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  1. My three year old developed hypertrophy in his arms and thighs even though we have rotated injections from site to site from the beginning. I'm afraid I'm not very good at rotating within a particular site because he struggles a lot, and it's hard to see where I'm aiming. Can you recommend any books that deal with this problem in detail? (30 Jun 2001)

  2. My 25 year old girlfriend recently had a bout of hyperglycemia which she treated herself and was finally able to resolve. The problem is that her university has advised her that if she was sick enough to miss school, she was sick enough to need to visit a doctor and will not consider her absence justified. Does the Americans with Disabilities Act pertain to this situation? (30 Jun 2001)

  3. I am a 19 year old female, who has had type 1 diabetes for eight years, but I have never been able to take my shots -- there is just something wrong mentally that won't let me do them. I have had two children, and I didn't even take insulin when I was pregnant. I need to know what can I do to help me take my insulin. I have seen numerous doctors for this, but no one seems to understand. I need help -- please help me before I end up killing myself. (30 Jun 2001)

  4. I am taking a sulfonylurea, my blood sugar has come down to 101 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] (fasting) and 137 mg/dl [7.6 mmol/L] (postprandial), and my latest C-peptide result was 0.3 (fasting) and 0.4 stimulated). I have many questions. (30 Jun 2001)

  5. If, after his honeymoon period ends and our son will have no islet cells left capable of making insulin, would this mean that, even if a treatment to destroy the autoimmune cells causing our son's diabetes were later to become available our son would then still have no islet cells left that could resume making insulin? Should we try to preserve some of his remaining islet cells? (30 Jun 2001)

  6. I am searching for software that can assist me in identifying and monitoring my diet and food consumption. (30 Jun 2001)

  7. I am on twice daily 70/30 insulin, but, despite all my efforts with regard to meal planning and checking my blood sugars, my diabetes is more and more labile, my hemoglobin A1c is between 8 and 9%, and my doctor continues to tell me that I have to be more careful. How? Has anyone experienced similar problems? What can I change? (30 Jun 2001)

  8. I am a 43 year old female who has experienced what I call hypoglycemic episodes since I was a young child. I feel I am experiencing more "lows" than I ever have and I am not able to bring it up like I could before. What should I do? Can I work with this myself with better diets or should I go to a doctor? (29 Jun 2001)

  9. Our 13 year old had a routine urine test which showed ketones and glucose, his A1c was 11.4%, and he had a high level of antibodies. The doctors say this an indication of diabetes, but there is some question as to whether or not to start him on insulin yet. He has none of the symptoms, but his fasting blood sugars are between 8 and 11 mmol/L [144 and 198 mg/dl]. How do we know the best way of dealing with this? (29 Jun 2001)

  10. My three year old son has had at least three major seizures in the last six months. We practically forced fruit juice each time assuming low sugar, but there was no real reason his sugar should be extra low each of these times. Should we be concerned with epilepsy? What tests should we request? (29 Jun 2001)

  11. My latest C-peptide result was 0.3 (fasting) and 0.4 stimulated). I tested in the another lab and my fasting c-peptide was normal, but they measured in ng/ml whereas the previous lab measured in pmol/ml. What is the difference between these two readings? (29 Jun 2001)

  12. One of our kids who has diabetes is on a low carb diet. I would like to know what kind of snacks she is allowed to have. I think she is feeling left out, and I would like to make her a little happier if I can. (29 Jun 2001)

  13. One of our kids who has diabetes is on a low carb diet. I would like to know what kind of snacks she is allowed to have. I think she is feeling left out, and I would like to make her a little happier if I can. (29 Jun 2001)

  14. My seven year old son has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Would it be wise to seek a second opinion? (29 Jun 2001)

  15. When my five year old was asking constantly for a drink last week, diabetes popped in my mind, and now, with the foot infection, it really has me worried. Could my son have diabetes? (29 Jun 2001)

  16. I am trying to help a friend who has degenerative foot disease related to his diabetes, and I need to understand what exactly is involved here and what treatment, if any, is possible. What can you tell me about foot diseases associated with diabetes? (29 Jun 2001)

  17. My 70 year old father has had significant control problems becoming incoherent due to low blood sugar with significant regularity. He tests frequently, and he says he brought this to his endocrinologist's attention, but reports he was told to just continue adjusting his shots for whatever works best for him. Is there something else we can try to even out his glucose? (29 Jun 2001)

  18. My 13 year old step-daughter has been on a pump for about six months. Since she was trained to use the pump, she eats just like my seven year old daughter (who does not have diabetes). Is it true that with the pump you have the freedom to eat like someone without diabetes? (29 Jun 2001)

  19. Lately I feel dizzy, and have headaches when haven't eaten for a while, my mouth gets really dry, I drink a lot and I have frequent urination. I feel really tired and exhausted and I sleep about 10 hours a day. My doctor did a blood test for diabetes, which was negative, but I don't think this is normal. Should I have another test? (29 Jun 2001)

  20. My 15 year old niece was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I don't know much about it. Is there anything you can tell me about the treatments and symptoms and other information? (29 Jun 2001)

  21. My 15 year old niece was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and she has had an ongoing kidney infection for two or three months. Is that a sign she will need dialysis? (29 Jun 2001)

  22. I'm in the process of setting up a 504 Plan for my son who is entering kindergarten. The school nurse is the only person on hand to administer glucagon. If the nurse is unavailable, the school's next plan of action is 911. I feel another person should be trained in administering glucagon. What are my rights? (29 Jun 2001)

  23. We had a error message on our blood glucose meter, called the company 800 number, and was told that the error message was because we keep the meter on the kitchen counter and heat/humidity affect the meter. We can't keep it in the bathroom or bedroom. Do heat and humidity affect meters? (29 Jun 2001)

  24. Last year, my 23 year old sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and they removed her entire pancreas. Since then, she has not had to have one insulin shot, or taken any sort of blood sugar controlling drugs. She tests her blood sugar regularly, and not once has it been even the slightest bit high. Have you ever heard of this? (28 Jun 2001)

  25. Since my nine year old son was diagnosed six months ago, his insulin requirements have steadily decreased until finally, early last month, he became completely off of insulin, and he has been doing just fine without injections. Will my son eventually need insulin again? How do we prolong this period of insulin independence? (28 Jun 2001)

  26. My four year old daughter gets two injections of Human Monotard per day, but there is a big difference in the dosage (morning -- 23 units; evening -- 6 units). Please explain why. Is this something to be concerned about? (28 Jun 2001)

