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  1. Please tell me that my never having had normoglycemia (having had reactive hypoglycemia, unexplained hypoglycemia, gestational diabetes, and impaired glucose tolerance) is not a character flaw, but perhaps symptomatic of an abnormal pancreas. (29 Jun 2002)

  2. My eight year old daughter has had multiple ear infection, and we're waiting for a referral to an ENT. We're trying to keep the blood sugars down, but they are hard to control when she's fighting an infection. Is there anything else we can do to treat/prevent this problem? Is she in danger of hearing loss or worse from these chronic infections? Is her blood sugar the culprit in this situation? (29 Jun 2002)

  3. My mother's diabetes doctor wants her to take Monopril, but her primary physician says the Monopril is causing her blood pressure to go too low and told her to stop taking it, and neither wants to change his position. She has no idea who is right or what she should do. (29 Jun 2002)

  4. My six year old son has a problem with constipation, he craves water all the time, after every two and a half hours of not eating, he begins to jitter and if he goes any longer, he develops volatile behavior. His doctor says he won't do a test because it's not very valid. How do children get diagnosed? (29 Jun 2002)

  5. My seven year old, who has had diabetes less than six months, wants to eat constantly which is making everything much harder for all of us. I need a list of carb free foods so that I have more to offer him. (29 Jun 2002)

  6. My eight old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about seven months ago and on twice daily NPH insulin is consistently hypoglycemic within one hour of taking the insulin even after a meal, although he does have elevated sugars. I am wondering if this insulin is causing not only the lows but the high sugar levels. (29 Jun 2002)

  7. What is the most widely recommended treatment for people with type 1 diabetes? Is it NPH with Humalog, or Lantus with Humalog after each meal? Are five shots a day generally considered normal, or excessive for a 13 year old? (29 Jun 2002)

  8. My 16 month old daughter has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What kind of a diet should she be on? (29 Jun 2002)

  9. Is the sugar gram count included in the carb count in foods? If yogurt has 17 grams of carbs and 16 grams of sugar, is this a total of 17 or a total of 33 grams? (29 Jun 2002)

  10. After how much time of having diabetes, can a man lose his ability to have an erection and eject semen? I have a good control, but my penis feels tired (some stiffness) after ejection, and I am very worried about it. (29 Jun 2002)

  11. This whole week, my daughter, who has type 1 diabetes has thrown up, won't eat and sleeps a lot. She always want me to hold her, and her sugar level has been low as well. What could be wrong? (29 Jun 2002)

  12. I am 13, and I was wondering if type 1 diabetes has anything to do with penis growth. I don't know what is normal because I haven't spoken to anyone about it. (29 Jun 2002)

  13. Diabetes runs in males in my dad's family. My grandpa had it, and now my dad does. Since I am a female does this mean that I am at high risk for getting diabetes even though it runs in the males? Should my brother be concerned? (29 Jun 2002)

  14. My daughter's high A1cs, weight gain, irregular periods and some acne suggested to her doctor that she also had PCOS and associated insulin resistance.She recently began seeing an adult endocrinologist who prescribed Glucophage during first visit. Can you comment on using Glucophage in type 1 diabetes generally? (28 Jun 2002)

  15. My three year old son tested for negative diabetes, but given the symptoms he continues to have, we can't help but think there is more to it. His doctor told us not to worry because this is normal at his age. Is there something more we should be doing or looking for? (28 Jun 2002)

  16. My doctor has prescribed insulin and needles but told me to hold off for a month or two until all of the tests are done, and I want to practice using the needle before the insulin treatments start. Is there any safe, over the counter, fluid I could load a needle with to practice injecting myself with before I start with the insulin? (28 Jun 2002)

  17. I have type 2 diabetes diagnosed four months ago, and at my last visit to the doctor, she noticed that, for the last week and a half, my readings were high, but my readings prior to this were fairly good and my A1c was as excellent (6.1%). However my doctor added another medication. Why do I need two medications if my readings had only been high for a week and a half? (28 Jun 2002)

  18. I've been doing some research and found that the spleen may play a role in getting diabetes. My dad's spleen was removed and not too long after he got diabetes. Can you please tell me if the spleen really does play a significant role in getting diabetes? (28 Jun 2002)

  19. My 12 year old daughter has just switched to Lantus at bedtime with Humalog at breakfast, lunch and dinner and was eating three meals and three snacks on her previous insulin regimen. Now, since she gets the Humalog before meals to cover the food she's eating right then, but what about snacks? Will the Lantus cover any snacks? (28 Jun 2002)

  20. My blood sugar was 117 mg/dl [6.5 mmol/L] after a 12 hour fast, and my doctor said that this is a little high. Is this considered prediabetes? (28 Jun 2002)

  21. My 21 month old son had some problems at birth and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14 months of age. His physician and geneticist both say his diabetes was a sudden onset and has nothing to do with his earlier problems, but it is so hard to believe there is not some connection. (28 Jun 2002)

  22. My son is scheduled to have orthopedic surgery in the afternoon. Will he have to fast all day before the surgery? If so how do we handle his insulin and blood sugars? (28 Jun 2002)

  23. My nephew saw an iridologist who recommended that my nephew be given 1/4 of a vitamin B complex tablet daily for the next year and has advised that if this treatment does not occur before he is five, then it is too late to prevent the onset of diabetes. Is there merit in this approach? (28 Jun 2002)

  24. Since we have a daughter with diabetes, we want to donate money for research, but not to organizations funding research using embryonic stem cells. Does one exist? (27 Jun 2002)

  25. Two of our three daughters have diabetes, but there is no history of type 1 diabetes in my family or my wife's. What can be causing this in our family? Is it genetic, or something environmental? If it's environmental, what can we do about it? (27 Jun 2002)

  26. I have type 1 diabetes, recently, while sitting around the dinner table, my children and wife wanted to test their blood sugars, and my eight year old son was slightly elevated. What steps should I take next, if any, to see if he is catching this awful disease? Should I be worried at all? (27 Jun 2002)

  27. My mom is scheduled to have a complete hysterectomy, and I am nervous because she has diabetes. Do you have any suggestions I might propose to the doctor beforehand? (27 Jun 2002)

  28. At what age do most pediatric endocrinologists feel comfortable using an insulin pump for a child? My present answer is age seven to eight years by the physicians in this area. Would you agree? What about the level of activity of the child? (27 Jun 2002)

