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  1. I recently experienced severe hypoglycemia, was involved in a minor auto accident, and I have no memory of my actions. The police took me to a hospital only because they thought I was drunk where I was able to get a blood glucose test and treatment for my low. Despite all that, I was still charged with drunk driving. (31 Aug 2002)

  2. I have type 2 diabetes, and for the last week my levels have gone from nearly normal to very high. What would cause this? (31 Aug 2002)

  3. Do I have any recourse with an unreasonable parent? What liability do I have in letting a child, known to have diabetes, be in school without proper medical intervention when needed? (31 Aug 2002)

  4. At the moment, my friend gets free insulin and syringes from the National Health service here in the UK, but he is about to emigrate to Greece and would like to know If he can get these free there. (31 Aug 2002)

  5. My 14 year old son plays football and wrestles. He does fairly well with management of his blood sugars, but he is constantly hungry and is looking to put on weight. Any suggestions as what he can eat to help fill him up more? (31 Aug 2002)

  6. The two types of insulin provided by the National Hospitals are Actrapid (short acting) and Insulatard (long acting). Are we behind as a country? Are we behind in developments? (31 Aug 2002)

  7. My daughter's 28 year old fiance, diagnosed about six years ago and on insulin three times a day, was told he did not have either not type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Could he have been misdiagnosed? What is the implication for my daughter and her fiance in having children? (31 Aug 2002)

  8. My 15 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes and uses a pump, is very active in sports and needs to gain weight for football. What should he do to gain weight? Are there any supplements or weight gain products he can take? (31 Aug 2002)

  9. My grandfather was just diagnosed with diabetes. Is there a list that includes what he can eat, including information about eating sweet stuff such as cookies, cakes and ice cream? (31 Aug 2002)

  10. A five year old little girl, just diagnosed with diabetes and treated with diet only, goes to my son's babysitter and I am trying to help the babysitter get some information about for what kind of food she can give her.The other problem is the girl's mother is already non-compliant about the diabetes. (31 Aug 2002)

  11. My 13 year old daughter is way out of control. Her doctor recently changed her insulin to a sliding scale of Humalog at every meal with Lantus at bedtime, but she is still having trouble keeping her sugars at a normal level. Will it take a while to adjust to the change in her insulin? How can I help her? (31 Aug 2002)

  12. My seven year old son's neurologist suggested checking his blood sugar levels to see if this could be part of his problem so his pediatrician ordered a five hour glucose tolerance test. I'm a bit confused about the results and what we should be seeing with a home glucose monitor. (31 Aug 2002)

  13. I have heard that the West Nile virus is particularly harmful to the elderly, children, and those with compromised immune systems. Does my six year old child's type 1 diabetes effectively place her in two of the three categories with the most to fear from exposure to the West Nile virus? (31 Aug 2002)

  14. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago is still in the "honeymoon" period and not requiring much insulin. Is there any trial going on that I should look into while she is in her honeymoon period? I don't want to miss something that we should have tried, but I also don't want her to be a guinea pig for an untested treatment. (31 Aug 2002)

  15. My eight year old daughter has Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome Type II and also has significant neurological involvement (mental retardation, seizures), and I am wondering if her GAD antibody results(0.67) were high enough to cause neurological impairment as well as impending diabetes. Is my daughter's GAD antibody level mild, moderate, or high? (31 Aug 2002)

  16. I believe I have hypoglycemia, but I could be wrong. I have all the symptoms except for coma and seizures. I go to school from 7:00 am-5:00 pm and don't eat. I mean to, but it just doesn't fit in. I went to a doctor who drew blood, but they weren't checking for hypoglycemia and told us it couldn't be diagnosed. (31 Aug 2002)

  17. I was wondering if there are any diabetes research projects going on that I could donate some computer time to. My sister has diabetes, as did my father and grandfather. Right now, I run SETI-at-home just to keep this thing productive. I would love to replace SETI for something more down to Earth. If there are no diabetes sites, can you recommend a worthwhile project in need? (31 Aug 2002)

  18. I am on a pump and having problems with my blood sugar. Is this the result of slow absorption of the Humalog, a dawn effect that continues into the early afternoon, or perhaps reactive hyperglycemia as the result of undetected hypoglycemia during the early morning? Can the Somogyi effect last for as much as 12 hours? (30 Aug 2002)

  19. Aside from exogenous insulin, what other conditions or factors could cause the C-peptide level to be low when the insulin level is very high and the blood sugar level is critically low? Are there conditions in which where the sample or test results may be flawed? (30 Aug 2002)

  20. I'm a Vietnam veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange and as a result I have type 2 diabetes. Will I develop complications faster than other people with type 2 diabetes? (30 Aug 2002)

  21. I am working with a HIV/AIDS project as a dietitian, and generally, we have our clients on high energy diets to maintain weight, but a few of our clients have diabetic. Any ideas how to maintain weight without making their diabetes worse? (30 Aug 2002)

  22. Is there any difference between the effectiveness of Glucophage and generic metformin? (30 Aug 2002)

  23. As of late, I have been suffering from symptoms identical to hypoglycemia, but, whenever I check my blood glucose, it is within normal limits, sometimes even higher. A year ago, my doctor told me to stop using my medicine for hypothyroidism because my thyroid hormones were normal so I did. Might these problems be owing to the thyroid gland? (30 Aug 2002)

  24. I have a child of four who has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for two years, and a younger child. If I had diabetes, particularly pre-clinical diabetes, could I pass this on to my child by breastfeeding? (30 Aug 2002)

  25. My seven year old son is taking Risperdal, and recently, my nephew was taken off Zyprexa after this drug apparently brought about the onset of type 1 diabetes. Is there any evidence that Risperdal can bring about the onset of type 1 diabetes? (30 Aug 2002)

