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  1. I'm a 31 year old female with type 1 for just over a year now, and my blood sugars are fairly well controlled. Just recently, I've been experiencing pain at the tip of both my big toes. Could this the first signs of neuropathy after just one year? (30 Dec 2000)

  2. My 12 year old son aged 12 years was diagnosed with type1 diabetes about six months ago. Can he be put on oral agents? How can we ascertain that he has type 1A and not type1B? (30 Dec 2000)

  3. I am a thin, 29 year old recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My beta cell antibody test was negative. Why is this? Am I still type 1? (30 Dec 2000)

  4. My 17 year old son, diagnosed at age 12, has developed gynecomastia and needs surgery. Could there be a connection to his type 1 diabetes? (30 Dec 2000)

  5. I' m 15 years old. I always take my insulin shots twice a day, but, because of the terrible feeling of having my sugar low, I can't have my sugar normal. I always have it high, and, if my sugar goes normal, I feel like it is low. How long can my body stand my horrible high blood sugars? Do you have any advice on how I can get back on track? (30 Dec 2000)

  6. My six year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was 18 months of age and is in excellent control. We use a sliding scale to adjust her insulin dose based on her readings or how much she wants to eat. We recently were told by a pediatric endocrinologist that the sliding scale is not appropriate for a child so young. Is this true? (30 Dec 2000)

  7. My three year old cousin has salt diabetes, but his younger brother is okay. Can you tell me more about it? (30 Dec 2000)

  8. My three year old son had been fatigued for several months. His bicarbonate level and glucose levels were low. We re-tested a month later. The doctor did not mention whether the glucose was also re-tested, but said he's no longer concerned because the bicarbonate level is close to normal and other kidney functions are normal. Should take him to a pediatric nephrologist or wait six months and re-test? (30 Dec 2000)

  9. I am a teacher's aid in the New York State school system. I have been instructed to be a trained back-up person to administer glucagon. I would like to help this child however, I am physically unable to perform this duty. My administrator informed me that if I do not accept this training I will be terminated for insubordination. Can I legally be terminated? (30 Dec 2000)

  10. I am 23 and have had diabetes for 16 years. For the last two weeks, my morning readings have been skyrocketing to nearly 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. (29 Dec 2000)

  11. Within approximately two months of starting Amaryl, my friend had an episode during which she nearly swallowed her tongue. She has now lost control of the muscles in her mouth so that she has an involuntary reaction with her tongue. She has not taken Amaryl for about a year, but the problem has not gone away. Is this a common reaction to Amaryl? (29 Dec 2000)

  12. Our eight year-old son has had diabetes since the age of three. He has never been seen by a pediatric endocrinologist, but has received good to excellent care by two pediatricians with experience in diabetes. I have had other parents suggest that he visit a large children's hospital several hours away for an assessment. I would like to know if your team recommends such an assessment, and why. (29 Dec 2000)

  13. My 11 year old son has had diabetes for a little over one year and has been on an insulin pump for four months now. His levels are fine during the day, but we continue to have trouble with the early night hours. Is this normal for a child this age? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (29 Dec 2000)

  14. There are some morning when readings are well over 200 mg/dl [ 11.1 mmol/L] even with normal bedtime (80 -100 mg/dl [4.4 -5.6 mmol/L] ) readings. Given the onset time and peak of U, which would be better in controlling the dawn phenomenon, a dinner shot or a bedtime shot? (29 Dec 2000)

  15. My 20 year old daughter has acanthosis nigricans, hirsutism, well developed muscles, a slightly enlarged clitoris, and regular menstruations. Her glucose was actually low. Her father and paternal grandfather have type 2 diabetes, and I had gestational diabetes. Could she have pre-diabetes? What specialist would you recommend that I take her to? (29 Dec 2000)

  16. I am a 46 year old woman who has had hypoglycemia for approximately 25 years. I have been experiencing excess thirst, frequency of urination (especially at night), fatigue, weakness in the legs and arms, and most recently, rapid weight gain and fluid retention. Is it possible that I no longer have hypoglycemia, and I now have diabetes? (29 Dec 2000)

  17. What are the chances of a child getting diabetes if the father has insulin dependent diabetes and marries his first cousin? Are the risks greater? (29 Dec 2000)

  18. I am a 38 year old gentleman who is overweight, but not obese. I recently had a fasting blood glucose of 7.3 mmol/L [131 mg/dl], and I am now waiting for a second result. Would this justify a diagnosis of diabetes? (27 Dec 2000)

  19. Is it possible to link Lyme disease to diabetes? (27 Dec 2000)

  20. My four year old, who has type 1 diabetes has had ear and strep infections. He was given Albuterol and Augmentin. What effect do they have on his insulin? (27 Dec 2000)

  21. My two year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 10 months ago. Over the last three months, she has been saying her "tummy hurts". There doesn't seem to be a pattern that I can find. Is this common? What can I do to help her feel better? (27 Dec 2000)

  22. My mother has had diabetes for 12 years, takes insulin regularly, and she never had any problem. However, for the past two years she is suffering from severe pains in her leg and foot. While we continue with her routine check-ups, her doctors say she is all right, and they don't investigate her problem. Can you help? (27 Dec 2000)

  23. My sister has diabetes and her child eats absurd amounts of junk food. I'm concerned that her child may also get diabetes. Is diabetes in kids is increasing because of the junk food they eat, especially if they have a predisposition to diabetes? (26 Dec 2000)

  24. Our nine year old daughter was diagnosed at the age of three. We are headed into a second level appeal with our insurance company over a denial of request for an insulin pump. The committee decision to deny our request was made based on the fact that use of an insulin pump on a person of your daughter's age is not well established. (26 Dec 2000)

  25. I am a 17 year old male, diagnosed with type 1 at age 13. I lift weights, and I recently became a vegetarian. It's hard balancing the vegetarian diet along with my diabetes diet and come out benefiting my weight-lifting routine. Are there any supplements I can take without sacrificing my health diabetes wise? (26 Dec 2000)

