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  1. My 10 year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age seven, has reasonably good control, but she experienced an injury to her foot some 10 months ago and has developed RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). She has been unable to put weight on her foot, her glucose levels are a little high due, and I am concerned. (31 Oct 2002)

  2. My 10 year old relative has type 1 diabetes, and we don't think she experienced a honeymoon. Does the fact that she had no honeymoon period make her diabetes worse? Could we have done something five years ago to avoid the onset of diabetes? (30 Oct 2002)

  3. I am a teacher working with a student who has type 1 diabetes at age three and is on medications for management of ADHD and other emotional difficulties. Lately, he has experienced multiple "highs" at various times of the day and some dangerous lows, also at various times. Has anyone done a study to show if these medications impact sugar levels or metabolism? (30 Oct 2002)

  4. I swim for an hour in the morning, can start with a normal blood sugar, and I am fine when I get out of the pool, but my blood sugar continues to rise. It is so frustrating to exercise and then have my blood sugars go way up. (30 Oct 2002)

  5. My 12 year old son has type 1 diabetes, and I hear that taking insulin can cause other problems in the long term. Does that mean that the less insulin I give my son the better off he will be? I am thinking of just watching his carb intake. He loves pasta. Should I limit these high carb foods? (30 Oct 2002)

  6. My husband and oldest son both have type 1 diabetes, and I am often quite concerned when either of my two younger children exhibit symptoms. Is it reasonable to check my other children occasionally with urine dipsticks? Is this an accurate way to keep an eye on them? Is it possible to have a positive result for any reason other than diabetes? (30 Oct 2002)

  7. I have hypoglycemia and am unable to find anything on the web or in stores that directly talk about it. I need to find out what types of food I can eat, what to stay away from, and recipes if possible. Any ideas on where to look? (30 Oct 2002)

  8. Even though we have good support from a paediatric diabetes team at our local hospital, they seem unsure about treatment of potential hypos at night during bouts of illness. (30 Oct 2002)

  9. My father has type 2 diabetes, and his teeth are falling out. Doe this have anything to do with diabetes? (30 Oct 2002)

  10. My daughter is in pretty good control of her diabetes, but sometimes, she gets mildly depressed. I would like information on cognitive-behavioral therapy and diabetes. (30 Oct 2002)

  11. I am a 16 year old female who has had type 1 diabetes for nine and a half years, and, up until a few years ago, I was in excellent control. However, now it's harder for me to keep in control, and I am starting to gain weight very rapidly. Is there a safe, natural supplement I could take? (29 Oct 2002)

  12. My niece, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes approximately six months ago, lost about 18 pounds before they determined what was wrong, and now her weight has gone the other way. What can she do to control her weight gain? (29 Oct 2002)

  13. My grandson, who has type 1 diabetes, needs to have four baby teeth pulled to help his other teeth come out. Can this be a problem? (29 Oct 2002)

  14. I have a friend from Cuba who contracted type 1 diabetes around the same time as his town was exposed to a chemical toxin from an accident in a nearby factory. Is it possible that the toxin was responsible in some way for the type 1 diabetes? (29 Oct 2002)

  15. Recently, we travelled to India and consulted a homeopathic doctor who prescribed a powdered medicine and guaranteed that my daughter's type 1 diabetes would be cured. He did not stop the injections and said that we keep injections and also take medicine he provided. Is taking both medicines right? Should I stop the medicine? (29 Oct 2002)

  16. I have strived to keep my sugars near to normal which means more hypoglycemic reactions at work. Because I have had so many, I now have hypoglycemia unawareness, and don't feel low until my blood sugar readings are very low. Things are much better but I'm still worried. (29 Oct 2002)

  17. My 10 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age six, was diagnosed with ALL (children's leukemia) last year. What, if any, published statistics are available on the percentage of type 1 kids who contract some type of childhood cancer? (29 Oct 2002)

  18. I have found that by eating only one meal per day, keeping my current walking regimen and adjusting my insulin down, I have been able to lose almost 10 pounds over the past two months. One dietitian told me that there is no way to remain healthy by eating one meal per day, but as long as my blood sugars are okay, what's the harm? (29 Oct 2002)

  19. Can diabetes be prevented? (29 Oct 2002)

  20. My overweight, six year old daughter tested negative for diabetes, but we saw a dietitian who talked about a calorie amount and fat intake for my daughter, but did not talk about how many carbs my daughter should have in a day. Please help. (29 Oct 2002)

  21. On a recent airplane trip, my friend, who has type 1 diabetes, became very ill (nausea,headaches, and disorientation). Could this be caused by the airplane ride? If so what remedies might you suggest? Is Dramamine acceptable? (28 Oct 2002)

  22. I have type 2 diabetes, and my left leg seems to me to be larger than my right. I also have discoloration on both legs, and the hair does not seem to grow as much in these areas. Does this have to do with my diabetes, or is there something else going on? (28 Oct 2002)

  23. I have had diabetes for 21 years, just had some blood work done and was wondering if you could explain a few things about my numbers. (28 Oct 2002)

  24. Even though I had perfectly normal blood pressure, I went on an ACE inhibitor last year as a prophylaxis and bought a blood pressure monitor. I neglected to refill my prescription so I decided to test my blood pressure just to see what it was, and it was 140/100. How could this happen so suddenly? What does it mean? (28 Oct 2002)