  26. On several protein bars, candy bars, or meal replacement bars it is says that sugar alcohols have very little effect on blood glucose, but our diabetes teams says to count all carbs. What is the real story? (30 Aug 2002)

  27. Six months ago, my grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He had blood work two weeks ago, and I now have a letter from the physician stating that my grandson may have an underactive thyroid instead of diabetes. (30 Aug 2002)

  28. My three and a half year old grandson, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, and today he was also diagnosed with childhood nephrotic syndrome. Is there a connection between the kidney disease and the diabetes? (30 Aug 2002)

  29. My 12 year old daughter has just started using a pump. Her blood sugars were great for the first week, but now they have gone sky high again. We are counting carbs like crazy, and the machine is in good working order. She is really upset and frustrated! (30 Aug 2002)

  30. I know that my mother-in-law loves us, and I definitely know she adores her grandchildren, but she is convinced that artificial sweeteners are going to kill our children. Is my mother-in-law justified in saying that artificial sweeteners are harmful to my children (ages two and five)? (30 Aug 2002)

  31. My five year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year ago. His mother and I are divorced, and I am fighting an uphill battle with regard to knowledge about diabetes. She has a court order that I cannot see him more than two hours a week without more classes, but I have tried so many places, and I keep running into brick walls. (29 Aug 2002)

  32. I inquired as to switching from regular injections to a pen and was told that pork NPH is not available for these pens. The reason I inquired is that a bottle of insulin doesn't seem to last the full month for us. Do most doctors still use pork NPH for children? (29 Aug 2002)

  33. I am fairly sure that my 15 year old son has a form of Mauriac Syndrome, but he has now had good control (A1c: 7-8%) for about fifteen months. How reversible is it with good control? Are there any studies that show the general rate of improvement? Are there any kids who do not improve? (29 Aug 2002)

  34. My three year old son has type 1 diabetes. Was there ever a case of a child growing out of type 1 diabetes? What changes can happen? (29 Aug 2002)

  35. Yesterday, the doctor told my 64 year old father he has a week for his big toe to show improvement or they will have to amputate it. If they amputate, what can my father expect as far as what it will be like for him to walk? Do they have prosthetic toes? (29 Aug 2002)

  36. I have type 2 diabetes, and, on an irregular basis I get very hot feet, and I'm very uncomfortable. It doesn't occur when I am exercising, but would occur after a heavier meal or after drinking wine (two glasses). I think it is diet related. Is there something that I can do to prevent or alleviate the problem? (29 Aug 2002)

  37. I have noticed a darkening of my skin color in several places. Is this caused by my insulin resistance? Should I be taking another medication? Can this be lessened or cured ? (29 Aug 2002)

  38. I have type 2 diabetes treated with two different pills, and I have had a sinus and ear infection for over a month now. It's not getting better, and my blood sugars are high. Do you have any suggestions? (29 Aug 2002)

  39. My four year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year ago, still attends daycare and will start school next year. When is the appropriate time to go and talk with the schools about his diabetes care? Should I start now or wait? (29 Aug 2002)

  40. My 32 year old sister, who is four months pregnant and has type 2 diabetes, just started on Lantus about six weeks ago. Her doctor says it's safe to take during pregnancy, but her pharmacist says it is not. (29 Aug 2002)

  41. My almost 21 year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, is using IV drugs and does not take care of her health. Do you have any information on people with diabetes and drug use? (29 Aug 2002)

  42. I had gestational diabetes about 10 years ago, now I have some elevated blood sugars, but I still haven't been classified as having diabetes. Should I consider myself to have type 2 diabetes? (29 Aug 2002)

  43. When my eight year old daughter, who is on a pump, plays soccer in the evening, her sugar drops around 12:00 midnight and stays low. What can I do to prevent low blood sugar after activity? (28 Aug 2002)

  44. I am concerned about optimizing my daughter's options when she reaches 23 and is no longer covered by my company's health insurance, or what would happen if I die. Is there any type of insurance or plan I can set in motion now that will guarantee or provide her with health insurance in the event she does not get good insurance from her employer? (28 Aug 2002)

  45. The doctors are telling me that this is the onset of type 1 diabetes in my four year old daughter, but everyone I talk to has told me that their diabetes started all at once, and they were very sick. (28 Aug 2002)

  46. What are the long term effects of having a poor diet, especially if you have diabetes? (28 Aug 2002)

  47. My uncle frequently has episodes during which he is lethargic, glassy-eyed and confused, and he says he does not feel it coming on. How can this be better controlled? Can it? Is it possible that he could not be taking care of himself properly? (28 Aug 2002)

  48. My mother eats in very small amounts and religiously takes her medication which sometimes causes her sugar level to drop drastically, and for the last two weeks, she has had bouts of low sugar levels despite changing her eating habits. I am very concerned about this. Would you please advise? (28 Aug 2002)

  49. I'm a very healthy 30 year old and last year, I had a fairly uneventful pregnancy with twins until 32 weeks gestation. Now my husband and I would love to add to our family. Do you think the problems I had with my last pregnancy were attributed more to the fact that I was carrying twins or the fact that I have diabetes? (28 Aug 2002)

  50. My 28 year old daughter, who has type 2 diabetes and is approximately 28 weeks pregnant, has been told that the baby's heart wall thickness appears to be abnormally increased, but Her doctors were not clear on what means and scheduled her for ultrasound visits. What does this mean for her baby? (28 Aug 2002)

  51. I was told by my son's principal that she doesn't think it necessary that I be present in my son's classroom at his blood sugar checks. This plan that I meet my son at his classroom and was arranged by myself and the teacher. I am in and out within five minutes, and the teacher insists there have not been any interruptions. (28 Aug 2002)

  52. My seven year old son, who was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when he was two and outgrew it when he was about five, has had three episodes in the past three weeks. He was released from the endocrinologist's care when he was about five. Do you have any ideas? (28 Aug 2002)

