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  1. My almost eight year old son has been a bed wetter and daytime wetter since potty training, but multiple tests on his bladder/kidneys have shown no problems. He has had two blood sugar done both of which were low. and the doctor says that this is how type 1 diabetes sometimes begins (extremely low levels before the levels sky-rocket). (31 Jan 2003)

  2. My daughter had a seizure three months ago, another yesterday, and the debate brewing is over the cause. After waiting and transport to a hospital, her blood sugar was normal. I have several questions. (31 Jan 2003)

  3. I am just 31 years old, and I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years. I take care of myself physically, am very active and generally healthy, and I am kind of scared to see these painful sores developing all over me. Are they something that I will, in fact, have to endure for the rest of my life? (31 Jan 2003)

  4. During a trip, my friend and training partner noticed his feet swollen during his stay. The condition has become worse and he has been off work for five months. As far as i know he has had all tests that can be given and he has been given steroid injections all to no avail. It is constantly painful, and he cannot even do gentle swimming. Can anyone please give any further advice? (31 Jan 2003)

  5. My dad ended up in the hospital severely dehydrated. The doctor is giving him a sliding scale of insulin, and no one is saying why his sugar goes so high and then so low. Do any sugar related problems go along with dehydration or old age? Can you shed any light on this situation? (31 Jan 2003)

  6. At my son's routine pediatrician checkup, the doctor commented that his urinalysis showed a lot of sugar, but no ketones. Is it normal for a child with diabetes (who is taking insulin and having "good" numbers) to still show sugar in the urine? (31 Jan 2003)

  7. I am a school nurse, and I have a parent whose fifth grade child has diabetes. The mother is expecting the lunchroom to make the decisions on diet based on prior glucose reading. Whose job is the carbohydrate monitoring up to at school? (30 Jan 2003)

  8. Is there a danger or problem with the patient receiving the 1 extra unit of Regular? (30 Jan 2003)

  9. I noticed my friend's the prescription bottle says do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking this medication, but she has been drinking on the weekends. Is this going to cause her any harm? If so what can I tell about the reason is that she should not be drinking? (30 Jan 2003)

  10. My daughter received her flu shot, and she eats pretty well, but she has gotten sick a lot this year, and it's starting to affect her grades. Should I give my daughter vitamin supplements? (30 Jan 2003)

  11. I recently read the abstract from a study entitled, "Parameters of Oxidative Stress in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and their Relatives". Are vitamins C and E really antioxidants? Should we give low doses to our children with diabetes? (30 Jan 2003)

  12. My son was positive for celiac antibodies, and the gastroenterologist said we would have to do further tests to confirm celiac disease, but he wasn't in a hurry to do so. He said that he wasn't opposed to leaving it alone for now and not finding out for sure, but, if we decided to have the diagnosis, he would have to start treating it. Are there any studies showing any reason for early treatment? (30 Jan 2003)

  13. My 17 month old baby boy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, his blood sugar levels are good, and he does not mind the injections too much. Can you tell me what problems he likely to encounter in the future as he has contracted it at a young age? (30 Jan 2003)

  14. My six year old daughter just recently had a blood sugar done which her doctor was high, but she was sick with a bad throat infection at the time of the blood test. We are currently awaiting results on a second blood test. What are normal blood sugar levels for a child her age? Could the throat infection have been the reason for the high blood sugar? (30 Jan 2003)

  15. My niece's blood glucose readings are still bouncing all over, and my sister is having great difficulty in figuring out what factors are affecting them. I am a statistician and have decided to collect data on variables that may affect her blood sugar. Do you know of anyone who has done such research? (30 Jan 2003)

  16. Both times my son had a seizure, we gave him a glass of orange juice instead of trying the glucagon because we are so used to doing that when his sugar is low. Is it dangerous to give a drink to a person having a seizure? If this happens again, is it better to go directly to the glucagon or should we try getting him to drink juice first? (29 Jan 2003)

  17. I'm 13 years old, and I have a few symptoms of diabetes. The problem is that my parents don't believe that so it was hard to convince them to take me to the hospital where my fingerstick blood sugar was normal. Is what I did enough or do I need to do more? (29 Jan 2003)

  18. On five different occasions including today, my son has had symptoms of a low blood sugar but when he checks, he is not low. He takes a few carbs, checks again, and he is a bit higher so I know he is not dropping quickly. Do you know what this is all about? I can't seem to get an answer for this question? Please help. (29 Jan 2003)

  19. I am currently taking one and a half tablets of a sulfonylurea. but I am not sure when to take the product. Should I take my medication it before meals? Does one take some of the tablet a few times a day, or does one take it all in one go? (29 Jan 2003)

  20. My son was positive for celiac antibodies, and the gastroenterologist said we would have to do further tests to confirm celiac disease, but he wasn't in a hurry to do so. He said that he wasn't opposed to leaving it alone for now and not finding out for sure, but, if we decided to have the diagnosis, he would have to start treating it. Are there any studies showing any reason for early treatment? (29 Jan 2003)

