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  1. Has there been any research/studies on injecting Humalog after meals? (31 May 2001)

  2. My eight year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, and we are having a lot of problems getting him to give his injections. It is hard to get him to eat so I'm scared to give him his shots. Is this something he will overcome or will this continue? (31 May 2001)

  3. I have been on insulin for about two years, and now I have leg pain and pain in my hands. Is this possibly due to diabetes? (31 May 2001)

  4. My mother is currently taking Glucophage and a sulfonylurea, but this weekend her blood sugar went as high as 390 mg/dl [mmol/L], and she was only able to bring it down to 271 mg/dl [mmol/L]. Is there anything besides her medication she should be doing to bring it down even more? (31 May 2001)

  5. I am 20 year old, and am in the honeymoon phase. Would you recommend the insulin pump now? What are the pros and cons of starting the pump during the honeymoon phase? (31 May 2001)

  6. I have diabetes, and I decided to check my childrens' blood sugars. My 20 month old has consistently had high blood sugars for the past three days. Is it normal for a baby that age to run high sugars? (30 May 2001)

  7. My mother-in-law, who has diabetes and takes insulin has bowel cancer that has now spread to her stomach.After leaving the hospital, she developed gangrene in a leg, and ten days ago the leg was amputated below the knee. The wound is now septic, and she has been told she must have the rest of the leg off immediately. What happens when the new site is infected when surely it will be? (30 May 2001)

  8. Could the presence of ketones be from hypo rather than hyperglycaemia following the low? I gather that ketoacidosis is different from ketosis-lipolysis. Could you explain the difference to a layman? What are the time scales involved in producing ketones in high-sugar rebounds from hypos? (30 May 2001)

  9. I took my 15 year old to the doctor, and she was diagnosed with a sinus and throat infection. the doctor also said her thyroid glands were enlarged and wants to do tests when she is well. He mentioned a teen may have swollen glands due to growing, is this true? Can the gland be enlarged due to the infection? (30 May 2001)

  10. Our 13 year old daughter was well controlled until the last two years. In the last two years, she has barely been able to attend school, her blood sugars rise and drop for no apparent reason, and she smells of ketones. She is in and out of the hospital weekly and sent home as soon as stabilized with no answers as to why this is occurring. (30 May 2001)

  11. My 13 year old daughter, who has has type 1 diabetes for five years and has not had a menstrual cycle yet, has had blood sugar control problems for about a year. We are going crazy trying to keep it all in range. How much does puberty affect control? (30 May 2001)

  12. My two year old daughter becomes very tearful and emotional if she is late getting a meal. After eating her behavior is back to being a happy, active kid. Should I get her tested for diabetes or hypoglycemia? (30 May 2001)

  13. I am a 61 year old male who has had type 2 diabetes for five years. I exercise daily and do not take medication, but I am perturbed that my morning readings have gone up. Do I have cause for concern? (30 May 2001)

  14. If you had no previous history of diabetes, then the chances of the offspring inheriting diabetes are close to nil or never. The genetic code won't be affected if you acquired diabetes without inheriting it. Is this true? (30 May 2001)

  15. I am 18 years old, I have diabetes, and I plan on getting married to my high school sweetheart in four to seven years. Is there any way I can keep my kids from inheriting the disease, or, at least, delay it? (30 May 2001)

  16. My eight year old granddaughter has type 1 diabetes, and her parents are divorced. Her mother does everything to maintain control, but when the child visits the father, he gives her ice cream, candy, etc., and she comes home with a glucose levels of 600 mg/dl [33.3 mmol/L] and above. Is this not a form of child abuse? (30 May 2001)

  17. My seven year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year an a half ago, and his pediatric endocrinologist says ideally he should be seen every three to four months, but his next opening is six months after his last appointment. Is this acceptable, or should we try to find another doctor? (28 May 2001)

  18. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four weeks after an appendectomy. Why was nothing noted in the hospital admission records regarding abnormal urine results or blood testing? Is testing for diabetes before operations routine in hospitals? (28 May 2001)

  19. I read a study which said that antidepressants are suspected of causing suppression of insulin. Have you heard of this? (28 May 2001)

  20. I diabetes insipidus, and I recently went into the hospital because I got the flu, was dehydrated, and I was unable to swallow my DDAVP. We told the nurses and doctors that I needed my DDAVP, and they never did anything. I did not get my DDAVP until 11:30 the next morning. Could I have died or gotten brain damage or any other symptoms because of this? What should I do if I become ill with flu again and become dehydrated? (28 May 2001)

  21. I was able to control my sugar rate very well, but, recently, I often wake up with a high blood sugar or normal one which rises after breakfast. I tried many times to take extra Humalog, but it seems like the insulin is blunted at lunch time. (28 May 2001)

  22. My daughter just had her first child (an 8 pound, 1 ounce girl), and the hospital watched her blood sugar while she was in the hospital. What should normal blood sugar values be for an infant? (28 May 2001)

  23. Our six year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was 18 months old, and we are still having problems controlling her blood sugars, years later. Her levels are like a rollercoaster, up and down constantly. (28 May 2001)

  24. Is there a formula to use to modify the number of units of Regular insulin to provide for sliding scale dosages? (28 May 2001)

  25. Is there a relationship between alcoholism and the development of diabetes? (28 May 2001)

  26. My 12 year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes since age six, was always in good control until about two years ago when, for no apparent reason, and for reasons that the medical profession cannot explain, she suddenly went out of control with high blood sugars and ketones. No one is able to explain what is happening, why this is happening, and how to control her. (28 May 2001)

  27. My grandson has type 1 diabetes and seems to get many colds. What can we do to improve his immune system? (28 May 2001)

  28. Since my nine year old daughter gained seven pounds in one month, I tested some blood sugars which were high, but her fasting test at the doctor's office was normal. She said that my daughter was okay, but I am still worried about the high readings. Should I make her do more tests? If so, what tests should I ask for? (27 May 2001)

