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  1. My 14 year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes and is taking thyroxin, has one breast that is developing significantly faster than the other. Any connection? (31 Mar 2003)

  2. My two year old daughter went low during her nap today, and her sitter had trouble getting her to come to. She felt very cold, and her lips were blue. Why would she get cold and her lips turn blue? (31 Mar 2003)

  3. About 17 years ago, I started having problems after I eat. Within 15 minutes, my muscles start to ache. This starts in the center of my back and spreads. I actually only function well with blood sugars below 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L] or if I don't eat all day. Could I be allergic to my own insulin? Any ideas about what could be the cause of this complex problem? (31 Mar 2003)

  4. I have been told that I am insulin resistant. I am taking Glucophage XR along with premixed insulin twice daily, and my fasting blood sugars are all elevated. Is this common? Would an insulin pump put my diabetes under better control? (31 Mar 2003)

  5. A relative of mine has type 1 diabetes treated with a pump, and I gather she has hypos quite often. She checks her blood sugar regularly, but the hypos come as quickly as a blink of the eye, and she gets no warning they are coming. I am extremely concerned for her safety and well being. What can I do or say to encourage her to seek medical advice? (31 Mar 2003)

  6. I am confused about the sudden change in my daughter's diagnosis and wonder if we need a second opinion. Can you help me? (31 Mar 2003)

  7. I have always had low blood pressure, but since I started taking Lantus (and this may be coincidental) my blood pressure is elevating, and I did see an article that said that a side effect of the Lantus is retention of sodium. Have you heard of this? Have any of your patents over the age of 50 brought this up? I have a good diet, I'm not overweight and exercise. (31 Mar 2003)

  8. My friend, who has had type 1 diabetes for about seven months, is not comfortable with the idea of marriage. He feels he'll pass it on to his wife and kids, and he even feels that his sexual life will a disaster. I have several questions: (31 Mar 2003)

  9. I do know that some believe there is an autoimmune form of hearing loss. Ask about it and maybe get a referral to someone who has heard of it. type 1 diabetes is also autoimmune, so maybe he has both. (31 Mar 2003)

  10. My four year old little girl has type 1 diabetes. Would it be possible for my islet cells to be transplanted to her? If so, would this circumnavigate the need for immunosuppressants? (31 Mar 2003)

  11. Several studies have that shown a fat soluble vitamin B1 supplement called benfothiamin reduces neuropathy. What do you know about this? (30 Mar 2003)

  12. My 13 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for two and a half years, is doing pretty well, and I have read many of your answers about the progress toward a cure. Even if a cure is not found within my son't lifetime, how much progress is being made toward treating or eliminating the complications of diabetes so that it will at least be easier to live with? (30 Mar 2003)

  13. I have type 2 diabetes and had an infected ulcer on my foot that is now all better, but my blood sugars are very high. I was on Lantus, but my sugars were only better for a very short time (about two weeks). Can someone with type 2 diabetes develop type 1 diabetes? How high do blood sugars run if someone with type 1 diabetes does not take insulin? (30 Mar 2003)

  14. Can Humalog and Regular insulins be administered at the same time? Would this result in hypoglycemia? (30 Mar 2003)

  15. My family and I are moving to Nigeria, West Africa due to husband's employment, so we are trying to locate a pediatric endocrinologist either in Lagos, Nigeria or in the UK, but our endocrinologist is unable to assist us. Do you know of a resource or individual who might be able to assist us in locating an endocrinologist? (30 Mar 2003)

  16. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my fifth month, and I have been on twice daily insulin for the last 10 days. I am panicking and depressed about my blood sugars and have several questions. (30 Mar 2003)

  17. Nine months after the diabetes was diagnosed, my son's hyperthyroidism suddenly changed to hypothyroidism and has made a complete mess of the insulin injection schedule, dosage etc. Its been about one month now that we are unable to control his blood glucose levels despite the efforts of diabetes specialists here. What can we do? (30 Mar 2003)

  18. My 15 month old son seems to be constantly ill which makes the job of controlling his blood sugar levels that much more difficult. Is he more prone to illness because of the diabetes? Since his blood sugar level is so erratic when he is ill, what are the chances of him developing complications? Is it true that infants tend to be more resilient with erratic blood sugar levels, in your experience has this been true? (30 Mar 2003)

  19. I have fibromyalgia and uncontrolled diabetes. Is it safe for someone to work which blood sugar this high? The doctor wants me to be off work while we work to keep my blood sugars under control, but my employer told me this is no reason to be off work. Is it safe for someone to work which blood sugar this high? When and who should decide what is safe? (30 Mar 2003)

  20. Since my daughter has been diagnosed, the teacher comments that she often struggles to concentrate. If they then ask her to do a blood sugar the results are always over 20 mmol/L [360 mg/dl]. Do high blood sugars affect concentration and/or mood? (30 Mar 2003)

  21. My five year old son is on a MiniMed 508, and although he has good control, we are not happy with the catheters that they offer with the pumps and are not familiar with other pumps. What pump do you recommend for a child less than five years old? (29 Mar 2003)

  22. What kind of insulin regimen do you advise for our six year old son so that the times and quantity of his meals are as flexible as possible? (29 Mar 2003)

  23. My granddaughter attends a public school, and supposedly we have a 504 plan in place, but I think her teacher needs lessons on how to deal with a child who has diabetes. (29 Mar 2003)

  24. I used Humalog with a pump, but I started having problems and the doctor said the insulin crystallized in the pump so he switched me to NovoLog which went fine for a while. However, now I'm having the same problem (high and uncontrollable blood sugars). I went through four pumps and don't agree it crystallized in the pump. For now I'm on Lantus and NovoLog by injection. Why would the insulin do this? (29 Mar 2003)

  25. When I took my son had a to see his asthma doctor, he informed me that my son's urine glucose in his was over 1000 and that his blood glucose 176 mg/dl [9.8 mmol/L], and I have noticed over time that my son does seem thirsty a lot, has headaches, and gets worn out. I'm planning to have his blood work redone. Do you think my son could have diabetes? Wouldn't he have shown more signs? (29 Mar 2003)

  26. Following a seizure, my six year old daughter (who does not have diabetes) had some high blood sugars that returned to normal after about four hours. What would cause her to have such a high blood sugar? Currently her doctor is not testing for diabetes -- should I request it? (29 Mar 2003)

  27. We have been concerned about our overweight 11 year old daughter. and started checking her sugar which ranged 114-169 mg/dl [6.3-9.4 mmol/L] so we took her for blood work. The doctor said her sugar is high, but she does not have diabetes and that her protein is very high. Do protein levels have anything to do with diabetes? (29 Mar 2003)

  28. When my son was diagnosed with type 1.5 18 months ago, and the doctor offered him Glucophage to wean off Lantus, but we noticed when he took it his blood sugars stayed typically higher. Lately he has be en under stress. Does stress typically affect your glucose? Could the combination of Lantus and Glucophage keep his levels higher? Is this the end of the honeymoon? (29 Mar 2003)

  29. My husband, who has type 2 diabetes treated with pills, was injured and required stitches, and ever since then, his blood sugars have been considerably higher, even though he's currently taking twice as much medication as before the accident. I know trauma can make your blood sugar rise, but shouldn't it have gone down in two months? (28 Mar 2003)

