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  1. Can diabetes cause pancreatic cancer? Can pancreatic cancer cause diabetes? My mother lived with diabetes for many years. At the age of 57, she became very ill, and after many test was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Three months after her diagnosis, she died. (28 Feb 2001)

  2. My 11 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few weeks ago. I can see in just this short period of time that the doctors and dietitians do not share the same motivation that I do with regard to sugar level control. Am I keeping his levels too low? Is an 11 year old child supposed to have higher levels than an adult? (28 Feb 2001)

  3. After reading some of the questions and answers on your page, I wondered if my son could be experiencing a drop in his blood sugar during the night. He seems fine when he wakes up in the morning, though sometimes he is tired. His vomiting does not appear connected to any diarrhea. Should I have him checked for diabetes? (28 Feb 2001)

  4. I have had neuropathy for the past several years, causing severe burning in my feet, and I get lots of different opinions on how to treat it.Which doctor should I believe, if any? Can I trust my own responses, or am I doing unknown harm? (28 Feb 2001)

  5. My son is 11 and has been interested in the pump, but wants to participate in sports and physical activities. What are the limitations that the pump brings to these activities? Do you know of any college or professional football players that use a pump? (28 Feb 2001)

  6. I read that men with diabetes have a problem with getting an erection. Does this mean they cannot have offspring? (28 Feb 2001)

  7. My six year old son seems to be having problems with hypoglycemia. He has seizures and developmental apraxia, is medicated for ADHD, and is waiting to go to a specialist o see if he has high functional autism. He has excessive thirst and urination, problems with bedwetting and coldness, and very bad tummy aches. Is all this possibly connected? Can diabetes be the problem? (28 Feb 2001)

  8. Our five year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five months ago. While we are getting used to dealing with this, my concern is that, in New Zealand, she is under a paediatrician, not an endocrinologist. What are your thoughts on how up to date New Zealand is in care of children with diabetes? (28 Feb 2001)

  9. My 11 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for two years. A recent visit to our consultant resulted in a comment that she may be insulin resistant. All references to "insulin resistance" tends to point to patients about to or already have type 2 diabetes. (28 Feb 2001)

  10. My husband is currently in his honeymoon period. His blood sugar is high in the afternoon, and he is tired in the evening. His endocrinologist seems to think that is okay. Can't blood sugars like this shorten his honeymoon period? Could this tiredness be a result of the high blood sugars? (28 Feb 2001)

  11. I need to do something about my 14 year old son who has diabetes and is really finding a big problem with it. He hates being sick all the time. I believe a lot of it is emotional. (27 Feb 2001)

  12. My 80 year old father has had type 1 diabetes for 60 years. He is experiencing chronic severe leg pain and inability to walk. The orthopedic surgeon indicates there is nothing he can do, and physical therapy has not helped. Is this a known complication of diabetes? (27 Feb 2001)

  13. Four weeks ago, during a routine physical examination, my nine year old daughter had a trace of sugar in her urine and a blood glucose level of 170 mg/dl [9.4mmol]. Her HbA1c was 5.4%, and she had a negative ICA test. She is scheduled to have an intravenous glucose tolerance test in a week, and I have several questions. (27 Feb 2001)

  14. I am a 19 year old with type 1 diabetes, and for the past several months, I have been experiencing some symptoms that have made it extremely difficult for me to carry on with my daily activities. Is it possible that this has something to do with an unknown condition other than diabetes? (27 Feb 2001)

  15. My 22 months old son urinates frequently, drinks a lot, is irritable, as an area on his neck that has a "dirty" look. and has recurring sores on his penis. My father and grandma both have adult onset diabetes. Could my 22 month old have diabetes? (27 Feb 2001)

  16. I have had diabetes for 30 years, and I am now on a pump and doing better. However, I also have gastroparesis and kidney disease, and I have a hard time being employed because of this. Should I apply for disability? Do I have a chance of qualifying? (27 Feb 2001)

  17. My husband is on an insulin pump with Humalog. Can you see any reason why, after he changes the infusion set, he will have a low blood sugar after a few hours? (27 Feb 2001)

  18. I am 19 years old and in college. Is there any way I can get college paid for because of this disability? (27 Feb 2001)

  19. I have 14 year old friends who are identical twins. One twin has had type 1 diabetes for many years, but the other does not have diabetes. If diabetes is a genetic disorder, and identical twins have identical genetic information, why does one twin have diabetes and not the other? (27 Feb 2001)

  20. What downsides are there to the insulin pump? What about swimming, showering and using a hot tub, etc.? Are they possible? (27 Feb 2001)

  21. My doctor feels I am a type 1 because of the small dose of insulin I am on. Could this be possible? I did not think overweight people could get type 1. (27 Feb 2001)

  22. I am 14 years old and have type 1 diabetes. I'm out for sports, so I forget to take my shots, and my hemoglobin A1c is 9.7%. Would a pump be better since I am active and busy and on the go all the time? (25 Feb 2001)

  23. My 88 year mother has type 2 diabetes and has been on insulin for about 20 years. Lately, she is forgetting more and more. I am very new at dealing with mom's diabetes, and I do not know what to say. How dangerous is her situation? (25 Feb 2001)

  24. My 40 year old sister has had type 1diabetes for about 15 years. Recently, she has developed severe migraine-like headaches Is this related to diabetes, and what further complications should we expect in the future? (25 Feb 2001)

  25. I am 54 years old and have had diabetes for almost 40 years. I had bypass surgery four years ago, and now they are testing for blockage in carotid arteries. What is the treatment for that? How successful is it? (25 Feb 2001)

  26. My 19 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for nine years and takes Ultralente and Humalog. I was told he is using marijuana, but he has had negative blood tests. Does the insulin play any part in a negative blood test results? (25 Feb 2001)