  29. A family member is very worried about her infant daughter developing type 1 diabetes. She has only breast fed her seven month old, and on the recommendation of her pediatrician, has avoided feeding cow's milk formula because of a possible increased risk. Her baby doesn't tolerate soy. Her doctor wants to test the baby for some antibody when the baby is about nine months or so old so, to see if it's "safe" to start feeding cow's milk. What test could possibly determine that? (27 May 2001)

  30. For the past six months, my 11 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for three years and currently uses an insulin pump, has been experiencing electrical shock sensations in his shoulders, arms and fingers. What could this be? Is related to his diabetes? Do we need to have this evaluated? (27 May 2001)

  31. My 13 year old daughter has had diabetes for nine months, and recently, she bleeds when I put the injections in her butt. (27 May 2001)

  32. Which provides the best diabetes control for a nine year old girl with type 1 diabetes, the insulin pump or daily injections? What problems are associated with pump use? (27 May 2001)

  33. I am 30 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 23 years, and my recent urine microalbumin was 857. What is microalbumin? What does this test mean? (27 May 2001)

  34. I am a 20 year old male who has noticed that I do not produce as much sperm as I think I should. I have heard that diabetes affects the reproductive system. Is this true? (27 May 2001)

  35. How do MODY 1, 2 and 3 differ from each other? (27 May 2001)

  36. My 13 year old son has just developed type 1 diabetes and is antibody positive. I have a friend who is 47. diagnosed at age 11, and who has required very low doses of insulin all her life. Are there cases which require very little insulin for years or which turn out to be MODY? Do any of the MODY classifications have antibodies in the blood? (27 May 2001)

  37. My almost four year old son was diagnosed about six months ago, and we and his endocrinologist are puzzled by his inconsistent numbers. It feels like a guessing game of what should we give him now. And at first he was on two shots, then three, and now its been four shots for about two months. Have you heard of this? (27 May 2001)

  38. We had a child abuse situation in which a five year old male had been physically abused by a family member, and his meter blood sugar was 575 mg/dl [31.9 mmol/L] by meter, and he had no history of diabetes. The Emergency Room physician about his elevated blood sugar said that this was caused by stress. Is this possible? (26 May 2001)

  39. I recently read that people who get type 1 diabetes are thin and people who get type 2 diabetes are overweight. My 20 year old cousin was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and weighs over 200 pounds. Is it possible for very overweight people to get type 1? Does that mean that thin people can get type 2 diabetes? (26 May 2001)

  40. My 11 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and gets severe stomach aches/cramps which seem to be associated with high ketones. When she has these stomach pains, what can we do to help them diminish? (26 May 2001)

  41. About a year ago, my four year old daughter has had low blood sugar and she went into a coma like state. Testing for diabetes has been negative. Can it be accurate to test for low blood sugar levels if the patient did not fast prior to the test? Is there ever any other reason for low blood sugar other than diabetes? (26 May 2001)

  42. My husband has type 2 diabetes, and we have been giving him his insulin for the past three weeks. After injecting 6 units, my husband's injection site seemed to bubble. What caused this? Can this hurt him? (26 May 2001)

  43. My three year old was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia after a glucose tolerance test last week. The endocrinologist told us that my son's numbers are normal, but he wants to eat and drink every 15 minutes, so I don't see how this can be normal. I am concerned that something is being overlooked. Any advice? (26 May 2001)

  44. I recently purchased a new glucose meter, and when I started using it, I noticed my readings were significantly higher than when I was using my previous system. I did readings simultaneously with both meters, and the readings were consistently 25% higher with the new one. Are there two sets of numbers we need to use to compare our readings to, one for each manufacturer? (26 May 2001)

  45. Since my son has been put on thyroid medication, he has been going low every night between midnight and 3:00 am. We have cut back on his bedtime NPH, but he still goes low and then his morning reading is high. What can we do, to prevent the highs and lows? (26 May 2001)

  46. I have type 1 diabetes. My blood sugars are running between 1.4 and 33.4 mmol/L [25.2 and 601. 2 mg/dl] or more. I have a lot of course work to do at school, and because of this, stress levels have increased. Could my increased stress levels be affecting my blood sugars? (26 May 2001)

  47. My sweet nine year old daughter becomes uncharacteristically antagonistic and inconsolable sometimes. I used to think it was an occasional behavioral problem, but I'm 100% sure now that it's only when she's hungry. After she's fed, she dramatically changes back to her usual self. Could it be hypoglycemia or diabetes? (26 May 2001)

  48. How accurate is a blood sugar test on a sample taken six months ago, but kept refrigerated? Would the levels change from the day it was taken? (26 May 2001)

  49. My 16 year old daughter does not have diabetes, but does experience symptoms of hypoglycemia. Is this normal? Is there a diet to follow to help to control this? (26 May 2001)

  50. I've recently noticed that my two year old drinks water all day long and has been complaining that her vaginal area is hot. She has had yeast infections before. I have insulin dependent diabetes and have a strong family history. Should we have her tested for diabetes. If so, what is the process? (26 May 2001)

  51. My 23 month old grandson has been sick with a cold for several days, and his urine today showed high ketones with negative sugar. Isn't it possible for the ketone burning to be a result of his illness and not eating? (26 May 2001)

  52. A friend of mine has a daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, and she will be living alone when her college roommate leaves soon. My friend was told that if his daughter passes out from low blood sugar, her body will adjust itself and she will wake up on her own. Is this possible? (26 May 2001)

  53. My two year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago. Would high blood sugars in excess of 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] before bedtime cause her to be more hyperactive and not want to go to sleep? (25 May 2001)

  54. I am 44 years old, have had diabetes for 34 years, and I am on intensive insulin treatment. I have My insulin treatment includes 5 units of Regular before meals and a sliding scale of NPH at bedtime, and my A1c has been 5.9-6.0% for the past year. Is there another insulin treatment that might help reduce the A1c? I do not have a lot of low's. (25 May 2001)

  55. My five year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 22 months of age, and we have been struggling with chronic lows during the night and fasting because of a lot of exercise. His endocrinologist finally stopped his evening shot. How long until the Ultralente will stop being a factor in some of these overnight lows? (25 May 2001)

