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  1. My son developed type 1 diabetes after four days of prednisone was given for otitis externa. We are told by his endocrinologist that the prednisone triggered the condition. Should he have been given prednisone for otitis externa? Would he have developed diabetes at all or further into his adult life? Shouldn't we have been warned that prednisone can cause first time diabetes? (31 Aug 2003)

  2. My eight year old niece has been having some weird outbursts and at times, aggression. One minute she is fine, and then her behavior will suddenly change. Her diet consists of many carbs due her finicky eating habits, so her mother and I were wondering if this could be creating a sugar problem that may be causing these behaviors. (31 Aug 2003)

  3. My brother was recently put on insulin once per day, and because of the initial fear and pain of the needle and subsequent injections, he prefers to use a site on the sides of his thighs where he currently is experiencing some numbness. Is it okay to administer the insulin in these numb areas? (31 Aug 2003)

  4. My 17 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for 13 years, now has heart disease. Have you heard anything about the saliva of the gila lizard for treatment? (31 Aug 2003)

  5. My brother, who has diabetes, also has high blood pressure and is having problems keeping it down. Sometimes he gets tired, dizzy and says does he just don't feel right. However, he has a full time job. and these problems cause him to have to leave work. Does he qualify for disability benefits? (31 Aug 2003)

  6. My son's mother had end-stage renal disease, and is on dialysis three times per week. I am concerned because is overweight and does not exercise on a regular basis. What are his chances of getting type 2 diabetes? What can I do to try to prevent this? (31 Aug 2003)

  7. My blood sugars are running high before eating breakfast (7:00 am), and I take NPH between 10-11 pm to help reduce increasing blood sugar while asleep. At what time would you expect the NPH to be in full swing? Can you recommend an injection time for NPH to help deal with night time increases in blood sugar? (31 Aug 2003)

  8. I am 48 years old, and I was told I have prediabetes. I consulted a few doctors, and one of them told me that glucose meters are not accurate because they use capillary blood and that venous blood is more accurate? How true is this? (31 Aug 2003)

  9. My daughter has type 2 diabetes and ocular myasthenia gravis. The doctor believes that the prednisone may have brought the problem to our attention a little sooner than we may have found out. What are some other causes of type 2 diabetes ? (31 Aug 2003)

  10. My daughter who is on four injections per day, was changed from Actrapid to Humalog and she takes Insultard at night.The problem is she has very high. She has very high oscillations in her blood sugar (with more tendency toward hyperglycemia). We are trying to figure out how to calculate her doses of insulin. Is there a method (an algorithm) to do this? (30 Aug 2003)

  11. My husband, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 26 years ago, has not been taking care of himself as well as he should recently. I am going with him to his endocrinologist appointment next week and feel obligated to make his physician aware of his noncompliance without hurting our relationship. I don't want to sound condescending or make him feel like a child. Any suggestions? (30 Aug 2003)

  12. I have had type 1 diabetes for 11 years, and my blood sugars run in the 500 mg/dl [27.8 mmol/L] and higher range constantly even though my doctors and I have tried everything from injections, to an insulin pump, and even two Islet cell transplants. I only weigh about 122 pounds, I take over 180 units of insulin per day, and my blood sugars never come down. (30 Aug 2003)

  13. I am looking for a mini portable insulin cooler that is battery powered only. I need it for camping where there is no electricity. (30 Aug 2003)

  14. My child had to sit out part of recess because of misbehavior, his blood sugar was high, and I don't know if the blood sugar could contribute to this. Does high blood sugar make him more likely to have discipline problems? (30 Aug 2003)

  15. What information do you have on the continuous glucose monitor that Therasense is developing? I believe it is called the Navigator. Will it really mean only mean one stick reading a day? When is the soonest it may be out? Are any other companies closer? (30 Aug 2003)

  16. My daughter is using an insulin pump. Her school is supporting her, but this issue has never arisen before. She's playing soccer, and the coach/principal is concerned with wearing her pump during practice and games, but there is no precedent in our school system for this. Should we have something in writing to accompany the 504 plan? (30 Aug 2003)

  17. If my blood sugar goes over 600 mg/dl [33.3 mmol/L] can that affect the way I act think or how I make decisions? Would it change anything if my blood sugars where lower when I am being questioned? (30 Aug 2003)

  18. My 11 year old son has an A1c of 6.4%, but although he is very careful with his diet, he has continually had high cholesterol. His endocrinologist does not feel there is any correlation with his type 1 diabetes and that my son needs to begin taking medication for this condition. If you agree that medication is our only option, is there one in particular that would be safer for children? (27 Aug 2003)

  19. I am concerned at the number of autoimmune problems in our family whether any of this means my son will have a greater risk of diabetes or another autoimmune problem. Is there any greater risk for him? (27 Aug 2003)

  20. Our 13 year old son has an elevated blood sugar, and the doctor is pretty confident that he has type 1 diabetes, but he does not have any of the classic symptoms. His A1c was 5.3%, his islet cell antibodies were negative, and the GAD antibody test results are pending. Should I be concerned? Could his levels rise during exercise? Will the GAD test confirm diabetes? Where do we go from here? (27 Aug 2003)

  21. I am on about 15 Units of Lantus at night with 5 Units of NovoLog. What would be a good target for my before breakfast blood sugar? (27 Aug 2003)

  22. I am 20 years old and do not have diabetes, but I was recently diagnosed with mild celiac disease, and my endocrinologist suggested that I look at this website for information. How vigilant do I need to become about avoiding gluten? (27 Aug 2003)

  23. Is there some kind of litmus paper or other device for detecting the amount of carbs or sugars in a food? One would be very helpful, especially for restaurant food. I'm desperate. Someone ought to invent one if it doesn't exist. (27 Aug 2003)

  24. I had calluses on both feet so went to a podiatrist and informed them I was on insulin trying to get my diabetes under control.They started trimming my calluses to the point at which they stared bleeding. Now they say they might have to start taking the foot off. I am not trying to blame anyone, but it looks like something else could have been done sooner. (27 Aug 2003)

  25. I have been exercising, yet I have not lost any weight. I find that I have to keep stuffing myself to keep my blood sugars up, and I am unable to keep them"up" after reactions now. I do not want to stop because psychologically I feel better. Is there a way to treat these that discourages weight gain and gets them to the level needed? Any ideas would be helpful. (27 Aug 2003)