  53. Over the last two months, my six year old son, who is on Mixtard, has had bouts of nausea with episodes of early morning (5:00 am) vomiting and a severe headache. In addition, he will have with moderate to high ketones. and he rarely meets his A1c target. However, his specialist does not recommend tight control in the under seven age group. How can we prevent this? (28 Aug 2002)

  54. When my blood sugar is high, I can take insulin to reduce it. What happens to the sugar in my blood when I inject? Why do I need insulin to facilitate storage of sugar? Couldn't I just exercise to reduce blood sugar levels and not inject insulin? (28 Aug 2002)

  55. The Atkins' Diet would never advocate "Ketoacidosis" which is a possibly fatal condition! Dr. Atkins advocates the condition of "Ketosis" which is entirely different. (28 Aug 2002)

  56. My eight year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five months ago, is now on Lantus in the morning with Humalog on a sliding scale based on carbs and her blood sugar readings prior to meals and has been waking up in the upper 100s to lower 200s mg/dl [5.6-11.1mmol/L]. Does she need Humalog with her bedtime snack? (26 Aug 2002)

  57. What are the most current known benefits to niacinamide for people with and without diabetes? Is niacinamide safe and effective at a dose of 1000 mg/day for a male weighing around 150 pounds? What is the maximum safe dose that should be taken daily? Are there any potential side effects or dangers to high doses of niacinamide? (26 Aug 2002)

  58. I know the steroid injections I receive on a monthly basis for "bulging" disks in my back raise my blood sugar for a couple of days, and I'm trying to determine if any other medications can have this kind of effect so I'll be better prepared in the future. What prescription drugs can elevate blood glucose levels? (26 Aug 2002)

  59. I have had type 1 diabetes now for 45 years and would like to know why no one in my family, immediate, and extended has it. Did I get it by an autoimmune attack on my pancreas, or by a virus or something since it doesn't seem to be hereditary? (26 Aug 2002)

  60. I am really worried that I have diabetes and really want to make sure that I'm okay, but I am afraid of wasting the doctor's time. Do you think that it is possible for me to have diabetes? What should I do? If I do see the doctor what sort of tests will she do? (26 Aug 2002)

  61. During a recent pediatrician visit due to a virus with high fever, my son's urine had some glucose in his urine. The doctor sent him for a which was normal. Previously, my son had blood in his urine, but after an ultrasound and a dye test, I was told not to worry about it. Are these signs of serious problems? Should I truly forget about them? (26 Aug 2002)

  62. My granddaughters (ages two and four) both have type 1 diabetes. Are they more prone to develop other autoimmune diseases? Could they have polyglandular autoimmune syndrome? (26 Aug 2002)

  63. I am concerned about my nine year old son because he has gained a lot of weight this year, and he really is very active. The doctor did a blood test for thyroid, and urine for diabetes, but everything was negative. I didn't realize there was a type 2 diabetes, and I have seen a few things about it on television lately. (26 Aug 2002)

  64. My nine year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a week ago, has developed a very itchy rash in his right armpit which consists of small red bumps and larger bumps that look like pimples. He seems to be developing the same condition in his left armpit. Is this a side effect of the insulin? How can it be treated? (26 Aug 2002)

  65. I know that they used to use pork insulin. Why didn't the human body reject it? (23 Aug 2002)

  66. My 15 year old son, who has been taking human growth hormone for about 21 months, started to exhibit symptoms of, and was diagnosed as type 1 diabetes 20 months ago, but no antibodies were detected. He has maintained an A1c of 4.9%, even with a 49% reduction of insulin. I have several questions. (23 Aug 2002)

  67. My grandson, who has had diabetes since age one, has trouble controlling his blood sugar. When he does realize he is going low, usually it is too late, and he has had several of these "incidents" in the last year. As a result, he is thinking of going on the insulin pump, but he does not have insurance. Do you know of anyone who offers financial assistance for a pump? (23 Aug 2002)

  68. I have a 21 year old on insulin who does not follow his diet properly and frequently forgets his injections. He has ketones in his urine, his pH is 7.2, and all electrolytes are normal except for a potassium of 5.8, which stumps me, Shouldn't his potassium be low with the vomiting and polyuria? (23 Aug 2002)

  69. For the last eight weeks I have been getting high temperatures with low blood pressure and a heart rate over 127 beats per minute. I have recently had my urine tested which contains both protein and blood. Would this be a sign of diabetes? (23 Aug 2002)

  70. I have type 1 diabetes and want to know if I can still have healthy kids. (23 Aug 2002)

  71. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on the safety and effectiveness of the Prevnar vaccine that is now recommended for all children. Should all children really be getting this vaccination? Do the benefits outweigh the risks on this relatively new vaccine? (23 Aug 2002)

  72. My daughter, who had type 1 diabetes, has had a mystery illness for several weeks. The medical team seems quite happy to call it an ongoing virus, but there are a lot of symptoms that show no signs of leaving. (23 Aug 2002)

  73. My 16 year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes since she was three years old gets a lot of boys coming on to her. She enjoys the attention she gets but is not interested in dating. Does her diabetes have anything to do with her attitude and slow approach toward the opposite sex? (22 Aug 2002)

  74. My six year old son is on a pump and doing great, but I need to find a new doctor for my son's diabetes care. There seems to be only one doctor in this town who treats pediatric diabetes, and, while there is a doctor who comes once a month from elsewhere, he said that he doesn't like pumps. Any suggestions? (22 Aug 2002)

  75. My mother-in-law has suggested some theories about the heredity of diabetes, but none of my research supports either of them. However, as my partner and I are planning to start a family, we want to ascertain the risks for both my partner developing diabetes, and -- based on this theory -- if we had a daughter the risks of her developing diabetes. (22 Aug 2002)