  27. My 10 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with typ1 1 diabetes three months ago. Does it matter how many carbohydrates she has? She is supposed to have so many for breakfast and so many for each meal, but does it matter if she has a lot of carbs. Is Splenda (sugar substitute) okay? (25 Feb 2001)

  28. My six year old has night sweats, craves carbohydrates, and wets the bed at night. Do you feel her symptoms are indicative of diabetes? How quickly can diabetes occur in children? If she had glucose in her urine would it show up at a well visit, or do you need to specifically ask for sugar to be tested in the urine? (25 Feb 2001)

  29. For at least three months or so, I have been getting extremely tired. I also have several headaches, get dizzy, and I have even passed out once or twice. Whenever I begin to feel any of these things, I try my best to eat something. When I do, I begin to feel better. I am confused by these symptoms. (25 Feb 2001)

  30. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was 15, and my boyfriend repeatedly states I am in some chemical imbalance and should be tested so we can fix it. Are there chemical imbalances in hypoglycemia? If so, what are they? Is there some sort of prevention? (25 Feb 2001)

  31. My two year old son had what I think might have been a hypoglycemic reaction the other day. I contacted my doctor afterwards and he said it was unlikely to be low blood sugar. Should I have my two year old tested? If so, what type of tests should I ask for? (25 Feb 2001)

  32. My four year old son has type 1 diabetes, and my 18 month old daughter had a blood sugar over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] on a meter. Is it possible for someone without diabetes to have sugar readings in the 200s mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]? Am I being overly concerned since my son has diabetes? (25 Feb 2001)

  33. My mother has diabetes because of the loss of her pancreas and takes enzymes. What are the effects of daily aspirin intake for someone also taking enzymes? (24 Feb 2001)

  34. My four year old son has had diabetes for over two years. Up until now, he would always ask me if it is okay. Lately, however, when he is with other adults, his curiosity or peer pressure get the best of him, and he ends up eating things which make his blood sugar skyrocket. What is the best way to teach him to make wise choices? (24 Feb 2001)

  35. My 35 year old husband recently had a four-hour glucose tolerance test to look for hypoglycemia which was negative. However, he has all the symptoms, and has had them since childhood. We recently were able to test his glucose level at home during an episode and it was 54 mg/dl [3 mmol/L]. Is there another type of test we should request? (24 Feb 2001)

  36. How do you rate a C-peptide value of 1.5? Is this somewhat low? (24 Feb 2001)

  37. My 12 year old son, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of seven, has been on the insulin pump with Humalog for a little more than two years and is having a serious problem with lipoatrophy. Is there help out there for these kids with this problem? (24 Feb 2001)

  38. Are you aware of problems with the Animas insulin pump or software problems (system failure, alarm failures, waterproof failure, etc)? (24 Feb 2001)

  39. I am searching for short and long term complications of children (around ages five to six) with type 1 diabetes in divorce custody arrangements. (24 Feb 2001)

  40. Before I got diabetes10 years ago, I was be very big into weight training. Since that time, I did not pick up a weight until six weeks ago, and it feels good to lift again. Is there any way or any program that I can use to build size and mass (bodybuilding) that is safe and healthy? (24 Feb 2001)

  41. How can our son, given the same insulin amounts at the same time of day and eating basically the same carbs, fats, and proteins at each meal every day, run low with no unusual amount of exercise? Is it true that insulin absorption rate may varying up to 40% from shot to shot? (24 Feb 2001)

  42. A 22 year old male has been referred to me, and I need information about body building and type 1 diabetes. I want to be able to learn more about it and also to provide him with some resources. (24 Feb 2001)

  43. My three year old son has just diagnosed with diabetes and is in the hospital now. Is there any treatment besides insulin? Is there any treatment to finish the diabetes forever? I have heard there is an inhaler. What do you think about that? (24 Feb 2001)

  44. My husband is a dialysis patient and is currently having his blood sugar monitored because diabetes runs in his family. How many people actually do glucose monitoring at home? (24 Feb 2001)

  45. As a inconvenience of my career as a road musician, I am forced to keep track of the prescription laws of the many states I travel in. I am currently in New Mexico and was refused not only syringes but insulin at a national drug store chain, and was told that their policy nationwide was to refuse insulin without a prescription. I do not use Humalog, so I was really upset. Is this legal? (24 Feb 2001)

  46. I am a 24 year old female who has had diabetes since the age of four. I am considering going on a birth control pills. What are the short and long term effects of birth control pills on blood sugars? What secondary complications from diabetes may one be at increased risk for? (24 Feb 2001)

  47. Our 15 year old daughter has had diabetes for three years, and we are having problems keeping her on track with her eating. We need help in establishing an appropriate diet of required portions. Her blood sugar fluctuates continuously. (24 Feb 2001)

  48. My three and one-half year old daughter, who doesn't have diabetes, has a craving for soda. Both my husband and I have diabetes. Would I be better off giving her regular soda or diet soda? I am afraid both ways. (22 Feb 2001)

  49. Is a result of 0.9 for a C-peptide test good or bad? Is it low insulin production or normal? (22 Feb 2001)

  50. Our five year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at nine months of age. Since that time he has done very well with no major hypo episodes or hospitalizations, and his A1cs are consistently 6.5% to 7%. His diabetes team has recommended the pump, but I have some reservations. Would there be an advantage to starting him on the pump at this time? (22 Feb 2001)

  51. I am a teacher of multi-handicapped students in a rural county, I have a 16 year old, African-American student recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He and his family are limited mentally and economically. I am trying to develop, with the help of the school nurse, a set of simple, everyday menus for them to choose from. (22 Feb 2001)

  52. Do you have any suggestions on doing glucose checks and injections for a four and a half year old girl? She says it doesn't hurt to check her, but she's absolutely petrified at the thought of it. She will even run for cover if she sees or even thinks that anyone else is getting a shot. (22 Feb 2001)