  29. My 12 1/2 year old son was diagnosed about a year ago, and we want to take our first camping trip since the diagnosis. Any tips for camping would be appreciated as I am a bit nervous to take this trip with him. (27 Jun 2002)

  30. Is heat stroke common with type 1 diabetes? My 21 month old son had an episode at the zoo that was very scary. (27 Jun 2002)

  31. I recently had a glucose tolerance test which revealed before the drink my level was normal; one hour after the drink, it was high, and at the end of the test, it was low. Why would my blood sugar go so high, and within two hours drop so low? (27 Jun 2002)

  32. I have been told that I have pre-diabetes so I monitor my own blood sugar. My fasting blood sugar averages higher than during the day and at bedtime. I do not understand why my morning fasting sugar level is higher than during the day. (27 Jun 2002)

  33. My 15 year old son will be going to sleep-away camp, and the nurse said OSHA regulations prevent campers from taking Humalog before eating in the dining hall so injections must be done in the health suite which is approximate 10 minutes away. Since my son is taking Humalog, what do you recommend? What are the specific OSHA regulations? (27 Jun 2002)

  34. I am in my late 20s and have had many complications including neuropathy and retinopathy, my sugar levels can be quite erratic ranging from 5-18 mmol/L [90-324 mg/dl], and I am due to have a major hip operation in a few weeks. How I can assist speedy recovery from the hip operation I am due to undergo? What can I do pre and post operation to help keep my diabetes under good control? (27 Jun 2002)

  35. My wife found out her mother and father have diabetes, and her maternal grandmother also has it. How much of a chance would she have of developing diabetes? Is it inherited? (27 Jun 2002)

  36. My daughter started complaining of having diarrhea some two years ago, and this year she started to have bouts of vomiting. She has also had problems with her eyelids swelling (like a sty), but there is no infection. I am now getting very concerned that none of these problems have gone away. Nothing has been found to be the cause, and nothing is getting any better. (26 Jun 2002)

  37. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and since my four year old granddaughter is 25 pounds overweight and loves sweets, out of curiosity, I tested her blood sugar which was 135 mg/dl [7.5 mmol/L]. Should she be considered at risk? Would it be prudent to have her checked by a physician, pediatrician or a specialist? (26 Jun 2002)

  38. My 12 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was 10. How long does it take for full type 1 diabetes to surface in a child? Is it a long process or can it happen overnight? (26 Jun 2002)

  39. For a few weeks, my daughter has been showing the typical symptoms of diabetes, but her doctor has ruled out type 1 diabetes and also diabetes insipidus. I am worried that the doctor has dismissed this possibility too soon. What do you recommend as a next step? (26 Jun 2002)

  40. I believe the deaths of two children were due to lack of education of the medical professionals to even suspect diabetes. As professionals what would you want the public to know about type 1 diabetes in infants? (26 Jun 2002)

  41. Our daughter just turned 12 years old. About six months ago, we were informed she has an insulin resistance problem and acanthosis nigricans. Do toenail changes happen in children with insulin resistance and acanthosis? (26 Jun 2002)

  42. For the past year, my seven year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of two, has been dealing with severe constipation, and her doctors now want to test her for celiac disease. Does celiac cause constipation? If she has it, what is the normal course of action? (26 Jun 2002)

  43. My father, recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, had a serious reaction from over-medication. It is my understanding that his doctor did not explain the medication to him exactly and also did not tell him that he had to watch his diet. Furthermore, there was no instruction from his doctor self-monitoring of blood glucose. Is this normal? (26 Jun 2002)

  44. I am pregnant woman with type 2 diabetes, and I am wondering if my disease will hurt my unborn child. If so, how or can I change/improve the effect? (26 Jun 2002)

  45. My close friend's eight year old son, just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, loves baseball, and I wondered if there is information about any major league baseball players with diabetes. (26 Jun 2002)

  46. Do you know of anywhere that gives away old, discontinued meters for educational purposes? (26 Jun 2002)

  47. Our six year old son has type 1 diabetes, and we want to travel to Greece. If he should get air sickness and vomit more than twice within a two to four hours span, what do we do? Where do you find the hospitals within a different country to see how equipped they are in handling children with diabetes in case of sickness? (26 Jun 2002)

  48. Recently, my 14 year old son (5 feet 10 inches tall, 158 pounds), who has had type 1 diabetes since he was seven, has had higher A1cs (about 8.5%), and a blood test also showed that he is "insulin resistant". What causes the insulin resistance? How can he overcome it? (26 Jun 2002)

  49. Our son, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 18 days old and also has Down Syndrome, is on a pump, but nothing reacts the way the doctors think it should. We just guess on his corrections and hope it isn't too much. Do you have any suggestions or ideas to help with his treatment? (25 Jun 2002)

  50. Yesterday, our three year old son was outside, when he started screaming that there was a bug crawling on him. For the rest of the evening, every five minutes or so, he would start screaming and crying, saying that there was a bug on him, and it was biting him. Could diabetes have anything to do with this feeling? (25 Jun 2002)

  51. You often advise us to eat more fibre to prevent the sugar from "jumping", heart disease and so on, but what should I do, if I if I do not have enough enzymes (pancreatic and liver)? (25 Jun 2002)

  52. I've had blister on my toe which has been around over a month, and I also suffer from chronic migraines. In addition, my family also has a history of diabetes. (25 Jun 2002)

  53. My three year old son had a fever last week, and his values went crazy. We are changing the dose every day to try correct them. Is this normal? When are they going to came back to normal? (25 Jun 2002)

  54. For the last three months or so I have been getting headaches after I eat simple sugars and sometimes when I eat complex carbs, which last for about 10 minutes. I also have some symptoms of hyperglycemia but not all. Could I have hyperglycemia? (25 Jun 2002)

  55. My 18 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, is about to travel Europe for six weeks, and it may be difficult to get supplies and insulin to last that long. Can he purchase insulin and supplies with a prescription from his doctor? How should he handle this? (25 Jun 2002)

  56. I am 27 years old, I have hypoglycemia, and yesterday I had a stroke (which I assume was from low blood sugar), and the only thing I had taken was Imodium (two days before.It's the third time this has happened. Is there a chance that Imodium could interact with low sugar? (25 Jun 2002)

  57. I had a meter blood sugar of 224 mg/dl [12.4 mmol/L] about three and half hours after eating. Should I be concerned? (25 Jun 2002)

