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  1. I read about a person from Canada who reports having purchased a used insulin pump from someone who wasn't using it. I have some questions. (31 Jan 2002)

  2. I am on an insulin pump, and I will be going to Jamaica where I plan on scuba diving and participating in water sports. I checked on the sports guard, but it is not recommended to have the pump on for depths exceeding eight feet. Will ocean water affect my site when I disconnect? Should I disconnect for the days I plan on participating in water sports and use syringes? (30 Jan 2002)

  3. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my seventh month of pregnancy and was asked to monitor my glucose level. What glucose level do I have to maintain? (30 Jan 2002)

  4. My wife has gestational diabetes, and she tried diet and exercise, but it was determined that she needs two shot of insulin per day, and her readings are now pretty much under control. However, I have a few questions. (30 Jan 2002)

  5. I have PCOS, I am 14 weeks into my first pregnancy, I'm having twins, and since my glucose screen was high, my doctor ordered a three-hour GTT. I have several questions. (30 Jan 2002)

  6. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. What is the life expectancy for children with diabetes? Does everything depend on diet and glucose control? Is my son most likely going to be blind as an adult? (28 Jan 2002)

  7. My 11 year old daughter was doing pretty well until about a year ago when she started her period, and her life has been pretty miserable since. She has high blood sugar that doesn't come down with insulin, she has urine ketones and has started developing DKA around this time. My hospital co-workers as well as her doctors tell me that her life will pretty much be like this until she gets through puberty. (28 Jan 2002)

  8. I am 12 years old, was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I have not been taking insulin because my blood sugars are consistently low. When I was diagnosed, I could never keep my sugars down, and now I can never keep them up! How long will this last? What can I do? (28 Jan 2002)

  9. After an episode of DKA, I was originally treated with insulin and pills, but after returning home, I started walking regularly and following a diet so that now I am off medication and my blood glucose readings are usually normal at all times of day and night. I am not sure whether this is type 2 diabetes or type 1 diabetes in a honeymoon phase. (28 Jan 2002)

  10. I am a middle-aged male whohas type 2 diabetes treated with low dose Glucophage, diet, and exercise. Part of my exercise regimen is weight lifting and body building. Can anabolic steroids be used under supervision? What are the primary health concerns with their use? (28 Jan 2002)

  11. My 11 year old daughter, who was diagnosed a little over a year ago with type 1 diabetes, is cutting her molars. I was curious if the pain or Tylenol could be causing high blood sugars. (28 Jan 2002)

  12. I had no history of elevated sugars who went into anaphylactic shock this past summer. About two months later, and about the time I began desensitization, I had two elevated fasting blood sugars. Any idea what might be going on? Is it possible that the bee allergic reaction and/or the treatment is interfering with my sugars? (28 Jan 2002)

  13. My 12 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for four years, was on a twice daily combination of Actrapid [Regular] and Monotard [NPH]. Recently, he was switched to a Humalog 25 Mix at the same dose, but now he is having hypos twice daily (even though his doses have been decreased), which never occurred before. (27 Jan 2002)

  14. My 65 year old mum (with type 2 diabetes) has been controlling her condition with insulin, and since her triple heart bypass, she has found it difficult to stabilise the blood glucose. Her doctor has started her on rosiglitazone which has reduced her amount of insulin intake considerably. Because my mum, dad, and their doctor are at loss as to what to do, any pointers will be very much appreciated. (27 Jan 2002)

  15. My 54 year old husband, who had a quintuple cardiac by-pass just prior his type 2 diabetes diagnosis two years ago, is taking Glucovance pills to control his glucose levels. It is working well most of the time, however, he thinks he can eat what he wants as long as the Glucovance keeps his levels down. I say no, he still needs to watch his diet. Who is right? (27 Jan 2002)

  16. There is a 14 year old student with type 1 diabetes in my school frequently checks his blood sugar, and wants to give insulin with each blood sugar check. Is there a maximum amount of insulin that can be given? How often should he check his blood sugar during school hours? (27 Jan 2002)

  17. What is the incidence of neuropathy in children? What tests would you carry out as part of a foot screen on children? What is the best advice on foot care for children? (27 Jan 2002)

  18. My two boys, age 9 and 11 both have type 1 diabetes, and the 11 year old does not have good control with Humalog and NPH. I am considering asking his doctor for a change to Humalog with Lantus, but I would like to know what type of experiences children have had who use Lantus. (27 Jan 2002)

  19. My son, who is going through puberty, recently went to a four shot daily regimen to further tighten control. His endocrinologist appears supportive, but his school nurse is not. Should a child with type 1 diabetes who going through puberty not check blood glucose levels at various points throughout the day under certain conditions? If so, what are those conditions? Are there any issues that would make a four-shot daily regimen inappropriate for a school setting? (26 Jan 2002)

  20. My son is now entering public kindergarten, and his teachers have convinced themselves that they cannot remember to give him his snack on time unless they use an outside alarm device. We have protested the use of this bell since day one of school in writing and verbally, and six weeks into the school year we found out they are still using it. (26 Jan 2002)

  21. My 40 year old husband has just been diagnosed with hyperinsulinaemia, and his mother has diabetes. Can this lead to diabetes? He has been put on a strict diet, which he will be sticking to. Can this control the onset of diabetes, if there is a possibility of it occurring? (26 Jan 2002)

  22. My 13 year son, who has had diabetes since he was 16 months old and hypothyroidism for about three years, has developed acid reflex. Can this acid reflux be related to having diabetes so long? (26 Jan 2002)

  23. Why has the price of Humalog increased so steeply lately? I understand that prices increase over time, but this is an almost 100% increase. (26 Jan 2002)

  24. I am looking for a spa for people with diabetes because I need a new start in diet education and help in evaluating my eating habits. Do you know of any in the US other than Canyon Ranch in Arizona? (26 Jan 2002)

  25. I am a psychologist working with people who have type 1 diabetes, and I am quite new in this field. I wish you could help me out with programs which will be for the benefit of my clients. (26 Jan 2002)