  30. My seven year old daughter is taking NPH with Humalog in the morning and NPH with Humalog in the evening and eats up to 150 grams of carb each day. What would be a normal amount of NPH and Humalog to give a 53 pound seven year old? It would be great to have a scale, is there one? (28 Mar 2003)

  31. My doctor told that my pancreas has shut down, I am not making insulin, and I have type 2 diabetes. I take mixed insulin and Lantus at bedtime. What type of diabetes do I have? (28 Mar 2003)

  32. I'm 56 years old, I have type 2 diabetes, and I also have multiple sclerosis for which I take steroid shots times per week. My face is getting very ruddy looking and I bruise very easily, especially at shot sites, and that is severely limiting my injection sites. Is this common? Is this possibly a complication of my type 2 diabetes? (28 Mar 2003)

  33. I am going on a mission trip to Zambia where there is no refrigeration, and I can not go unless I find something to keep my insulin safe. Do you have any suggestions? Also, what is your advice in a good durable meter? (28 Mar 2003)

  34. I am desperate because my daughter's blood sugars will be good today and bad tomorrow, she cries all day, and she said that she wants to die because this is not a life to live. She said that I don't love her because I should let her die if I really love her. (28 Mar 2003)

  35. Recently, my father, who has reactive hypoglycemia managed by diet and exercise, has been having short nausea attacks that leave him feeling confused with memory loss each time, and last week he went into a grand mal seizure. I have several questions. (27 Mar 2003)

  36. My daughter has been urinating way too frequently, and her urine is predominantly dilute in appearance. The doctor has tested for infection and found none. The doctor has done an ultrasound of the bladder that shows she is emptying out appropriately. Is urine volume necessarily an indication of diabetes insipidus? Can frequency and dilute appearance warrant concern? (27 Mar 2003)

  37. After receiving a series of steroid injections, my husband had to be hospitalized for a high blood sugar. I have been told that once he stopped taking them and they left his system that the diabetes would go away, but his has not and has only gotten worse over the months. Could the steroids have caused him to have diabetes that would stay active for the rest of his life? (27 Mar 2003)

  38. There is no family history of diabetes other than my daughter and myself, and I am not convinced that we even have diabetes. (27 Mar 2003)

  39. After using insulin injections for the past 15 years, I have just started pump therapy, and I am getting married in a few months, and I am concerned about what to do with sex. I want information about sex and diabetes, but I was too embarrassed to ask my doctor. Does the pump get in the way? (27 Mar 2003)

  40. Our 21 year old son has just graduated from college, and we are pursuing COBRA health insurance coverage. We know we need this coverage until he is in a stable position, but our income isn't sufficient to for the high premiums. Do you have any suggestions? (27 Mar 2003)

  41. Both my granddaughter and my brother were on soy formulas as infants, and a radio show host indicated there is a link between soy milk and diabetes. Has there been any research done regarding this link? (25 Mar 2003)

  42. I am 34 years old, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two and a half years ago, and I have been to all four endocrinologists in my area. I am currently seeing a general practitioner who came highly recommended and is doing a good job with my thyroid, but I desperately need someone to help me with diabetes control. (25 Mar 2003)

  43. My daughter has both diabetes and growth hormone deficiency. I have asked her doctor on how taking both growth hormone and insulin at the same time might be affecting her uncontrollable highs and lows. Do several children have problems with when dealing with both disease? Are there very many other children with both these diseases? (25 Mar 2003)

  44. I have type 2 diabetes. I am taking Lipitor, and since started taking it, I seem to be gaining weight. Could the Lipitor cause weight gain? (25 Mar 2003)

  45. For the last few months, my 15 year old daughter, who has had diabetes for 10 years, has had increased swelling in her arms and legs and what her doctor said was geographic tongue. Any explanation for this? Is it diabetes related? (25 Mar 2003)

  46. My four year old son had some high blood sugars on my meter. We had labs drawn within a few days and his chem panel was normal, as was his A1c. I just got his antibody studies back and the islet cell and insulin antibodies were negative. His C-peptide was normal. If the GAD comes back normal, does that mean he definitely does not and will not have diabetes? (25 Mar 2003)

  47. My boyfriend is on glyburide and metformin and has been doing everything right to control his diabetes for about three years, but it is not working any more. The doctor wants to put him on insulin, but my boyfriend does not want to do it. What should he do? (25 Mar 2003)

  48. I am very athletic and participate in a lot of activities. Basketball is my main love, I play all year round, but I want to slim down a little bit before basketball season starts. My mom and I want to try the Atkins' diet. I have heard a lot of success stories, and my friend's mom lost 100 pounds. Is it okay for someone with diabetes to go on this diet? (25 Mar 2003)

  49. Recently I went to a health fair where I had a meter blood sugar of 135 mg/dl [7.5 mmol/L] after lunch, and I was told it was borderline. Afterward I had testing done at two different laboratories. Can you throw some light on this? What is my condition? (25 Mar 2003)

  50. My 17 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago, and using a pump, has had a few C-peptide tests done and still has detectable levels. Is it possible after almost four years of type 1 diabetes for my son's pancreas to still be making insulin? Can he try oral medications instead if he is still producing insulin on his own? (25 Mar 2003)

  51. I am concerned that my son possibly has diabetes, The school nurse and the daycare providers think I need to have him checked, and I feel I should have him tested, but I am not sure what type of test to request. His previous doctor checked his urine only, said he found no signs and that was enough. Should I get a second opinion to be sure? What type of test do I ask for? (25 Mar 2003)

  52. I had a blow out last night with a friend regarding her nine year old daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two years ago. Is it true that a nine year old cannot be held accountable for behavior (whining, screaming and even being aggressive -- pushing, scratching, spitting) when she is too low or too high? (24 Mar 2003)

  53. One of my almost six year old twins is putting on weight much faster than his brother, requests water/beverages very frequently, and there are periods when he urinates hourly. Should I push the pediatrician about conducting tests for diabetes? (24 Mar 2003)

  54. My daughter uses a pump, and we are going to be traveling to a time zone that is five hours behind where we live. We are planning to stay for 10 days.and we want some guidance on adjusting her basal rates. Any thoughts? (24 Mar 2003)

  55. Can hypoglycemia, in itself, physiologically cause weight gain or inability to lose weight? I know that the extra calories from eating more often can, but my question is, aside from that can the disease state cause fluctuations in weight? (24 Mar 2003)

  56. I have type 2 diabetes treated with insulin and oral agents. If you start rejecting the insulin, should you not increase the amount? Why does this happen? What can be done to help prevent the rejection? (24 Mar 2003)

  57. Do people with diabetes take longer to recover from illness or injury? (24 Mar 2003)

  58. When my daughter gets low, she is generally in the range of 60 mg/dl [3.3 mmol/L], and lately she has experienced it once per day, sometimes more. Are lows damaging to her body in any way? Can the lows permanently damage the body? Do I have to be so careful for her not to have a low? (24 Mar 2003)

