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  1. I have looked at CoZmo on-line, and the features are great, but when it comes down to it, reliability and navigation ease are the most important. Would recommend this pump? (30 Sep 2002)

  2. I need to find a specific diet that I can follow for someone with borderline diabetes. (30 Sep 2002)

  3. I tested my three year old who is overweight with my glucose meter, and he had elevated fasting glucose levels, but a fating blood glucose at the doctor's office was was 114 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L] so the pediatrician's reaction is to continue to test his urine, but otherwise to just watch my son. Should I bring him to a pediatric endocrinologist for further testing? (30 Sep 2002)

  4. My almost six year old nephew has had diabetes since he was a year old, he has always had severe mood swings, and he has gone from the "terrible twos" to the "frenetic fives." His behavior is often attributed to his diabetes, but I am unable to find information to validate my sister's theory. Is this a valid theory? Can you direct me to an information source on this subject? (30 Sep 2002)

  5. Are lemons bad for someone with diabetes? (30 Sep 2002)

  6. I have a strong family history of diabetes, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 17 weeks into my pregnancy, and I fear I may have type 2 diabetes that after I give birth. I am currently oral glyburide and restricting carbohydrate consumption. If I continue to have high blood sugars after giving birth, which oral medications are safe to take while breastfeeding? (30 Sep 2002)

  7. My daughter wants to use the inhaler insulin. Where in my area can I take her to try this new approach? (30 Sep 2002)

  8. My daughter has been ill for almost a year now, and now the doctors are saying her C-peptide is high. What does this mean? (30 Sep 2002)

  9. In my view people are having lows and highs because doctors don't ask them to adjust insulin levels based on what they eat. (30 Sep 2002)

  10. Do I have type 1 diabetes? If I am in fact in the honeymoon period, is it safe for me to be on Prandin? (30 Sep 2002)

  11. My father's diabetes is out of control and his doctor recommended that he take an insulin shot twice a day, but my father won't because he hates needles. (30 Sep 2002)

  12. Is there is any reason to do an oral GTT on a person with diabetes? if yes, can you be classified as an IGT or normal after this or are you always are going to have diabetes even your blood sugar levels are in an IGT or normal range? (30 Sep 2002)

  13. I was able to keep my sugar under control just using Precose. Recently however, my HMO changed providers, and my new doctor considers the Precose a "crutch" and refuses to renew my prescription. (30 Sep 2002)

  14. My niece was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes yesterday, and since her father has had a type 1 diabetes for 22 years, my ever paranoid mother has been testing his children's blood for awhile and seems to have caught the disease in the extremely early stages. Are there any studies that shed light on this being a benefit for her treatment? (25 Sep 2002)

  15. I just recently found out that my 13 year old daughter, now has type 2 diabetes in addition to the type 1 diabetes she has had since age seven. Is it common for a child to have both types of diabetes? (25 Sep 2002)

  16. Since his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes about 20 months ago, my son has had approximately twenty bouts of pneumonia. Why is my son having recurring pneumonia? Is this a by-product of having type 1 diabetes? (25 Sep 2002)

  17. For the last four years, I get weak spells. I have seen three doctors, and the third one says I have I have insulin resistance syndrome due to a history of polycystic ovaries. He tells me I can only continue my diet and exercise. However, I have continuous weakness with weight gain. Is there any other treatment? (25 Sep 2002)

  18. I was subjected to a "random" drug/alcohol test (required by my job). which registered 136. I was not intoxicated, no alcohol on my breath, and no one said I was acting that way. Could my diabetes have produced this false reading? (25 Sep 2002)

  19. I recently went to donate plasma at a local center and was rejected because they detected a very high amount of urine. glucose in my urine sample and suggested I get screened for diabetes. I had a glycosylated hemoglobin test done which was 5.6% ( normal). Are there a lot of causes of high glucose levels in urine that aren't diabetes? (25 Sep 2002)

  20. My 59 year old father, who is in relatively good health, was recently diagnosed with diabetes and hypolipidemia by his internist. I have concerns about his diagnoses and treatment. Should he seriously consider a second opinion with an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes treatment? (25 Sep 2002)

  21. I started taking Glucophage XR about a year ago, and, about a week later, I began to notice yellow pill shaped objects (soft with white center) in my stool. My doctor does not know what it is but suspects them to be my pills. Any ideas? (25 Sep 2002)