  26. I can tell by home monitoring that the gestational diabetes is getting to be impossible to control with diet alone. Is the glucose tolerance test quantitative, or merely a yes/no indicator of the presence of gestational diabetes? How is insulin dosage to be determined? Can it be determined without another (torturous) GTT? (26 Dec 2000)

  27. My five year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two months ago. She has developed a cold over the last few days, and her sugar levels are higher. Could the infection be causing this? (26 Dec 2000)

  28. My 14 year old brother, who has ADHD, is not in control of his diabetes. How can we tell him it is for his own health to take the injection and that we only want to encourage him and support him, in a positive way, without making him angry? (26 Dec 2000)

  29. I am 16 and my 21 year old brother has hypoglycaemia and doesn't follow his diet. This worries me. Can you give me some information that might scare him into following his diet a little better? He has already had three attacks and almost died. (26 Dec 2000)

  30. Many of the nursing homes and, I believe, two local hospitals, have developed the protocol of giving a patient one or two glasses of milk with a graham crackers versus the usual orange juice with sugar in it. Which is better? (26 Dec 2000)

  31. My 10 year old son is uncomfortable with having his pants pulled down for a shot, but his butt is part of the rotation. Is there any way to make this easier for him? (24 Dec 2000)

  32. I have been reading about a new needleless injector called Injex. My doctor is hesitant about using it. I think it is because it is so new. Do you have any pros or cons? (24 Dec 2000)

  33. I would like to get a small tattoo on my hip. Is it possible for me to get a tattoo? If I was to go on the pump, would it interfere? (23 Dec 2000)

  34. I am psychotherapist looking for age appropriate resources for a 12 year and his mother to learn about diabetes because his doctor only gave them the medical explanation of diabetes. The boy is very scared he is going to die and believes his mother gives him 'the needle' just to be mean. (23 Dec 2000)

  35. I am 24 years old and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 27 weeks based on a three-hour test after a 17 hour fast. Another test at 30 weeks, after a nine hour fast was normal. Is it true that the body could overcompensate after 17 hours of fasting and that this can result in falsely high numbers? (23 Dec 2000)

  36. I am 37 years old and 18 weeks pregnant with my fifth child. I'm considering home-birth if I can't get the current care-givers to agree to an alternate and more normal method of testing blood sugar. than the glucose tolerance test. Any advice or other alternative testing procedures that I could present? (23 Dec 2000)

  37. Birth control pills seem to be throwing my 31 year old daughter's metabolism off somewhat. Can you give me any advice about her continuing to take them? She is considering getting her tubes tied so she can drop the birth control pills. Is this a good idea? (23 Dec 2000)

  38. Our two and one-half year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at 12 months of age. I've been reading more about the impact of exercise on blood sugars. How do you assess the effect of exercise in a child so young? What is considered "exercise"? (22 Dec 2000)

  39. Since day one of the present school year, I have had a prescription for an morning and afternoon snack for my son during school hours. Our feeding program mandates these snacks be provided by the cafeteria. To date, my son is yet to receive a snack. Isn't this a form of discrimination because of his medical disability? (22 Dec 2000)

  40. My 10 year old son has diabetes insipidus and ADHD. He is doing okay in regular class, but he really needs a little tutoring. Is this required by law? (22 Dec 2000)

  41. My eight year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and is in the third grade. She is very independent and knows what to do when her sugars are low, can draw insulin by herself and gives her own shots. If her dad or I cannot accompany her on a full day school trip, could the school ask her to stay home? (22 Dec 2000)

  42. My 13 year old son, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two and a half years ago, just had a flu vaccine. I receive conflicting answers as to whether the rest of our family (living in the same house) should also be receiving this vaccine for his protection. (22 Dec 2000)

  43. My maternal grandfather has a very serious case of diabetes, diagnosed many years ago. I have been showing some signs. My doctors have tested me for diabetes, but it was negative. Do you think I am at high risk of diabetes? Am I just experiencing some sort of infection? (22 Dec 2000)

  44. My five month old son has excessive weight gain. He weighs 25 pounds, but was seven pounds nine ounces birth. He can be shaky and tired a lot and have saturated diapers. A few people have asked me if he was checked for diabetes, which he wasn't. Should I get him checked? (22 Dec 2000)

  45. Pump therapy is just becoming available in Australia and I am keen for my six year old daughter, diagnosed four years ago, to go on the pump. Do you have any statistics on death rates associated with children who are on pumps? Do children who suffer from lipohypertrophy have a reduced or increased incidence at the cannula site? (21 Dec 2000)

  46. My friend is involved in researching kidney disease. I find one of his preliminary findings both disturbing and interesting. Are the fluctuations in blood sugar causing more damage the kidneys of people with diabetes rather than sustained high blood glucose levels? (21 Dec 2000)

  47. My new born baby has had high blood sugar since her seventh day in this world. What is the probability she will recover? What can I do to keep her from developing diabetes again or to prolong the time of disease occurrence? (21 Dec 2000)

  48. I started taking insulin almost two years ago. I took beef/pork insulin one and one-half years ago for three weeks and developed a reaction that consisted of skin that is painful to the touch and difficulty walking due to pain in my hips. Today, there still remains inflammation around the bursa area. What types of allergic reactions to beef/pork insulin have been reported? (21 Dec 2000)

  49. I am 70 years old, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about two months ago, and starting an exercise program. Does a low pulse rate (50) affect the answers to questions about exercise? Would a less intense workout still help me? (21 Dec 2000)

  50. About two years ago, I had gestational diabetes requiring insulin which was discontinued after the birth. I have a strong family history of diabetes. I have been on prednisone for two to three years now, so I have gained 72 pounds. I have boils come up under my breasts, on them, under my arm pits, on my stomach, and on the inner thigh. Does this have anything to do with diabetes? (21 Dec 2000)

  51. My husband has diabetes and drinks a six-twelve pack of beer every day. He has multiple complications. His doctor told my husband that he needs to get under control. How can a lay person tell how bad his condition is and what to expect? I can't get any information from my husband's doctor because of confidentiality issues. (21 Dec 2000)

  52. My six year old son has been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, and also displays some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia. He usually responds to a granola snack, apple or cheese. Is there any correlation between the anemia and hypoglycemia? Should I have him tested? (21 Dec 2000)