  58. I am scheduled to have my gestational diabetes screening done in a week, and I have had a rapid weight gain. Everything that I have read says that you will lose weight, not gain it. Is it possible for me to be gaining weight instead of losing if I have gestational diabetes? Why would they be so concerned? (25 Jun 2002)

  59. My 21 month old son had some problems at birth and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14 months of age. His physician and geneticist both say his diabetes was a sudden onset and has nothing to do with his earlier problems, but it is so hard to believe there is not some connection. (25 Jun 2002)

  60. My 11 year old likes his insulin at room temperature, but the bottles are only good for 28 days, and It seems so wasteful to throw away two whole bottles of insulin a month! We can hardly tell he has used any insulin at all. How many units does the bottle contain? Do the insulin companies make any smaller vials for small users? (25 Jun 2002)

  61. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about eight months ago, is only on about 25 units of insulin total per day. We caught her early. Is it possible that starting insulin so early has "kicked" her pancreas to continue working? Might her demand never greatly increase? (24 Jun 2002)

  62. My daughter, who is advancing into puberty quickly, has had two seizures in the morning. I have been told that the growth hormone is released at night and can trigger lows. Is this true? I am working with my practitioner to work out insulin doses, but it is so scary to go through this ordeal. Any thoughts you have for me would be welcome. (24 Jun 2002)

  63. My mother has a blood sugar problem, and she has reduced her levels by eating habits and exercise. As she cannot take white sugar, she feels very sick, but when she takes some sugar throughout the day she feels active. Can she take some sugar according to her daily physical routine? If not, then what is the treatment of sickness? (24 Jun 2002)

  64. I have just started researching information on the new insulin, Lantus. Is it not true however that you must still inject Humalog every time you eat something? If you are trying to decrease injections wouldn't a better option be the pump? Is Lantus even better for control? (24 Jun 2002)

  65. My three year old daughter was diagnosed five months ago, and we are having difficulty controlling her blood sugars, but her diabetes team has never done any tests or given us answers. What can we do? (24 Jun 2002)

  66. I have diabetes, and I am currently taking no medications. I have good control, but recently the my blood sugars have been higher. If I have to use something to counter a continuing rise in blood sugars, I would prefer to inject insulin since the drugs that I have taken made me feel terrible. Is this reasonable? (24 Jun 2002)

  67. My son, who has had diabetes for almost seven years, has been on the insulin pump for almost a year has a some highs and a few lows (not too severe) at times, but overall is doing well. However, I was so sad after reading a previous question and answer. Should I worry about damage since even a single high blood sugar can cause damage? (24 Jun 2002)

  68. I have hypoglycemia along with severe allergies, and, when my doctor changed my allergy medication, I began having frequent sugar problems. Can allergies or some allergy medications affect previously controlled hypoglycemia? (24 Jun 2002)

  69. My 34 year old brother, who has had type 2 diabetes for five years, 225 pounds and is having trouble getting his glucose level under control. He has seen several doctors, only gets scare tactics, and needs more direction on meal planning. (24 Jun 2002)

  70. My 17 year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three months ago, is on very little insulin, and her blood sugars are normal 90% of the time. I know that she is honeymooning right now, but in the past month, she still has lost one and a half pounds. Should I be concerned? (24 Jun 2002)

  71. My 10 year old granddaughter's blood sugar is 186 mg/dl [10.3 mmol/L] after she has eaten. Can this be a sign that she has diabetes? (23 Jun 2002)

  72. I am 27 years old, athletic (former college wrestler), and have never been overweight at any point in my life, I was diagnosed with either type 2 diabetes or MODY and hypogonadism. I am still confused with my diagnosis, as well as the importance of knowing the difference. Is this connected with diabetes or vice a versa? (23 Jun 2002)

  73. Our daughter, will be starting school this fall, and we've been informed that they won't provide the care she may need. They transferred our daughters to a different school in our district where there is a nurse full time, but we had them switch them back to our local school. I've rearranged my schedule so that I can provide care as needed. Do they have the right to do that to us? (23 Jun 2002)

  74. When I do fingerstick checks I can get as much as a 20-point difference between one hand and the other using the same monitor. When this happens is my dominant hand more likely to be the right number? Should I check using the same hand all the time and avoid the confusion? (23 Jun 2002)

  75. My almost four year old adopted son had hypoglycemia after birth, and I have seen him have completely behavior very much out of character which is normal after getting some sugar. I've taken him to two doctors about this problem who have both said that his fits are most likely just typical temper tantrums. Does this sound like he could still have hypoglycemia? (23 Jun 2002)

  76. Because I have cystic fibrosis along with my type 1 diabetes, I have been told I do not need to limit my calories, etc. I am now taking 30-60 units of Humalog/day. Is this reasonable? (23 Jun 2002)

  77. My four year old daughter has diabetes, and we have been checking our two year old son's blood sugar every so often. He has had somewhat elevated readings about two hours after dinner, and I'm starting to fear that he may be developing diabetes What would you do next? (23 Jun 2002)

  78. After giving my nine year old daughter her Lantus injection she bled and developed an immediate lump and bruise. What could have happened? (23 Jun 2002)

  79. I am in need of finding a specialist to go over my diabetes records and give me an opinion. Since I am without income at this time, I would need this to be a non-fee help. My case has my general practitioner shaking his head and throwing more medications at me without much help. (23 Jun 2002)

  80. I had a three hour sugar test during which the first two values were high (201mg/dl [11.7 mmol/L] and 153 mg/dl [8.5 mmol/L] ), the third one went to 45 mg/dl [3.5 mmol/L]. The doctor said I have hypoglycemia and put me on a high protein diet, but my sugar goes up high still and does not always go to low. What should I do? (23 Jun 2002)

  81. My nephew, who is only 20 months old, was just diagnosed with diabetes yesterday, and his family receives financial assistance from the government. Thus, his health insurance is through Medicaid. I was wondering if Medicaid will cover all of the supplies that he will need. (23 Jun 2002)

  82. For two weeks after starting a new insulin brand, my blood sugars fluctuated, and I also began experiencing mild burning all over my body,insomnia, shortness of breath, and light-headedness that was making it difficult to focus at work. Is this a common reaction? (23 Jun 2002)

  83. My husband and I are considering the insulin pump as an option for our 15 year old son, but his paediatrician is reluctant to prescribe it. Are there specific criteria for issuing the insulin pump? Why is the United Kingdom so backward compared to other countries on the insulin pump? (21 Jun 2002)