  56. I have been looking for information on insulin resistance, weight gain, stress, and an endocrine disease that leads to polycystic ovarian disease. I have read a lot, but am confused as to what tests to have my doctor perform to find out if I have diabetes or insulin resistance. (25 May 2001)

  57. I was just diagnosed with retinopathy. I was told it is stable and to come back in one to two years. Should I be concerned? Can my blood sugars help or harm my retinopathy? (25 May 2001)

  58. My six year old son has type 1 diabetes, and I want to put him on an insulin pump, but his doctor is not really happy about them. He now goes to the Barbara Davis Center to be treated. and I want to find another doctor for him, but I can't locate another pediatric endocrinologist. in the Denver area. (25 May 2001)

  59. My nine year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about six months ago, and his endocrinologist says that he is still in the honeymoon phase. I have noticed a pattern in his blood glucose levels, and I am wondering if there is physiological data that supports my lay observations! (25 May 2001)

  60. I have diabetes and coronary artery disease. I am experiencing loss of sensation in my hands on occasion and forearms. The other symptom that I see is that my feet stay really cold if I take my socks off. Is there anything that I can do to help slow the progression and or reverse it? (25 May 2001)

  61. Two months ago, my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He takes 3 units of NPH in the morning and 1/2 unit of NPH before bed. His counts are usually in the 50s to 140s mg/dl [2.8 to 7.8 mmol/L]. Up to a year ago, he was over weight, but now he is on thin side. Could he have type 1B or type 2 diabetes? Do you feel a total of 3.5 units a day is a very small amount for a 63 pound child? (25 May 2001)

  62. I am a 60 year old woman who was diagnosed with type 2 two years ago when I went to the ER with terrific chest pains from gastritis (previous ulcerated stomach). Does this, indeed, go along with diabetes? Also, I am experiencing terrific arthritic symptoms throughout my body. Does this go along with diabetes? (25 May 2001)

  63. My sister has had type 2 diabetes for the past 17 years. She has never been able to control her blood sugar level, averaging between 300-500 mg/dl [16.7-27.8 mmol/L], and recently, while being admitted to the hospital for heart surgery her level was 700 mg/dl [38.9 mmol/L]. What are the long term effects? (25 May 2001)

  64. My almost nine year old daughter is experiencing significant hair loss, weight loss, fatigue, and headaches. We have heard that this could be signs of diabetes, but the doctor has done a blood test and it came out okay. Should we ask for a glucose tolerance test? Could this be diabetes? (25 May 2001)

  65. My daughter has had type 1 diabetes for seven months, and we recently found out that she also has seasonal allergies. Is there an allergy medication that does not contain sugar? Her readings are very high during morning and lunch and her suppertime reading was low which is out of the ordinary for her. Can you help? (25 May 2001)

  66. I eat about 60 grams of sugar a day, I am Hispanic, and no one in my family has diabetes. Can I get diabetes because of high sugar consumption? (24 May 2001)

  67. We are planning to visit Arizona in the summer and would like some advice regarding high ambient temperatures and pump use. I've heard differing advice. How hot is hot? How do people with diabetes on pump deal with extremely high outside temperatures? (24 May 2001)

  68. My one year old niece was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and she also has Down's Syndrome. Is there anything different we should be looking for in monitoring and controlling her diabetes? Is there a quicker progression of the disease? (24 May 2001)

  69. We are planning to travel to Indonesia soon and my 11 year old son was old is recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am quite concerned about gastric illnesses.Do you have any advice for us about travel in a less developed country? (24 May 2001)

  70. My 10 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, had a sudden growth spurt this spring (He grew almost two inches), and we almost fell over when his A1c went from 7 to 14% even though his meter readings were quite normal. (24 May 2001)

  71. My 48 year old friend has diabetes and, recently, his eyesight has been failing, and now he has no vision in one eye and the other eye is about 10/20. Is there is such thing as an eye transplant? How do you sign up? How long are the waiting lists? (24 May 2001)

  72. I have gestational diabetes, and I was just wondering how was it found. Was it just stumbled upon? (24 May 2001)

  73. I have been using an insulin pump with Humalog, and recently, my husband and I told the doctor we were ready for our second child. He advised us to switch back to Regular, but, now I'm on it, I'm having troubles with my blood sugars, so I would like to switch back. I would like to know more about the effects of Humalog in the first trimester of pregnancy. (24 May 2001)

  74. My 13 old daughter, who has had diabetes since age four, developed juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) at age nine, and we have had problems coordinating the effects of one disease with the other, particularly medication for JRA. Is there a specialty that could handle both diseases? (24 May 2001)

  75. I just had my three-hour glucose test, and my fasting and one-hour levels were normal, but my two-hour and three-hour tests actually went up. What causes the values to actually rise? (24 May 2001)

  76. My seven year old son was diagnosed with type 1 seven months ago. Since the beginning, he has been able to tell when his sugar is going low, because his neck gets hard/tight and hurts. Do you know what is causing this feeling? Does the lack of glucose make the muscles constrict? (24 May 2001)

  77. Last year, my three year was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia, and she is unresponsive to the injectable glucagon. Can you tell me if there are other reported cases of such a reaction? What other tests should be performed?. (24 May 2001)

  78. I am a 50 year old with type 1 diabetes for 16 years. Often after an event of insulin shock, I have severe diarrhea for several hours following the event. What causes this? (24 May 2001)

  79. My C-peptide level is 0.2 pmol/ml in fasting and in stimulation 0.4 pmol/ml, and I am taking a sulfonylurea. Will my C-peptide results improve when the sugar goes down? (22 May 2001)

  80. I am 14 years old, and I am worried. I have noticed that I need the toilet often, and drink a lot. I also feel sick a lot. The trouble is, I'm too afraid to tell my parents. Is there a way of testing urine for sugar without going to the doctor? (22 May 2001)

  81. I have a recurrent problem with severe hypoglycemia during the first few days of menstruation. Each month, around the first day of my period, my blood sugars plummet at an alarming rate. Is there anything I can do about this? Would getting a fertility monitor help to predict when this is going to strike? (22 May 2001)