  26. My three and a half year old daughter was in very good control until she ate a frosted cupcake. She came home with a high blood sugar; an hour later, so I gave her a unit of ActRapid and ever since, she's been whipsawing. Should I be making daily adjustments to her insulin during this volatile period? (26 Jan 2002)

  27. Today I was told by the ADA that they no longer have the programs that could have helped me get the things I needed. If the ADA can't help me with the supplies that I need then to whom do I turn? (24 Jan 2002)

  28. It seems that no matter how stringently I diet and exercise, how little food I survive on, or what kind, the end result is the same pills, insulin, and death. It boils down to a question of whether I care if I go sooner or later. (24 Jan 2002)

  29. My teenage son is going to be taking college tests, and I was wondering if there is a form to fill out so that he can have food or drink with him. Most of these tests are over three hours long. (24 Jan 2002)

  30. When he was five, my son was evaluated for possible diabetes, but they said he didn't have it and to wait and see what happens. Now, two years later, he has symptoms again. His blood sugar was okay, but his growth hormone level is really low, and the difference between his size and other eight year olds is staggering. Can you tell me whether blood sugar and growth hormone are ever related? (24 Jan 2002)

  31. I am in the process of moving, and I need to find a doctor who specializes in type 1 diabetes. Is there an easy way of going about finding a doctor? (24 Jan 2002)

  32. If I have to give glucagon, can I use an insulin syringe? I think it would be more comfortable because, to me, the syringe in the kit just seems so big, and in an emergency I think I would be afraid to use it. (24 Jan 2002)

  33. Since my seven year old son's diagnosis with type 1 diabetes about three weeks ago, his doctor has taken him off of morning Regular insulin, but his morning readings are high. Is it okay to have readings that high after eating, or is this is indication that insulin is needed? Is my son at risk of future complications? (24 Jan 2002)

  34. My 11 year old daughter often has lows at school, sometimes as low as in the 20s mg/dl [1.1 mmol/L]. Which works faster in bringing the level back up to normal range, juice or glucose tablets? (24 Jan 2002)

  35. Six months ago, my granny was bitten by a scorpion and just after we thought it had cleared, she developed an ulcer, and it does not seem to get better. What is a diabetic ulcer? How do you treat it? Can my granny lose her leg from it? (24 Jan 2002)

  36. Since my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, my white blood cell count has always been low. My doctor claims that this is nothing serious, but I need a second opinion. Is there any danger in having such a low WBC? Is this related to type 1 diabetes? (24 Jan 2002)

  37. I am 11 years old, I have the pump, and I recently got my A1c test result back which was 8.3%. I want some help on how to get it down. (23 Jan 2002)

  38. Could my son's lack of focus on tasks that he is not interested in be his diabetes? Is he a candidate for ADD testing? (23 Jan 2002)

  39. My 11 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, is getting bullied at school. Could being punched in the tummy damage the pancreas any more than it is? (23 Jan 2002)

  40. My eight year old daughter has had two episodes of passing out about 10 minutes after awakening in the morning. She was shaking and had eaten sugar items night before. She has always had frequent urination and thirst, and her weight has been stable. A standard blood test after first episode was normal. I have started giving orange juice when she first gets up. Does this sound like diabetes or hypoglycemia? (23 Jan 2002)

  41. My dad has type 1 diabetes, my boyfriend has type 2 diabetes, and I recently gave birth to a little baby boy. Every other day he drinks more water than milk. Is that normal? How soon does he need to get a test for diabetes? (23 Jan 2002)

  42. I am 17 years old, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just a week ago, and I've heard news regarding the use of an insulin pump. I know it's too early to consider use of it in the near future, but I am thinking of it in the next year or so as a possibility. Will use of the insulin pump be more effective than daily injections in preventing the long-term complications associated with diabetes? (23 Jan 2002)

  43. My 15 year old niece was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two days ago. Her initial blood sugar level was 2400 mg/dl [133.3 mmol/L]. She is also still experiencing blurred vision. Is it common to have vision problems after the levels have come that far down? (23 Jan 2002)

  44. My 15 year old niece was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two days ago. Her initial blood sugar level was 2400 and she fortunately did not go into a coma. After two days, it went down, and then today went back up. When should she expect to get a stable reading? (23 Jan 2002)

  45. Recently, my eight year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 13 months ago, had a urine microalbumin test was not within normal ranges, and he was started on an ACE inhibitor. What caused protein in the urine? (23 Jan 2002)

  46. At least once a month a student who has diabetes will have a pre-lunch low blood sugar, and I would like to recheck his blood sugar prior to the insulin administration, but his doctor's orders do not specifically allow us to recheck his blood sugar. For my own peace of mind, is it prudent to want to recheck? (23 Jan 2002)

  47. Recently, I have been experiencing constant hunger, even though I have just eaten and feel dizzy if I do not eat soon, I have lost weight despite the eating, and I am also tired most of the time. I am drinking normally and not going to the loo any more that I used to. Could this be diabetes? (23 Jan 2002)

  48. I found out this week that my husband, my 10 year old daughter and my eight year old son all have MODY, but I did not receive much information from the hospital. Can you explain what it is? Is it okay to have an A1c 8.5% and not be taking any form of insulin? (23 Jan 2002)

  49. Our family will be relocating to Rwanda for two years, and out nine year old son has type 1 diabetes, treated with Lantus and Humalog. Where should we look for medical treatment, including checkups? What should we expect in a hotter and higher climate? (22 Jan 2002)

  50. My daughter developed a heart murmur a year after her diagnosis which is becoming louder with each year. For the last two years, she has had severe chest pains, pallor, blue lips, and irregular heart beat, and pulse. She has gone through all the tests which showed two leaking valves and PDA Her cardiologist seems to think her diabetes is the cause of chest pains, but her pediatric specialist thinks its something with her heart. I'm not sure what else to do now. (22 Jan 2002)

  51. My 15 year old niece was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and her grandfather has type 2 diabetes, could they be linked? (22 Jan 2002)