  76. My nephew has had type 1 diabetes since four years of age. He cannot hear without hearing aids, and he cannot see clearly without glasses. My sister and nephew live in Switzerland, and doctors there said that these disorders are connected. Why? (22 Aug 2002)

  77. I have type 2 diabetes in good control. However, I am really afraid of the disease complications, and so I keep telling myself that as long as I keep a healthy and my blood sugar in control, I will be not a candidate for them. Is it really true or does the disease gets worse with time? (22 Aug 2002)

  78. My 13 year old daughter has hypoglycemia, and, in recent weeks she has complained about stomachaches, feeling tired, hungry, thirsty, and she has had bouts of being cranky. Are my daughter's blood sugars normal for puberty? (22 Aug 2002)

  79. While my mom was in the hospital for chest pains, they said she could possibly have diabetes, but her insurance does not cover her receiving a blood sugar monitor or to seeing a dietitian or diabetes educator. Can you provide information about organizations that provide free classes and monitors for people whose insurance will not them? (22 Aug 2002)

  80. My husband who has had diabetes for more than five years, was recently diagnosed with bronchiectasis and was told by the chest physician that the underlying cause was his diabetes. Just last week, he had pneumonia and was hospitalized for five days. Could diabetes cause bronchiectasis due to a low body immune system? (22 Aug 2002)

  81. My 11 year old son has what our family physician has diagnosed as simple complex seizures. It never happens on the weekends or at night when he is at home. Do you think I should get my son tested for diabetes? (22 Aug 2002)

  82. For the last 20 years, I have had treatment for Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and recently, I had a blood glucose of 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L], so my endocrinologist decided to give me Glucophage. I am very surprised and need a second opinion because I have seen other doctors who said this level is quite normal and I do not have diabetes. (22 Aug 2002)

  83. My four year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 a few weeks ago and is in very good control has a constantly itching back, and her diabetes nurses say she is very unusual but don't have any answers. I would appreciate your input. (21 Aug 2002)

  84. My six year old son, who has had diabetes since he was 17 months old, can check his own blood sugars and knows when he is feeling good or bad. There are nurses who float to the schools in the district, but there is no nurse at my childs' school full-time. If there is a nurse at one particular school in the district should he be forced to attend that particular school? (21 Aug 2002)

  85. The doctor did a finger prick test to check to see if I have diabetes, and it came out normal. Since then, I feel as though I am dehydrated, fatigued, and my lips are often dry. Should I seek further testing? (21 Aug 2002)

  86. My 16 year old granddaughter developed supposedly "juvenile diabetes" at age 14 and as been a vegetarian from a very young age. Can I have your views? (21 Aug 2002)

  87. I asked my doctor for a pump, but said no because my A1c was too high. Even though the rest of my diabetes team wants me on a pump, they can't get my doctor to sign for it. This is really irritating, and every time I am at the doctor she tells me I need to lower my A1c, but that's about it. Is there another reason my doctor won't let me on a pump? (21 Aug 2002)

  88. I have been taking Glucovance. Does this drug contain metformin? Could it cause lactic acidosis? I done some research on this drug and I have all the symptoms. Should I bring this to my doctor's attention? How do they test to see if you have lactic acidosis? (21 Aug 2002)

  89. I have not changed my eating habits within the year, but my A1c seems to be getting higher every time. For the past month, I have been unable to get rid of a sinus infection and my blood sugar has been running high during the day. I am taking of Avandia and Glucotrol XL. Is it possible my medication is not working any more? (21 Aug 2002)

  90. I know the health problems that methamphetamines have on a normal person, but what are the health effects and risks of a user who has diabetes? (21 Aug 2002)

  91. My husband who has had diabetes for more than five years, has had rapid weight loss (over 6 kilograms) since the beginning of this year, and his skin has lost much elasticity and fat. What could be cause of this sudden downturn as all these years his diabetes was very well controlled with proper diet and medication? (21 Aug 2002)

  92. My 26 year old boyfriend, who has had type 1 diabetes for four years and is a native of northern Scotland, went a considerable amount of time before knowing he had the disease, and now he has several complications. I love him and he's too young to die. Would seeing a physician in the US benefit him? (21 Aug 2002)

  93. How dangerous is the West Nile virus for a child with diabetes on insulin? (20 Aug 2002)

  94. My 13 year old girlfriend (who has type 1 diabetes) and I have heard unprofessional opinions on her life line I have read with a healthy life style he will live an easier life. How long does she have to live? (20 Aug 2002)

  95. I work with our State's pre-kindergarten program, and one of our sites will have a child with diabetes, who has to have insulin shots and other forms of treatment while in our care. What kind of classes will our staff need to take, if any? Are there any workshops we can hold for either parents or children so that the other people (the kids and their parents) know what to expect with this child in the class? (20 Aug 2002)

  96. My five year old son is normal in height, but only weighs 37 pounds, and since I have a family history of diabetes, I'm cautious. He's full of energy, but is thirsty a lot. Recently he complains of feeling dizzy. He has been tested in previous years, and the tests were normal. (20 Aug 2002)

  97. My husband has mood swings and claims that this happens after he has eaten something that contains too much sugar or if he didn't have a meal on time. I think that this happens because he must be using alcohol or drugs. He is 48 years old and is on oral medications to control his diabetes. Is it possible that diabetes can make a person behave this way? (20 Aug 2002)

  98. I began to develop gastrointestinal symptoms that seemed to always be present. I did an elimination diet and found that wheat seemed to be my problem, so I then went on a gluten-free diet, and my insulin needs are decreasing. Is it possible that my beta cells are regenerating since I removed the gluten from my diet? (20 Aug 2002)

  99. My 15 year old son's doctor mentioned he will do a cholesterol at the next visit because the one my son had over a year ago was 179 mg/dl. What is a safe level of cholesterol intake for my 15 year old son? (20 Aug 2002)