  21. The doctor suggested recently that we incorporate Lantus into my daughter's regimen, but three days after she started taking it, I noticed a rash had started developing on her upper torso. I contacted the doctor and was told to stop the Lantus until the rash disappeared, then restart it to rule out a reaction. However, the rash is still present and now has covered most of her body. (29 Jan 2003)

  22. Our 14 month old godson, just diagnosed type 1 diabetes, is now in the hospital with blood clots. Is this normal? (29 Jan 2003)

  23. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 11 years, old, and I'm afraid that my six year old nephew will eventually get it also. Is there a way to diagnose type 1 diabetes before any signs show? (28 Jan 2003)

  24. This is the second time I have been started on insulin, and I've had the same reaction both times after being on it for a few months. I gain weight, and my stomach swells up and gets hard. I can't even bend over because my stomach is so swollen. After I stopped the insulin the first time, my stomach went down and I lost weight. (28 Jan 2003)

  25. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 controlled with diet only. I have a burning sensation on my tongue and gums, for about two days my teeth hurt! My lips also have numbness at times. It is particularly noticeable in the middle of the night and about one hour after meals. Does neuropathy affect the tongue? (28 Jan 2003)

  26. My nine year old son old has had type 1 diabetes for four years, and I saw "signs" on my 20 month old son that seemed to be to be symptoms of diabetes. I checked his blood sugar and it was very high, but it was normal when I took him to the doctor. The clinic stated that it was the meter's error, but to my knowledge, I have not had any problems with it. (28 Jan 2003)

  27. I give my son the appropriate amount of insulin for his carbs and he is fine in two hours after his Humalog peaks, but then he has these really late highs when he eats foods like pizza. Is there any rule of thumb that I may use to help me with the high fat or protein meals? (28 Jan 2003)

  28. My 23 month daughter is taking three injections daily. We carb count carefully and closely monitor her blood sugars (six to eight readings per day), but her blood sugars are extremely erratic, and we cannot figure out what is going on. Do many endocrinologists recommend the pump for such a young child? Would pumping keep her blood sugars in better control ? (28 Jan 2003)

  29. My 17 month old baby boy, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months ago, always seems to have a small amount of blood coming out of his nose. Is this possibly related to the diabetes? (28 Jan 2003)

  30. My five year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two months ago, is already developing a lot of scar tissue on his poor little fingers. We have tried to test on his arms, but can't get even a drop of blood out. Do you have any suggestions so he won't develop such bad scar tissue in his fingers? (28 Jan 2003)

  31. My five year old son has type 1 diabetes and high blood pressure, and he had kidney cancer. I am very worried about his kidneys because I feel he has three strikes against them now. What kind of symptoms should I be looking for so that I might catch a problem sooner rather than later? (28 Jan 2003)

  32. I have heard that magnesium helps promote sleep/calmness in children and high blood sugars can drain magnesium levels. Is there validity to this? (27 Jan 2003)

  33. I have had type 2 diabetes for about two years now and lately, I have found it difficult to stay in range. When I last spoke to my doctor he was aware of the rise in my levels and did consider adding a small amount of metformin but did not do so. Why is he being hesitant? (27 Jan 2003)

  34. My eight year old son has always had a rather nervous disposition from the time he was a baby. However, lately he seems to come to me with a new ailment every other day. I've found that reassuring him and distracting him are what work best when this occurs, which leads me to believe that these symptoms of his are mostly psychosomatic. Do other children with diabetes experience this? (27 Jan 2003)

  35. I am an advocate for a child who has type 1 diabetes and exhibits a number of problematic behaviors in school. In what published medical sources can I find basic information on the relationship between hypoglycemia and childhood behavior disorders? (27 Jan 2003)

  36. I have newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, and I am currently looking for a blood glucose monitor. The ones I have found so far are expensive, and I have no insurance so cost is very important. Do you have any suggestions? (27 Jan 2003)

  37. I have central diabetes insipidus treated with DDAVP, and I find that the effects of the DDAVP seem to diminish after exercise. Is there any relationship with the efficacy of DDAVP and exercise? Could this just be that my metabolism has sped up after the exercise? What effect does exercise have on DI? Are there any dietary considerations that have an effect on DI? (27 Jan 2003)

  38. With all the talk of getting the nation prepared to possibly be vaccinated against smallpox, what dangers do our immunocompromised children face that others do not face? Will we be left to make the decision whether or not to vaccinate our children? (27 Jan 2003)

  39. Our five year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week, and my wife and I were wondering if there is something that could be done now which could help in the future. (26 Jan 2003)

  40. When I went to my pharmacy to have the prescriptions filled, the pharmacist said that although I do have health insurance and prescription plan coverage, it only covered the Glucotrol. He then told me that I had to pay in full for the supplies. Is there a law that requires the pharmacist to fill the prescription for test strips and lancets, without requiring me to pay out of pocket? (26 Jan 2003)

