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  1. I have clinical depression and am taking medication, but since having depression I have not had stable blood sugars, and my average was high at my last doctor's visit. was in hospital with DKA a few months ago, and I just can't cope. How can I not be stressed? Are my blood sugars all over the place because of stress? Can my sugars ever go back to normal? (30 Apr 2003)

  2. I recently had my blood work done, and my triglycerides are 3500. The PA told me to stop exercising and to try not to stress myself since my heart or pancreas could go any time. Is the doctor trying to scare me? Do I really need to worry? (30 Apr 2003)

  3. My 22 month old son drinks all the time so I took him into the doctor. His urine was negative for sugar, but she said that he was lacking something and that his urine wasn't concentrating. I could have sworn that she said "diabetes"? Something followed, but I can't recall. (30 Apr 2003)

  4. I am a teacher of an adolescent girl who uses an insulin pump, and her diabetes is currently out of control. She falls asleep in class and has a hard time concentrating and staying focused. I understand this can be normal for a 13 year old girl, but I am concerned because she literally eats anything and everything she wants, whenever she wants. (30 Apr 2003)

  5. My 11 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a little more than two months ago, tests his own blood sugar with no problem, but he has not yet give himself an insulin injection and wants no part of trying, not even pushing the plunger in. What is a reasonable time frame to expect someone his age to begin to give himself injections? Is there a way we can encourage it without putting too much pressure on him? (30 Apr 2003)

  6. My daughter gets low grade fevers very often for apparently no reason sometimes, but always when her blood sugar is low. She may also get them after she eats or exercises. Could her fevers be from lows or blood sugar in general? (30 Apr 2003)

  7. I am 16 years old, and for a while, I have noticed that I seem to drink more than other people consider 'normal'. More recently, I have been having periods of extreme fatigue and tiredness.Does this sound like I have diabetes? What should I say to the doctor? How would a diagnosis affect my life? (30 Apr 2003)

  8. While I like the way Lantus kept my sugar under control, my sleep patterns have gotten erratic. Although it keeps my sugars under control, I can't continue to live this way. What are my options? (30 Apr 2003)

  9. My wife, who is on glyburide, has only gotten high a couple of times, I gave her a couple units of insulin, and it came right down. The problem is that lately she gets weak and cold and begins to shake. Her her blood sugar is just a little low, but it drops quickly in a hour or two. What should we do? Does she need to see a specialist? (30 Apr 2003)

  10. I have had recurring vaginal yeast infection for the past three years or so and have recently read that recurring thrush may mean that I have diabetes. I do drink a lot of water but this has been so for many years, and I don't feel the need to go to the toilet very often. How possible is it that I may have diabetes? Should I consider asking my doctor? If so, what are the tests do I need to take? (30 Apr 2003)

  11. I am a 25 year old who has had type 1 diabetes,almost eight years, and I was on Medicaid. Since I recently got married, they have cancelled my Medicaid, and I have no way of getting any of my medications or medical visits. (30 Apr 2003)

  12. My daughter who had celiac disease along with diabetes is having stomach pain, her blood sugars soar with exercise, she feels achy like she is getting the flu, tired and as she says has a "blah feeling". The doctors are working together and doing tests, and her symptoms don't seem to follow gastroparesis because she is high after eating not low, and we are desperate. Please give me any ideas you have. (30 Apr 2003)

  13. My daughter is 1 1/2 years old and is on Humalog and Lantus. Everything I read on Lantus says it is not approved for children under 6. What is your feeling on this? (29 Apr 2003)

  14. A week after I was feeling better from getting over mono, I began getting really thirsty and frequently urinating, and the clinic at school tested my sugar via a prick of my finger, and it was normal. However, a few days later, my symptoms still exist. Has mono virus has ever been proved to cause anything related to diabetes? (29 Apr 2003)

  15. I have had type 1 diabetes for about two years, and after a year and a half my complaining about stomach pains my doctor checked for celiac disease. The test was higher than it should be, and I was sent to a gastroenterologist who did and a scope and recently diagnosed acid reflux for which I now take medication. Is acid reflux common in people with diabetes? Will I develop celiac disease? (29 Apr 2003)

  16. I have a blood glucose monitoring kit that I don't need because I am well and I don't have diabetes. It is still in the box and unused, in perfect condition, and I am trying to sell it because I can use the money to pay off debt. Do you know of any organizations that may have people interested in buying the kit at a reduced price? (29 Apr 2003)

  17. I am currently on steroids and methotrexate to try to control my asthma. I had 3+ ketones in my urine and sugar ranging from 100-1000. My doctor did a fasting blood sugar which was elevated and wants me to see an endocrinologist, but my asthma doctor seems to think that this is all caused by the steroids. Does this seem like diabetes? (29 Apr 2003)

  18. I had a patient inject using a pen device, and when the star was visible, the patient withdrew the pen needle, pushed the plunger again, and it appeared several units came out. Are there any pens that have confirmation of delivered dose? What's your advice? (29 Apr 2003)

  19. The judge is ordering my ex-wife to facilitate an upcoming visit, but she says she does not want him to fly without her or myself. Am I reasonable in my assessment that it is okay for my 10 year old son to take a two hour, non-stop flight with just his two younger sisters under the supervision of airline personnel? (29 Apr 2003)

  20. I have a concern about a relative who suddenly had a seizure and whose sugar levels are jumping around. If a person who does not have diabetes is given insulin, can this cause problems? Can this cause the pancreas to not work properly? Can this cause seizures? Can insulin cause a problem if it is taken other than by injection? (29 Apr 2003)

