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  1. My 11 year old daughter, who is in junior high school and diagnosed about four months ago, has problems telling people at school she has diabetes. She is embarrassed and is afraid the other kids will think she is weird. How can I make her feel more comfortable and at ease with her diabetes? (30 Sep 2003)

  2. Our three year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week, has been taking the blood tests quite well, but the shots have been quite challenging. Just hearing his little voice say 'ouch, ouch, ouch' as he gets the shot and then say he is mad at me and hide afterwards is just a bit tough to deal with. Do you think his fear/panic will pass? (30 Sep 2003)

  3. School bus drivers are not required to give glucagon (nor are they comfortable with that, I'm sure). What is the best information to give to school bus drivers? (30 Sep 2003)

  4. My school-age son has had a pain just under his rib cage for five days now, but I can't get him to specify exactly if it it's an inside pain or just muscular. it's worse when he is running, and he loves to play football but hasn't played for the five day's he's been complaining. What do you think I should do? (30 Sep 2003)

  5. How do I find specific state laws governing insulin administration in school? I cannot find any law or statute as I search the state government web sites. I assume it is under the Department of Public Instruction? (30 Sep 2003)

  6. I have type 2 diabetes, and for about eight years I've been non-compliant. Two weeks ago, I started eating correctly and exercising three times per week. When my blood sugars got low enough, I stopped taking my insulin, and my brain is foggy (with or without insulin). Why am I feeling this way when my blood sugars were doing so much better? (30 Sep 2003)

  7. My daughter's a teenager who has had erratic blood sugars since about the age of 10. She's seen two endocrinologists who both agree they are rather odd levels, but no one really knows a cause. Is there an autoimmune disorder to the cells that sense the level of glucose in the blood and thus cause the pancreas to need to guess amounts of insulin to put out and cause erratic blood sugars in a person without diabetes? (30 Sep 2003)

  8. The school my daughter attends has no air conditioning on the second floor where she is. Is it healthy and safe for my child to be in a classroom in this extreme heat without any air conditioning? Is it more likely her levels could drop? (30 Sep 2003)

  9. My grandson receives Lantus at bedtime and has recently been breaking out with red blotches and a raised skin rash immediately after his injection. His blood sugars are also higher than usual in the morning so he has to receive corrective dose before breakfast. Is this a reaction to the Lantus? (30 Sep 2003)

  10. I have type 1 diabetes treated with a pump, and recently I injured my leg. The I.V. I had in my leg hurt so I took it out. After a day or so, I got swelling and a knot in my leg. How should I treat this? (30 Sep 2003)

  11. In the last 30 days, my son has experienced severe and rapid lows within 30 to 60 minutes after his Lantus is injected at bedtime. No one including his endocrinologist has been able to give us a satisfactory response. Our trust in the drug has been shattered. We have considered giving him the Lantus in the morning but worry that he would show up at school with a severe low. (30 Sep 2003)

  12. I recently went to my gynecologist who was concerned about "a little" sugar in my urine. Could that be a sign of diabetes? (30 Sep 2003)

  13. My two year old son is currently using an infusion pump, and we are repeatedly having problems with insulin blockage in the infusion set. Why would diluted insulin not have been a possible solution to this sooner? How safe and how easy is it to use diluted insulin in the pump? (29 Sep 2003)

  14. At the time of diagnosis, the pediatric endocrinologist ruled out type 2 diabetes. However, two years later, the adult endocrinologist did some new tests. The C-peptide was positive and the GAD antibody was negative. He says this means that my son has type 2 diabetes and not type 1. I am wondering about this since my son was never obese, although he was pretty sedentary. (29 Sep 2003)

  15. We often use 4 ounce juice boxes (apple or grape) to treat a low blood sugar, and I see that apple juice only has a glycemic index of 58 while a piece of bread is 100. Does this mean that a piece of bread will raise her blood sugar quicker than apple juice? (29 Sep 2003)

  16. For the last few weeks, I have noticed that my almost five year old daughter, diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 19 months, has developed odor under her arms. I didn't think that would happen until puberty. Is this a symptom of her diabetes? If so, what is causing it? (29 Sep 2003)

  17. The public school my daughter is attending will not grant the 504 plan until she is given a test by the school system or if there is evidence of her having difficulty in her school work. (29 Sep 2003)

  18. My 14 year old daughter, diagnosed about a year ago, has a high blood sugar every morning. How much basal insulin can she take at night? Is it more then 20 units? Is a total daily insulin dose of nearly 60 units normal for teens? (29 Sep 2003)

  19. There are several low carb products out there that have a total carb count, e.g. 14 grams, but then it will say Net Impact: Carbs 2 grams. Only 2 grams should affect blood sugar levels. My son's dietitian recommends not using the net carb number, but cutting the total carb number in half, but I have seen different effects on blood sugar when doing this. Is there a general rule of thumb? (29 Sep 2003)