  59. I am confused about ketoacidosis and weight loss. How can a person who has diabetes and wants to lose weight not experience ketoacidosis? Does a normal person experience ketoacidosis if they burn fat in a weight loss regimen? Is ketoacidosis burning too much fat too quickly? (24 Mar 2003)

  60. My partner's almost 17 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 18 months, has entered the age now where he and his friends are drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using marijuana. Is there anywhere I can obtain information of the effects of alcohol and drug use on people with diabetes? (24 Mar 2003)

  61. My son's doctor doesn't seemed concerned about the possibility of diabetes and said that the test that could determine if he has it, the Hemoglobin A1c is not covered by Medicaid; so basically I have to wait for symptoms. Is there anything I can do now to prevent diabetes from happening? I don't want to have to wait for my son to be in a coma to know if he has it or not. (23 Mar 2003)

  62. My 11 year old son, diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia when he was seven years old, has had very low blood sugars and also very high ones but has not been diagnosed with diabetes. Is this normal? (23 Mar 2003)

  63. I want to slim down a little bit before basketball season starts, and I am interested in the pump, but my doctor said I would probably gain weight. Why? Do you support the pump in my case? (23 Mar 2003)

  64. My best friend almost died this past summer, and, as a result she needs to test herself several times a day. She also has lost a good portion of her vision. I am trying to find out which meter would work best for her. She is tired of pricking herself and has problems reading the results at times. Are there a few monitors you recommend? (23 Mar 2003)

  65. I work with a 25 year female who has diabetes, and, twice within the last four months we had to call 911 because her blood sugar dropped. It happened again today. Is there something we can do to help her when her blood sugar drops like this again? (23 Mar 2003)

  66. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago, and about 18 months later, he was diagnosed with ADHD and began taking medications for that. Sometimes, he takes an ADHD medication "holiday", and then he needs about 30% more insulin. What is it about the ADHD medications that makes this difference? (23 Mar 2003)

  67. I take three medications for my high blood pressure, one for my cholesterol, and I'm on glipizide once per day for diabetes. I've been on low fat and low carb diet and measure my food, but I have no luck in losing any weight. I always have high sugar in the morning, with or without a snack before bed. I'm very upset! Could any of my medicines be the culprit in not losing weight? (23 Mar 2003)

  68. I have had type 2 diabetes for about 18 years, I have Charcot foot (left) and a bad right foot due to diabetes. I am taking equal doses of 70/30 insulin twice daily, and my sugar goes up and down like a yo-yo. Now my doctor has increased both doses by about 20%, and I am 50 overweight because of insulin. Is this new dose going to going to work? Should I find another doctor? (23 Mar 2003)

  69. What effect does stress have on diabetes and the rise and fall of blood glucose levels? (23 Mar 2003)

  70. I recently went on a trip, left my ACE inhibitors at home by mistake, and couldn't take them for about six days. I just got home and started them again yesterday. Is this dangerous? Is it bad for my kidneys, heart, body to not take them for a week then start back up? Should I have eased back into taking them (like take a half a pill for a few days)? (23 Mar 2003)

  71. Is it really uncommon to have to have such a high dose of insulin in the morning compared to other times of the day? What causes this? (22 Mar 2003)

  72. My nephew, who has type 1 diabetes and lives in Mexico, takes no medicines nor does he see a doctor because his family is poor. He has gone into a diabetic coma and been treated at the hospital, but once he is stable, they let him go with prescriptions which they cannot afford to fill. In addition, they have had no information or classes on how to live with diabetes. Please help us help our nephew. (22 Mar 2003)

  73. I am being started on a 15 day course of steroids only with tapering doses, and I am aware that steroids like this raise your blood glucose readings. How should I adjust my insulin accordingly? I am not going to start my medication until I find out something. (22 Mar 2003)

  74. I've had type 1 diabetes and have been controlling it with NPH and Humalog for about nine months, but for the past week or so, I have become seriously insulin resistant and have had to triple my insulin dosage to keep my blood sugar under control. I've been taking Accutane for a about and month and a half, but i'm not sure whether it inhibits the effects of insulin. What could be causing this? (22 Mar 2003)

  75. My child's specialist said she should get up and go to school, but I did not think is a safe thing to do. (22 Mar 2003)

  76. My teenage son, who has type 1 diabetes, recently tried a new, young endocrinologist who suggested we test for Addison's disease. What is Addison's disease? What are its symptoms? Is this a routine test given to people with type 1 diabetes? (22 Mar 2003)

  77. I am now 30 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years, and I have worn an insulin pump for the last three years. I am a professional modern dancer and still struggle with finding the proper balance of exercise, carbs, and disconnecting my pump. (22 Mar 2003)

  78. I am over 60 years old, have had type 2 diabetes treated with oral diabetes medications for more than 10 years, and my urine protein came back high. What caused this? How can I get it back to normal? (22 Mar 2003)

  79. Our 12 year old daughter has been running high blood glucose levels during the day and a little at night. In addition, she has had to go to the hospital twice in the last two weeks for pain in her abdomen and high fevers. Her regular family doctor thinks her appendix is a problem, and she may be having some difficulties with starting her period for the first time. (22 Mar 2003)

  80. My daughter suddenly got pale, told me she wanted to go to sleep, and dropped to the floor.Since than she has been complaining of dizziness, drowsiness and nausea which seem to happen when she goes more than two to three hours without eating. I also have a seven year old son who tells me that he is always thirsty and complains of above symptoms. Should I be concerned about this? (22 Mar 2003)

  81. Our three year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about nine months ago, and we have been struggling with morning highs ever since he appeared to leave the honeymoon stage. We have been working hard with our diabetes team but still haven't found the right formula. Any ideas? (20 Mar 2003)

  82. My 11 year old friend has begun metformin (500 mg twice a day) to possibly prevent diabetes and is not scheduled to see the doctor again for six months which seems like a long time to wait. Once metformin begins, should blood sugar be tested and how often? What studies have been done? There is very little information on this, and nothing I could find for pediatric use. (20 Mar 2003)

  83. My son is going to be tested for hypoglycemia because whenever he has to take any medicines, he has outbursts of anger and destruction that can't be explained or controlled. Everything causes a reaction in him, and I noticed that he does seem moodier when he doesn't eat well. Have you ever heard of medicine being linked to low blood sugar? (20 Mar 2003)

  84. At the time of diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, my son had just began puberty. One doctor says my child has type 1 diabetes, another says he has type 2, and another says he's in between. He takes Lantus and Humalog which is s working very well at the present time. Do you think it is possible the diabetes will go away after puberty? (20 Mar 2003)

  85. Can insulin quit working for someone with diabetes? (20 Mar 2003)

  86. My son has been labeled with type 1.5 diabetes by his diabetes specialist because he has the problems of both types. He has three of the antibodies for type 1. I have several questions. (20 Mar 2003)

  87. My three year old daughter is in full-time daycare, and also her blood sugar. level is not as steady. Would a pump be a good idea? Do you think she would be a good candidate? (20 Mar 2003)

  88. We have a student with newly diagnosed diabetes who has had two seizures in the past three weeks. The first time her blood sugar was high, but the second time, it was low, and I haven't seen anything about a sort of "bipolar" diabetes. Is this possible or are there likely other factors involved? (20 Mar 2003)