  100. I just found out I have type 2 diabetes. Can I reduce my blood sugar with diet and exercise alone (without medicine)? (20 Aug 2002)

  101. I'm thinking about going on an insulin pump. However, I have a couple of bottles of Humalog that I haven't used yet, and I would hate to waste this insulin. Can I inject the Humalog from the bottles into the pump? (20 Aug 2002)

  102. My daughter gets the hiccups a lot when her sugars are on the low side. Do they have anything to with each other? (20 Aug 2002)

  103. My son has a diabetes care plan, emergency action plan and doctors orders in place, and an IEP for his autism. However, I have been reviewing your sample 504 plans, and they seem much more comprehensive and include an introductory clause about diabetes and numbers for optimal learning. Can my son have both an IEP and 504 plan in place? (20 Aug 2002)

  104. Since my daughter switched to Lantus with Humalog, she has never risen above 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], and we all know that high blood sugar levels will slowly destroy the cardiovascular system. How can you as a professional allow people to follow these constant guessing games with the peaks and lows of these old insulins? (19 Aug 2002)

  105. I want to get a pump really badly! I am now on Lantus, but I forgot to take it one night, and the next day my blood sugars were really high. My pump is coming in the mail tomorrow, and I was just wondering: If I have a bad A1c level, will my doctor still consider putting me on the pump soon? (19 Aug 2002)

  106. My 13 year old daughter, just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes had no symptoms but was sick suddenly, and we discovered the diabetes. This was a shock since I had her screened last year and her urine test was negative. I have a 16 year old son who has no symptoms presently, and I am a nervous wreck. Is there any way I can screen him? (19 Aug 2002)

  107. I am 18 years old, I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a month back, and I have several questions. (19 Aug 2002)

  108. I just heard of a theory that if you eat rapidly-absorbed carbs, the insulin level goes up (and down) rapidly, and that rapid change somehow causes hunger, compared to if you eat slowly-absorbed carbs. Is there any evidence for this? (19 Aug 2002)

  109. I need help with getting recipes for a 1500 calorie diet. Are there any free recipe books that you would know of? (19 Aug 2002)

  110. I've had type 1 diabetes for more than 15 years, and my knees have been swollen for three days. I have mostly been off of them for two days, but they have not gotten any better. In fact, they are only swelling more which is is really scaring me. What can be causing it? Should I rush to the doctor? (19 Aug 2002)

  111. My four year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, is on three shots a day, and she frequently low between 4:00 am- 6:00 am. Should I be concerned about having to give extra snacks at midnight (weight gain, morning highs)? Do you have any other suggestions for avoiding these lows or sleeping through the night? (19 Aug 2002)

  112. I read an article recently that stated, "These children have a 30% chance of living to age 35." What is the current life expectancy averages for children with type 1 and also those with type 2 diabetes? (19 Aug 2002)

  113. My last A1c was 9.1%, I am taking Lantus with Novolog right now (about five shots a day), and my blood sugars seem normal (about 110 mg/dl [mmol/L] mostly with the occasional high and low), so I don't see why I can't have a pump. However, my doctor keeps saying "no" because my A1c is too high. Is that right? (19 Aug 2002)

  114. My friend's six year old daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and she says her daughter can eat anything she wants as long as her insulin injection is adjusted properly. However, my understanding of diabetes has always been the less insulin you need the better. Won't all of this extra insulin hurt her? (19 Aug 2002)

  115. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about four months ago following a viral infection. Why is there no information on how a viral infection can attack the pancreas and cause type 1 diabetes? (18 Aug 2002)

  116. I served several tours of duty in Vietnam, was doused with liquid Agent Orange in 1967, became ill, eventually was diagnosed several years later with type 1 diabetes, and my eight year daughter was also diagnosed with it. Could she have gotten it through me? (18 Aug 2002)

  117. What effect does the use of growth hormone (Somatropin) have on the pancreas? Is it possible for overdosages to trigger type 1 diabetes earlier than it's naturally destined time frame? Could it affect somatostatin, the hormone made by the delta cells? (18 Aug 2002)

  118. I have been told that Glucerna shakes/bars are meal replacement products for people with diabetes. Is this true? If so, is it safe to use as I would like to lose some weight and find it hard to follow a diet. (18 Aug 2002)

  119. My nine year old son has been using NPH for six months now, and I read a in a publication by a medical doctor that NPH dangerous and that he does not recommend its use. Something about the additive used to delay the absorption. Have you heard of this theory and should I be concerned? (18 Aug 2002)

  120. My nine year old son, who has had either type 1B or type 2 diabetes for exactly two years now, is on Glucophage, and I have several questions. (18 Aug 2002)

  121. I am a 19 year old female, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, and I am extremely frustrated because now I am just down to one shot of Lantus, which I don't really need, but the doctors tell me I should keep at least a little. I am trying to lose weight which I find it completely impossible, I get depressed about this, and I feel hopeless. (18 Aug 2002)

  122. I have had a problem with my legs, and I am in severe pain. I was just hospitalized to check for blood clots and none were found, but they did find a possibility of diabetes. I have come to believe that the problem with my legs has do to diabetes. I do not feel that the problem was addressed at all and do not feel comfortable with the lack of diagnosis. (18 Aug 2002)

  123. My child has good control and has had no complications so far. However, With all the talk about the West Nile virus, is a person with diabetes more likely to have a problem with the virus if bitten by insect that carries it than a person without the diabetes? (18 Aug 2002)

  124. My 88 year old grandfather, who has type 2 diabetes, is painfully thin, and he has had very little help with his diet. I need advice for him because I'm very worried and he is miserable and still loosing weight, but I can't find anything on diet for an elderly underweight person with type 2 diabetes. (18 Aug 2002)