  20. My 10 year old son swings between high and lows daily. We feel quite disappointed that despite our 100% efforts, we haven't got things under control. How normal is it for active children to have not settled to a good daily set of readings after this long? (29 Sep 2003)

  21. My nine year old daughter has a skin condition that her pediatrician identified last fall as acanthosis nigricans. She is not overweight (actually quite thin), but does have some risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Her doctor is less concerned because she is not overweight, but I am because we can't try weight loss as prevention of type 2 diabetes. I'd appreciate your opinions on this. (29 Sep 2003)

  22. My husband had a high sugar level along with double vision, and the hospital put it down to diabetes, but didn't say it was definite. He has been taking insulin injections, has lowered his blood count, and is eating a sensible diet. Will he be on insulin for ever? I don't think so because he has not got any other symptoms. (29 Sep 2003)

  23. During his physical examination, my son's pediatric endocrinologist smells my son's armpits. Any idea what he is checking for? (29 Sep 2003)

  24. I am a teenager with type 1 diabetes, and I don't feel comfortable asking my doctor this question. What's the worst thing that can happen to me? (29 Sep 2003)

  25. I have had diabetes for 12 years now and have had problems with it for three years now. The problem is I don't like to do my blood tests at all. So, because of this, I do not check my sugars which means I have started to not bother doing all my shots every day. Please can you recommend something I can do or change because I just don't know what to do any more. (28 Sep 2003)

  26. My father would like to know if it is advisable to use expired blood glucose test strips. He noticed that when he tried using the expired test strips, the results were inaccurate or very much different from his average readings. If the answer is no, could you tell me where I can buy new test strips? (28 Sep 2003)

  27. A few days ago, my nine year old son who weighs only 50 pounds, and who already has ADHD, PPDNOS, a mild tic disorder, and a possible seizure disorder had a possible hypoglycemic episode at school. His pediatrician said she thought it was a hypoglycemic episode because of his size. What is your opinion? (28 Sep 2003)

  28. I have type 2 diabetes, and since my husband had some higher morning readings. I've pushed him to get his blood taken. His A1c was 6.1%, and his doctor said he is borderline. He just needs to watch his weight and exercise. How can this be? (28 Sep 2003)

  29. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several months ago, my doctor says I more than likely have had it for several years. and it went untreated. I now have my blood sugar levels pretty much under control, but I have recently started experiencing some problems in my feet and lower legs. Could this be related to the diabetes? How should I treat it? (28 Sep 2003)

  30. I am a teenager with type 1 diabetes, and I am having some very severe pains in my upper leg and buttocks area. It seems to get really bad when I am in the car. Is this due to poor circulation or diabetes? (28 Sep 2003)

  31. My son wakes up in range, but his blood sugar will actually go from normal to high in an hour and a half, even when he eats just protein -- no carb! On weekends, when he sleeps in an hour, we don't have this problem. (28 Sep 2003)

  32. My daughter was using Humulin 30/70, and her sugar level was okay. Now, the doctor has changed her to Mixtard 30, and I have several questions. (28 Sep 2003)

  33. My son received the first of three hepatitis injections at school today. Most of the people we have talked to agree a child with diabetes should receive the injections, but a couple of people say they should not. If a child with diabetes should not be getting the injections, would there not be a warning from the Department of Health? What is your opinion on this? (28 Sep 2003)

  34. Could any of the drugs I take cause my blood sugar to rise? Could the low carb diet have caused this? (28 Sep 2003)

  35. There is a large history of diabetes in my husband's family. The doctor told me my daughter was too young to have diabetes, but I have watched her for a month and seen how she reacts when I change her diet so I can't help but wonder. How do I get the doctor to test her? Am I wrong in suspecting she may have it? (28 Sep 2003)

  36. I was told that since my father has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, he has a greater chance of developing diabetes. Is there anything to your knowledge that can support this statement to be true? If the answer is yes, should he be testing his blood sugar often? (28 Sep 2003)

  37. My son began drinking and urinating a lot, and he was just not acting right. My wife took him to his pediatrician who tested his oxygen level and treated him for a breathing problem. After three days of no improvement, another doctor finally tested his blood sugar. Why did it take so much insistence that something was very wrong before more tests were done? Is this common practice? (26 Sep 2003)

  38. My daughter has begun to experience shakiness with high blood sugar (or even normal blood sugar). Shakiness is the major symptom of her lows, and we test her when she is shaky, but it is getting difficult because she is now away from me most of the day. Why does she feel shaky when she is not low? (26 Sep 2003)

  39. My boyfriend has diabetes and has no health insurance, and they won't give him a medical card. He cannot go to the doctor to get his medicine, and he cannot afford to pay for it. He has a hospital bill and cannot go back until he pays it. What can he do to be able to get his medicine and go to the doctor? I am very worried about him because he has been feeling really bad. (26 Sep 2003)