  41. I've had reactive and fasting hypoglycemia for six years, and last weekend, I tried using an Extend Bar overnight. My blood sugar hardly went above 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L] the whole time, but I threw up twice. Could it be something in the bar? What number should it generally be good for me to keep my blood sugar over at all times? (26 Jan 2003)

  42. My seven year old daughter, who has had diabetes for a bit more than seven years, has a fraternal twin sister, and I am constantly worried about her getting diabetes as well. Do you know what the odds are? (26 Jan 2003)

  43. This is my seventh pregnancy, the first two of which two ended in first trimester miscarriages. During subsequent pregnancies, I did the GTT between 27-29 weeks and failed several of them. All the resulting babies weighed over nine pounds and were born 4 to 12 days early. Could I be developing diabetes after the 30th week of pregnancy? (26 Jan 2003)

  44. It has been recommended that my son consider the pump, but he does not want to have anything to do with it. Our family is so controlled by this disease and right now that it is having a negative affect on everyone. My thought is that we make him go on the pump because we've exhausted our other options. Is it wrong to force this issue? (26 Jan 2003)

  45. My daughter has type 1 diabetes, we tested my son for antibodies, and his results came back worse than my daughter's.The endocrinologist has said he is likely to develop type 1 diabetes in the next two to five years, but there is no real proof. Why did my child who has not developed diabetes have worse antibody results than my child who did? (26 Jan 2003)

  46. My 22 year old son, who has had diabetes since age 13, was in good control until he had a virus and ended up in the hospital with DKA. Now they have revoked his driver's license even though he has never driven when he was sick and tries to keep his glucose levels in check. How can he get his license back? (26 Jan 2003)

  47. We quiz the patients about which diabetes medication they take and know all the brand names for metformin but other than Glucovance we are having trouble finding which medications contain it. Could you provide a list of medications that contain metformin? (26 Jan 2003)

  48. Our pediatric endocrinologist only wants his patients to use one model of blood glucose monitor, but we would like to switch to a different monitor. Actually, he insists that we do not switch. He claims it is the most accurate monitor available for home use and that speed and blood sample size are not reasons to switch to another monitor. (26 Jan 2003)

  49. My eighth grade daughter is scheduled to go on a graduation field trip for three nights, and the school requires a note saying that she can self administer all necessary medications. While she can take care of her diabetes needs without a problem, the school requires the doctor to write that if she needs glucagon -- call 911. (26 Jan 2003)

  50. I have type 2 diabetes, and I am planning pregnancy. I sometimes let my sugars go into the high 100s mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] to 200mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] because I can't function with low sugars. What are the common problems of the newborns born to mothers with diabetes who are not able to have achieve excellent control? (26 Jan 2003)

  51. My daughter has had diabetes for a bit more than seven years, I have been hearing that even young children can show signs/symptoms of serious complications which I was very surprised to hear. Is this true? (26 Jan 2003)

  52. I have had a lot of symptoms of diabetes, my doctor checked me out, and he said I do have not diabetes, but when I check my own sugar levels at home, they are very low. What should I do? (25 Jan 2003)

  53. I think my brother does try to keep his sugar as close to normal as possible with the hope of avoiding complications. I feel annoyed when other relatives comment on how he must be doing something wrong when his sugars go low. (25 Jan 2003)

  54. I have read different publications and the questions you have already answered regarding low carbohydrate diets, but I am still confused. I have type 1 diabetes, I follow a low carbohydrate diet on and off, and whenever I follow it, my whole life is better. I run perfect blood sugars, I have more energy, I eat less, and I just feel better in a million ways. (24 Jan 2003)

  55. I was told that while blood testing is available to determine the risk of developing type 1 diabetes, it could very well yield false results. or false negatives. Moreover, even if the results were accurate, a recent clinical trial showed that nothing can be done to prevent the development of full-blown diabetes in siblings. If we did go forward with it, what, in your opinion, would be the benefit of doing so? (24 Jan 2003)

  56. My daughter is receiving IV steroids, her blood sugar has been high, and her pulmonologist was concerned that her blood sugar should not have raised that high. We will be testing her daily for a few weeks to see if her blood sugar goes back to normal after stopping the steroids. I have several questions. (24 Jan 2003)

  57. Sporadically, my heel gets a numb, tingly feeling that usually goes away after a short amount of time, and my blood glucose is usually normal when it happens. I'm not on a foot care program. Should I be? What could cause it? Should I elevate my foot? (24 Jan 2003)

  58. I have had diabetes for 33 years, have been on the pump for 25 years, and I've been getting a lot of higher-than-expected readings in the revolting heat of this week. Although I accept that bodies change in their responses over time, I'm just wondering what is going on. (24 Jan 2003)