  125. I am 14 years of age, have had type 1 diabetes for the past nine years, and have been on a pump for the past year and a half. I am 5 feet, 3 inches tall, weigh 138 pounds, and I need to lose a few pounds. I do eat pretty well and exercise for two hours every day. Am I extremely overweight? (17 Aug 2002)

  126. My daughter's blood sugar tests were normal, but she still has all the symptoms of diabetes. Could she still have diabetes, even though her blood sugar is testing normal? (17 Aug 2002)

  127. I'm 14 years old, and I know I've probably talked about lots of things that don't go together but I thought I'd just mention them just in case they did. I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me your thoughts on whether or not I might have diabetes. (17 Aug 2002)

  128. Lately I have been really thirsty and I pee a lot. I don't know if I am worrying to much or too little, but I want to know what my symptoms mean. (17 Aug 2002)

  129. My diabetes nurse once told me that people with type 1 diabetes usually produce minute amounts of insulin for 10 to 15 years after diagnosis. Has anyone out there heard the 10 to 15 year idea? If so, is this backed up in the literature? (17 Aug 2002)

  130. My mother, who has type 2 diabetes and takes insulin, has been feeling very faint and sweating badly at regular intervals. She tells me it is due to her diabetes, and she needs to eat something. What should she eat if she feels faint? (17 Aug 2002)

  131. I am a 50 year old woman who would be grateful if you could inform me whether the menopause, especially the period shortly before its beginning, has any influence on type 2 diabetes. If so, what are the symptoms? (17 Aug 2002)

  132. My eight year old son has gained 20 pounds in the last six to nine months. He craves "sweets/candies" and seems to be thirsty all of the time. He doesn't seem to urinate frequently, that I have noticed. About two months ago, he would vomit about once a week. The vomiting has since stopped as well, but I am concerned. Is diabetes a possibility? (17 Aug 2002)

  133. At a recent support group meeting for families of children with diabetes, a sales rep from a meter company stated that those with diabetes should not use anything other than their finger tips for testing if they've eaten within two hours. She said the reading could be inaccurate due to the recent consumption of food. Is this true? (17 Aug 2002)

  134. I am 14 years of age, have had type 1 diabetes for the past nine years, and have been on a pump for the past year and a half. I do eat pretty well and I exercise every day for two hours, but my blood sugars still linger slightly high, and I want better control!. What else can I do? (17 Aug 2002)

  135. I need to be prepped for a colonoscopy, I have very reactive hypoglycemia, and I need to know ways to maintain stable blood sugar. (16 Aug 2002)

  136. I heard of the Nova Diet for diabetes. which is supposed to help with blood sugars and also with losing weight, but I have not been able to find this diet on the Internet. Is there such a diet? Is it called something else? My sister is hoping to get her diabetes under control. Could you please advise on best way to approach this? (16 Aug 2002)

  137. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about six months ago, I was started on Glucophage, and about a month ago, I began having low blood sugars. I feel really hungry and weak. Do people with type 2 diabetes experience a honeymoon period? Any other ideas on what could be happening? (16 Aug 2002)

  138. I am 14 years of age, have had type 1 diabetes for the past nine years, and have been on a pump for the past year and a half. My recent A1c was 8.4%, while before I received my insulin pump,it was 9.8%! It has come down quite a bit as you can see, but I do not feel satisfied with this! What should a 14 year old teenage girl's A1c be? (16 Aug 2002)

  139. I have type 2 diabetes treated with oral medication, this year I decided to run the marathon, and I am one month into the training. As marathon runners begin to increment in distance, they begin to consume products energy bars for glucose. Would it be safe to consume these carb-loading products? Should I take my medication prior to the event? (16 Aug 2002)

  140. My old wife's A1c is 5.1% after about an year on premixed insulin and Glucobay (acarbose), and after consultation with the doctor, we are planning for her conception. Does Glucobay hinder conception? Is it unsafe in pregnancy? If she has already conceived does Glucobay have any chance of damaging the foetus? (16 Aug 2002)

  141. My son has nesidioblastosis, and while he's already had a near-total pancreatectomy, he continues to have low blood sugars. The doctors are talking about discharging him on continued hydrocortisone and diazoxide medications. What are the long-term effects of steroid-use? Does this course of action sound reasonable? (16 Aug 2002)

  142. My niece has diabetes and is having some major constipation problems. It's been four days since her last movement, and nothing seems to be helping. (16 Aug 2002)

  143. My five month old baby's father has type 2 diabetes. Can small babies have diabetes? If so, what would the symptoms be? I have made an appointment to see a doctor but would like to know beforehand if diabetes is at all possible at his age. (16 Aug 2002)

  144. I have type 2 diabetes, my blood sugar is in control with a low carb diet and oral medication, and I am a strong backpacker/hiker. if I Should I take any special precautions while hiking at higher elevations in the Colorado Rockies next week? (16 Aug 2002)

  145. Four years ago, at the end of a pregnancy, I had about 2 grams of protein in my urine and have been on an ACE inhibitor ever since. For the past two and a half years, I have had undetectable amounts of protein in my urine, I have no signs of retinopathy, and my A1c has been in the 6.5 and 6.7% range.I would like to have another pregnancy. (16 Aug 2002)

  146. The doctor says my son will be able to "sleep in" in the mornings since he is on Lantus. How will giving him his breakfast shot later in the morning affect him throughout the day? (15 Aug 2002)

  147. My great niece (who is super thin) has an unusual craving for sweets, gets really hyperactive after eating a lot of them, and even though she is not obese it worries us. (15 Aug 2002)

  148. My five year old son has had some high blood sugars, and our physician said he believes his pancreas is "sputtering" and will eventually give out altogether. However, all he could tell me to do is go home and wait. Do you agree? Could this be a precursor to diabetes? If these are early symptoms, how long do you think until it goes full blown? (15 Aug 2002)