  25. My son, who has had diabetes for seven years, has been on Concerta (a form of Ritalin) for five years. Does being on Ritalin for a long period of time increase the risk for damage to the kidneys, eyes, liver, etc.? Should I be concerned? (28 Oct 2002)

  26. I am 26 years old, my A1c has been under 7% for the last year or so, and I am thinking of becoming pregnant, but part of me wants to wait three years. How much does my risk of complications go up each year I have diabetes? Is waiting three years asking for more problems? (28 Oct 2002)

  27. I would like to ask you to reconsider the answer you gave to a question a woman had regarding Lantus injections during pregnancy. (28 Oct 2002)

  28. I just started on the insulin pump and I was told to draw up the insulin in the reservoir when the vial is at room temperature. Should I put the vial back in the refrigerator after I've drawn up the insulin or leave it out at room temperature? (28 Oct 2002)

  29. I have packed on over 20 pounds, and all I hear from my doctor is that this weight gain is normal. A lady who has diabetes said that, when she switched from pork insulin to synthetic, she had similar problems, but she switched to pork again, and all is well. Could this be a option for me as well? (28 Oct 2002)

  30. My overweight six year old daughter has dark patches on her neck and under her arms, and I have asked the doctor about these patches thinking she may have type 2 diabetes, but testing was negative. What could these dark patches be? (28 Oct 2002)

  31. My daughter had an OGTT, and based on the results, the doctor said she has borderline diabetes, but I belive her gave her too much glucose. Wouldn't this make a difference in the results? Do you think I should have the OGTT done again? (24 Oct 2002)

  32. My son's endocrinologist suggested that we try the new Detemir insulin at night as part of a study, I'm a little suspicious about this and about genetically derived insulins in general. What is your opinion about Detemir insulin? (24 Oct 2002)

  33. In an attempt to get better control, we switched my daughter from NPH with Humalog to Lantus and Humalog, but since then she has had two incidents of passing out needing a glucagon shot, her A1c has gone from 5.9% to 7.7%, and her blood sugar seem to bounce all over the place. I am wondering if we are doing the right thing or if we should try something else. (24 Oct 2002)

  34. I am 13 years old, very underweight, and I do not have diabetes. However, all I eat every day is junk food, so I'm wondering if people who are skinny can get type 2 diabetes because they eat too much fatty and sugary stuff. Can they get type 1? (24 Oct 2002)

  35. My daughter has episodes during which she feels like she has a low blood sugar, but when we check, it is in normal ranges. What could cause this? What can we do? (24 Oct 2002)

  36. My three year old niece, just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, had a blood sugar that was very high when she was taken to the hospital. Isn't there a possibility of brain damage from the blood sugar being so high? How high is too high? (24 Oct 2002)

  37. My daughter complains about feeling sick so she misses a lot of school. The school suggested home studies but she needs a referral from her doctor. I need to work so I cannot be with her all of the time. Could someone give me some advice? Should I force her to go to school? (24 Oct 2002)

  38. When the beta cells are attacked, are the alpha cells (the ones that produce the glucagon) in the pancreas also affected? (24 Oct 2002)

  39. My now 44 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 11 years of age, sweats a lot when he sits down to eat or even when he is just relaxing. I tell him I think his diabetes is out of whack as he does not take very care of himself, but he says there is nothing wrong him. He has a rash and sores that do not heal on his legs. Why does he sweat like this? (24 Oct 2002)

  40. My endocrinologist and I debated about the preventative benefits ACE inhibitors afforded before I finally, reluctantly, consented, and now she's also suggesting a cholesterol drug. What's the current school of thought? Are these two drugs really beneficial for prevention? (24 Oct 2002)

  41. My almost 13 month old.daughter is now on Regular and/or NovoLog before meals with NPH at bedtimes, and she is having a problem off and on, with the NPH peaking in the middle of the night. Can we try Lantus once her blood sugars have stabilized or is she too young? (23 Oct 2002)

  42. My 44 year old sister, who has had type 1 diabetes for 34 years, is remarkably healthy, but has recently been shaking continuously. She also had thyroid cancer at age 28. Could the shaking be a result of the diabetes? Do you feel it is unrelated? (23 Oct 2002)

  43. My granddaughter was taken to the ER this morning, and the doctor thinks she has a bacterial blood infection, but also mentioned that her sugar was high. What does it mean when they say her sugar is high? Does this mean she is going to have diabetes now? (23 Oct 2002)

  44. My partner has had diabetes for a long time now, and it seems as if she is giving up. She does not like to check her blood sugars, but she takes her insulin. Is that a problem? How can I help her? (23 Oct 2002)

  45. Since my insulin doses exceed 100 units, this has meant taking two shots, morning and night. I had located a 2 cc insulin Do you know of anyone else who makes a 2cc insulin syringe? (23 Oct 2002)

  46. I am taking high doses of prednisone, and and I've been told I have steroid-induced diabetes which is being treated with an oral medication. Will this form of diabetes resolve itself when I can lower the prednisone levels or discontinue it entirely? (23 Oct 2002)

  47. I recently had a nasty fall in the morning, and I assumed that my blood sugar would be elevated, but I was flabbergasted that it was low. Could physical injury work to lower blood sugar levels? What else might have caused this? (23 Oct 2002)

  48. My wife currently on a four injection regimen involving Regular insulin before meals and NPH at bedtime. Her blood sugar control is not bad, but I have a feeling that it could be better with Humalog instead of Regular pre-meal and Lantus at bedtime. Am I correct? In switching from Regular to Humalog, can I substitute unit for unit? Is Lantus available in a pen device? (23 Oct 2002)

