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  1. My doctor told me that because of my size (I'm 221 pounds) and having hypoglycemia, I could possibly get diabetes within the next 10 years. (31 Dec 2001)

  2. My five year old son has type 1 diabetes. During times of positive stress, he seems to run his blood sugar into the ground. He has been so low at times that we have skipped the evening shot completely, fed him extra carbs and still had him wake up low. Any experiences with this? (31 Dec 2001)

  3. My friend has just been diagnosed with a severe case of hypoglycemia to the extent that she is unable to work because these spells occur many times throughout the day. Her appointment with an endocrinologist is not scheduled for several weeks. Are these symptoms normal for someone in her situation? (31 Dec 2001)

  4. My 75 year old dad has type 2 diabetes and has recently been diagnosed with a failing heart. He is on oxygen at night to help his heart. He has also recently been waking up in the morning with extremely low blood sugar even though his doctor had him cut back on his medication, and he has juice before bed, etc. Any suggestions? (31 Dec 2001)

  5. I am 35, female, have had diabetes for six years, and have until very recently been tightly controlled with an average HbA1c of 5.5%. However, over the last three weeks, my diabetes has become "brittle" with extreme highs and lows in blood glucose levels. When diabetes becomes brittle, is this likely to be a temporary situation? (31 Dec 2001)

  6. I've have had diabetes for 22 years, and a year ago, I started having bone-deep, hot, burning pain in shoulders and upper arms just about every time my blood sugar gets the least bit high. Do you know why I'm now reacting in such a painfully dramatic way to moderately high blood sugars? (31 Dec 2001)

  7. Why shouldn't you exercise if your blood sugar level is higher than 240 mg/dl [13.3 mmol/L]? I thought exercise helped bring blood sugars back down. (31 Dec 2001)

  8. My 62 years young father, who has diabetes and is currently lifting weights, wants to know if creatine is a safe supplement to take. (31 Dec 2001)

  9. About four months ago, we lost our 23 year old son, who had Down's syndrome, to undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. He was sick for about eight days before he went into a diabetic coma, was in that for a week, then he died. Do you have any information about Down's Syndrome and type 1 diabetes? (31 Dec 2001)

  10. We would be very grateful to you for your advice concerning my daughter's type 1 diabetes, and negative GAD antibodies. (31 Dec 2001)

  11. My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He is a practicing alcoholic and has no plans to change his lifestyle. What is likely going to happen to him in the upcoming year? (31 Dec 2001)

  12. Our seven year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and we are considering his participation in a clinical trial to prolong the honeymoon period by ingestion of interferon alpha. What could be the short and long term effects of ingesting interferon alpha? (31 Dec 2001)

  13. An 11 year old, who has had diabetes for only a few years, has had difficulty passing urine, and he usually needs to be catheterized. His other significant reports are: a random blood sugar of 254 mg/dl [mmol/L], a BUN of 93.1 mg/dl, a creatinine of 2.7 mg/dl. The doctor's conclusion is that he has changes in his lower urinary tract causing obstruction or a neurogenic bladder. What can be done for this child? (31 Dec 2001)

  14. My HMO states flatly that there are no circumstances under which they will refer/pay for any nutritional referrals for any condition. Also, my diabetes "team" consists of my HMO primary care provider who freely admits to not having answers to many of my questions, but has been unable to get me anything in the way of a referral. What can I do to get answers to my more technical questions? (29 Dec 2001)

  15. I have type 2 diabetes and have established pretty good control. However, I have noticed my first morning blood sugar averages about 20-30 mg/dl [1.1-1.7 mmol/L] higher than my bedtime readings, even if I don't eat for hours before bed, and if I test again after my morning walk it goes up another 20-30 mg/dl [1.1-1.7 mmol/L]. Is this normal? If so, what is the cause? What can I do to prevent it? (29 Dec 2001)

  16. I use the carbohydrate counting method when planning my meals, and I would really like to switch over to the sweetened products, but I am concerned with switching because the second ingredient in many products is high fructose corn syrup. Is there reason to be concerned? (29 Dec 2001)

  17. I am 25 years old, and about six months ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and would like some help translating lab results. My blood sugar was 750 mg/dl [41.2 mmol/L], my urine and blood were positive for ketones (but I was not in ketoacidosis). Can you please explain if the results are negative/positive and what they mean? (29 Dec 2001)

  18. Recently, I saw a report on the news that said human trials have just been approved for INGAP. What is your opinion on how successful this new procedure will be in curing diabetes? What would be a realistic estimate of when we might know if this will or will not be a successful test resulting in a cure? (29 Dec 2001)

  19. I read lots of pros about pumping, but rarely see any cons, though I know there are cons out there so I'm looking for more pump information. What bad experiences do folks have on the pump? How many people continue to use back up injections while they are on the pump? How many people switch back to injections? Is there a resource detailing all this information? (29 Dec 2001)

  20. Our 12 year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, plays sports and is in good health. However, we are having all kinds of problems getting her up in the morning. Is this normal? (29 Dec 2001)

  21. What are the common tests carried out to determine whether a person has diabetes? Are there non-invasive methods as well as invasive? (29 Dec 2001)

  22. My six year old has had diabetes for three years. I am led to believe that siblings have a 20% chance of developing diabetes, and I am concerned for my son who is nine years old. He does eat a fairly healthy diet, plays football, and does Irish dancing twice a week. Although not symptomatic, he is slightly overweight. Is this about average for his age? (29 Dec 2001)