  26. My husband takes premixed insulin, and his fasting blood sugar is high. In addition, he breaks out in a rash at night, his sugar is high then. If a person with diabetes has an infection somewhere in his/her body, does this also elevate blood sugar? (27 Aug 2003)

  27. The doctor told me that I can start my son on homogenized milk instead of formula, but my sister developed type 1 diabetes in her late 20s, and A friend of the family who is a doctor told me that my son has a greater chance of developing diabetes if I give him homogenized milk before the age of one. Is this a fact? (26 Aug 2003)

  28. About 11 months ago, my three year old son's doctor did a random blood check, and we found out he had high cholesterol. At this time, the doctor did not do anything. About eight months later, it was higher. I have several questions. (26 Aug 2003)

  29. My son woke up this morning disoriented, weak, and limp. I rushed him to the doctor who ran tests. His blood sugar was low, and his ketone level were high. The doctor told me not to worry and to make sure he eats several times a day. He said he didn't need to see him again, but I am concerned. What if this happens again, and he has a seizure? How can I be sure he will grow out of this? (26 Aug 2003)

  30. When we go to our friend's house for dinner, my daughter eats nothing that she doesn't eat at home. The problem is that whenever we go there, and she is playing with her friend, she runs high. Any insight that you could possibly would be wonderful. (26 Aug 2003)

  31. Is Exenatide another novel drug for type 2 diabetes? (26 Aug 2003)

  32. I had my first dialysis two months ago and second blood dialysis soon after, and I was unconscious for a while. (26 Aug 2003)

  33. I am 49 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, and I weigh 140 pounds. Twenty years ago, I underwent surgery, and enough of my small intestine was taken that the doctor was concerned. Sixteen years ago, I had gestational diabetes which required insulin, and now I have type 2 diabetes. Could the missing small and/or large bowel be contributing to my insulin resistance? (26 Aug 2003)

  34. My 15 year old girlfriend lives in an abusive household with a single mother. When I questioned her mother about the bruises she leaves on her face and the broken bones, she says that it is because she has diabetes and behavior disorders come from that. (25 Aug 2003)

  35. What type of grieving does a 15 year old girl go through when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? What type of support should she receive? (25 Aug 2003)

  36. At the time I was diagnosed, the first doctor I saw said I had type 2 diabetes, but the second and third doctors I saw said I have type 1. Now, my fourth doctor is questioning the diagnosis again. What exactly does he suspect? What other possibilities are there for me? LADA? (25 Aug 2003)

  37. My daughter had high ketones in her urine. Why would her ketone levels fluctuate so much? Is this an early indication that perhaps her pancreas is not consistently producing enough insulin? We are very concerned and don't want to wait until she goes DKA. Is diabetes a concern? (25 Aug 2003)

  38. I'm a 14 year old girl who has been drinking a lot and needing to urinate almost constantly. When I am training hard, I tend to feel sick and get lightheaded, and sometimes I get really overtired. I'm not sure if have lost any weight, but I know that some of these things are symptoms of diabetes, and I'm probably just being paranoid. Do I have anything to be worried about? (25 Aug 2003)

  39. My two year old daughter has been having some weird blood sugars. I am confused. One doctor told me that she could be having an occasional insulin surge from whatever islet cells she has left and that can cause the drop, while the other doctor says that it is impossible. Can someone please offer some opinions? (25 Aug 2003)

  40. Two weeks ago, my six year old niece went to the doctor, who told my brother and his wife that she has prediabetes. I am concerned about her because she is not getting the proper nutrition she needs to combat the problem. My mother watches my niece after school and on weekends, and I would like to know if there anything she can do to help her to lower her blood sugar. (25 Aug 2003)

  41. Why is fasting glucose so important during pregnancy? Why should a fasting level that's higher than normal be a problem if it's not in the very high range? Also, I don't understand why I'm allowed to have two-hour postprandial levels that are higher than my fasting level. (25 Aug 2003)

  42. When my father takes his medicine continuously (let's say for 14 days), his sugar easily goes down, but when he stopped taking it for a week, his sugar went up. We don't understand. Does he really have diabetes? If so, what type? What should we do to normalize his blood sugar? Please advise as to what foods should he eat and should not eat. (25 Aug 2003)

  43. My 17 month old daughter has had two episodes of shaking in the past two months. A a random glucose was 55 mg/dl [3.1 mmol/L], and the doctor just wants to continue to monitor it without any further intervention, but I am concerned. Is 55 mg/dl [3.1 mmol/L] too low? What if this happened during the night, and I was not aware her sugar level had dropped? (25 Aug 2003)

  44. I know I am only 14, but I am really scared that if my mother doesn't eat right and do a little exercise something might happen to her. (24 Aug 2003)

  45. I'm four months pregnant and have been experiencing a few problems.My legs and feet can't seem to keep still at night, and when I lie down, they feel very uncomfortable. I can't stop drinking, feel thirsty, and I go to the bathroom all the time. I have been getting really bad headaches which I cant seems to get rid of. Could any of these symptoms relate to diabetes? (24 Aug 2003)

  46. Is it possible to go from type 2 to type 1 diabetes through the family tree? Is this the beginning of the generation of people with type 1? What will this information do to my daughter's diagnosis since hers was considered to be a fluke? (24 Aug 2003)

  47. My father has advised me that he has a 'crack' on his under foot, and he is in immense pain to the point that he cannot stand at all. In addition, he has had severe headaches for the past four to five days. Can you please advise what he should do? (24 Aug 2003)

  48. When the outside temperature and relative humidity increase (say to 90 degrees F and 90% humidity), my blood sugar increases to such high values that sometimes the meter can't read it Can you help? What could be the cause? (24 Aug 2003)

  49. I am having trouble with high blood glucose levels after I have spent a good deal of time being active and when I lose weight. My fasting sugars are always high. Do you have any idea what could be causing this? (24 Aug 2003)

  50. My husband has type 1 diabetes and so do my two year old son and four year old daughter. How often to you hear of or see families in which a parent and both children have type 1 diabetes? (24 Aug 2003)

  51. My son has mild Tourette's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and type 1 diabetes. He has had tremendous weight gain, and his blood sugars are all over the board. He wants to be slim but seems unwilling to self-regulate eating. Is there a specific diet that could help? Is there a relationship between insulin and serotonin that might be triggering constant overeating? (24 Aug 2003)