  82. Do petit mal type seizures ever occur with type 2 diabetes? (22 May 2001)

  83. My two and a half has had type 1 diabetes for three months, and, for the past few days, he has experienced diarrhea and a decrease in appetite. My 35 year old brother (who does not have diabetes) was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. What are the symptoms of celiac disease that I should look out for? Is the onset of celiac disease sudden or gradual? (22 May 2001)

  84. My 15 year old granddaughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was five years old. They are saying she now has lupus, but cannot give her the steroid treatment because of the diabetes. Is there any other treatment she can receive to help with the lupus? (22 May 2001)

  85. An eight year old girl was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and one test the doctors did was of her blood pH level. They said her level was decreased (about 7.23). Can you tell me why her blood pH level was decreased? (22 May 2001)

  86. My seven year old has had type 1 diabetes for a year, his A1c's have ranged from 4.4-7.0%, and his blood sugars 4 to 8 mmol/L [72- 144 mg/dl] on twice daily Mixtard. Nobody in our family has diabetes. Is there any possibility my son is cured? If so, for how long? (22 May 2001)

  87. I am confused about how fiber fits into carbohydrate counting. Is dietary fiber converted to glucose like other carbohydrates, or does it pass through undigested? (22 May 2001)

  88. What special factors are associated with the diet for children with diabetes? (22 May 2001)

  89. I had gestational diabetes and was placed on a 2200 calorie meal plan. I was able to control my blood sugar and had a healthy baby. I would like to continue on the plan, but would like to know how to cut out some of the calories. (22 May 2001)

  90. My husband has type 2 diabetes, and his doctor has said my husband will need to go on insulin in about six months. My husband feels fit, well (but tired) and is reluctant to go onto insulin as he never suffers any bad effects. He will lose his Heavy Goods Driving license if he goes on insulin.. If my husband feels so well with no bad symptoms, how can anyone tell when is the right time to commence insulin? (22 May 2001)

  91. Four months ago, my 10 year old daughter was told she had type 1 diabetes after a positive glucose tolerance test, but when they did a specific test to check for type 1, it was not detectable. Now, her doctor has said that perhaps my daughter does not have type 1, and she wants her to stop her insulin to see how she does. (22 May 2001)

  92. I'm interested to know if any studies about cows' milk and diabetes included children past infancy. Would the immune response to cow's milk be different once a child is past infancy? (21 May 2001)

  93. I am interested in information regarding dietary strategies for preventing type 1 diabetes in my 11 month old son, whose father has the disease. (21 May 2001)

  94. I'm really scared. My husband is 23 tears old and was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but he's very thin and may actually have type 1. His glucose levels rose to over 500 mg/dl [27.8 mmol/L] last night, even after taking 8 units of insulin twice a day and a diabetes pill. (21 May 2001)

  95. My 52 year old sister has type 1 diabetes and is having a lot of problems with itching and rashes connected with the new insulin she is taking. (21 May 2001)

  96. I questioned the nurse about hypoglycemia and she said my daughter's blood work was fine. Am I wrong in assuming it would be unless she was having a "reaction" or "attack" at the particular time the blood was drawn? Wouldn't she have to have a glucose tolerance test done to rule that out? (21 May 2001)

  97. Is there any reason why I would suddenly start needing less insulin during menstruation? My sister usually requires more during this time. My endocrinologist suggested that maybe I have some type of adrenal deficiency. (21 May 2001)

  98. What is the danger of using insulin for protein synthesis if one covers the insulin with x amount of carbohydrates? (11 May 2001)

  99. I have been on prednisone for about a year and developed type 2 diabetes about three months ago. In addition to trying to modify my diet even more strictly than before, I have been exercising and have now lost 22 pounds, but I could still stand to lose much more. Does anyone have any special hints for this situation? (11 May 2001)

  100. My seven year daughter, who has had diabetes since the age of one, was just diagnosed with celiac disease via intestinal biopsy. Should my husband, my son, and I be tested for celiac disease? (11 May 2001)

  101. My daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease. In the process of diagnosis, the gastroenterologist suggested she have the rash on her knees biopsied for dermatitis herpetiformis by a dermatologist who looked at the rash and said that it was not dermatitis herpetiformis, but proceeded to do a biopsy of her forearm anyway. Is it possible to determine dermatitis herpetiformis from skin that does not have a lesion? (11 May 2001)

  102. Is it okay for my son to go on the gluten free diet with my daughter since he doesn't have celiac disease? (11 May 2001)

  103. When I was 21 years old, I had gestational diabetes, and at 24 years old, I was told I had hypoglycemia. I am now 25 years old, and lately I sometimes am fatigued, get very thirsty, and have frequent urination. Could these be signs of type 2 diabetes? (11 May 2001)

  104. My 16 year old daughter has had A1c's in the 11-14% range for almost two years, and her daily blood sugars reflect this. She takes quite a lot of daily insulin, and we've steadily increased the insulin, but it seems to have no effect. Would it help at all to switch the Lente to NPH? (11 May 2001)

  105. Our son was just recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and we want to allow him to be as active as before, but I am noticing bruises. Is there a correlation? Should I be concerned? (11 May 2001)

  106. I have had type 2 diabetes for five years. Among other problems, I developed neuritis, not affecting my hands, head or feet, for which I am currently being an anti-seizure drug and an antidepressant. I am unable to find anything to read regarding this. (10 May 2001)

  107. My 10 year old son, who has used a pump, for a little over a year developed a rash on his arms as the start of warm weather arrived which he also had last Spring. Is there any correlation between his Humalog, diabetes, and sun sensitivity? (10 May 2001)

  108. I am 13 weeks pregnant, have gestational diabetes, and was recently switched from insulin to glyburide. It seems to be working better for me. but I would like to learn more about its use and safety during pregnancy. Are you familiar with this? (10 May 2001)