  89. My son-in-law has type 1 diabetes, and since my grandson has been showing symptoms for about three years, his father tests his glucose level monthly, and last evening it was high. He was taken to his pediatrician, but as usual, the pediatrician asked my daughter "Do you want him to have it?" Should my grandson be sent to a specialist at this point? Are there any preventive measures? (20 Mar 2003)

  90. My daughter is having a difficult time with the bumps/scar-like marks left by the infusion sets, and their appearance bother her so much that she would rather not use a pump. We have tried several things, none of which seem to work. Is there anything else we can use/do to help alleviate these bump/scar-tissue like areas? (20 Mar 2003)

  91. In your opinion, would it be more cost-effective for insurance companies to provide their child clients who have type 1 diabetes with insulin pumps versus more traditional insulin therapies? Please also consider in your response all of the possible long-term effects of type 1 diabetes. (18 Mar 2003)

  92. I'm 18 years old, and I have had diabetes since I was nine. I have never been able to get my blood sugars in good control and always feel like diabetes is hindering me from leading a normal life. Lately, I have been feeling pain in my left big toe, but my circulation is fine. If I start taking better care of myself, will the pain in my foot go away, or could it be permanent? (18 Mar 2003)

  93. My son is constantly getting threadworms. Is there a link with threadworms and diabetes? (18 Mar 2003)

  94. I have just moved in with my 18 year old best friend who had nesidioblastosis as a baby, consequently had 95% of her pancreas removed, and now she is insulin dependent. I really want to help her without fussing, but I don't know how. Could you explain a little more about this condition please? (18 Mar 2003)

  95. I've had type 1 diabetes for about 23 years and a knee injury which caused some degenerative arthritis and a lot of pain and swelling on a daily basis. How safe or harmful is ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs for people with type 1 diabetes? I've had a number of doctors who've yelled at me recently for my use of these types of drugs saying they're very harmful to my kidneys. (18 Mar 2003)

  96. Is it possible to transplant islets from a healthy person to a person with diabetes? I understand the person donating the cells would probably have diabetes, or will the islets reproduce themselves in a healthy person? I know some parents, grandparent or relative who would gladly do this for a child, grandchild or another family member. Would one healthy person's cells be enough for a person with diabetes? (18 Mar 2003)

  97. My sister was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and lately her blood sugar levels have been very low before lunch. Does this mean that she is taking too much insulin in the morning or not eating enough for breakfast/snacks? (18 Mar 2003)

  98. My 41 year old son is taking rosiglitazone, metformin, and insulin for his diabetes, but he is not doing well and is putting on a great amount of weight. Is this an acceptable regimen for his condition? (18 Mar 2003)

  99. My 10 year old son is on three shots per day of Actrapid [Regular] and Insulatard [NPH], but recently his pediatrician advised us to switch to Lantus once daily instead of the Insulatard in addition to three shots of Actrapid with meals. However, I read that Lantus regulates the rate of growth of children. Could you give me your opinion? (18 Mar 2003)

  100. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was over 50, and that is when I first heard of PCOS. Would having PCOS be an important factor in determining my treatment plan? (18 Mar 2003)

  101. A 33 year old friend with type 1 diabetes died last week. He had frequent nocturnal hypoglycemic episodes from diagnosis until death, and it seemed that everything they all tried to do did not help him manage adequately. From everything I read here and elsewhere, there's not a big risk of death from hypoglycemic episodes. Why would he have died from it? (17 Mar 2003)

  102. I am an RN, but foremost, I have had type 1 diabetes for 41 years and my goal is to be a diabetes educator, but it is possible as a Catch 22 since you need a 1,000 hours of teaching in order to take the test and in my area, there are never any job openings. Any words of advice as to where to go to look for jobs as a diabetes educator? (17 Mar 2003)

  103. I just had a complete metabolic panel done, and my serum glucose was 112 mg/dl [6.2 mmol/L], and my carbon dioxide total was 18. I would like to know what this means. (17 Mar 2003)

  104. My seven year old son has a six week history of increased thirst and urination up to twenty times a day at present, and is scheduled for a glucose tolerance test. If the oral GTT is indeed negative, does that mean that my son may just have a natural tendency to a raised blood sugar? Does the fact that it returns to normal during true fasting mean that we should be reassured? (17 Mar 2003)

  105. My 37 year old husband has had diabetes for approximately five years and started taking insulin about three years ago usually runs high. We have had unprotected intercourse for six years and was wondering if you could tell me how fertile someone would be. (17 Mar 2003)

  106. I have had type 1 diabetes for seven years and have a ten month old son. I was expecting my insulin dose to decrease after I gave birth, but as of a week ago it has not stopped decreasing. Is there any possible medical reason as to why this is happening? (17 Mar 2003)

  107. Nothing peculiar has been found about the biochemistry of mothers who have children with diabetes. Has this been studied much? (17 Mar 2003)

  108. Before starting a pump with NovoLog, my daughter developed lipoatrophy, and even though we swap sides and change sites regularly, keeping away from the atrophied area, she has developed more. Is there another explanation for these "dents"? Is this so new that it hasn't been fully explored yet? (17 Mar 2003)

  109. My 24 year old son had a marginally elevated fasting glucose on a routine physical and failed a subsequent two hour GTT. His fasting glucose is generally okay, and his two hour postprandials have always been normal.. Should he test glucose levels at night to see if he's hypoglycemic and the liver is releasing glucagon? (17 Mar 2003)

  110. I have heard that there is a new type of insulin out that a mother gives to her type 1 kids once a day only and that their blood sugar levels remain normal, regardless of what they eat. I know this is limited information, but does this sound plausible to you? (17 Mar 2003)

  111. My 15 year old daughter. who has had type 1 diabetes for about five months has been swimming all year round since she was nine (currently six days per week, three hours per day) in addition to running, weights, etc. However, she seems to be having trouble controlling her sugar well at meets, so she can swim optimally. Can anyone help us? (16 Mar 2003)

  112. I have had acute diarrhea for a long time which seems to be periodic throughout the year. I take Imodium AD but still have terrible problems. Is this or can this be connected to my diabetes? (16 Mar 2003)

  113. My son just had a third year re-evaluation of his IEP, and now they say they want to drop the learning disability part. I disagree because his blood sugars are not regular and off the charts, and most of the time, he has trouble concentrating on his learning. He also is at a third grade level in reading and math. Please help me make them understand the disability a child with diabetes could have. (16 Mar 2003)

  114. Our newborn baby has very high blood insulin levels after two weeks treatment with glucose and baby milk to stabilise her glucose. What is the reason for this high insulin content? (16 Mar 2003)

  115. What are all the tests that should be conducted and when in order to maintain good control of diabetes? (16 Mar 2003)

  116. I use a meter offered by Walgreen's because I don't have insurance, and the strips are half the price. However, I have had a couple of times when my blood sugar was not measured correctly, and when I re-did the measurement, I got a result that I thought was better meeting with my situation. I am looking for any studies done on this meter. (16 Mar 2003)