  53. I have heard about a blood sugar monitoring device which allows you to take a reading without actually sampling a drop of blood. Can you provide any information on this appliance? (21 Dec 2000)

  54. I have diabetes which is controlled with pills, but lately my sugar has gone a little out of control. I am looking for a "Do and Don't" list of foods for a person with diabetes. (20 Dec 2000)

  55. My 21 year old friend has type 2 diabetes. Could taking a sugar coated tablet for other reasons affect her diabetes? (20 Dec 2000)

  56. My son had a number of illnesses prior to his diagnosis. Could that have increased his blood sugars enough to elevate the A1c? Is here a possibility that he may not have diabetes? (20 Dec 2000)

  57. I have been having symptoms such as strange feelings in my head. It kind of feels like jelly inside. I also feel shaky sometimes. My neck thumps in certain places, and my ears feel weird. I think when I eat I do get better. (20 Dec 2000)

  58. My 11 1/2 year old is currently experiencing the dawn phenomenon practically every morning. We have moved his night time injection of NPH to 10 pm. What else should be done? Should we be testing and giving injections of Humalog in the middle of the night? Can we expect this to last throughout adolescence? Should we consider night time pump therapy? (20 Dec 2000)

  59. Last year, my 49 year old sister passed away from what the doctors said were long-term effects of diabetes, which she had this since day one of her life. She had "brittle diabetes", and to my knowledge, she was never "under control". (20 Dec 2000)

  60. I'm a 51 year old male who has had type 1 diabetes for 29 years and I am in good control. The problem I'm having started gradually 10 years ago and has gotten worse. My muscles and tendons around my knees get tired and sore the more I stand. Exercise doesn't seem to help; they just get more tired and sore. Is this diabetes related? What can I do about it? (20 Dec 2000)

  61. My four year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six weeks ago. For the past several days her blood sugars have been higher than normal. I just found out there is a case of mononucleosis in her preschool class. Is she more at risk for contracting this because of her diabetes? (20 Dec 2000)

  62. My five year old adopted son was diagnosed with transient neonatal diabetes at one month of age. Two months ago, when he was placed with us for adoption, a routine physical showed high blood sugar levels. He tested negative for antibodies. The doctor feels that he has uniparental bisomy of chromosome 6. (20 Dec 2000)

  63. I am 29 years old, 32 weeks pregnant, and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks. For the last two weeks, my fastings been registering above 90 mg/dl [5 mmol/L], but still below 100 mg/dl [5.5 mmol/L]. What are some different ways to try to keep fasting levels below 90 mg/dl [5 mmol/L]? (20 Dec 2000)

  64. My 10 year old son is still "honeymooning". I have a good idea how much his blood sugar will be lowered by an amount of insulin. If he wants to eat birthday cake and ice cream in addition to dinner, how can we determine about how much his blood sugar will go up with the extra carbs? Our pediatric endocrinologist could not give any kind of "formula" to figure out how much, although I know there must be one. (19 Dec 2000)

  65. Is there any connection between an untreated high fever and the onset of diabetes in children? How long before diabetes shows up after the insult? (19 Dec 2000)

  66. Does the honeymoon phase differ in patients with type 1A versus type 1B? Do type 1B patients tend to remain in remission longer? (19 Dec 2000)

  67. My 22 month old son has been on insulin for three weeks. He seems to be going into a remission. Are there any cases of total and permanent remission? (19 Dec 2000)

  68. I am considering a pump and am trying to learn more about the R-1000. I've heard that it has an "alarm" problem. I've also heard that the problem has been resolved. (19 Dec 2000)

  69. My seven year old son is having some problems at school. His teacher thinks it could be a food allergy. He is allergic to wheat. My family doctor has recommended a glucagon-free diet. I know that glucagon has to do with the sugar in the body. Does this mean that he could have diabetes? (19 Dec 2000)

  70. I am 31 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for 25 years. I have recently been given Actos to lower my need for insulin. Previously, I have taken Glucophage, I quit because of the insulin reactions. My doctor told me that the body absorbs Glucophage and Actos differently. Do doctors normally prescribe Actos for type 1 diabetes? (19 Dec 2000)

  71. This patient has been treated twice within the last eight weeks for a urinary tract infection (UTI). Why do older women get frequent UTIs? (19 Dec 2000)

  72. I recently got a query for the treatment of renal glycosuria in a nondiabetic patient. Usually we don't give any treatment but I am eager to know other causes of renal glycosuria and their treatment modalities. (19 Dec 2000)

  73. When a large (11 pound), macrosomic, plethoric (resembling the infant of a diabetic mother) baby is born to a mother without diabetes, what is the reason? (19 Dec 2000)

  74. My 35 year old sister has been told ( or at least she tells us she has been told ) that she has "brittle diabetes". She smokes marijuana regularly, abuses alcohol and mind-altering prescription drugs. Will this exacerbate the condition? (18 Dec 2000)

  75. My 14 year old son has type 1. I also have an 11 year old daughter, and I worry she may also get type 1. What tests can be done to see if she will develop diabetes? How accurate are they? Do you recommend siblings be tested? (18 Dec 2000)

  76. I'm very confused about my diagnosis. I have no diabetes in the family. I am 16 years old, and 20% underweight for my height. So, seven months ago, when a GTT indicated diabetes, I was given the label "type 1 diabetic" by my primary doctor. I was later tested for both antibodies. Both were negative, yet my endocrinologist is still certain it's type 1. Can it still be type 1 without antibodies? (18 Dec 2000)

  77. My seven year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a month ago, doesn't want to go to school. Right now, we just push her into the classroom and leave. We do go back at lunchtime to check her sugar and give her insulin. She does fine and has a different attitude at the end of the day. Am I doing the right thing? (18 Dec 2000)

  78. I am 33 years old and have had diabetes for 31 years. I have just officially been told I am seven and one-half weeks pregnant and am concerned about complications for me and my unborn baby. (18 Dec 2000)

  79. Has any link been found between weight loss during pregnancy with gestational diabetes and milk production? (18 Dec 2000)

