (21 Apr 2000)

  54. Since my 4 year old son's Type 1 diagnosis 4 months ago, he has been having very frequent, soft bowel movements. I'm wondering if any part of his treatment could be the cause. (21 Apr 2000)

  55. My son was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 10. He is now 14 years old and has never had regulated sugar levels. We have the pump but his doctor refuses to put him on it until he becomes regulated. I have always been under the understanding that this is a reason to go on the pump. What if we just went ahead and did it? (19 Apr 2000)

  56. I'm a teenager with type 1 diabetes. I'm planning to go on a college-visiting trip for a few days. I keep good control and don't have problems with really low or high sugars usually. Is it necessary to tell collage administrators or others that I have diabetes? (19 Apr 2000)

  57. My 7-year-old has just been diagnosed. She is in the honeymoon phase and her blood glucose levels are staying between 80-150, but when I give her the insulin her blood glucose drops to 38-68. What should I do when she is not high enough to actually need her shots? (19 Apr 2000)

  58. My son drinks a lot of juice (from frozen concentrate) and a friend recently was told that children who drink a lot of juice have an increased chance of becoming diabetic. Is this true? (19 Apr 2000)

  59. My 7 year old stepdaughter has been wetting her bed for about 2 years. She is very thirsty (mostly drinks water). She sometimes has trouble holding her urine and has had accidents. The child's grandfather has diabetes that he is struggling to control with his diet. Any suggestions? (19 Apr 2000)

  60. My daughter has attended a private school for the last 6 years. Last week she was pulled out of class by a teacher for taking her glucose tabs in class. Then this week I get another call from another teacher that was alarmed that she was testing her blood sugars in class. (19 Apr 2000)

  61. I am contacting you on behalf of my diabetic brother, who is currently in a private correctional facility. My father and I are desperately trying to get him proper medical care for his diabetes. The treatment he is receiving is extremely inadequate and the symptoms from his illness are life-threatening at this time. (18 Apr 2000)

  62. I am 18 and have had type 1 for a year. A month after diagnosis, my ophthalmologist said I had cataracts on both lenses. Five months after that I got severe diabetic cataracts on both lenses for which I had lens replacement surgery. Do I have an increased risk of retinopathy? (18 Apr 2000)

  63. Exactly what hormones are involved in hypoglycemic reactions that make you feel bad? Can you have too much of these hormones in your blood stream making you feel low even if your blood sugar is in range? (18 Apr 2000)

  64. My wife (49 years) has had Type 1 diabetes for 22 years. She developed what we thought was a case of a flu virus going around which caused vomiting and shot her glucose levels up into the forties and admittance into hospital. (18 Apr 2000)

  65. To protect the kidneys, would physicians put a child on ACE inhibitors before signs of problems? Why wait until problems begin? My son is 12, type 1 since age 9. (17 Apr 2000)

  66. I was told recently of an eye disease that has almost taken one of my daughters' friends sight. I can not remember the name but it is common in younger diabetics. It is not retinopathy. (17 Apr 2000)

  67. My 10 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 6 years and just been diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease. Is there any research done that shows that she will be more likely to come down with other complications as well? (17 Apr 2000)

  68. How high should a non-diabetics blood sugar rise 1-2 hours after eating a meal? I'm concerned that I am developing Type 2 since my blood sugar has been about 170-190 after eating dinner (I test myself sometimes since my daughter is has Type 1). (17 Apr 2000)

  69. Has there been any research done on the functioning of diabetes teams? I am unhappy with the team we have now for my 5 year old daughter, and would like to know what to look for. What makes a team work well? (17 Apr 2000)

  70. My son is 15 1/2 and has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for over one half year. Since his diagnosis he has suffered with headaches! He never had headaches prior to his diagnosis. Could it be due to the high carb intake or diet related? (17 Apr 2000)

  71. My 14 year old son was diagnosed when he was 12. He is on both H and NPH insulin shots. On school days, he is up by 6 A.M. On weekends, he insists on sleeping in until noon or later. How is this schedule change affecting his body for both the short and long term? (15 Apr 2000)

  72. I am a 39 year old male diagnosed 9 months ago with IDDM. I recently received my renewal form for my driver's licence. On the back there is a space to check if you are diabetic. Is this mandatory or discretionary? (15 Apr 2000)

  73. If I have existing problems such as burning in the feet, is this permanent or does it reverse? I have just been diagnosis with diabetes in the early onset stage. (15 Apr 2000)