  40. My mother recently discovered she has diabetes, but she does not have a diet to follow. She doesn't understand how or why she should count carbohydrates, and I can't help her because I don't know either. Can you also tell me why carbohydrates are so important? (26 Sep 2003)

  41. I am on four insulin injections per day to control gestational diabetes diagnosed at 28 weeks. What is the general recommendation for blood glucose levels during labor in order to avoid hypoglycemia in the newborn? (26 Sep 2003)

  42. My two year old daughter had one high blood sugar reading, but she has not been high since. She is supposed to start preschool, and we were wondering if you think that exposure to so many new children and their illnesses may cause her to develop diabetes more quickly. Is it possible that protecting her from exposure will either prevent or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes? (26 Sep 2003)

  43. I am nine months pregnant, and occasionally I do a urinalysis and have come up positive for alcohol on two separate occasions. I am a recovering alcoholic and have not had a drink for over two years. My doctors have no explanation for this, but I am wondering if it could have something to do with low blood sugar the day that I provide the urine sample. (26 Sep 2003)

  44. I would like to know how I could help my friend through his diabetes. (26 Sep 2003)

  45. My five year old daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, just got her shots for school. Will they affect the blood sugar in any way? (26 Sep 2003)

  46. My child is having high blood glucose levels due to lack of exercise in school. Recess time has been reduced and frequently substituted with board games or seat work. Do you have any recommendations as to the amount, frequency, and type of exercise an eight year old should have during a school day? (25 Sep 2003)

  47. I am a 15 year old female who is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, I weigh about 136 pounds, and I am trying to lose weight. I run about three times per week, play netball, and I have netball training regularly. I limit my fat intake and watch what I eat, but I can't seem to lose weight easy. What are the best weight loss methods for people with type 1 diabetes? (25 Sep 2003)

  48. I know depression can be common in people with diabetes and thyroid disorders, but my daughter has been off the Paxil for a couple of years now and is showing signs of depression. I am considering talking to her and her doctor about prescribing it again. What is your experience with teenagers and long term use of Paxil? (25 Sep 2003)

  49. My six year old little girl has had diabetes for over a year, and the doctors say the honeymoon period is over, but her blood sugars are not becoming somewhat stable, and I don't understand why. They keep adjusting insulin levels, but it's not working. Can you explain what's going on here? (25 Sep 2003)

  50. We have a family history of diabetes on both sides, and I have five children. My oldest daughter has type 1 diabetes, and my other girl is a bit overweight. What are the odds of her developing type 2 diabetes? What are the chances the rest of my children will get any type of diabetes? (25 Sep 2003)

  51. My four year old little girl will be tested tomorrow for diabetes, I really do not know all that much about it, even though I am reading, and I am not sure how to help her with it. How do you tell a child her age about this? Help -- I'm going nuts here. (25 Sep 2003)

  52. My nine year old daughter, who is on a pump and has an A1c of 7.8%, needs orthodontia, and the orthodontist is recommending extraction of two permanent teeth in order to make room for all of her other teeth. We are concerned about her blood sugar control during and after this procedure. What risks are involved in having teeth pulled? What precautions would you recommend? (25 Sep 2003)

  53. Since I have started working so hard to be in such good shape, I have continued a steady weight gain over the past several years, and when I recently intensified my dedication to my healthy lifestyle, I gained an additional eight pounds. Do you have any suggestions? (25 Sep 2003)

  54. My 11 year old daughter has developed a small area of lipoatrophy in her abdomen.. Are there any studies going on about higher occurrences of lipoatrophy and whether it is tied to Humalog? (24 Sep 2003)

  55. When my stepdaughter has had a low blood sugar, her mother has given her glucagon which usually makes her very sick. However, her father and I try to give her juice, but if not possible, I usually put honey in between her cheeks, and she is fine the rest of the day. Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing any harm? (24 Sep 2003)

  56. My son, diagnosed two years ago passed out at school this week. He had convulsions, and his blood sugar at the time was only mildly low. He's had readings that were lower but has never passed out before. Is this normal for a blood sugar reading like this? How is glucagon in the body produced? By the liver or pancreas? (24 Sep 2003)

  57. I have a MacIntosh G4 and would like to know if there are any software programs to enable my meter to be downloaded. (24 Sep 2003)

  58. I work in a pediatric unit and am looking for information regarding teaching plans for insulin injection and signs and symptoms of shock for children with type 1 diabetes. Of course this would also be directed at their families. I have recently been in this situation and did not have, I feel, the proper information or supplies for teaching. (24 Sep 2003)

  59. I have just been diagnosed with diabetes, and even though I taken insulin, my blood sugar level is still high. Why doesn't it want to come down to the normal range? Do I need to take more insulin or what? (24 Sep 2003)