  53. Recently, my six year old daughter's behavior has become (at times) uncontrollable. She is with above average in intelligence, but her grades aren't what I know they can and should be, mostly because of lack of attention on her part. She seems to be far worse following the slightest sugar consumption (especially chocolate). A friend suggested that blood sugar fluctuation might be causing her problems. Could this be the case? (22 Feb 2001)

  54. My four and a half year old daughter has had some high blood sugars, is always hungry, has mood swings, gets up during the night to use the bathroom. Are there any conditions other than diabetes cause glucose levels to rise? (22 Feb 2001)

  55. My 10 year daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago. After a short honeymoon, her blood sugars have been increasing quickly, for the last month, in spite of our efforts to counteract with more insulin, and her efforts to exercise heavily and follow her meal plan. I have several questions. (22 Feb 2001)

  56. In studying my family history, I have found that several young women (ages 18-23 years) developed type 1 diabetes within a year of giving birth. Does pregnancy speed up the autoimmune process? (22 Feb 2001)

  57. I am 30 years old, and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes eight years ago. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was a teenager. Lately, though, I am experiencing very blurry vision in my left eye only. Could my blurry vision be a result of my diabetes? How long does one usually have diabetes before any type of eye infection starts? (22 Feb 2001)

  58. Has there ever been a study to see if there is any association between diabetes and primary amyloidosis? (22 Feb 2001)

  59. My nine year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was two years old. She gets this pain in her left side of her stomach that is so bad she can't move, but by the time we get her to the hospital it's gone. Have you ever heard of any such thing? The doctors won't do anything about it. (21 Feb 2001)

  60. Recently, I read that insulin in use should be stored at room temperature, and pens should not be stored in the refrigerator (which I do). Could you recommend some guidelines with regard to storage of insulin, both in use and awaiting use? (21 Feb 2001)

  61. What is the internal structure of blood glucose monitoring systems? (21 Feb 2001)

  62. Prior to the diagnosis of diabetes, my son had tonsillitis and was very ill for no apparent reason. It took my doctor four weeks to diagnose the diabetes, but no one has been able to clarify the cause. Since my son's diagnosis, three other young children were diagnosed after having had tonsillitis. Could the diabetes have been caused by the viral infection he had with the tonsillitis? (21 Feb 2001)

  63. Our 13 year old daughter has been blacking out for about a month. While she was home on vacation, and eating regularly, she never experienced a blackout, but, now that school has started up, she has started blacking out again. We think it's her eating pattern. Could this be hypoglycemia? (21 Feb 2001)

  64. I daycare a child who is two and one-half years old and has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. What kinds of foods can I give? (21 Feb 2001)

  65. My friend's 10 year old son with diabetes. She keeps talking about "juvenile double jeopardy diabetes". I am unable to find anything on this. Is there such a disease? If so, what are the symptoms, and effects? (21 Feb 2001)

  66. My two year old daughter has been having episodes in which she wanders around (or at night just sits up in bed) and her hands twitch and she mumbles incoherently. Her eyes are glazed and "a million miles away". It seems that she has these episodes a lot more when she has had higher amounts of sugar. Can it be a coincidence or should I have her tested for something sugar related? (21 Feb 2001)

  67. My 10 year old son has been using a pump with Humalog insulin for about two months. He occasionally has significant "highs" soon after changing the infusion set. (21 Feb 2001)

  68. The doctor says my son needs prednisone for an ongoing ear infection. I am worried because we have a family history of type 1 diabetes, and I have heard that prednisone can increase blood sugar levels. Can prednisone bring on diabetes in someone who could be incubating it but has not presented with the disease? (20 Feb 2001)

  69. About six months ago, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. At hospital discharge, I was taking 46 units or insulin per day, and now, just a few short months later, I am down to 9 units a day, with directions to possibly stop the evening dose of 2 units. My doctors believe this could have been caused by a virus, and may possibly "go away." I can't seem to find any research on this. (20 Feb 2001)

  70. I am 28 years old, was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, and I am on multiple insulin injections. However, I still have frequent high blood sugars and hypos. I am thinking of an insulin pump, but it is not available in my area. Any advice? (20 Feb 2001)

  71. I am a 23 year old college student with multiple medical problems, and I have been on TPN since age 16. Three weeks ago I had a celiac plexus block with steroids, and since then my blood sugars have been running anywhere from 140-190 mg/dl [7.8- 10.6 mmol/L], sometimes going as high as 200-220 mg/dl [11.1-12.2 mmol/L]. What has your experience been with patients on TPN getting high blood sugars? Are the ranges that I am having normal? (20 Feb 2001)

  72. Why does my 11 year old daughter who has diabetes keep passing out? No one can tell me why. She has had really high blood sugars lately, and her CAT scan came back negative. (20 Feb 2001)

  73. My 20 month old daughter was recently treated for a virus. When her urine was checked, it showed no signs of sugar, but her ketones were 80. Could this be a symptom of diabetes or would she have to also have sugar spilling into her urine? (20 Feb 2001)

  74. I am a 40 year old skinny male, who exercises every day and has no symptoms of diabetes. However, blood sugar is around 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L] in the morning even if I did not eat much the night before. During the day it drops backs to 110 -130 mg/dl [6.1 -7.2mmol/L]. Why is my blood sugar always high in the morning? Do I have diabetes? (20 Feb 2001)

  75. My five year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year and a half ago. I am concerned about her constant high blood glucose readings (20.0 mmol/L [360 mg/dl]) and her upcoming hemoglobin A1c. How much time should I be allowing her body to adjust to this new diagnosis? (20 Feb 2001)

  76. My 14 year old son, who has had diabetes for three years, will be visiting friends in New York for a week. This nice person is a little bit anxious (so we are with my wife) with the idea of my son's disease, even if he has never had any problem. Who can be contacted in case of an emergency? (20 Feb 2001)

  77. At a recent doctor's visit, my boyfriend had an A1c of 10.6%, and his blood sugar was over 400 mg/dl [22 mmol/L]. His doctors have told him that he may not live past the age of 25. Is this true? Is there anything that I can do to help him? (20 Feb 2001)