  59. Are there any correlation studies between the varicella virus (chicken pox) vaccine since it came out around 1995 and type 1 diabetes? (24 Jan 2003)

  60. My six year old nephew is severely obese (weighs 130-135 pounds), there's a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, and doctors think he may have it (awaiting test results). If his parents do not get his weight under control, what could possibly happen to him? (22 Jan 2003)

  61. I am a 16 year old who was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and I am not too sure about a few things. (22 Jan 2003)

  62. For the last four years, I have experienced a small lump just under my right rib cage, about an inch down from where my rib meets the sternum. I suffer constipation at least twice a week, in the last year, I have lost 20 pounds and seem to be fatigued during the day. Could this be a pancreatic cyst? Could this be a gall bladder situation? (22 Jan 2003)

  63. My eight year old son is currently on medications for ADHD. He terrible mood swings, expresses a lot of anger, and he also is a bed wetter. Is there something with my son's blood sugar that could be causing his mood swings, hyperactivity, anger and betting wetting? (22 Jan 2003)

  64. I have type 1 diabetes, I'm training for a marathon, and my blood sugar often spikes in the first five miles of running. Today, I tried creatine for performance improvement, and my blood sugar spiked and keeps going up. Is creatine to blame or should I suspect some other cause? (22 Jan 2003)

  65. I just wanted to know where the research into a cure is at. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? (22 Jan 2003)

  66. The doctor has just recently done tests and a complete medical examinations and still finds that everything is normal. But it is not normal!. My boyfriend has never ever been this tired and weak, and his energy level is fading on a daily basis. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. (22 Jan 2003)

  67. My grandchild has only been home for five days, and we need discipline and anger help. Also this child doesn't want the blood checks and fights with the shots. (22 Jan 2003)

  68. My son is having periods where he is spilling ketones. I have changed pediatricians, and the new one seems more concerned than the other. Do you think my son has diabetes or may be in onset? I am very concerned as there is a strong family history. (22 Jan 2003)

  69. I am 53 years old and was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What is the maximum number of grams of sugar and carbohydrate I can consume in a day? (22 Jan 2003)

  70. My father is on a state insurance plan and has not received any classes on how to manage his type 1 diabetes. He also has another interesting problem which complicates managing his diabetes. He cannot digest any food because his pancreas does not work at all. Do you know of any websites that would help to explain my father's condition? (22 Jan 2003)

  71. My six year old nephew is severely obese (weighs 130-135 pounds), there's a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, and doctors think he may have it (awaiting test results). If his parents do not get his weight under control, what could possibly happen to him? (22 Jan 2003)

  72. I am 15, I have a doctor's appointment after school tomorrow because my problems have been getting on my nerves, and I have some concerns and questions. Do you think I have a great risk of actually having diabetes? How is the test for diabetes carried out? Do I have to go to the hospital and wait days for results or is it performed right in the doctor's office? (22 Jan 2003)

  73. When my 10 month old son was recently admitted into the hospital with RSV, he had an elevated blood sugar, but the hospital did not address this issue with us nor did they run another test. My family physician is concerned and has ordered more blood tests, but I have not noticed any of the usual warning signs of diabetes. Would it be obvious that he had diabetes (22 Jan 2003)

  74. My morning sugar levels are very high (130-180 mg/dl [7.2-10 mmol/L]), but my hemoglobin A1c values are always below 6% (5.6% the last time). Should I be concerned enough to do something about the high levels in the morning? (22 Jan 2003)

  75. I have type 2 diabetes and can control my sugar until I eat, but then it goes high. I take Glucotrol XL, and my doctor gave me Starlix to take before I eat, but this has had no effect at all. I am aware about exercise, and, although I am overweight, I am working on this, and I am careful of what I eat. Any suggestions would be most helpful. (22 Jan 2003)

  76. Prior to my daughter's her birth, I was told that she might have swollen labia as a result of the Gonal F drugs that I had been taking, but she has put on a large amount of weight and still has swollen labia and breast, a linea nigra line and has very faint and small amount of pubic 'fluff'. Could the drugs that I took because I had PCOS condition, give her a chance of developing diabetes? (22 Jan 2003)

  77. I am a 22 year old mom of a very active toddler, and sometimes my schedule interferes with my insulin regimen. I have read a lot of information on the pump and it seems right for me. Do you feel that this pump regimen would work for me? If so, does Medicaid cover it? (22 Jan 2003)

  78. In the past our family ate a variety of dry beans as our main course for a meal, but now that my spouse is sticking so closely to his diet, we miss this meal. How do the beans translate as a protein substitute? Are the measurements different if he uses them to replace meat in a meal? (21 Jan 2003)

  79. Since the Mini Dose Glucagon Rescue uses a small amount of the mixture and allowed a substantial amount of medication remaining to treat low blood glucose levels while the child is ill, once the glucagon is mixed, how long can it be stored safely to keep its effectiveness? (21 Jan 2003)