  109. My husband suspected that our six year old might have a tendency to develop diabetes. We tested her glucose levels after dinner, and she was 164 mg/dl [9.1 mmol/L]. Should we take to our family doctor for further testing? What is acceptable for children? (10 May 2001)

  110. Recently, I had gestational diabetes for the second (or possibly third) time, and my doctors suggest that I merely monitor my blood glucose post-partum instead of taking the follow-up OGTT at this time. Some of my after meal numbers seem still high to me, but my A1c remains less than 5%. What numbers should I be watching for? (10 May 2001)

  111. My fasting c-peptide is 0.2 pmol/ml, and my stimulated c-peptide is 0.4 pmol/ml. My blood sugar was 257 mg/dl [14.3 mmol/L] before food and 424 mg/dl [23.6 mmol/L] after food. Since taking insulin in the morning and in the evening, along with a sulfonylurea, my blood sugars have improved. Will I continue insulin injections for life, or in due course, will they stop it? (10 May 2001)

  112. I am 24 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 10 years, and I am currently on a sliding scale system of three Actrapid injections before meals and Insulatard at bedtime. If my blood is high an hour or so after breakfast, can I take my lunch time insulin an hour earlier and wait an hour to eat lunch or should I stick to the regular pattern? (10 May 2001)

  113. I am 24 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 10 years, and I am currently on a sliding scale system of three Actrapid injections before meals and Insulatard at bedtime. What are the recommended postprandial readings half an hour after eating, an hour, and two hours? (10 May 2001)

  114. I was originally diagnosed with type diabetes two and a half months ago, and I am on two diabetes pills. According to my blood glucose meter, my average daily sugar level is 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L]. Am I to assume that I have achieved good if not excellent sugar levels? (10 May 2001)

  115. I am a 69 year old male, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about two year ago, and I was put on Amaryl. Within a year, through hard work and a strict diet, I was able control my diabetes without tablets. Am I cured of the disease, or do I still have diabetes, however well regulated? (10 May 2001)

  116. I am a 41 year old male and have had type 2 diabetes for about five years which has never been controlled. I was taking two diabetes pills, but still had fasting readings of over 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L]. A month ago, my doctor switched me to a different pill, and now my fasting blood sugars are running at 390-450 mg/dl [21.7- 25 mmol/L]. Can this cause ketoacidosis? What can I do? (10 May 2001)

  117. I am 42, have had type 2 diabetes for about six years, and I am trying to locate some type of logbook that would enable me to keep track of meals (carbs and calories), glucose readings, and medication. (10 May 2001)

  118. Is there a correlation between high birth weight and developing type 1 diabetes? What are the benefits of having our daughters genetically tested? (10 May 2001)

  119. I just turned 17, have had type 1 diabetes since I was 11, and recently I switched from a very, very low carbohydrate diet to eating a balanced meal plan. I am concerned because I have gained 15 pounds and my insulin dose is about five times what it was. Is my weight gain related to taking more insulin? Do I just need to work out a good meal plan? (9 May 2001)

  120. My seven year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year and a half ago, and my other two sons (ages one and a half and five) have had random blood sugars over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. My younger son had a modified glucose tolerance test twice, which were both normal range, and my five year old has never had this test. I have several questions. (9 May 2001)

  121. My uncle has type 1 diabetes, Addison's disease, and arteritis and takes prednisone. He has had many hospitalizations for severe lows in spite of his best efforts. What could be causing lows many hours after the Humalog? (9 May 2001)

  122. I am 62 years old and have had type 2 diabetes for the nearly 20 years. I am on oral medication, I walk three to four miles every day, and I am leading an almost normal life with no complications. I have many questions about the hemoglobin A1c test. (9 May 2001)

  123. I am 62 years old, and have had type 2 diabetes for the nearly 20 years. My blood sugar ranges from 90 to 148 mg/dl [5 to 8.2 mmol/L] fasting and from 150 to 220 mg/dl [8.3 to 12.2 mmol/L] two hours after meals. Are these alarming figures? What should be the reasonably okay? (9 May 2001)

  124. I am an overweight 18 year old female with a family history of diabetes, and my mother has told me I should go to the doctor. I get irritable, depressed and sad, urinate frequently, drink a lot and crave sweets. I become tired and weak often, getting headaches, chest pains and pain in my arms, shoulders and back. I have a fairly balanced diet, although sometimes I am not hungry at all, and other times where I feel I need to keep eating. Could I have diabetes, or something else? (9 May 2001)

  125. I am now 22 and have had two severe low blood sugar episodes that seem to last for weeks. I have visited the doctor and he associated it with panic attacks and put me on a medication. I stressed that it was the aforementioned symptoms causing the panic attacks and not vice versa. He did not seem to believe or understand. He did a 'high complex' blood test and a urinalysis. Are these test satisfactory for testing for hypoglycemia? (9 May 2001)

  126. I am a 30 year old male, have had type 1 diabetes for three years, and I have recently noticed small bumps all over my body. I seem to have clusters of these bumps on the insides of both ankles. They don't itch, but seem to go away after some time, leaving scars. Is this a symptom of neuropathy? (9 May 2001)

  127. I know someone with type 1 diabetes who takes Humalog and NPH, in the morning, Humalog at dinner and NPH before bed. He seems to have more mood swings using the Humalog. Is this type of insulin causing these mood swings? Why use this instead of Regular insulin? (9 May 2001)

  128. My 23 year old boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and is very out of control right now so I am concerned. His blood sugars are anywhere from 73 to 579 mg/dl [4.1 to 32.2 mmol/L]. How often should he check his blood glucose? What times are best? How can he get his diabetes more regulated? (9 May 2001)

  129. My 13 year old daughter has type 2 diabetes and takes R and N insulin. Her blood sugar at supper is 250-400 mg/dl [13.9-22.2mmol/L], but at lunch time, it is 150-200 mg/dl [8.3-11.1 mmol/L]. Then at night about 8 o'clock it goes down again. What should I do? (8 May 2001)

  130. My daughter is six years of age and has been taking Humalog since she was diagnosed, The information on your websitetates that had received FDA approval for children over the age of 12 and that studies were ongoing to obtain approval for younger children. (8 May 2001)