  84. I am looking for good education materials about carbohydrate counting for an East Indian vegetarian diet. Any information, direction, suggestions will be appreciated. (21 Jun 2002)

  85. Our daughter has had type 1 diabetes for nine years and has been covered by my husband's insurance, but he just recently lost his job after 23 years. Do you know of any resources for insurance companies that offer individual policies covering children with type 1 diabetes? (21 Jun 2002)

  86. I am a 44 year old who has diabetes and has been on insulin three times daily for 25 years, and I have been decreasing my morning Regular rapidly. Most times that doesn't work. Yet, if I increase it I go low. I seem to be damned if I do and damned if I don't. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (21 Jun 2002)

  87. I keep reading that the accepted A1c of less than 7% is no longer considered excellent control, and that some doctors would like to see their patients less than 6.5%. My child's doctor thinks an A1c under 8.5% is acceptable. Do you agree or think young children should also be under 7%? (21 Jun 2002)

  88. Every month for the past year, my almost 17 year old daughter has been rushed to the hospital in DKA, and her doctors insist the child is not taking her insulin. I have tried to show them over and over again that I give all shots, and the majority of these incidents parallel her menstrual cycle. Are there case studies about the same scenario? (21 Jun 2002)

  89. My three year old granddaughter has no energy, is lifeless, has fever, vomiting, a craving for chocolate, and had sugar in her urine. The doctors did not explain anything and sent her another hospital. Could that mean she has diabetes? How do we find a doctor to take the time to answer our questions in layman's terms? We are very dissatisfied with most doctors we have met. (21 Jun 2002)

  90. My nephew, who is only 20 months old, was just diagnosed with diabetes yesterday, and I was wondering how serious this really is. He's so young, and I've heard that the younger you get it, the worse it usually is. (21 Jun 2002)

  91. My sister-in-law, who has brittle diabetes with insulin resistance, has an irritable colon, and the gastroenterologist told her that Glucophage was causing her diarrhea which happens suddenly and without cramping. Now she is off Glucophage and back to terrible insulin resistance. What can be done? (21 Jun 2002)

  92. My friend and her niece who has diabetes will be visiting me soon, and I don't want her to feel left out when everyone else is snacking. I know that she has to count carbs, but I am not exactly sure as to what to do. Can you suggest any kind of snacks that I can buy? (21 Jun 2002)

  93. Three months ago, my health plan signed a deal to switch brands of insulin to which I had an adverse reaction. My doctor is switching me back to my former brand, but the health plan is making it stressful and claim they will make me pay larger co-pays and have regular "reviews" of my prescriptions. Have you heard of this kind of treatment by other health plans? (21 Jun 2002)

  94. I was told by my doctor that there is a program to donate used meters to disadvantaged children overseas. The doctor just gave me a new meter, but the old one still works fine. Please advise. (20 Jun 2002)

  95. My 27 year old daughter, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 14, has developed constant vomiting within the last five months. I had asked the doctor to consult with a diabetes specialist but was told that they could't do any more then what he was doing, and he refused to call one in. (20 Jun 2002)

  96. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and his doctor has suggested a 2200 caloric diet. Any suggestions on daily food plans, menus, snack ideas would be appreciated. (20 Jun 2002)

  97. My daughter began in the DPT-1 when she was four years old at which time she test positive for the antibodies and went on to the next step, but we pulled her from the study. Could the trauma of the GTT have played a part in her development of diabetes five years later? (20 Jun 2002)

  98. I am a 23 year old male who does not have diabetes and recently was found to have a very high serum triglyceride level. What could be the cause of this? (20 Jun 2002)

  99. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about eight months ago, and both my weekly and monthly averages have been nearly normal and my A1c is 6.1%. If I keep my readings at these levels, will I still experience complications down the road? (20 Jun 2002)

  100. My daughter's 15 month old child was recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes, and she is planning on going back to work full-time, but I think she should quit her job and stay home and care for her baby. What is your opinion? (20 Jun 2002)

  101. My son is currently seen in a diabetes clinic at the children's hospital, but they currently have around 100 kids to a physician. I would love to find a doctor who takes Medicaid and/or Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance, and I have not been successful so far. Are there any pediatric endocrinologists in my area in private practice ? (20 Jun 2002)

  102. I am 24 years old, have had diabetes since I was nine, and I not had very good control of my blood sugars. My wife may be pregnant and I am wondering if my lack of control would affect the baby in any way (any kind of defect, or disease). (20 Jun 2002)

  103. One of my eight year old identical twins, has diabetes and both have celiac disease. I am aware that the twin who doesn't have diabetes has about a 53% risk of the developing it in the future, and I'm concerned because she seems to having hypo symptoms. Could she have pre-diabetes? Is it possible to have low blood sugars before going on to develop diabetes? (19 Jun 2002)

  104. In light of seeing more and more people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes later in life, I was wondering if perhaps I am seeing more people diagnosed with type 1 simply because antibody testing becoming more common. (19 Jun 2002)

  105. My son had a blood sugar that was slightly low; his doctor did not tell me to do anything other then to give him snacks before he goes out to play. I am worried that maybe they might be missing a problem that is right in front of them. Is a low blood glucose a problem that should be investigated? (19 Jun 2002)

  106. Through readings on this website, I understand there is a relatively new insulin on the market in the United States but not yet available in Canada. Can you tell me something about it? (19 Jun 2002)

  107. I am a 19 year old, thin, girl who has had celiac disease for a year, and for the last couple of days, I have felt like I am getting some symptoms of diabetes. However, they come and go, and I am afraid I am just being paranoid. Should I wait and see if they get worse? Can diabetes start with symptoms being sporadic and not a big crisis? (19 Jun 2002)

  108. One of your physicians said that carnitine deficiency is not related to diabetes, but seems quite prevalent according a study I read. Do children with diabetes have any problems with fat metabolism that might tie into producing high blood sugars? (19 Jun 2002)

  109. We are extremely concerned about our eleven year old granddaughter who has had diabetes since she was seven, and has been in and out of the hospital many times in the last several years. The doctors cannot understand what is going on, they say that she is a "hard case", we are afraid that we are losing her, and we don't know what to do. (19 Jun 2002)

  110. My friend's two and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with a fatty acid oxidation (FAO) disorder, and I have several questions. (19 Jun 2002)