  22. My son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about six weeks ago, is still in his honeymoon and gets he gets 1 unit of NPH in a morning and 1 unit of NPH before bedtime. However, his sugar goes a little bit high, and I think I might be giving him too much food. What amount of carb does he need every time he eats? (25 Sep 2002)

  23. My son, just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, was taking the kids' vitamins before he was diagnosed, but we stopped after we found out, and I haven't been able to find any nutritional guides on the bottles to see how much sugar is in each tablet. What can you tell me about kid vitamins? (25 Sep 2002)

  24. My daughter had a low glucose level, and the nurse continued to give six glucose tablets within a half hour then finally, allowed my child to go to lunch, but she was high the rest of the afternoon. Would it be irresponsible of me to instruct this nurse to give my daughter two-three glucose tablets and let her go eat her lunch with her friends? (25 Sep 2002)

  25. Since my 14 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (about seven months ago), he "feels hot" most of the time and also sweats more than he did before diagnosis. This problem sometimes makes him self-conscious, even though he showers once or twice a day and wears deodorant. Is there anything else we can do to alleviate this problem? Will he always feel hot? (25 Sep 2002)

  26. My doctor is pushing me to go on to the pump. I am reluctant to do so but considering the option seriously and trying to find information for myself to help in my decision. My concern is about sexual activity. Can I remove the inserted part of the pump before sexual activity and then just re-insert it after finishing? (25 Sep 2002)

  27. I'm an 18 year old who has type 1 diabetes and anorexia, and I don't know what to do. Where can I go to find help? Can you please offer some tips for helping me to talk to my parents about my problems? (24 Sep 2002)

  28. How often is a C-peptide test done on a person with diabetes? (24 Sep 2002)

  29. My daughter began checking her 18 month old daughter with a borrowed meter. While most of her numbers seem normal, she had a reading of 44 mg/dl [2.4 mmol/L] two hours after a high carb lunch. When the doctor was called he said it was "probably nothing" and not to worry, but I'm worried! (24 Sep 2002)

  30. My three and a half year old daughter, who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, refuses to follow a regular diet pattern and doesn't want to consume high fiber foods. She is fond of sweets and always wants them. Please help me out. (24 Sep 2002)

  31. My four year old son developed rapid-onset diabetes insipidus, and I have several questions. (24 Sep 2002)

  32. I'm 30 years old, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I have many questions. (24 Sep 2002)

  33. After starting on Actos, my fasting levels went higher, and I read that Actos can make levels worse in some people. I lost 30 pounds, so my doctor is trying to have me gain weight, but so for to no avail. Is it possible the Actos caused my levels to skyrocket? (24 Sep 2002)

  34. I take Glucophage XR, the doctor has been puzzled for a while why my blood sugars are not stable, and I noticed a week ago that the pills seem to be passing right through me. They are not breaking down; I am passing them whole. Should I bring this to my doctor"s attention? I also plan on trying to contact the drug manufacturers. (24 Sep 2002)

  35. My husband is considering returning to school full-time, and while I'm sure that our son who has diabetes would be covered by Medicaid while my husband is in school, my concern regards the time after he graduates. Could my son be automatically subject to pre-existing condition waiting periods? (23 Sep 2002)

  36. Could you please explain the mechanism of insulin resistance in type 1 diabetes? Does my patient have the same risk factors for complications as some with type 2 and metabolic syndrome? (23 Sep 2002)

  37. My niece who has had diabetes for the past five years, is on three injections of insulin daily, and she is not even a pinch of sugar, but her blood sugar is fluctuating. Will she have to take these injections throughout her life? Is her life in danger? Can her diabetes be cured with puberty? (23 Sep 2002)

  38. My mentally handicapped sister has type 2 diabetes, and even though, our father died last year of diabetes, lately she doesn't care about it. She is eating anything she wants, her blood sugar level is dangerously high, and she will not listen to anyone. What will happen to her? Can she slip into a coma or worse? (23 Sep 2002)

  39. My 13 year old daughter has had a 20 to 25 pound weight gain per year since she was six, despite low caloric intake. The endocrinologist diagnosed her with a goiter and stated she may be insulin resistant (prior to lab draws). Her A1c is 4.8%, and her thyroid tests are within normal range. What does a low A1c mean? (23 Sep 2002)