  80. I am a 17 year old male who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13. Although my blood sugar levels are normal, my weight has decreased over the past few months because of switching to a vegetarian diet. How can I gain weight without sacrificing my vegetarian beliefs? Is it okay for people with diabetes to take supplements (creatine, etc.)? (18 Dec 2000)

  81. My eight and one-half year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 18 months. I am not able to control her sugar levels during the night and late afternoon. I have no support network here. Egypt still hides this problem in children. (18 Dec 2000)

  82. My 12 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about six months ago. How do I ascertain whether he has type 1A or type 1B? Is there any chance that he can be put on oral medications? Is there any chance of getting him off insulin in near future? (18 Dec 2000)

  83. Every month, before her period, my daughter runs a low-grade temperature and feels terrible. Could this monthly fever be triggered by hormones and result in her immune system being "turned on" full force against her islet cells? The fever goes away almost immediately at menses and she feels immediately "fine". Don't you think this scenario is possible? (18 Dec 2000)

  84. My 19 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 two weeks ago. His doctor doesn't want to teach him how to count carbs yet as he thinks it is too much too soon. We are getting anxious and are wondering if there is a ball park figure for young men his age and weight. (15 Dec 2000)

  85. My 15 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12 1/2. He is very athletic and is also growing very fast now. Blood sugars have been varied. Will this ever end? (15 Dec 2000)

  86. My friend's three year old has diabetes. He is in a legal battle over custody because he feels his child is in danger The problem is that the other care giver has and is consistently dropping the child's sugar well below 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L], most of the times in the 40s [mg/dl, 2.2 mmol/L]. He has hot-lined the mother with child services, but they say without proof that the low blood sugars are harming the child, they can do nothing. (15 Dec 2000)

  87. I took my four year old daughter to the doctor because I thought she might have a bladder infection. Her urine was positive for sugar and ketones, and her non-fasting blood sugar was 136 mg/dl [7.6 mmol/L]. The nurse told be to bring her back in a week for a fasting blood sugar. My daughter shows no signs of diabetes. Does this sound like diabetes? Do we need more information? (15 Dec 2000)

  88. Our son was diagnosed last year at age seven with type 1 diabetes. he has had very good HbA1c results, but he is having difficulty concentrating at school. He is now in second grade, and his reading is at the beginner level. Could his learning disabilities be connected to diabetes? (15 Dec 2000)

  89. Our sweet six year old has often been going into out of control "rages". Then, when she has something to eat, she's a totally different child, her sweet nice self again. My husband suspects that she has hypoglycemia. (15 Dec 2000)

  90. My six year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three weeks ago. He has also been mildly disfluent since he was about four years of age. We have been working with a speech pathologist who thought that it was developmental, and would go away as he got older. I am desperately looking for any information at all about a connection between disfluency and diabetes. (15 Dec 2000)

  91. I have been inhaling steroids for about 15 years, when it at last was defined that I was suffering from asthma. Are you perhaps familiar with scientific reports concerning a possible conjunction between steroid inhalations and raising the blood pressure? (15 Dec 2000)

  92. My 10 year old son had a hypoglycemic reaction during the night when his blood level was fine before bed. Is it possible his activity level from six hours earlier could have caused this to happen? (15 Dec 2000)

  93. Could you possibly give me an estimate of the number of people with type 1 diabetes living in the United States? (14 Dec 2000)

  94. My friend's son was diagnosed with nesidioblastosis when he was 12 days old. He had 97% of his pancreas removed and is now four years old. He is continuing to have seizures, and they are becoming more frequent. Could this be due to the low blood sugars he had when he was an infant? What is the life expectancy of children with nesidioblastosis? (14 Dec 2000)

  95. My 11 year old son and I have observed that variations in the color and concentration the blood itself depending on the blood sugar level. What exactly causes this? (14 Dec 2000)

  96. Ever since my son first developed diabetes, three months ago, he has not gained any weight, but he hasn't lost any weight either. How can I get him to gain weight without having to give him more insulin? (14 Dec 2000)

  97. My six year old grandson was diagnosed a year ago with type 2 diabetes. Three months ago, we learned that he was born with only one kidney, and only 90% of that was healthy. How much of a normal life will he be able to expect? (14 Dec 2000)

  98. I am 33 years old and have had type 1 diabetes since I was 18. For the last several years, my emotions and hormones have been very unstable. Both are affected by my sugars and weight, but even though my sugars are under control my emotions are not. Is there a resource about how diabetes affects hormones, emotions and depression and how to treat it? (14 Dec 2000)

  99. My 21 year old boyfriend has had type 1 diabetes since age 13. Two years ago, when I first met him, he weighed 275 pounds and now he weighs in at about 190 pounds. He does not control his diabetes at all. The last time we checked his blood sugar was above 500 mg/dl [27.8 mmol/L]. I have noticed a lot of muscle loss, and his eyes look sunken in. Please help me with information that would scare him into listening to me about the seriousness of diabetes. (14 Dec 2000)

  100. I'm a wrestling manager at my high school, and have a 15 year old boy with diabetes who often gets sick during practice and has to take glucose pills. He also plays football, and there's no break in between these two sports. Is there anything more I can do for him when he has these episodes? (14 Dec 2000)

  101. I have several questions about type 1 diabetes which I hope you might answer. (14 Dec 2000)

  102. I have been told that children, especially in the early stages of diabetes, do not have gastroparesis, but a study (R and R interval) done by our son's doctor showed that my son has an abnormal profile that could indicate gastroparesis. Also, my son has the classic pattern of blood sugar associated with gastroparesis. (14 Dec 2000)

  103. My son is 10 years old and he wants to make ginger bread cookies for Christmas and decorate them. Is there a recipe for icing that does not contain sugar? (13 Dec 2000)

  104. My 16 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for five years. She takes three to four shots a day and is still averaging in the 300s mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. We have an excellent diabetes team, but they are stumped also. She is being treated for depression, and sees a counselor. Would giving her multiple shots of Humalog (six to eight shots) help? (13 Dec 2000)