  49. My doctor raised my basal rates almost 100%, but my sugars are now running even higher. Is it possible that I am running very low, and I am having rebound effect from all of the extra insulin? (23 Oct 2002)

  50. My one year old daughter is getting insulin after breakfast and after tea, and she is having hypoglycaemia around 45 minutes after her evening meal.She has her shots in her buttocks and usually has a bath after her tea. Could the warm bath water cause the insulin to work more quickly? (22 Oct 2002)

  51. I have type 2 diabetes which I have been trying to control with diet, and for a couple of years, my blood sugar runs 200-300 mg/dl [11.1-16.7 mmol/L] after eating, depending on what I eat. Is this level of control sufficient? Am I risking a higher possibility of complications by not maintaining tight control? (22 Oct 2002)

  52. On my last trip to the store everything I picked up had sugar in it. I do not have diabetes, but want to cut down on sugar as my teeth are taking a beating. Does my body need a certain amount of sugar? (22 Oct 2002)

  53. I have type 1 diabetes and recently, I started working out and would like to put on some muscle mass, but since bodybuilding is new to me, I was wondering about some of the supplements that are on the market. Are these safe for me? (22 Oct 2002)

  54. It was thought that I probably had type 1 which was speeded up because of the pregnancy. However, since then blood tests along with home monitoring have made it apparent to my diabetes specialist that it is very likely I have MODY. (22 Oct 2002)

  55. Since my husband is currently out of work and I have no insurance, I am trying to find out if what I am feeling is something I need to have checked out or if I can ignore it until I am able to pay for the doctor bills and testing. (22 Oct 2002)

  56. Could my son possibly have type 2 diabetes? Should I ask the doctor the next time we go in for his checkup? Should I just accept the fact that he does have type 1? (22 Oct 2002)

  57. My husband, who has been taking Protaphane before going to bed and Actrapid before meals for two years, was not feeling well and is losing so much weight, so he went to see a diabetes specialist who asked that my husband be admitted to the hospital because his blood sugars are high. Is it normal to be admitted to the hospital when the sugar is high? (22 Oct 2002)

  58. The other day I woke up with my eyes almost swelled shut, and since then, I have been getting hives on and off all over my body. I had been eating a lot of sweets for the days before this happened. Do you think this could be due to diabetes? (22 Oct 2002)

  59. I coach a college cross country athlete, who just can't finish strongly at the end of a hard workout and races. After the races his blood sugar level is high, whereas before them, it is in the normal range. Any thoughts on solving this problem? (22 Oct 2002)

  60. I understand there is research with a non-steroidal immunosuppressant for newly diagnosed kids with type 1 diabetes. Do you think that would work to basically vaccinate kids who were likely to get the disease? (22 Oct 2002)

  61. Is it legal for a public school to waive its responsibility, liability or accountability for the untimely or lack of carrying out the diabetes management plan if a school nurse is not available during school hours? Are there any other school districts in our state that waive such responsibilities? Where can I found out if this is common? How do I proceed to find out? (21 Oct 2002)

  62. My insurance plan is changing its drug formulary and will no longer cover Humalog but will cover NovoLog. What is the difference between the two? (21 Oct 2002)

  63. I recently took care of my 16 year old niece for several weeks and was horrified the amounts and types of food she ate. She goes to the hospital a lot with blood sugars over 800 mg/dl [44.4 mmol/L]. Is there anything that could give her information about how important it is to get a grip on her eating behavior? (21 Oct 2002)

  64. My husband has type 1 diabetes, there is a strong history of both type and type 2 diabetes in both our families. If my husband and I now have a baby, are the chances still around 6% that it will have diabetes? (21 Oct 2002)

  65. I am currently 14 years old, and have been not been diagnosed with diabetes, although for a while now (possibly a couple of months), I have been experiencing several symptoms of diabetes. I do not feel need to visit a doctor at this current time, but if the symptoms increase in any way or if I hear a suggestion to do so, I will. (21 Oct 2002)

  66. My six year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago, has had numerous seizures due to low blood sugars so his endocrinologist feels it is better to allow him to have blood sugars range in the 180-220 mg/dl [10-12.2 mmol/L] range. Would we not be risking possible complications later in life by allowing a higher range of blood sugar levels now? (21 Oct 2002)

  67. I asked to take insulin, and the doctor did not think it was needed.I adjust insulin for snacks and meals and take NPH before bed. I am eating a high protein diet and have changed my Hba1c from 10.8 to 4.7%. Why would doctors not try to bring people to normal A1c levels? (21 Oct 2002)

  68. My three year old daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and her blood sugars frequently are very high, and sometimes even too high for a meter reading. I don't want to be calling the doctor all the time, but when do I really need to be concerned? What blood sugar is too high? (21 Oct 2002)

  69. A friend, who has type 1 diabetes my opinion about using vitamins/supplements in his case. I found some articles, but I couldn┤t find enough to feel able to give him advice. Can I tell him that the "damages" result from oxidative stress that he can reduce with exogenous antioxidants? (21 Oct 2002)

  70. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago. Is my daughter still in the honeymoon phase? If so, when will we know it has ended? (21 Oct 2002)

  71. What are the repercussions for a child to become dependent on a machine? Pumps seem awfully expensive for what they do. How can insulin pump companies justify charging up to $6,000? What happens if insurance coverage is lost? What about machine replacement with ever changing technology? (18 Oct 2002)