  27. My wife, who has type 2 diabetes, is experiencing hair loss from her head. She is taking several pills. Can any of her medications cause her problem? (28 Jun 2001)

  28. A few years ago I was switched from pork to human to human insulins. Although my dosages stayed the same after the switch, now, I no longer shake, sweat or get any warning sign of hypoglycemia. Is the human insulin responsible? If so, can't the manufacturers add an ingredient that will provide some warning of hypoglycemia? (28 Jun 2001)

  29. My two year daughter has been experiencing low blood sugars and her three-hour glucose tolerance test was remarkable, but her doctors are unable to make a good diagnosis at this time. Should she be tested for other causes unrelated to reactive hypoglycemia? Diet control does not seems to have any effect on her lows at this time. Any suggestions are very much needed at this time. (28 Jun 2001)

  30. I have had type 1 diabetes for 15 years, I have maintained really good control (except for a few of with a1c's never above 7% and do not have any complication as yet, but I have suffered from severe lows. Last week, my yearly 24 hour urine collection showed a high creatinine clearance, my microalbumin was less than 5, and my BUN/creatinine ratio was 20. What does this mean? (28 Jun 2001)

  31. I am always trying to find ways to streamline the treatment of my diabetes. My problem seems to be largely affected by my diet rather that anything else, and I have found that reducing or eliminating the need to consume carbohydrates and fats has been a very good thing. Why are some types of foods beneficial to blood sugar stability? (28 Jun 2001)

  32. I am a girl scout leader and have a five year old girl with diabetes in our group. What type of snacks including drinks should I give her? (28 Jun 2001)

  33. We have a boy scout troop, and have just gotten three 11 year old boys who have hypoglycemia. We are very active and find it hard to plan three meals and a snack a day let alone meals every three hours. We get a lot of complaints about what and how they eat, but no helpful information. (28 Jun 2001)

  34. I am 54 years old and had a blood glucose of 136 mg/dl [7.6 mmol/L] (fasting) and 244 mg/dl [13.6 mmol/L] (about an hour after eating supper) on my friend's monitor. Is this anything to be concerned about? (28 Jun 2001)

  35. Can you tell me the advantages/disadvantages of Lantus as compared to Lente or Ultralente? (28 Jun 2001)

  36. I have diabetes and would like some more information on exercise. I do not like to do much of it, but know that I need to. Sometimes walking is hard because of my hip. If you have any ideas I would like to hear them. (28 Jun 2001)

  37. I don't understand urine ketone testing. The strips read, "negative, trace, small, moderate, and large", but my doctor gives me numbers like "40." How do these things relate to one another? (28 Jun 2001)

  38. I am a 33 year old, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three months ago, and I have been told that if anyone who has diabetes and gets pregnant will die. Is this true? Can someone with diabetes have a baby? (27 Jun 2001)

  39. My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Can you supply me with information as to what she can eat? (27 Jun 2001)

  40. We lived 30 days in an environment with a lot of pesticides. During that time, my son and I tired easily, and a doctor suspected diabetes. My son has had fasting blood sugars of 69 and 111 mg/dl [69 and 6.2 mmol/L] on my meter. Does he have diabetes? Can pesticides cause temporary diabetes? (27 Jun 2001)

  41. Is Lantus safe for use in pregnancy? The prescribing information is very vague. Have there been any problems reported by pregnant women in Europe? (27 Jun 2001)

  42. I am a 32 year old Hispanic male with a family history of type 2 diabetes, who has been experiencing numerous symptoms of diabetes, and I am considering being tested. Is there a specific test I should consider or one that is preferred? (27 Jun 2001)

  43. I have three siblings who have diabetes (two are on dialysis), but neither my children nor I have diabetes. What measures should I take for myself and my children to ward off diabetes? (27 Jun 2001)

  44. I have had type 1 diabetes for 15 years and am trying to lose about 30 pounds, and I am combining a decrease in calories with increased exercise. I have had some morning urine ketones with blood sugars less than 90 mg/dl [5 mmol/L]. Is this just part of the normal response of the body when losing weight? Do I need to be concerned about the possibility of ketoacidosis? (27 Jun 2001)

  45. I am 23 years old, have had type1 diabetes for 14 years, use Insulin daily, and I am planning to get married this year. Does diabetes affect my sex life? What precautions I should take to have healthy children? (27 Jun 2001)

  46. My 17 year old nephew is skinny, covered in acne, sweaty, has really dry flaky feet, eats like a horse, drinks juice all the time, is moody, tired, aggressive and unable to concentrate. He did a 60 mile bike ride and nearly passed out until we dosed him up with sugary drinks and food. Is this just an particularly obnoxious teenager? (27 Jun 2001)

  47. It is unclear to me how Lantus (insulin glargine), which essentially has no peak in activity, will be effective in controlling the rise in blood sugar that naturally occurs in most individuals in the early morning hours. Don't you foresee higher waking blood sugar values as a down side to this insulin? (27 Jun 2001)

  48. Can you tell me how many servings of meats, fats, milks, starches, vegetables, and fruits I can have on a 2000 calorie diabetic diet? I know how to make up my own meal plan, but I don't know how much of each I can have. (27 Jun 2001)

  49. I am 13 years old and weigh 140 pounds. Is there a 1800 calorie diet that would be good for a teen? (27 Jun 2001)

  50. I have had MODY for seven years, I am six weeks pregnant, and my latest HbA1c was 4.3%. I am conscious that this is very tight control, but is it tharmful to me, or the baby? (27 Jun 2001)

  51. I am 27, 25 weeks pregnant, and at 19 weeks my obstetrician recommended that I switch to a low carb diet (under 20 grams daily). After five weeks on this diet my urine ketone levels are now at a constant high, and my GTT results are abnormal. Should I be alarmed by this or does a low-carb diet normally produce these types of results? (26 Jun 2001)

  52. My seven year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was three years old and wants to be a squash champion. Can she be a squash champion, which requires a lot of training and physical effort? What are the precautions to take? (26 Jun 2001)

  53. My 70 year old mother, diagnosed with diabetes several weeks ago, is on medication but has not begun testing her glucose., and she is experiencing blurred vision. She went to the ophthalmologist today, who could not find anything. I am pretty sure the blurry vision is being caused by the diabetes, but it came on so quickly. Is this reversible or will she lose her eyesight? (26 Jun 2001)