  80. I have been told that along with stress, pain can cause your body to increase adrenalin which then causes your glucose levels to rise and that illness is also a factor. Is this an accurate assessment? (21 Jan 2003)

  81. My endocrinologist has left to practice in another country, and before she left, she started me on the NovoLog plus Lantus routine. Our next step was to work on the sliding scale, but it never happened, and I'd like this information to give to my internist who is going to work with me on this. What is the formula for the sliding scale when you use NovoLog for short-acting and Lantus for basal? (21 Jan 2003)

  82. How does one determine the difference between malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus (MRDM) and type 1 diabetes? (21 Jan 2003)

  83. What is the difference between insulin pump and insulin injections? Why am I using insulin injections instead of the pump? (21 Jan 2003)

  84. We are relocating, and I am in need of a good hospital and pediatric endocrinologist to take over the care of my daughter. (19 Jan 2003)

  85. My son has been having increased episodes of hypoglycemia. In the past two weeks, he has had one seizure and one very near seizure, and I am not happy with is present doctor. (19 Jan 2003)

  86. My nine year old son has had type 1 diabetes for about three years, and we have never been able to get/keep his A1c lower than about 8.5%. I have heard of a complication that causes delayed sexual maturation and bone density increases in pubescent kids, so I am concerned that the mediocre control we have attained to this point may put him at risk for this complication in the future. What do you think? (19 Jan 2003)

  87. Twice, my 10 year old, overweight son has gotten sick after eating something like pizza or a lot of candy. He vomits throughout the night but feels better the next morning. I am worried because he gets so ill. I do try and watch what he eats, but that does not always work. Could this be diabetes? (19 Jan 2003)

  88. Do you think my son has diabetes? Did our pediatrician jump the gun on diagnosis? Do you think the Pop-tarts caused the high reading? (19 Jan 2003)

  89. I don't mind following the diet or checking my blood sugar, but I hate to be classified with gestational diabetes because the medical interventions surrounding my pregnancy and birth go way up. Can I argue with the results of my three-hour glucose test and request a retest? What is the accuracy of the glucose test? (19 Jan 2003)

  90. It seems to me, that proper insulin injections and proper eating along with regular exercise, will prevent complications, yet Yet the leading cause of blindness, amputations and number six on the leading cause of death scale is people who aren't doing things correctly. How can companies who manufacture insulin sell it for decades without concern? (19 Jan 2003)

  91. What is the Somogyi effect? What is the diagnosis? What is the treatment? What kind of brain damage is due to Somogyi effect? (19 Jan 2003)

  92. My husband and I saw the GlucoWatch in Diabetes Forecast, and we were interested in it for our daughter. Can the GlucoWatch be used for younger children? If not, why? (19 Jan 2003)

  93. I have a patient with type 2 diabetes who is in the hospital right on a sliding scale insulin regimen and is being considered for Lantus. Can you provide any methods for converting from a sliding scale of Regular insulin to Lantus? (19 Jan 2003)

  94. My husband has modified his diet, but he is in denial and refuses to give up alcohol. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. (17 Jan 2003)

  95. My six year old daughter has mood swings, stomachaches, and hunger. I have not taken her for a blood test yet, but will. Do these symptoms seem sugar related? (17 Jan 2003)

  96. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last spring, and we decided I would try to treat it with diet and exercise, but I have been very slack and hardly exercised so I have gained weight (about 10 pounds) instead. I eat everything and don't test my blood or anything. If I don't take care of my diabetes, how soon could I start experiencing symptoms or complications? (17 Jan 2003)

  97. I heard about cell transplants for type 1 diabetes and my questions are: Where are they currently with cell transplants for type 1 diabetes? Will this be available for children of all ages? Is there any specific target date for this procedure to be a total success? (17 Jan 2003)

  98. My friend who has diabetes frequently eats foods that I think are inappropriate, and when I remind her she isn't supposed to have sugar, she says her blood sugar levels are normal. She is having arterial bypass surgery in her legs, and I can't help but think that all that sugar may have contributed to her problem. Am I right? (17 Jan 2003)

  99. My five year old nephew is severely overweight has always been a big boy, but I also noticed that he drinks a lot of water and asks for it about every half an hour. I have mentioned his weight to my sister, his mom, but she says that since they don't have insurance, they haven't seen a doctor. Could he have some type of diabetes? Are there any over-the-counter aids to help us determine this? (17 Jan 2003)

  100. It has now been four days since my daughter had a vomiting episode and not needed insulin at meals. She is feeling fine, her appetite is back and her mood is great. What could be the cause for this? Is it possible that she is entering the honeymoon period after three months? If it is just due to the illness, why is it lasting so long? (15 Jan 2003)

  101. My son was diagnosed with celiac disease and type 1 diabetes about 16 months ago, has been having symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome for almost a year now, and his sugars are out of control. I've been very happy with his endocrinologist, but he can't seem to help me figure out what's going on, and my son seems to be sick all the time. (15 Jan 2003)