  78. Does diabetes cause your toes to turn purple? (20 Feb 2001)

  79. My husband and nine year old daughter both have type 1 diabetes as do lots of people in the USA. How are they going to get the right medical care when they retire? (20 Feb 2001)

  80. I have a student who is 14 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11. I know that going through puberty can cause levels blood sugar levels to be unstable. Can this also cause a decrease in ability to concentrate and complete a task? (19 Feb 2001)

  81. A few days ago, my six year old daughter passed out, and when she went to the doctor her blood sugar was 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. She has had similar problems in the past, but never totally passed out, and we never were able to pinpoint the problem. Her doctor thinks that her sugar level is dropping and wants us to control this with diet. I need help with a meal plan. (19 Feb 2001)

  82. According to the ADA, what should the caloric intake be for a 20 year male, weighing 177 pounds? I had a guess it might be 2500 calories. (19 Feb 2001)

  83. My five year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age three and one-half and is on a constant carb diet. She is a very picky eater. We experience many lows and many highs due to her lack of eating. Any suggestions on how to get her to eat more or is there another diet control method? (19 Feb 2001)

  84. What is the likelihood of my child having diabetes as an adult if she was having diabetic fetopathy as a newborn? (19 Feb 2001)

  85. I am a 40 year old female and have had diabetes for 25 years. For the last ten years or so, I have suffered with what I call an antisocial stomach. My doctor shows no interest in the condition, but I now find it is affecting my life drastically. Can you tell me if you know what it could be and if there is a way of treating it? (19 Feb 2001)

  86. My 31 year old husband has had type 1 diabetes for eight years. Lately, he has been complaining of his upper back portion of his arms(above the elbow) falling asleep when he lies down. He seems to think it is because he has gained about 25 pounds in the last year or so, but I'm worried about neuropathy. What could this be? (19 Feb 2001)

  87. My 78 year mother has diabetes and takes insulin. Her condition has gradually deteriorated to the point where, in the last few days, she has "caught herself" about to fall from standing position and sat down abruptly. Can you enlighten us as to how her diabetes may or may not be related to her latest deterioration? (19 Feb 2001)

  88. My eight year old son, who has type 1diabetes and receives 2 injections per day, continues to gain weight, especially in the midsection. He goes to bed early and gets up early. What can he do or take to "burn some fat"? (19 Feb 2001)

  89. Could you tell if there are any professional endurance athletes that have diabetes? I've seen a professional tri-athlete that was but forgot his name. (19 Feb 2001)

  90. I have recently heard that there have been problems associated with Humalog. According to the report, if you are on one kind and get switched over to the other, this can cause some serious side effects such as comas, etc. They also reported that one person died due to this. What information do you have? (19 Feb 2001)

  91. What is causing so many people to get this terrible disease? Why did you not hear about diabetes 20-30 years ago or less? Why isn't there a requirement that all children have periodic tests for diabetes? (19 Feb 2001)

  92. My daughter-in-law was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was 13 years old. She had repeated bouts of illnesses that eventually causes the physicians to diagnose the diabetes, but too late. She recently had a child who is now one year old, and she is very worried that the same thing will happen to her daughter. (18 Feb 2001)

  93. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago. and has never really been in control. Now, does not want to do the fingerprick tests and is really depressed. I am very worried because her blood sugars are usually in the range of 13-20 mmol/L [234- 360 mg/dl]. (18 Feb 2001)

  94. I will be watching my granddaughter this summer and have several questions about glucagon. (18 Feb 2001)

  95. My six year old, diagnosed a year ago, just started on a pump, and we love it! However, I am realize that I want to understand the postprandial rise in blood sugar better than I do. Do you have any suggestions about learning resources in this area? (18 Feb 2001)

  96. Should I avoid giving my three and one-half year old daughter chocolate milk, puddings, etc., as I was told by some people that this will bring out the gene producing diabetes? Is it true that feeding her too much sugar will bring the diabetes out, maybe not now, but possibly later on in life, and that if she is not given this sugar and chocolate, it may lay dormant for her entire life? (18 Feb 2001)

  97. My four year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for two and a half years, and we have never really been able to control her morning blood sugars. Her doctors do not recommend starting her on three shots a day because of her age. (18 Feb 2001)

  98. My seven year old daughter has frequent headaches, and, in the last few months, has been asking to go to the nurse in the afternoon at school with complaints of dizziness, nausea (never vomits), and headaches. The teacher says she becomes ashen and has circles under her eyes. Since there is diabetes in the family, I am concerned that she may have a problem. (18 Feb 2001)

  99. My nine year old son has diabetes and is out of control with his eating habits. He knows what he can have, but he is always sneaking sweets, especially at school. I really need advice on how to deal him. Can you send me any listing of groups in my area? (18 Feb 2001)

  100. My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed four months ago. I am very concerned because she seems to be too involved with her diabetes. What is your opinion? What can I do? (18 Feb 2001)

  101. My seven year old daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am confused to how many sugar free items (diabetic chocolate or sugar free gummy bears) she is allowed. She has been following her diet very well and is not a big junk food eater, although sometimes she would like an occasional sweet even if it is sugar free. (18 Feb 2001)

  102. Six months ago my seven year old son had a fasting blood of 263 mg/dl [14.6 mmol/L] and an A1c of 6.7% so his doctor put him insulin. Since he was having a lot of lows, his insulin was discontinued, and my son is doing well. However, about once a month, not connected to eating, his blood sugar will be high and sometimes low. What is the problem? Could it be type 2 diabetes? (16 Feb 2001)

  103. I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first child and three days before my three hour GTT, I changed my diet to smaller meals with each meal containing less carbohydrate, a little more protein, and a lot less fruit. Did the diet that I had before the test change the result of my test? Is the test result accurate? (16 Feb 2001)