  131. My 16 year boy has had red flushed cheeks (like he has been exercising) since he has started on insulin two years ago! What causes flushness in cheeks? (8 May 2001)

  132. For the last several months, my wife's sugar is over 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] despite taking four shots a day and having no sugar. What's worse is that she has developed open seeping wounds over her chest and upper abdomen. We live in the greatest city with the best and finest medical assets but can not get an answer from her doctors. (8 May 2001)

  133. I am 44 years old, have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I have recently been put on Glucovance. By mid-day my blood sugar starts to drop, and I experience symptoms of hypoglycemia. Can you recommend,some healthy snacks that would help raise my blood sugar, and keep me from gaining excess weight? (8 May 2001)

  134. Will a 28 year old male, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 years ago, necessarily be impotent later on in life? If so, around what age will the impotence set in? (8 May 2001)

  135. My husband looks at me with disapproval if my blood sugars are above normal. Can you please confirm that high blood sugars are not only because a patient has eaten something which is high is refined carbohydrate? (8 May 2001)

  136. I'm 33 years old, female, have gained 15 pounds in the last three months, and had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. I went to my endocrinologist because I had frequent urination. A fingerstick blood sugar was normal, but I had some glucose in my urine and my doctor thinks I have diabetes. I am monitoring at home, and all tests are normal. Could glucose in urine be a fluke? What other test might he order? (8 May 2001)

  137. I am 33 and have had type 1 diabetes for three years. I am 1 meter, 78 centimeters tall, and weigh 75 kilograms, and my insulin daily needs are between 25 units to 35 units (Humalog via a pump) Does this mean I have type 1B? (8 May 2001)

  138. I weigh 306 pounds, have type 2 diabetes, and I have been working out regularly. I have had to stop taking insulin, to avoid low blood sugars which are now in the normal range. Recently, I have observed post-exercise readings that are slightly higher that those taken just before workout. Is this normal? Am I making a mistake with my testing? (8 May 2001)

  139. My sister has had juvenile diabetes for 13 years. She just switched to Humalog with NPH once. One of our friend's diabetes specialist doctor suggested that there are severe side-effects of Humalog, and advised not to take it. Would you please help me here since I don't see information about Humalog's side-effects in your website. (7 May 2001)

  140. My physician prescribed a medication last week, and now I'm having a terrible time getting my insurance company to approve it. Could you put me in touch with anyone who can help me fight this? What are my rights as a person with diabetes, especially when my doctor states this is necessary? I'm mad and very upset -- what are my rights as a person with diabetes? Especially when my doctor states this is necessary? (7 May 2001)

  141. I'm 33 years old, female, have gained 15 pounds in the last three months, and had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. I went to my endocrinologist because I had frequent urination. A fingerstick blood sugar was normal, but I had some glucose in my urine and my doctor thinks I have diabetes. I am monitoring at home, and all tests are normal. Could glucose in urine be a fluke? What other test might he order? (7 May 2001)

  142. My eight year old son has had type 1 diabetes for about 10 months. Is there a video explaining the importance of exercise and showing what exercises are good for children with diabetes? (7 May 2001)

  143. My seven year old daughter has severe mood and energy swings which seem to be related to when and what she eats Her doctor suspects hypoglycemia and has asked that I monitor blood glucose levels with a home monitor, but I recently read they are not accurate and won't really tell us much. What do you recommend be done to determine if she has hypoglycemia? (7 May 2001)

  144. I am a 29 year old female who has had type 1 diabetes for 27 years, I have just recently switched to a three shot per day regimen, and I was told to only use my abdomen for injections. I am having difficulty with stinging pain, lumps on my belly, and needle phobia. (7 May 2001)

  145. My son has had diabetes for only 10 months, and we are moving from North Carolina to Ft Worth, Texas. How do I find a "good" doctor? I don't know anyone to get a referral from, and I'm nervous about landing in a new state without a doctor. We sure do not want to end up in an emergency room. (7 May 2001)

  146. I am wondering how to handle drinking and diabetes. What is a standard rule for how much insulin to do and what to eat and when, when drinking? I know that it raises your blood sugar then lowers it, but what is advised to do? (7 May 2001)

  147. My 16 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for three years, plays basketball and football and gets all the playing time he wants. During ball seasons, we lower insulins by at least a third, but he still fights constant low blood sugars for three to four days due to a snowball of metabolism. His blood sugars are not due to a lack of calories. Any other suggestions? (7 May 2001)

  148. I have type 1 diabetes and want to participate in a amateur trithalon this summer. My diabetes doctor gave me the go ahead but not much guidance. Is there any site on line that I can go to or a diabetes trainer on line that I could correspond with for some guidance? (7 May 2001)

  149. My eight year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, and now he has started not eating and will not eat at times. I find it hard to get him to eat his bedtime snack in order to take his bedtime insulin. Is this normal? (7 May 2001)

  150. My wife and I are 100% convinced our six year old daughter is in early stages of type 1 because we have seen five high blood sugars in the last month. However, but since her A1c is within normal range, the endocrinologist has currently opted not to test for antibodies. Should we seek a second opinion? (6 May 2001)

  151. Recently, I was given Avandia for my diabetes. I am trying to get pregnant, so I want to know what adverse effects this medication can cause. What should I do? (6 May 2001)

  152. This year, as soon as the warm weather hit, I found it necessary to cut back on my son's insulin, even though his activity level has not increased. Does the body use insulin differently when the outside temperature increases? (6 May 2001)

  153. My 13 year old sister developed type 1 diabetes at age 10. What are the consequences that developing diabetes has caused on her organs becoming fully developed? (6 May 2001)

  154. I am a 26 year old male who has had type 1 diabetes for over 13 years, is on a pump, and have begun training to run my first marathon. Where can I find information on the affects of prolonged periods of exercise and diabetes? (6 May 2001)

  155. I am taking a 75/25 mix in the morning with breakfast, Humalog for dinner, and NPH at bedtime. If my sugar is very high in the afternoon, should I give myself a shot or two of Humalog? (6 May 2001)