  40. I am 18 years old, I have type 1 diabetes, and I am using the insulin pump. At my last visit, my endocrinologist asked me to go on a no-carb diet. How safe is a diet without any carbs? I am familiar with the benefits of cutting down on carbs, but I've never heard of cutting them all together. What is your opinion of a no-carb diet? (23 Sep 2002)

  41. My son, diagnosed at age two, has started Kindergarten. We have always tested his blood sugar before each meal and snack, and at 3:00 am. His school is looking for documentation for testing at snack time, but everywhere I look, the guidelines seem to be for before meals only. Am I alone in my schedule with my son? (23 Sep 2002)

  42. I have type 1 diabetes, about three weeks ago I came down with what I thought was a gastrointestinal bug, and my blood sugars went bazooka. I went to the doctor who did an EKG (normal, but high pulse) and an upper GI series (waiting on results), but I still cannot eat, I have lost 7 pounds, and I continue to have these symptoms. What should I do? (23 Sep 2002)

  43. I am a 35 year old female who was diagnosed with nesidioblastosis and had 80% of my pancreas removed, but I am still having low blood sugar, and another doctor suggested trying a medication called octreotide or removal of the remaining pancreas. I have several questions. (23 Sep 2002)

  44. My 12 year old son, who has diabetes, visits his father, but his father does not pay much attention to the diabetes. Recently, his father went to play golf and did not wake my son and help him with diabetes management. My son woke up, watched television for awhile, and then passed out from hypoglycemia. What is the appropriate level of supervision? (23 Sep 2002)

  45. Recently, an endocrinologist saw my son and said he has pre-diabetes and what was called metabolic syndrome. He wants him to go on only 5 carbs a day and the Atkins' diet. Can me any information on this? (23 Sep 2002)

  46. I have just completed a diabetes study, and they indicated another study was available using an inhaler. What are the pros and cons of using insulin inhalers? (19 Sep 2002)

  47. I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant, and, at my latest prenatal care visit, my care provider was concerned because there was sugar in my urine, which happens on and off. At 27 weeks gestation, my diabetes screening was okay. Should I be concerned that I am insulin resistant or having other sugar problems? (19 Sep 2002)

  48. What tests determine the degree of insulin production and pancreatic islet destruction? (19 Sep 2002)

  49. Since he has started using the inhalers for his allergies, my son's numbers have been very high within a few hours almost twice every day. Has anyone complained before about high blood sugar readings when using Pulmocort? Are there any statistics on the use of inhaled steroids in people who have type 1 diabetes? (19 Sep 2002)

  50. I have developed chronic renal insufficiency. What effect would the dextrose solution used for peritoneal dialysis have on glucose control? (19 Sep 2002)

  51. I am a support worker with people with intellectual disabilities, and I have a client with type 1 diabetes whose blood sugar levels are very erratic. Sometimes her high blood sugar can be explained, but there are times when it can't. Apart from the wrong food, what will send blood sugar levels high? (19 Sep 2002)

  52. My son has been on insulin pump therapy using Lispro insulin for about two and a half years. Approximately seven months ago, we started noticing signs of lipoatrophy in his abdomen, and the lesions have started getting worse in the last few weeks. How can this be prevented? (19 Sep 2002)

  53. Besides jet injectors are there any other non-needle forms of insulin delivery available anywhere in the world? If not, how soon could one of these become available? (19 Sep 2002)

  54. Our basic life support order just addresses giving oral glucose for low sugar in adults. In emergency medical treatment of pediatric diabetics, are sugar readings considered and treated the same as for adults? (19 Sep 2002)

  55. My son, who has type 1 diabetes and who has also been treated with antibiotics for Lyme disease is on Lantus at night, and, in the morning when he has a bowel movement, his blood sugar will drop dramatically. Could the Lantus be pooling? Could it have something to do with the Lyme disease he was treated for? (19 Sep 2002)

  56. My husband and I are currently going through a rough divorce which has rocked my 10 year old boy's life in a big way. He is having a hard time, and his sugars are out of control.. My husband and I have talked with his doctor about the insulin pump, but the doctor didn't recommend it because of the instability in our family life. What do you think? (19 Sep 2002)