  111. When I mention blood work, my five year daughter panics and also gets very upset at the site of her own blood! Is there a test that can be done to diagnose diabetes (i.e., urine test) that is less invasive than a blood test? Help! (19 Jun 2002)

  112. My four year daughter has had type 1 diabetes for less than two years. Could you give me more information about insulin pumps? When is right time to consider using one? (19 Jun 2002)

  113. I am caring for a toddler with type 1 diabetes whose mother is an obstetrician and currently pregnant. She knows of a private company that will collect, process, and freeze cord blood, but they seem to be just a bank. Are there any centers that are collecting cord blood for stem-cell research for diabetes? (12 Jun 2002)

  114. My four year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes eight months ago, has started to experience hypoglycemic episodes at night time. Is there anything we can change in her current routine to help prevent it? (12 Jun 2002)

  115. My five month old daughter had low blood sugar when she was born, and later testing showed her sugar levels were fine. However, diabetes runs in both sides of our family, and about two weeks ago, my daughter has had episodes where she got the shakes. Is this a sign of diabetes? Could it be something else? (12 Jun 2002)

  116. My husband, who has had type 2 diabetes for only two weeks, had urine albumin/creatinine ratio of 115 mg/g creatinine. He repeated the test the next day in another lab and the urine albumin was 16 mg/l with a urinary creatinine of 112 mg/dl. Does he have microalbuminuria for sure? If so, what should we do? (12 Jun 2002)

  117. My half-brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, and my almost seven year old daughter has always a little on the chunky side and had a great appetite, but for the past month or so, she has been relentless and seems to be obsessed with food. She constantly wants food and drinks more than anyone in our house. (12 Jun 2002)

  118. My friend's two and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with a fatty acid oxidation (FAO) disorder, and I have several questions. (12 Jun 2002)

  119. My 10 year old daughter, who is not obese, has been tentatively diagnosed with MODY. Her antibody test was negative, and her fasting blood sugars are slightly high. What are the chances of a child with MODY developing type 1 diabetes or becoming insulin dependent? (12 Jun 2002)

  120. For the past two months, my three year old son's sugar levels have been very erratic. His doctor believes he would be a candidate for the pump, but I am not comfortable with this option. What can I do to help alleviate these terrible rate of sugar changes? (12 Jun 2002)

  121. My seven year old son has insulin levels ranging from 23 at 93, the average being 23 or less, and also has high triglyceride levels. We've been trying the low-fat diet and no sugar, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there any other treatment for high triglycerides? I'm clueless. (12 Jun 2002)

  122. My seven year daughter was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and we have been taking her snacks to school with doctor's orders so that she may have them at a prescribed time. We have tried to make her teacher understand how important it is for her to eat, but every day this week the teacher has told me she forgot to feed her. What can I do to rectify this problem? (12 Jun 2002)

  123. My four year daughter has had type 1 diabetes for less than two years, and recently I went to a diabetes association meeting where I was informed of a new insulin. I was told informed that there is less chance of hypoglycemia with it, and it is very much similar to using an insulin pump. Could you please let me know more information about this insulin? (12 Jun 2002)

  124. I need to inform my 15 year old son of what damage a high A1c (10-14%) is doing to his body. He does not fully appreciate the danger. How much damage does a year-long high A1c do to a body? (11 Jun 2002)

  125. I have had type 1 diabetes for the past 12 years, and, to be honest have only recently been accepting of the consequences of bad control. My last A1c was 11% and has been around that level since diagnosis, despite varied routines. Is it possible that I have an insulin intolerance as well as type 1 diabetes since I also have PCOS? (11 Jun 2002)

  126. My mother, who has diabetes, was recently admitted into the hospital with congestive heart failure. She has never had these symptoms before, and I fear they are a danger sign. Should I intervene and have her transferred to a Cardiac Care Unit? (11 Jun 2002)

  127. I am supposed to take Mixtard twice a day. However, I decided to cut out all sugar from my diet, started exercising for two-three hours five times per week, and I also stopped taking my insulin. In the last week, I have experienced two really awful hypos. How can this be happening if I am not taking my insulin? (11 Jun 2002)

  128. My three year old daughter, diagnosed 10 months ago with type 1 diabetes, always has high readings, but doctor tells me not to worry because young children will have higher readings. Is this normal? (11 Jun 2002)

  129. We assume that my four year old's diabetes was likely caused by exposure to the Coxsackie virus approximately six months before diagnosis, and recently, my younger daughter had the Coxsackie virus. Does a known exposure to an environmental stressor that caused type 1 diabetes in a sibling increase the percentage probability that the sibling will develop it? (11 Jun 2002)

  130. My friend, who has diabetes, would like to purchase a permanent life insurance policy but is having a hard time finding a company that will insure her. (11 Jun 2002)

  131. I want my sister to grow up normally, but the obesity and the spoiling aren't helping. I need to have a doctor write a letter to me so I can show my parents. (11 Jun 2002)

  132. I have had diabetes type 1 diabetes for 12 years, I am fairly active, and I am on four injections a day. My last A1c was 6%, but I frequently experience high fasting glucose readings. Do you have any suggestions? (11 Jun 2002)

  133. I want to go to Indonesia, and I am worried about the heat and my insulin. Am I at greater risk of getting sick because of my type 1 diabetes? Practically, is going to Indonesia a good idea? (11 Jun 2002)

  134. My eight year old daughter, recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, was born with low blood sugar. Was this a sign that she might develop diabetes? (11 Jun 2002)

  135. I am now expecting my fourth child, have a previous history of GDM, and during my third pregnancy, I developed preeclampsia along with gestational diabetes (GDM). Does this extremely early onset of GDM in the fourth pregnancy mean that I am likely to end up with severe preeclampsia again? Is there any thing I can do to ward off preeclampsia again? (11 Jun 2002)

  136. My five year old daughter is still in her honeymoon phase, I believe, and I would like to keep her in this phase as long as possible. I've read about the use of chromium and nicotinamide in helping to restore or preserve beta cells. Are these supplements available in a liquid form? How much should I give her? (9 Jun 2002)

  137. I am 30 years old, I have had type 1 diabetes for less than a year, and I caught this horrible disease when I started to take prednisone. How can get rid of diabetes from my body entirely? (9 Jun 2002)