  74. Since winter has hit, I have been having trouble keeping my insulin at the right temperature. I take it with me everywhere in case I don't eat meals at home and it's hard to tell if it's been frozen by accident. (15 Apr 2000)

  75. I am Type 2 and a vegetarian. When I go to places such as amusement parks that do not allow food to be brought in, I have a difficult time finding anything I can eat. Are there any federal regulations stating that I can bring in food for my own consumption into amusement parks? (15 Apr 2000)

  76. My father has diabetes and he gets so angry and he blames it on the diabetes. Can this be true? Does diabetes change a person or make them unhappy with their lives? (15 Apr 2000)

  77. I am in my 38th week of pregnancy and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks. For the last week my 1 hour after meal numbers have been quite a bit lower, ranging from 98 to 112. Does this have something to do with placental hormones towards the end of pregnancy? (9 Apr 2000)

  78. I am a 28 year old Type 1 who wants to start a family. My HgbA1c for the past year has been excellent. I have heard about the dangers to an unborn child of high blood sugars but are there dangers to the baby when the mother has severe low blood sugars where medical intervention was needed? (9 Apr 2000)

  79. Is it possible to prevent gestational diabetes in a second pregnancy, with weight loss before pregnancy, good diet and exercise? (9 Apr 2000)

  80. I am currently 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I start my new diet today. I notice a lot of people test fasting and 2 hours after meals, but my dietitian said I was to test fasting, and 1 hour post meals. (9 Apr 2000)

  81. I have a 4.2 year old son who has been Type 1 since 26 months old. Lately he has voiced his displeasure at having his insulin shots: he gets very upset and we fight and it is hard for me. Is there anything that I might try to make it a little more pleasant? (9 Apr 2000)

  82. My son is 19 and uses the insulin pump. I have heard that magnets are helpful in many medical situations. Recently I was told of a lady who "cured" herself of diabetes (Type 1) with magnets. (9 Apr 2000)

  83. I am an diabetic patient with the left eye already eviscerated due to glaucoma. Kindly suggest a method for treatment of the cataract in my other eye which will be suitable in my case. (9 Apr 2000)

  84. When would inhaled insulin be available in the USA? (9 Apr 2000)

  85. My 3 year old son was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago. Since beginning the Humulin about 6 months ago, from time to time he goes through periods where we are able to completely eliminate the Humulin shot for 3-4 days at a time. Does the Humulin build up in a person's body over time? (9 Apr 2000)

  86. What kind of "natural" foods or vitamins can be taken to keep the glucose level (or ketones) from going too high? (9 Apr 2000)

  87. When I get high blood sugars (250 and up), I get the symptoms of ketoacidosis (thirst, frequent urination, tiredness) but when I check for ketones with Ketostix it's always negative. What could be causing this? (8 Apr 2000)

  88. My daughter, 7 years old, was diagnosed with diabetes 4 months ago. She is currently on a 3 injection/day program. She is the only one out of 4 diabetics at her school that receives a pre-lunch injection. I am curious as to why more doctors do not recommend the 3 injections/day? (8 Apr 2000)

  89. I want to know if there is possible the diagnosis of nesidioblastosis in adult female with hypoglycemia. Growth hormone, cortisol and insulin blood levels are normal. The determination of C-peptide is in process. (8 Apr 2000)

  90. I am 35 years old and at 10 weeks into my previous pregnancy I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I am pregnant again but prior to becoming pregnant my blood sugars were averaging 300+. I am 12 weeks and so far they said everything looked okay. Does this mean that my baby will not have defects? (8 Apr 2000)

  91. I have hypoglycemia since two years ago; in the last two months the symptoms are very much more frequent. My doctor made the diagnosis of reactive hypoglycemia. I have a free sugar diet. I don't understand well this problem. Is this problem frequent? Do I have other options for treatment? (8 Apr 2000)

  92. Four weeks ago, my 5 year old started having to go to the bathroom more often. I have noticed that he does have fatigue and he eats all day long. His uncle has Type 1 diabetes. I am taking him to see his doctor and I want to know what tests I should have done on him. (8 Apr 2000)

  93. Can you tell me about any known issues with giving IVIG to a child with Type 1 diabetes? (8 Apr 2000)

  94. You always hear that the healing process is slower for a diabetic person. What is the percentage rate of healing for a person with diabetes as compared to an individual with no health problems? (5 Apr 2000)