  117. My three year old daughter has just begun pump therapy, and her pediatric endocrinologist wants her to be on U-50 NovoLog, but the manufacturer has not done any studies on mixing U-100 NovoLog with any of their three diluents and is hesitant to recommend any of them. Are you familiar with using U-50-NovoLog in a pump? If so, are you aware of any problems that may have surfaced? (16 Mar 2003)

  118. All of a sudden, my three year old son all of a has been having a problem with the insulin needles. I heard that there was a bear (not Rufus) that you could get for your child. He has diabetes and has an ID bracelet and stuff. I'm not sure of the cost, but if it's not too much, I'd like to see about getting one. Could you somehow maybe send me one? (16 Mar 2003)

  119. Does the GlucoWatch G2 Biographer work well for kids? Is it worth the investment at this time? (16 Mar 2003)

  120. I have suspected diabetes, am now 1000 mg of Niaspan, and my fasting glucose levels are 113-120 mg/dl [6.3-6.7 mmol/L] whereas before it was 103 mg/dl [5.7 mmol/L] or lower. My doctor has asked me to test twice a day, and I got confusing advice on when I should be alarmed. Can Niaspan cause your sugar to go up? (15 Mar 2003)

  121. I recently read an article in a magazine about symptom of diabetes in teenagers, and I found that I had six of the eight they listed. I am really scared that I may have diabetes, but my parents will not take me to get a check up, and I don't know where to get one. Is it possible that I have diabetes? (15 Mar 2003)

  122. What is Humulin-U? How does it work? (15 Mar 2003)

  123. I have had type 1 diabetes for 14 years, I check my blood sugars about four to five times per day now, and my A1cs have been pretty good. I am runner and keep in pretty good shape. Recently however, I have been getting a tingling feeling in my fingertips. Any suggestions? (15 Mar 2003)

  124. The doctor told me that I need to take Glucophage XR three times a day, but the pharmacist said they normally do not give this particular medicine that often, and I should probably be taking generic metformin. Also, I have been told my a nurse that this medicine is never going to get my blood sugar down. Can you tell me who is right? (15 Mar 2003)

  125. I know there are factors in "candidate selection" for the pump, but I was severely reprimanded at work for talking about a pump with a newly diagnosed child, and I am looking for some back up on my position. What is an appropriate length of time between the diagnosis of diabetes and the initiation of pump therapy? (15 Mar 2003)

  126. It has been 11 days since my daughter was hospitalized with dehydration and high ketones, and although her blood glucose came down during the visit, her numbers are consistently high now, despite giving extra insulin. Why is she still having such high numbers? (15 Mar 2003)

  127. My three and a half year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the tender age of one year, is having problems with potty training. Is potty training more difficult for boys with type 1 diabetes? Is this something that I should be concerned about? (15 Mar 2003)

  128. My six year old has type 1 diabetes, my four year old shows symptoms but sugars stay normal except when he is taking a steroid. Now, my eight month old has been put on steroids for asthma. Can steroid use cause onset of diabetes in a genetically predisposed child? Is it worth the risk because the eczema and the asthma symptoms are pretty bad? (15 Mar 2003)

  129. Our son, who is on the insulin pump and has very good control, is also on Concerta for ADD and growth hormone. We all expected a bit more growth than this and have heard many opinions on the effects of Concerta on growth. How much does the Concerta take away from the growth hormone -- are the two fighting each other? (15 Mar 2003)

  130. I have a student with diabetes and down syndrome. Because of severe behavioral issues, we are exploring the possibility that this student may also have PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) which is commonly treated with stimulant medication. Would a stimulant interfere with insulin treatment? Would a stimulant even be a possibility for us because of his diabetes? (15 Mar 2003)

  131. At the time I was diagnosed with diabetes (about eight months ago, I was taking fish oil. I saw a nationally known doctor on TV who researches women's heart disease and stated that taking fish oil capsules every day would reduce your chances of heart disease by over 50%. However, my endocrinologist told me to stop taking it. Is fish oil harmful to a person with diabetes? (14 Mar 2003)

  132. I have always had a reaction to the insulin in during which my entire body swells which has progressively gotten worse over time. My endocrinologist continually says it will go away, but it hasn't! What do I do? Do you have any suggestions about who to talk to who might have some answers as to what else I can try? (14 Mar 2003)

  133. My nephew, who has type 2 diabetes, has been sick and his is blood sugar has not been stable. Last night when my sister went to see him, she was shocked. He has lost weight, his eyes are sunken, his blood sugar was elevated, and within two hours, just prior to going to bed it was higher. Is his blood sugar at a dangerous level? (14 Mar 2003)

  134. My 16 year old son has had hypoglycemia during high stress wrestling. The doctors, put him through the wringer of tests only did one fingerstick fasting glucose test. The symptoms seem to be appearing more often, and I have several questions. (14 Mar 2003)

  135. Since I started using the pump, I have gained about 20 pounds and am very depressed about it. I obsess about being fatter and hate it event though my blood sugars are remarkable! Is there anything safe to do about the weight gain? Am I doing something wrong? (13 Mar 2003)

  136. I am just out of high school and was wondering what I need to do to become a diabetes researcher. I want to help find the cure for diabetes. Where do I start? (13 Mar 2003)

  137. My wife suffers terribly from neuropathy in her hands and feet as a result of diabetes. While prescribed pain medicines provide some relief, there are concerns about long term use, and her doctors are becoming increasingly fearful of prescribing strong pain killers. Is there any clinical or narrative evidence to indicate that marijuana, either in herbal or medicinal form, is in any way beneficial for treating the pain associated with neuropathy? (13 Mar 2003)

  138. I recently had a baby by C-section,and, while in the recovery room, I began to slowly pass out, I was told my respiration rate was almost down to nothing, and I began to experience hypothermia. After being treated by the doctors and recovering, I was told I went into DKA. What do you think? (13 Mar 2003)

  139. I am the non-custodial mother of a 14 year old boy with type 1 diabetes, and my ex-husband told me that my son is becoming sterile because of his insulin injections. Is this possible or is my ex just trying to hurt me again? (13 Mar 2003)

  140. Will taking Avandia lessen the weight loss on the Atkins' diet for people with type 2 diabetes? (13 Mar 2003)

  141. My family doctor suggested chromium picolinate supplementation. I'm reading pros and cons but typically "lack of evidence" from medical community. Would it not be simpleto have a trial with control/test groups who take placebos and chromium picolinate supplements and measure blood sugar after two to four months? (13 Mar 2003)

  142. My 21 year old son is having trouble being compliant with his glucose monitoring, and because of his lack of consistent testing, he is being denied a pump by the insurance carrier. I have just read about the SugarTrac non-invasive glucose monitor, and I am hoping this is the real deal. Do you have an opinion about this new monitor? (13 Mar 2003)

  143. My daughter, who has Addison's disease, had an IVGTT which showed a low insulin response, and she also has high GAD antibody titer. The researcher she had seen told us she would get diabetes soon, but she still does not have it. Could the Addison's disease and Cortef treatment affect the an IVGTT result? (13 Mar 2003)