  105. I just found out I had high blood sugar this past month. I am 45 and I have already had a triple by-pass just last year. Are there any free meters I could check out? Which is the easiest and best to operate and most accurate? (13 Dec 2000)

  106. Five months ago, we got a 14 year old boy who has had diabetes for two years. His father is an alcoholic, and his mother has severe depressive symptoms. He is rejecting the rules and norms in the care centre. The psychiatric doctor met with the child several times, and he does not think that the child needs psychiatric care. Would you kindly tell me if the psychiatrist is correct? (13 Dec 2000)

  107. Everyday, around 9 am, in the middle of school, I get shaky, dizzy, I feel like I'm on the verge of passing out again, I have hot cold flashes, and a couple of times have asked to leave to get something to eat because I thought I was going to pass out. This happens several times a day. Do you think that I have hypoglycemia? (13 Dec 2000)

  108. I am a 38 year old male diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, after being admitted to the hospital for DKA. Now I am completely off of insulin and my blood sugar levels have stayed normal. Is is usual for somebody in the honeymoon stage to be able to get off of insulin completely? (13 Dec 2000)

  109. I am 20 years old and have had diabetes for two years. I have been on an up and down rollercoaster with controlling it. I went on a kayaking trip and because of the position of my legs my left foot went asleep. I didn't think anything of it, but the next day my big toe on my left foot was still numb. I am very concerned. (13 Dec 2000)

  110. My 15 year old daughter does springboard diving. Even when she eats an extra snack before diving, her blood sugars drop too low while exercising. Any ideas? (13 Dec 2000)

  111. My 14 year old is very athletic and active and has gained back the 14 pounds she lost when first diagnosed. Is she going through a long honeymoon period? Is it possible she actually has type 2? (13 Dec 2000)

  112. My husband has type 1, and we are expecting a baby in two months. I've read about giving the BCG vaccine at birth as a preventative, but all the information seems to be old. Has this been found to be unsuccessful? Is that why there's nothing recent on it? (13 Dec 2000)

  113. I read that current research is now showing the possible importance of C-peptide in preventing long term damage to other organs in the body. Is this the case? Is it possible right now to get C-peptide that can be combined with my daughter's insulin? (12 Dec 2000)

  114. Our son was diagnosed two years ago with type 1. No antibody tests were performed at that time. No antibody tests were performed at that time, but he presented with all the classic symptoms. He is only receiving 1 unit of NPH in the morning, and his sugars have been good. We just had him tested for antibodies which were negative. (12 Dec 2000)

  115. My seven year old daughter and was diagnosed years ago with type 1, and I am going through a custody battle for her. Recently, her blood sugar levels have gone up. I take her to see a therapist, and she says my daughter is depressed. Can depression activate higher blood sugar levels, with proper diet and activity? (12 Dec 2000)

  116. If we were to start to clone people with diabetes would we be able to use the clone's pancreas if it worked before the individual got diabetes in real life so the person would not have the disease? (12 Dec 2000)

  117. I have a 42 year old male patient with type 2. He chews two cans of tobacco per day, and I wonder how this would affect blood sugar control. How do I find out the carb content of flavored chewing tobacco? (12 Dec 2000)

  118. I have not yet been informed what his blood sugar level should be. What should it be for two-year old who weighs 13.5 kg? (12 Dec 2000)

  119. My nine year old son was urinating every five minutes one night. My wife, who has diabetes, decided to check his blood sugar with her meter. The result indicated a reading of 347 mg/dl. The next morning his reading was 95 mg/dl. On subsequent days, readings before and after meals all have not exceeded 113 mg/dl. Should I be concerned? (12 Dec 2000)

  120. I am 37, not overweight, and I was just recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am suspicious of prescription drugs I just started taking just before symptoms began to appear. Could these drugs have caused diabetes to occur? (12 Dec 2000)

  121. My 10 year old son is on an insulin pump. He is very active in sports and has been in good control. Recently, he has had hypoglycemic reactions in the middle of the night, with seizures. His blood glucose level before bed was fine. I check his sugar at 3:00 am about every other day, and it is usually high. Our endocrinologist is unsure as to why this is happening. (12 Dec 2000)

  122. My 21 month old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for three months. In the beginning, it was a challenge to give her her insulin shots. Now she has good days and bad days with the shots. She has been getting them in the arms or legs; the other areas are impossible. Any tips on making the shots easier? (12 Dec 2000)

  123. My 12 year old son who has had type 1 for a year and a half. He wets the bed almost every night with huge amounts of urine. Does every child with diabetes have sugar in his or her urine? Is that why he is wetting so much at night? (11 Dec 2000)

  124. I have gestational diabetes, and I had a major depressive episode, and blood glucose was much harder to control at the time. Going on an antidepressant has made the control easier. Are the two syndromes related? Did the depression trigger the diabetes? Do you know of any problems with antidepressants and pregnancy? (11 Dec 2000)

  125. I am 25 weeks pregnant and have diabetes. I was referred to a high-risk specialist who suggests I have a level 2 ultrasound and a fetal echo test. Can you provide any information on these two tests? (11 Dec 2000)

  126. Is Insulatard a true replacement/alternative for Monotard? We have been advised to shift to it because Monotard is not available in penfills. (11 Dec 2000)

  127. How I can stop the oozing of blood or insulin after I have administered an insulin injection to my three year old daughter? (11 Dec 2000)

  128. We are having trouble with the dawn phenomenon. We have been giving a little Humalog at 3 am, if the blood sugar is over 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L], to help from climbing. Is there anything else we can do to prevent blood sugars from climbing so much? (11 Dec 2000)

  129. Our son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Prior to developing it, he started having migraines. He has an abnormal EEG, always associated with high sugar. Recently, he has begun complaining of chest pains. He was born with pulmonary stenosis and had his pulmonary valve ballooned at birth. His cardiologist is at a loss to explain the cause of my son's pain. Can you offer any suggestions as to the possible cause? (11 Dec 2000)

  130. Recently I was having symptoms of hypoglycemia so took my blood sugar, and it was 55 mg/dl [3.1 mmol/L]. I drank orange juice, ate cookies, and, 30 minutes later, my sugar was 137 mg/dl [7.6 mmol/L]. Two hours after the snack, my sugar was 92 mg/dl [5.1 mmol/L]. I do not have diabetes. Should I be concerned? (11 Dec 2000)