  104. I'm at 32 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes which I am controlling with diet. My obstetrician told me that I should avoid ketones, but I do have ketones from time to time even when my blood sugar is under control. I have several questions. (16 Feb 2001)

  105. Any news on when and to whom the GlucoWatch will be marketed in the US? (16 Feb 2001)

  106. Our five and one-half old daughter was just diagnosed with type1 diabetes, which we found very early. She has not had any symptoms. We have started to monitor her blood sugar level, but have not started insulin. (16 Feb 2001)

  107. I was monitored for gestational diabetes whilst pregnant with my now four year old son. Is there any research to say that he could develop diabetes? (16 Feb 2001)

  108. My six and one-half year old year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 about three years ago. Her blood sugar has been in good control with three daily shots. She needs an appendectomy, and I have several questions. (16 Feb 2001)

  109. My 11 year old daughter and I are more than willing to do the work involved in starting an insulin pump. However, because my daughter's A1cs have been 6.6 and 7% on three shots, her pediatric endocrinologist doesn't think we should change. Should we just back off on our interest in the pump? (16 Feb 2001)

  110. My 13 year old daughter has decided that the pump might be the way to go. Each pump that we researched seems to do the same thing, same cost. Please advise. (16 Feb 2001)

  111. I read about a young lady's stomach cramps and diarrhea after treating nighttime hypoglycemia. I wanted to mention another likely cause, "dumping syndrome". (16 Feb 2001)

  112. You frequently cite the statistic that there is a 5% chance that a woman with diabetes will have a child with diabetes. How realistic is that figure? (15 Feb 2001)

  113. My 23 year old wife was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three weeks ago. Even with exactly the same activity, insulin, and food, her blood sugars swing wildly. We have tried the CGMS, but the doctors are baffled. and they say that they have never seen such a case before. (15 Feb 2001)

  114. I have had type 1 diabetes for 14 years. I recently read a book that said one lives, on average, 50 years with the disease. Is this true? (15 Feb 2001)

  115. For almost a month now, my three year old daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night with screaming and crying and kicking. Could she have hypoglycemia? Can I buy a kit at the store to test her? What do I do if her levels are high? (15 Feb 2001)

  116. Does diabetes affect your immune system? (15 Feb 2001)

  117. My brother and his girlfriend are coming up for a visit soon. His girlfriend has diabetes, celiac disease, ADD, thyroid problems, and takes MAOI inhibitors. What sort of things should I be prepared for and what should I have on hand? Specifically, what sort of foods should I buy that she can eat? (15 Feb 2001)

  118. My seven ear old son has had type 1 diabetes for four years. When he has episodes of high blood sugars, he develops repeated infections and thrush under his foreskin. What can be done to prevent this? Should he be circumcised? (15 Feb 2001)

  119. My 11 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with type I at age one and one-half. We have never discussed, in detail, the long term effects of diabetes, and we want to begin educating him about these issues. Can you recommend some age-appropriate resources that will not unnecessarily frighten him? (15 Feb 2001)

  120. My five and on-half year old son has been on antibiotics for nearly two months About four days ago, he began excessive drinking and frequent urination (even to the point of bed wetting and accidents at play). Today, the doctor tested him for diabetes and told me my son is now at risk for having severe diabetes. Is this possible? Could it be a reaction to the medication? (15 Feb 2001)

  121. After taking two or three doses of ampicillin, I came down with what I now believe to be hyperglycemia (excessive thirst, frequent urination, tingling in fingers and toes). Do you think that the incident is indicative of transient hyperglycemia, anaphylaxis, or could I possibly have diabetes? (15 Feb 2001)

  122. My six year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago. Why, when she is low (mostly at dinner), and we treat her with the 1 teaspoon of sugar (as suggested), does her blood sugar rise to the 20s mmol/L [360 mg/dl]? (14 Feb 2001)

  123. I am curious about the effects of caffeine in diabetes. Can it raise or lower blood glucose? Are caffeine pills safe for a person with type 1 diabetes to take? Are there safer stimulants to take that wouldn't produce symptoms of low blood sugar? (14 Feb 2001)

  124. My three and one-half year old grandson was diagnosed as having "inherited insulin resistance". The doctor wants to give him Glucophage, but we are skeptical. (14 Feb 2001)

  125. Are you aware of any research regarding idiopathic juvenile diabetes? I would also like more information regarding managing type 1b through diet, exercise and oral agents, and whether this might be appropriate for a three year old. (14 Feb 2001)

  126. Our son who just got on an insulin pump and is on fast acting insulin which starts working in five minutes. Is it a bad idea to wait until after the meal to give him the bolus? Our rationale is we can tailor the bolus to exactly how much he ate, but, if his blood sugar is rising quickly, this may not be the optimum timing. (14 Feb 2001)

  127. Sometimes, my parents' friend comes over to eat, and no one knows what he should eat. He is around 40 or 50 years old, but I have no clue what type of diabetes he has. Can someone please send me a list of foods that he can have? (14 Feb 2001)

  128. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year and a half ago, and since then she was diagnosed with celiac disease and hypothyroidism. How many kids out there with type 1 have these same conditions? Are there any support groups for us, to help control everything? (14 Feb 2001)

  129. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 30 weeks. I am on a diet and insulin before bed. I check my blood sugars three times a day. My doctor said that I should probably start taking the "other" insulin. It is all driving me out of my mind. How unlikely would it be for me to be induced one or two weeks early? Would this be too risky for lung maturity and breathing/sucking? (14 Feb 2001)

  130. I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My doctor wants me to immediately go on insulin, but I am resisting. Is insulin necessary? What is your opinion? (14 Feb 2001)

  131. About a year ago, our 16 year old son, who was a child of perfect health, began having grand mal seizures. We don't understand why and have not been able to come up with any answers. He has also developed hypoglycemia. Could the seizures be related to the hypoglycemia? If so, how do we begin to control it? (13 Feb 2001)