  156. My six year old daughter was born premature, but I have been able to keep her on in the tenth percentile. However, in the last month and a half, she has fallen off the charts again in height and weight, has been non-stop sick, she has been bedwetting, and is constantly thirsty and/or hungry. Could she possibly have diabetes? (6 May 2001)

  157. My 13 year old sister has had type 1 diabetes for almost three years, and sometimes her blood sugar levels can rise super high for no apparent reason. She is on two types of insulin and is careful with her diet. What could cause this to happen? (6 May 2001)

  158. If an 11 year old child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a toddler and the diabetes has never been under control is this an indication that the child's diet and/or insulin is/are not being properly monitored? Is this a common problem for children with diabetes? What can a person do in this situation? (6 May 2001)

  159. My 76 year old father recently found he has diabetes and is having a difficult time adjusting to the disease and medicine. He has been taken to the emergency room twice times because of dizziness and cold sweats. He now has symptoms of severe depression, lives alone and is afraid of passing out. What can I do to help him? (6 May 2001)

  160. My wife was just diagnosed with type2 diabetes, has a low tolerance for pain, and she cannot stand the sight of blood. She refuses to do the fingersticks on herself to check her blood sugar, and she will not let me do it. Can you advise me what I can do about this problem? (6 May 2001)

  161. I would like to find information about how friends, co-workers, and family can be supportive to a person with diabetes. How can I make them understand the importance of taking my medication and eating on time? (6 May 2001)

  162. I am 30 weeks pregnant and my doctor says that I have gestational diabetes, but I do not agree with the diagnosis. It seems to me if I do have gestational diabetes I am a very borderline case. and I do not see the need to be classified as high risk and subjected to constant blood tests and monitoring as well as a diet I consider to be restrictive and completely unnecessary. (4 May 2001)

  163. My 13 year has all the symptoms of diabetes, and if she eats any raw sugar, she has an attack. She had a glucose tolerance test which was negative. What else could it be? (4 May 2001)

  164. I read somewhere that chocolate wasn't good in treating hypoglycemia, but I can't find the information now. What was the reasoning? (4 May 2001)

  165. I a 31 year old who has had type 2 diabetes for almost two years, and I have discovered I am pregnant (unplanned). I am not overweight, and I have been taking Glucophage and a sulfonylurea. Could these medications have been harmful to the baby? (4 May 2001)

  166. My 42 year old friend has a high blood sugar level (269 mg/dl [14.9 mmol/L]) and his doctor has advised him to take a diabetes pill every day. Are there some other alternatives to control the disease? Diet control for 3 days lowered his blood sugar level from 269 to 235 mg/dl [14.9 to 13.1 mmol/L] (4 May 2001)

  167. I don't think that I will be classified with diabetes, but feel I have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).Would seeing some physicians/dietitians that specialize in diabetes or IGT might be better educational option for me instead of being handed a sheet of paper with suggested menus? Should a patient ask for a referral to a dietitian and an endocrinologist if the attending physician doesn't make that recommendation? (4 May 2001)

  168. Ten months ago, my 11 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 after exhibiting intermittent periods of excessive thirst and urination. He had a non-fasting blood glucose of 420 mg/dl [23.3 mmol/L], negative urine ketones, and I just recently found out that no antibody test was administered. Do you think it is possible that he has type 2? Does puberty pose the same insulin resistance for people with type 2? (4 May 2001)

  169. What research is being done to enable the constant monitoring of blood sugar levels? (4 May 2001)

  170. I am a 34 year old woman with type 1 diabetes for 10 years, who is on an insulin pump with a total daily requirement of about 110 units on average. Since I started taking insulin, I have gained weight, which I am trying to lose, and my doctor has said will be difficult. If I am insulin resistant, how can I take less insulin? (4 May 2001)

  171. My two and a half year old daughter has been put on a diabetic diet because she weighs 60 pounds. She doesn't eat much, and she is very active but she still gains an average of five pounds every two weeks. How can I help get the weight off? (4 May 2001)

  172. My 59 year old mom was diagnosed with diabetes three weeks ago. She also has a urine infection and is taking antibiotics. She is worried because her sugar levels are still high. How long will take to lower her sugar levels? (4 May 2001)

  173. My sister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in adolescence and now, in her late forties, is experiencing complications. She lives with mom, but when Sis was living alone, there were indications that she was abusing alcohol and concealing it. Her current behavior causes me concern that she is again engaging in some destructive behavior and trying to hide it from Mom and her medical team. (3 May 2001)

  174. I have had diabetes for two years, and some times I get mad at anything for no good reason. Is it part of low or high sugar? Is there anything I can do to help it? (3 May 2001)

  175. I am a 54 year old male who had a blood sugar of 10.4 mmol/L [187.2 mg/dl] and was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor prescribed glibenclamide twice a day before meals. Is there any other better medicine? (3 May 2001)

  176. Why during labor does mother with diabetes who is experiencing hypoglycemic symptoms get both insulin and glucose? Why not just glucose as you would normally do? (3 May 2001)

  177. I am 32, pregnant with my fourth child, and I had gestational diabetes with all of them. At not even 12 weeks, my fasting jumped to 105-122 mg/dl [5.8-6.8 mmol/L], and my healthcare providers feel I should start on insulin. Does this sound appropriate to you? If so, does my having to start so early increase my chances of having diabetes after the birth? (3 May 2001)

  178. I know that Ultralente is not the most popular basal insulin for children, but when it is, how do you estimate the initial dose? Do you have the children skip certain meals and test to see if the Ultralente is holding the blood glucose steady or rising or falling? (3 May 2001)

  179. My 16 year old son, who has diabetes, has been using Vick's Vaporub for a fungal infection on his left big toe. This seems to make it feel better for a short time, but it doesn't seem to make it go away. Any suggestions? The local docs haven't been able to deal with it. (3 May 2001)