  54. My son is on a trial pump with the saline solution, and, when it was started, the nurse was in a hurry and didn't use the Emla cream. She said it didn't matter. Shouldn't you always use the cream? He says it hurts, and we're having a hard time getting him to even keep the set in. (26 Jun 2001)

  55. While my physician might write me a prescription for " sugar tablets that seem more "medicinal" in nature, I much prefer to ingest juice and soda pop. I am wondering if physicians can write prescriptions for hypoglycemic aids that I can claim through a medical plan. (26 Jun 2001)

  56. My doctors have been debating over what type of diabetes I have for over a year now. On the one hand, I'm a "classic type 1 according to my doctor, but on the other hand, I don't have antibodies for type 1 diabetes, and more importantly, I have a very high C-peptide level, which would indicate type 2. They are having a hard time trying to figure out how to treat this and my A1c's have jumped from 5.9 to 8.8% (26 Jun 2001)

  57. I keep reading about the sexual issues of impotence, but they all relate to erection. What about the loss of the ability to ejaculate? (26 Jun 2001)

  58. I am 23 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for four years, and since I was diagnosed my fiance has been concerned because my sexual drive has gone way down. I am always moody. Is this normal or does this have anything to do with my diabetes? (26 Jun 2001)

  59. I am 41 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 18 years, and my blood pressure is usually 134/84. Is this considered high for a person with diabetes? Would medication for high blood pressure be beneficial? (26 Jun 2001)

  60. My three year old son has type 1 diabetes, and I have recently noticed that the biceps area on both his arms seems to be caving in (it's indented). What can I do to stop this from progressing? Is this a normal side effect for people with diabetes? (26 Jun 2001)

  61. My eight year old daughter has newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes and has begun insulin injections twice a day, but it just seems so cruel to inject a young child on a daily basis. Are there any other alternatives? Is this something that she will possibly grow out of one day? (26 Jun 2001)

  62. I am tired of being fat. Every time the nutrition assistant or the dietitian gives me a diet to follow, I follow it seriously for about a week or so, but then I stop following it and I really get angry, start hitting myself, and cry. I don't know what to do. Would you please help me make a diet so I can become like any other teenage girl? (26 Jun 2001)

  63. Can you tell me the difference between the HbA1c and glycohemoglobin tests? Are they one and the same? (26 Jun 2001)

  64. My two and a half year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1, and I noticed that when we go to places like festivals or theme parks his blood sugar will drop severely. I thought that from excitement, his levels would go up. (26 Jun 2001)

  65. My mother-in-law has diabetes, is nauseated, and sometimes she vomits. Her doctor says that diabetes causes this. What we can do about this? (26 Jun 2001)

  66. My four year old son was diagnosed with type 1 almost exactly a year ago and has had two seizures In the last month. His endocrinologist is convinced that these are low blood sugar seizures, but the pediatrician and neurologist are not sure because his numbers are not that low and want to send him for an EEG to try to determine if there is another problem. Is it worth subjecting a four year old to a battery of possibly useless tests? (21 Jun 2001)

  67. My 20 year old college student son recently suffered a severe low blood sugar, and his primary care doctor prescribed Glucophage pills. I am concerned because what I know about this drug indicates it is prescribed for type 2 patients. Do you know of any people with type 1 diabetes using oral medications? (21 Jun 2001)

  68. My 10 year old son has had type 1 diabetes since he was four and is on an insulin pump. His sites are getting red and they itch from using the only two sites that we know we can use. He can't use the area around his belly button because he has knots where he use to inject his insulin. Are there any other sites that we can use, besides the belly? (21 Jun 2001)

  69. What should my eight year old daughter's A1c's and individual range be? Are the dramatic swings and the individual high's causing or contributing to long-term complications? Is the danger of low glucose at age eight enough to tolerate the risks associated with having many high's? What is your opinion of using the pump at her age? (21 Jun 2001)

  70. I use insulin shipped to me via U.S. mail from the Veterans Administration pharmacy distributors in North Carolina, and it takes 4-5 days (with no refrigeration) to get to my home in Florida. Is it possible that the insulin could deteriorate enough during that time to affect my blood sugars? (21 Jun 2001)

  71. My twelve year old daughter, diagnosed 18 months ago with type 1 diabetes, wears a pump, and a friend of ours has asked her to babysit for her four year old twins and six year old daughter. Should I be concerned? (21 Jun 2001)

  72. My daughter's diabetes team has now switched her to three injections per day (NPH and Regular at breakfast, Regular at supper, and NPH at bedtime), and I am not sure what time the NPH should be given. I am concerned that if she takes the NPH too late, the insulin will peak at the wrong time. Should she have a bedtime snack before I test her blood glucose and give the NPH? (21 Jun 2001)

  73. My sister had a kidney infection and her sugar level was high even though she does not have diabetes. A week after she recovered, her sugar was normal. Is it possible for someone without diabetes to have a high sugar from an infection? Is she developing diabetes? (21 Jun 2001)

  74. My 12 year old brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven months ago, and his average blood sugar is about 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. He does exercise and keeps a strict diet, but there is no improvement, and he has become sick of this state. What should we do? (21 Jun 2001)

  75. My 171/2 year old nephew has had diabetes since the age of 10. His pancreas was totally damaged and all his insulin need is being met by injections. Would an islet transplant be suitable for him? (21 Jun 2001)

  76. My daughter recently had an MRI of her pancreas which showed an enlarged part to the tail of the pancreas with increased blood flow. Neither endocrinologist nor the radiologist know if the enlarged part at the tail of her pancreas was normal or not. Do you know? If this is so, if not what might it have been? (21 Jun 2001)

  77. I have been suffering from type 1 diabetes for over 26 years and currently, my major problem is gastroparesis. Nothing seems to help! A friend told me that some antibiotics may be helpful. Does anybody have some experience with this? If yes, which antibiotic works best? (21 Jun 2001)

  78. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 four months ago, and one month later his HbA1c was 8%. He and I have been working very hard to manage his blood glucose levels, but his last HbA1c was 9%, and his pediatrician told him that he must have been "cheating". Can there be any other explanation rather than "cheating"? (20 Jun 2001)

  79. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed about six months ago. Last month, her A1c was 6.6% and her blood sugar average was 138 mg/dl [mmol/L]. If the islet cells are not dead but still producing a little insulin, can artificial insulin further hurt the islet cell insulin production? (20 Jun 2001)