  23. I am a child specific aide to a six year old girl diagnosed with diabetes about six months ago, and her blood sugars are very irregular (67-488 mg/dl [3.7-27.1 mmol/L]). Is it common for a child to have sugars like this? What is a normal range for a child her age? (29 Dec 2001)

  24. I am a 16 year old female with type 1 diabetes for 10 years, and over the last two and a half years, my blood sugar levels just will not come down. If I lower my insulin then my levels go too high, but if I increase my insulin my levels go too low. I just cannot get it right. (27 Dec 2001)

  25. Is it hard to detect diabetes in younger children? (27 Dec 2001)

  26. Is it at all possible for a child's body to be once again producing some insulin after almost four years of diabetes in which it seemed he was producing none? How long does a honeymoon last? Are there any cases of a spontaneous remission from type 1 diabetes? (27 Dec 2001)

  27. My nine year old boy has diabetes, and I am currently taking steroids to help control Crohn's disease. I have checked my blood sugar and it has been as high as 7.8 mmol/L [140 mg/dl] (fasting). I have several questions. (27 Dec 2001)

  28. My six year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for a year and my eight month old son who is waiting test results for celiac disease. What are my three year old daughter's chances for inheriting an autoimmune disease? (27 Dec 2001)

  29. My 23 year old, who has had type 1 diabetes for 11 years, has always had excellent control over her diabetes and been very sensible, but she has had two fits recently with no warning or explanation. We are very worried about her returning to where she works as she lives in a room in a nurses' home, and we don't know if this will happen again, or whether it s related to a hypo or not. (27 Dec 2001)

  30. Since I have type 2 diabetes, I own a glucose meter so I recently measured my mother (who is in her early seventies) after an evening meal, and her reading was almost 12 mmol/L [216 mg/dl]. She says she does not feel unusually thirsty, or anything else like that. I have gently suggested that she mention it to her doctor, but I don't think she will unless I say something more definite. What should I tell her about the implications of this measurement? (27 Dec 2001)

  31. Are there any laws that say how old a child must be to give him/herself an injection? (27 Dec 2001)

  32. My mother is suffering from diabetes, and I want to buy her a diabetes monitoring device, but there are so many devices on the market that I am confused which one to buy. (27 Dec 2001)

  33. My 17 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 13, will go away to college this coming fall, and I wondered if there are any advice books (for parents or teens) that deal with preparing young adults for the college experience or just being on their own. I worry about erratic schedules, eating (sometimes the dining halls are closed), drinking, etc. Perhaps you have other resources you could suggest. (27 Dec 2001)

  34. I am 31 years old, I have poorly controlled type 1 diabetes, and I just found out I am seven weeks pregnant (unplanned). My obstetrician is advising that I terminate the pregnancy because she fears the risks are too high. It is my first conception, and my the ultrasound showed normal growth of the foetus. Please advise as I need to make a decision on my pregnancy urgently. (27 Dec 2001)

  35. I take Lantus at bedtime and have great blood sugar readings all day until dinner. I take Humalog to cover breakfast and lunch, but by dinner my blood sugar is high. I can take anywhere from 10-15 units of Humalog at dinner time (even though not eating that many carbs), but my blood sugar continues to increase all evening long (250-300 mg/dl [13.9-16.7 mmol/L]. Why does the Lantus work great all morning and after lunch but does not continue to work into the evening? (27 Dec 2001)

  36. Unfortunately, I've forgotten to give my daughter her insulin shots three times in the last few months. It seems to me that other parents must miss shots sometimes, too. What is your experience on parents forgetting to give shots? (25 Dec 2001)

  37. I just read a previous question about a doctor who told a parent her son was taking too much insulin and it would kill him. I though everyone's insulin needs were different and if a person needs more insulin than it should be taken. Isn't our main concern for our children to keep blood sugars controlled no matter how much insulin is required? Should a person only take up to a certain amount? (25 Dec 2001)

  38. My mother was recently diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia which the doctor said this was caused by underlying diabetes. Can this non-stop bleeding cause underlying diabetes? In the past two weeks, she has lost seven pounds, is this be a symptom of underlying diabetes? (25 Dec 2001)

  39. Since my eight year old son's eating habits are uneven, his blood sugars are hard to keep in line and are often erratic, but occasionally they fall into line or even become too low without effort or explanation. Why? (25 Dec 2001)

  40. As a teenager I was diagnosed with Stein-Leventhal syndrome (PCOS). I had a surgical wedge resection and peeling of my ovaries, which seemed to remedy my condition. An ovarian ultrasound two years ago showed no ovarian cysts. Am I still vulnerable to developing type 2 diabetes, or has my hormonal predisposition been alleviated by my surgery? (25 Dec 2001)

  41. I am 45 years old, as a teenager was diagnosed with Stein-Leventhal syndrome (PCOS), and my 13 year old son has type 1 diabetes. Is there any relationship between my PCOS and my son's type 1 diabetes? (25 Dec 2001)

  42. I have type 1 diabetes, I am 5 feet 7 inches tall, and, before I was diagnosed, I weighed over 200 pounds, but now I am lucky if I reach 120 pounds which looks very unhealthy. All the books I buy tell you how you can lose weight, but what I need to know is how to gain weight. (25 Dec 2001)

  43. Are there any contraindications for a person with type 1 diabetes to undergo orthodontic treatment? (21 Dec 2001)

  44. My two year old son was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago, and a physician said he was starting pumps on children this young with good results. Do you have any experience in using pumps with children this young? (21 Dec 2001)

  45. My daughter is on the pump and is now in the hospital with severe stomach pains, which is most probably appendicitis. Is there anything I should know about the procedure, other than the fact that we need to monitor her sugar levels very closely? (21 Dec 2001)