  60. I am 10 years old and have type 1 diabetes. Please kindly let me know about a diabetes chart. (24 Sep 2003)

  61. My sister, who has had diabetes for 17 years, has very good control and became a dentist. Now I want to know If she can marry and have a perfect life as any other person. (24 Sep 2003)

  62. We all have heard about the special care of feet for people with diabetes, but we sometimes use my nine year old son's toes for blood sugar testing. Is this a good idea or not? Should we stop using these areas? (24 Sep 2003)

  63. My 12 year old son has become very rebellious with his diabetes and very hostile to everyone around him. He is usually very happy and always has a smile on his face, but he has not been that happy at all. He is not following his diet properly, and he will not take care of his diabetes and supplies like he is supposed to. Any suggestions as to what I should do? (24 Sep 2003)

  64. My 11 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for seven years, is not very reliable about taking care of his diabetes regimen. He can do most of what he needs to, but I can't trust that he will. When is it time to hand over the reins? How do I transition diabetes care from being my responsibility to being my son's responsibility, without causing blood sugar chaos? (24 Sep 2003)

  65. Our seven and a half year old daughter would like to demonstrate how she checks her glucose to her classmates, but the school nurse and principal feel this is an invasive procedure that seven to eight year olds should not see. Are there resources that could assist me in providing the school with information on what a second grader can handle? (23 Sep 2003)

  66. I don't have medical insurance where I work and having private insurance costs to much for me to afford. However, insulin, syringes, and testing supplies are very expensive. I qualify for CMSP, but my monthly deductible is over $500. Are there plans or services I can use to get low or no cost diabetes supplies? Am I just out of luck and have to keep paying out of pocket? (23 Sep 2003)

  67. We have no family history of diabetes, but our three and a half year old son was diagnosed at the age of 13 months. He has a healthy five year old brother, and we are expecting a third son in a few months Would you recommend saving the cord blood from our new baby for stem cells? (23 Sep 2003)

  68. Identifying symptoms or mood changes associated with diabetes. When I get tired? When I become indifferent? (23 Sep 2003)

  69. My 21 month old wakes up in his target range, is very high and cranky at snack time, and at lunch (about an hour to an hour and a half later), he is normally back in his target range. Will these high readings every morning lead to long-term complications? Is there something I can do to help with being so cranky? (23 Sep 2003)

  70. My 16 year old daughter has lost more than 20 pounds in the past few months. She did go to a bunch of camps but shouldn't have that much weight loss. I'm starting to see some of the same signs I did before she was diagnosed, and her recent A1c was above 14%. I think she is afraid to take all her insulin because of weight gain, but I don't ask her because it' s kind of touchy for her. (23 Sep 2003)

  71. I have just been diagnosed with diabetes, and I heard about the pancreas transplant. Does this work? If so, how does one get it? What is the latest on any cure for the disease? Is there hope? (23 Sep 2003)

  72. My daughter has been cutting molars this month, and it seems to us that the days around when a tooth breaks through, she is having wide fluctuations in blood sugar while other days she is generally within her goal range. Is there any clinical, or even anecdotal, evidence that teething can affect blood sugar? (23 Sep 2003)

  73. My daughter takes 1-3 units of insulin at a time, and when we switched to using a pen, her blood sugars ran much higher. I did a little test, shot 1 Unit for both a pen and a syringe on a glass table, and found them to be very different in size. Is this a ongoing problem? (23 Sep 2003)

  74. My daughter has had two episodes of hyperventilation during intense conditioning practice for sports. Could her diabetes have an effect on or cause these episodes of hyperventilation? (23 Sep 2003)

  75. I originally thought that my daughter had type 1 diabetes, but her GAD and islet cell antibodies were negative, and her A1c was in the normal range. We saw her nephrologist who suggested that since she has a strong family history of kidney problems and diabetes, there is a type of MODY which shows up in childhood, but there is no test. Is it true there is no way to determine if she has this? (22 Sep 2003)

  76. I am 15 years old, I have asthma, and I have suspected for a while that I might have a medical problem like hypoglycemia. I have never been tested. Whenever I bring up the topic with my doctor, she says that I am fine and nothing else. (22 Sep 2003)

  77. My daughter is currently on Humalog with Lantus at bedtime. Her daytime numbers tend to be good, and her bedtime numbers are generally within range, but her morning numbers are pretty consistently high, and when I do nighttime checks, the numbers vary.Do you think the dosage, or timing of the Lantus may be the problem? Is it something else entirely? (22 Sep 2003)

  78. At the time you answered my last question, all my daughter's test results were not in, and they were treating her as though she has type 2 diabetes. However, her antibody panel is back now. Can you help me interpret this? Is this a true indicator of type 1 diabetes? Can you help me interpret this? (22 Sep 2003)