  144. Prior to starting insulin pump therapy, I had approximately 40 episodes of hypoglycemia within 30 days. Although I have had only two reactions since getting my pump, I am still lacking energy and am having difficulty in keeping up with my college assignments. Just how long does it take the entire body to completely recover from just one episode of hypoglycemia -- or in my situation, 40 in a 30 day span? (12 Mar 2003)

  145. I take Glucovance once a day, with breakfast, for my type 2 diabetes. My problem is, after about three and a half to four hours, I get a bit shaky, grumpy, and sometimes I get stomach pain. This can all be alleviated with a meal, but my job doesn't always allow me to get to lunch when I feel I need to. Is going longer than four hours without eating okay while taking Glucovance ? (12 Mar 2003)

  146. My son frequently has a low reading at bedtime, and although we will give him carbs in some form to bring him up a bit, this sometimes occurs before the "N" has had a chance to kick in. What are the most common signs that my son be experiencing a significant low while asleep? (12 Mar 2003)

  147. Previously, I ordered pump supplies with no problem, but when I ordered more a few days ago, my doctor's office called me and told me that the pump company says I need to have a C-peptide test done. How long has the C-peptide test been around? Should my doctor have ordered this test before now? (12 Mar 2003)

  148. I have gestational diabetes, treated with insulin twice per day. Is it okay for the sugars to fluctuate once per day? Would they be affecting my baby? (12 Mar 2003)

  149. Recently my five year old son has had a few skin rashes and went to a dermatologist who suggested that he had granuloma annulare. The doctor suggested that this is a sign that my son has diabetes or is likely to get it in the future. What is granuloma annulare? (12 Mar 2003)

  150. The baby's organs seem fine on the sonogram, but the doctors feel that the baby will be born prematurely. At my amniocentesis their was a deletion in the 6th chromosome which indicates type 1 diabetes, but I am not getting any answers to my questions. Could the baby have diabetes? (12 Mar 2003)

  151. My physician stated that I could be in a honeymoon phase, but she never diagnosed me as actually having a diabetes. She told me to come back for a check up later, gave me a glucose meter, and told me to check it whenever I felt bad. Does a honeymoon phase precede diabetes? Are my blood sugars usually indicative of diabetes? If so, would it be type 1 or type 2? (12 Mar 2003)

  152. My nine year old daughter had an elevated microalbumin on a random urine. A week later, she had 24-hour microalbumin of 61, and her doctor wants to put her on a ACE inhibitor, but her blood pressure is not elevated. Will the medication make her hypotensive Should she have another 24-hour microalbumin to make sure the microalbumin excretion is constant? (12 Mar 2003)

  153. Lately, my son's readings have been all over the place, even on a pump. When he was on shots, we had been told that if you see three highs in a row at a certain time of day, or two lows in a row at a certain time of day, that his insulin dosage should be changed. Is there a "rule of thumb" for adjusting insulin when using a pump? (11 Mar 2003)

  154. My brother was just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a week ago. Does having type 1 diabetes affect an individual's lifespan or any other aspect of life? (11 Mar 2003)

  155. The pediatrician says my son could have prediabetes. We now have an appointment with a pediatric endocrinologist and pediatric gastroenterologist. What possible tests or procedures my we expect to be ordered? Should I worry about diabetes? (11 Mar 2003)

  156. A child had a test that indicates that there is a level of high enzymes in the pancreas, and an ultrasound of the pancreas has been ordered. What is the possibility of a child with stomach problems over a period of several months having diabetes? (11 Mar 2003)

  157. My son had some high bloods sugars on my meter. The doctor ordered a random blood sugar test which was normal, he told me it was nothing to worry about and sent me home. I am a nurse and am concerned that something is seriously wrong with my son. Am I right to seek a second opinion, or are these blood sugar spikes normal for my child? (11 Mar 2003)

  158. My son has headaches, vomits, and urinates a lot. The main thing is he is in the bathroom every 10 minutes all day and night. If he does not eat right, he gets very ill. I was told he has hypoglycemia, but I did not get any information about it. Is it a type of diabetes? What is it? How do you treat it? What should I know? (11 Mar 2003)

  159. I am a reception teacher and have a child in my class who has been taken into hospital with suspected diabetes and I am concerned because I have been providing him with a snack of biscuits everyday previous to finding out. Do you think that this could have caused the diabetes? (11 Mar 2003)

  160. Now that I am suffering complications and am doing everything in my power to overcome the poor decisions and physical weakness in my past, I am faced with the grim repercussions of years of consistently high blood glucose. I have such high aspirations but can't help myself. Will I be able to improve my health? Can I reverse any of the damage I have already done? (11 Mar 2003)

  161. My son had sugar in his urine, but all testing has been fine. I continue to check his urine sugar level. It will be negative for several days and then start showing some sugar again. Is this an indication of the onset of diabetes? Can there be some simple answers? (11 Mar 2003)

  162. I am 15 years old, have type 1 diabetes, and I want to know if it would be a bad idea to pierce my belly button. I have heard that there are some risks if I do. (11 Mar 2003)

  163. I am a reception teacher and have a child in my class who is on the child protection list for neglect. He has been taken into hospital with suspected diabetes, and I am concerned that his parents are in no condition to provide an adequate diet or give him insulin injections. Is there anything I can do for him at school? (10 Mar 2003)

  164. My husband has been suffering from chills, high temps, severe night sweats, and weight loss for 17 months. He also has a slightly elevated blood pressure controlled with Accupril. At one point after losing so much weight, the Accupril was stopped, and the fevers let up somewhat. Have you heard of these side effects in anyone using Accupril? (10 Mar 2003)

  165. A 15 year old girl with type 1 diabetes lives in Honduras and has no close family to give her support. She has little medical care where she is, and I would appreciate any help you can provide before something unpleasant happens to this teenager. (10 Mar 2003)

  166. My 16 year old son was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and he's shown increasing symptoms since Christmas. A few weeks before Christmas, we used a strong pesticide on household carpets to kill domestic fleas. Could this have triggered his diabetes? (10 Mar 2003)

  167. As a pediatrician making decisions about ACE inhibitor therapy, it is necessary to have more confidence about beginning such treatment based on microalbumin measurements. Do you know of a reference to data that has been collected systematically to address the above questions? Should three 24-hour urine collections be done in succession or each separated by a week? (10 Mar 2003)

  168. My daughter, who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, desperately would like to attend an overnight summer camp with her friends. Can a child with newly diagnosed diabetes successfully attend summer camp? (10 Mar 2003)

  169. Immediately after having a baby, I noticed a sharp decrease in my insulin dose, it has steadily declined for the past eleven months, and I am now taking 5 units a day total. My doctor ordered a C-peptide test. Is it actually possible that I could be making insulin this late in the game? Could something else be making my insulin requirement so low? Could my pancreas just start back up? (10 Mar 2003)

  170. My 19 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes since age four, was in a car accident recently, and his blood sugar level increased dramatically in a hour. Is this a common response to trauma in this time length? (10 Mar 2003)

  171. Why are insulin pump manufacturers allowed to use refurbished pumps to satisfy warranty requirements? Do other medical device manufacturers do this? (10 Mar 2003)