  21. We seem to have much with my daughter's present insulin regimen success when her diet is followed properly, but she loves food. I have read some on the pump, but it seems that it is not necessarily a good time to start at her age. Can you suggest another regimen of care that would give her more flexibility with regard to eating when she wants? (29 Apr 2003)

  22. I have had diabetes treated with Glucovance a little over a year, and I have easily maintained my blood glucose levels. Is there any evidence that health problems associated with diabetes will develop even if I always am able to maintain good blood glucose levels? (29 Apr 2003)

  23. I am a 25 year old who has had type 1 diabetes almost eight years, and I have not gotten my period regularly for almost two years now. My doctor says that it is because of my weight gain, but I don't think that's it. Any suggestions? (29 Apr 2003)

  24. We noticed our five year old daughter frequenting the bathroom and being thirsty, and two nights ago, I noticed the distinct sweet smell on her breath. I am wondering whether this could be the beginning of type 1 and in the honeymoon phase or if she is experiencing type 2. I am eager to be able for her to avoid insulin shots if possible, but I am ready to deal with whatever plan the doctor charts out for us. (29 Apr 2003)

  25. My physician (an internist) wants me to have stomach bypass surgery to lose weight to return my blood sugars to normal levels, but I have less than 80 pounds that I need to lose. So I think this is rather drastic. (28 Apr 2003)

  26. I am a bit confused because the nutritional information says that a serving size of 35 sugar-free jelly beans contains 36 grams of carb which is equivalent to regular jelly beans. However, when I looked it up further on their website, it said that the "net carbs" for the serving size was 4 grams of carb. Do I figure 4 grams or 36 grams of carb for every 35 jelly beans and cover for that? (28 Apr 2003)

  27. Are there chemicals used in everyday life (cleaning products mouse/rat poison, etc.) that can cause diabetes? (28 Apr 2003)

  28. How much carb and protein do I give my six year old? (28 Apr 2003)

  29. My 70 year old sister who has type 2 diabetes and is visiting me, usually has elevated blood sugars two hours after a meal. She is on a diet that her doctor gave her, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Can diabetes flare up like that in a month? Does the fact that it is so hard to get blood from her finger have anything to do with it? (28 Apr 2003)

  30. I had a alcohol urine test with a low positive reading, but I did not drink any alcoholic beverage. What could have caused this reading? (28 Apr 2003)

  31. Does every person with diabetes go through a honeymoon period after being diagnosed? (28 Apr 2003)

  32. I have been instructed that Lantus should only be given at nighttime, but recently we had a patient who was scheduled to get it in the morning. When I brought this to the attention of the diabetes educator, she didn't seem concerned. Why does Lantus have to be given at night? Why wasn't the diabetes educator concerned? (28 Apr 2003)

  33. When my 12 year old son is tired and has symptoms of low sugar his urine sugar is three-plus or more, but his blood sugar is somewhat low. What is the cause of this? How can we distinguish between high and low blood sugar? (28 Apr 2003)

  34. My three and a half year old daughter's latest A1c was 6.8%, we are considering changing her to pump therapy, and I am wondering if it is realistic to expect better control than what we have currently. She doesn't have any problems with injections and does great with her meal plan so the main reason we would change is for better control. (28 Apr 2003)

  35. I am curious as to the most non-invasive blood sugar monitors that are available. (27 Apr 2003)

  36. The doctor thinks this is excellent control because his A1cs are good, and at meals his blood sugar is fine, but he is spiking like this every day, and I know he cannot feel good. Whenever my son gets high at a meal the doctor simply raises the NPH. This could not be right. What should I do? (27 Apr 2003)

  37. I'm 27 years old, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12. Other people told me that maybe I have type 2 diabetes because I use little insulin. How can I sure that I have type 1 diabetes? (27 Apr 2003)

  38. I recently changed insurance coverage and need to choose a new eye care professional. Do you recommend an optometrist or an ophthalmologist? What is the difference exactly? Which will be better for me in the long run? (27 Apr 2003)

  39. Ever since I got diabetes type 1 diabetes three and a half years ago, I noticed that I began getting more sores, and I have a lot of sores on my back. Not only do I get more sores, but I notice every time I cut myself or anything I retain a scar. Is this normal? Is there something I can do to help reduce getting sores and retaining scars? (27 Apr 2003)

  40. We take a family vacation to Lake Powell every year where the temperature is about 100-110 degrees F during the day. We could keep things cold or hot but to maintain them between 65 and 85 degrees F would be very difficult. Are there heat stable test strips or ones that you can refrigerate? (27 Apr 2003)

  41. I have heard that some children who have switched to Lantus have a reaction (combative behavior, higher blood sugars) about two to three weeks after changing insulins. Have you heard of this reaction? If so, could you explain? (27 Apr 2003)

  42. For several months, my daughter who has uncontrolled diabetes, has been experiencing swelling in her arms and legs with stiffness and limited motion in her joints. Her endocrinologist said it could be diabetic atrophy or it could possibly be rheumatoid arthritis, but the test was negative. What course of action do you recommend? Are there any other tests you would recommend? (27 Apr 2003)

  43. I'm concerned because blood in the urine is not normal. Is there another specialist that we should take our son to? Could he have some kidney damage? (27 Apr 2003)

  44. My 16 year old nephew's dad believes he is supposed to allow him to eat all he wants and then treat with insulin according to his blood sugar readings! I'm not familiar with the do's and don'ts of diabetes, but this seems excessive to me.Could you possibly provide suggestion or two as what to do about his diet? (26 Apr 2003)