  138. Can someone point me to some "practical" advice/recommendations/experiences for insulin storage during extended outings (i.e., trekking; backpacking) in hot/tropical environments where neither ice nor gel-pack refreezing is an option? (9 Jun 2002)

  139. A year ago, I had a gastric bypass to lose weight, and I have lost 100 pounds, but due to the procedure, I have acquired reactive hypoglycemia which is taking control of my life. Can give me some insight on how to take control of this problem? (9 Jun 2002)

  140. My eight year old daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am concerned about a correct diagnosis. Could it be possible she has type 2 diabetes? (9 Jun 2002)

  141. My daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for five years, used to have long hair, but now it is breaking off. What should we do? (9 Jun 2002)

  142. I've been checking my sugar at least six times a day, and I find that sometimes my readings an hour after breakfast and for at least two-three hours after lunch are high, even though my A1c is good. I lost hope and trust in A1c test. I'm thinking that I will still get complications and my life is pretty much over. What is your opinion? (9 Jun 2002)

  143. Over the last year, my son has awakened about eight times with a severe headache. We immediately test him, and he is low, but not intensely low. I feel this problem is related to his blood sugar possibly bottoming out in the middle of the night, but his doctor does not let us use a monitor overnight. Is it possible to rent the GlucoWatch? (9 Jun 2002)

  144. My 28 year old friend who had gestational diabetes and has diabetes in her family, has had several infection requiring antibiotics during the last six months. She has had two non-fasting blood test that were negative for diabetes. Can you just give me your insight? (9 Jun 2002)

  145. I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years, I have trouble recognizing when I am low and twice this year have woken up in the emergency room. I am concerned about my health, especially after waking up in the emergency room after an episode at work, and I fear that I am falling into a depression. Do you have any suggestions? (9 Jun 2002)

  146. I am a concerned mum after hearing that a year 12 student recently died from severe diabetes since I have never heard this term used before. Could you explain the differences between type 1 diabetes and severe diabetes, if there are any? (8 Jun 2002)

  147. I noticed that my seven year old daughter has two bald patches on her head. She has much more body fat than her brother and sister, frequently complains of headaches, and seems to always be thirsty. Are these symptoms indicative of diabetes? (8 Jun 2002)

  148. I have impaired glucose tolerance. Should I follow the same guidelines as for type 2 diabetes? (8 Jun 2002)

  149. I am a 31 year old female, who has had type 1 diabetes for just over a year, and recently I had a positive ANA. Could my diabetes have produced this positive reading? (8 Jun 2002)

  150. My 41 year old husband has had diabetes for over three years, and his medication has been increased on a regular basis since diagnosis. His blood sugar are always high in the morning, coming down slowly through the day, but he says he feels as unwell now as he did when he was first diagnosed. Is it possible he has type 1 and needs insulin? (8 Jun 2002)

  151. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year and half ago and have progressed rather well. he only remaining problem I have is my feet. The only way I can describe it is it feels like I'm walking on marbles, all the time. Will this ever go away? Should I take vitamins to help? (8 Jun 2002)

  152. I have several medical problems, I'm scheduled for surgery, and my sugar is crazy. (8 Jun 2002)

  153. Are there any new thoughts on the treatment of necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum? (8 Jun 2002)

  154. Have you heard anything about an "amylose free" diet combined with Avandia for weight loss? (8 Jun 2002)

  155. I have been instructed by my doctor not to eat sugars. I have found products labeled no sugar or sugar free, but the nutrition facts show something called "sugar alcohol." What is sugar alcohol? How will it affect my glucose levels? (8 Jun 2002)

  156. My friend is checking his blood levels two hours after he eats to see if he might have type 2 diabetes, and his values are 75-120 mg/dl [4.2-6.7 mmol/L]. Does that mean that he does not have type 2 diabetes? (7 Jun 2002)

  157. I am 19 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for a little over six months, and I am off all medications. Now that I am off of the insulin and medication, do I have to eat at exact times? (7 Jun 2002)

  158. My daughter's A1c is 6.6%, but her doctor thinks it should be higher according to her glucose readings. He suggested a test for sickle cell disease, saying this may be an explanation for the unusual low number, and we are awaiting the result. Is there any information about A1c test results being too low? What factors could cause that result? (7 Jun 2002)

  159. My 13 1/2 year old son is showing some major behavioral problems, and I am thinking these behaviors may be a result of health. Does my son's behavior show signs of a problem that needs to be checked? (7 Jun 2002)

  160. I have had type 2 diabetes for less than a year, my three-month blood test is 6.1%, and the only time my blood sugar reads high is in the mornings. Before and after meals, it's well inside the safe levels. If my blood sugar readings remain at these levels, will I experience diabetes related health problems? (7 Jun 2002)

  161. Have you heard of a Hypoalarm to warn a person if the blood sugar level is incorrect? Where can you buy one? (7 Jun 2002)

  162. I have been taking Glucophage for six years, and I was in the hospital last week because I have had problems with breathing, chest pains, and dizziness for a couple of months. I read a article that said Glucophage was causing people to die. Could this medicine be causing some of my problems? (7 Jun 2002)

  163. After my mother takes her insulin shot, she has a hard coughing spell. A friend who has diabetes said this could be caused from her insulin not being regulated as it should. (7 Jun 2002)

  164. We have seen moderate to large amounts of ketones in our son while sick and no high blood sugars (mostly below 60 mg/dl [3.3 mmol/L]). Can ketones appear with low blood sugars? Do they have the same significance as ketones from high blood sugar? How do you get rid of them? Can ketones build up in the body even with controlled blood sugars? (7 Jun 2002)

  165. There is a high incidence of adult onset diabetes (parents and grandparents) in my family has, so we have a few questions regarding children. (7 Jun 2002)

  166. I am 17 years old, have type 1 diabetes, and I'm extremely active in gymnastics. I'm in the gym 15-20 hours a week, but I heard that gymnastics doesn't affect blood sugars at all. Is that true? (6 Jun 2002)

  167. During the dress rehearsal, I had a big debate with the director of my daughter's studio who wanted to take her "pack" (meter, strips, etc.-no needles or insulin) away from her during rehearsal and the recital because she was afraid one of the other kids would get into it. What are my daughter's rights? (6 Jun 2002)

  168. My two year old daughter really hates the injections she fights them, and, at a gathering for kids with diabetes, someone gave me an Inject-Ease and told me this might help. She briefed me on how to use it, but I would like to know if you can give me some more specific instructions. I am dying to try it out. (6 Jun 2002)