  52. Can ADHD medications or withdrawal symptoms from them mimic or cause hypoglycemia in a child who does not have diabetes? (24 Aug 2003)

  53. I did the one-hour test at about 15-16 weeks of pregnancy and failed the screen, but I subsequently passed the three-hour test. My doctor wants to test again when I am 24 weeks along and has recommended that I go directly to the three-hour test. I have several questions. (24 Aug 2003)

  54. I recently stopped doing my injections, but I have now come to my senses, and I'm trying to start my needles again. However, I find I'm talking myself out of doing it, and I'm having trouble starting up again. I can't tell anyone because my parents will freak! Can you give me advice? Should I tell my doctor? (23 Aug 2003)

  55. My five year old son had a six-hour fasting glucose test, and his pediatrician said that he had hypoglycemia, but she was not clear about his actual test results. She instructed me to test his level a few times a day and he has irregular readings no matter what the time of day which are 38-360 mg/dl [2.1-20 mmol/L]. Does this mean my son has diabetes? Does he need to see a specialist? What should I do? (23 Aug 2003)

  56. Do level 90 and OPC3 help to control blood sugar levels? (23 Aug 2003)

  57. My husband and I have no family history of diabetes, and my first son was born healthy and still remains so. However, at the age of one year, my youngest was given the chicken pox vaccine, without my permission, and a month later was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Is it possible he got diabetes from the chicken pox vaccine? (23 Aug 2003)

  58. If I continue to monitor my son's blood sugars five to six times per day and maintain meals, snacks, and insulin is the possibility of a severe hypoglycemic episode rare? (23 Aug 2003)

  59. I am providing education to patients with newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and while I currently have a few books that I use for education to help patients and siblings (ages preschool to school age), I'm having a difficult time finding children's books explaining diabetes for the Spanish speaking population. Do you have any suggestions? (23 Aug 2003)

  60. My daughter had an extremely high blood glucose which the doctor said was a classic case of type 1 diabetes, but since then blood glucose has been within normal range, except for a few high postprandial readings. Her A1c and antibody tests appear normal. The pediatrician says that she does not have diabetes, but I am concerned that she may be developing it. (23 Aug 2003)

  61. I am a 24 year old, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over six years ago, and I am thinking about attending graduate school full-time if possible, but I want to account for the potential health and financial challenges related to diabetes. What do I need to consider in this situation? (23 Aug 2003)

  62. When I was younger, I was put on allergy shots which seemed to have helped, but they also appeared to make my blood sugar go consistently high. However, I don't know if this had more to do with simply going through puberty. Now, I am seriously considering going back on the allergy shots, but I am afraid to do so. Do allergy shots cause blood sugars to seemingly skyrocket? (23 Aug 2003)

  63. My two year old son is only receiving one shot per day in the morning (6 Units of NPH with 1 Unit of Humalog), and he is often low prior to lunch. The only way to avoid the lows is to give him a big midmorning snack. What is going on? (23 Aug 2003)

  64. My daughter's mother believes that my daughter's diabetes can be helped with a dietary supplement called SeaSilver. Our doctor has told her that she needs to stay on her insulin as he has prescribed, but she keeps pushing this supplement. Can you tell me if it will help with her blood sugar or if there are any negative side effects that I should know about? (22 Aug 2003)

  65. My father is 81 years old, is blind in one eye, and has to wear magnifying glasses to read. I am looking for a glucose meter that is easy for him to use. (22 Aug 2003)

  66. My son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 17 months ago, has had chronic abdominal pain since shortly before he was diagnosed. I have several questions. (22 Aug 2003)

  67. I had an abdominal injury with rupture of the abdominal wall, and I had immediate onset of gastroparesis. Two years later, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and no one seems to know how to manage my blood sugars adequately. (22 Aug 2003)

  68. As others have written, I also believe there is a connection between Accutane and diabetes. I bet a lot of people have not even thought of the connection, and I think there are a lot more cases than reported. How many people have to be diagnosed before they admit there is a connection between taking Accutane and type 1 diabetes? (22 Aug 2003)

  69. My 13 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11, is taking NPH in the morning and at bedtime along with NovoRapid before each meal, but this does still not seem to control him well. Do you have any suggestions as to what we can do now? (22 Aug 2003)

  70. My boyfriend, recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, had low blood sugar symptoms, but his blood sugar level was 93 mg/dl [5.2 mmol/L]. He thought it was still high, so he did not do eat or drink anything. Two hours later, he checked his blood again and it was 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L]. Why does blood sugar increase even though he does not eat anything? (22 Aug 2003)

  71. My 72 year old brother, who has had type 1 diabetes for 35 years, is taking four shots of insulin per day, but it is not absorbing correctly. How much more absorption would an insulin pump give him? Is there a better alternative? (22 Aug 2003)

  72. I'm a 17 year old male with cystic fibrosis (CF), and for the past few years, I have had symptoms of hypoglycemia. I have talked to my doctors and dietitian who say t's not hypoglycemia since my blood sugar is well within normal range. What might this be? What can be done about it? Could it possibly be panic attacks? (22 Aug 2003)

  73. I am planning to have surgery on my feet and went to a podiatrist but had to have a physical. I went to my family doctor, and I asked him to do several tests including a blood sugar As I suspected, it was high, and he put me on oral medication. Are there any time-released medications? What about having surgery on my foot when my sugar is under control? (22 Aug 2003)

  74. I don't think my son has full-blown type 1 diabetes yet, but I do think it is possible that his beta cells are slowing being destroyed. My fear is that he will develop ketoacidosis, and I'm not sure what to do. Am I on to something? Is there some sort of pattern I should look for? Should I continue to monitor his blood sugar or should I leave it alone? (21 Aug 2003)

  75. I am a little confused with food choices and times. My child has a carb allotment for each meal and snack, and I have heard that it doesn't really matter what you eat as long as it fits in with the meal allotment. I was just wondering if it's okay to just keep food within the carb count for that meal or snack or is it necessary to stay clear from some things altogether. (21 Aug 2003)