  57. How do urine glucose values correspond to blood sugar values? (19 Sep 2002)

  58. How long does it take to lower an A1c? My reason for answering this question is because I have always wondered but never seemed to be able to get a straight forward answer. (18 Sep 2002)

  59. My 16 year old son went off the pump two months ago and was placed back on Lantus at night with Humalog based on carb counting, but his sugars are high. He also refuses to keep a log, he as stopped exercising, and he refuses to go to a therapist. Should I make an earlier appointment? How long can he keep taking whatever insulin he feels like? (18 Sep 2002)

  60. I would love to send my eight year old son to a diabetes camp, but my husband is very worried and feels that it is not a good idea due to my son's immaturity and the feeling we can take great care of him. Do you all recommend diabetes camp for kids? (18 Sep 2002)

  61. I have frequently asked his diabetes team about the long term effects of low blood sugars. I have also seen many such questions asked here, and the answer is almost always that frequent severe lows may cause some impairment of cognitive skills later in life. How do you define a severe low? When it comes to frequency, how often is frequent? (18 Sep 2002)

  62. My four year old son was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and it seems obvious to me that sooner or later we may have to deal with a seizure. What, other than administering glucagon and checking his blood sugar, can we do to help control the seizure? (18 Sep 2002)

  63. Recently, my 74 year old mom, who takes insulin three times a day, did not wake up from afternoon sleep, and she needed emergency care. If this was not treated by emergency personnel, would she eventually "wake up" by herself? (18 Sep 2002)

  64. My three month old daughter has had hyperglycemia since birth, and her endocrinologist suspects it's some kind of type 1 of diabetes. Could there be some other reason for my daughter's hyperglycemia, other than diabetes? (17 Sep 2002)

  65. My nine year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, had pulmonary stenosis at birth, so we are concerned about the development of additional cardiovascular disease. What's your opinion about the value of Vitamin E and the prevention of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes? What studies support your opinion? (17 Sep 2002)

  66. My 55 year old brother has brittle diabetes, and even with the newly prescribed pump, seems to be getting worse. I saw something on television about some kind of transplant. Can you tell me where this was done? Who might I contact for more information on this procedure? (17 Sep 2002)

  67. I've have been taking various medications for my type 2 diabetes that help for a week or two and then the numbers start to go back up to 200-300 mg/dl [11.1-16.7 mmol/L] If I go on insulin, I will lose not only my job but my health insurance. Is there anything out there that is in testing stage that I can volunteer for? At this point, I will try anything. (17 Sep 2002)

  68. My 14 year old daughter was seen in our local ER for DKA, and the doctor asked her for a urine test. Later, he came in and told me she tested positive for amphetamines and began giving her a lecture on taking drugs. Further analysis and a second test were negative. Why did the initial test come back as a false positive? (17 Sep 2002)

  69. I employ a person with newly diagnosed diabetes. What effect does working in the sun have on someone who has diabetes? (17 Sep 2002)

  70. My son, who has had type 1 diabetes for two months, is a black belt karate (which he has done seven years). Normal high level training has not been to much trouble, but he is having big problem during competition when the adrenalin kicks in, and his blood sugar drops alarmingly. Is this normal ? Are there any suggestions you can make? (17 Sep 2002)

  71. I was switched to the generic form of Glucophage, and my glucose levels have been rising ever since, even though we doubled my dosage. Have you received any reports of this phenomenon in others? (17 Sep 2002)

  72. I am 12 years old, and I don't have diabetes, but I've checked my blood sugar on my sister's meter, and it has been as high as 9-15 mmol/L [162-270 mg/dl]. Is that bad? Should I get checked by a doctor since I've heard that my blood sugar should be around 4-6 mmol/L [72-108 mg/dl]? (17 Sep 2002)

  73. My 50 year old uncle has diabetes. Can he take iron supplements? (17 Sep 2002)

  74. My son has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is now taking Humalog and Humulin insulin. What are the long term effects of insulin of insulin use? (16 Sep 2002)

  75. At diagnosis, my son's A1c was 9.1%, and we have heard that is a "wonderful A1c" to have at diagnosis, but I am confused by what this means. Is it in fact a "good A1c" compared to usual diagnosis A1cs? What is a good A1c goal for someone his age? (16 Sep 2002)