  52. Approximately what percentage of children under the age of 13 in the United States develop hypoglycemia? (22 Jan 2002)

  53. I am 12 years old, I weigh 190 pounds, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 13 months ago, and I have a fatty liver and pancreas. I was wondering if diabetes causes obesity or fatty organs. (22 Jan 2002)

  54. I think my five year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, is still in the honeymoon phase, but sometimes she will have a high reading, which is sporadic. Is this common? (22 Jan 2002)

  55. Which of the following fruits, vegetables and grains should a person with diabetes not eat on a daily basis? If all the sugar and sodium is taken out of all of the food, does that make a difference? (22 Jan 2002)

  56. I am a 57 year old female with a fatty liver, high cholesterol, and I was just diagnosed with high blood sugar. I am on a diet for the liver and cholesterol, and seem to be doing okay, but now my diet is changing again for the sugar. How can I incorporate soy products and other health foods into a diet for diabetes? (22 Jan 2002)

  57. Our three and a half year old son, diagnosed at age15 months, was put on a Lantus and Humalog regimen three months ago, and I have several questions. (22 Jan 2002)

  58. Our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago, yet they still can not tell us if she has type 1 or type 2. Is there something I'm missing with the diabetes diagnoses? (22 Jan 2002)

  59. I have just been lancing a different finger each test and when I've used up all fingers, I use my arm, but a friend told me that I could use my finger more than once for a test. How many times can you lance your finger before its time to move to a different finger ? (21 Jan 2002)

  60. I am 41 years old, I was diagnosed a year ago. I had "a slight presence of antibodies." I just returned from my endocrinologist and was upset to be informed that I am a "slowly developing type 1" (due to the antibodies) rather than a type 2. Any observations about my situation? (21 Jan 2002)

  61. My Consultant put my name forward to take part in the UK trials of insulin glargine. However, today at my appointment I was given the letter from the manufacturer to read and was quite alarmed to discover some of the side effects of the product. (21 Jan 2002)

  62. Does drinking coffee cause any adverse effects to people with type 2 diabetes? (21 Jan 2002)

  63. My six year old started using Lantus six months ago, and the last three vials have caused midmorning highs and lunch time lows. Is it possible that Lantus is peaking 12 hours after injection or her morning Humalog effect is delayed for some reason? (21 Jan 2002)

  64. My 21 year old son has been hospitalized three times for DKA and has also been taken to the emergency room five times for low blood sugar, but he contends that he does not need counseling. Are there any support groups for adults in our area? (21 Jan 2002)

  65. I have a four year old with type 1 diabetes, and I am hopeful something new will be available by the time she is first grade. Is there any more information on the "closed loop" pumps? Also, is there anything else that might be as helpful to the daily care of diabetes that might be available soon? (21 Jan 2002)

  66. Since we have no family history on either side of diabetes, the doctors assumed that my son developed type 1 diabetes because of a viral infection at some point. However, yesterday, my sister's son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Is this genetic or is this one of those flukes of nature? (21 Jan 2002)

  67. I am the chef/food service manager for a camp which will be hosting a session for children with diabetes. In order for us to provide adequate service to our guests, I was hoping that I may be able to obtain a sample menu that I could go over with the dietitians in preparation for the kids and staff. (21 Jan 2002)

  68. My father-in-law used to take Regular insulin only as needed, but his doctor has now prescribed 70/30 insulin every night regardless of what his blood sugar is. What is the difference between 70/30 and Regular insulin? My father-in-law is concerned about taking the insulin even when is blood sugar is not high. (21 Jan 2002)

  69. My major concern is that although my son's only eight years old, he moves around like he's 80. He doesn't have the energy level of a child, and it's very distressing to me. As his mom, I remember his energy level before he was diagnosed with diabetes and the difference is marked. Please let me know what you suggest to increase his stamina. (20 Jan 2002)

  70. I have to write about diabetes and personality, but I just can't find books or articles. I need to know if there are materials for this research. (20 Jan 2002)

  71. My middle-aged wife recently had a fasting blood sugar of 6.3 mmol/L [114 mg/dl], and the nurse said this is a warning, but it was not classed as diabetes unless it reached 7 mmol/L [126 mg/dl]. Does this mean with a correct diet and exercise, my wife can avoid ever developing diabetes? (20 Jan 2002)

  72. My four year old daughter, who has had diabetes for over two years, doesn't like plain water so I giver her Crystal Light to drink. Can Crystal Light cause constipation and dehydration? (20 Jan 2002)

  73. During all three of my pregnancies, I had gestational diet controlled diabetes, and I do have a family history of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. During the past year, I have had blood sugars as high as 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] which can quickly drop (at four to five hours after a meal) to 50-70 mg/dl [2.8-3.9 mmol/L]. Is this something I should worry about? (20 Jan 2002)

  74. My year old daughter who currently eats a typical kid's diet with one or two sweets a day has gone from being a happy child to a cranky, moody, easily in tears child. My family has a history of hypoglycemia and diabetes. I have low blood sugar and have cured myself. Do you see my daughter's behavior as indicative of low blood sugar? If so, are you aware of special dietary guidelines for children? (20 Jan 2002)

  75. Last week, we woke up and found our nine year old son unconscious in his bedroom making noises like he was having a nightmare. This was the scariest moment in my life! If anyone has any ideas, please help us. (20 Jan 2002)

  76. I have had diabetes for almost 15 years, and I just now had a recent episode with DKA. What would be a common sign that DKA is approaching? How would it be easily prevented (if at all) at home or where ever you are without going to the hospital? (20 Jan 2002)

  77. I am a 43 year old female who was diagnosed recently with type 2 diabetes. When is the best time to prick my finger and check my blood sugar levels, before or after I eat or both? Do I need to do it daily? (20 Jan 2002)