  45. In an answer you gave me to a previous question, you specified that we may be handling my daughter's diabetes plan the old fashioned way. She is taking Humalog and NPH. Can you explain more in detail? (25 Apr 2003)

  46. Recently, I read an article that said blood sugar levels could be tested using one's saliva, and I had never heard of this. Is it actually happening? Is it still in the research stages? How close are we to a solid, reliable replacement for invasive blood sugar testing? (25 Apr 2003)

  47. I bought an inexpensive glucose meter, and my fasting levels have been normal so I presume that I don't have diabetes yet. If I lose weight and exercise more in a prevention effort, would those levels likely go even lower? Is there any way for me to know or prove that I am doing enough, and am improving? If I do badly, will it slowly go up or will it shoot up if I get the disease? (25 Apr 2003)

  48. I was put on Lantus, and since then my legs have been swollen from thighs to ankles. Is this a side effect? What should I do? (25 Apr 2003)

  49. Please explain to me why is it that a person with type 1 diabetes can have a rebound from a low during the night as opposed to having a seizure. I do not at all understand the mechanism behind this. (25 Apr 2003)

  50. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes 24 weeks into my pregnancy, and my son was stillborn at 28 weeks gestation due to placental abruption. Can being insulin dependent for gestational diabetes put you at an increased risk for stillbirth? Could I have had diabetes the whole time and not known it so it went untreated until 24 weeks gestation? (25 Apr 2003)

  51. My 14 month old son, diagnosed two weeks ago, is on Lantus in the morning with a sliding scale of Humalog before meals and bedtime snack, and his sugars are up and down. At what point do I consider increasing his insulin? (25 Apr 2003)

  52. My daughter was diagnosed a week ago and is in her honeymoon period. Since islet cell implantation is now a type of treatment available, is it possible that we should consider harvesting her few remaining islet cells? I was thinking that maybe they could be frozen, and later, when technology is available, might be cultured, multiplied, and then re-implanted. (25 Apr 2003)

  53. I have type 2 diabetes treated with metformin, and I've heard that cider vinegar is good for diabetes so I purchased a dietary supplement which contains kelp, cider vinegar, and lecithin. Is it safe to use this dietary supplement? (23 Apr 2003)

  54. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with diabetes three months ago. Can you tell me what type of diabetes my son has? Will that affect his management? Which type has a better prognosis? (22 Apr 2003)

  55. My daughter had a blood sugar of 159 mg/dl [8.8 mmol/L] on a home monitor. According to her doctor's nurse, my daughter's A1c is above average, but nothing to be concerned about. What is the proper A1c level? When should I be concerned? What should my next step be ? What should I do if she have another high sugar level of sugar? Should I continue testing my daughter or not? (22 Apr 2003)

  56. A friend's 18 month old son wears his insulin pump in a backpack type carrier under his shirt. Some nurses at the well baby care center have expressed concern that since he sleeps on his back that the pump being there could affect the way his spine grows. Do you have any thoughts on this matter? (22 Apr 2003)

  57. My 16 year old nephew has type 1 diabetes, and his urine is very sticky on the bathroom floor. Is he taking too much insulin, or eating too much sugar? (22 Apr 2003)

  58. Why can't islet cells be taken from my pancreas and transplanted into my son? How do I apply for my son to participate in an islet cell transplant clinical trial? (22 Apr 2003)

  59. I have reactive hypoglycemia, and I am having trouble understanding what exactly is going on in my body. there were several times over the past year when my fasting sugar has been high. I am not really sure where to go from here. Do you have any suggestions? (22 Apr 2003)

  60. I have type 1 diabetes for over 10 years and also have had RSD for over two years now. I have tried numerous drugs and the spinal cord stimulator which failed to work on the RSD pain. I am hoping to take one more try of a continuous epidural pumps for four days which worked a year and a half ago. Should I be considering the permanent epidural pump? (22 Apr 2003)

  61. My husband has type 1 diabetes, recently had a kidney removed because of cancer, and his kidney function dropped from 108% to 85%. His doctors want him to go on insulin pump thinking that it will help control his diabetes and help regain some of his residual kidney function. However, he is a mechanic, and we were wondering if a pump will get in the way or get broken. (22 Apr 2003)

  62. My 25 year old daughter went on the insulin pump a week ago and is having really high readings. The doctors are thinking she is allergic to the tubing from her pump and that she also may have gotten a bad batch of insulin. What else she can do if changing the location of the catheter doesn't work? She is very frustrated and I am afraid she will give up before working this out. (22 Apr 2003)

  63. My blood glucose control is good (A1c: 5-7%), but I am having problems with urinary tract infections. For the past six months, my urine has been cloudy, and it's very painful to urinate. I have seen a specialist, but I haven't been given answers to my questions, and I am wondering if the diabetes could be playing a role. (21 Apr 2003)

  64. I tested my sugar level with a at home glucose meter, and it was 53 mg/dl [2.9 mmol/L]. Is having low blow sugar considered having diabetes? (21 Apr 2003)

  65. A friend, whose father has type 1 diabetes, was told by the doctor that her father is not allowed to have glucagon for treating severe lows even though his wife is capable of giving the injection. Is there any reasons for not letting my friend's father have glucagon? (21 Apr 2003)

  66. Over the past year or two I have noticed that when I eat more than I should (mainly pasta), I don't feel well. the next day. I urinate every time I turn around, my lower back aches, and my mouth has a metallic taste to it. Over the course of the day, the symptoms subside, and I feel better the next day. What do these symptoms mean? (21 Apr 2003)