  76. Is there any syndrome or explanation that would encompass high blood sugar despite appropriate insulin, failure to thrive, pallor and irritability? (16 Sep 2002)

  77. I would like to know why the GlucoWatch cannot be used for children younger than seven as this age group does not seem to be able to recognize the signs of hypo/hyper glycaemic episodes Is progress being made to make the GlucoWatch suitable for children under age seven? (16 Sep 2002)

  78. There seem to be conflicting reports about the safety and effectiveness of chromium picolinate. Is this a beneficial supplement to add to ones diet? How does it benefit people who have diabetes and people who don't? What are considered safe/effective doses? What are the potential dangers to this supplement? (16 Sep 2002)

  79. I randomly check my glucose levels weekly, and they have been either normal or elevated. My diet is basically the same every day. Should I report this to my doctor? (16 Sep 2002)

  80. My daughter has been in and out of the hospital with nausea and stomach pain. She isn't able to eat, she can't keep anything on her stomach, and she's rapidly losing weight, but no one seems to know what to do. Is there something I can ask her doctor to check for? (16 Sep 2002)

  81. My nephew from India will be travelling to Canada next week, and I am trying to find the Canadian equivalent of his insulin. He uses a product which contains 30% soluble insulin and 70% isophane insulin. (16 Sep 2002)

  82. I am very concerned as to what could be causing all these odd symptoms in my daughter and the effect her diabetes might be having on them. Should I expect her to get this sick every time she has a yeast infection? Who should I go to for further help? I believe there is something else going on, but don't know where to turn. (16 Sep 2002)

  83. My 17 year old son is very moody, he is not checking his blood sugar levels as often as he should be and his blood sugar levels are very high. I have spoken to him about this, but sometimes I think he is just tuning me out. Is this normal for a boy his age? (13 Sep 2002)

  84. I have had several nerve problems and was diagnosed with type 2 last year. Is it possible that these nerve problems are connected to my diabetes? (13 Sep 2002)

  85. My six year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about eight months ago, basically eats the same foods and drinks each day, yet his numbers seem to go all over the scale. This makes it hard to determine the proper amount of insulin to administer. Is this normal? (13 Sep 2002)

  86. My son is a gifted athlete. If his blood sugars are in the normal range, what should he take before he plays a spirited game of soccer? (13 Sep 2002)

  87. My 16 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for 14 months, sprained his ankle in football practice. Is what the coach doing okay or will that hurt him? I want him to heal correctly. (13 Sep 2002)

  88. A friend with diabetes asked me about exercise. I know of course that aerobic exercise is all good, from walking to swimming, but is weight training also good and helpful? I would think so, but I am not 100% sure. (13 Sep 2002)

  89. How can exercise cause blood sugars to increase in a person with type 1 diabetes, instead of to decrease? I know that hormones play a role, but are there other reasons? (13 Sep 2002)

  90. My girlfriend has been waxing her legs for several years, and she was informed by a friend, who read the instructions on a leg wax product, that it should not be used by people with diabetes. Is there anything she should be aware of? Are there any long-term complications such as the damaging of nerves on her legs? (13 Sep 2002)

  91. I'm 16, I have type 1 diabetes, and I want to be a Registered Nurse after I go to college. I'm was wondering if there is problem in doing that because nurses have 12-hour shifts and stuff. (12 Sep 2002)

  92. My son has frequent high blood sugars in the morning with nausea and sometimes vomiting, and he is always bedwetting. We don't know what to do for him, and neither do the doctors (including specialists) we've seen. If he gets too low he has seizures. Do you have any advice? (12 Sep 2002)

  93. My six year old son developed diabetes at age three, my mother has psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, my maternal grandfather had ALS, but I have been left out of this autoimmune chain. Is there a chance I can be 'skipped over'? Do you know of any related clinical trials in the Northeast? (12 Sep 2002)

  94. For many years, I've had trouble with low blood sugar. However, for the last week, things have changed, and my sugar has been high even though I haven't changed my eating habits. Can you tell me why? (12 Sep 2002)

  95. I have type 2 diabetes treated with diet (which I have changed) and exercise only. What can I do about the numbness in my legs? (12 Sep 2002)