  78. My mother has mild diabetes with higher blood glucose levels detected during her periodic check-ups, and I noticed she likes to eat sweet corn (natural) prepared by steaming and sometimes sugar cane juice (natural). What categories do natural sweet corn and sugar cane come under in the food pyramid? Should she avoid such foods? Common sense tells me the above-mentioned food items taste extremely sweet, and I am concerned. (20 Jan 2002)

  79. My husband, who has had type 1 diabetes for 24 years and is wonderful at taking care of himself, was recently in a car accident that was a result of a low blood sugar. Have you heard of other people with diabetes having car accidents due to low blood sugar levels? (19 Jan 2002)

  80. I was diagnosed nine years ago with type 2 diabetes treated with pills for five years, and I see an endocrinologist every six months. I feel that I should now be testing at home. Do you agree? (19 Jan 2002)

  81. I am a 16 year old who is blacking out, the doctors cannot find out what is wrong with me, and now, I have a test this coming week for diabetes. I am scared about the situation. (19 Jan 2002)

  82. My 11 year son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two days before my mother died of pancreatic cancer, did well for the first six months, but since then he's said that he knows how to put himself out of his misery, and that he thinks he hasn't long to live. (19 Jan 2002)

  83. I have had diabetes for 12 years treated with 30 units of NPH, and I have not seen my doctor because of my money problems. However, I want to know how I can straighten out my insulin doses because I'm totally off and afraid of the effects of what might happen. (19 Jan 2002)

  84. What are the goals in managing diabetes? (19 Jan 2002)

  85. My five year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11 months, has handled the shots and blood sugar tests very well, but recently, he has been asking why he has diabetes. He does not appear to be upset when he asks, only curious. What is the best explanation I can give a five year old? What books would be helpful? (19 Jan 2002)

  86. I read that children with diabetes fall within the definition of Americans with Disabilities. Is diabetes considered a disability? If we were to label our son "disabled", are there consequences down the road to being classified as disabled? (19 Jan 2002)

  87. I recently went to Las Vegas with my family and I really wanted to go on a roller coaster, but before I got on a noticed a sign that said, "Do not ride if you have any of the following conditions...diabetes..." Why would it be bad for someone with diabetes to go on a roller coaster? (19 Jan 2002)

  88. I have type 2 diabetes, and, on my last trip to my primary care physician, I had gained some weight so I went straight to our local health club and started working out on a daily basis. My morning readings went up so I started monitoring twice a day. Now, no matter what time of the day, they are within the same range. Why is this happening? (19 Jan 2002)

  89. I have been told by the head of our county's clinical services, that glucagon is not a safe drug and that it is better for a child to seizure than administer it, and that only a licensed person could ever administer glucagon even if training was supplied by a Certified Diabetes Educator. This would also include parents. (18 Jan 2002)

  90. I am a 41 year old male vegetarian who has have a healthy life style, exercises regularly and watches his diet, but I have a family history of diabetes. As of now, my blood random blood sugar is in the range 90-105 mg/dl [5-5.8 mmol/L]. Is it possible I will get diabetes? (18 Jan 2002)

  91. Recently, I have been hospitalized twice for DKA and both times I was put in the ICU because when ever I moved, my heart rhythm would go all over the chart. Is that a normal side effect of DKA? (18 Jan 2002)

  92. Members of my college's track team have recently begun to take glucose tablets on a regular basis. They claim that the tablets boost their energy levels and improves their work-outs. What kind of effects would these have on someone without diabetes? (18 Jan 2002)

  93. Our 11 year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, usually has blood sugars in the normal range at home, but when she is in school, they are not. We feel the high blood sugars at school are because of the stress the nurse is putting on her. (18 Jan 2002)

  94. My 10 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for five years uses an insulin pump, is very independent in managing his diabetes. I have trouble finding baby sitters for after school care (or anytime!). At what point can a parent feel comfortable that child with diabetes child could spend time alone and not worry every minute? What have others done to cope with this issue? (18 Jan 2002)

  95. At the time of diagnosis, my son was flown to a children's hospital, and he says he remembers the helicopter ride. Can this memory be possible four years later from when he was only 11 months old at the time? (18 Jan 2002)

  96. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost two and a half years ago. Do blood sugar readings change during the menstrual cycle? (18 Jan 2002)

  97. I crave sweet foods. When I went off sweet junk foods for a year and a half, none of this happened. (18 Jan 2002)

  98. My 11 year old son, who was diagnosed with diabetes a week ago, gave himself his shots, the first few days but now has become fearful. Tonight I gave him a shot in the back of the arm, it was extremely painful, and he cried for 15-20 minutes. What did I do wrong? (18 Jan 2002)

  99. Will eating too many sweets make someone susceptible to diabetes? (18 Jan 2002)

  100. Are there are any government agencies that help with college tuition for college for persons with type 1 diabetes? (18 Jan 2002)

  101. It has been recommended that we consider putting my 21 months old son on Lantus because he is very sensitive to the peaks of NPH. I know that it is not yet approved for children under six. (16 Jan 2002)

  102. My seven year old son has had many episodes of nighttime hypoglycemia, including having seizures. I have been told that there are dogs that can be trained to pick up on these episodes, and they notify the parents. Are you aware of these dogs? Where could I find one? (16 Jan 2002)

  103. I want to get an insulin pump really badly, but my insurance only covers some of the cost. Is there anything that could help me? (16 Jan 2002)

  104. I am 21 years old, with type 1 diabetes diagnosed years ago, and I have pretty much been taking the same amount of insulin (56 units of NPH with 4 units of Regular) in the morning and (16 NPH with 4 units of Regular) at dinner, but I have recently changed over to a regimen of 2-6 units of Humalog in the morning, before lunch, before dinner, and at bedtime. Since my readings have been pretty much all over the place, I was wondering if taking some NPH in the morning would help my blood readings come down in the evening. I was also wondering if Humalog is suppose to be taken alone all together? (16 Jan 2002)

  105. I have type 2 diabetes, treated with insulin and Glucophage. How can I lose weight, exercise, and still have the energy to be able to keep up with it? (16 Jan 2002)