  76. It is very hard having a loved one, in this case my husband, suffer from this condition. It is like swimming against the current. I believe my husband does not take care of himself like he is supposed to. How can I convince my husband of the risks when he hasn't convinced himself of attending to his condition? How can I control what he eats when I am not around him? (21 Aug 2003)

  77. I have the same problem as the person who asked a previous question. However, I currently take Actos once per day along with Glucophage twice per day, and Prandin was started just two weeks ago because my A1c was 8.3%. (21 Aug 2003)

  78. Three weeks ago, we changed my son to Lantus in the evening with Humalog at each meal. Are the snacks considered as crucial as they were when using NPH? What other items should we consider now that my son is taking Lantus? What is the average time frame to seeing the advantages of using Lantus? (21 Aug 2003)

  79. I am even wondering if perhaps I stumbled onto a very early stage of diabetes that isn't registering in her A1c, and my daughter isn't "sick" from it yet. Why would my daughter's pancreas allow her blood glucose to get that high before kicking in? Am I being neurotic or are the doctors always right? (21 Aug 2003)

  80. My five year old son, who has type 1 diabetes, will be starting full-time kindergarten this year and participating in physical education class. Can you explain to me why exercise needs to be delayed if ketones are present? Are there risks or complications to exercising when there are ketones present? (20 Aug 2003)

  81. My 37 year old husband, who has type 1 diabetes, has been in declining health for the past several years with pretty much has the full compliment of complications, and the past year has been especially difficult. The doctors have mentioned that he might have sarcoidosis. Does this sound like sarcoid? Do you have any other thoughts? (20 Aug 2003)

  82. I am having trouble controlling my sugar, and I want to see what the pump looks like with the needle inserted in the stomach. Does it hurt? (20 Aug 2003)

  83. I am a 30 year old female with PCOS, and I guess I have high blood sugar levels. Five years ago I weighed 145 pounds, but now I am maintaining at 175 pounds which I think is due to the fact that I am taking metformin. Does this stuff work? How long can a person be on metformin? Are there side effects if the person is on it for too long? (20 Aug 2003)

  84. My endocrinologist said my cholesterol was too high and diagnosed systolic hypertension. He talked about prescribing an ACE inhibitor, but he is hesitant to do so right away. The CDE feels that the cholesterol would come down with increased exercise and a better A1c. Are these effects unusual? Are they reversible effects of lifestyle changes? Is medication inevitable? (20 Aug 2003)

  85. I have gradually gotten a bit heavier though I don't eat particularly more. I have been following the glycemic index diet pretty religiously, and I am walking I have found that my blood sugars are plummeting, and I have reduced most shots by about 40%, but I do not seem to be losing any weight. If anything, I am gaining weight. Will this continue to happen? (20 Aug 2003)

  86. We want to know how fast a child recovers full mental function after a low or high (both moderate and extreme). Our child's school is requesting this for the 504 Plan to determine how long after a high or low a child can reasonably be given a test. We have been told the next day at earliest but need authority (and/or literature references) on this question. (20 Aug 2003)

  87. How do the sugar substitutes break down? (20 Aug 2003)

  88. My 15 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age two, has always had A1cs in the range of 5-6%, but he has been experiencing eye difficulties for about five months. The ophthalmologist found no change in his eyes. Everything was normal, and he could find no reason for these occurrences. Do I need to take him to someone else or a different type of testing? (20 Aug 2003)

  89. We are debating weather we should let out daughter go to preschool because of I worry about sickness. When she starts school, do I need to be more worried about her catching different sicknesses? (19 Aug 2003)

  90. If someone with diabetes has an eye exam, and is found to have hemorrhages and exudates but no proliferative retinopathy (neovascularization), does it mean this is background retinopathy? Is the treatment only tight glucose control and not laser? When does a person with type 1 diabetes need to have a laser procedure? (19 Aug 2003)

  91. There are some lifestyle choices I can't get away from that require that I eat large meals. How does a C-peptide level of 0.8 convert into units (U-100) of insulin by weight and time? (19 Aug 2003)

  92. My daughter was diagnosed when she was 10 years old, and about a year and a half ago we found out she had elevated AST levels. All her other numbers were within normal ranges. Her AST has risen to 375+, and she is scheduled for a liver biopsy.Is there any connection between diabetes and elevated AST levels? (19 Aug 2003)

  93. I have had type 1 diabetes for almost 29 years, and I currently have gained a lot of weight, my doctor did not do any thyroid tests. My blood sugars were very high after switching from NPH and Regular to Lantus and Humalog about seven months ago. However I just got put back on the NPH and Regular again. Could that insulin be a possible cause of my weight gain? (19 Aug 2003)

  94. The person in question states she takes glyburide and glimepiride but had not taken her medication for about three to four days. As a result, she was incoherent and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs which has caused a problem on her job. Are her claims true? (19 Aug 2003)

  95. I have type 2 diabetes, and my blood sugars have been around normal. However, yesterday I ate a lot of fruit, including a whole sweet medium cantaloupe, and my evening blood sugar was quite high. Is this a temporary thing caused by the sugar in the cantaloupe? In general, how does fresh fruit impact sugar level readings in terms of time and absorption? (19 Aug 2003)

  96. Since diagnosis, my son's cheek area has been constantly red even when his sugars are in normal range and, this seems to be more visible after the NovoLog injection. Have you heard of any side effects from either of these insulins that can cause this kind of reaction? (19 Aug 2003)

  97. My 10 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for one and a half years, and we can never keep her blood sugar levels under control. How do I know if we are giving her too much insulin? (19 Aug 2003)

  98. Because my younger daughter was ravenously hungry and constantly eating but not gaining weight, had yeast infections/itching, cold and thirsty, I tested her blood glucose level. She had some high levels, but the doctors say she does not have diabetes. I wonder if she could be in the beginning stage of diabetes during which fasting blood sugar levels are normal. (18 Aug 2003)

  99. If my blood sugar before bed is in the normal range, I take the Glucophage only, with no glyburide, but then my morning blood sugar is too high. However, if I take the glyburide, I wake in the middle of the night in distress with very low blood sugar. (18 Aug 2003)

  100. Our doctor in Panama believes our two year old daughter has MODY. Can such a small child be placed in oral agents? If she does not have not type 1 diabetes, how can her sugars levels be controlled (given that she does not need insulin)? (18 Aug 2003)