  67. I will be graduating from high school in a couple of months and going to school in California. I am searching for scholarships for teens with diabetes or pump users. (21 Apr 2003)

  68. I don't understand glucagon as it relates to diabetes very well. Do people with type 1 diabetes still make glucagon? If yes, why does hypoglycemia happen? If not, why does blood sugar go up even if you haven't eaten something? Do people with other causes of hypoglycemia make glucagon? Why doesn't it raise their blood sugar when they are low then? (21 Apr 2003)

  69. My two and a half year old son was diagnosed nearly six months ago, and we have yet to see the "honeymoon" period everyone speaks of. Is this abnormal? (21 Apr 2003)

  70. Our 12 year old son had a blood glucose and A1c that are elevated. I have diabetes and was confused as to why the doctor wants to put him on insulin, and didn't offer any education to him. Why not try diet and exercise or oral medication? (16 Apr 2003)

  71. I have type 2 diabetes treated with oral agents, I am trying to lose weight, and I received a bottle of fat dissolver. Is this safe to take with my diabetes medications? (16 Apr 2003)

  72. I will be graduating from high school in a couple of months and going to school in California. So being away from my family and friends is already going to create stress, and I don't need any added stress from my diabetes. Do you have any tips for surviving college with diabetes and possibly getting my A1c more in control while away from home? (16 Apr 2003)

  73. My father-in-law purchased a bed overlay with magnets in it for restless leg syndrome. The saleswoman also told him that it "cured" her grandson's diabetes, so sad thought that it would help with our son's hypoglycaemia. Is there any independent research being conducted on magnet therapy for blood sugar levels? (16 Apr 2003)

  74. I have been reading the information about the GlucoWatch, and I still don't feel that I have conclusive answers to some concerns and/or issues. (16 Apr 2003)

  75. My wife has been drinking and urinating to excess and was started on desmopressin nasal spray which reduced this significantly, but she still has the headache problems. An MRI of the pituitary was normal, and her vision is okay. Is this due to the medicine or some electrolyte imbalance in the body? What should we do? (16 Apr 2003)

  76. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago. How long will it be before she is able to start using an insulin pump? What are some indications that she would be ready to use a pump? (16 Apr 2003)

  77. In autoimmune type 1 diabetes, are all of the islets of Langerhans attacked? (16 Apr 2003)

  78. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, have been on Glucophage, and my meter readings have been normal before medication and before breakfast. Can I consider my diabetes mild? Is it possible that I may not need the Glucophage in the near future? (16 Apr 2003)

  79. When my son's blood sugar is low at meal time and he is not given an insulin injection, are the carbs he eats burned as fuel because of the long acting insulin in his system? (16 Apr 2003)

  80. My daughter has hypoglycemia, and when her blood sugar is low, she is very weak,confused, dizzy and easily agitated. However, her doctor doesn't even seem to think that she is low enough for that feeling. Do you have any suggestions? (16 Apr 2003)

  81. My newly diagnosed four year old daughter is taking Lantus at bedtime with Humalog before meals, and I am trying to learn to properly adjust insulin doses. I test her blood sugar levels before each meal and snack plus sometimes at 3 am. Which blood sugars readings correlate with which insulin dose? (16 Apr 2003)

  82. My son is on an insulin pump now, and his blood sugars are more under control, but he is very depressed. We have been going to counseling for over a year, and his counselor wants him to be tested for medical depression. If he is put on drugs for his depression, will they interfere with his insulin? (15 Apr 2003)

  83. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 10 months ago, and so far, I've been doing well with exercise and a low carb diet. My blood glucose has been going down to almost normal, but twice now I have awakened with a reading that's higher, and it continues to climb before I've even had breakfast. (15 Apr 2003)

  84. I was just reading the article "Common Class of Viruses Implicated as Cause of Type 1 Diabetes" and found this article to be quite interesting as my son was diagnosed with an intolerance to cow's milk protein about a year prior to the onset of diabetes. Do you think there's any correlation between the two? Could this information be useful in a study? (15 Apr 2003)

  85. Can the umbilical cord that I saved from my son have anything in there that might be able to help? (15 Apr 2003)

  86. I have type 2 diabetes treated with metformin, and I've heard that cider vinegar is good for diabetes so I purchased a dietary supplement which contains kelp, cider vinegar, and lecithin. Is it safe to use this dietary supplement? (15 Apr 2003)

  87. My 17 year old niece, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about four months ago, will be 18 in a month, and her mother is fearful that she will lose this coverage when she turns 18. (15 Apr 2003)

  88. I have gestational diabetes, and within the last two days I started my diet and checking my blood glucose level four times a day. I My fasting readings have been 100-110 mg/dl [5.6-6.1 mmol/L], and my after lunch readings have been 95-96 mg/dl [5.3 mmol/L]. Do you think these readings are okay? Should the fasting reading be lower? Do I need to take insulin? (15 Apr 2003)

  89. Would it be advisable to have my two and a half year old son on the pump to get better control of his blood sugar? (15 Apr 2003)

  90. My sister's hand is dry, bumpy, and feels as if the nerve ends are exposed.It is extremely painful, and she can't use the hand. Why? (15 Apr 2003)

  91. What is normal for age five? Is the drinking and wetting normal for his age? Can the onset of diabetes go with or be masked by illness? Are we are overreacting and too concerned? (15 Apr 2003)