  131. My 12 year old daughter has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She's coming home and is very afraid of shots. How are we going to treat her diabetes? (11 Dec 2000)

  132. Is there a law or regulation (at state or federal level) governing the disposal of insulin syringes or needles used in the home? (11 Dec 2000)

  133. My three year old son was diagnosed four months ago. Lately, his blood sugars have been running high. The weather has been rainy, but he is still active inside. How do I know how much insulin to increase on days like these? (8 Dec 2000)

  134. Last month, we had our first experience with illness. The endocrinologist said my daughter's blood sugars would go up. Well, she had high readings for three weeks after! We've had to increase her baseline insulin dose. Did her illness knock out more of her pancreas function? Does this happen whenever someone with diabetes gets ill? (8 Dec 2000)

  135. My 10 year old daughter, who has had diabetes for three years, is complaining of multiple joint pain. Sometimes she describes it as severe and sometimes there is limitation of movement, but there is no fever, swelling or any color changes. What is going on? (8 Dec 2000)

  136. My 11 year old daughter has just been told she may be insulin resistant because she needs higher and higher doses to control her numbers. I have been told just to keep increasing units until her numbers decrease. What is the long term effect on her health? Would Humalog be better? Is there a limit to what her body can handle? (8 Dec 2000)

  137. Our endocrinologist told us that due to the required use of steroids in asthma, our daughter's diabetes management will be more complicated. Can you please explain further? What, if any, is the relationship between diabetes and asthma? (8 Dec 2000)

  138. I am a 14 year old girl. Lately, I have been having some symptoms of diabetes (fatigue, thirst, lack of appetite, and frequent urination). I have also been dizzy a few times. Even though I have not lost weight, could I still have diabetes? (8 Dec 2000)

  139. My five year old daughter has been experiencing seizure type events. After the last event, we noticed that she had had an excessive amount of sugar. Could this have caused these events? (8 Dec 2000)

  140. My 10 year old son has had diabetes for two months. For the last several years, I have noticed a foul odor in the bathroom after he urinates. Could this be related to his condition? If so, was his condition already brewing several years before we found out he had it? Could I have done something years prior to prevent it? (8 Dec 2000)

  141. When my 14 year old is at 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L], she feels sick. Then, when she is coming down she gets a headache. Is the headache due to the rapid reduction in blood sugar? Was her brain swollen from the ketones and high blood sugar even for that brief time? If she has "sick" symptoms, is that a sign that her situation is more serious than a high number without sickness? (8 Dec 2000)

  142. My 16 year old daughter forgot to do at least one injection. Her blood sugar went up to more than 600 mg/dl [33.3 mmol/L], and she had high ketone levels. She took extra Humalog, drank increased fluids, and gradually the blood sugar went down, but two days later it happened again. She has lost four pounds from what she has weighed all a few months ago. How long can ketones stay up and blood sugar be elevated before you panic? (7 Dec 2000)

  143. I have type 1 diabetes and did not have the greatest control, especially during pregnancy. I have two wonderful children [both premature] who seem to be healthy. What are the chances of them developing diabetes because I was "out of control" during pregnancy? (7 Dec 2000)

  144. The doctor told me my two-hour test results were normal, and I haven't had any increased level since. The nurse insists that I see a dietitian, but I'm doing okay without spending extra money that we don't have. If I still had high sugar levels I wouldn't have a problem going to the dietitian. What do you think? (7 Dec 2000)

  145. My friend, age 14, has just learned that she may have a kidney problem and need to go to a hospital every day to flush out her body, because her kidneys wouldn't be able to do that for her.What would happen to her if her kidneys failed completelty? Would a kidney transplant help? (7 Dec 2000)

  146. I soon will be 17 and I hope to take my driving test. Will I have to take an extra test of some sort because of my diabetes? I understand that my car insurance may cost more, is this true? (7 Dec 2000)

  147. I recall reading that carbonated drinks have been implicated in bone demineralization, especially in teenaged girls. If this is so, perhaps we should not be pushing diet sodas for people with diabetes. (7 Dec 2000)

  148. My 10 year old son was just diagnosed with diabetes. The endocrinologist thinks that the allergy testing triggered the diabetes. How would something like that trigger diabetes? (7 Dec 2000)

  149. My four year old daughter was diagnosed at 28 months of age, and my 21 month old son was just diagnosed. My son tested negative for antibodies in the Diabetes Prevention Trial about a year ago. Is there a way to get a probability of future children developing type 1 diabetes? (7 Dec 2000)

  150. My son lives with his father, and spends most weekends with me. He enjoys his time with me and gets really excited on his visits. He often begs to come and live with me. I know it is a stressful situation for him. Could this be causing his sugar levels to fluctuate? (7 Dec 2000)

  151. My fourteen year old daughter with type 1 diabetes has been hitting lows recently during the night and waking up in the morning with lows. She wakes herself up, treats the lows, and then begins having horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. This lasts approximately half hour to two hours. Can you tell me what is causing this reaction? What can we do to prevent this? (7 Dec 2000)

  152. I am attempting to teach my 15 year old son to drive, and he is very excited about it. Today, he tested his blood right before driving, and he was 48 mg/dl [2.7 mmol/L]. I would not let him drive, and he said that I was over-reacting. Was I? What is an appropriate blood sugar level at which it is safe to drive a car? (6 Dec 2000)

  153. We have been told that the clinic would probably want to follow my daughter's diabetes for about a year before recommending the pump. Is this the practice norm? Does she need to be out of the honeymoon period before going on a pump? (6 Dec 2000)

  154. My 13 year old son had a 12-hour urine for protein and creatinine clearance. The protein was normal, but the creatinine clearance was low at 76. Our doctor questioned the low result and my son is doing a repeat 24-hour sample. Is protein the same as microalbumin? At what point is a child started on ACE inhibitors? Are the side effects the same as for adults? (6 Dec 2000)