  149. Our four year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, was conceived through in vitro fertilization and my parents heard from someone recently that type 1 diabetes is prevalent in in vitro babies. Is this true? (15 Aug 2002)

  150. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor put me on Glucophage XR, and my blood sugar is still up. Even though I have changed my eating habits, it won't go down. It is like I am not taking anything for it. Why isn't my blood sugar going down? (15 Aug 2002)

  151. Has anyone has researched to see if type 1 diabetes could be caused by a major shock to the system (such as a child accidently putting their hands on a stove and burning them)? All I have ever heard is that it happens from getting a bad viral cold that the system cannot fight, but my child never had this problem. No one else in our family has type 1 diabetes. (15 Aug 2002)

  152. Last week, my 18 month old was extremely lethargic and cold and we were unable to wake him so we took him to our local hospital. I basically received a lot of conflicting information, I am very worried and confused, and I have several questions. (15 Aug 2002)

  153. I'm 14 years of age, I've had diabetes since I was two, and since I've been getting older I'm finding it difficult to do my injections as there are lumps and bruises in my legs. (15 Aug 2002)

  154. My eight day old son is not interested in eating, has had bowel movements only twice per day, and he sleeps a lot. Are we right to be worried? (15 Aug 2002)

  155. I read recently that one in 10 people with type 1 diabetes will develop autoimmune thyroid problems. Are there routine tests that can be administered periodically or ways to establish any predisposition to this condition? (15 Aug 2002)

  156. An acquaintance perceived (visually) that several syringes from the same box had a noticeably larger "gap" between the "zero" mark and the top end of the barrel. (14 Aug 2002)

  157. It seems to me that the carb content of fresh fruit such as a nectarine may be highly variable depending on its stage of ripeness of the piece of fruit. Is my presumption correct? We dose the insulin based upon the volume of the nectarine without consideration of the degree of sweetness/ripeness. (14 Aug 2002)

  158. My doctor says that if an increase in Actos doesn't work, he will have to put me on insulin. I'm am terrified of insulin because of the possibility of low blood sugar which is just horrible because it takes me hours to overcome an episode. I'm so frustrated and fearful of the serious complications from this condition. What can I do? (14 Aug 2002)

  159. I'm 14 years of age, I've had diabetes since I was two, and I'm just wondering if in the future there will be something else rather than injections to help my diabetes. (14 Aug 2002)

  160. I have type 2 diabetes, have had swelling in my left foot for 72 hours, and in the last 12 hours, it has started to tingle. It does not hurt, and my sugars are in control. What is happening? (14 Aug 2002)

  161. I am following a two month old with gestational diabetes in the home setting. She is receiving a sliding scale of Regular insulin with twice daily Ultralente, and her blood sugars are still very high. Is there an infant formula made especially for babies with diabetes that will promote growth, and nutrition and at the same time help with the very high sugars? (14 Aug 2002)

  162. What is the death rate in children going through diabetes at puberty? (14 Aug 2002)

  163. Prior to my diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, four months ago, and since, my feet have been numb, tingly and swollen. Also, my right hand has numbness and twitches. Could this be neuropathy? Would it be best that I see an endocrinologist? (14 Aug 2002)

  164. Our four year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, and we have had trouble, for brief periods, controlling her blood glucose but always manage to regain control in less than a week. At worst case she runs high for three to four days in a row. How significant is this to her long term health? (14 Aug 2002)

  165. Are there any ongoing studies that look at people who have had diabetes for more than 15 years with A1cs in the normal range for that period for time? What do you think the complication rates would be for normalization around the clock, with a few highs but corrected shortly after? (14 Aug 2002)

  166. I'm planning a trip to India for a year or so, but I don't know what I should do with the insulin treatment. Since I have insurance only in Israel, I need to buy the insulin before I leave. Is there any way I can buy it in India at a reduced cost? I'm really in a bind, and I have to know what other people with diabetes do when they wish to go on a long trip. (14 Aug 2002)

  167. My daughter's blood sugars were perfect for days, but recently, there was a full moon and she was low all day then very high at night. Does a full moon have anything to do with lowering or raising blood sugars? (13 Aug 2002)

  168. My now 22 month old cousin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes one month after he went to the States. As my family has absolutely history of diabetes history, the doctor mentioned environmental changes and viral infection as possible causes. If that's the case, would his diabetes be cured when he comes back to Singapore? (13 Aug 2002)

  169. Our six year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three week ago, and she has very quickly learned that if she doesn't eat properly at morning tea, then at lunch time she will be hypo and get glucose tablets to bring up her glucose levels. This is happening on a daily basis. Other ideas on how to convince her to eat properly? How dangerous are daily lows? (13 Aug 2002)

  170. My five year old has been needing to urinate frequently, has also started wetting his bed, and his appetite has dramatically increased. His urine showed ketones so they are doing a random blood glucose. What we could be looking at? (13 Aug 2002)

  171. We have a family history of diabetes on both sides, and my son is having some problems. Is there a possibility my child could have diabetes? What test should I request? Am I being neurotic? (13 Aug 2002)

  172. What is your opinion on the generic blood glucose test strips? (13 Aug 2002)

  173. What is a good web site to find a vegetarian diet for diabetes? (13 Aug 2002)

  174. Two months after diagnosis, my partner he stopped his medication because he felt it was lowering his blood sugars. His recent A1c was 4.4%, his sugars have been with in normal range, and the doctor told him that his diabetes has gone away. Can this be possible? What other tests can we do to make sure? (13 Aug 2002)

  175. The school superintendent told me that since there is no nurse, my eight year old son will have to give himself his shot at lunch or a family member will have to go to the school to give him his shot. (13 Aug 2002)

  176. I am in my 32nd week of pregnancy with twins and do not have diabetes according to my glucose tolerance tests. Is there a difference in the way ketones from diabetes, starvation ketones, and dehydration ketones affect the fetus? (13 Aug 2002)