  80. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed about six months ago, but she had no antibodies present. How can my daughter have type 1 diabetes if there are no antibodies? (20 Jun 2001)

  81. I am female and trying desperately to locate websites that have special clothing to hold insulin pumps. (20 Jun 2001)

  82. I was told that all alcohol can shoot your blood glucose level through the roof. One of your answers said that vodka had no carb content. So, if I were to drink anything, should I take insulin before or after or at all? Should I eat before I drink? What is the safest beverage to drink? (20 Jun 2001)

  83. My boyfriend, who has had type 1 diabetes for about a year and a half, is taking Ultralente with Humalog. For past two months, every other bottle of Ultralente results in a fasting sugar of over 220 mg/dl [12.2 mmol/L]. What are possible factors? (20 Jun 2001)

  84. I am not clear in a recent response if you are saying that there is a correlation or not about Nutramigen's protective ability. It sounds like you are saying that Nutramigen may protect babies from getting the children's diabetes. (20 Jun 2001)

  85. I know a seven year old boy who has diabetes and anasarca, and I believe good doctor, well versed about diabetes in children would help a lot. will help. Unfortunately, I am not successful in locating one in the Philippines. Can you help me find the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in the Philippines? (20 Jun 2001)

  86. I am a 22 year old college student who recently has have been feeling unusually tired and did a glucose test using my mom's meter. My blood sugar was 204 mg/dl [11.3 mmol/L]. Is this one time test is abnormal enough to be concerned about? What would be "normal"? Should I do some more at home tests before I go to the expense and worry of going to a doctor and getting a glucose tolerance test? (20 Jun 2001)

  87. My 13 year old son is very interested in the GlucoWatch! He would love to be a part of a study and knows with the watch he will have to frequently check his blood sugars as he does now! I would like to find out more about the kids test of the GlucoWatch being done in Denver. (19 Jun 2001)

  88. We are thinking about sending my four and a half year old nephew to Karate classes, but a friend of mine who has a black-belt at times has had broken toes. Our concern is the possible future effects that constant foot injuries may cause. Is karate a safe sport for children with diabetes? (19 Jun 2001)

  89. I had diabetes for over 30 years and had a needle biopsy done today on both breasts. The surgeon said I might have diabetic lobulitis. I need information on this condition. (19 Jun 2001)

  90. When I eat the smallest amount of candy, my sugar drops to 50-60 mg/dl [2.8-3.3 mmol/L] level in a 5-10 minute period, and I am also experiencing shaking and confusion. This is really scary! I had a glucose test done and my sugar went from 350 mg/dl [19.4 mmol/L] to 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] in 30 minutes. Could you please explain this? (19 Jun 2001)

  91. My father was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 10 and died of complications at the age of 33. How often should I have my children tested? (19 Jun 2001)

  92. I have type 1 diabetes and three months ago, my A1c was 7%, but last month it was about 9% so my doctor increased my insulin, but my blood sugars keep getting higher and higher. Each time, my doctor increases the insulin again, my blood sugar continues to go higher, and I have gained 40 pounds over five years with all the insulin. Any suggestions other then giving this doctor the boot? (19 Jun 2001)

  93. I am 20 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for four and a half years, and I am currently training to run a marathon. How often is it necessary to eat/drink on long runs to keep my blood sugar up? Can you recommend any specific sports bars, gels, or drinks that would be the most effective? (19 Jun 2001)

  94. I was diagnosed six years ago at the age of 16, have never had good control, and my mom mentioned something the other day about a rehabilitation program. I was wondering if they existed, and if so, am interested in all the information you could possibly give me! (19 Jun 2001)

  95. My five year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes since age two, was bitten by a stray dog and is undergoing a rabies shot series. Are there any precautions or things I should look for in relationship to his diabetes? (19 Jun 2001)

  96. My 12 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for about three years, and about other day, out of the blue, he will feel like he is floating and say he feels like his arms are detached and almost like he can't feel his body when he walks. It lasts for about five to fifteen seconds. Do you have any insight on this? (18 Jun 2001)

  97. How safe is Lantus if you have retinopathy? I have lost one eye to it, and I am having problems with the other eye. (18 Jun 2001)

  98. My nine month old son's father has type 1 diabetes, and I would like to know what information is currently available to help prevent my son from developing diabetes. I have read about exposure to milk proteins as a possible trigger. Is there enough evidence to warrant giving him soy formula and/or milk, rather than cow's milk? Are there any other foods, vaccinations or other exposures that should be avoided? (18 Jun 2001)

  99. Please explain what happens within the body to cause elevated blood sugar readings first thing in the morning. Do people with and without diabetes have elevated sugar when they wake up? (18 Jun 2001)

  100. What does it mean if I have lumps in my arms and thighs? (18 Jun 2001)

  101. I am 49 years old, have type 2 diabetes, and I am currently taking insulin. I have switched from cow's milk to soy milk, but cannot find any information to incorporate soy milk into my diet. Do I treat it as equal to cow's milk with regard to food exchanges? (18 Jun 2001)

  102. My 30 year old son-in-law was diagnosed with 1ype 1 diabetes a year ago His doctor recommended that he switch to glargine (LANTUS). When he declined to become a guinea pig for his doctor, the manufacturer and the FDA, his doctor chastised him for being uncooperative and told him to find a new doctor. Is this typical behavior for diabetologists? (18 Jun 2001)

  103. My daughter was just diagnosed a week ago, and, although I'm sure the hospital gave us all the important information we needed, we are just totally overwhelmed and clueless! I don't know what she can and shouldn't have, and her blood sugars continue to stay high. I have to call in every evening to get her doses, and tonight they told me I only have to call every three nights, even though I've told them I am very unsure! (18 Jun 2001)

  104. My brother has had a very hard time controlling his blood sugar for the past year or so. He has talked to doctors and nurses, but no one can seem to give him an answer on how to fix this problem. He is having to miss a lot of school and I'm afraid this will severely hurt his health. Any suggestions? (18 Jun 2001)

  105. I have type 2 diabetes, and I currently take glyburide and Amaryl twice a day to control my blood sugar, but lately, my blood sugar has been staying in the 200+ mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] range. Are there other medications that would work better for me? I cannot take Glucophage as it gives me constant diarrhea. (18 Jun 2001)

  106. I am 46 years old, very obese, have most of the symptoms and I feel that I have diabetes, but know I'm in denial because I watched my family become the diabetic police and my grandmother and mother were both miserable because of this. (18 Jun 2001)