  102. My son, who lifts weights in the afternoon has severe lows until about 8:00 or 9:00 pm and is high at midnight. This happens even though we changed his basal rate, he eats a sandwich beforehand, and his pump is off while he works out. I know he's having rebound highs, but what else can we do? (15 Jan 2003)

  103. Every time I take my insulin, I experience swelling in my face, legs, and feet (especially), but really all over. It's just very frustrating to take something I 'need', and it does this to me. Have you ever heard of insulin causing swelling and/or water retention? (15 Jan 2003)

  104. When I check my glucose levels at home, my sugars are always well above where they should, regardless of my diet that day. However, my A1c is always well within range. (15 Jan 2003)

  105. I went trick-or-treating yesterday. I am addicted to sweets, and I can't stop eating them. What should I do? (15 Jan 2003)

  106. My five year old son, diagnosed with type 1diabetes three weeks ago, is on insulin shots three times a day, but he refuses them. He hides in closets, and I have found him hiding in the fifth floor of my apartment building. I speak to and negotiate with him, but I am devastated. I would highly appreciate any advice to make this easier on both of us. (14 Jan 2003)

  107. What percentage of children with diabetes were allergic to penicillin before they were diagnosed? Is this perhaps a link with the child getting diabetes? (14 Jan 2003)

  108. Recently I've been getting a strong smell of urine from my four year old son's breath, on and off, and each time I try to find out more about this on the internet, diabetes keeps coming up. Except for having eczema since he was six months old, he's an otherwise healthy boy. Do you think he should be tested for diabetes? (14 Jan 2003)

  109. My mother, who has type 2 diabetes, was taking Glucovance and Starlix, but after she started to have high sugar readings in the mornings about a month ago, her doctor started her on Lantus. It seems to be really helping except she has noticed some ankle swelling in the last couple of days. Could the Lantus cause this? (14 Jan 2003)

  110. My son wants an electric blanket, and the disclaimer says it is not for people with diabetes. Because it says that we have not purchased one for him, and we as a family will not use one either if he cannot. Is this for older people or for all people with diabetes? What is the reason for this? (14 Jan 2003)

  111. My son has autism and we know that he is not going to drink the standard solution used for a glucose tolerance test. Is there an alternative to drinking the standard liquid to do a glucose tolerance test? Would it be valid to test his blood (14 Jan 2003)

  112. My well controlled (A1c: 6.5 or less) daughter was found to have protein in her urine just six months after diagnosis of type I diabetes, we continue to monitor it, and the amount never changes. I am being told that the protein in her urine has nothing to do with her diabetes. Is this something to be concerned about? Should we seek further assistance for her? (14 Jan 2003)

  113. My son, who is on an insulin pump, is a caddy and tends to get terrible leg cramps after a round of golf when it is warm, but his brother (who does not have diabetes) is also a caddy and does not have this problem. Does diabetes makes him more prone to the electrolyte imbalances which cause these cramps? (14 Jan 2003)

  114. I would talk to my son's current endocrinologist, but none of his support staff will give him a message. They are severely understaffed and they guard him like Fort Knox. What should the parents of a child with diabetes do when what is best for their child's total care doesn't fit into the practitioner's plan? (14 Jan 2003)

  115. I have read several responses by your "Ask the Expert" team about the relationship between bipolar disorder and diabetes, and it seems the team is discouraging the idea, yet there isresearch occurring. Why would it be hard to see a relationship between manic-depression and diabetes? (14 Jan 2003)

  116. Have you heard about a new sugar free chocolate for people with diabetes called," At Last" which supposedly does not have a laxative effect? (14 Jan 2003)

  117. I am about 26 weeks pregnant with my third child, and I showing ketones (moderate to large) in my morning urine.. Since my blood sugars were in such good control, we determined the ketones were due to starvation ketosis and solved the problem by my eating a small snack in the middle of the night. If the ketones are due to starvation ketosis, how dangerous is this? (14 Jan 2003)

  118. Our daughter has type 1 diabetes, and our family is planning a two year sailing trip to begin in the next two years. Are there places in which it is easier/harder to acquire diabetes supplies? Are there countries that have better/worse facilities to treat diabetes should a problem arise? (13 Jan 2003)

  119. I would like an idea of different food groups, food alternatives, and recipes for my two year old son when not in my care. (13 Jan 2003)

  120. My son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three weeks ago, has begun to have whole body muscle spasms about one to two hours after the injection of Humalog, or as his blood sugar levels begin to drop when exercising, etc. None of our diabetes team specialists seem to have an explanation or seem too concerned. However, I feel that this is something to be concerned about. (13 Jan 2003)

  121. My seven month old niece was diagnosed with diabetes and was in critical condition for weeks at a reputable teaching hospital. Much difficulty is being encountered in regulating insulin and all that goes along with this disease. Is there a hospital/diabetes team that specializes in this at the very youngest ages? (13 Jan 2003)