  96. As care giver to my 88 year old mother, who had her pancreas removed about 16 years ago, I wonder if there is a chart available on-line so that I can record her blood sugar levels twice a day and then print it out when the page is full. If it turned into a graph, too, that would be extra nice. (12 Sep 2002)

  97. Can traveling to high altitude affect blood sugar readings? (12 Sep 2002)

  98. When I take statins, my blood sugars goes over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] until I stop them for about four days. Is there any documented evidence that this is a problem in others? (12 Sep 2002)

  99. I have had restless leg syndrome for as long as I can remember and type 2 diabetes for 18 months. My restless leg syndrome has always waxed and waned, but has been significantly more persistent during the last year. Can worsening of restless leg syndrome be a complication of diabetes? (12 Sep 2002)

  100. I've never been told to use a wipe prior to finger sticking, and I've heard of people injecting through clothing at times. How necessary is it to use an alcohol wipe prior to injection? (12 Sep 2002)

  101. My 14 year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, now sees a pediatric endocrinologist. As he leaves childhood, should he continue to see a pediatric endocrinologist or should he move on to an adult endocrinologist. In other words, does a pediatric endocrinologist specialize in type 1 diabetes or in children with diabetes? (10 Sep 2002)

  102. My great frustration is that in the past month I have not been able to lose any additional weight, and my doctor says I still need to lose another 25 pounds so then I may be able to go off the Actos. I walk two miles a day, and I stick to this diet. What can I do to start losing again? (10 Sep 2002)

  103. My A1c was 6.1%, but even though my doctor says that is the most important thing, it bothers me that every day, for three to four hours, my blood sugar goes over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions? (10 Sep 2002)

  104. There are many glucose monitors in the market. Which monitor do you recommend? (10 Sep 2002)

  105. I am 43 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for about seven years, take good care of myself and can usually keep my blood sugar below 150 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. However, in the last year, even though I haven't had any erectile disfunction. as I orgasm I do not ejaculate or if I do it's very little. Could this be a symptom of my disease or is something else likely the cause? (10 Sep 2002)

  106. I've been experiencing a constant low level pain in my abdomen at the area of injection. It is particularly painful to the touch and only on the right side from the navel to the far side. My doctor offers no explanation, and my diabetes adviser said I could reuse a needle up to four times. (10 Sep 2002)

  107. I have seen a few stories on animals being able to sense a low blood sugar. Can you tell me if there is a certain breed in particular? (10 Sep 2002)

  108. My husband has severe neuropathy, and it seems that the pain medication does not work when we travel. Does altitude have any effect on neuropathy pain? Will neuropathy be worse if we decide to fly somewhere? (10 Sep 2002)

  109. My seven year old son seems to go to the bathroom three or four times in an hour from time to times, and when I checked his blood sugar with my meter, forty-five minutes after he had eaten a tuna sandwich, It was normal. (10 Sep 2002)

  110. Is there a"tattoo" for a child to wear that indicates when he is getting low? (10 Sep 2002)

  111. My nephew has just started first grade, and his mother gave the school her written instructions. On the first day of school, he was sent home with a high blood sugar level. The district has only one nurse who travels between schools. Also, he is not allowed to ride the school bus. Is this legal? Is the school required to hire a full time nurse? (9 Sep 2002)

  112. The school allows my daughter to take her monitor and tablets with her to all classes, and do checks whenever she needs to. She does her blood sugar check, and eats in the lunchroom, but then then has to go down to the health room to administer her insulin. Does she have any rights that allow her to administer/carry her insulin/syringes with her? (9 Sep 2002)

  113. Is there any news on the results of the INGAP trial? What is your opinion of the INGAP Peptide as a cure? Are results available for The European Nicotinamide Diabetes Intervention Trial? Has any evaluation been done on Niacinamide's effectiveness on LADA patients? (9 Sep 2002)

  114. We cannot afford the co-pay for the hospitals involved, the ambulance, and the two-day stay at a pediatric hospital. We have insurance so do not qualify for Medicaid, and due to the cost of his daily medical needs, we are being turned over to collection Is there a organization that will help with the medical bills that were acquired at the time of diagnosis? (9 Sep 2002)