  107. My aunt is blind, can see very little light, and her doctor said that there is nothing else he can do. We need a second opinion. Can you recommend or perhaps refer us to another eye specialist in our area? (18 Jun 2001)

  108. My eight year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for about a year and a half, is in the third grade, and I requested a 504 meeting with public elementary school public elementary school personnel. I specifically asked that a nurse be available all day and a substitute to be called in if nurse is absent and some kind of assistance if my son feels low. (15 Jun 2001)

  109. My mother died as a result of a myriad of complications from type 2 diabetes diagnosed in her early thirties and now I am in my early thirties. I have been checking my blood sugars, which have been 150-200 mg/dl [8.3 -11.1 mmol/L], and I am sure that I will develop the disease. If I start taking low doses of insulin now, would that stave off the development of the disease? (15 Jun 2001)

  110. My four year old daughter drinks a lot of fluids. She gets up in middle of night to drink water, and her teacher complains that she needs to use the restroom a lot. She has no weight loss but she is moody. Her sister has SCID, and I've also read about celiac disease. Should I have the four year old tested for diabetes? (15 Jun 2001)

  111. For the last month, we have noticed that when our seven year old daughter has outbursts of crying or moodiness and we get her some form of sugar, she is back to herself and seems much calmer within about 15-20 minutes. Do we need to look into this? Is there something that I could do at home or ask the doctor for specifically? (15 Jun 2001)

  112. Our nine month old son who was just diagnosed. How do you get a nine month old to eat if his blood sugar is low? What do I look for? He can't walk so it's hard to say if he seems low and I don't want to wait until he is shaking ---sometimes that's too late. (15 Jun 2001)

  113. I have type 2 diabetes and became pregnant twice unaware of the side effects of taking Glucophage while pregnant. So far, I have had two miscarriages both while taking Glucophage during conception and no more than seven weeks into pregnancy. What advice do you have? Isuncontrolled diabetes during the first few weeks of my pregnancies a reason for my miscarriages or is it the Glucophage? (15 Jun 2001)

  114. I have type 1 without any complications so far, but my husband feels very strongly that I should not become pregnant because he is quite fearful that I will die. What are the actual current statistics on the fatality rates of women with type 1 diabetes, before, during, or after delivery? (15 Jun 2001)

  115. I am a 52 year old who has type 2 diabetes treated with Glucophage, but I'm m really having a problem keeping my blood sugars below 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L]. I am trying to finish college in the next six months. At what blood glucose level does a person with diabetes need an adjustment in treatment plan? How can I adapt, get control, and make it through until graduation? (15 Jun 2001)

  116. My six year old son has had type 1 diabetes for about two and a half years and takes 9 units of NPH at breakfast, 10 units of NPH at bedtime and a sliding scale of Humalog at breakfast and supper. Lately, he has very high numbers (200 to 400+ mg/dl [11.1 to 22.2 mmol/L]). What do we do? Should we add another type of insulin to the mix or increase the Humalog? (15 Jun 2001)

  117. My cousin has had diabetes for almost 20 years, is losing her eyesight, and now is almost blind. Could you please tell me if there is effective treatment to get her eyesight back? (15 Jun 2001)

  118. A few times a month, I experience a sudden weakness in my whole body, a general feeling of apathy, coldness and a faster than usual heartbeat, and I always feel fine again by the time I have finished dinner. Do I have hypoglycemia? (15 Jun 2001)

  119. I would like to get some information about the latest and most modern insulin delivery systems. (14 Jun 2001)

  120. My nine year old son is on a pump and was previously on Humalog, but developed lipohypertrophy and had large amounts of antibodies so his doctor switched him to Regular. However, he still develops new lipohypertrophy spots on the abdomen. Are they ever going to go away? (14 Jun 2001)

  121. How gestational diabetes correlate to stillbirth? Would a planned Cesarean section reduce the risk of stillbirth in a baby born to a mother with gestational diabetes? (14 Jun 2001)

  122. My husband has had type 1 diabetes since age seven, and recently our two and half year old has had some high sugars during an illness. I feel it would be helpful to have her tested for the antibodies and the genetic markers as well as fasting plasma glucose and/or glucose tolerance. Should I take her to see a pediatric endocrinologist? (14 Jun 2001)

  123. Currently, my father (a Native American-Sioux) is being sent out of a nursing home because of insurance. He is on Social Security Disability, but his medical coverage does not become active for another six to seven months. His wife cannot take care of him, and he cannot afford his medications. Is there a resource to help him? (14 Jun 2001)

  124. My friend was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two months ago, and his doctor prescribed Glucotrol and Actos, with good results. However, his insurance company is refusing to cover these medications, saying that they are "unnecessary", "experimental", etc. even though these medications are listed as "covered" in the policy. (14 Jun 2001)

  125. I have type 2 diabetes, and a lot of the time my cheeks are beet red and hot. Is this a relationship to the diabetes? (14 Jun 2001)

  126. When I check my sugar levels on my meter, I will get different readings from different fingers. I wash my hands thoroughly each time and use an alcohol swab each time. I ran the test on the meter to check it for accuracy, and everything shows to be in working order. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a reason for this? (13 Jun 2001)

  127. During my son's GTT, I ran his levels with my glucose meter after each blood draw, and the two results were drastically different. This big difference that has me very concerned. I did have my meter checked. Was there an error in the processing of his specimens or does this sound okay? (13 Jun 2001)

  128. I am a 15 year old who has type 1 diabetes and will be moving to the States. I want to get a job as a truck driver, but I found out that people with type 1 diabetes are kept from obtaining a commercial license. I would like to know if this will have any chance of changing within the next few years. (13 Jun 2001)

  129. My four year old son has had type 1 diabetes for two and a half years, and I've noticed that whenever he gets a cold or flu his symptoms appear much worse than that of my two year old daughter who doesn't have diabetes. Is the fact that unstable blood sugars are the primary reason for increased susceptibility to viral infections? Are there any studies that suggest a correlation between diabetes and asthma? (13 Jun 2001)

  130. My two and half year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two months ago, is having some problems with lows. He hasn't had any seizures or even passed out. We usually get his sugar up to a good range within 15 minutes of a low. How long does it take to get brain damage? (13 Jun 2001)