  72. My 22 month old daughter has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Any information help and advice would be greatly received, and I would like anyone on the list who has a child with both these types of diabetes to contact me. (18 Oct 2002)

  73. When the pump screen asked my 10 year old son which insulin concentration to use (U-100 or U-50), he mistakenly selected U-50. He went to school, and had severe low blood glucoses all day (18 Oct 2002)

  74. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago. Is my daughter a candidate now for the pump? We really want to start on the pump as soon as possible. (18 Oct 2002)

  75. How many young people in the United States have diabetes? How many new cases are being diagnosed each year? (18 Oct 2002)

  76. My 14 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for seven years and is on a pump, is on the wrestling and track team at his school. His blood sugars are normal before practices and matches but go high from an adrenalin surge. How can we control this? (18 Oct 2002)

  77. Last month, I went into what is called metformin-induced lactic acidosis shock. I almost died so I want to know if there are any after effects I will now have. (18 Oct 2002)

  78. My five year old has the majority of the symptoms of diabetes, so I monitor him frequently, and his blood sugars have been high. Do you think my son may have diabetes? (18 Oct 2002)

  79. Is a person with Hepatitis C (virtually symptom free) allowed to donate a kidney? (18 Oct 2002)

  80. For the past two months. my blood sugars are very low at night so, out of desperation, I started the "Zone" way of eating and it made the readings low. I stopped all the diabetes medications and my readings are in range, but after two weeks, it is starting to creep up. Can any of this be explained? (18 Oct 2002)

  81. Is there an approximate conversion formula for A1c to the average blood glucose for the previous one to two months? For example, how does one interpret an A1c of 7% to estimate the previous month's blood glucose average? (17 Oct 2002)

  82. My relative has severe neuropathy, but she has tremendous pride and tries to hide the severity of the debilitating effects. I am concerned though about her ability to drive since she occasionally drives with my children. Should I have cause for concern? (17 Oct 2002)

  83. I am 14 years old, and I have type 1 diabetes. Is there any research going on for children with diabetes so I can get rid of this life-long disease? (17 Oct 2002)

  84. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes along with high cholesterol, and now I'm on medication for both. In addition, I'm taking blood pressure pills to protect my kidney, and I must also diet. How do I diet? How many calories do I need? How much exercise daily? (17 Oct 2002)

  85. It has been a year since my son was diagnosed, and he's still having a lot of lows, even though he is on only one injection in the morning. If my son is making insulin, is it at all possible that he could benefit from oral medication? How do I know for sure he has type 1 diabetes? Is there a way to determine if he has any islet cells left? (17 Oct 2002)

  86. When people of working age who have diabetes go blind from this disease and lose their jobs, does anyone (besides welfare and public aid) help these people financially? (17 Oct 2002)

  87. I have type 2 diabetes treated with insulin, and I want to become pregnant. If I am unable to keep the numbers normal all the time, is that dangerous for my unborn child? (17 Oct 2002)

  88. Some days, I will wake up with a good fasting blood sugar, eat, carb count, and everything goes smoothy. The next day I can repeat the exact same routine but my blood sugar will shoot up. Also, I have been experiencing abdominal pain, constipation, and episodes of unexplainable sweating. What is going on? (17 Oct 2002)

  89. Has anyone ever complained about their tongue? I get this feeling that comes and goes, sort of as if I burned it and was wondering if it's due to the medications or my sugar level. (17 Oct 2002)

  90. My 26 month son, who has type 1 diabetes, had starvation ketones when he was sick. What is the difference between ketones from starvation and ketones from high blood sugar? My doctor wasn't too concerned about the starvation ketones, but we still needed to give insulin. (17 Oct 2002)

  91. My friend's three and a half year old boy is very big for his age, and a doctor said he was not properly processing insulin. He had several tests taken, all of which were normal, but this doctor indicated that he would probably develop diabetes later in life. Does this diagnosis sound familiar? If so, is there anything that can be done to protect him against diabetes? (16 Oct 2002)

  92. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a month ago, and my doctor suggests I take my blood glucose readings only once a day fasting before breakfast, but my diabetes educator suggests twice a day at a different time each day. How I know if what I am is doing is correct by only checking once a day? (16 Oct 2002)

  93. My nine year old son has had elevated readings on my meter (which has been checked), but since the two-hour glucose test was normal, my doctor told me there was no way his blood could be going that high. I feel the doctor does not believe me and that really bothers me. (16 Oct 2002)

  94. Can diabetes be transmitted through sex? (16 Oct 2002)

  95. I was taking insulin for roughly 18 months before being tested and found to have type 2. Now, my doctors are afraid of what will happen should I switch off insulin so they are trying to reduce it, but as of yet, I have not seen any significant weight loss. Is easy to lose weight while on Orabet and my insulin? Would it be easier to do so while on Orabet alone? (16 Oct 2002)

  96. Can I have hypothyroidism with numbers like these? Could this tendency to have low or at least low normal free T3 and free T4 along with fairly low or suppressed TSH represent a familial problem? (16 Oct 2002)

  97. I am 19 years old, have had diabetes for five years which is treated with three injections of insulin per day, and my growth is not increasing. My friends suggest that I take testroid. Please tell me give the right way to grow. (16 Oct 2002)

  98. My nine year old daughter has had some high readings on my meter, but she has had a normal A1c. What would you do? (16 Oct 2002)