  115. I am a college dance teacher, and I have a student with diabetes who had severe complications with her kidneys and was put on dialysis temporarily. She also had many problems with her sugar raising and dropping. What symptoms can I look for to tell me if she needs to sit out due to diabetes, pain, or even her kidneys? (9 Sep 2002)

  116. I was reading an article on this website when I came across a sentence which said that Humalog is approved by the FDA for use in children over age 12 and studies are ongoing to obtain approval in younger children. This was very disturbing to me since my four year old daughter takes Humalog before some of her meals. Is Humalog is safe for her? (9 Sep 2002)

  117. My teenaged daughter, diagnosed three years ago, has always had consistently high blood sugars and usually has A1c levels in double digits. She seems to have several of the type 2 symptoms, and right now my main concern is that she seems to be extremely insulin resistant. Is it possible for a person to have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes? (9 Sep 2002)

  118. I was intrigued with the response to the posting regarding a three year old child's diagnosis of both type 1 diabetes and childhood nephrotic syndrome since I know of more instances, including my own child. Since three of the five I have heard about were diagnosed at age three, what could be the link? (9 Sep 2002)

  119. After starting the treatments for my back and nerve, my levels have shot up to around the 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] fasting. Has anyone heard of this? Will they come back down? (9 Sep 2002)

  120. What would you consider to be appropriate precautions and or preliminary testing prior to placing a 10 year old girl with Turner's Syndrome (mosaic) and type 1 diabetes on newly developed depot growth hormone developed to reduce the number of injections from daily to every 15 days? She was previously on daily injections for two years with excellent growth results. (9 Sep 2002)

  121. My daughter's school has been wonderful about everything to do with her care except field trips. Her father, my mother or I have to go on every required field trip and pay our own expenses. If we had a 504 plan on file, would that require the school to provide someone on the overnight field trip to give my daughter her insulin? (8 Sep 2002)

  122. I was asked in a chat room what books there are to help parents of a child who uses his diabetes against them to get what he wants. The parents did have a child who died so they are overprotective of the child that is left. The people are from the UK and have limited resources to work with. (8 Sep 2002)

  123. I am almost 64 years old, I've had type 1 diabetes since age seven, and over the years, I've had many episodes of varying degrees of hypoglycemia. Are there serious consequences from prolonged episodes of hypoglycemia to worry about if they continue? (8 Sep 2002)

  124. I am a 27 year old female with a family history of type 2 diabetes, and my doctor suspects I might have PCOS. For the past three months, I have experienced a sweet, sugary taste in my mouth. Could this be a symptom of diabetes? (8 Sep 2002)

  125. My 19 year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, has been approved for gastric bypass surgery, and I have several questions. (8 Sep 2002)

  126. I have heard about a procedure which effectively cures people with diabetes. Part of a pancreas is donated to someone who has diabetes eliminating the need for insulin. Is this true? At what stage is this medical procedure at this time? (8 Sep 2002)

  127. I keep reading of the regular tests and checks that people with diabetes should have at diagnosis and at regular intervals. My four year old child has regular height and weight checks along with A1c tests, but other tests are apparently not needed yet because relevant damage does not occur in young children. (8 Sep 2002)

  128. My eight year old step-daughter's school nurse did a screening to check for diabetes because she is overweight and her school nurse says she has all the symptoms. We made an appointment with her doctor, but it's in a few weeks, and I would like some facts before going to the doctor (8 Sep 2002)

  129. I have read that someone with type 1 diabetes taking more exercise than usual can take less insulin or should eat more carbohydrate. If insulin is used to get glucose into the body's cells, why should more activity require less insulin? Is insulin sometimes required twice (being used to store carbohydrate currently not wanted in the liver)? (8 Sep 2002)

  130. Is there new information that would be a rationale for this practice? For a blood sugar of 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L] or less, take 2-3 units of Humalog insulin and two or three glucose tablets before lunch. Repeat as needed. (8 Sep 2002)

  131. I know I have diabetes because my blood sugar level is always above 200 mg/dl [11 mmol/L] on a glucose meter, but my general physician has not advised me to take insulin shots. Can this condition be reversed? If yes, what treatment I should take so that I become a normal person? (8 Sep 2002)

  132. I have been reassured that, so long as my child doesn't suffer a coma, there should be no long-term damage from low levels. Should I have any concerns? (5 Sep 2002)