  169. If the child has to take insulin for carbs, why are low carb diets such as the Atkins dangerous? How many carbs should a child with diabetes have in a day? We want to maintain level blood sugar and decrease the amount of insulin she has been taking. (6 Jun 2002)

  170. My 65 year old father has type 2 diabetes treated with pills, and, due to lack of medical facilities, he could not properly monitor his sugar levels until now. I have several questions. (6 Jun 2002)

  171. Once in a while when my 12 year old son is low, he gets very agitated, and I am concerned as he gets bigger something bad could happen. We want to know is what we can do about these behaviors when he is low. (6 Jun 2002)

  172. My son does not have diabetes but does has a problem with low blood sugar and has had three seizures in three years. He has been getting very tired lately (at any time of the day), it just doesn't seem normal for a 13 year old boy to be out of energy as much as he is, and he had a very low blood sugar at bedtime. Do you have any advice that might help? (6 Jun 2002)

  173. I have had type 2 diabetes for six years, and over the last year, it is progressively more difficult to control my numbers. I also am seriously trying to lose weight without any success. (6 Jun 2002)

  174. I have type 1 diabetes, and next summer I am planning a cross country trip. How can I keep my insulin at the proper temperature? (6 Jun 2002)

  175. My 11 year old son and I have just left the doctor who is almost positive that my son has diabetes. What are some of the other symptoms that might indicate diabetes? Are the symptoms that I mentioned earlier true symptoms? (5 Jun 2002)

  176. I've been taking anti-depressant drugs for 20 years. Is it possible that these could contribute to the onset of diabetes? (5 Jun 2002)

  177. I have been on Glucotrol, but my sugar has been on the upswing, so my doctor added Glucophage in increasing doses, but I had problems so he switched me to Avandia, and I'm having the same difficulties. Is there any medication that you know of that I can take that will not have the effect of congestive heart failure for me and yet help keep my numbers down? (5 Jun 2002)

  178. Last weekend, my cousin ran out of insulin for his pump and didn't bother to fill his prescription right away. He said he got "busy" and went to bed without reinserting his pump. A couple of days later he was taken to the ER in DKA, and the doctor told him it was actually a good thing he hadn't reinserted. Why? (5 Jun 2002)

  179. I think I may have PCOS with insulin resistance and have several questions. (5 Jun 2002)

  180. I have type 2 diabetes, and my morning sugars are higher than the bedtime sugars (always have been, regardless of what medication/diet I'm using). If I wanted to do a home version of a glucose tolerance test, how would I do it? (5 Jun 2002)

  181. I have three relatives on my mother's side with type 1 diabetes, and I was diagnosed with type 2 almost two years ago, but it was recently determined that I have type 1. My children are six and eight years old, and I'm wondering if they should be tested. Is there anything I can do to lower my children's chances of getting type 1 diabetes? (5 Jun 2002)

  182. My 72 year old father has had diabetes for several years. He is is taking pills and is supposed to be controlling diabetes with diet. In the past year, his legs have become very large and uncomfortable, which his doctor attributes to radiation therapy done more than 20 years ago, but I'm concerned it is an effect of diabetes. Can you give me any advice? (5 Jun 2002)

  183. My daughter has been having many episodes of low sugar (2.4- 6.1 mmol/L [43-100 mg/dl]). We have been giving her lots of sweets and juice as she balks at fruit. We have an appointment with an endocrinologist and wonder what kind of test we should be prepared for. (5 Jun 2002)

  184. I have type 1 diabetes and ride a mountain bike 10 miles after work three days a week and 30 miles a day on weekends. What does riding a mountain bike year round do to the sugar levels? (5 Jun 2002)

  185. I have just turned 14, but I have not started my period, or developed breasts. I look around and all my friends are way ahead of me. I have low thyroid, take pills, and for the last year, my blood sugar has been out of control so I am worried I will not go through puberty. How will my sugar levels affect my developing? (4 Jun 2002)

  186. My ex-son-in-law says my 10 year old grandson is considered a radical diabetic because of the fluctuation of his sugar levels, and the child should be testing every 90 minutes. I have never heard of this; could it be true? (4 Jun 2002)

  187. I am very much interested in body building, have a very lean muscular frame, but I can't increase my muscles without proper protein intake and supplements. Can body-building can be pursued by someone with type 1 diabetes on a long-term basis? What kind of protein food or supplements can I take without changing my now normal sugar levels? (4 Jun 2002)

  188. I have recently been looking into donating a kidney to my father, but it's starting to look like I too may have diabetes. Obviously I need to be tested, but if I do test positive am I excluded as a donor? Why? Can diabetes mask its presence and go undetected in tests? (4 Jun 2002)

  189. I have had type 2 diabetes for almost four years now and was recently put back on Glucophage, and in the past it has been effective. However, I seem to be having side effects. I'm thinking that, if I knew a little more about how Glucophage actually works with what I eat, I could do better. (4 Jun 2002)

  190. I have type 1 diabetes, and I think some of my fellow workers are prejudiced. What can I do to change that? (4 Jun 2002)

  191. I was just wondering if medical insurance covers some of the cost of the insulin pump, and if so how much? (4 Jun 2002)

  192. Just recently, my husband, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes less than a year ago and on pills, has been getting very tired at the end of the day. Is his tiredness to be expected? Should we see his doctor again? Is there anything else I could do to help him not become so tired? Should I not worry about this at all? (4 Jun 2002)

  193. My husband has type 1 diabetes and autoimmune hypothyroidism (probably Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome Type II). I would like to have information about children's risk of inheriting diabetes or another autoimmune disease. (4 Jun 2002)

  194. My daughter feels great when her sugars run 180-250 mg/dl [10-13.9 mmol/L], but if she's lower, she is symptomatic of hypoglycemia. How can we get a study done on this? It seems to be more common then I was led to believe. (4 Jun 2002)

  195. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five months ago and was on insulin until about a month ago when I was put on Glucophage and Prandin. However, after about a week I began to have low blood sugars, so my doctor took me off of my Prandin. Why was I taken off of Prandin? Can this be dangerous? (3 Jun 2002)

  196. I recently heard that an insulin spray for diabetes would be available to South Africa by year end which I find hard to believe as we are so far behind the Western world that we are not even using the pump yet. Has the spray been sampled and approved? When will it be available, if at all? (3 Jun 2002)