  95. Is there any type of blood sugar comparison list I could look at that compares the blood sugars and H1Cs of several real diabetics, some on the pump, some not? (5 Apr 2000)

  96. My 9 year old has Type 1 and her friend used a meter to see if it hurt. The friend's blood sugar was 360 mg/dl. Should I tell this child's mother? Is this cause for concern? (5 Apr 2000)

  97. How long will it be before Humalog is available without a prescription? (5 Apr 2000)

  98. My 15 year old niece has IDDM. She has had a number of hyperglycemic episodes leading to hospitalization. Due to income problems, her mother is unable to afford the cost of the insulin pump. (5 Apr 2000)

  99. Within the past year my daughter has had several UTIs and the doctor has put her on several medications to clear them up but they always come back. Is there other kinds of test she can take besides the urine test? (5 Apr 2000)

  100. My 5-year-old daughter, residing in Russia, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes one month ago. I'm shocked. I'm trying to find any way to find out if diabetes is completely curable: I mean some organ transplantation, the newest advanced medicine, etc. (5 Apr 2000)

  101. I go to school and get talked about because I am a diabetic. That makes me cry. What should I do? (5 Apr 2000)

  102. My granddaughter was diagnosed about one year ago with type 1 diabetes. She is now 6-1/2 years old. After the original diagnosis, she was also found to have insufficient thyroid production, then probably celiac disease. I would like to be well informed about polyorgan autoimmune syndrome. (5 Apr 2000)

  103. My 5 year old daughter has elevated blood sugars, mostly at night (250 - 400) and shows no signs or symptoms of diabetes. We were wondering if she could have an infection of some type causing this or something else causing the sugars to be elevated. (5 Apr 2000)

  104. My 2 year old son, diagnosed Type 1 four months ago, has been ill with his first virus since diagnosis. His doctor is saying that along with the usual sick day care, he must be given extra insulin to bring down sugars. (4 Apr 2000)

  105. Our 4-year old daughter has been a Type 1 diabetic since 13 months of age. Recently we have noticed a hearing loss in her in conjunction with a very "loud" voice. Could the diabetes have anything to do with the hearing loss? (4 Apr 2000)

  106. My son is four and a half years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes several months ago. We are experiencing battles over food at almost every meal. It's hard for me to tell if he really isn't hungry or if this is a control battle. (4 Apr 2000)

  107. My 15 year old son was diagnosed Type 1 three months ago. He complains of tingling in his extremities, also leg cramps. Could there be a connection? We have had good control. (4 Apr 2000)

  108. I am a 32 year old female who has been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years and was wondering about the research on the blood glucose self-monitoring machine in which you get the glucose count by placing it over your finger and it reads through your fingernail instead of pricking your finger for blood. (4 Apr 2000)

  109. When my husband and my son were at Taco Bell last week, our son asked to see a nutritional guide. The boy behind the counter asked if he was diabetic and he told him yes. The boy is also diabetic and told my husband and my son that he is taking one shot a month as part of a trial program. (4 Apr 2000)

  110. My child, age 5, was diagnosed 6 months ago with type 1 and is currently in the honeymoon phase. Is there any merit to extracting some of her still functioning islets? (4 Apr 2000)

  111. My daughter is 13 and was diagnosed two months ago with Type 1 Diabetes. She is on 3 shots per day and for the past four weeks her hair has been falling out. She has quite thick hair but I'm afraid if this continues, she will not have much left. (4 Apr 2000)

  112. My 4 1/2 year old son was diagnosed 2 months ago and has been doing well in his honeymoon stage. His glucose level is between 70-120 with occasional dips to the 50s. I read several items though suggesting that low blood sugars may cause motor and learning delays in developing children. (4 Apr 2000)

  113. Our 3 1/2 year old daughter loves fruit roll-ups. We asked our diabetes team how a one carb serving of it versus a one carb serving of crackers would affect her next blood sugar reading. Our RD and RN, CDE gave us two conflicting answers. (2 Apr 2000)

  114. My 16 year old son has had diabetes since he was 13. He wants to get a tattoo. I don't know if people with diabetes type 1 should get a tattoo. Can a tattoo give him any skin problems or something? (2 Apr 2000)

  115. My niece is 13 years old and she has type 2 diabetes. They told her only 7% of her gallbladder is working and should come out. Now they has been doing test after test and they say she has gastroparesis. (2 Apr 2000)

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