  106. My 51 year old mother-in-law, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five years ago, is a soda pop addict! She drinks four to five cans a day, and her sugar level is not being controlled. Could this indicate a more serious problem? (16 Jan 2002)

  107. I have type 2 diabetes, treated with insulin and Glucophage, and during the night, both my legs and sometimes my feet feel like they are going numb. They tingle like your foot is going to sleep is the best way I can describe it. It doesn't happen every night. What is causing this? How can I get it to stop? (16 Jan 2002)

  108. My daughter has had various symptoms, and the first doctor we took her to tested her for diabetes, mono, and urinary tract infection. The second doctor we took her to has ordered x-rays of her stomach, blood work and is referring her to a stomach specialist. Does this sound like symptoms of diabetes? (16 Jan 2002)

  109. My daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for about two and a half years and has been on the pump for about a year, has received two flu shots with hypoglycemic episodes afterward. Is there a relation to the flu shot? (16 Jan 2002)

  110. Since the numbers for a sliding scale of Humalog looked liked 20,40, etc, I gave my son 40 units were taken instead of 4 units, his blood sugar dropped, and his pulse became very heavy and fast. Then I found out that the "0" was actually a "u" standing for unit. (16 Jan 2002)

  111. I have been told that you should continue to give your regular insulin shots when you are sick (i.e. flu), even if you are not eating regularly. Does this apply even if blood glucose readings are on the low side (i.e. 3 mmol/L [54 mg/dl] )? (14 Jan 2002)

  112. My pop, who has type 2 diabetes, is coming to stay with me. What foods should we should not have in the house? (14 Jan 2002)

  113. I'm a 16 year old female with hypoglycemia diagnosed at age 15, and I have several questions. (14 Jan 2002)

  114. I am 15 years old, I have type 1 diabetes, and I am and getting ready to get my driver's license. Are there any special requirements since I have type 1 diabetes? (14 Jan 2002)

  115. Type 2 diabetes is common on both sides of my maternal and my paternal family, and my mother was recently diagnosed at age 50. I am a physically active 21 year old, I have been told I have polycystic ovaries, my weight is healthy, and I have no symptoms. Should I be tested for type 2 diabetes? When and how often? (14 Jan 2002)

  116. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three months ago, has not had any insulin even thought she has resumed her normal eating patterns following a virus. She has already gone through a honeymoon phase. Is my daughter in another honeymoon phase? (14 Jan 2002)

  117. My mother-in-law's type 2 diabetes was controlled quite well with her diet up until six months ago, when she had heart surgery after which she developed MRSA in her chest. Last month, she started to get open draining wounds. Can anyone explain why she is now still having openings? Is there a chance they may never completely close? (14 Jan 2002)

  118. I will be spending quite a lot of time in Johannesburg, South Africa, which has an altitude of about 6000 feet, and I'm told altitude can affect sugar levels quite significantly. Can you advise me on that, and any action I should take? (14 Jan 2002)

  119. I am a 68 year old, overweight white female who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago. What are the real benefits of weight loss? (14 Jan 2002)

  120. My 79 year old father-in-law, who had a heart attack, was told he had diabetes and needed to go on an 1800 diabetic diet and lose weight or die. Can you help me find such a diet? (14 Jan 2002)

  121. I am a young teen who just started taking shots in my butt, and my 16 year old boy friend who lives with me also takes shots. It hurts both of us a lot so much he cries. Will it eventually stop hurting? (13 Jan 2002)

  122. Our daughter, diagnosed about two months ago, is currently taking NPH only once a day because of low fasting blood sugars, but we are confused about the bedtime snack. (13 Jan 2002)

  123. I am a 23 year old female who has type 1 diabetes, and since I have been on insulin I have been having harsh tingling in my legs and feet and a delayed sense of touch on my legs. Is this because of an allergic reaction to the insulin or something? (13 Jan 2002)

  124. I am 40 years old, have had three fasting blood sugars 115 mg/dl [6.4 mmol/L], 119 mg/dl [6.6 mmol/L], and 114 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L] respectively over the past two years, and my most recent A1c was 5.3%. I was told by my doctor that there is nothing to worry about, but he gave me no sense that I should consider my blood sugar high. I thought anything over 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L] was considered "abnormal." Should I be following up on this or am I considered "normal"? (13 Jan 2002)

  125. I have type 2 diabetes which is controlled by diet, and I know I can lose the weight, but I do need a suitable diet to follow. I have tried to lose weight on my own but find it a lot easier if I can follow a diet plan. Can you give me a planned diet to follow of what I can and cannot eat? (13 Jan 2002)

  126. I have type 2 diabetes, currently treated with pills, and I have had to make several lifestyle changes. My doctor wants to put me on insulin, but I want to wait a couple of months. What is your opinion? (13 Jan 2002)

  127. During treatment for DKA, my grandmother started having leg cramps, and her blood sugar went down rapidly over two hours. Were these just a sign of old age or were they related to the insulin infusion bringing her sugar level down too quickly? (13 Jan 2002)

  128. My nine year old daughter has symptoms of diabetes, her fasting blood sugar was 103 mg/dl [5.7 mmol/L], and her A1c was 5.7% (Normal: 4.1-6.4%). Is there any other condition that could mimic the symptoms of diabetes? Should I have her re-tested? (13 Jan 2002)

  129. I have had diabetes treated with pills for eight years, and although I have kept my sugar levels in control for most of the time, I also neglected them. Now, the ophthalmologist says that the blood vessels in my eyes have been affected slightly, and I am very concerned. Could you please let me if my diet is okay? More importantly, what should blood sugar levels be at different times of the day as per the American standard? (13 Jan 2002)

  130. My glucose meter will read out as either whole blood or plasma. Should I be using the plasma or whole blood setting? (13 Jan 2002)

  131. About 15 months ago, my 14 year old daughter switched from Toronto (Regular) insulin to Humalog. Since then, she has required over 100 units of insulin per day, and some days she is over 30 mmol/L [540 mg/dl]. She has been hospitalized 20 times this year for dehydration, and poor sugar control. Should I put her back on the "R"? (12 Jan 2002)