  131. My six year old, who has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, has been "sick" her entire life. Her tonsils are now out, she has had three sets of tubes, has had sinus surgery and has had three sinus endoscope procedures. The longest period of time she has been off antibiotics in her life is 34 days. Could all this be related to the diagnosis of diabetes? (13 Jun 2001)

  132. My sister has diabetes, and I am worried she may have an eating disorder. I am thinking about approaching her, but I wanted to have some facts when I do so. Are the long-term complications of a person with an eating disorder any different for people with diabetes? (13 Jun 2001)

  133. About three weeks ago, I attended a health affair, and my glucose reading was 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L]. Please express your opinion on the 142 mg/dl [7.9 mmol/L] reading as the paperwork showed anything above 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L] as high. (13 Jun 2001)

  134. I have had diabetes for about a year an a half. Just recently, I started a diet which consists of mostly chef salads with non-fat cottage cheese and lean meat in it with fat free salad dressing, and my sugar level drops way to low. What am I doing wrong? I thought I was supposed to be following a 1500 calorie diet. (13 Jun 2001)

  135. My daughter is starting the pump and has been practicing with saline. She is doing fine, except,when she does her three mile run daily, she disconnects from the pump and leaves the infusion set in, but the tape peels off after her run from sweating so much. When can she do to prevent this? (13 Jun 2001)

  136. Can you tell me about a urine test called microalbumin/creatinine ratio? Is it better than just a microalbumin urine test? My son's doctor seems to think it gives more information. (12 Jun 2001)

  137. I am a 55 year old male who has had type 1 diabetes for 10 years, and I also have frequent migraine attacks, for which the only effective drug is ergotamine. Is ergotamine a safe drug for people with diabetes? (12 Jun 2001)

  138. My eight year old son is experiencing (sometimes severe) headaches, incessantly thirst, severe night sweats, and frequent urination. I have called the doctor, however we have been put off. Should I specifically request a glucose tolerance test? (12 Jun 2001)

  139. My five year old son has been urinating frequently. His paternal grandfather had diabetes for 24 years. We took him to his pediatrician who ordered blood sugar tests. Can diabetes be hereditary? What else can I do? (12 Jun 2001)

  140. My 45 year old husband has type 2 diabetes and is experiencing more and more debilitating effects even though he works closely with his physicians. He would like to spend his vacation in a camp or resort setting receiving more education, encouragement, and support from professionals and from other people with diabetes. Do you know of diabetes education camps/resort/cruises, etc. for adults and/or their families? (12 Jun 2001)

  141. I have had diabetes now for three years. At first I was only taking two pills a day, but now I am taking two shots of insulin a day along with pills. I also take several other medications. I have missed a lot of work, and my leave is down to zero. I never feel good. Could I be considered for total disability from work? (12 Jun 2001)

  142. If I forget to take my Glucophage or can't remember whether or not I have taken it, what should I do? (12 Jun 2001)

  143. We are struggling with taping the needles. All the tapes we are using at home as well in the hospital are not sticking. Have you heard about this problem? Do you know the solution? (12 Jun 2001)

  144. Our 11 year old daughter was diagnosed about four months ago and is doing very well with her diet, shots, blood sugar levels, and attitude. My concern is that she seems to have an aching and soreness feeling all over that we cannot pinpoint to any reason. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? (12 Jun 2001)

  145. I recently started nightly insulin, and I am doing well injecting my abdomen, but not so well with my thighs. I am using a pen, so I have been told to stick to thighs and abdomen. Can you offer any advice? (12 Jun 2001)

  146. I have type 2 diabetes, and my doctor told me I had to lose at least 60 pounds. A friend of mine told me I should try a high protein supplement with less carbohydrate. This is supposed to help build lean muscle and burn fat. Would this affect me in a bad way or good way? Should I try it? (12 Jun 2001)

  147. I am wondering if you have any information relating to diabetes and suicide. My 32 year old nephew, who developed type 1 diabetes about the age of three or four, committed suicide about a week ago. (11 Jun 2001)

  148. Why would my pre-breakfast readings, after not eating for 10 hours or more, be above as high as 135 mg/dl [7.5 mmol/L]? (11 Jun 2001)

  149. Which is more accurate, a glucose meter which uses a photometric reaction or one which uses an electrochemical reaction? (11 Jun 2001)

  150. My 11 year old son has difficulty in the classroom when his blood sugars are extremely high. His teachers seem to want to believe his problems are not diabetes-related, but rather due to his 'immaturity.' Where can I find data on this so I can possibly modify his IEP? (11 Jun 2001)

  151. I was on Prandin for about a year. My doctor switched me to Starlix because he said it would be more likely to prevent the hypoglycemia I occasionally get. Why would Starlix help prevent hypoglycemia? (11 Jun 2001)

  152. My 12 1/2 year old son eats a 60 grams carb breakfast, a 60-70 gram carb lunch, a 60-70 gram carb with supper and, at bedtime, he has a 30 gram carbohydrate snack. Lately he seems to be starving all the time and eats cheese, peanuts or pickles between meals. Because he is nearing the teenage stage, does he need more carbohydrates? (11 Jun 2001)

  153. What does it mean to have your blood glucose meter calibrated? Why is this done? (11 Jun 2001)

  154. Is there a honeymoon period in people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after the age of 30 and not on insulin? If so, when does it begin and end? (11 Jun 2001)

  155. My 23 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and just lost her job and insurance because she was in the hospital quite a bit. She now has no way to pay for her insulin or medical supplies, and she does not live with us. (9 Jun 2001)

  156. My 10 year old son has had type 1 diabetes since his eighth birthday, and my 20 year old daughter is pregnant with her first child. Since both my children have the same blood type as I do, would it be beneficial to save the umbilical cord from my daughter's baby until science and politics catch up? (9 Jun 2001)

  157. I have had type 1 diabetes for eight years now, and I I have an inactive thyroid gland. My blood sugars are constantly too high. It seems that my insulin sensitivity is reducing by the week. Why might this be happening? Is it normal? When do they use an insulin pump? Would it help? (9 Jun 2001)

  158. My 48 year old wife has diabetes and a stressful job. I have noticed that her arms and legs have lost most of their muscle tone, and she seems to go off at the slightest thing. She has quit taking medication and will not monitor her condition. Are these problems related to her diabetes? What can I do to help her? (9 Jun 2001)

  159. My 12 year old daughter takes 110 units of NPH with a sliding scale of Humalog in the morning. Do you know of any company that makes a syringe to suit our needs? (8 Jun 2001)