  132. Is there an Accepted Daily Intake (ADI) for sucralose? What is the ADI for sugar? Why is there an ADI? (13 Feb 2001)

  133. My boyfriend, 25, seems to "get the blues" often, I'm convinced that it has to do with his diabetes, but there's nothing he can put his finger on that would be causing these feelings. What is the connection is between diabetes and depression? Does diabetes change the serotonin levels in your body? (13 Feb 2001)

  134. The doctor put me on Tolinase, but two weeks later I needed insulin. Am I in my honeymoon? Could I possibly have type 2? (13 Feb 2001)

  135. If I eat processed sugar in any form I lose any ability to concentrate, slur my speech, become irritable and cannot form a logical thought no matter how hard I try. My primary care physician told me it must be in my head. I can control it by eating eggs and meat for breakfast (no cholesterol problems so far), fish for lunch (light on the bread), and then whatever I want for dinner. Is that the best I can hope for here? (13 Feb 2001)

  136. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about eight months ago. Since then, his blood sugars have remained high, even with increasing his insulin dosages. I have been given conflicting information from the pediatrician, the endocrinologists and others who assume that type 1 works like type 2. (13 Feb 2001)

  137. My five year old son has type 1 diabetes and autism, and we have been having trouble with highs and lows. What can we do about these peaks and valleys? (13 Feb 2001)

  138. What are the effects of methamphetamines while taking 75/25 insulin? (13 Feb 2001)

  139. My nine year old son has had type 1 diabetes since he was five and has been on a pump with Humalog for almost a year. He has had lipohypertrophy on both arms for some time, but lately it is getting bigger, and he doesn't get insulin in his arms. I also am having difficulty avoiding lows. Sometimes he can drop 80 points in 10 minutes. There are no signs of insulin allergy. What is wrong? (11 Feb 2001)

  140. What good studies were done to determine the stability, reliability and consistency of mixing in the emulsion of Lilly's 75/25 Pen injection system? Did the FDA verify? (11 Feb 2001)

  141. My 15 1/2 year old daughter was diagnosed at age 12. She had a sugar level of 1000 mg/dl [55.6 mmol/L] and was very ill. I am very worried because she has not started her menses. My endocrinologist tells me not to worry and to wait until she is 16. Could she have suffered some injury to her reproductive organs during her episode at age 12? (11 Feb 2001)

  142. The amount of liquids my five year old son drinks (average about three glasses an hour) bothers me a great deal. he He complains of headaches a lot and is sometimes quite lethargic. My doctor refuses to test him because he does not urinate frequently. Should I find someone else to test my son? (11 Feb 2001)

  143. My 76 year old grandmother, who has had diabetes for as long as I can remember, is in congestive heart failure now. All the family is telling me is that it is the final stages of diabetes. Is this true and what does it mean for her? (11 Feb 2001)

  144. I am a 23 years old, have had diabetes for 17 years, and I have always been under good control. I am very nervous about developing complications and tend to be extremely cautious when it comes to my health. After talking with several nephrologists and doing some research, I am become increasingly convinced that taking a low dose ACE inhibitor might help reduce my chances of developing kidney problems in the future. (11 Feb 2001)

  145. My 14 month old daughter has had two stomach viruses and she awakened the next day very lethargic. We discovered that her blood sugar was 35 mg/dl [1.9 mmol/L]. One doctor said that a "de-branching enzyme disorder is possible." How likely is this rare metabolic disorder? How would it be treated and is it life threatening? (11 Feb 2001)

  146. My 10 year old son uses a combination of Humalog and NPH before breakfast and at supper. Because of the action of Humalog, how necessary is it for him to have an additional dose of Humalog to cover the lunch meal? (9 Feb 2001)

  147. My seven year was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year and a half ago. For the last 10 days or more, he has been having a number of low blood sugars (2.5-3.4 mmol/L [45- 61 mg/dl]) during the night, in the early morning hours, after which he vomits. We have cut back our long-acting 5 units, yet he still seems to be low. Any thoughts? (9 Feb 2001)

  148. I am 54 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years. I have been taking a mixture of NPH and Humalog for over 10 years. I have averaged a grand mal seizure approximately once a month, mostly at night during sleep. Any ideas? (9 Feb 2001)

  149. My 14 year old nephew has had type 1 diabetes for three years, and most of his readings are so high they don't register on the monitors. His doctor does not seem to be too worried. How can we contact someone to suggest a plan of action? (9 Feb 2001)

  150. I have heard conflicting reports about using Humalog during pregnancy, and would like to fully understand the options before becoming pregnant. What is the current thinking? (9 Feb 2001)

  151. I have type 2 diabetes and as of yet, my 108 pound six year old does not have any diabetes, but I would like to place him on a "lifestyle change diet" similar to mine. (9 Feb 2001)

  152. From the time my five year old started eating regular food, she just ate carbohydrates. Can this have caused the type 1 diabetes? (9 Feb 2001)

  153. I am a 52 year old male. I checked my blood sugars, and they were 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L] fasting, and after a meal 110 mg/dl [6.1] mmol/L. Do I have to cut down on my sugar intake? (9 Feb 2001)

  154. I have been experiencing headaches, ranging from a daily chronic headache to a mild migraine headache once a week, for a large part of my life. Could hypoglycemia be a possible cause? (9 Feb 2001)

  155. Does my daughter have type 1B diabetes? What causes diabetes? If the honeymoon phase is prolonged, will it help? What other solutions can you suggest? Does nicotinamide help? (9 Feb 2001)

  156. My husband had a HbA1c test done in the hospital during a bout of extreme infection and a fever of 101-102 degrees. In addition, he was receiving intravenous antibiotics for the infection. Could these conditions have influenced the result of the HbA1c test? If not, what are the conditions that may influence this test? (8 Feb 2001)