  101. Last week, my family doctor prescribed oral medication, halted the insulin injections, and my blood sugars are fine. What ill or good effects did taking insulin for 11 years have? (18 Aug 2003)

  102. I'm confused, and I would like you to help me out. simple question -- Is diabetes a chronic ? I ask this because some people say it is not a chronic disease, because it is treatable. But I think it is chronic, and other people say it is because it is a long-term disease, and it has no cure. Please would you tell me if it is or is not and why? I'm really confused! (18 Aug 2003)

  103. I have been told of a book called which claims to have significant impacts on diabetes control and cure for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. (18 Aug 2003)

  104. My 11 year old granddaughter is very short and has been overweight most of her life. She doesn't exercise and eats eat mostly high carb food. I watched her consume 700 calories for breakfast then move on to lunch and supper plus snacks. There is a family history of diabetes on both sides so I am concerned that this child is on her way to developing diabetes herself. (17 Aug 2003)

  105. My nine year old daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I would like information that I should share with her elementary school. What are my daughter's rights? What is she entitled to? (17 Aug 2003)

  106. My spouse, who has type 2 diabetes, uses chewing tobacco daily. Can you find out the sugar and or carb content in a package pouch of chewing tobacco? (17 Aug 2003)

  107. At birth, my 11 year old daughter had two to three heart murmurs which we were told had closed by the time she reached a year of age. However, when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, we were told that they detected heart murmurs. Is it possible that the extremely high blood sugars and ketones she had before diagnosis caused a recurrence of the heart murmurs? (17 Aug 2003)

  108. Our six year old son has high blood fasting sugar levels regularly (120-130 mg/dl [6.7- 7.2 mmol/L]), but two hours after meals, he has normal levels. He tested negative for all antibodies, and an oral glucose tolerance test showed good response. Are there any indications of diabetes onset given these observations? What diet should he follow (zero sugar, carb counting, or normal)? (17 Aug 2003)

  109. Approximately two weeks after I had a glucose tolerance test done at my general practitioner's office, I had an A1c of 7.5%. I have had some numbness/tingling interfering with activities of daily living. Testing showed I have a sensory neuropathy related to diabetes, but a repeat A1c was 5%. How can I have diabetic neuropathy without diabetes? Am I not cleared for the diabetes at this point? (17 Aug 2003)

  110. I want to donate my pancreas to my child now. (17 Aug 2003)

  111. I have a person with type 2 diabetes on maximum oral agents who shows an increasing trend of blood sugars. What next? (17 Aug 2003)

  112. I am an 18 year old girl and my boyfriend and I are thinking about children. Is it harmful for women with diabetes to become pregnant? Will I have many complications with it? (17 Aug 2003)

  113. My daughter attends a parochial school. Must a parent be present on school field trips? Are the laws different for public schools versus private schools? (17 Aug 2003)

  114. What's the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? What foods would you suggest they eat? How often should this person visit a doctor? This person is ashamed of this lifestyle -- please help. (15 Aug 2003)

  115. I am 23 weeks pregnant and since I was16 weeks pregnant, my blood sugars have been high. However, my doctor seems to think this is okay and even said that my baby measures perfectly normal. I am very concerned. Do I need a second opinion? (15 Aug 2003)

  116. I'm not finding a lot of information regarding the benefits of low glycemic index foods (whole wheat flour, flaxseeds, wheat germ). Am I wasting my time creating ways to incorporate these foods into her diet, or will they really benefit my daughter? (15 Aug 2003)

  117. I have a fairly well controlled type 2 diabetes along with thalassemia minor and microcytosis. My A1c levels have been as high as 7.0%, but my last one was 6.1% which seemed to be contradictory to my history of daily finger stick glucose checks. Will the thalassemia and microcytosis affect the accuracy of the results of the automated A1c testing? (15 Aug 2003)

  118. I am in the process of switching to a new insulin pump, and I have some excess supplies from my old pump including reservoirs. Are you aware of any organizations that these can be donated to? (15 Aug 2003)

  119. My one year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two weeks ago, we are planing a trip for the first time, and I need to know what I need to do to make sure he will be okay. It is a 14 hour drive, and we will be at the beach, and on the go. What should I watch for? (15 Aug 2003)

  120. My husband has been having increasingly extreme temper outbursts which he says is caused by his diabetes (usually because he hasn't eaten in over 12 hours). Can his diabetes cause such extreme temper outbursts and unreasonable reactions? (15 Aug 2003)

  121. I have a family history of diabetes, and my daughter has had multiple high blood sugar levels.During a kidney infection they said they saw sugar and a trace of ketones in her urine but no bacteria. The doctors said stress and sickness could raise her sugar levels. Should I be worried about diabetes? (15 Aug 2003)

  122. I am a recently single mother struggling to purchase supplies for my daughter. I do have insurance but it doesn't cover urine or blood test strips, lancets or insulin. Is there anywhere we can find assistance with these products? (15 Aug 2003)

  123. I am six months pregnant, and I recently started using an insulin pen. Four days ago, I developed a lot of pain and bruising at my injection site, and I still have a bruise that is tender. Any suggestions? (15 Aug 2003)

  124. By choice, my 17 year old daughter, who had diabetes since she was 10 years old, just came to live with me. She has rather severe mood swings, and makes everyone else uncomfortable. There are also eating issues and sleep issues. I can handle dealing with the diabetes treatment, it's her crappy attitude that has me near the end of my rope. If you have any ideas on how to deal with this please advise me. (14 Aug 2003)

  125. I am 13 years old, have had hyperglycemia since I was three years old, and I want to know if it is possible or certain that I have diabetes. I need to find a way to help me with my symptoms because I become extremely depressed very often. I have never spoken to a doctor about my condition or diabetes and don't believe my mother or father know how serious hyperglycemia can be. (14 Aug 2003)

  126. Three months ago, my 16 year old stepdaughter was diagnosed with PCOS along with insulin resistance, and she is currently on metformin and vitamin B complex. Her 13 year old sister is following in her footsteps, and her 10 year old brother is same way. What are the chances that the 13 and 10 year old are going to develop insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes? (14 Aug 2003)

  127. How long can you let mixed NPH and Regular sit in the syringe before it is safe to give the injection? Do you have to give the injection right away or can you wait to give the injection? (14 Aug 2003)