  92. I am baffled by my son's high sugars between 12:00 midnight and 2:00 am because insulin requirements are supposed to be lower than normal. Can you help? (14 Apr 2003)

  93. Can people with type 1 diabetes use Somersweet (a sugar substitute made by Suzanne Sommers)? (14 Apr 2003)

  94. I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I am wondering how accurate the GTT test results are because I was not feeling well the day I took the test. Is there any chance they could be wrong? (14 Apr 2003)

  95. My 21 month old son drinks all the time, actually and pees it right out into his diaper. My wife, who is a nurse, also noticed that he has fruity breath and called the doctor after noticing his intake and output of fluids. I am taking him for a blood test today, but I want to know if his fruity breath is really an indicator or not. (14 Apr 2003)

  96. My father, who is over 60 years old, is overweight, has type 2 diabetes, and is not looking after himself. He continues to drink alcohol, eats whatever he wants, and does not check sugars regularly. He had a high blood sugar recently. Is this dangerous? What are the consequences? How can I convince him to follow a diet, etc.? (14 Apr 2003)

  97. I was diagnosed with type 2 about four months ago. Even though I don't take insulin, can I have a "diabetes" attack of any kind? (14 Apr 2003)

  98. I have type 1 diabetes, am pregnant, and continue to have lows. The only way I can get my sugar up is to have Coca-Cola, and some days, I have to have 10 cans. Is there something else I can use instead of Coke? (14 Apr 2003)

  99. My daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, has high blood pressure, and recently went into kidney failure. She just found out she is pregnant but is very concerned about what problems may come out of this pregnancy. What advice can you give? (14 Apr 2003)

  100. The doctor who now provides care for my son is leaving, and I have not been able to find another pediatric endocrinologist in town. Can you help me find another doctor? Would he be able to receive acceptable care from another doctor who is not a pediatric diabetes specialist? (14 Apr 2003)

  101. My 14 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 months ago, never feels well. He feels tired, has headaches all the time, and frequently complains about dizziness, nausea, and loss of concentration. His endocrinology team says they can't explain it as a result of his diabetes. Can you suggest possibilities that our pediatrician should pursue, or do you agree that we should just wait and watch? (14 Apr 2003)

  102. I am not getting any warning before going into a coma, my blood glucose is high, and I can't get it down. Please help. (14 Apr 2003)

  103. The nurse at my son's school isn't there all the time because she goes to all of the schools in the district, and neither teacher nor the secretary are not comfortable learning how to use glucagon or testing his urine if he is high. I don't feel comfortable sending him there since they don' t know what to do if he needs help. What should I do about this? (13 Apr 2003)

  104. I was told that the Lantus insulin that my son was put on is not lasting 24 hours like they thought it would. I tried giving it in the morning, but by the next morning, his blood sugar would be high. Now I'm trying to give the Lantus at 6:00 pm, and he has been waking up too low. Is there any other time of the day I should try to give this shot or what else should I do? (13 Apr 2003)

  105. I am 30 weeks pregnant with my third child and failed the initial test for gestational diabetes. The did a three-hour test but used finger sticks. Do these numbers put me in the classification of having gestational diabetes? Are the finger pricks as accurate as drawing blood from the arm? (13 Apr 2003)

  106. I have had type 2 diabetes for about a year and have discovered that I two to four weeks into an unplanned pregnancy. So, I have not prepared my body as I should and have been taking my Glucovance. I am scared to death now that I have caused birth defects for my baby. I know the kind of damage high sugar levels can do, but what about the Glucovance? (13 Apr 2003)

  107. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a little over a year ago, have been on a combination diabetes pill, and I have easily maintained my blood glucose levels in the normal range. Is there any evidence that health problems associated with diabetes will develop even if I always am able to maintain good blood sugar levels? (13 Apr 2003)

  108. Apparently, my son is allergic to Humalog. This is usually a local reaction at the injection site in the form or redness and or slight swelling.When we receive e new vial the doctor has injected a small amount of steroids into it. How much does this affect the absorption of the insulin? Are there other methods of treatment? (13 Apr 2003)

  109. My son's glucagon kit recently expired so I got a new one which cost me $110.00, and the last one I bought was $49.00. Did you know of this price increase? Should I expect all of my son's diabetes supplies to double in price? (13 Apr 2003)

  110. Can a GlucoWatch be modified by changing the watch band to fit on a four year old? Could it still yield accurate results? (13 Apr 2003)

  111. I have been extremely thirsty, I have also lost several pounds in weight, despite increased hunger, and I have been very tired and lethargic. All testing has been l of which were normal, and my doctor does not know what it might be. Could this still be diabetes? If not, what else is possible? (13 Apr 2003)

  112. For the first two hours after eating a large order of french fries and three fish sandwiches, my sugars were good, but about five hours later, my sugars started to rise. Is there a way to help with determine the effect of fat and when it turn into sugar? (13 Apr 2003)

  113. My 12 month old daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three weeks ago, and I have heard of a procedure that can be done to remove her own islet cells and transplant them back to her. Does this procedure exist? Since they are her own cells, would she need immunosuppressive drugs? If she does, why can't she just take the drugs without the transplant? (12 Apr 2003)

  114. We we have noticed that our 18 month old foster child's milestones are a bit delayed and that she constantly drinks even though she is fed a well-balanced diet. The skin around her eyes tends to look very dry and sunken. Her urine is not excessive or more frequent than normal. Would you have any idea as to what could be wrong with her? (12 Apr 2003)

  115. An article on CWD mentions that the insulin is absorbed through the skin via a patch. Is this an alternate method of insulin delivery? (12 Apr 2003)