  46. My friend's eight year old daughter old has type 1 diabetes, and she was wondering what the differences are between rebound and the dawn phenomenon. What test could be done to determine what her daughter has? (21 Dec 2001)

  47. I had normal A1cs during my pregnancies, but the pressure to achieve perfect blood sugars with different insulins did more harm than good. By making it seem like this is an achievable goal for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes, aren't you setting them up to feel totally responsible for any birth defects? Wouldn't a normal A1c be a more realistic goal? (21 Dec 2001)

  48. If a child is on pre-mixed insulin and his blood sugar averages 240-300 mg/dl [13.3-16.7 mmol/L], how many units of insulin should he be given? (20 Dec 2001)

  49. I have read recently that the American College of Obstetricians says that a pregnant woman may fly up to her 36th week of gestation, but a pregnant woman with diabetes should not fly. Can you explain why? This makes no sense to me, especially if she is in good control. (20 Dec 2001)

  50. My preliminary glucose test indicated I have gestational diabetes, and I have scheduled my three-hour test this week. If I have gestational diabetes, does it mean my baby could have type 1 diabetes from childhood? (20 Dec 2001)

  51. My 11 year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 14 months ago, and her doctor said she is not growing. What can I do? Is this caused from the diabetes? (20 Dec 2001)

  52. I am a 17 year old female, I have always been a perfectly healthy, active, I am not overweight, and there is no family history of diabetes, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a week ago. So, even my endocrinologist was a bit confused and told me I was an "atypical" case. What are other causes for type 2 diabetes to show up in a perfectly healthy 17 year old girl? (20 Dec 2001)

  53. Because of my symptoms, I went to my primary care doctor who did a fingerstick blood sugar and said it was fine. How accurate is that test? Can I be sure to let it go, and I don't have to worry any more about having diabetes? (20 Dec 2001)

  54. I would like to know if fructose really prevents lows at night. Is it safe? Why it isn't more commonly used? (20 Dec 2001)

  55. Our doctor said the amount of insulin my nephew is taking was killing him, and the doctor wants to put my nephew on Actos. His goal for my nephew is the Actos with 10 units of NPH in the morning and 4 units at night. Will this really change his insulin requirements without hurting him? (19 Dec 2001)

  56. Our seven year old son was just diagnosed with diabetes, and his school does not have a licensed nurse. The school health assistant says that she cannot administer any medication nor help our son with the "finger pricking", and we are very concerned. Is there a law or something that specifies that medical services must be accessible for the child in situations like this? (19 Dec 2001)

  57. I am 31 years old, extremely obese, and I have type 1 diabetes. I asked my previous endocrinologist about the pump and his reply was that I am too fat. I've recently found a new endocrinologist, and I asked him about the pump. He did explain that weight gain is one of the major concerns with use. Can a pump actually aid in weight loss if used properly? (19 Dec 2001)

  58. My eight year old has had erratic control on twice daily injections of NPH and Regular. Lantus sounds good, but a noon injection is not an option now at his school. Could Lantus be used at bedtime with only two other injections, morning and evening, of either NPH or Regular insulin? (19 Dec 2001)

  59. I've developed a red scaly rash that actually leaves my skin raw when the skin peels off. There isn't any itching, but it is painful. Can this be something caused by the diabetes? (19 Dec 2001)

  60. Current blood glucose test strips in research texts also indicate that certain doses of Vitamins C and E also negate true test results, but neither labels nor patient enclosure sheets warn patients of these test distortions. Are the A1c results also distorted and hidden from public? (19 Dec 2001)

  61. My seven year old daughter, newly diagnosed, is doing well with the insulin shots but detests the four to five time a day finger pricks. I've heard about some new methods coming out for obtaining blood sugar readings. Is anything else available to her at this current time? (19 Dec 2001)

  62. Why it is hard to get the sliding scale of a child compare to an adult? Is it because of growth pattern, or maturity of pancreatic enzyme or any other reason? (19 Dec 2001)

  63. Does insulin have to be refrigerated? Is there a difference in strength Novo and Lilly NPH and Regular? (19 Dec 2001)

  64. I have type 2 diabetes and possibly Meniere's disease. My ENT doctor is advising a low salt diet and diuretic as first line treatment. Is there a diuretic that is safe for people with diabetes? If not, how badly would the diuretic affect glucose? Do you know of any connection between Meniere's and diabetes? (19 Dec 2001)

  65. My 15 year old attends a Catholic high school which refuses to sell a beverage he can drink at lunch time. Are Catholic schools exempt from conforming with American with Disabilities Act regulations? Is there anything I can do? (17 Dec 2001)

  66. Our doctor here in Canada thinks my son is a good candidate for an insulin pump because he is in such poor control, but everything I have read indicates that this is a bad choice. Is the pump a good choice for him? (17 Dec 2001)

  67. My nine and a half year old son has had type 1 diabetes for almost two years, and his blood sugars are continually high with large ketones in his urine. Do you have any suggestions as to what can cause this? (17 Dec 2001)

  68. My adult son is on Ultralente with Regular, and his doctor wants to switch him to Lantus with Humalog. The problem is, since you can't mix the two insulins, this means going from a minimum of three injections/day to four. Are there any fast acting insulins that will mix with Lantus? (17 Dec 2001)

  69. I was told that the A1c is the long term measure of hyperglycemia and that any blood glucose above 120 mg/dl [mmol/L] triggers the A1c to be above normal. Does it not then hypothesize that if daily blood glucose readings on average are considerably within the hypoglycemic range that this would thereby balance the fewer hyperglycemic daily blood glucose levels? (17 Dec 2001)