  132. I just found out that my cousin has diabetes, and his mother along with five of his six siblings have had it for several years. All use insulin except one who uses oral medication. I suspect that many people with diabetes in one family is highly unusual. Is there any type of grant or research service for this type of thing? (12 Jan 2002)

  133. My 73 year old wife has type 2 diabetes and drinks regular soda pop daily. I was told that regular pop is loaded with sugar. She also loves chocolates. Are diet soda and diet chocolate better for my wife? Must she stop drinking regular soda? (12 Jan 2002)

  134. I've heard all the warnings about saccharin and aspartame (Sweet 'n Low and equal). Are the warnings valid enough for saccharin and aspartame to be limited in a diet for someone with diabetes? (12 Jan 2002)

  135. My doctor told me to try a diabetic diet, but all he gave me were a bunch of charts, and I need examples. I need to find a low calorie diet. I have started to walk three times a day, and now I need to get the food in order. (12 Jan 2002)

  136. I need a three day menu plan for a 20 year old female, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has type 2 diabetes. (12 Jan 2002)

  137. My 11 1/2 year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for about two and a half years, seems to have trouble regulating her body temperature. She often has to change her pajamas about an hour into the night. It is almost as though she is having a "hot flash". She does not appear to be sick at all or showing any symptoms of illness. Any thoughts? (12 Jan 2002)

  138. I have learned that my 10 year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for about seven months, may have been exposed to fifth disease and have read that this virus can be a problem for people with weakened immune systems. Does fifth disease create problems in children with diabetes? (12 Jan 2002)

  139. I am seeing a pattern of learning problems in some of my grade school children with diabetes. They seem to have gaps in the learning process, and inability to grasp certain concepts. Can you send me information about learning problems in children who have diabetes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (12 Jan 2002)

  140. My 61 year old mother is, who was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and also has high blood pressure, was given separate diets for each by her doctor. Will it make a difference if the two diets are combined? (12 Jan 2002)

  141. Should we be concerned with the elevated creatinine clearance in light of my son's exercise regimen? Is microalbumin a more precise or better test for early warning signs in the search for kidney disease? (12 Jan 2002)

  142. My 21 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump, was picked up and arrested. The police wanted him to remove his pump and not be allowed to keep glucose tablets with him. Does the Americans with Disabilities Act encompass his rights in this situation? (11 Jan 2002)

  143. I recently received an injection of penicillin, and I experienced pain around the injection site which radiated down my leg for three days. Do people with diabetes who inject insulin experience the persistent pain like I experienced from the antibiotic? I am curious since I administer four injections of insulin per day to my four year old son. (11 Jan 2002)

  144. When my boyfriend and I have sex will I be okay? I know people with diabetes need energy if they have like exercise, but I was just wondering if I'll collapse or something. I know it sounds a bit weird, but it has been bothering me. (11 Jan 2002)

  145. I notice that all diets (those for people with and without diabetes) recommend four to five fruits a day. I have type 2 diabetes, and this amount of fruit shoots my blood sugar levels higher. What is your advice regarding fruit for diabetes? (11 Jan 2002)

  146. I have recently switched to a blood glucose meter that allows for alternate site testing. Is there anything I should do differently? (11 Jan 2002)

  147. I would like to know more about the meal planning for a 34 year old who has just been told that she has type 2 diabetes. Where would eggs go on that meal plan? (11 Jan 2002)

  148. My husband has type 2 diabetes, and we watch his diet very carefully. He enjoys the sugar free cookies, but we are concerned about the sugar alcohol that is listed on the ingredients. What is this? (11 Jan 2002)

  149. I have type 2 diabetes treated with pills, usually test, first thing in the morning and then two hours after I can see what effect my diet was having on my blood sugar levels. When is the best time to test? (11 Jan 2002)

  150. I am a 38 year old female, have had diabetes treated for nine years, and would also like to have a baby before the age of 40. I need some advice. (11 Jan 2002)

  151. My wife has type 1 diabetes, and we belong to an HMO which has grouped blood glucose monitoring with "durable equipment coverage" and raised the copayment from a flat $10 per prescription to 20% of the cost of the strips. Two years ago, I thought a law was passed limiting the charge for glucose strips. My wife checks her blood sugars eight to nine times a day to and uses an insulin pump to reduce the long term effects of uncontrolled diabetes, and now she is being charged more for that. Is there anyone I should start a letter writing campaign to? What should I do? (11 Jan 2002)

  152. I have had diabetes for six years, I have just come back from Australia after living there for the last five years, and I would like to know how too join the diabetes group in Auckland. (11 Jan 2002)

  153. I have had diabetes for six years and have not been eating the right foods so I would like to know more about diets for myself. (9 Jan 2002)

  154. My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a month ago, and my husband and I have an important appointment that we have to be at, which will last most of the day so we would miss her dinner shot and her bed shot. Is it possible for us to have her wait for her bedtime shot until 11:00 pm? (9 Jan 2002)

  155. Since my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, I've been moving back and forth between the US and Denmark. Because I have dry dark brown patches, and the fact that I had DKA, the only endocrinologist I went to was undecided as to whether I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. He suggested doing tests, but my Danish doctor said regardless of what the tests showed, the Danish system would still keep me on my current insulin injections. What should I do? (9 Jan 2002)

  156. My mother had type 2 diabetes for at least five years, she took the drug Rezulin for a month or two, and died 10 months ago. Was she on Rezulin long enough to damage her liver? (9 Jan 2002)

  157. My seven year old has diabetes, and the school personnel say I'm medically neglecting my child because I fed her waffles for breakfast one morning. Can you please explain that this is not a problem when you are counting carbohydrates? (9 Jan 2002)