  79. My sister needs Humalog, but she is in Yemen where unfortunately this insulin is not available. Can she get Humalog in Saudi Arabia so I can send her some from there? (22 Sep 2003)

  80. My 21 month old wakes up in his target range, is very high and cranky at snack time, and at lunch, (about an hour to an hour and a half later), he is normally back in his target range. Would going on a pump help to minimize these high readings? (22 Sep 2003)

  81. My 30 year old daughter is using a pump, and this week she had a seizure. Is this common at her age? Does she need to contact her doctor? (22 Sep 2003)

  82. My 12 year old daughter, who is on two injections per day, has had a few lows, but in the past three months, she has had two episodes that scared us. Would the pump help with her lows during the afternoon and evening and highs in the morning when she gets up? (22 Sep 2003)

  83. At the time my son went on the pump, his doctor told us never to bolus more than once within a two hour period. However, his new endocrinologist says he can bolus every time he eats, no matter how often. Aside from a correction bolus, how often can we safely bolus? (22 Sep 2003)

  84. I know pancreatitis can cause diabetes, but can diabetes cause pancreatitis? (22 Sep 2003)

  85. I am coaching soccer for four to six year olds, and a little boy on my team was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I want to be there for this family, and I feel a duty to be prepared. I am just looking for a little advice on things to be aware of, and ways to deal with any potential situations. Any tips you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated. (21 Sep 2003)

  86. Can you suggest a good diet plan for a 22 year old who has had diabetes since she was 11? (20 Sep 2003)

  87. My sister does not have diabetes, but her husband has type 2, and they have been trying to have a child to no avail. What are the odds that this is being caused by my brother-in-laws diabetes? (20 Sep 2003)

  88. My eight year old son has some of the warning symptoms of diabetes since last spring, and about four months ago, he was checked and his reading was 107 mg/dl [5.9 mmol/L], but I was not told of the results. His symptoms have gotten worse this summer. wondering. If he had symptoms and his blood sugar was high, shouldn't treatment have been started? Should I see another doctor? (20 Sep 2003)

  89. My 13 year old daughter is hospitalized for refractory hyperglycemia. about every three months. She has moderate to large urine ketones but does not develop full-blown DKA.The doctors seem to believe that stress could be the cause. (20 Sep 2003)

  90. My 26 year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes since she was six, has become addicted to meth, but I am not sure how long she has been using it. What complications will develop if she continues using? (20 Sep 2003)

  91. I am 28 years old, I have a history of PCOS, and I am currently 28 weeks into my pregnancy.My one-hour glucose test was 146 mg/dl [8.1 mmol/L], and I am going next week for a three-hour glucose tolerance test. What are these numbers about? Is there a good chance I could have gestational diabetes? What should my blood sugar be after I eat? (20 Sep 2003)

  92. My four year old has type 1 diabetes, takes three insulin shots a day, and we have a very hard time getting her to eat sometimes. Do you think this is a phase she will grow out of? If not, do you have any suggestions on helping us make meal time more enjoyable and not so stressful? (18 Sep 2003)

  93. My seven year old son, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago, and his last A1c was 6.5%. However, he experienced a lot of lows during the summer and now that school has started, we are interested in the pump mainly for the ability to eat more freely, and my son hates getting shots. Is it possible to start on the pump before the honeymoon stage is over? (18 Sep 2003)

  94. My 10 year old grandson has type 1 diabetes, and while visiting recently I found the eight year old to be very thin, have poor eating habits, and with a volatile temper. My daughter said he has had a random sugar level had been over 240 mg/dl [13.3 mmol/L] several times, but that she was not worried. However, I am afraid for him. (18 Sep 2003)

  95. I am 30 years old, I have type 2 diabetes, and I am nine weeks pregnant. My pre-pregnancy A1c was 5.8%, and this last one (at eight weeks) was 5.5%. Is this low enough? What exactly is the desired range for A1c during pregnancy? (18 Sep 2003)

  96. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We moved into our house seven years ago, and the previous owner had a son who developed type 1 diabetes a year after they moved out. Also, we had a next door neighbor, same age as my daughter, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Is this a coincidence or could it be an environmental hazard in my home or neighborhood? (18 Sep 2003)

  97. My daughter has ketones in her urine frequently which go away after she eats. I find that lemonade helps. What is going on? (18 Sep 2003)

  98. I've heard many times how heat can affect blood sugars, but I've been unable to come up with an article or research paper supporting this. Do you have any information on this? (18 Sep 2003)

  99. I recently read the question about a child who developed type 1 diabetes after receiving prednisone, and my son also was diagnosed two years after taking it. I know that you stated that the prednisone did not trigger the diabetes in the previous case, but I wonder also whether my son would have developed diabetes if he had not taken the prednisone. (18 Sep 2003)