  70. Does diabetes cause obesity or is diabetes linked to obese people? (17 Dec 2001)

  71. How can I become a diabetes nurse? What kind of courses do I need to take? Just some helpful information that can help me get started on my way. (17 Dec 2001)

  72. What the pros and cons of the A1c and fructosamine tests? I have read that the fructosamine is a less subjective and a more reliable and stable test than the A1c. (17 Dec 2001)

  73. I am 40 years old, have had type 1 diabetes since age 10, and I am on a regimen of NPH with Regular insulin. Starting about a month ago, I have been having extreme low blood sugar at night about six to seven hours after injection, and it seems the insulin is dumping on me during this time, instead of getting a more even flow. Has something in me changed or the insulin? (17 Dec 2001)

  74. Can you explain why more hypoglycemia occurs as my A1c moves in the normal range of about 5%? If I continue to lose weight, will my A1c drop further? Will I end up with more bouts of hypoglycemia if my A1c goes into the 4% range? (17 Dec 2001)

  75. My nine year old daughter is very interested in going on the pump, and her endocrinologist's only concern is the fact that she does dance and gymnastics four to five days a week. Her team is worried that she would have a hard time with lows and they told us we can't take it off for more than an hour at a time. Any suggestions? (16 Dec 2001)

  76. My 10 year old attended a diabetes camp that was less than optimum in terms of facilities, activities, and glucose control, so I am considering sending him to a non-diabetes sleep away camp next summer. What do I tell the director of a non-diabetes sleep away camp about the medical needs of my child? What do I teach the counselors? (16 Dec 2001)

  77. My 17 year old daughter, diagnosed about a month ago, is on a pretty rigid schedule of testing and eating and wants to get a summer job. She is concerned about how to approach the subject of diabetes with a potential employer. I really want her to be able to handle this on her own and would welcome any comments or suggestions you might have for her. (16 Dec 2001)

  78. I am a 36 year old female who has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 13, and I have been using an insulin pump for two years with my A1cs remaining below 7%. I am reasonably active, but I am confused about glucose readings I had during a soccer game last week. Any ideas why my blood glucoses increased during my physical activity? (16 Dec 2001)

  79. I have been asked to make holiday cookies for my father-in-law who has diabetes, but I can't locate brown sugar substitute. Where can I buy brown sugar substitute for baking? (16 Dec 2001)

  80. I'm a 15 year old male who has had type 1 diabetes for about six months, and I'm now debating whether or not to switch to Lantus insulin. I know that this means more shots, but I have a lighter schedule. I would like to hear an opinion on the subject and some pros and cons I would get from switching. (16 Dec 2001)

  81. Ever since diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, my hair has been thinning and is slow to grow. I have had difficulties controlling my sugars in the past, and I am wondering if this is the cause of my hair loss. It Is there any advice you can give me about this problem? (16 Dec 2001)

  82. I am 38 years old, was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia about a year ago, and for the past month, my fasting sugars are 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L] or above. I have seen this when I am pregnant, but I am not pregnant now. Could my hypoglycemia be changing over to diabetes? What should I do? (16 Dec 2001)

  83. My four year old daughter tested negative for islet cell antibodies. What is the predictive value of this test for the future onset of type 1 diabetes? (16 Dec 2001)

  84. My 58 year old husband, who has type 2 diabetes, falls flat asleep for one-half to two hours every time he eats. He does this at home, restaurants, alone, or with groups, and he is also having extreme fits of anger, mood swings,and personality changes. He just had a check-up, and his sugar levels are okay. Is this normal? (16 Dec 2001)

  85. I'm in the Navy, due for a transfer within ten months, and my son has type 1 diabetes. Do you have any suggestions for some of the best places or hospitals known for managing my son? I want to get my son as close as possible to the best. (15 Dec 2001)

  86. Could you help me in locating a treatment center or research clinic for end stage diabetes? My brother has just had both legs amputated, and now is having problems with his fingers. The doctors he is seeing seem confused (surprised) about what is happening to him. If you could direct me to a physician or school of medicine that might take him and see about making his quality of life better, I would appreciate it. (15 Dec 2001)

  87. Someone I met recently mentioned a book about counting carbs, and I am very interested. Can you tell me where to buy this book? It would be very helpful to me. (15 Dec 2001)

  88. My three year old was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is supposedly in his "honeymoon" period (on 1 unit of NPH insulin every morning). His blood sugars are 77-100 mg/dl [4.3-5.6 mmol/L] on average. I've been told and read several times that young children need to not have many lows. Is this not low for a child this age? (15 Dec 2001)

  89. There is a strong history of diabetes in our family, and I have hypoglycemia so my two year old son recently had his blood sugar tested which was 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. While I understand that this is within the normal range, he exhibits three signs of diabetes -- slow growth, excessive thirst, and a craving for sugary foods. Might there be a possibility that he could have diabetes regardless of what the blood test showed? (15 Dec 2001)

  90. I am a 57 year old woman diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I am now taking Glucotrol XL and Glucophage daily. My two hour postprandial results are often 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L] so my doctor has prescribed Humalog before meals. I am not opposed to beginning an insulin regimen and just want what is best for my long-term health. (15 Dec 2001)

  91. My 12 year old daughter has type1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and asthma. I have rheumatoid arthritis, Grave's disease, asthma, and irritable bowel disease. I am aware that it is not rare to have a combination of autoimmune diseases. Is there a physician specialty that would treat this combination of autoimmune disorders? It is very difficult to receive care from several different doctors that have no expertise or understanding of the entire health picture. (15 Dec 2001)