  133. I am 22 years old, I have had diabetes for three years and, while the first year was great, I got a hypoglycemia while alone in the car. From that moment I am afraid of low sugar, so I have constantly high sugar. I am aware of what this means for me, but I cannot help myself. What can I do to make this fear disappear? (5 Sep 2002)

  134. I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my average glucose reading is 122 mg/dl [6.8 mmol/L]. However, If I eat a larger then normal meal at supper time, there is no great change in by glucose value until the next day. Can you please explain? (5 Sep 2002)

  135. In the instructions in the Glucagon Kit, it says that my 11 year old daughter should get the full amount (1 cc), but in the book the hospital gave us, it says a child under the age of 18 should only get half that amount (0.5 cc). Which is the correct dose? Can a larger dose hurt her? (5 Sep 2002)

  136. My doctor told me I have type 2 diabetes, and he immediately put me on metformin twice a day. I immediately began my own diet, and had normal blood sugars, but I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Is there a consequence to stopping the Glucophage entirely? I want to do this myself with a controlled my diet and exercise. (5 Sep 2002)

  137. A few weeks ago, my husband started having an increased need for insulin and high blood sugars just like he was sick. We could not figure out why he was having crazy bloods sugars until he realized last week he was having a Crohn's flare-up. Will a Crohn's flare-up cause an increased need for insulin? Is it best to avoid steroids for treatment if at all possible? (5 Sep 2002)

  138. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, was on Prandin at first, and I have started taking Glucophage XR. I had a kidney removed 20 years ago because it was never functioning properly, and I am really worried about the effects that diabetes will have on my remaining one. Is there is any research on the effects of diabetes medications and only having one kidney? (5 Sep 2002)

  139. Once the blood sugar drops below normal, what do you give a patient to increase it again? (5 Sep 2002)

  140. I am 19 years old, I have had diabetes for five years, and I take insulin injection three times per day. Can I take testosterone for a bigger physical appearance? (5 Sep 2002)

  141. I was told by my ex-husband that our three year old son has "borderline diabetes", which he says can be controlled by diet. However, Diabetes Australia says there is no such thing as borderline diabetes; You either have it or you don't. If all I need to do is control this by diet, what can and can't he eat? (5 Sep 2002)

  142. This question is about a cat, but I feel it is also relevant to pediatrics. Do you know if I can dilute NPH with saline to make a one-in-ten solution ? If I do, will it keep for any length of time? (3 Sep 2002)

  143. My 14 year old son plays football and wrestles. He does fairly well with management of his blood sugars, but he is constantly hungry and is looking to put on weight. Any suggestions as what he can eat to help fill him up more? (3 Sep 2002)

  144. When my mom noticed I was drinking so much, she thought it might be diabetes, but as soon as she said that, she took it back (saying she was wrong, and that I didn't have it). Now I'm a little worried, and I don't want to go to my doctor unless I have reason to believe I have diabetes. (3 Sep 2002)

  145. My 33 year old girlfriend has had diabetes for nearly 26 years and is still fighting this disease. She is under a doctor's care, but her sugars now are extremely bad. She follows all of her doctor's instructions but to no avail since her sugars get really low. Are there any new cures or medications out there for her? (3 Sep 2002)

  146. What causes your blood/sugar to read higher after you have gone to bed for the night? (3 Sep 2002)

  147. I am 19 years old, I have had diabetes for five years, and I am take insulin injection three times per day.Can I eliminate my diabetes? (3 Sep 2002)

  148. Until a week ago, my blood sugar levels were constantly dropping, and things seemed to be going along well, but now they are consistently low. Is this typical? Am I in dangerous territory? What can I do other than go to the hospital? I don't want to use drugs. I want to use naturals. (3 Sep 2002)

  149. At age two and a half, my son weighs 54 pounds and is about 3 feet tall. I have noticed that he is constantly thirsty, has begun wanting to eat a lot more than usual. I'm afraid he may be developing type 2 diabetes. Do you think I should inform the doctor or wait and see? (3 Sep 2002)

  150. My grandmother had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my aunt, my mother had it while pregnant with me, and both offspring developed type 1 diabetes. Has anyone done a study on whether mothers who had gestational diabetes are more prone to have a child who will develop type 1 diabetes? (3 Sep 2002)

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