  172. My seven and a half year old daughter started the insulin pump with 20% diluted insulin about a month ago, and about a week later, she developed tiny little bumps around her nose and under her eye. Could this be from the diluent they use? We not changed soaps, so I know it is not that. (10 Mar 2003)

  173. My brother was just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a week ago, and I want to know that if there is an another treatment other than taking insulin for a lifetime. (10 Mar 2003)

  174. A friend of mine has a 21 year old daughter with type 1 diabetes who has finished trade school. Now her parents cannot carry her on their insurance any more, she doesn't know what to do or where to go to get her medicine, and she has been off of her insulin for about a week. What can she do? Where can she go now? Can you give me some suggestions? (10 Mar 2003)

  175. I am starting to get nervous about the possibility of war and my daughter getting stuck at school. How do I handle this? Do I leave instructions to start her on shots of NPH with Humalog if she is stuck at school for an extended period of time and the pump is no longer working? (9 Mar 2003)

  176. My three old daughter sweats profusely whenever she sleeps and I have checked her sugars which are 180-240 mg/dl [10-13.3 mmol/L]. Apart from that she is always warm but doesn't have any temperature. (8 Mar 2003)

  177. I can't seem to get my son's blood sugars to stay within normal ranges. Is it normal for a child this young to have blood sugars that are up and down even when we keep doing everything correctly? What do I need to do? (8 Mar 2003)

  178. The pediatrician said that my daughter will always be more prone to illness because diabetes is an autoimmune disease, but I thought that it just caused her immune system to attack its own islet cells and did not think it had anything to do with susceptibility to illness. (8 Mar 2003)

  179. My son, who has had type 1 diabetes since the age of nine, has tight congestion in his chest from the flu, and he has never encountered has condition. Since he has no insurance, he doesn't want to go to the doctor or emergency room. What can he take to loosen the tightness in his chest? (8 Mar 2003)

  180. I am 56 years old, I have type 2 diabetes, and I am on the Atkins' diet to lose weight. Is this diet okay, or should I change to low fat? (8 Mar 2003)

  181. My daughter handles every aspect of her diabetes in a very positive manner, but she cannot handle getting her blood drawn and cannot get any help with this problem. There is something about placing a needle in her veins which causes her to get sick and pass out. We have searched for a solution with only a blank stare for an answer ad we need help. (8 Mar 2003)

  182. I am 21 years old, have had diabetes since I was 18 months old, and recently I started insulin pump therapy. The problem is my insurance was cancelled, and I need insulin and supplies. What insurance can help me and my family get the things I need? We are on a really tight budget. Where can I get help? (8 Mar 2003)

  183. My son drinks constantly and wet himself at school. I took him to a doctor where his blood sugar was maxed out on the meter, and she told to make an appointment with an endocrinologist. This morning it seemed very difficult for him to get up for school, and he seemed to be dazed. What can I do to make my son better? How can I make this easier on him? (8 Mar 2003)

  184. My seven year old son has started to show signs of excessive thirst. This seems to be his only sign, but I am concerned about diabetes. Do you think he should have a urine test done to be sure? (8 Mar 2003)

  185. The first two physicians my son saw told me to keep my son home if his sugar is over 350 mg/dl [19.4 mmol/L], but the third says send him to school no matter how high it is or to bring him in. Are the first two doctors right or is this one? At what glucose level should I not send my son to school? Should I send him no matter what? (8 Mar 2003)

  186. I have type 2 diabetes treated with Glucophage, and I have noticed that my urine is very strong smelling. Could this be associated with having diabetes? (8 Mar 2003)

  187. My daughter diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 15 months, began to show signs three months prior to diagnosis, and my 15 month old son is beginning to show the same signs. We have been testing his blood sugar randomly, and he has had high readings, but his blood work and urine were within normal range. What can explain his symptoms and his high blood sugar? (6 Mar 2003)

  188. Recently my father's blood sugar went out of control so the doctor changed the drug to Amaryl, and his fasting blood sugar was still high.The doctor suggested insulin, but my father insisted on oral medication.Should he continue with the Amaryl? (6 Mar 2003)

  189. I was diagnosed with a 1 cenitmeter cyst on my pituitary gland a year ago. Diet seems to be a control factor with my blood sugar and thyroid. What do you consider my options to be? (6 Mar 2003)

  190. I was not sure whether I had diabetes before pregnancy or not. Around nine weeks into my pregnancy, the doctor said I have a very high blood sugar level, and I need treatment. I have several questions. (6 Mar 2003)

  191. My daughter has type 1 diabetes, and while I do not condone her use of marijuana, I do not believe it is the worst thing in the world. However, if it will affect her health beyond the effects it has on a person without diabetes, I will urge her to discontinue. Could her use of marijuana have serious effects on her health? If I want to check if she is still using marijuana, would she need a separate drug test? (6 Mar 2003)

  192. My son who has type 1 diabetes is also intolerant of phenylalamines (sweeteners) so we are finding it near impossible to give him anything to drink except milk and water. He was also intolerant to lactose as an infant. (6 Mar 2003)

  193. My two year old is still breastfeeding for perhaps a total of 20 minutes per day and I am wondering if this is affecting her blood sugar levels. How can I tell how much milk she is getting? (6 Mar 2003)

  194. My nine year old son has used the Lantus with Humalog insulin combination for over a year, and lately, he runs pretty high at night, but during the day, his blood glucose levels are within range, or even low. It seems he needs two basal rates -- one at night and the other for the day. How does one go about deciding how to split a Lantus dose? Could the injections be given at breakfast and supper times? (6 Mar 2003)

  195. My son is particularly picky about his eating habits so it is very hard to manage his diet most of the time. They say that he can eat anything that he likes, in moderation, but that is the problem. Either he's "not hungry" when it's time to eat, or the suggested amount is not enough for him. What are excellent snacks for him? (6 Mar 2003)

  196. I want to know who is responsible for treating diabetes aggressively. Is it the doctor or the patient? How do I go about reducing the blood sugar levels? Do I try all other oral medications before switching to insulin? (6 Mar 2003)

  197. Have you ever thought of separating the questions into type 1 and type 2 questions? The two types of diabetes are so very different. (5 Mar 2003)

  198. I was diagnosed just under three months ago, and since then I have gained a little extra weight that is unwanted. I am pretty active, I walk twice a day, but I still don't seem to lose this extra 15-20 pounds. Is there a diet I can go on? (5 Mar 2003)

  199. My 16 year old friend, who has had type 1 diabetes for 10 years, has always been so skinny, but recently I've noticed she's been gaining a lot of weight. She is unhappy about it and was thinking about taking the "one-a-day-weight smart" pills. They say they don't contain any ephedra, but natural tea extracts. Is this safe for her? (5 Mar 2003)

  200. I've heard that there are some overweight people who develop type 1 diabetes. Are there any overweight adults who turn out to have Late Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults instead of type 2? (5 Mar 2003)

  201. I have heard about not injecting in the same spot or the insulin will just build up under the skin. I prefer to inject in my abdomen, and I do rotate every injection but I'm curious. How long should I wait before I inject in the same location? (5 Mar 2003)

  202. I am only 27 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for the past 18 years, and for the past two years I have developed some type of migratory arthralgia. Is there any type of pain like this associated with diabetes? (5 Mar 2003)