  92. Why do girls get type 1 diabetes earlier than boys? (15 Dec 2001)

  93. Yesterday I was diagnosed with diabetes. They put me on 1500 calorie diet with no medicine, and the dietitian said not to have more than 3 grams of sugar per meal. She told me to have a piece of fruit with my meals for breakfast and lunch. Is each piece of fruit more than 3 grams? Is one piece of chicken (example: a chicken leg) considered to be 1 ounce? (15 Dec 2001)

  94. A relative has requested some diabetic socks for Christmas (apparently our local pharmacy used to sell them). Any ideas on what would be a suitable replacement? (15 Dec 2001)

  95. My 25 year old married sister has diabetes, is three months pregnant, and the doctors attending on her advise termination of pregnancy. Is there no way out at all? During the period of pregnancy, is there a way to keep diabetes under control? Can the pregnancy be continued for a safe delivery? Will the child get diabetes? (15 Dec 2001)

  96. I am now 17, I have had diabetes since I was nine, and I was wondering if there has been any research done on memory loss in people with diabetes. For the past year especially, I have been really noticing that my memory seems very weak compared to what it used to be. (14 Dec 2001)

  97. I am an 18 year old male with type 1 diabetes for 13 years, I've been bodybuilding for the last year, and I want to get into taking supplements to assist me in my regimen. I've talked to my regular endocrinologist who he told me he wasn't sure about what I can and can't take. (14 Dec 2001)

  98. My son is almost seven, and there is diabetes is on his maternal side so I refuse to let him have sugar snacks or drinks like Gatorade, power drinks, and soda. I believe water is best for hydration, but I've been told he needs electrolyte balance. Please advise. (14 Dec 2001)

  99. My 38 year old wife is 26 weeks pregnant with our second child and was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes which she also had during her first pregnancy. We know the possible outcomes, but are there any existing statistics regarding survival rates of infants of mothers with GDM who take insulin that may help ease my wife's mind? (14 Dec 2001)

  100. My 14 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for three years, had a slight cold when he received his flu shot a few weeks ago. He quickly became more ill and was diagnosed with a low grade pneumonia. Do you believe there could be any connection between these events? (14 Dec 2001)

  101. I'm 53 years old, I have had type 2 diabetes for about four years, and I have tremendous problems with my feet. They burn like they are on fire, mostly at night which makes for a long night of not much sleep. Is this something caused by my diabetes? if so, what can I do to stop the burning? (14 Dec 2001)

  102. I have an 80 year old friend who has had diabetes for over 50 years, exercises regularly, eats properly and has the diabetes fairly well controlled. However, in the last year and a half, she has gained over 20 pounds, and she is concerned as no one seems to give her an answer as to why she is gaining weight with no change in her dietary habits. Any ideas? (14 Dec 2001)

  103. My 14 month old nursing daughter was just diagnosed. Do you know how many carbohydrates are in two ounces of breast milk? (14 Dec 2001)

  104. I have found that most sugar free foods have something called sugar alcohol. Is this a safe replacement? My pharmacist said that it was ok ay for a person with diabetes to consume as much sugar alcohol as she/he wanted, but I am still skeptical. Do you have any information regarding sugar alcohol? (14 Dec 2001)

  105. I am trying to convince a woman that I know that her 10 year old son must go see a doctor. This child is like a ticking time bomb as far as his health. He went to the doctor about eight months ago, and the pediatrician told his mother that she is worried and wanted lab work done up on him. She made it sound like no big deal, never bothered to take him back, and gets furious when I mention that he has signs of type 2 diabetes. (14 Dec 2001)

  106. My 15 year old daughter gets blisters on her feet all the time so about six months ago, I took to the doctor who gave her some type of cream for fungus. Last week, we went back to the doctor and this time the doctor ordered blood work to check for thyroid and diabetes. What is reason for these kind of tests? (14 Dec 2001)

  107. My 35 month old son has had chronic recurring episodes of ketones in his urine for nearly a year. Our pediatrician has tested serum glucose which has been in the low normal range on random testing, and low (40-50 mg/dl [2.2- 2.7 mmol/L]) fasting. Our pediatrician is not concerned about the ketones, and attributes the episodes to the special diet. We have no idea what this could mean. He is a very good eater, and gets a good balance of protein and carbs. We are at a loss! (14 Dec 2001)

  108. Is there any information that have been done quantifying the risk of a person with LADA passing diabetes to his children? (14 Dec 2001)

  109. I just had a conference with my child's kindergarten teacher who said he was delayed in his cognitive thinking, and I've read that diabetes affects this. Is this just when glucose levels are not within range or is this long term effect on thought processes? (12 Dec 2001)

  110. am 55 years old, and I have had diabetes for 18 months which I seem to control very well with Glucophage XR, so why is it that I seem to have some problems with one of my feet (some numbness at times) with this kind of control? (12 Dec 2001)

  111. I am confused as to how exercise lowers blood glucose levels. Intuitively, it would seem that physical activity would require more insulin as cells would need more glucose for energy. What is the mechanism of action that reduces blood glucose levels with exercise? (12 Dec 2001)

  112. Would you have any references or materials that are designed for Chinese patients, preferably in their primary language? (12 Dec 2001)

  113. My 14 daughter has been on a insulin pump, and her doctor is concerned that her basal rates are too high relative to the amount she is bolusing for each meal. Overall her control is quite good. However, she is frequently hungry and not thin despite the fact she watches what she eats and exercises. Is there a problem with having relatively high basal rates? Do people with higher basal rates tend to gain and retain weight? What do you recommend? (12 Dec 2001)