  99. I am 23 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for over five years, and I have a family history of hypertension. Recently, I have been checking blood pressure at the checking stations in drug stores and the like and have been getting readings in the "borderline" range, but my endocrinologist has not expressed great concern. (16 Oct 2002)

  100. My friend's doctor informed him that he has a calcium deposit from the feet to the waist, and suspects that the thyroid is causing this calcium to form and that it will continue moving upward in his body. Why is he forming calcium? What is the solution? Could it be the thyroid? If so, would surgery help? (16 Oct 2002)

  101. My 15 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was seven and has been on the insulin pump for years, and we are having a lot of trouble getting her to check her sugar and bolus. (15 Oct 2002)

  102. My general practitioner swears I have type 2 diabetes and says the tests he's run prove this, but everything I've read suggests I have type 1. Do people with type 2 diabetes who are eating high amounts of carb spill ketones in the moderate to large range? (15 Oct 2002)

  103. Our not quite two year old daughter's first A1c was 8.8% (four and a half months after her diagnosis), and we thought we had been doing better, so we were not pleased with this result. The endocrinologist told us anything under 9.0% was acceptable and not to worry about it. Should we be concerned about the 8.8%? (15 Oct 2002)

  104. My seven year daughter has been experiencing symptoms of diabetes, and she had an elevated blood glucose at the pediatrician's office. She was sent to to a pediatric endocrinologist where she has a normal fasting blood sugar and A1c, but she also had urine ketones, and a high after meal blood sugar. Is there another illness that could cause this? (15 Oct 2002)

  105. My sister has been hospitalized three times in the past year for not taking her insulin. I have suggested that perhaps she needs to talk to a counselor or psychiatrist, but she doesn't seem to think so. However, I am scared that if she keeps doing this to herself, she will not make it the next time. Is there anything I can do to help her? (15 Oct 2002)

  106. I have several unopened, unexpired vials of Regular in my refrigerator, and my neighbor has several vials of 70/30, also unopened and unexpired. Is there any place we can donate this insulin to people who have trouble paying for their supplies? (15 Oct 2002)

  107. Our 17 year old daughter, who has had diabetes since age seven, was recently diagnosed with kidney disease after repeated, elevated urine microalbumin determinations. I have several questions (15 Oct 2002)

  108. I am on disability for diabetes and neuropathy, and my two teenage daughters age are feeling very "caught up" in my illness. I don't know how to talk to them anymore, I feel I have put a crimp in their lives, and I don't want them to feel depressed because I am. Is there a support group for kids who have disabled parents with constant pain? (15 Oct 2002)

  109. Since diabetes is an autoimmune disease and breastfeeding is known to pass antibodies to the baby, is it possible to pass on the antibodies that attack the pancreas? (15 Oct 2002)

  110. I work with a friend who has has diabetes, and she has heard of Nopal Cactus being helpful with this condition. Are there any studies on this? If so, are they published on the web? (15 Oct 2002)

  111. Can type 1 diabetes be caused by a impact to the pancreas? If so, how long after this would type 1 diabetes generally show up? (14 Oct 2002)

  112. My 21 month old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago, has swelling and a slight hardness at his injection site on the arm. Will it go away if I give this site a break for a while? Have I done permanent damage with the development of scar tissue? (14 Oct 2002)

  113. Since my son's lunch is now a half and hour later than last year with a gym class before lunch, I asked his doctor if I could lower his morning Humalog so he doesn't go low before lunch. He refused saying to increase his snack to 45 grams of carb. The problem is my son just can't eat that much. Why can't I adjust the insulin for this situation? (14 Oct 2002)

  114. I have a four year son with type 1 diabetes and two daughters who do not have diabetes. Understandably, I am concerned about the increased genetic risk they carry for type 1 diabetes. What do you think of giving my daughters niacinamide supplements? (14 Oct 2002)

  115. My friend's 80 year old grandfather has type 1 diabetes and lives in Tasmania, Australia, but he was born in the Ukraine, wishes to return there, and is contemplating relocation. What are some of the dangers and pitfalls associated with this task? (14 Oct 2002)

  116. My daughter takes 1 unit of Lantus nightly. Her sugar levels are well controlled, except that they will spike after eating sugar soda, ice cream, etc., but they do come down to normal within 8-12 hours. Is this just deep honeymoon, type 1B, or is something else going on? (14 Oct 2002)

  117. Both my husband and I have type 1 diabetes. What is the chance that our son will inherit diabetes? (14 Oct 2002)

  118. I will be going for training on an insulin pump in a couple of weeks, and my endocrinologist told me that I will be using Humalog. However, I am concerned because I just recently heard that only NovoLog should be used, and Humalog causes the tubing to clog. Is there any truth to what I heard about Humalog clogging insulin pump tubing? (14 Oct 2002)

  119. My six year old cousin has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is quite traumatised with this fact. She is a strong young girl, and I am sure that she can cope, but it is extremely difficult for her in the meanwhile. She is insulin dependent and needs regular finger pricks. Is there some type of blood sugar level monitor she could get hold of? (14 Oct 2002)

  120. My 14 year old daughter was involved in a car accident, treated with massive doses of steroids, and is having several episodes of hypoglycemia every week. Could the massive doses of steroids be the culprit in causing my daughter's repeated hypoglycemic episodes? (14 Oct 2002)