  203. I was told I have type 2 diabetes a week ago. My hands stay swollen and red. Do you think this swelling and redness has to do with diabetes? (5 Mar 2003)

  204. My 25 year old son was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and his level fluctuates a lot (168- 500+ mg/dl [mmol/L]). How and will he ever get it regulated? Right now he takes two to three shots of insulin per day. Will that ever decrease to maybe one per day? (5 Mar 2003)

  205. I was as diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago and is currently treated with diet, exercise, and Glucovance, but my blood glucose is poor, I'm losing weight, and I'm feeling crappy. My doctor's response to this is, "So what, that's diabetes". I would like to be tested for LADA, but my doctor hasn't heard of it and does not do the test. Is there a test I should ask for specifically? (5 Mar 2003)

  206. I am a 40 year old female who has had type 1 diabetes (treated with twice daily NPH and Regular) for more than 10 years, my blood sugars have been high, and I have been advised to take Actos once a day.Should I be taking this medication? Are there any side effects I should be aware of? (5 Mar 2003)

  207. I had a high blood sugar at the local hospital, but after a saline intravenous drip was given it was normal. I have had this happen before -- any ideas? (5 Mar 2003)

  208. Every night after work, my wife's feet give her problems. She complains that they are very hot and she cannot sleep. During the night at times I am awoken by her sobs, and you can tell she is in great pain. The doctor gave her some tablets, but they don't seem to work. Can you tell me what's wrong with her feet? Can this be resolved? (5 Mar 2003)

  209. I'm 17 years old, I can't control my blood sugar, and I'm so scared. My doctor tells me I have to do something, and my mom threatens me with stuff like "You're going to die at the age of 20." Everyone keeps telling me about how this person or that person died of diabetes and how I will too. My blood sugars are always high, but I don't want to take my insulin. (4 Mar 2003)

  210. I have diabetes, suffer from boils from time to time, and I read that boils are sometimes related to diabetes. My two year old daughter gets boils, and sometimes just as one is healing another one appears. Can this be a symptom of diabetes or something else? (4 Mar 2003)

  211. Unless we wake my six year old son up two or three times a night to urinate, he will wet the bed, and he has had a continuous problem with ringworm. I understand that skin problems are common in people with diabetes. Should I be concerned? (4 Mar 2003)

  212. I work out often and very hard (45 minutes to one hour of aerobic exercise plus 30 minutes weightlifting), and I am on an insulin pump. My basal rate during the time of day when I work out most often is about 1 unit per hour. What is a good rule to follow in terms of setting temporary basal rates for periods of intense exercise? (4 Mar 2003)

  213. My daughter is having hyperglycemia, which they think it may be stress induced. I have several questions. (4 Mar 2003)

  214. My 15 year old son's diabetes has never been under control, but the doctors are blaming me even though they were unable to get him stable during a hospital stay. What can I do? (4 Mar 2003)

  215. My older sister (age 25) suffers from diabetes and is in horrible control. My family is so distraught and helpless, and her hemoglobin A1c is 17%! I am so worried about her and talking to her doctor is useless. Is there a place that young people with diabetes can go to get help once and for all? (4 Mar 2003)

  216. I am a 25 year old male (6 feet 5 inches tall, 200 pounds) who was diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago, but my doctor has yet to determine what type of diabetes I have. Do you have any insight as to what type of diabetes I have? (4 Mar 2003)

  217. My dad was taken off blood sugar medicine because of kidney failure about two months ago, and this month he was taken to hospital with an extremely high blood sugar level. They have brought the level down, but they can't seem to stabilize it with pills and insulin.What are the best drugs for him to be on? (4 Mar 2003)

  218. I have type 1 diabetes, I am currently breast feeding my three month old son, and my blood sugar is generally good, but sometimes it gets higher. Is this excess sugar in my breast milk? (4 Mar 2003)

  219. I am 12 years old, I have had diabetes for almost a year, and right now I have a high blood sugar at almost every meal. We have adjusted all of insulin but it hasn't helped. On weekends, I always have episodes of low blood sugar. Can you please help decide what to do? (3 Mar 2003)

  220. My seventh grade son takes care of all his diabetes needs by himself, but his school is making things hard for us. First of all, they are fighting my request for a 504 Plan. Secondly, if I can't go an away or late game, he can't participate. I believe this is discrimination. What do you think? (3 Mar 2003)

  221. I am 22 years old, have had type 1 diabetes since I was 12, and a year from now I'm planning on getting married and starting a family. I'm a little bit concerned because, besides having diabetes, I also have irregular menstrual cycles, and i'm wondering whether or not this will affect my chances of getting pregnant. (3 Mar 2003)

  222. I have used Nutrasweet since it came on market, and my family physician said that there was another aspartame related sweetener available that could be used in baking. I tried Splenda for three months, but it seemed to raise my blood sugar level slightly. If there is a type of heat resistant type sweetener on market I would like to compare results. What is name of the new product? (3 Mar 2003)

  223. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my dentist told me I could no longer have root canals, but now he is recommending two root canals, and I don't understand his change of mind. (3 Mar 2003)

  224. At her most recent appointment, my seven year old daughter's dentist stated that he suspects she'll need orthodontic care in the future. Do children with type 1 diabetes have more problems with orthodontic manipulation than children without diabetes? (3 Mar 2003)

  225. We will be starting a pump for our active nine year old son soon and want to know what model would be best. Does anyone have any experience with Cozmo, by Deltec? (3 Mar 2003)

  226. I am 20 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes this week. I had it with my last pregnancy but it was easily managed by diet, I kept track of my own blood sugar levels at home. However, I am being seen by a different OB/GYN practice this time, and they are handling the whole thing very differently. I am supposed to come in weekly for blood testing, no tests at home. (3 Mar 2003)

  227. Is there a test to track low blood sugar over time? Do you think that a pattern of mood changes might mean my daughter has hypoglycemia? Should I insist that my doctor, who I generally think is pretty good, refer us to a pediatric endocrinologist? (3 Mar 2003)

  228. Where can I get financial support for a doctor, insulin, and other diabetes supplies? If I get insurance from work, it won't cover my diabetes for up to a year since it is a pre-existing condition, and I am not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid because I'm not a mother or elderly. (3 Mar 2003)

  229. My sister-in-law, who has type 2 diabetes, is in a small village a long way from here. She takes medicine but doesn't combine that with a proper regimen of exercise and diet. As a result, her readings when taken irregularly, are usually fairly high. I have several questions. (3 Mar 2003)

  230. I was told that hypoglycemia will some day turn into diabetes. Is this true? If my hypoglycemia turns into diabetes will it be type 1 or type 2? (3 Mar 2003)

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Larry Deeb, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since July 1998)
John Schulga, MBChB MRCGP MRCP FRCPCH (UK) (Consultant Paediatrician in childhood and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology, member since July 1999)
Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

Barb Schreiner, RN, MPH, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist, member since July 2002)
Jane Seley, RN, GNP, MPH, MSN, CDE, CHES (Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, member since August 2002)
Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

Exercise Physiologists
Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

Social Workers
Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

And Our Occasional Experts

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