  155. I am an 18 year old female diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age four. My sugar levels have been fluctuating for days now because I am under a lot of stress, and I am feeling kind of depressed. What do I do? (6 Dec 2000)

  156. I am 10 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for two years. I take 70/30 insulin twice daily and control my diet, but lately it is not helping. I have high blood sugar readings. Two weeks ago, my doctor put me on Regular insulin thrice daily, but I have seen no change. Are there any tablets for type 1 diabetes? (6 Dec 2000)

  157. My four year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of two. We check her blood glucose levels four or five times a day. I am worried about the long term damage that this can cause. (6 Dec 2000)

  158. A while ago I was having most of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. I had a test done which the doctor said was okay. However, I am having symptoms again. Could I have been misdiagnosed or could I have gotten diabetes all of the sudden? (6 Dec 2000)

  159. I am a 47 year old female with type 1 diabetes who has developed Charcot Foot. My problem is the constant pain I have. My doctor doesn't believe in any pain medication. Do I have to live the rest of my life with this pain? Can you recommend any help? (6 Dec 2000)

  160. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes, but have been borderline all my life. The other night I had a very scary episode. The doctor told me that the my urine sugar was high which could indicate diabetes. (6 Dec 2000)

  161. My five year old son had some tests done to rule out diabetes. There is adult diabetes on both sides of the family. The doctors are saying that my son might have MODY, and I'm very confused with all of this. (6 Dec 2000)

  162. How does type 1 diabetes affect a child's ability to learn and schoolwork? ? I'm interested about the high blood sugars especially, as well as the lows. (6 Dec 2000)

  163. There are many beneficial natural aids available for all chronic health problems. You are a disservice to the practice and philosophy of healing. (5 Dec 2000)

  164. I was just diagnosed with type 2. The only problem is that I am on a basic health insurance which doesn't cover meters or supplies, and I don't have a well-paying job. Does anyone know of glucose meter companies that give out free meters for low income families who can't afford one, or don't have insurance that will cover it? (5 Dec 2000)

  165. Does drinking Coke or Pepsi (or other high-sugar drinks like beer, in adulthood) contribute to the development of diabetes? Is diabetes a "modern" disease, or has it been around for hundreds of years? (5 Dec 2000)

  166. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a month ago. He recently got a bad cold. It has been five days, and he still has cold symptoms. Does it usually take longer for kids with diabetes to get over colds? Are there any over-the-counter medications that won't affect the blood sugar? Is there anything he can eat or supplements he should be taking to prevent these illnesses? (5 Dec 2000)

  167. I have had type 1 diabetes for four years. For the past two years, I have been experiencing symptoms in my feet and hands. I have been a seeing neurologist for these problems, but he does not have an answer. Do have any input as to what might be occurring? (5 Dec 2000)

  168. My three and one-half year old son had mild hypospadias and has type 1 diabetes. I have read that exposure to dioxin may contribute to both. I worked in a major environmental laboratory. Should I be looking for any connections? Could exposure "kick start" the autoimmune processes to begin? (5 Dec 2000)

  169. My six year old cousin was just diagnosed with MODY. Can he be managed by oral drugs? If yes, which ones can be used? (5 Dec 2000)

  170. My 10 year old daughter has had diabetes since age three. She wears glasses and is now experiencing problems with her eyesight again. I am afraid that she will eventually lose her sight if not better controlled. Can the damage being done be corrected? (5 Dec 2000)

  171. Is it true that diabetes of any type can cause signs of depression especially in young children? (5 Dec 2000)

  172. I have type 2 diabetes and try to take care of myself. I have never smoked. However, I am in some situations in our Union Hall where everyone is smoking. What are the effects of second-hand smoke on people with diabetes? (4 Dec 2000)

  173. I am 14 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was eight. We've been trying to an appointment with the doctor for almost a year now to see about getting a pump because I really want a pump. Every time my mom calls they say that I'm on a list to see the doctor. Do you know if they are allowed to neglect people with diabetes like that? (4 Dec 2000)

  174. What is the prevalence of diabetes in Yemenites living in Israel? (4 Dec 2000)

  175. My 21 month old son was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus several months ago. Is there such a machine that is available to the public to test sodium levels at home? (4 Dec 2000)

  176. We have been told that patches would be available. These patches are required to be worn on the thighs or shoulders and could replace the injection. When will these patches, if any, be made available ? (4 Dec 2000)

  177. Is there something my 12 year old daughter can try to ease her discomfort with injections? (4 Dec 2000)

  178. My four year son was diagnosed with diabetes six months ago. Sometimes at night, he screams because of pain in the lower right leg. The pain will go away after massaging the muscles for about 30 minutes. His doctor here doesn't know the reason and thinks it's normal. What is this? (4 Dec 2000)

  179. I have noticed a pattern of high readings two hours after lunch. Could this be because the effect of the Ultratard has diminished? I have contemplated by changing to two injections of Ultratard per day. When is the best time to take Ultratard? What percentage should I take at each time? (4 Dec 2000)

  180. My five year old daughter is generally fit, healthy and never complains when she is unwell. During the last few weeks however, she has been complaining of stomachache, irritable, gets easily upset, drinks a lot of water, and yesterday was sent home after being nauseated, white as a sheet, dizzy, and very sweaty. Could this be an indication of type 1 diabetes? (4 Dec 2000)

  181. I am looking for information about any connection between type 2 diabetes and loss of hearing. (4 Dec 2000)

  182. I am the stepmother of a four year old with type 1 diabetes. During the last 10 months, her mother has dropped her blood sugar below 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L] over 85 times. How many lows are okay? What complications will all these lows cause? We have heard that a lot of lows can cause learning problems. (4 Dec 2000)

  183. I am on a insulin pump and very insulin resistant. I wish to become pregnant in the near future and know that I will require considerably more insulin. I am seeking information about availability of U-400 insulin. My understanding is that it is available for implantable insulin pumps. Can it be used in external pumps? Where can my doctor and I find more information? (4 Dec 2000)

  184. I have had type 1 diabetes for 14 years, and I am a recovering alcoholic. I was given a breathalyzer test and my blood alcohol level was 0.28 reading which indicated that I should have been staggering drunk, but I was alert and cooperative. Do people with diabetes metabolize alcohol differently? (4 Dec 2000)