  100. My 17 year old son, diagnosed with probable type 1 diabetes almost nine months ago, has had no insulin now for eight months with normal readings. We just had blood work done, and his fasting blood sugar was 92 mg/dl [5.1 mmol/L], two-hour post-prandial was 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L], and A1c was 4.6%. Could he still be in the honeymoon phase? Is it possible he has type 2 diabetes and can control this with diet and exercise? (18 Sep 2003)

  101. I am trying to get a definitive answer as to whether my daughter has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. During the most recent conversation I had with my daughter's endocrinologist, he stated that she was still producing insulin (about 2% of her needs). How can she be identified as having type 1 diabetes, if nearly three years later, she is still producing insulin? (18 Sep 2003)

  102. My ten year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago, is doing pretty well on Lantus with Humalog, but he wants to go on the pump. What are your recommendations as to how to research these pumps? How do we compare one to another? Are there any studies out on which ones have been most reliable? (17 Sep 2003)

  103. A relative, who has type 2 diabetes and is treated with pills, checks his blood sugar regularly throughout the day, but then finds that it is high and feels accordingly. Is there a method, quick or otherwise, to bring the blood sugars back into the appropriate range? Your help would be most appreciated as no advice has been provided in this area only for low levels. (17 Sep 2003)

  104. My six year old daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a year ago, has had two seizures in the past month, both while sleeping. I have several questions (17 Sep 2003)

  105. My 26 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes eight months ago, has taken exceptionally good care of herself since and has lost a lot of weight. She is only taking Lantus, and her A1c is 4.6%. I don't understand why her doctor is not happy about her A1c dropping from 13.9% to 4.6%. Is there something wrong that A1c? Her meter average is around 80 mg/dl [4.4 mmol/L]. Is that too low? (17 Sep 2003)

  106. My stepdaughter has been using pump therapy for about five months. My husband and I have joint custody, but her mother has primary contact with the endocrinologist, and some of the information she provides to us is very inconsistent with what I know about diabetes. I have several questions about diet and exercise. (17 Sep 2003)

  107. I am a teenager who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the past six months, and since then, I've gained 30-35 pounds. When I was diagnosed I was in severe ketoacidosis and was the smallest I've been all my life. Did I gain so much weight back because I was in ketoacidosis? What are some effective methods of shedding the excessive weight? (17 Sep 2003)

  108. I usually get to bed about l:00 am, get up at 6:00 am and check my blood sugar. I usually am in the normal range, but when I arise for the day at l0:00 am, drink three cups of coffee, and then eat breakfast at 11:30 am, my blood sugars have risen dramatically. Can caffeine have that much of an effect on rising blood sugars? (17 Sep 2003)

  109. I am wondering why, if you forget to bolus after or before a meal for more than an hour, and you check the blood sugar before administering insulin, it seems many times that the correction dose for that high blood sugar is less than the food bolus amount would have been. Any ideas on this? (16 Sep 2003)

  110. My 26 month old son has had on and off symptoms of diabetes for the past two to three months. He has excessive thirst, and I've noticed he urinates almost every 30 minutes. He had some high blood sugars and urine ketones intermittently. I've been told by a friend he may have pre-diabetes. Why would he show urine ketones and high sugar if he is growing and eating? (16 Sep 2003)

  111. My friend's eight year old daughter has precocious puberty and never showed any symptoms of diabetes, but they checked her blood sugar and learned that she does indeed have type 1 diabetes. Are there any studies that examine a correlation between precocious puberty and type 1 diabetes? (16 Sep 2003)

  112. I am 31 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for six years, and we have an eight week old baby which makes it impossible to have a schedule. I recently had to switch doctors, and while my new doctor has introduced me to the insulin pump. I have several questions. (16 Sep 2003)

  113. I am putting together a list of snacks that my son can have with the kids for his preschool. Could you give me some help? (16 Sep 2003)

  114. My 11 year old daughter, diagnosed about two months ago, still has the crazy highs in the morning, despite many insulin changes. Our practitioner has talked about possibly going ahead and getting a pump, but I've read it's not a good idea to get a pump for at least six months. Any thoughts? (16 Sep 2003)

  115. I have been trying to get a pump for about a year now. My insurance won't cover it, and the manufacturer tells me I would have to pay the $7, 000 out of my pocket which I can't afford. Is there any organization that can help me get a pump? (16 Sep 2003)

  116. I am 16 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for a little over nine years, and lately I have been getting pains in my arms and in my legs, mostly at night. I have well controlled blood sugars on my pump and a good A1c. What can this pain I get be from? Why does it mainly occur at night? (16 Sep 2003)

  117. Humalog stings when it goes in. Should I use it? (16 Sep 2003)

  118. I heard there is a link between high sugar and high triglycerides. Do you think she may have prediabetes? What can I do to avoid her developing diabetes? Where can I get information on diets? (15 Sep 2003)