  116. Do I, as a student in a Junior High School, have the right to test my blood sugar anywhere (e.g., during class or at my locker), anytime, without the nurse's help? Do I have the right to not even go to the nurse's office ever during the day? (10 Apr 2003)

  117. Can you please give me some pre-bed snack ideas for a picky four year old besides cheese and crackers and peanut butter? (10 Apr 2003)

  118. I had my gall bladder and spleen removed about two years ago, and about four months later, I developed type 1 diabetes. I was put on penicillin twice daily after operation, which is now down to once a day, but I decided would rather not take it at all. Is taking penicillin still necessary? Does diabetes put me at greater risk for infection? (10 Apr 2003)

  119. I can control my diabetes with diet and exercise, but during times of major stress I overindulge in comfort foods (carbs and sweets) and neglect my exercise program. My doctor puts me back on medication until I get my sugar back under control and resume a healthy lifestyle which keeps me in control. (10 Apr 2003)

  120. I am concerned that we should have my son tested for diabetes. There is no diabetes in my family, and his father was adopted so no family history is known. (10 Apr 2003)

  121. You have excellent recommendations as to meters which permit alternate site testing, which I would like. I note, however, that some of these only provide test strips which are not individually wrapped and thus have a short "shelf life." Do any meters which permit alternate site testing have individually wrapped test strips? (10 Apr 2003)

  122. Recently I have been giving myself extra insulin injections so that I can eat more "normally". I don't do this often, but I have used it to eat some chocolate and pizza at times I would not normally eat. Is this a dangerous thing to do? (10 Apr 2003)

  123. While a patient in the hospital, my daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, was given a fast acting insulin at bedtime instead of her Lantus, and her blood glucose at 4:30 am lab was very low. The e nurse claims my daughter spoke to her at 4:40 am and was okay. Do you think it's possible for her to have been able to converse coherently after being hypoglycemic all night? (10 Apr 2003)

  124. I inserted my infusion set this morning, and it was painful at first, but about eight hours later, I noticed a red oval ring forming around the site. I had felt no irritation of any kind and everything felt fine. I removed the set and the site bled, but there was still no pain. Why did this redness occur? (10 Apr 2003)

  125. I have just been diagnosed with diabetes, and I need to practise giving injections. Is it okay to inject plain water, or is it better to use saline? (10 Apr 2003)

  126. My three year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, and since then he has had some major tantrums. Were these seizures? Does it sound like it was related to the hypoglycemia? Could my son have been on his way back up when we tested? (9 Apr 2003)

  127. I am extremely concerned about my boyfriend's present health and the irreversible damage that this behavior may be doing to his body. What advice would you give someone with diabetes who insists that a drink every now and then is okay? (8 Apr 2003)

  128. I babysit for a two year old who drinks fluids by the gallon if you would let her, and her stool is almost like gravel. Her mother won't go get her checked, and I can't take her to the doctor since she's not my child. Are these early signs of diabetes? (8 Apr 2003)

  129. My 19 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for four years, is on an insulin pump, and has an A1c of 8.9%, is on his third cold in about three months. Do you think this is something to be concerned about? Isn't this a little too frequent to be having these colds? (8 Apr 2003)

  130. My 18 year old daughter who has poorly controlled type I diabetes wants to get fake fingernails done in a salon, and I am wondering if she should do this. I know they use glue to put them on, and it seems like it could cause a fungus infection. (8 Apr 2003)

  131. Someone mentioned to me today that studies are being done on testing glucose levels through the breath. Apparently, there seems to be some direct correlation between exhaled alcohols and glucose levels. Have you heard of this? (8 Apr 2003)

  132. My otherwise healthy wife is now 14 months postpartum with bad thyroid levels and bad sugar levels. I am beginning to think that there is something more going on here than just pregnancy-related quirks, and I am worried. (8 Apr 2003)

  133. My daughter is not on any medication for the diabetes, and they say she is in the honeymoon phase. Lately, however, her sugars are beginning to come up, but she still sometimes has hypoglycemia in the morning. Her pediatrician thinks she would benefit from the pump so the insulin can be given in small doses and is concerned that her endocrinologist hasn't decided what to do. (8 Apr 2003)

  134. When my daughter was younger, I was told that she had borderline diabetes, but now every time I go to the doctor they tell me all her problems are related to her ADHD. I am really concerned because she urinates a lot, drinks a lot, and when she eats sugar, she gets really bad headaches, very tired and worn out. Is this diabetes or is my daughter's ADHD causing her problems? (8 Apr 2003)

  135. My daughter had an oral glucose tolerance test that showed she had impaired glucose tolerance, and now we check my daughter's blood glucoses. For the most part, her fasting and bedtime readings are normal, but once every few weeks her bedtime levels are high. She has no other symptoms so I am wondering what the next step should be. (8 Apr 2003)

  136. In planning for possible travel, I am curious what problems may develop in traveling through Europe with diabetes. Do you have any ideas? (8 Apr 2003)

  137. I have just gone on the contraceptive pill without telling my parents, and I have had a history of random low sugar level but haven't been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Since I've been on the pill, I have been needing to go to the bathroom and drinking a lot more. Can contraceptive pills bring on diabetes? (8 Apr 2003)

  138. My 10 year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 a little over two years ago, went to a lab to have her blood drawn for an A1c, and the tech refused to draw blood because she said that the A1c requires fasting, and my daughter had just finished her snack. Is this true? (7 Apr 2003)