  158. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when my blood sugar was 1200 mg/dl [66.7 mmol/L]. As I got somewhat better, my blood sugar got lower than 15 mg/dl [0.8 mmol/L] so I started taking one unit a day. My new doctor now (who seems to know a whole lot more) said I have type 2 diabetes and took me off insulin completely two years ago. Will I have to take the shots again or can I just control the blood sugar level with diet? (9 Jan 2002)

  159. My 12 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for the past two years, is unable to feel lows throughout the night which has resulted in three seizures. He is extremely active in sports, and we usually compensate for this activity by giving an extra starch at bedtime. At the present time, I check his blood sugar before I go to bed and usually twice throughout the night. We are considering whether to go on a pump. Would a pump help with stabilizing his blood sugars through the night? (9 Jan 2002)

  160. Our seven year old son, who has Down's syndrome and Graves' disease, is behaving badly (edgy), eating/drinking constantly, not sleeping at all, and has lost five pounds in two months. On a hunch, I borrowed a blood glucose meter from my neighbor who has diabetes and his blood sugar is crazy. Is this common with Graves' disease Is this common with Down's syndrome? Is it totally unrelated? (9 Jan 2002)

  161. Are tics related to diabetes? Are they common in children with diabetes? (9 Jan 2002)

  162. I am two months pregnant. Recently my doctor found out that I have diabetes, now treated daily with insulin injections, and now my sugar is under control. Is there any chance that my baby will have any birth defects? (9 Jan 2002)

  163. My five year old son sometimes "steals" food instead of asking me for a snack. It all started about a year ago when he stole a brownie and hid it in his room. What can I do or say to make him understand that he cannot take food and steal it without my knowledge? (8 Jan 2002)

  164. I have been on insulin for over 23 years, and any times during the past 10 years or so, I have experienced low-blood sugar episodes, and many times I have recovered on my own after a few hours. I apparently suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness. Where can I find more info about these conditions and problems? (8 Jan 2002)

  165. My daughter has been excessively thirsty and hungry, and also she has been complaining of a belly ache, is very pale, and tires very easily. She has had a few fevers up to 104 degrees as well. She has not had excessive urination. Her pediatrician did some blood tests. Is it possible that we may have overlooked diabetes? (8 Jan 2002)

  166. I know of a west African woman who has gestational diabetes. Is there a relationship between a certain diet consumed during pregnancy and the development of gestational diabetes? (8 Jan 2002)

  167. I have type 1 diabetes. Does having diabetes having any effects on pregnancy? Does it cause any complication other than watching what you eat? (8 Jan 2002)

  168. Can someone with type 2 diabetes be classified as having brittle diabetes? (8 Jan 2002)

  169. I was told people with type 2 diabetes do not go into diabetic ketoacidosis. Is this true? (8 Jan 2002)

  170. Recently, a five year old child in our child care center was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and we are not getting much information from the parent. Are there guidelines that would apply across the board as to what we need to do for a child with type 1 diabetes? (8 Jan 2002)

  171. My eight year old son was diagnosed with diabetes, and we are presently having him tested for possible learning disabilities along with visual tracking deficits. What is cerebellar vermal atrophy? Why is this associated with diabetes, and subsequently, learning disabilities? (8 Jan 2002)

  172. I am a 21 year old male who has type 1 diabetes enquiring about the risks of taking a weight gain product which contains 600 calories per serving. I have asked my doctor about products like this in the past, but his answers have been judgmental. (8 Jan 2002)

  173. Our 17 year old daughter maintained HbA1cs in the range of 6 and 7%, but, her last three tests have fallen in the 10 and 11% range. At the same time, a microalbumin test revealed that she was showing signs of kidney damage so she was started on an ACE inhibitor. I began taking her to a therapist two months ago, and after her visit this week, she told us the therapist suggested that she is moderately to severely depressed. Could the ACE inhibitor be contributing to the depression in some way? (7 Jan 2002)

  174. I am a house manager at a substance abuse recovery center. One of my clients has an elevated blood sugar count and his insulin will not bring it down. Before he came here his insulin was left unrefrigerated for two days. If Lantus is left unrefrigerated for two days will it affect the Insulin? (7 Jan 2002)

  175. Our 13 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 10 months ago, during a recent ski vacation, had some real problems with lows. I have several questions. (7 Jan 2002)

  176. I'm taking Glucophage XR, and I'm experiencing some serious energy effects. For the last 20 years, I've always been tired and worn down, especially after eating. Is the energy boost being caused by a side effect of the Glucophage? (7 Jan 2002)

  177. About two months ago, my daughter began having pain and numbness in her fingers and toes, and now she complains of her lips being numb saying that the sensation is spreading -- first to her nose and then to her cheeks. Is numbness of the lips, nose and cheeks a symptom of diabetic neuropathy? (7 Jan 2002)

  178. I have several questions about my diabetes. (7 Jan 2002)

  179. About two months ago, my son switched to a Lantus and Humalog regimen. During the first two weeks, he had very low blood sugar early in the mornings, so our doctor switched the Lantus injection to the morning. Why does the Lantus instruction booklet recommend giving the Lantus shot at bedtime? (7 Jan 2002)

  180. I was watching that crazy guy on the animal planet one night and he said something very briefly about the venom of the gila dragon being used to treat diabetes, but also said the venom is poisonous. Do you have any further information regarding this? (7 Jan 2002)

  181. In response to the person who asked about obtaining blood sugar levels for normal children throughout the day, it seems odd to me that we do not have the data for this. If we do not know what the normal levels are, then how can we make an informed decision about what the desirable levels should be for children with diabetes? (7 Jan 2002)

  182. My son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes eight weeks ago, has had a difficult time with school since being diagnosed. He felt sick to his stomach this morning and cried because he wants to be home schooled which I am strongly considering. Do you have any advice in this matter? (6 Jan 2002)

  183. I am 50 years old, I have had diabetes for 38 years, and for the last two years, my annual HbA1c readings have been 7.6 to 8.4%. However, my daily tests are erratic, without a pattern to easily adjust a dose. At the moment I am signed off sick from work as I am absolutely fed up with the struggle to get it right. How can I put a case to my company for retirement through ill health? (6 Jan 2002)