  177. I'm 13, I have been taking insulin shots for about eight months now, but they are painful, and I heard that insulin pumps are better than taking two shots a day. Are they expensive? How many times do you have to change the needle on it? (12 Aug 2002)

  178. A week ago, I got a cortisone injection in my shoulder and was told my blood sugar would increase, but the doctor was unable to tell me for how long, and I am still having high blood sugars even if I don't eat. I am on an insulin pump and am wondering how long this will last. My insulin requirements are about double what they are normally, my pump is working fine, and I don't want to change the basal rates if I will go back to normal soon. Can you help? (12 Aug 2002)

  179. Since an unfortunate brain hemorrage at the age of 36, I have retired now and am able to keep a more regular lifestyle, so I am on two jabs of premixed insulin per day, instead of my previous pre-meal Actrapid (Regular) with Insulatard (NPH) at bedtime. My A1c is okay, but I don't seem to be getting the right results out, as my blood sugars vary widely. (12 Aug 2002)

  180. About three months ago, I had a gastric bypass and recently was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I'm not sure what type of diet to follow. Should I eat a low carb diet? (12 Aug 2002)

  181. I am currently studying industrial engineering, I am engaged to someone with type 1 diabetes, and since we met I have become very interested in the care and treatment. I am thinking about going into medicine and becoming an endocrinologist. What kind of schooling do you take to specialize in diabetes care? (12 Aug 2002)

  182. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes, but my doctor says I am borderline. I was told to exercise and diet, and they will check me again in a year. What kind of foods can or can't I eat? (12 Aug 2002)

  183. Recently, when my nine year old son had to have an endoscopy, that doctor had ordered a fasting blood sugar which was 148 mg/dl [8.2 mmol/L] and suggested testing for prediabetes. Should I be as worried as I am that he has diabetes? (12 Aug 2002)

  184. I had gestational diabetes almost four years ago, and the symptoms continued after delivery, but I never returned to the doctor. The symptoms lessen or increase depending upon certain factors. I am currently without medical insurance and am curious regarding testing that is free, convenient, and simple. Can I test myself? (12 Aug 2002)

  185. When I know my son is going to be playing hard for some time more, I keep stuffing his belly to keep him in the low-normal range. Of course, by the next morning, he will wake up with a high number. I know why but, how do I keep him going while playing and not see these effects the next morning? He will eat good foods before playing, but really gets tired of me poking his finger every half hour. (12 Aug 2002)

  186. What is an appropriate daily carb intake is for a person with type 2 diabetes? (6 Aug 2002)

  187. Is it possible for symptoms of diabetes to wax and wane if the pancreas is slowly failing? Is it possible for these symptoms to be blood sugar related? Is it worth asking for a glucose tolerance test? (6 Aug 2002)

  188. I have type 2 diabetes and a lot of facial and body hair. I know that my weight can lead to increased hair. I didn't have a period in a year or so due to my weight, but I seem to have them more regularly now. Is all this related? Will losing the excess weight get rid of the hair? (6 Aug 2002)

  189. I have been having symptoms of diabetes for several months, and my fasting blood sugar was normal, but I feel these symptoms. Can the test I took be inaccurate? I am reluctant to go to my doctor because the test was negative, and she will think I am nuts. What is going on? What shall I do? (6 Aug 2002)

  190. I am a 24 year old female with no family history of diabetes, I exercise every morning, am not overweight, and I have none of the symptoms associated with diabetes. However, I had blood tests done, and I was told that I had borderline diabetes. This was supposedly based on an A1c of 6.1%. My blood glucose was completely normal and my urine glucose was negative. Is there any possibility that this test could be related to something else? (6 Aug 2002)

  191. I have type 2 diabetes and I often find when I wake up the morning my mouth is very dry, and I have a horrible taste in my mouth. I have also noticed an increase of cavities in my teeth. Could this be related to my diabetes? (6 Aug 2002)

  192. When my daughter was using injections I stored open insulin in the fridge. She is now using a pump, and I make three cartridges at a time, but I do not store them in the fridge. Should I go back to storing cartridges in the fridge? (6 Aug 2002)

  193. My fiance, who has had diabetes for a year and half, has been taking one shot a day of NPH since his diagnosis, and his sugar has been fine, but for the last month or so, he has been running higher and higher. He does not have a diabetes team, his family physician is now hundreds of miles away, and I called every endocrinologist in the area, but no one will see him. What should we do? Should he see a doctor? If so, where? (6 Aug 2002)

  194. Is honey harmful for a person with diabetes? (5 Aug 2002)

  195. Since my nephew has not been looking or feeling very well lately, we decided to check his blood sugar while we were at a family get together two weeks ago and it was high. His mother took him to see his family doctor and his sugar was again elevated, but the doctor did not seem too concerned. What you would think? (5 Aug 2002)

  196. At her last visit, my nine year old daughter's endocrinologist noticed that her thyroid was larger than it was four months ago, and he said that this may indicate the beginning of thyroid disease. How many autoimmune diseases have you ever seen one person have? (5 Aug 2002)

  197. How important is the combination of foods eaten compared to the type/amount? (5 Aug 2002)

  198. Since I have type 2 diabetes, can I use Slimfast bars and shakes to help lose weight? Do they contain too much sugar as I have been told? (5 Aug 2002)

  199. My eight year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a little over two years ago, has had a very bad body odor lately which smells like onions. She bathes regularly and uses deodorant, but the odor is still there. What could possibly be causing this odor? (5 Aug 2002)

  200. I have type 1 diabetes, and I have been having a real struggle with my weight. I need to take off at least 20 pounds, but I can't. I am willing to do whatever it takes and am trying to do it in a healthful manner, but something isn't right. What can I do? (5 Aug 2002)

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