  139. My teenaged daughter has had severe problems with high blood sugars for three to four months. She was taken off the pump and put on shots, but that made no difference. All tests for possible causes were normal. Any ideas? (7 Apr 2003)

  140. The doctor told me that I was slightly diabetic, my fasting blood sugar and A1c was normal. Should I look for another doctor? Is there something wrong with me? (7 Apr 2003)

  141. My eight year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago, has an A1c of 6.9%, and his microalbumin was 2.4 mg/dl with a microalbumin/creatinine ratio of 39.0 mg/g which is high. His endocrinologist is going to check this again in about a month may. What does this mean for my son? (7 Apr 2003)

  142. If a child is admitted to the hospital with high sugar levels and ketoacidosis, is it standard practice to identify whether the child has type 1 or type 2 diabetes? What factors would definitively identify the child as having either type 1 or type 2? Is judgment made simply on the physical symptoms present at the time of admission? (7 Apr 2003)

  143. I get very concerned about my granddaughter because her blood sugar will be high and then drop to low. I spoke to my daughter-in-law last night by phone who said if it gets very low my granddaughter could go into a coma. This is so frightening for me because she is staying with a babysitter. What is the dangerous level for going into a coma? (7 Apr 2003)

  144. My daughter really does not want to eat this much at of bedtime. Would you suggest cutting back on the NPH or Humalog? (7 Apr 2003)

  145. I am 20 years old, I've had diabetes for the past 11years, and I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for quite a while now but haven't had any sexual intercourse yet. Will I have any difficulties with a sexual relationship because I have diabetes? (7 Apr 2003)

  146. Several hours after my daughter was born, her glucose was low. She is undiagnosed, has severe brain damage, a seizure disorder, hypotonia, was hypothermic at birth, had a poor suck, and was very pale. Since we don't know what her blood sugar was at birth, could this be the cause of her brain damage? (7 Apr 2003)

  147. My son has type 1 diabetes, I am concerned about insulin resistance, and I am wondering about the use of type 2 medications both to decrease the insulin intake and to stabilize his daily numbers. Could you give me info concerning the pluses and minuses of this approach? (7 Apr 2003)

  148. Is there a diabetes management software program that allows you to access data from more than one type of glucose meter and an insulin pump? (7 Apr 2003)

  149. Is it possible for someone to have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes at the same time? I don't mean an adult with type 2 who eventually needs to inject insulin. (7 Apr 2003)

  150. Is administering glucagon covered under the Good Samaritan act? Can anyone give the glucagon in a school setting if the child is unconscious and has an emergency kit? (5 Apr 2003)

  151. I am asking this question on behalf of somebody who employed a person as a long distance lorry driver and spent a long time behind the wheel of a HGV truck. He has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and also takes Istin, which he has been on for some time. Are there any side effects from taking Istin and having types 2 diabetes? (5 Apr 2003)

  152. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost two years ago, and within a few months, I had a tingling feeling in my left foot. Now it's in both feet and there is some constant numbness in it too. My endocrinologist says it is some form of acute neuropathy that probably will go away after a few months, but I can't find any information about this. (5 Apr 2003)

  153. My dad, who has type 2 diabetes, just had his latest blood tests done, and his levels are high. His doctor told him that unless he gets this under control with diet within the next month, he will have to start having injections, and my dad is phobic about injections! We need to find a meal by meal plan of what to eat. Can you help? (5 Apr 2003)

  154. Since my son doesn't like filling out a log book, we purchased a used Palm Pilot, which has seemed to help him and is very convenient. We have looked everywhere we can think of to find a download for a Palm Pilot log book program. (5 Apr 2003)

  155. My granddaughter, who has type 1 diabetes, has a hard lump underneath her nipple. She is going to her doctor who is aware of this condition. Is the lump in my granddaughter's breast related to her diabetes? (5 Apr 2003)

  156. I know my son's behavior is related to his diabetes, but the school don't agree and is treating it as a bad behavior problem. Do you have a list of behavior problems other then the standard one listed in most of the information about diabetes? (5 Apr 2003)

  157. Last week, when my son injected his insulin, the needle broke off and left approximately 1/4 inch in his arm. The ER doctors said they could not find it to extract, put him medication to prevent infection, and told him to see his doctor in a week. What happens if the needle stays in his arm? Can it just be left there? Can it be a bad batch of syringes? (5 Apr 2003)

  158. How likely is it that the gestational diabetes will return as my pregnancy progresses? If so, how likely is it that insulin will be necessary again? Is the helpfulness of whole grain foods typical? How likely is it that I will get type 2 diabetes? (5 Apr 2003)

  159. I take Lente before I go to bed and always check my blood before I inject. Can you explain why my blood sugar would go up overnight instead of down? (5 Apr 2003)

  160. My husband has become very angry with everything in his life. He threatens, shouts, is abusive, violent, paranoid, aggressive, and depressed. He cannot see he is doing any of this so I am really trying to find something that would help. (5 Apr 2003)

  161. We have been waking my son up for two years, but the lack of sleep is taking its toll. We want to maintain good control of our sons' diabetes and get a full nights sleep. He rarely but has on occasion gone low in the middle of the night. How much should we worry about him dying in his sleep from a low? (4 Apr 2003)

  162. Since his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes two years ago, my 12 year old son has been sick frequently, and we are very concerned with how often he seems to get sick. Does having diabetes make him more susceptible to viral illnesses? (4 Apr 2003)