  184. My 21 year old daughter has cystic fibrosis along with pancreatitis, and has now been diagnosed with diabetes. I'm concerned that the diet for diabetes and that of her cystic fibrosis will not work together. Any suggestions? Also, any information you have on CF and diabetes would be greatly appreciated! (6 Jan 2002)

  185. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 10 months of age, and I have only learned of one other child being diagnosed so young. How rare is such an early diagnosis? Will the fact that he developed diabetes at such a young age have a greater impact his long term health? (6 Jan 2002)

  186. I'm 18, I think I may have diabetes and so do my parents. Because of this, they want me to see a doctor tomorrow to get a blood test. I don't mind, but I'm on birth control, and my parents don't know about this so I'm worried that my blood test will show up that I'm on birth control, and thus my parents will find out. Will the blood test show this, or would it just check for diabetes? (6 Jan 2002)

  187. My almost three year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 10 months of age, and we have heard conflicting information on what blood tests should be performed annually. Can you tell me the what tests should be completed? (6 Jan 2002)

  188. I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis and have been unable to tolerate the medication (Reglan), but I have been told there is no other medication presently available. I have been unable to find much information about the condition and would appreciate any information that could be forwarded to me. (6 Jan 2002)

  189. My husband has type 1 diabetes and is controlling his blood sugar by sticking to a strict low carb or no carb diet, but when his sugar goes up (300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]), he becomes nasty and unbearable. I heard that Prozac might help and may even stabilize blood sugar levels. Is there a correlation between diabetes and mood swings? (6 Jan 2002)

  190. My husband has type 2 diabetes. Will Medicare pay for his pills? (6 Jan 2002)

  191. My almost eight year old son has had type 1 diabetes since the age of four, and my 11 year old daughter was recently (the past three months) diagnosed. What are some ways to help a single mom cope and handle it all? Sometimes the stress is overwhelming. (6 Jan 2002)

  192. My 13 year old son, who has had diabetes for six years, has been on a pump with great results for a couple of years, and he's big into sports. He has joined the school's wrestling team, but the insulin doesn't seem to work. He did the same thing during baseball, but not as badly. Could this be from adrenalin? What do we do? (4 Jan 2002)

  193. Six months ago, my eight year old daughter, was diagnosed with diabetes, and I have kept a log of her numbers which I would like to compare with those of an average eight year old who doesn't have diabetes. I am specifically trying to find out (for morning, lunch, dinner, bedtime) what the breakdown is by quartiles. (4 Jan 2002)

  194. I have not been diagnosed, but I seem to have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia. I have tried to remove most of the sugar from my diet, and I thought that I was starting to get it under control, I had been eating more sugar then normal over the holidays, and today I had an attack. Should I see a doctor or a dietitian? (4 Jan 2002)

  195. I am newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I have read several articles on where to inject my insulin. The latest states that the abdomen area was preferred, but my doctor has indicated that upped thighs was better. Where is the best area to inject my insulin? (4 Jan 2002)

  196. My almost eight year old son has had type 1 diabetes since the age of four, and my 11 year old daughter was recently (within the past three months) diagnosed. How common is it for siblings to have type 1 diabetes with no family history of the disease? (4 Jan 2002)

  197. I am a 22 year old student in the hospitality industry who has type 1 diabetes; I am due to graduate in about six months, and I wish to move to Spain for a few years. I would like to know a little bit about the Spanish health care system involving diabetes. (4 Jan 2002)

  198. I have type 2 diabetes (treated with diet and exercise), my vision is giving me trouble, and I have seen two doctors who say I'm fine. I do need glasses, but it hurts my eyes to look though them. Why have I had five sets, each with a different reading? Is all this because of my type 2 diabetes? (4 Jan 2002)

  199. My eight and a half year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for three and half years ago, was just recently diagnosed with ADHD, and both her diabetes doctor and pediatrician say that the medication for the ADHD will cause her blood sugars to go completely out of control. Do you have any suggestions? She is having a real hard time paying attention in class and has already been held back once in first grade so any information at all would be greatly appreciated. (2 Jan 2002)

  200. What is glucose intolerance? (2 Jan 2002)

  201. For about five months, my 15 year old daughter, who does not have diabetes, gets shaky, lightheaded, dizzy during sports. Sometimes she gets short of breath, sometimes she throws up, and sometimes her heart rate goes up. It is not every time she plays a sport, but that is the only time she has had any problem. She has had cardiac tests which were a negative. Could this be hypoglycemia? (2 Jan 2002)

  202. Seven months ago, my seven year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and ever since then she has been experiencing periods of severe headaches and nausea that are not associated with low blood sugars. Is there any chance that it could be the type of insulin that she is sensitive to or allergic to? (2 Jan 2002)

  203. If if a baby dies, is it possible to tell if death was caused by unknown diabetes rather than shaken baby syndrome? If so, how are the symptoms different? (2 Jan 2002)

  204. My seven year old daughter, who has had diabetes since she was four, switched a Lantus and Humalog regimen about five months ago, and things were great for a while, but now it seems her blood sugar rises in the afternoon. I read on a chat transcript that it is possible to split the Lantus dose, giving the nighttime dose and a dose equal to half the nighttime dose in the morning. Would this be helpful in her situation? (2 Jan 2002)

  205. I have had diabetes for the last 32 years, and I take five injections a day. Four months ago, I broke out in a rash. They did a biopsy on one of the raised bumps which indicated the rash was caused by a medication. Can I be allergic to the insulin? (2 Jan 2002)

  206. I have type 2 diabetes (treated with diet and exercise), and I have pain on my right side under my rib cage which my doctor says is muscle pain, but it does not go away. My doctor did give me nonsteroidal drugs but they made me have headaches, and the pain is getting worse -- it wakes me up. I also have bad back pain and had an MRI which showed fluid leakage torn muscle tissue and herniated disk. Is all this because of diabetes? (2 Jan 2002)

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Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

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Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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