  197. I heard if your adrenal glands are out of whack, your blood sugars could be out of whack. Is there a test to see? (3 Jun 2002)

  198. Since she was two, my daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five months ago, has always been in the 105th percentile for weight and height, and I have always been concerned with her weight. I asked her diabetes team to see if we should test for type 2, but they say they are sure she has type 1. Should I push to find out which type of diabetes she really has? (3 Jun 2002)

  199. I have had type 2 diabetes for four years now, and it is not under control. Diet and exercise are in place and have been for a while now, so its not that I don't exercise because I do. If your diabetes is not under control is it possible for you to lose weight and keep it off. If not, what should my doctor be doing for me to help lose weight and get it under control? (3 Jun 2002)

  200. Since moving on to insulin, my father has been suffering from intense pain in the joints in his wrists and shoulders. Could this in any way be related to the insulin as he did not suffer in this way previously? (3 Jun 2002)

  201. I occasionally test my 16 month old son's blood sugars out of curiosity, and he has had some levels on my meter that make me uneasy, while others seem to be fine. I've asked his pediatrician about all this, and she just tells me "not to worry. What can I do to reassure myself that he's really okay? (3 Jun 2002)

  202. For several years, I have had frequent high blood sugars in the morning. When this started, I do not recall changing insulin doses. The levels, however, are not always high, and so I hesitate increasing my insulin dose at night. Do you know of anyone in the Toronto area who could put me on a CGMS to help me determine exactly what is happening at night? (3 Jun 2002)

  203. My baby was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 17 months and developed a squint at the age of two. Is there a link between strabismus that developed six months after diagnosis of type 1 diabetes? (3 Jun 2002)

  204. Our diabetes team recently switched my three year old daughter to Lantus with Humalog, and but she is going low four hours after her Humalog shots, which I think this is from the Lantus. Is it possible that even though the Lantus is "non-peaking", her own body is still making insulin and therefore the Lantus is dropping her? (3 Jun 2002)

  205. I have a slight problem with glucose tolerance, which over the years it has got gradually worse, and I always feel tired and light headed. Is there anything that I can do that may help control the feelings? Is this a symptom of diabetes or perhaps something else? (3 Jun 2002)

  206. I am 31 years old, and I have currently been experiencing chronic headaches, dizziness, very fatigue, constant hunger. Out of curiosity, I tested my blood sugar which was too low to register on a meter. Should I be concerned? (3 Jun 2002)

  207. I have type 1 diabetes and I have a healthy 15 month old son, who I switched him to soy formula last year as my endocrinologist suggested. What is the status of the reports that linked cow's milk to onset of diabetes in high risk children/infants? Is this still true? Should I never give my son cow's milk? (2 Jun 2002)

  208. Recently I went to my doctor because I suspect that I might have hypoglycemia. My doctor told me to test my blood sugar several times a day and keep a log for one week. I am wondering when exactly I should test my blood sugar. (2 Jun 2002)

  209. My nephew basically eats the same thing all the time -- macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. He was diagnosed with diabetes about 10 months ago, and I feel this is why he has developed it. Is it healthy to let him eat macaroni and cheese with every meal because that's the only thing he will eat? (2 Jun 2002)

  210. My three year old daughter was diagnosed three months ago, and her diabetes team recently switched her to Lantus with Humalog at every meal (and sometimes snacks). So we are talking about four to five shots a day for a three year old. With this regimen should she go on a pump or an infusion set? (2 Jun 2002)

  211. My three year old daughter has been classified as obese (50 pounds) by her pediatrician, and both of my husband's parents have type 1 diabetes. I recently have checked my daughter's blood sugars which are high. What should my daughter's blood sugar be? Should I mention this to her doctor? (2 Jun 2002)

  212. I have had retinopathy for approximately eight years, which I have it checked every year and so far have not had to have laser treatments. Does exercise and strenuous pushing and pulling affect the retinopathy? (2 Jun 2002)

  213. My friend tells me he often has the sensation that there is something behind his eyes pushing them out. What causes this feeling? (2 Jun 2002)

  214. I have had very bad muscle spasms and cramps in my legs, back, and neck. Is this due to my blood sugar being too high? (2 Jun 2002)

  215. My 19 year old daughter is in the hospital with acute ketoacidosis. How can I convince her to try out a pump? I think it is the only way we can have some control over her highs and lows. (1 Jun 2002)

  216. I am a 46 year old female who has type 2 diabetes, and while I have lost 20 pounds, the fat around my middle is stubborn. I have questions about the benefits of liposuction and/or stomach stapling. (1 Jun 2002)

  217. My mother, who was not known to have diabetes at the time, was in renal failure and severely dehydrated for over five days before her blood sugar was discovered to be very high. Can a period of 5 to 10 days with extremely high blood sugars cause brain damage? (1 Jun 2002)

  218. How high can a child's glucose levels get before it becomes dangerous? What should I do when the levels get this high? (1 Jun 2002)

  219. I have had neuropathy in my feet and legs for about eight years, and about four years ago, it started in my hands. What effect does excessive walking, kneeling, and sitting on floors have on neuropathy? (1 Jun 2002)

  220. Why does diabetes cause so many other complications? What does the blood sugar level have to do with eyesight and poor circulation to the point of amputation? Does someone who is careful to watch blood sugars still develop all the health complications that come with diabetes? (1 Jun 2002)

  221. My six year old son wanted to test his level on my meter so I let him, and his reading was 239 mg/dl [13.3 mmol/L] on an empty stomach. Should this one reading be enough of a concern to inform his doctor? Is it pretty "normal" to have a reading like that with just a random test? (1 Jun 2002)

  222. I have had two fasting blood sugars on two different days greater than 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L] done by a lab, and more than one-half of my fasting values at home are above this level as well, but my doctor told me not to be concerned. (1 Jun 2002)

  223. My mother, who has type 2 diabetes, has started noticing soreness on the bottom of her feet. Should we be alarmed? (1 Jun 2002)

  224. My friend, who has type 2 diabetes, went to a doctor who wants to take her off her insulin completely for five days and have her fast for five days. Is this some kind of new treatment for type 2 diabetes? (1 Jun 2002)

  225. My friend, recently diagnosed with diabetes, got really mad and smoked two cigarettes for the first time ever. Will those two cigarettes cause him any kind of problems in the future? (1 Jun 2002)

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Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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