  163. I have type 2 diabetes treated with pills and I work for an industrial construction company as an accountant. My employer has approached me regarding interest in transferring me. In our industry, this means being employed within the confines of a chemical plant (refinery). Does employment within a chemical plant (refinery) pose any particular health problems for a person with diabetes? (4 Apr 2003)

  164. My 14 month old son was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus two months, and after his first dose of DDAVP, he had yellow urine and a great urine osmolarity. Since then, we have done several urine samples and, out of the 15 we checked, three were good, but all the others had urine osmolarity under 100. What should we do? (4 Apr 2003)

  165. My son has had three unexplained seizures since age six. During the last one, the doctor told me he was very dehydrated and asked if he has been eating and drinking enough. I explained he drinks a lot and is constantly hungry. The nurse said he had high urine ketone levels and claimed his blood sugar level was fine so he didn't have diabetes. Is the blood test they did in the ER enough? (4 Apr 2003)

  166. My eight year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes seems to have lost her appetite, which makes things difficult and frustrating. We were doing quite well with her eating, but recently she will not eat and tells me she isn't hungry, and is not sick. Her doctor thinks that this disinterest in eating might be change of age, said but I am not sure I am satisfied with this answer. If you can offer any suggestions I would really be thankful. (4 Apr 2003)

  167. I have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and started on Glucophage XR at bedtime. I have been monitoring my glucose (fasting and postprandial) and have found that my fasting blood sugar is higher than my blood sugar at bedtime. What could possibly cause this to happen? (4 Apr 2003)

  168. I have had type 2 diabetes for less than 10 years, and I am developing lumps on both the palms of my hands (particularity the left) below the skin at the base of the fingers which can be quite painful at times. Is this a further symptom from diabetes? (4 Apr 2003)

  169. I have has type 1 diabetes for about a year, and I'm having trouble with numbness and tingling in my fingers. Besides having diabetes, I play guitar for livelihood. Are people with diabetes more susceptible to compressional nerve damage? (4 Apr 2003)

  170. My 17 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for six months, and before she was diagnosed she practically lost her sight. Her eyes are okay now except that she wears contacts. Does this necessarily mean that the diabetes is going to be more aggressive to her eyes? (3 Apr 2003)

  171. We never had any problems when my son was on shots, but we will travel for the first time with his pump. Do you have travel guidelines for traveling with an insulin pump? (3 Apr 2003)

  172. I have been on Lantus and NovoLog now for six months which seems to work fine, except the side effects from one or both types of insulin have caused me to break out with a rash. What are my options? Are there medications to treat this condition that I can discuss with my medical team? (3 Apr 2003)

  173. I have been told that only Velosulin and NovoLog have been approved by the FDA for use in pumps. Is this true? If so, are there mitigating reasons why only these two insulins have been approved? (3 Apr 2003)

  174. My daughter is using Lantus with NovoRapid. She is doing well till 5:00 pm when her blood sugar rises suddenly to over 200 mg/dl 11.1 mmol/L] so her endocrinologist suggested to give her the longer lasting Actrapid for lunch, but everything I read says that Lantus has to be used with NovoRapid so I wonder how to solve that problem. (3 Apr 2003)

  175. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after serious DKA and coma. My C-peptide result was a 2.6, which did not come in until after I was discharged. My friends and family in medicine were curious about the type 1 diagnosis since I'm 22 years old and had been overweight. Is it possible that I have type 2 diabetes? (3 Apr 2003)

  176. I was diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance which my general practitioner didn't seem to think was such a big deal and told me to come back in three months for another check. However, since then I have invested in a blood glucose meter. Does this confirm the diagnosis of impaired glucose tolerance? Do these levels imply greater risks of developing diabetes or diabetic complications? (3 Apr 2003)

  177. I had the C-peptide done for two hours after a meal and then fasting. My doctor said they were off by only a few points from normal. How can I have these C-peptide levels if I am supposed to have type 1 diabetes? Is it possible that pancreas tumors can make even a type 1 produce insulin? What types of tests can be done to check for a pancreas tumor? (3 Apr 2003)

  178. I have type 1 diabetes, I am taking Regular at each of my meals with units of NPH before bed, and I find I can control my blood sugar in the day, but almost always wake up with elevated readings. (3 Apr 2003)

  179. My eight year old daughter, diagnosed four year ago, was also diagnosed with celiac disease last week, and I can find no information about controlling both conditions. (3 Apr 2003)

  180. I have poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, and I am currently on two oral agents that are not working well so they gave me insulin twice, but I had a severe reaction both times. I have been trying to get information on what I can do about this dilemma and have hit a brick wall. Pork insulin is definitely out as I am an orthodox Jew. (2 Apr 2003)

  181. This week, my 13 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four months ago, started to experience atypical heart rhythms. Are beta blockers safe for long term use in people with diabetes? Can heart problems occur from insulin or from diabetes this soon after onset? (2 Apr 2003)

  182. Our daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year ago, has recurring bouts of mono type symptoms during which she runs high blood sugar for days, misses school, and is unable to compete in sports. She has lost her strength and stamina, is situationally depressed when not feeling well, and has not yet made a full week of school since diagnosis. Any suggestions? (2 Apr 2003)

  183. I am quite baffled by my daughter's breakfast to lunch blood sugar pattern on school days. I mentioned this at our last doctor visit, but no answer was given. (2 Apr 2003)

  184. Sometimes when I give my four year old her insulin shots in the legs or arms, there is a little drop of blood, the insulin leaks out a little, or she gets a little bruising. Why? Where are the best areas on the arms and legs to give her the injections? (2 Apr 2003)

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