  157. My 11 year old step-daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 11 months ago. Prior to being diagnosed, she had some extensive dental work and continues to need it. She has poor dental hygiene, however her family insists she has these problems are due to her diabetes. Can diabetes cause dental complications? (8 Feb 2001)

  158. If antibody tests are negative, can my son become insulin independent? Do type 1B patients have an endless honeymoon period or will they need more insulin afterward? What is an insulin antibody test? (8 Feb 2001)

  159. I have heard that acupuncture, polarised light, and magnetic bioresonance can decrease insulin requirement. Will these make the few still alive islet cells work harder or will they die sooner? (8 Feb 2001)

  160. If inhaling insulin is possible, what about a glucose solution? Wouldn't it be much handier? (8 Feb 2001)

  161. I am 30 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes. I had a couple of blood sugars that were higher than they should be. Does this "roller-coaster" harm the growth of the fetus and its production of insulin? (8 Feb 2001)

  162. What are the chances of a woman with type 1 diabetes giving birth to babies who go on to develop diabetes? (8 Feb 2001)

  163. I have done some reading regarding "essiac" and how this has cured many people of cancer and two people of type 1 diabetes. I would like to know if anyone has looked into this product to see and test it in people with diabetes. (8 Feb 2001)

  164. I am continually frustrated by the response to questions regarding stomachaches as being psychological in origin once other physical causes have been eliminated. (8 Feb 2001)

  165. My friend's two year old son is a tiny little guy. He loves water! They said he sneaks it, and loves to drink it, and if he sees water he goes crazy to get at it. I asked if he urinated a lot and they said. (8 Feb 2001)

  166. My 12 daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago, has gained too much weight and now her doctor has put her on a 1600 calorie diet. I would like to know where I can get a menu because the dietitian told us that she does not make up menus for anyone. (8 Feb 2001)

  167. My seven year old daughter has type 1 diabetes, and my four year old daughter is ICA and GAD antibody positive. We are returning for the final glucose tolerance test to see if she will be part of the DPT-1. We have been doing some research and are considering niacinamide or nicotinamide as a supplement. What is the difference between nicotinamide and niacinamide? (7 Feb 2001)

  168. Recently, I took my 13 year old daughter to the hospital for what I thought were flu symptoms, and they admitted her into the PICU. She was responding to the questions, but then was put into a coma because her brain was swelling. When she is brought out of it, is there anything that can be done to reduce the swelling if it hasn't gone down during her coma state? (7 Feb 2001)

  169. I am 47 years old and may be pregnant. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and a year later I was told I did not have it. Now, my blood sugar has gone as high as went as high as 561 mg/dl [31.2 mmol/L] and I'm on Glucovance. If I am pregnant, how will Glucovance affect my baby? Do I have diabetes? (7 Feb 2001)

  170. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed at age two and has been on an insulin pump for 15 months. She is also a competitive swimmer. Are you aware of any physicians who deal with competitive athletes similar to my daughter? (7 Feb 2001)

  171. My 16 year old son was diagnosed about nine months ago, he is out of the honeymoon period already, and we are trying to get him on the insulin pump. We have only heard positive things about the pump, but his doctor is hesitant. His doctor is concerned because he won't have any NPH in his system. (7 Feb 2001)

  172. I am on Humalog before meals with NPH at bedtime. My blood glucose levels before breakfast and before lunch are okay. However, before supper the blood glucose levels often run very high. If I increase my Humalog dose before lunch, I get hypoglycemic in the afternoon. Do you have a good suggestion? (7 Feb 2001)

  173. I am 14 years old and I was diagnosed about two months ago. Does having that many lows and having an occasional extreme low affect your brain in any way? If I wake up with a blood sugar of 75 mg/dl [4.2 mmol/L], does this mean that there is a good chance that I was low during the night? My doctor said that prolonged lows during the night are the ones I really have to worry about. Is this true? Can they do more damage? (7 Feb 2001)

  174. What would cause the tubing in an infusion set to become like it is "air locked" so that the pump cannot push insulin through the tubing? (7 Feb 2001)

  175. My nine year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was eight months old. For the most part we have kept it under control, but recently we are running into problems. Her blood sugar levels are now up and down and harder to control. (7 Feb 2001)

  176. I just received the news that my two year old son's antibody test was negative. He has several high blood sugar levels(confirmed by lab). Does this mean he will not develop diabetes? Do the antibodies appear after diabetes has developed? (7 Feb 2001)

  177. I read that the digestion of the dinner meal takes substantially longer than other meals and that insulin resistance at dinnertime is about double. Can you comment on this? (7 Feb 2001)

  178. Lately, my son's A1cs have been low, but his fructosamines have been high. Can you tell me what this means? Does this mean my son does not have as good control as I thought he did? (7 Feb 2001)

  179. Our four year old has type 1 diabetes and we are expecting our second baby soon. There has been a lot of publicity about using cord blood in conjunction with islet transplants to cure type 1 diabetes. Should I save the cord blood to help cure my child's diabetes? (5 Feb 2001)

  180. What about an eight year old child who suddenly developed diabetes and whose glucose is not regulated, ranging from 70 to 200 mg/dl [3.9 to 11.1 mmol/L]? (5 Feb 2001)

  181. My three and one-half year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three months ago. His blood glucose was about 270 mg/dl [15 mmol/L] and the HbA1c was 9.7%.Ten weeks after diagnosis, our little boy went completely off of insulin, and 12 weeks after diagnosis, his HbA1c was 5.6%. Is it possible my son was misdiagnosed? (5 Feb 2001)

  182. Is it usual for a person with diabetes to have regular hypos? What is meant by the term "good diabetes control"? Are my boyfriend's current blood sugars going to cause problems? Would Humalog be a better option for such a forgetful person? (5 Feb 2001)

  183. A 15 year old, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 18 months is experiencing high morning fever, dizziness, headache, and occasional vomiting. Blood sugar levels vary at the time of these symptoms. Could these symptoms be diabetes related? (5 Feb 2001)