  160. I am 24 years old, and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant. I crave sugar, get irritable, tired, have headaches, have trouble concentrating, get shaky, and feel weak when I don't eat. Eating sugar makes me feel better. My obstetrician didn't seem too concerned, and she sent me to a dietitian. Do you think I should get a second opinion? (8 Jun 2001)

  161. The lower third of my small intestine was removed due to irritable bowel disease, and I've been having some seizures while I sleep. Could this be related to blood sugar levels? Is there a way I can check the levels myself with an over-the-counter kit? Is there one you recommend? (8 Jun 2001)

  162. I have had diabetes for at least 14 years, was on insulin in the past and recently was trying to control it with oral medications, but my A1c was 13%, and I am back on insulin. My most C-peptide was 3.5. I have always been under the impression I had type 2 yet, based on this recent blood work, my doctor says that I have type 1. How is that possible with a C-peptide in the normal range? (8 Jun 2001)

  163. My husband has had type 1 diabetes for 21 years. At his yearly check-up, his doctor recommended that he try Avandia and prescribed it. It seems that Avandia isn't really for my husband's case, and the chance that it will help is really remote. (8 Jun 2001)

  164. My 12 year old son, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago, gets 2 units of Humalog in the morning only and whether active or not during the day goes hypo every night. With such a little insulin why is he still going into hypoglycemia? (7 Jun 2001)

  165. I am 52 years old, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about five months ago, and I started a strict diet and exercise program. Recently, I noticed that my blood sugars increase about 20 to 30% after exercising. Is it something I should be concerned about or is this a "normal" function? (7 Jun 2001)

  166. I am 52 years old, and when I was younger, I could always feel when my blood sugars were low or high; now I must check my blood to tell what my blood sugars are; sometimes I can function just fine when my blood sugars are below 30 mg/dl [1.7 mmol/L]. (7 Jun 2001)

  167. I have put on a dramatic amount of weight in the last few years, without any change in diet. Recently I had some tests performed and my C-peptide was apparently way above the normal range. Does this automatically mean I am producing too much insulin? What possible causes could there be for such a high reading? (7 Jun 2001)

  168. If a label on a jar states "dietetic", is this suitable for diabetics? The two terms are confusing. (7 Jun 2001)

  169. My six year old son has been having dizzy spells lately. He has gotten a cold in the last few days and has had a really fast heart rate. His dad has diabetes. Are these beginning signs of diabetes? Should I have him checked for when he goes to the doctor next week? (7 Jun 2001)

  170. My feet have been numb and extremely sore to walk on for over four years. My doctor diagnosed borderline diabetes with neuropathy and put me on Neurontin which helps me mildly. Can a person with borderline diabetes have neuropathy? (7 Jun 2001)

  171. For the past six years and after my periods stopped suddenly at age 38, I thought I was having hot flashes which were induced by eating carbs. I noticed that when I ate a high protein, low carb, no sugar diet I did not have the sweating,heart palpitations and shortness of breath. Since diabetes runs in my family, could I possibly be having symptoms of impaired glucose functioning/pre-diabetes? (7 Jun 2001)

  172. I have had type 1 diabetes for 27 years, and at the present moment my husband and I have no insurance. Most insurance companies have denied me or are so outrageously expensive it's nuts, Do you know of a good insurance company willing to take on people with diabetes, without a "cobra" policy? (7 Jun 2001)

  173. My 27 year old son has had diabetes since age nine. He is active physically and thinks the pump would cramp his lifestyle. In the meantime he has lows at 11 am and 11 pm. He is recently married and thinks the pump would be a detriment to spontaneous, joyful sex. (7 Jun 2001)

  174. My 13 year old son, who has had diabetes for three years and has been on a pump for months, was pitching a baseball game when felt very low and dizzy on the mound, and his fruit drink was on the bench. Luckily the inning ended soon after. When he checked his blood sugar, he was 35 mg/dl [1.9 mmol/L]. How do other kids handle situations in sports like these? Should he have asked for a time out? (6 Jun 2001)

  175. I am 52 years old, have had diabetes for 33 years, and I am really having a hard time losing weight. I have always been able to maintain my weight, but, for the last five years I just can't seem to take it off. (6 Jun 2001)

  176. Within four hours after an insulin injection, my three year old son develops a full, bright red bump at the site which can last as long as two to three days. Our CDE isn't concerned because they don't hurt him, but I am concerned. I am afraid that these reactions will lead to dimpling at injection sites much faster, and they look unsightly. Any suggestions? (6 Jun 2001)

  177. My seven year old son has developed some strange symptoms, and everyone I talk to about this says to have him tested for diabetes, but the doctors can't take any of it seriously. We purchased a bedwetting alarm which has been going off every two hours at night, he has developed the most awful body odor under his arms, and he has gained eight pounds in a month. Should I insist that they test him for diabetes? (6 Jun 2001)

  178. At his last appointment, my son's CDE said that we need to learn how to make an insulin cocktail. I am questioning this cocktail they want me to put together, which they do not have time to discuss in an appointment. It was frustrating. (6 Jun 2001)

  179. I was diagnosed with type 1diabetes 11 years ago, and recently, I have seen all these ads for Avandia, Actos, and metformin. Are they useful in type 1 diabetes? (5 Jun 2001)

  180. I'm looking for a free glucose meter. If you know were I can get one, let me know. (5 Jun 2001)

  181. What's the latest on Lantus? Our pediatric endocrinologist says it's now available in the U.S., but there's a study showing it might have a mitogenic effect (carcinogenic) on some cells, so he's not quite ready to recommend it. What's the talk in diabetic medical circles here? (5 Jun 2001)

  182. I'm a 21 year old who has type 1 diabetes, and I've had a mysterious allergy for five months now which I think may be due to insulin or a preservative (based on my drug allergy-type symptoms, times of day that they're the worst -- after large doses of insulin -- and lack of other medications). Is there a person anywhere that knows how to test this? (5 Jun 2001)

  183. I weigh 230 pounds, have type 1 diabetes, and, since I want to lose 40 pounds, I've joined a spa but I'm not losing any weight. The fitness folks suggested the meal supplements like those protein drinks and also vitamins. Are these products safe for me to use? (5 Jun 2001)

  184. Looking through your travel questions, you have mentioned the Frio pack, and I am thinking of buying some for a year long trip to Australia. You mentioned that you were going to evaluate it. Can you let me know about the Frio wallets? (5 Jun 2001)