  119. My doctor has told me that type 1 is not inherited and that you only get type 1 from a viral infection. Can you give me a clear answer to why so many of my close relatives have the same diagnosis? (15 Sep 2003)

  120. I would like medical identification my three year old could wear all the time, and someone told me about medical id shoelaces. Where can I find these things? What kind of medical ID bracelets/tags are appropriate for a three year old boy? (15 Sep 2003)

  121. My 12 year old has had seizures at a blood sugar of 55 mg/dl [3.1 mmol/L], but the other day at school, he was 23 mg/dl [1.3 mmol/L] and although he was shaky, pale, and flushed, he did not have one. What are the long term effects of seizures from severe low blood sugars? How come my son does not have a seizure when he is awake? (15 Sep 2003)

  122. I understand one of the biggest obstacles of islet cell transplantation is the need for life long immunosuppression. Where does research stand in terms of encapsulated islet cell transplant? I have read on multiple articles of MEDLine that show promising research with animal models. Is human testing a possibility in the near future? (15 Sep 2003)

  123. My seven year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for nine months, constantly complains about her tummy burning and aching all the time. Is this common in children with diabetes? What causes this? (15 Sep 2003)

  124. What does the future hold for islet and stem cell transplants? (15 Sep 2003)

  125. Since my son was diagnosed, I have had a very hard time with my emotions. I am very strong around him, however, when I am alone, I break down and cry a lot. I really don't think I'm feeling "sorry" for myself, I think I'm just so sad for him. Is this normal? Do other parents go through this? Should I talk to a counselor or give it more time? (13 Sep 2003)

  126. My daughter takes NPH, and I recently read that it contains protamine, a substance that may not be good for her. It says that protamine may stimulate the immune system to make antibodies to the insulin which could release the insulin at a time when it's not necessary. (13 Sep 2003)

  127. I have a child in my school with an insulin pump, and during the school day her blood sugar is checked when she arrives, before snack, before lunch, after lunch with recess, and before departing for home. It seems that this is an awful lot to be checking her blood sugars. How often should her blood sugars be checked? (13 Sep 2003)

  128. I want to know all the possible areas you can put the infusion set. Is there any place else I can put it? (13 Sep 2003)

  129. Our four year old daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. During her evaluation and initial treatment, we spoke to a dietitian who said she can eat just about anything she wants which seems to me a bit absurd. (13 Sep 2003)

  130. At what age should the heels stop being used for blood glucose testing and the infant/toddler switched to toes and or fingers? (13 Sep 2003)

  131. My daughter was seen by an endocrinologist who suspects she will eventually develop type 1 diabetes. Is this the case? Are there other issues that should concern me? If this is possible, is there a time frame from these "early" symptoms of hypoglycemia to the actual onset of diabetes? How often should she be re-evaluated for antibodies? (13 Sep 2003)

  132. You advised that for postprandial blood glucose testing, the best time to test is one hour after you start eating. I have always assumed that "postprandial" implied after the end of the meal. If this is incorrect, then I will certainly change how I counsel patients. (13 Sep 2003)

  133. I am 16 weeks pregnant and had a positive urine glucose test. The doctor didn't say much, but I am worried. I piling on weight, and I have been extremely tired. My doctor won't do anything unless she sees two or three more positive tests. However, I am concerned that, if I have gestational diabetes, the baby will be harmed by then. Am I worrying for nothing or should I be concerned? (13 Sep 2003)

  134. My ex-son-in-law has custody of our grandson one night per week and one week per year. My daughter has good control over his blood sugar w but when he is with his father, the readings are consistently high. The father balks at guidance from my daughter and believes low blood sugar is the danger, not high. Can you provide advice/articles I can forward to him about the risks of high blood sugar levels? (13 Sep 2003)

  135. My eight year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for less than two years now, and for the most part her sugar levels are good. She is taking a children's chewable vitamin daily, but is there something else you can recommend that will help her fight off any complications? (12 Sep 2003)

  136. My daughter is taking 10 units of NPH in the morning and 8 units of NPH in the evening. Is it unusual to take a similar amount for both doses? (12 Sep 2003)

  137. It seems as though my son needs an injection for a snack larger than 15 grams of carb because it seems that when he takes Humalog for a simple sugar, like a candy bar, the quick sugar runs out before the insulin, and he hits a low within an hour or so. So, I'm not sure if the spike of his blood sugar is worse or the low that seems to follow. Would lowering his insulin:carb ratio help this? (12 Sep 2003)

  138. My daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for four years, started having some severe hypoglycaemic episodes, and there have now been multiple hospital admissions.However, she is continuing to have severe hypos, and the dextrose drip takes as long as six hours to bring her up. Coeliac disease has now been suggested on the basis of a biopsy. Do you have any ideas? (12 Sep 2003)