  121. How can I enlist in the US military, despite my type 1 diabetes? I know that this disqualifies me, but I believe I am physically capable of being in our armed services. Please help, and if you cannot please send this message to someone who can. (14 Oct 2002)

  122. Even though my 12 year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year, takes insulin as prescribed by the physician, when she takes it, the blood sugar goes higher. If she eats a salad, her blood sugar goes up. The doctors don't believe that she is on a strict diet and exercises daily. Is there another test that could be done to see if her adrenal glands or kidneys could be the problem? (14 Oct 2002)

  123. For the first three months of my pregnancy, my blood sugars were extremely unstable and mostly on the low side due to extreme morning sickness. Is there is any evidence of how those low blood sugars could have affected my developing son? (14 Oct 2002)

  124. I have spoken to people who have dogs that seem to be able to let someone know when a person with diabetes has a low. My son is eight, I fear night lows, and therefore do not get the rest I need. I wake up to check him several time a night, and my nerves are frazzled from lack of sleep. I really do not want to get a dog, but wondered if there is any evidence that a cat could detect lows. (10 Oct 2002)

  125. My girlfriend, who has diabetes, is scheduled to have knee surgery. Is it standard procedure for people with diabetes to be given antibiotics prior to their operations to help fight off possible infection? (10 Oct 2002)

  126. Our father claims that he has been diagnosed with diabetes. While we believe this may be true, we don't agree with his idea of treatment, and we are very worried about his health. He believes that he can eat anything he wants anytime that he pleases. Can you please tell us what food is allowed? What shouldn't be eaten? (10 Oct 2002)

  127. My doctor put me on a new medication, and, if my morning finger sticks are any indicator, it's doing its the job.Then, I got a letter from my doctor saying an appointment has been made for me about a week from now because my A1c was abnormal, but I have already discussed my A1c with my doctor, so I'm confused. (10 Oct 2002)

  128. I have questions about OGTT testing in children. I'm a community pathologist, so please realize that I get all kinds of requests from primary care doctors so I need some documentation of why I refuse their test request if necessary. (10 Oct 2002)

  129. My younger sister died almost four years ago, at the age of 21 as a result of DKA, and I think it would help me to talk with other people who have lost loved ones to diabetes at a young age, but I don't know where to find them. Is there specialized therapy available to those who lost people to chronic illnesses? (9 Oct 2002)

  130. My three and a half year old son has to take insulin during the day, and his daycare provider has agreed to give him his insulin, but the State of California is saying only a nurse or I can. I work 25 miles away and cannot go and give him a shot if needed. What can we do? (9 Oct 2002)

  131. My 10 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three months ago, is very active and still in the honeymoon period. He is carb counting and very responsible, but we are still seeing these big swings. Is he a candidate for pump therapy? Do doctors usually wait until patients are out of the honeymoon to start a pump? (9 Oct 2002)

  132. What is the name of the disease/syndrome that is associated with type 1 diabetes in which the child is not growing properly? Thankfully, my daughter did not need further testing but a friend of ours has a daughter who does. (9 Oct 2002)

  133. We recently switched our two and a half year old son (diagnosed at 13 months) to Humalog at meals with 5 units of Lantus in the morning, which is keeping his glucose readings within a better range, but he gets hypoglycemic between 4 am and 7 am. (9 Oct 2002)

  134. My 13 month old daughter is now on three shots of Regular and/or Novolog before breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shot of NPH before bed, and her doctor thinks we would have better control if we reduced this to only three shots per day of NPH and Regular at breakfast, no shot before lunch, a shot of Regular before dinner and NPH at bedtime. I don't like the idea of NPH before breakfast because she often naps at noon. What do other parents with kids this small do? (9 Oct 2002)

  135. My 12 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two months ago, got hepatitis B shots at seven and two months prior to his diagnosis. What study did the American Diabetes Association conduct to prove hepatitis B immunizations are safe for our children? If no study has been conducted,why? (9 Oct 2002)

  136. I have seen the GlucoWatch. Is it successful in reducing the amount of fingersticks a child must get? How accurate is it compared to regular meters? Is it covered by insurance companies? (9 Oct 2002)

  137. What research is being done on the insulin patch? Where? Do they need volunteers? I would like to know if there are any trials in the State of California. (9 Oct 2002)

  138. My son has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I have Graves' disease. What is the connection? I am also trying for a baby with my new partner who has an underactive thyroid. What are the genetic risks for the baby? (9 Oct 2002)

  139. My gynecologist sent me to an endocrinologist who did some testing. He told me that I have hyperinsulinism and insulin resistance, and he is starting me on Glucophage. Does this mean I have diabetes or not? (9 Oct 2002)

  140. What is the negative side of using an insulin pump? (8 Oct 2002)

  141. Our 14 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for almost four years, and we are constantly in fear that her 10 year old sister will develop diabetes. Several years ago, we heard about a drug that was used to "stop" the antibodies from attacking the pancreas. Is there anything new on this? (8 Oct 2002)

  142. My doctor told me that I may have hypoglycemia, I constantly have diarrhea, and I am always thirsty and fatigued. Should I be tested for diabetes? (8 Oct 2002)

  143. My doctor has hit a wall and does not know what to do for me. I am unable to take Glucophage so he says insulin injections are all that left. Do you have any suggestions for me? Do you think the medications could be causing all of these symptoms? (8 Oct 2002)