  185. The lower third of my small intestine was removed due to irritable bowel disease, and I've been having some seizures while I sleep. Could this be related to blood sugar levels? Is there a way I can check the levels myself with an over-the-counter kit? Is there one you recommend? (5 Jun 2001)

  186. I am a 47 year old male who has had type 1 diabetes for 22 years and wears a pump. I am doing well with control except during my exercise times. My blood sugar tests in the 40s or 50s mg/dl [2.2 or 2.8 mmol/L] after the exercise and then will often rise without additional food. How can I level out these lows and prevent the highs following exercise? (5 Jun 2001)

  187. I am 40 year old male who was recently diagnosed with microaneurysm in my right eye. My doctor immediately pointed out that diabetes is the most probable cause of this eye condition, but so far tests for diabetes have been negative. What else can cause a microaneurysm? Is it a sign of some other ongoing illness? (5 Jun 2001)

  188. I a 24 year old female with good glucose control who has been trying to lose weight for the last six months with a combination of exercise and watching my diet, but nothing seems to work. (4 Jun 2001)

  189. My father, who has diabetes, lives outside the country, and I would like to purchase a blood glucose meter for him. Please recommend a meter which does not use strips and is reliable. (4 Jun 2001)

  190. My 15 year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, wears an insulin pump and does all of her own boluses, monitoring, etc. She is in the ninth grade and the problem is that whenever she goes on a school trip, a parent is required to attend. We have been told that if we can't go, she can't go which doesn't seem fair to me. (4 Jun 2001)

  191. My four year old son, who has type 1 diabetes diagnosed six months ago, complained of stomach pains, so his doctor ran some tests which I understand could mean celiac disease. I have already looked up several celiac disease websites, but I am confused by my son's results. Could it be something else? (4 Jun 2001)

  192. My friend has had type 1 diabetes all of her life, and wants to try Ecstasy soon. I am not sure if it is good for her to take it and I am scared for her. What do you think? (4 Jun 2001)

  193. I have read time and again about there being no adverse side effects of human Insulin, but my husband doeshave adverse reactions in the form of aggression, loss of memory, confusion, and a general personality change. I understand that this is rare, but I'm tired of it being denied by the medical profession. (4 Jun 2001)

  194. Our four year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last fall, and we had his eight and six year old brothers tested for antibodies. So far, the six year old tested positive, but his sugars are still okay. What is known about the predictive value of this test? (4 Jun 2001)

  195. In your answer to a question asking about the side effects of Ecstasy and LSD on a 19 year old's diabetes, you simply told him to stop. Although this might be the best solution, be realistic -- he's not going to stop because you told him to. Why don't you help him or point him in the right direction to find out the information he requested? (4 Jun 2001)

  196. My teenager has consistently high blood sugars and a history of extremely high A1c results (up to 14.9%). What are my daughter's chances for obtaining a learner's permit and eventually a driver's license numbers that high. The medical review board at the motor vehicle agency says there shouldn't be a problem if a teen is well-controlled, but she isn't. (4 Jun 2001)

  197. I am 17 years old, have had diabetes since I was seven, and I have been in the hospital over 330 times since I was diagnosed. I want a insulin pump to see if I can control my sugar by myself. Do you know if Medicaid will pay for it? If so, how do I get it? (3 Jun 2001)

  198. We are planning to send our 11 year old daughter to diabetes camp this summer, and our insurance policy covers diabetes education. Can any part of the camp expenses be billed as education? (3 Jun 2001)

  199. My eight year old son has just been diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance. Can you explain this and do you know of any good places to get more information? Is there any information about how long before he develops type 1 diabetes? (3 Jun 2001)

  200. My 18 year old son, who developed type I diabetes when he was 18 months old, will be entering college in the fall. How do I go about informing his professors about his diabetes? How much information? (3 Jun 2001)

  201. I'd like to know what your thoughts are about the efficacy of glucose gel versus glucagon in case of emergency in a child with diabetes on a school field trip. (3 Jun 2001)

  202. My 59 year old husband has adverse reactions to the Lilly Insulin products he has tried, but not to the Novo-Nordisk products. Could you please tell me what the difference is in how these two products are made, so we might determine the cause of these adverse reactions? (3 Jun 2001)

  203. I'm looking to purchase a small portable electric refrigeration/cooler unit to use in our hotel room when traveling for Insulin protection. Any recommendations as to where to find such an item? Does this exist? (3 Jun 2001)

  204. At birth, my three year old son was diagnosed with persistent hypoglycemia of infancy and is thankfully off medication. He has also got an abnormal chromosome (number 8), a horseshoe kidney, and learning difficulties. Are these things connected in some way? (3 Jun 2001)

  205. My daughter has dizzy spells, fainting, headaches, vomiting, uncontrollable shaking, and turns pale. She has had blood tests and a CT scan, all of which were normal, but I suspect that she has hyperglycemia. Her doctor says to keep her on a Sugar Buster type diet. What is the best thing to give her when she has one of these shaking sessions? (2 Jun 2001)

  206. My two and a half year old daughter has had a type 1 diabetes for almost six months. Recently and at present, we noticed an almost fruity-like smell on her breath, though our daily ketones test reflects negative. Can you explain the fruity-like smell on my daughter's breath? Why does my daughter cry about pains in the leg(s), which she had experienced on occasions during the night? (2 Jun 2001)

  207. My five year old son was bitten by a stray dog and is undergoing a rabies shot series. Are there any precautions or things I should look for in relationship to his diabetes? (2 Jun 2001)

  208. A friend's 22 year old daughter (type 1 for 12 years ) was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, and I am wondering if reducing wheat/gluten in my daughter's diet now would help reduce the likelihood of her developing it. The meal plan for a child with diabetes (like most kids) diet has a lot of bread and pasta carbs in it. Any studies on this? (2 Jun 2001)

  209. My 13 year old daughter weighs over 200 pounds and seems to constantly crave sweets. She complains of excessive sweating and frequent headaches, and she becomes very moody from time to time. She keeps gaining weight and has a terrible self-concept. have talked with our local family physician about these problems, but he did not think that we should pursue any additional testing. (2 Jun 2001)

  210. I am 18 years old, I have diabetes, and I just found out the risk percentage of inheriting type 1 diabetes. Is there a risk rate for type 2? If there is, is it greater or lesser than type 1? (2 Jun 2001)

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