  184. I have a child who seems to exhibit symptoms very similar to diabetes, yet she does not test for it. At the same time something is clearly going on, which appears to be directly related to her consumption of glucose. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? (5 Feb 2001)

  185. My son has been talking a lot in class, and it seems that most of the time when he does this is sugar level is over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. Does this has anything to do with his sugar level? (5 Feb 2001)

  186. My eight year old has been complaining that lights are too bright, he is always thirsty, and he is a little overweight. Should I have him tested for diabetes since it does run in my family? (5 Feb 2001)

  187. My 36 year old husband got diabetes when he was ten and now cannot feel the onset of a reaction. He recently got into a car accident because of this. Is there something he can wear to alert him that his blood sugar it getting low? What can we do so that I can feel safe with him driving our children in the car? (5 Feb 2001)

  188. My 12 year old daughter has had diabetes for five years. Lately, she does not want to do her insulin or check her blood sugar. I cannot get her Hemoglobin A1c below 12% Is there someone out there she can talk to or help the whole family out? (5 Feb 2001)

  189. Will a mixture of Humalog and NPH take longer to become effective than just Humalog alone? (3 Feb 2001)

  190. My partner has type 1 diabetes and doesn't manage it very well. Are there any long-term damaging effects of hypoglycemia? When someone is seizing, anything else I can do aside from force feeding honey? (3 Feb 2001)

  191. What do you recommend for a 19 month old with type 1 diabetes and a severe stomach virus (vomiting, loose bowels) who is battling low sugar even after reducing insulin? It's extremely difficult to get her to drink or eat anything. Nothing is appetizing to her with her stomach upset. (3 Feb 2001)

  192. I am 38 years old and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year and one-half ago. I did not need to take medication, and did not keep a check on my blood sugar. I have now been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Can mood swings, manic episodes and depression be caused by the diabetes instead of mental illness? Do diabetes and bipolar disorder have an effect on each other? (3 Feb 2001)

  193. My 49 year old brother has diabetes and stage four non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. We are looking for a recipe to make Glucerna ourselves or suggestions as to where we might obtain it at discounted prices. (3 Feb 2001)

  194. Are gallstones a complication of juvenile diabetes? (2 Feb 2001)

  195. I have had type 1 diabetes for 32 year and currently use an insulin pump with Humalog. Meats such as chicken, beef, and pork, at some point, digest into carbohydrates. At what rate or the time does it take for this process to happen? (2 Feb 2001)

  196. When I change my catheter site to my upper abdomen, after a day, I start to feel pain. I have no problems in my lower abdomen. Nothing I do seems to help. What am I doing wrong? (2 Feb 2001)

  197. I am a 23 year old girl, whose my parents are considering my marriage with a 28 year old guy who has type 1 diabetes. We are in love with each other, but my parents are very concerned and do not want me to consider him anymore. I have several questions. (2 Feb 2001)

  198. My 46 year old husband has had type 1 diabetes for 22 years, is on intensive management, and is considering a pump. I have some concerns. (2 Feb 2001)

  199. My father has had type 1 diabetes for several years, and has had many complications over the past two years. Because of these complications, he now has to retire with disability. I am a very frustrated daughter. I am 19 years old and feel like my father is "disappearing" before my very eyes. I know that the doctors are doing all that they can, but I feel that it is not enough. Do you have any advice? (2 Feb 2001)

  200. Are there are other children with diabetes in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area? (2 Feb 2001)

  201. My five year old daughter, who was diagnosed with type I diabetes a year ago, has recently been complaining of headaches and "slanted vision"? Her vision is 20/20 and everything else seems fine. What is the cause of it? (2 Feb 2001)

  202. My six year old son had a positive step test, and two weeks later his hands and feet started peeling very badly. The doctor thinks he may have Kawasaki disease. I have hypothyroidism and had gestational diabetes, and my father has type 2 diabetes. Should I be concerned that my son may have diabetes? (1 Feb 2001)

  203. We live in a small town, and several children (including my daughter) and at least one adult have all developed type 1 diabetes in the last two years. Is this significant? Is there any information on children who develop type 1 diabetes in the same neighborhood and small town with in two years of each other? (1 Feb 2001)

  204. My five year old son has been experiencing some symptoms similar to those of diabetes. He has polyuria, polydipsia and constant hunger which are not like his usual habits. He has frequent headaches and complains of being tired a lot. He had a fasting blood sugar drawn, and his blood glucose was 118 mg/dl [6.6 mmol/L]. Does this seem to merit more testing? Does my child have diabetes? (1 Feb 2001)

  205. I noted that the acceptable daily intake of sucralose is 15mg/kg of body weight in your information. I noted from another source that it was 5 mg/kg of body weight. Which is correct? (1 Feb 2001)

  206. My 22 month old daughter has is type 1 diabetes and is on Humalog and NPH insulins. Her overnight numbers range anywhere from the 40s to 400s mg/dl [2.2 to 22.2 mmol/L] on the same dose of diluted NPH. I am confused with this fluctuation. Am I doing something wrong? (1 Feb 2001)

  207. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. Lately, her blood sugar level has been increasing and increasing, but the doctors can't seem to get it down. She is currently in the hospital now with a blood sugar of over 1000 mg/dl [55.6 mmol/L]. I need a doctor who specializes in children with diabetes. (1 Feb 2001)

  208. I am 40 years old, and I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 10. I've heard that having many severe insulin reactions can cause memory loss over a long period of time. Is this true? (1 Feb 2001)

  209. I have had type 1 diabetes for 44 years and use an insulin pump. During the last year, I have developed cavities at my insertion sites. My endocrinologist says she has never seen or heard of anything like this. Can you help? (1 Feb 2001)

  210. I am seven months pregnant and have diabetes. What is the type of food and fruits I should eat? (1 Feb 2001)

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