  114. I have had type 1 diabetes for about five months. I also have severe asthma, and I ended up needing to take prednisone last week on a tapering dose for the next six weeks. I actually got my blood sugars pretty well controlled, but now that I am on the steroids, I am seeing my blood sugars elevated more. Can steroids cause this? (12 Dec 2001)

  115. My 11 year old daughter is overweight, and has dark patches of skin under her arms and the back of her neck. There is a history of diabetes in my family, (nephew,sister). Someone just told me that this is a sign that the body is producing too much sugar and that she is at risk of developing diabetes. Are dark areas of the skin a sign of too much sugar? (12 Dec 2001)

  116. I am 29, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 14 months ago, I am considering pregnancy and would like to understand what my goals are. I am worried about contraindications and birth defects because of all the medications I am on now and the fact that I broke my tail bone. Does this mean that I will have to have a C-section, and be bedridden for the last four months of pregnancy? (12 Dec 2001)

  117. I am quite discouraged about not being able to get my blood glucose below 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] very often. I do not drink, and I have given up peanut butter cups along a lot of other things so it is quite discouraging. I am wondering about peppermint life savers. (12 Dec 2001)

  118. My daughter has had diabetes for about two and a half years, and even though she is currently seeing an endocrinologist, her blood sugars have averaged 300 mg/dl [16. 7 mmol/L] for almost a year now, and I am tired. He is our third doctor. I cannot find a pediatric endocrinologist who will see her and help me manage her diabetes. I have exhausted my resources. Does anyone know of any pediatric endocrinologist in our area? (12 Dec 2001)

  119. I am 33 years old, I have had hypoglycemia which the doctors think is changing to diabetes, and my seven year old daughter has very high levels of urine protein. Her family doctor thinks it is related to her kidneys. Could she have hypoglycemia or diabetes? (12 Dec 2001)

  120. I have had type 2 diabetes for over five years and I kept my A1c less than 9%. However, about eight months ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent chemotherapy for three months, and my diabetes control deteriorated. I am getting very concerned. Is this a typical response to chemotherapy? Should I be considering insulin? (12 Dec 2001)

  121. I have heard a lot about DiaPep277 in the last few days. Could you please explain more about it ? (11 Dec 2001)

  122. My nine and a half year old daughter is using a combination of Regular and NPH, but her results are not stable, and I know that the Lantus is much more stable. Are any doctors using the Humalog/Lantus insulin combination in children? (11 Dec 2001)

  123. My three year old son is pale and tired a lot and complains about his belly hurting. He is always thirsty, waking up two to three times a night to drink, so I took him to his doctor who did a blood sugar which was low. Now, they want him tested by the hospital after he has not eaten since midnight for hypoglycemia. I am very afraid so please tell me what you can. (11 Dec 2001)

  124. I feel that my dad is having symptoms of diabetics because he is getting some kind of red patches on the skin. He is not ready to visit a doctor, so I want to know if there are any self test kits for diabetes so that we can confirm his condition. Please help. (11 Dec 2001)

  125. My seven year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since the age of three, and it seems like her evening NPH is lasting for about 18 hours, but the daytime NPH doesn't seem to work that way. What happens at night time with the slow down of insulin absorption? (11 Dec 2001)

  126. I am 27 years old, and I have diabetes due to acute pancreatitis, and for the last three years, my stool check shows 2+ fat. Whenever I eat, my stomach aches, and fat doesn't get absorbed in my body so my weight doesn't increase. I have consulted many doctors who have recommended Pancreatin tablets before food, but it has not helped. (11 Dec 2001)

  127. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes one month ago. His diabetes nurse told us not to worry about his blood sugar level while sleeping at night unless it was below 120 mg/dl [mmol/L] before evening snack. Is that the only time that we need to check his blood sugars or should we be checking during the night routinely, regardless of his numbers? (11 Dec 2001)

  128. I am a 38 year old male with secondary diabetes from chronic pancreatitis, treated with NPH and Regular in the morning and NPH in the evening, and I sometimes have hypoglycemic episodes about at 2 pm. May I reduce my morning NPH? (11 Dec 2001)

  129. I'm a 53 year old female with type 2 diagnosed three years ago, and periodically, my cheeks become inflamed with some small broken vessels. Sometimes the inflammation or burning is also diffused throughout my thoracic area which lasts for several hours and than dissipates. Is this a reported symptom of diabetes? (11 Dec 2001)

  130. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 about a month and a half ago, her first cousin (my sister's son) has cystic fibrosis, and the CF doctor suggested that I have my daughter tested for the CF gene. At diagnosis, she presented with all the typical signs (frequent urination, thirst, and weight loss). I have not been tested so I don't know if I'm a carrier. The doctor said that there may be some link between a CF gene carrier and type 1 diabetes. Do you know of any information about this? (11 Dec 2001)

  131. My son has type 1 diabetes, and I would like a list to help with my carbohydrate counting. Can you please give me some sites that I can visit? (11 Dec 2001)

  132. After 35 years with type 1 diabetes, I see three ways it can ruin your life. Each of these options can be just as bad as the other from the patient's point of view, but when will diabetologists recognize that emphasizing strict control in no way makes the patient healthier as a whole psychological, social, and physical being, but just substitutes one form of disease for another? (11 Dec 2001)