  122. Can a person with type 2 diabetes ever become insulin dependent? (13 Jan 2003)

  123. I started showing symptoms of diabetes when I was nine years old. They said I was spilling protein and sugar in my urine, but they did not do anything except test it every six months. However, when I was 15, I was officially diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was almost dead. Could all this have been prevented or caught when I was younger? (12 Jan 2003)

  124. I have been in very good control, but, for the last week, my blood sugars have consistently been running high, despite my efforts. Could my cold and my period contribute this heavily to my high blood sugars? Why are they running so high? (11 Jan 2003)

  125. The pediatricians kept my daughter in the hospital until she was three days old because she was dehydrated and a little jaundiced, and my husband and I noticed a very strong acetone smell to her breath while she was in the hospital. She is now five months old, and I smell that same acetone smell on her breath on a regular basis. What should I be watching closely? (11 Jan 2003)

  126. My 74 year old father is was recently diagnosed with borderline diabetes. What kinds of food can he eat? There seems to be sugar in a lot of things. We started walking yesterday, but we are not sure of the foods that he can eat. What exactly is borderline diabetes? Can you please tell me the symptoms? (10 Jan 2003)

  127. We generally don't have any problems with NovoRapid and Protaphane (NPH) in terms of keeping them at room temperature for up to a month, but recently, it seems that three week old insulin did suffer from reduced effectiveness. Are there any specific test findings or recommendations regarding these two insulins and temperature/age? (10 Jan 2003)

  128. I have found that carb counting is just one-third of the puzzle for calculating insulin.. It seems that insulin/carb ratios need to vary depending on glycemic index, and how much fat and protein are with each meal. Why isn't this information taught? (10 Jan 2003)

  129. My eight year old daughter has a GlucoWatch, and I would like to point out some advantages and pitfalls. (10 Jan 2003)

  130. My daughter's A1c has been 9% for the last three tests, no matter what we do to improve the numbers. Her endocrinologist believes that she is cheating her meter because her actual daily numbers should represent a much lower A1c an that she needs counseling. Are there any other possibilities that will produce high A1c numbers? (10 Jan 2003)

  131. My husband is on an insulin pump, has COBRA health insurance, and we have a constant battle with the insurance company. I have talked with the state boards of insurance in two states, filed complaints against the insurance provider, and even called my local Senator, but I feel like it's a loosing battle. Are there any advocacy groups that specialize in assisting people like us? (10 Jan 2003)

  132. I have diabetes and am interested in getting information on restaurants that list their nutritional data on the internet to assist me in determining what and how much I can eat. Are you aware of an informational data base like this or where I can get it? (10 Jan 2003)

  133. My uncle, who has type 2 diabetes, is overweight and is a severe hard liquor alcoholic. He had cataract surgery, the eye doctor said that a blood vessel had grown around the lens which was bleeding, and now he is having trouble with his vision in that eye. Could his eyesight problems be due to the alcoholism and making the diabetes worse? (10 Jan 2003)

  134. My boyfriend's 17 year old daughter told us that her doctor put her on the strongest birth control pills because her period is so bad that it is affecting her blood sugar. For the last three or four months, she has been hospitalized with ketoacidosis. Can your period affect your blood sugar levels to the point of ketoacidosis? Is it common for a doctor to prescribe birth control to correct this problem? (10 Jan 2003)

  135. I have had the hardest time finding an endocrinologist since I moved. There are only two clinics I can attend with my insurance.. I do not care if I have to drive two hundred miles, but I need to find a new doctor who is good. Where can I find recommendations? (10 Jan 2003)

  136. My 10 year old son recently had some sort of seizure in the middle of the night, and my gut instinct tells me it is sugar related. (10 Jan 2003)

  137. I'm a 23 year old female who has had type 1 diabetes for three years, and, for the past year, I have had great troubles keeping my appetite under control. I'm now also seeing a psychiatrist and taking a medication used in treating eating disorders. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to help. I would like to get your advice as to what should I do to stop destroying myself like that. (9 Jan 2003)

  138. Since my husband has been on steroids, he has lost a lot of his ability to feel low blood sugars. I have read information saying that cortisol infusions can cause hypoglycemia awareness, but I have also read information that saying that they do not. Can steroids cause you to lose your ability to feel low blood sugars? Do you know which is true? (8 Jan 2003)

  139. My fasting blood sugar is somewhat high, and my family doctor says he doesn't want to put me on insulin yet, which is okay with me, but doesn't think it is bad enough for oral medications either. What is "normal"? Should I be alarmed? Should I see another doctor for a second opinion? (8 Jan 2003)

  140. I met with a perinatologist recently who said that a woman with diabetes must deliver between 38-1/2 and 39-1/2 weeks. I asked the doctor's reasoning and was told that the placenta of a woman with diabetes ages prematurely, necessitating early delivery for the safety of the baby. Is this accurate information? Is the placenta's premature aging (if that actually does happen) moderated by tight glucose control? (8 Jan 2003)