  144. My GTT results were to be sent to my primary care physician, and he prescribed Glucophage which he wanted me to start taking before I saw an endocrinologist and had the chance to discuss any treatment plan. Is starting this medication the right thing to do? My goal is to manage the diabetes through diet and exercise alone. (8 Oct 2002)

  145. My 13 year old brother was told that he has diabetes, and the doctors ordered a GAD antibody test, but this test is not available where we live. It is very important for him to take this test, so we will know if he has diabetes or if is just temporary diabetes. Where can the GAD antibody test be done in Columbia? If it is not available in Colombia, where in the United States? (8 Oct 2002)

  146. The endocrinologist gave us a meter, and after analyzing the numbers, she decided to see us again in six months, and we are call if symptoms arose. Does this seem like a safe tactic? Can blood sugars really shoot out of the target ranges in a person who does not have diabetes? Why would my daughter be going high once in a while? Can this happen? (8 Oct 2002)

  147. My four year old son gets two to three insulin shots per day, and even though I rotate sites, he gets bruises and red patches that swell for days in all locations. They look painful, and lately, he has been complaining more and more that his shots hurt. Am I doing his shots incorrectly or is this another problem? (8 Oct 2002)

  148. Recently, our daughter had early morning shaking followed by a seizure, even with a slightly elevated blood sugar. For quite some time since she has been on the pump, we have noticed this early morning shaking but it never lead to a seizure. Can physical activity the night before and/or lack of sleep or fluctuating basal rates cause these seizure-like symptoms? (8 Oct 2002)

  149. My son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost two years ago, was in DKA at the time, and I am curious as to how long he was ill prior to going into DKA. How long do symptoms have to exist before most children go into DKA? (8 Oct 2002)

  150. I am a 21 year old diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 18 years ago, and I have no current complications, but I am so scared because I am not perfect, and my blood sugars are not always normal. How close to a cure are we? (8 Oct 2002)

  151. My son's diabetes team wants him to skip meals in order to see if the daytime basal rates are correct. I realize that this seems to be standard protocol, but I question its value in a child. Wouldn't it be more practical to aim for the best glucose values based on what he routinely eats and the activity he gets? (8 Oct 2002)

  152. I am confronting difficulties with the school nurse in providing the special care my daughter needs at school. What should we do? (8 Oct 2002)

  153. In doing GTTs, we have found many people with really low levels of blood sugar who are asymptomatic, along with many people whose two-hour readings are less than the fasting levels. What would we do with this patients? Are they at risk of future diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT)? Is there any relationship between hypoglycemia and diabetes or IGT? (8 Oct 2002)

  154. Our nine year old son has type 2 diabetes. Please answer all of my questions since nobody in Gaza (Israel) knows anything about type 2 in children, and I'm worried about my child. (7 Oct 2002)

  155. My daughter has been on the insulin pump for six weeks, and we have had a problem with the cannula bending. I am concerned about another failed attempt. Do you have any suggestions? (7 Oct 2002)

  156. I have type 2 diabetes, recently started taking Xenadrine, and I suddenly have problems with my jaw so much so that I can barely open my mouth and it hurts to chew. What are the dangers of taking the Xenadrine with untreated type 2 diabetes? Can the Xenadrine be causing this kind of side effect? (7 Oct 2002)

  157. My son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three weeks ago, as just entered his honeymoon period. As I understand it, the remaining 10% or so of his beta cells have been in "shock" from the load trying to keep up the levels and have not been producing insulin. What causes this to end? (7 Oct 2002)

  158. My 12 year old niece has been experiencing visual disturbances, and I think it might be related to diabetes since my father has it, but I'm not sure. She sees bubbles in going up and down in her peripheral vision, during the day and night. Could there be a connection? (7 Oct 2002)

  159. I have been struggling with highs and lows ever since my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes four years ago. For the better part of the last week, I have had a low blood sugar at night and a high reading in the morning, along with moderate urine ketones. Please help. (7 Oct 2002)

  160. I am on Glucovance and Actos, and I have a lot of diarrhea with the Glucovance. Twice lately, I've seen a whole Glucovance pill undigested with the diarrhea. What is this? Should I be concerned? (7 Oct 2002)

  161. My son has nesidioblastosis and had the 95% pancreatectomy. I have several questions. (7 Oct 2002)

  162. Lately, my blood sugar escalated to high levels. My doctor put me back on Diabeta last week, but I can't seem to get my blood sugar down. Does it take awhile for the medication to get back into my system? (7 Oct 2002)

  163. My son has frequent episodes of migraines and DKA. He also has delayed gastric emptying along with a paralytic ileus. Medications have helped to stabilize his blood sugars but not helped with the episodes of migraines and DKA. Do you have any suggestions to help with these episodes? (7 Oct 2002)

  164. I am very worried about my 10 year old daughter who is steadily gaining weight out of proportion to her height. (7 Oct 2002)

  165. I have had diabetes for more than 20 years, and I would like some kind of transplant, if they have one for me. Is there some kind of information on transplants? (7 Oct 2002)

  166. My 15 year daughter, diagnosed about nine months ago, has always had very good control, but this week she started having extremely high blood sugars and ketones. Her doctor has responded by dramatically increasing her insulin, but the best we can do is get her down to 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. Is there anything else we can do? (3 Oct 2002)

  167. I have a patient who has lung cancer, a high postprandial blood glucose, and large urine acetone. At present he comatose, has a fever and is on Actrapid Insulin given every four to six hours, along with a plain normal saline infusion. I want another option for this patient. (3 Oct 2002)