  133. Through reading, I've discovered that 1 gram of carb raises blood glucose 5 mg/dl [0.3 mmol/L], is that true? Is there a chart indicating the exact amount of insulin to give a child, depending on weight and amount of carbs eaten? (11 Dec 2001)

  134. My 11 year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, is constantly having blood sugars from 400 to over 500 mg/dl, stomachaches and headaches, and she misses a lot of time in class. We have tried her on Lantus, but that wasn't any good for her so we switched her back to NPH with a sliding scale of Humalog. We are considering the insulin pump, but until then, we need to find something to help her. Do you know of anything else to help her? (7 Dec 2001)

  135. My 16 year old son had a bad headache and some body aches, a low grade fever and swollen glands. I took him to the doctor who did a blood sugar which was 69 mg/dl. The doctor wanted to check it again in two weeks, but my son complained of blurred vision so I picked up from school and took him directly to the doctor. At that visit, a fingerstick blood sugar was 166 mg/dl. What could cause elevated blood sugar besides diabetes? (7 Dec 2001)

  136. I am a 36 year old male who has good blood sugar control, and I have been trying to lose weight for the past year. I am in fairly good shape, but I have a belly. I am trying to get rid of it by running and doing crunches. Does giving insulin injections in your belly would make you fat? If you eat a snack before exercising, my understanding is that you will just burn those carbohydrates. Is that true? (7 Dec 2001)

  137. A diabetes magazine has an ad that refers to the Sleep Sentry as being economical. Do any insurance plans cover the purchase of this device? (7 Dec 2001)

  138. I have a two year old who has had type 1 diabetes for about 14 months, and is getting intense bruising from at least two insulin injection per week on the arm or leg causing the site to swell to the size of a half dollar. She sits relatively still for her shots. What can I do to help the bruising she develops after a shot? (7 Dec 2001)

  139. I have come across a few unused needles that have moisture in them, and I throw those away! How can a person tell if a needle is contaminated? (7 Dec 2001)

  140. For the past three weeks, my 11 year old daughter's blood sugar has been erratic ranging from 300 to almost 600 mg/dl [16.7-33.3 mmol/L] during the day. Her eating habits,exercise, and school have not changed prior to this. How much do hormones affect blood sugars in a girl this age? (6 Dec 2001)

  141. My seven year old son has been experiencing tingling in his fingertips and has always snacked constantly. Are these related to diabetes? (6 Dec 2001)

  142. In the past few months, my 28 year old friend has had more episodes of low blood sugar. The problem I see is that he is not really taking any responsibility towards making himself more aware of getting low or that he doesn't really care that much about it because he knows we can take care of him if he gets really bad. However, I feel that he has a problem and psychologically might be using his low sugar spells for attention. Can he really be that unaware of his low blood sugars and be unable to anything about it? (6 Dec 2001)

  143. My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and major mood swings associated with low blood sugar. He doesn't eat well and says he is fine. He tests his blood sugar all the time and is always amazed at the numbers. The problem is I am not familiar with this at all. What can I do to help when he doesn't want it or doesn't know he needs it? (6 Dec 2001)

  144. My eight year old son has been pumping for five months and lately we find that no matter how carefully we get every last bubble out at a set change, by the next set change the 20 or so units left in the reservoir look like seltzer! Bubbles, small ones, make their way into the tubing so there are too many to have been "missed" when we did the set change. He primes after disconnecting when he showers. How is the air getting in? (6 Dec 2001)

  145. I am a 64 year old male diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about seven moths ago, and I am now in good control ( A1c of 6.2%) with diet and exercise. However, my blood glucose level tends to rise overnight and is usually by 15 to 20 mg/dl [0.8-1.1 mmol/L] in the morning. The increase doesn't happen every night, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason when it does What causes this? Is there anything I can do to minimize or stop that increase? (6 Dec 2001)

  146. I baby sit an 18 month old Hispanic female every day, who, for the last ten days, has literally been screaming for drinks and has been saturating 8-11 diapers in a nine-hour period. I have spoken to her mother about these "symptoms" every day for the last week, but her response is there is no family history of diabetes, and the child is just thirsty. How do I get her mom to have her tested? (6 Dec 2001)

  147. I developed gestational diabetes with my second child who was delivered on time and everything was normal. Four years later, I became pregnant again and everything was going fine. However at 25 weeks (a week before my test for gestational diabetes), I started vomiting and went to the closest hospital where my baby was born prematurely. They tested for everything and couldn't come up with any cause. Would diabetes of any kind attribute to this? (6 Dec 2001)

  148. My 11 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for four years, and her A1c level is usually under 8%. She weighs 82 pounds and receives 50-54 units of insulin per day. Her doctors say she may be becoming insulin resistant. Is this true? Is there anything we can do/not do to help prevent this? (6 Dec 2001)

  149. I started pumping about four months ago, but as soon as I began pumping, I immediately gained 20 pounds. I know it's normal to gain weight on an intensive insulin therapy, but I'm bloated and have pain. Could this be because of my celiac disease which is been untreated for years. (6 Dec 2001)

  150. I am a 48 year old woman who has have had type 1 diabetes for 44 years, and while I know that male impotence may be a problem, I have never seen anything mentioned about female sexual dysfunction or had it mentioned by any medical person. Do you have any information on how female sexuality may be adversely affected by type 1 diabetes? (5 Dec 2001)

  151. My son has diabetes, I have just been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (which my mother also has), and read in a recent question on this website that there may be a relationship between the two diseases, as both are believed to be autoimmune disorders. Can you verify this? If so, how are the two related? (5 Dec 2001)