  128. When my husband's blood sugar is high he becomes very mean and angry, with irrational thinking, he can't control it, and it seems to be happening more frequently than usual.Can you tell me what causes this? Is there anything we can do to keep it from happening? (14 Aug 2003)

  129. My daughter is coming to live with me, and I am worried about the state of care she might receive or should receive here in Italy. I would be grateful of any information you can give me with regard her rights to health care here in Italy. (13 Aug 2003)

  130. My 28 year old husband has always had problems in maintaining an erection. He is aware of it, but I don't think that the psychological factor is completely responsible for it, and his father has had type 1 diabetes since he was a child. Even though my husband doesn't have diabetes, could his condition be related to his father's diabetes? Is any diet you would recommend in his case? (13 Aug 2003)

  131. I am a 19 year old male, who has had type 1 diabetes for two years, and my A1cs (done very four months) range 6-9%.The most recent tests are 8.5% whereas most of the earlier tests show results that range from 5.8-7.5%. Is there are chance I will develop complications in the future if the A1c test results remain within this range? What range could be considered critical for developing the complications? (13 Aug 2003)

  132. I had an idea about blood glucose testing today, but I think there must be more complications than I can currently think of. Why don't they make a small needle, just long enough to reach the blood in a finger and be able to 'cap' it. Would there possibly be complications with blood clots? (13 Aug 2003)

  133. I have a history of PCOS and insulin resistance; and since my hysterectomy my blood sugars have been in the diabetic range for type 2 so I have started Glucophage on my doctor's advice. Since I know I will be eventually on insulin anyway, I would rather skip the whole Glucophage thing and just start insulin, but my endocrinologist says that's not a good idea.What would be the disadvantage? (13 Aug 2003)

  134. My husband takes Amaryl along with insulin on a sliding scale basis according to what he eats, and yesterday he was low after lunch, but by dinner he was high. How does Amaryl work? When does it peak? How long is it active? (13 Aug 2003)

  135. I have type 2 diabetes treated with diet and daily exercise. In addition, I am taking a low dose of 7-KETO DHEA, and my blood sugars are now over 7.6 mmol/L [137 mg/dl] in the morning. I have had much stress, and I understand that the 7-KETO DHEA might help the stress. Would it be beneficial to take a larger dose of the 7-KETO DHEA or just the DHEA? (13 Aug 2003)

  136. My eight year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and a BMI of 22. Is there a safe weight loss program for a child with diabetes? Nutrition and exercise? How many calories does she need per day for weight loss and maintenance? (13 Aug 2003)

  137. Lately, I have been having terrible stomach pain and unbearable back pain which usually happens when I use an insulin pen. My doctor insists I use this insulin, but its hurting me every time, and I really think I should change to a different pen, because it didn't do any harm to me when I used to use it. What should I do? (12 Aug 2003)

  138. Although you say that Accutane does not cause diabetes, I don't think that's true. My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and he had taking Accutane for six months prior to that. He is active and doesn't maintain a poor diet so I don't understand how he could just get diabetes. Obviously, there must be some type of connection because other people have had similar experiences. (12 Aug 2003)

  139. My 16 year old niece is on Humalog and Lantus which allowed more freedom in her diet, but she has had terrible control along with several instances of hypoglycemia. For the last six months, she has been on a stricter diet, but her A1c still runs 9-10%, and her blood sugars are all over the place. Is it acceptable for teenagers to be allowed to run this high? (12 Aug 2003)

  140. Lately, my mother, who has had type 2 diabetes for over 10 years and is on oral medications, has noticed that every now and then she experiences bouts of profuse sweating. This happens whether she is active or while resting. I suggested to her to test her blood sugar level when this happens, and today it was high. Why does this happen? What she can do when it happens? (12 Aug 2003)

  141. I would like to know if we as parents can be donors for the islet cells. Since it takes so many cells, are they frozen and saved until there are enough? If we are donors, do our bodies reproduce what has been removed? In our case ( adopted child), do any islet cells work or do they have to be compatible as in blood or bone marrow transplants? (12 Aug 2003)

  142. In the month I have been on insulin, I have had only five readings under 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. The diabetes nurse at the clinic suggested I throw the bottle of insulin our and start another one which I did last night, but still no change. My diet has not changed, and my exercise has doubled at least. Is this a unusual situation? Can you give me any clues regarding this situation? (12 Aug 2003)

  143. We have a family history of type 1 diabetes, thyroid problems, and medullary cancer. A friend who works in medical genetics says there is a syndrome in which some affected members get autoimmune diseases and some get endocrine cancers and suggests we get some genetic testing done for my three children. Is this a lot of endocrine stuff going on in one family, or is it just bad luck? (12 Aug 2003)

  144. I am allergic to corn products. Could you tell me what to use to replace confectioner's sugar in recipes? (12 Aug 2003)

  145. We have come to the conclusion that it is not wise that my 51 year old live alone anymore. However, I am 72 years old and am concerned about her care. Does the American Diabetes Association address the problem of housing or subsidized living arrangements for people who lived for as long as 49 years past diagnosis of type 1 diabetes? (12 Aug 2003)

  146. I have been experiencing some stomach problems and have been investigated by hospital who say this may be either Crohn's disease or neuropathy. I already suffer from peripheral neuropathy, and my symptoms fit those of autonomic neuropathy. My concern is that the results for tests I have already have had won't be known for another six months. Is there anything I can or should do now? (12 Aug 2003)

  147. Seven years ago, my son died from complications with initial onset of type 1 diabetes, and about 10 months prior to his diagnosis, he had an adenoidectomy for severely swollen glands, but the doctor did not remove the tonsils.Are there any statistics about the percentage of children with type 1 diabetes having this procedure done prior to onset? (11 Aug 2003)

  148. Last week, my family doctor was reviewing my files and noticed that I had never been screened for type 1 or type 2 diabetes. So, he did a blood test which showed that I do produce insulin. He prescribed oral medication, halted the insulin injections, and my blood sugars are fine. Is there any other method of testing for type 1 or 2 diabetes other than a blood test? (11 Aug 2003)

  149. I've hit a brick wall in trying to obtain information regarding the availability of certain products in the UK and wonder if you can help. Do you have any information on when some products will be available outside the US? (11 Aug 2003)