  185. My six year old son has had type 1 diabetes for a year and a half. He used to be able to tell me when he was "low", and now he says he doesn't know. He was having nighttime lows. If the nighttime lows stop, will the ability to detect his "lows" come back? (4 Dec 2000)

  186. My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes shortly after her third birthday. She was an extremely happy baby and toddler but, it seems that since she was diagnosed she has acted very angry and withdrawn. Is this common? Should I be worried that she suffers from clinical depression? (3 Dec 2000)

  187. How does a blood test determine if you have type 1 diabetes? (3 Dec 2000)

  188. My granddaughter was diagnosed in four months ago at the young age of 16 months. I am very worried about her fluctuating blood sugars. (3 Dec 2000)

  189. My 20 month old son will wake up with sudden uncontrollable tantrums that can go on for hours and are only controlled by giving him food or liquid. Have you heard of this being linked with diabetes? (3 Dec 2000)

  190. I have had type I diabetes for eight years. Can too much insulin cause weight gain? Can a person with diabetes donate blood and organs? (3 Dec 2000)

  191. My 10 year old, who is in the fifth grade, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and vitiligo. She was at a school where she was a person who happened to have a diabetes to a school where she is diabetes and not a person. What can be done to protect my daughter from being physically and psychologically harassed over a condition that she has no control over? (3 Dec 2000)

  192. My seven year old was diagnosed 10 months ago with type 1. Does this mean that he will live a normal life or will he lose his sight and will his kidneys fail? I just cannot come to terms with the fact I may lose him. I need reassurance. Please help. I am a single mum with no family to help. I think because I have lost a son. It makes this son so much more special to me. (3 Dec 2000)

  193. For the past year and a half, my left hand has had a slight tingling to an almost a numb sensation. I went to the doctor about it and he couldn't seem to give me any kind of diagnosis. I'm wondering if it is anything serious. (3 Dec 2000)

  194. I read somewhere about rollerblading for the cause of diabetes. How can I get involved and help? Several people in my school have diabetes, and I love to help others and really love to rollerblade. (3 Dec 2000)

  195. My five year old daughter was just diagnosed with diabetes. When her blood sugars are lower than 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L, and especially when they fall below 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] or 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L], should I give her something high in sugar? Will this add to diabetes complications later in her life? Should I just stick with the healthy snack to boost her levels? (3 Dec 2000)

  196. I am 27 year old male who has had diabetes for almost four years. I was recently diagnosed with nephropathy, and I went on an ACE inhibitor. Now, I have heart problems and hypertension. Can there be rapid onset of diabetes complications? (2 Dec 2000)

  197. My 20 month old daughter has gross and small motor delays, and has seized, perhaps four times, possibly more. I am convinced she has a blood sugar problem. Is it possible to have muscle weakness and delays in development from severe low blood sugar? (2 Dec 2000)

  198. How does diabetes affect a person mentally? (2 Dec 2000)

  199. I was on the Lilly beef/pork insulin until last spring when I switched to semi-synthetic human insulin. The last time I went to give blood, they said there was a risk the blood was infected with Mad Cow Disease because I had taken bovine insulin. Have there been any cases of mad cow transmitted through Lilly's Iletin I? (2 Dec 2000)

  200. My five month old baby has been diagnosed with neonatal diabetes. I know there are data to prove that pig islets work and that the antibodies cannot harm the islets. This is the viable option to me. (2 Dec 2000)

  201. My five year old daughter is was diagnosed with type I diabetes about three months ago. We are pursuing acupuncture along with administering her regular doses of insulin in the hopes of gradually reducing her insulin through long-term acupuncture. What, if any, type of feedback have you ever heard regarding doing acupuncture treatment to help type 1 diabetes? (2 Dec 2000)

  202. Two years ago, my two year old son had some high blood sugars and was on insulin for a couple of months, but eventually came off. We have noticed a few symptoms as of late. Should I contact the pediatric endocrinologist again? (1 Dec 2000)

  203. My six year old has what looks like acanthosis nigricans on her neck and behind her ears. Could there be another explanation for this besides diabetes? Could this be something other than acanthosis nigricans? (1 Dec 2000)

  204. I am 19 year old female with hypoglycemia. I have been urinating a lot, and drinking constantly. I have checked my blood sugar, and, after not eating for almost eight hours, it was 166 mg/dl. The next morning, after a 18 hour fast, it was 134 mg/dl. What could this be, and is this normal? Should I ask my doctor about this? (1 Dec 2000)

  205. What fruits and veggies are not acceptable for people with diabetes? I am very new at this and have a need to know so that my diet can be a good one. (1 Dec 2000)

  206. Is there a food guide for people with diabetes that gives serving sizes and amounts? I am looking for something similar to the food period or Canada Food Guide. (1 Dec 2000)

  207. My six year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago. If insulin brings the sugar level down then why can't she eat whatever she wants (like candy) and just take more insulin? (1 Dec 2000)

  208. In a 40 year old woman, can diabetes give a positive hepatitis C result? Can diabetes raise your liver enzymes? (1 Dec 2000)

  209. My 47 year old husband has had type 1 diabetes for 30 years. He has been hooked on Neosynephrine for several years and can no longer breathe through his nose. Are there any safe, long-term alternatives for people with diabetes who have chronic sinus/nasal conditions? (1 Dec 2000)

  210. My 34 year old husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 19 years old. I have seen him have many many low blood sugar reactions over the years. He has been hospitalized a few times. Is it possible that he has suffered some brain damage from having many low blood reactions over the years? (1 Dec 2000)

  211. I am 24 years old and found out that I had an enlarged thyroid, but my blood test was normal. I have been experiencing severe forgetfulness, occasional dizziness, and irritability.This whole situation is really bothering me! What do you recommend for me to do, or who to see? (1 Dec 2000)

  212. My 62 year old father-in-law had a stroke which has affected his facial nerve. He has not been able to open his eyes for the last 10 days. Is this curable? What is the recommended course of treatment and the duration? (1 Dec 2000)

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