  152. I am 52, and I have type 2 diabetes. Last night, my blood sugar about two hours after a meal was 6.4 mmol/L [115 mg/dl], but first thing this morning it was 10.5 mmol/L [189 mg/dl], and I had no food or liquids. How can that be? What is my problem? (5 Dec 2001)

  153. Recently, my daughter had severe and unexpected hypoglycemia had to be admitted to hospital for tests, which have so far revealed no problems so they are considering more tests. What might these be? Can Humalog act later than four to six hours and cause a severe and unexpected hypo? (5 Dec 2001)

  154. I am concerned because my first pregnancy ended in a fetal death at 38 weeks, and the doctors we unable to identify the cause. I was not tested for gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy, but after research, I have discovered that I did have symptoms. Could untreated gestational diabetes cause fetal demise? (5 Dec 2001)

  155. I am 32 years old, have had diabetes for about 15 years, and my recent microalbumin was 27. Should I be concerned about this higher number? What steps should I take at this point? (5 Dec 2001)

  156. I am 52, and I have type 2 diabetes. How frequently I should be testing my blood sugar? At what times of day? What should my target levels (in mmol/L) be? (5 Dec 2001)

  157. I am 29 weeks pregnant, and I have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Is it possible to not have sugar in your urine and still have gestational diabetes? (5 Dec 2001)

  158. My 11 year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about four and a half years ago, has never been in good control. She has been on an insulin pump for about eight months, and while we have been very pleased, her last A1c was 9.7% while her meter average was 153 mg/dl [8.5 mmol/L]. This situation has repeated itself several times and now her doctor is trying to discover what is going on. Has anyone on your staff ever encountered this problem? What might be the cause? (5 Dec 2001)

  159. We have absolutely no family history of diabetes, but my 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 four years ago, and my eight year old son is very concerned about getting diabetes. I heard of a vaccine for type 1 diabetes being given in Switzerland. Do you know anything more about this new vaccine? (5 Dec 2001)

  160. A 25 year old friend of mine was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, was started on 25 U of NPH. A month later, I took him to the ER at 6 pm with low blood sugar I don't understand why he experienced his hypoglycemia at that time of day instead of the morning. What is significant about that particular time of day? (4 Dec 2001)

  161. What, if anything, does a rash on a three year old with type 1 diabetes mean? (4 Dec 2001)

  162. I am 39 years old, I have had type 2 for about six months, and I seem to be having hot flashes which appear to impair my glucose a few days a month. Are my hormone levels raising or decreasing my insulin secretion or causing my insulin resistance? I there any way to tell the sequence of events that is going on? (4 Dec 2001)

  163. I am 39 years old. I have had type 2 for about six months, and I have mild to moderate hearing loss. I am wondering why, since I have read many medical studies on-line including the recent Otological Society study about diabetes and deafness, hearing loss is not given as much publicity in the standard list of potential diabetes complications. Since the otologists are up on this, are the endocrinologists behind in acknowledging the link between diabetes and hearing loss? (4 Dec 2001)

  164. I am 39 years old, I have had type 2 for about six months, and I had negative microalbumin tests but never had a creatinine test. My understanding is that if albumin tests positive then creatinine is checked. Is it strictly another test for kidney disease or can it indicate that something else is also possibly wrong? (4 Dec 2001)

  165. Why do they say metformin is not recommended for people who are not obese? Does lactic acidosis tend to happen in thin people? (4 Dec 2001)

  166. Is there an insulin sensitizer on the market that does not have an associated heart warning risk? If someone had a family history of heart disease without a family history of diabetes, would a drug with a heart risk warning be inadvisable? (4 Dec 2001)

  167. I am 47 years old and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes nine months ago with no previous symptoms. Since then, I have lost 50 pounds and dropped my A1c from 6.9 to 5.7%, but I am now having rather severe paresthesias and burning in lower extremities and hands. (4 Dec 2001)

  168. I have diabetes, and I had a blood creatinine of 0.9 mg/dl and urine creatinine of 16.9 mg/dl along with a urine microalbumin of 0.7 mg/dl. I have searched all over the Internet for what low urine creatinine means, and I can't find anything that explains what the danger is. Can you help? (4 Dec 2001)

  169. Is there a strict test to determine the presence of insulin resistance versus the need for an insulin sensitizer? (2 Dec 2001)

  170. My primary care physician diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes when my HbA1c was 14.1%. Three months later had dropped to 7.0%, but, after another two months, my glucose levels gradually became harder to control, my HbA1c was back up to 9.9%, and I started insulin. Just recently, I went to an endocrinologist who diagnosed type 1 diabetes based on a C-peptide of 0.6 ng/ml. Do you think I do or ever did have type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance? (2 Dec 2001)

  171. I have type 1 diabetes, my two year old son has been diagnosed with a potential growth hormone deficiency. I have several questions. (2 Dec 2001)

  172. My 15 year old son has been asking me if he can go on Lantus insulin, but I feel this insulin is too new and should be studied more before letting him inject it into his body. How long has Lantus been studied before it was given to patients? Do you see any side effects in patients? Do you have many patients on Lantus? (2 Dec 2001)

  173. I am 13 years old and this summer I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia after I has an unexpected seizure. What are the symptoms of an oncoming seizure? (2 Dec 2001)

  174. I have impaired glucose tolerance, and I indulged in a small ice cream dessert after a meal. I don't understand my blood glucose results afterward. What are numbers like these trying to tell me? (2 Dec 2001)

  175. If someone was given an oral medication for insulin resistance, when they actually had little or no insulin production, or actually needed an insulin sensitizer, what would the effect be? (2 Dec 2001)

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