  150. My granddaughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 11 months ago, and not in good control, has had problems in school, and will be repeating the first grade. Also, the school feels that she has ADD and want her on medication to help her to focus. What are your feelings on this? (11 Aug 2003)

  151. I have been reading the Atkins' diet book, and it would appear to be a fantastic diet for people with diabetes. Atkins speaks of the difficulty of losing weight while taking medication to treat diabetes. What would be the potential consequences of simply stopping the diabetes medication and following the Atkins' diet rigorously? (11 Aug 2003)

  152. I have been testing my 22 month old son's blood sugars off and on, at times it has been 107 mmol/L [193 mg/dl], and today I noticed he was shaking when he was eating his lunch. I checked his blood sugar which was 16.3 mmol/L [293 mg/dl]. Do you think I should be concerned? (11 Aug 2003)

  153. What is the difference between blood sugars readings taken from whole blood or venous, plasma, and capillary samples? (11 Aug 2003)

  154. My five year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago, keeps getting sores which the doctor says are infected bug bites, but I spray her and the other kids down with bug spray before we go outside, and my other kids do not get them. Could my daughter's diabetes be the cause of these or is it something else? (11 Aug 2003)

  155. Claus von Bulow was accused of trying to murder his wife Sunny (who did not have diabetes) by giving her an insulin overdose. He said the insulin and syringes were hers, and she took insulin injections to lose weight. I have heard of weight loss only as it relates to people with diabetes omitting insulin. How do people who do not have diabetes lose weight using insulin, or is it untrue? (9 Aug 2003)

  156. Do very many children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have ketoacidosis at the time of diagnosis? Can type 2 sometimes look like type 1 when it is found in children with weight loss, ketoacidosis, and extremely high blood sugar? (9 Aug 2003)

  157. I am a 55 year old man who has had type 2 diabetes for 20 years, and now my doctor has now advised me to take insulin injections. However, I feel severe itching just like allergy in throughout my body just after taking the insulin which remains almost until the next injection. Why is this? What should I do? Should I not use insulin? If so, how can I control my sugar? (9 Aug 2003)

  158. My son had some high blood sugars, and the doctor says he doesn't have diabetes, but I should just keep an eye out for symptoms, especially weight loss. What do you think? (9 Aug 2003)

  159. My daughter's infusion set pulls out every time it gets the slightest bit wet. When she showers, we cover the site with plastic wrap and waterproof tape. but it still manages to get a little wet and pulls out. With swimming season here, we are going crazy trying to figure out a way to stop this. Do you have any suggestions? (9 Aug 2003)

  160. I have had type 1 diabetes less than six months, and today when I tried to check my blood sugar, the meter gave me a message that said "HI". I imagine this means it was above 500 mg/dl [mmol/L] which is terrible. What are the most common reasons for your sugar level to go up so high when you have done everything you should have? (9 Aug 2003)

  161. What are the latest diagnostic criteria for diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance? (9 Aug 2003)

  162. If a patient with diabetes who is taking glipizide came to you after two weeks and the blood sugar level was still not well controlled, would the next step be to Increase the dose of glipizide, replace with insulin. or replace with metformin? (9 Aug 2003)

  163. I was prescribed Actos. What exactly does this drug do? (9 Aug 2003)

  164. Both my children have type 1 diabetes, and the children's father has carcinoid tumours. I found a piece of research, stating that 92% of children with Type 1 diabetes and islet cell antibodies were found to have antibodies also to gastrointestinal carcinoid tumours. Might this provide an explanation, or identify a risk, in the case of our children, or is this just coincidence? (8 Aug 2003)

  165. I am the main teacher in charge of helping a student learn more about his diabetes and most of what I find contains material not suited to teaching children how to begin to manage their diabetes. Where might I find materials useful in teaching children about the meaning of the blood sugar readings and food intake? (5 Aug 2003)

  166. My cousin, who is really active and has a past history of anorexia, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about nine months ago, but now doctors do not really know. Her body mass index is 22, and she is eating about 500-600 calories per day. I am afraid she will end up in coma as when she was diagnosed, and now she is dealing with eating disorder. What can I do? (5 Aug 2003)

  167. I am a 20 year old girl who has had type 1 diabetes for almost 18 years, and for the most part, it has been in good control. I plan to have children in the next five years, but I recently found out that I am not ovulating every month. I'm concerned because I have read several articles about infertility problems and diabetes. Does this mean I won't be able to have children? (5 Aug 2003)

  168. I have type 1 diabetes, and I take Lantus at bedtime with NovoRapid with meals. I have exercised fairly regularly over the years, but have recently become interested high level cycling and triathlon and have just begun entering competitions at a veterans' level. Where can I get advice on the steps I should be taking to manage my diabetes with this type of exercise programme? (5 Aug 2003)

  169. My 17 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes less than a month ago, is very active. He is with friends a lot, they typically go out to eat at some point, and he calls me for information on carbs. I can't seem to find carb info on actual restaurants in my area, or any information on Chinese food. Is there a website or book that could help us find some reliable answers on carbs? (5 Aug 2003)

  170. I have type 2 diabetes, and was started on insulin twice a day. I have been taking an ACE inhibitor for hypertension, and previously when my blood pressure was elevated, it would eventually settle, but now I have not slept all night due to an elevated pressure and have not been able to lower it. Is there now a conflict between the insulin and the ACE inhibitor? (5 Aug 2003)

  171. I am 23 years old, and I recently found out I'm five weeks into an unplanned pregnancy. Last week, my A1c was 10.2%, and I'm really, really worried about birth defects and the health of the baby. What are my chances of having a healthy baby? (5 Aug 2003)

  172. Our eight year old son is the only child with type 1 diabetes in a small school, and current procedures state that he needs to go to the nurse's office to monitor his blood sugar. There have been times when he has had to test his sugar when no nurse was in the office and he did it on his own. How do I approach the school about allowing him to do blood testing in the classroom? (5 Aug 2003)

  173. My daughter is being switched to Lantus with Humalog, and with the increase in Humalog injections, we want to find a pen that would assist with dosing but have found that the only pen with one-half unit increment is for NovoLog. Are there any pens that would accommodate half unit measurements and use Humalog? Is there much difference between Humalog and NovoLog? (4 Aug 2003)