  180. I have type 1 diabetes and recently lost a one month old baby who was delivered by C-section at 34 weeks gestation. During the pregnancy, I developed appendicitis and needed an emergency C-section since my blood pressure shot up. My doctors are blaming me and my diabetes for the loss of my child and tell me that this was my last chance to be mother. Is it true? (3 May 2001)

  181. I am 14 years old, and I have had type 1 diabetes for about eight years. I am about 5 feet tall. What can I do to get taller and gain weight? Can my diabetes be keeping me from growing? If diabetes can keep you from growing, what can I do to stop my diabetes and start to grow? (3 May 2001)

  182. I have a 30 year old female who has type 1 diabetes, is on a pump, and who would like to climb Mt. Whitney this summer. Is there some sort of "Ultimate Sports" group for adults with type 1? (3 May 2001)

  183. I think my three year old would do well on a pump, but I am not getting anywhere with his doctor who says he has to be older. Is there a specific age at which he would be pump ready? Is it just up to the doctor to determine when she thinks he would be ready? (2 May 2001)

  184. My seven year old son has ADHD and is on medication. If he doesn't receive a snack, he loses control and blanks out with a far away look. I was recently told that his blood should be drawn for hypoglycemia. Have you ever run across a child who suffers from behavioral issues due to this? (2 May 2001)

  185. I am a career military officer who developed diabetes following a food poisoning episode and tested positive for islet cell antibodies. Within two months I was completely off medication and showing a considerable increase in C-peptide. Is it possible that I had an "episode" and have had a complete relapse now that my pancreas appears to be healing? (2 May 2001)

  186. I am 15 years old, have had diabetes for about five years now, and I wear an insulin pump around my leg because it is less noticeable under my jeans. I would rather have to change the insulin everyday and have it be much smaller than having it so big and bulky. Are any of the new pumps smaller? (2 May 2001)

  187. My nine year old son, who has lost three pounds in the last two months, had a fasting blood sugar of 101 mg/dl [mmol/L] and a two-hour postprandial of 113 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L], but I'm concerned that he did not have enough carbohydrates on the two-hour blood test to get an accurate reading. Should we ask for an oral glucose tolerance test? (2 May 2001)

  188. Our five year old son's urine was positive for glucose during a routine kindergarten exam, and his pediatrician told us our son likely had type 1 diabetes, but his blood sugar and A1c were normal. He recommends no further treatment unless other symptoms are manifested. Would you recommend getting the antibody test or a second opinion from a specialist? Is our pediatrician's diagnosis reasonable and our son is likely diabetes free? (2 May 2001)

  189. My son has had diabetes for almost two years, had a negative antibody test and was off of insulin for almost a year. Both Ultralente and NPH cause him to go low. The doctor started my son on Avandia and insulin as needed. Can you tell me about this pill? Do you have any ideas on what might be wrong with my son since he does not fit in your other cases of diabetes? (2 May 2001)

  190. My daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, is a drug addict and an alcoholic. I need to know the repercussions. She has been in rehabilitation, and I have done everything else for her, but nothing helps. I just want to know what she has to look forward to in the future, if anything. (2 May 2001)

  191. My four year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for about a year, and I am breast-feeding my seven month old son. I have read a lot about a possible connection between cows' milk and diabetes. Would you recommend that siblings of children with diabetes be put on soy milk rather than cows' milk? (2 May 2001)

  192. I would like to know the current status of the TRIGR trial, and any other primary prevention trials. Have results been published from this trial regarding the relationship between cow's milk and the development of type 1 diabetes? (2 May 2001)

  193. My 19 year old, who has had type 1 diabetes since age six, has a four month old son. Because he seemed to be urinating frequently, my daughter tested some blood sugars which were 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L] and 157 mg/dl [8.7 mmol/L]. Are these normal blood sugar ranges for a four month old infant? Is he developing diabetes? (1 May 2001)

  194. I need to get private insurance since the cost of my diabetes is out of reach. I know private insurances are expensive, but I found that looking for the right insurance plan is time consuming and can be frustrating. Do you know which private insurance plan is good for someone with diabetes in the NY Metro area? (1 May 2001)

  195. Since my son was switched from Regular to Humalog and all his doses were decreased by a lot, he has lost 18 pounds and has very high blood sugars, whereas he was doing well before. His doctor says that he needs to lose weight and is still getting too much insulin. Is it normal for this much weight loss so suddenly with Humalog? How can I tell my son's to increase his insulin? He won't allow me to do so. (1 May 2001)

  196. My 64 year old mother had type 1 diabetes for years and died suddenly about three months ago. The autopsy report stated that her her glucose level was 1150 mg/dl [63.9 mmol/L] and she had acetone, ethanol, and isopropanol present in her system. Does an extremely high glucose level cause these alcohols to be produced in the body? (1 May 2001)

  197. My teenager had a blood sugar of 57 mg/dl [3.2 mmol/L] and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in the emergency room. Could this have been a one time fluke? Should I have him tested more extensively now? (1 May 2001)

  198. My 10 year old son was diagnosed about 14 months ago, and, in the past few months, I started checking his urine for ketones more carefully. I find with illness. even though he may have good numbers, he still gets mild ketones. If I suspect type 1B, how can I have this clarified? (1 May 2001)

  199. What type of mutation (i.e., frameshift, point, chromosomal, and disjunction) is diabetes? Is it different for type 1 and type 2? (1 May 2001)

  200. I am 41 years old, have had type 1 diabetes since age 10, and have experienced problems gaining and maintaining an erection. We have only recently got married, and my wife is very understanding. We still enjoy being intimate, but is there any treatment to improve this situation or is it something we will both have to live with? (1 May 2001)

  201. I am doing a project on obese children and adolescents, screening them for hyperinsulinemia. I do fasting blood glucose and insulin levels. Is there any role for glycosylated hemoglobin levels? (1 May 2001)

  202. Our two year old was diagnosed this week with type 1 diabetes, and my wife is five months pregnant. With all the research going on would it be a good idea to freeze the umbilical cord of the newborn? If so, would you have any leads on who does this, how it is done, etc.? (1 May 2001)

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