  141. The averages from my son's meter show that his A1c should be at the level we are attempting to achieve, but his A1cs are much higher. We finally had a 72 hour glucose monitor put on him, and, after the results came back, the doctor admitted that my son has been doing everything right. Do you have any suggestions as to what to do? Has anyone else had this happen to them? (8 Jan 2003)

  142. My understanding of diabetes tells me that if my son is not eating, his blood sugar levels should be low rather than high, but my wife assures me that his endocrinologist has indicated that if he is unwell his levels will be slightly higher. How is this so? (7 Jan 2003)

  143. Every winter since diagnosis, I have had an episode of elevated blood sugars which I have difficulty getting down. Since I am a thin female, am I developing type 1 diabetes? How long does it take to lose control -- for the beta cells to fail? Every time one of these episodes occur, I wonder. Can they fail within a period of a few days/weeks? (7 Jan 2003)

  144. I coach a competitive soccer team and I have a player that has just been diagnosed with diabetes. As a coach it would be helpful to know what signs to look for, what treatment to use, what do we need in our first aid kit if the parents aren't there, and are there any special needs that this player may have that I should be aware of. (7 Jan 2003)

  145. I assume drinking diet soda is better than drinking regular soda, but recently I was told that diet soda is loaded with sugar. I read the labels and the bottles that I purchase at the grocery store all state 0 grams of sugar. Is he mistaken? (7 Jan 2003)

  146. My sister who is 28 weeks pregnant with her first child, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes yesterday, and the dietitian she met with told her that she could have 230 grams of carb per day which seems awfully high to me. (I have been on the Atkins diet for quite awhile, and that's over four times my daily intake). I just want to make sure she is getting good advice. (7 Jan 2003)

  147. I have had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and had no problems until I became pregnant. Now I am having severe problems with boils, mostly on my backside and inside of my legs. They are very painful, I have seven or eight, and it's hard to sit. How dangerous is this? What can be done to help? (7 Jan 2003)

  148. My stepdaughter developed type 1 diabetes about 16 months ago, and my wife and I are trying to help her cope with her disease which has been a struggle from day one. Our latest drama we have found out that she has been giving us false readings from her glucose meter. Any suggestions? (7 Jan 2003)

  149. My friend's four year old daughter is curious about my diabetes. She keeps asking if I am still taking the medicine? Do you have any advice on getting her to understand it a bit? (7 Jan 2003)

  150. I just got an e-mail by someone who downloaded the SweetSheet and is very happy with it. This person is asking me if it can also demonstrate blood sugar values in mmol/L. Can someone who downloaded SweetSheet get readings in the metric system (mmol/L)? (7 Jan 2003)

  151. What are your thoughts on whether to give or not to give my two year old insulin when his blood glucose levels are very low, which I usually don't? I wait until It comes up, but, sometimes this is not easy and it can take me an hour (sometimes two) to get it up into an acceptable range. Can that really mess him up? (4 Jan 2003)

  152. I have a diet product with sucralose as one of the main ingredients, have had nothing today except two drinks, and my blood sugar is very high. Is using the sucralose the same as using sugar? Will it cause blood sugar levels to rise? (4 Jan 2003)

  153. My son takes 36 units of NPH with 4 units of Regular and 6 units of Humalog in the morning, he eats 3 carbs i for breakfast (which is fairly consistent), and two hours after his meal, his sugar can be anywhere from 150 - 350 mg/dl [mmol/L]. We have increased his morning Humalog from 3 to the current 6 units, but the variability still continues. Our apprehension now is that he could be rebounding. Can a rebound happen within one to two hours of a full meal? (4 Jan 2003)

  154. My 12 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was 18 months old, and we have a hard time managing her sugar. We test four to six times a day, and it's never right. Do you think I should talk to her doctor about a pump? (4 Jan 2003)

  155. I'm 15 years old, and I'm just wondering if someone with type 1 diabetes can get their tongue pierced. My mom said I could have it, just as long as it doesn't bother my diabetes. (4 Jan 2003)

  156. Our 16 1/2 year old Caucasian daughter is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost four years ago when she had all the typical symptoms and a blood sugar of 404 mg/dl [24.4 mmol/L]. However, her doctor is doubting that she has diabetes. Could my daughter have type 1B diabetes? (4 Jan 2003)

  157. I'm over 50, slightly overweight, I have diabetes in the family, and I exercise frequently. I guess I just don't understand how to interpret my own testing results. Should I get some kind of other test to make sure I have diabetes? Does someone without diabetes ever have readings over 126 mg/dl [7 mmol/L]? (2 Jan 2003)

The Diabetes Team

Bill Jones, MD (Specialist in the management of diabetes during pregnancy, member since April 1997)
Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
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Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

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Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

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Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

Social Workers
Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

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