  168. My husband, who weighs about 600 pounds, has trouble breathing, and the doctor says this is because he has blood clots in his legs which are breaking loose and may have moved to his lungs. They cannot do a scan because of his size, and I am very worried. What can be done? (3 Oct 2002)

  169. I have type 2 diabetes, and, a few weeks ago, I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I had some infected blisters which he said was a staph Infection. He put me on some antibiotics, and while those have cleared up, I now have two more sores. Is this common in people with diabetes? Will I just keep having them? (3 Oct 2002)

  170. My seven year old son has dark rings around his neck and smelly underarms. Are these symptoms of juvenile diabetes? My friend's son has these things too, was just recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and was told by the doctor that they are symptoms. I had my son tested about five months ago, but he was negative. Should I have him re-tested? (3 Oct 2002)

  171. My niece has a two and a half year old with type 1 diabetes has been working with a diabetes team, but nothing really seems to help her little son. His sugar level is a constant battle, there never is a even level, and my niece even has to wake up every hour during the night to check his level. (3 Oct 2002)

  172. My mum-in-law's doctors are suggesting further amputation, but she is currently seeking treatment from a reflexologist who claimed that the foot and the gangrene can be cured. What is your opinion? (3 Oct 2002)

  173. Have there been any studies that looked at the number of children who get type 1 diabetes and the giving of the childhood shots? (3 Oct 2002)

  174. My 18 year old daughter, who is a college freshman and is running cross-country, began to using an the insulin pump just a few weeks before starting college, and she is becoming frustrated trying to avert low blood sugar reactions while doing intense workouts. What do we do? (3 Oct 2002)

  175. My wife and children just emigrated to Canada from India, where the insulin they were using was U-40, but I heard that in Canada the insulin is U-100.What is meaning of these units? What is their significance? (3 Oct 2002)

  176. A co-worker had an episode of what I believe was low blood sugar, and his supervisor was unaware of his condition, would not accommodate his wishes, and later scolded my friend. Is there a way for a co-worker or supervisor to support the required care needed when they are unaware of the condition? (3 Oct 2002)

  177. How long can a diabetic coma last? When a person comes out of it, is it possible to have amnesia? (2 Oct 2002)

  178. I was wondering if you had any information as to when or if the GlucoWatch will be available in Canada for children. (2 Oct 2002)

  179. Several years ago, I was put on an ACE-inhibitor, and now that I am married I would like to start a family, but I have read that I cannot be on an ACE inhibitor if I'm pregnant. Has there been any research on what happens in pregnancy when people stop taking ACE inhibitors? (2 Oct 2002)

  180. One day, my wife, who has type 1 diabetes, just walked in and told me she does not love me, does not need me, and has no feelings for me. She has left me and is looking for her own place and is not putting any effort in trying to save our marriage. Could her diabetes and depression be the cause of this problem? (2 Oct 2002)

  181. I was arrested for DUI following an accident. There was no alcohol in my system, but a blood test revealed trace amounts of legitimate prescription drugs I had taken. I had not eaten for the previous 24 hours and, at the time, I did not know I had type 2 diabetes. My doctor suspects I had hypoglycemia but can't prove it. (2 Oct 2002)

  182. My wife is 29 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Does she meet the criteria for gestational diabetes? If yes, how serious/ alarming are these values since most of them seem to be borderline? (2 Oct 2002)

  183. Can a pre-school teacher who is trained by an RN and given diabetes education administer insulin in the State of Ohio? (1 Oct 2002)

  184. We test our 13 month old at least once and often twice during the night, and she often will sleep through the test if we do it in bed with out moving her too much. We don't know what is better to preserve the bed as "safe" or to minimize the disturbance. Should we take our daughter out of bed to test her glucose levels and/or inject her with insulin? (1 Oct 2002)

  185. My friend has type 1 diabetes and her vision has degraded to the point at which she cannot see anything other than a blur. She believes that her vision may not be helped by treatment. If my friend follows medical direction as well as possible, will the problems with degenerating vision be correctable? (1 Oct 2002)

  186. In a national lay publication, I found a statement about a drug that has halted the course of type 1 diabetes by enabling patients to produce their own insulin.I searched the web, and called different agencies to no avail. Do you know anything about this drug? (1 Oct 2002)

  187. I am trying to locate something that specifically lists the signs and symptoms of hypo and hyperglycemia in either English or Tagalog (a Fillipino language) for the family of a patient being discharged home from a long term care facility. That way they can have a reference tool to aid in monitoring this patient. (1 Oct 2002)

  188. My six year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago, has had numerous seizures due to low blood sugars so his endocrinologist feels it is better to allow him to have blood sugars range in the 180-220 mg/dl [10-12.2 mmol/L] range. Would we not be risking possible complications later in life by allowing a higher range of blood sugar levels now? (1 Oct 2002)

  189. I asked to take insulin, and the doctor did not think it was needed.I adjust insulin for snacks and meals and take NPH before bed. I am eating a high protein diet and have changed my Hba1c from 10.8 to 4.7%. Why would doctors not try to bring people to normal A1c levels? (1 Oct 2002)

  190. Two of my doctors think that my type 2 diabetes is a result of a severe head injury I had in a car accident three years ago but state it may be hard to prove it. Before the accident that I had no problem, and I have no family members with diabetes, even though several of then are very overweight. Can you point me in the direction to find literature on head trauma and diabetes? (1 Oct 2002)

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