  174. My son purchased and drank a 20 oz bottle of SoBe Tsunami. When he came home that evening, I noticed that the label says it contains 50 mg guarana and 50 mg taurine. We did some research on the Internet and found out that guarana is a stimulant and taurine is a protein with insulin-like properties. After drinking this "energy drink", his blood sugar levels were out of range the rest of the day. Is this stuff safe to drink? What effect do these ingredients have on him? (4 Aug 2003)

  175. I have had a high cholesterol for four years which is treated with Lovastatin, along with type 2 diabetes which I have had for two years. A friend (who also has high cholesterol and diabetes) ran out of his Lovastatin and did not take it for two weeks after which time his blood sugar level was normal. Is there a link between Lovastatin and an increase in blood sugar? (4 Aug 2003)

  176. My two year old daughter had some readings on my husband's meter, and I have several questions. (4 Aug 2003)

  177. My 13 year old niece, who has been obese most of her life and is treated for hypothyroidism, was recently diagnosed with high blood sugar. The doctor has prescribed Glucophage along with Fish oil/Omega 3 and Folic acid supplements, and her diet consists of only meat and vegetables. I am questioning the reason the doctor has her on Glucophage and the supplements. (4 Aug 2003)

  178. I gave my daughter the last shot about three months ago, and her numbers have been normal. We have a great doctor and support staff, but no one can tell me why she is not needing insulin now. I have asked to have her tested for the antibodies, but I was told to wait a few months. Is her pancreas working now? Is it possible for this to happen? How long will it last? (4 Aug 2003)

  179. I develop a lot of my own recipes, especially for baked goods. I bake low-fat and low-sugar or with sugar substitutes, and use no refined flours or sugars. Is there a website you are aware of that can calculate my recipes for nutritional values per serving? (4 Aug 2003)

  180. I am 32 years old, I have mild PCOS, and I am 28 weeks pregnant with twins. Since my one-hour blood glucose was 149 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L], my obstetrician wants me to do a three hour glucose tolerance test, but I don't want to. (4 Aug 2003)

  181. I have gestational diabetes, and while my fasting and two hour after meal levels are usually okay, but my one hour after meal readings are sometimes really high. Is this okay since the other readings are okay? (4 Aug 2003)

  182. My eight year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three months ago, we just switched endocrinologists, and they seem to have different views on injection site rotation. Can you comment on these different approaches? (3 Aug 2003)

  183. I have type 1 diabetes, and recently my doctor ordered that my homocystine level be measured. What is homocystine? How will the test results be used? (3 Aug 2003)

  184. For years I have had a problem with yellow fingernails which I always assumed was stain from wearing fingernail polish, but I recently learned that it could be a result of diabetes. Is there a way to get rid of the yellow on my nails? Is there a cream or other product I can use? Would a change in diet fix the problem? (3 Aug 2003)

  185. I have type 2 diabetes. I've tested my child with my meter, and on two occasions she has had a high glucose reading. Am I to assume that she also has diabetes? (3 Aug 2003)

  186. My daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was nine, and her blood count is always high. The problem got so bad that now she is on a child protection order for neglect. The worst thing is that they put her on this order, but nothing has changed, and she still has high blood sugars. Please give us some advice as to how to get her blood count low. (3 Aug 2003)

  187. Since being diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, my menstrual periods have been very messed up. One month my period may last a couple of days, and then the next month it may last several weeks. I even went for six weeks straight. Will diabetes cause this to happen? (3 Aug 2003)

  188. My two and a half year old daughter passed away, and acute onset of diabetes is the cause we have been given for her death. There were no apparent signs until a few hours before her death. Please help us understand this. (2 Aug 2003)

  189. I have type 2 diabetes, treated with Glucophage. Is it okay to drink diet soda pop? Is there a limit on the quantity? (2 Aug 2003)

  190. I am a teenager who has type 1 diabetes. What exercises do you recommend? (2 Aug 2003)

  191. I've read everything about the pills for type 2 diabetes (e.g. Actos and Glucophage), and under the "side effects" section, most of them cite weight gain. Common sense would tell me that if a drug is a kind of insulin sensitizer, this should greatly help manage weight, even making people leaner in the long run. Why do they warn you about the weight gain? (2 Aug 2003)

  192. I operate a restaurant and am looking at ways to enhance my dessert menu to accommodate people with diabetes. Can you help with suggestions? (2 Aug 2003)

  193. I understand that those who carry one type of haptoglobin have a low risk for developing complications, while those carrying the two other types have much higher risks. Where can I get my child's haptoglobin type tested? Has been a drug been developed yet that reduces free radicals? (2 Aug 2003)

  194. My daughter has been on a gluten-free diet for three and a half months and her A1c has elevated significantly. I'm concerned about the starches in these gluten-free products and how they breakdown differently from wheat. What if there are no dietitians familiar with both diabetes and celiac disease where you live? What other resources are there? (2 Aug 2003)

  195. I have type 1 diabetes, I exercise daily, and I find that my blood sugar rises after exercising. Why is this? (2 Aug 2003)

  196. I recently read a question you answered about diabetes and marijuana. I'm a teenager with type 1 diabetes who also smokes pot, and I know for a fact it lowers my glucose. As a professional, I think you should have given that man a professional answer, instead of not answering the question and reiterating the fact that pot is illegal. (1 Aug 2003)

  197. I'm 14 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for just over four years, and whenever I get my period, my blood sugars go unusually high. I this normal? (1 Aug 2003)

  198. Recently my 53 year old sister, who has had type 2 diabetes for nearly two years treated with Lantus and Glucotrol, had a C-peptide level of 5.65 which I understand is very high. She says the doctor told her she doesn't need to take insulin and probably won't need to take it in the future. I have several questions. (1 Aug 2003)

  199. My son, who is a professional river guide in the Grand Canyon and in Chile, developed type 1 diabetes four months ago. He currently takes Humalog and Lantus at night and would like to know if a pump will work for him. (1 Aug 2003)

  200. My 16 year old daughter has been having high ketones for the past couple of days, and she has missed her period. Could the high ketones affect her period? (1 Aug 2003)

  201. I have had diabetes for 36 years, I maintain tight control (A1c is never over 6.5%), and I'm trying to find someone to help me understand why I spill ketones so easily. I've been told it's because I don't weigh enough, don't eat enough or that my blood sugar is out of control, but I can't accept any of these explanations. (1 Aug 2003)

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