  139. A year ago, my now 11 year old and my eight year old were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, three months apart, and they are currently on a Lantus with Humalog regimen, but we are researching switching to pump therapy. Should we get the pump for both our children at the same time? Should we keep the younger one's regimen as is until he is more independent? (12 Sep 2003)

  140. My husband has a chance to go to Mexico City to live and work next summer for two years and wants to take myself (type 2 diabetes) and our eight year old son with him. Due to the high altitude of Mexico City and the pollution, is there any reason I should not be able to go with them? (12 Sep 2003)

  141. My son has only recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and we are trying to ensure that we feed him the right balance of foods to avoid a hypo whilst he is asleep at night. We have been asked to check his glucose level at 3:00 am each day, and this is proving very draining to us. Are there comparison graphs available for carbohydrates to show their relative breakdown periods? (12 Sep 2003)

  142. Are 140-160 grams of carb per day adequate for a seven year old? Do foods like macaroni and cheese affect blood sugar four to six hours later? (12 Sep 2003)

  143. My six year old child, who is has had diabetes for less than two years, has never been within the target range for long, and I need to know what to do. She has had four severe hypos, and I am worried also about the high levels. Aren't high readings over a long period of time dangerous? (12 Sep 2003)

  144. Our 12 year old son has had type 1 diabetes for two and a half years, and before he was hit with this, he was very motivated, always happy and loved school, but school has been a problem lately. He has not yet accepted that he has diabetes even though we visit a counselor together. (11 Sep 2003)

  145. My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I just read something in your question and answer section on dead in bed syndrome. I didn't think I could be more freaked out and scared about nighttime hypoglycemia than I already was. I was wrong. Can you elaborate as to what this syndrome is? (11 Sep 2003)

  146. My wife and I do not believe our daughter has diabetes. She is outwardly healthy, running around, and she has been the happiest she has been in a long time since we recently stopped the insulin injections. What else could be wrong with her? How could it be that if she supposedly had sugar levels of 40 mmol/L [720 mg/dl] she was still running around like any other normal four year old? (11 Sep 2003)

  147. My son's levels are always good when we check before meals and at bed time. However, I checked him several times after his mid morning snack, and he was high. is this because the insulin has not kicked in yet? (11 Sep 2003)

  148. My son was in an accident, had multiple injuries, and he had a couple of high blood glucose levels. He shows no signs of internal injuries at this time or upon examination, and he has not manifested any symptoms of diabetes, but there is a family history of type 2 diabetes on both sides. Could his glucose be high due to the trauma he has experienced? (11 Sep 2003)

  149. When my seven year old son was first diagnosed, he would start having symptoms of being low at around 56-60 mg/dl [3.1-3.3 mmol/L]. Now sometimes he gets down to 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] before he feels anything, and sometimes he says he feels low, but when a he is 107 mg/dl [5.9 mmol/L]. What would cause him to act this way? (11 Sep 2003)

  150. My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and currently prefers to go to the nurse's office to check his blood sugar. However, I am reading more and hearing more about children testing at their desks in the classroom. Can school/college deny a child/young adult the opportunity to test blood sugars at their desk in the classroom? (11 Sep 2003)

  151. My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I have questions about insulin regimens. (9 Sep 2003)

  152. My son was in an accident, had multiple injuries, and he had a couple of high blood glucose levels. He shows no signs of internal injuries at this time or upon examination, and he has not manifested any symptoms of diabetes, but there is a family history of type 2 diabetes on both sides. Could his glucose be high due to the trauma he has experienced? (9 Sep 2003)

  153. My 13 year old so was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and no one anywhere in the family on either side has ever had diabetes of any kind. How did my son get this? Do you have any theory as to how a child gets diabetes? Should I have my other children tested for diabetes or pre-diabetes? If so, what test should I ask for? (9 Sep 2003)

  154. I have had horrible pains in my legs, and I'm almost positive it's from diabetes because I'm not so good with consistently taking my shots. I have been trying so much more to take my shots lately, however the pain is the same, possibly worse. I thought/hoped that it would just go away, now it is so unbearable. Is there something I can do or some medication I can take to make this go away? (9 Sep 2003)

  155. My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and takes Humalog with NPH. If his blood sugars are in range at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime, but are, at times high, without ketones) between these times (i.e., two-three hours after meals), is there cause for concern? If so, what can be done to correct this? (9 Sep 2003)

  156. About two months ago, my husband, who has type 2 diabetes, got stung by around 30 bees, and he is allergic to them. Now, he is having a lot of pain in the leg where the stings were, it looks like a really bad rash and seems to be infected. Our doctor does not seem to have a clue. (9 Sep 2003)

  157. What can or could have caused an healthy high-level athlete that one day could work out with barely breaking a sweat for five to six hours a day and in a matter of less than six months, to be barely able to walk through a grocery store without feeling shaky, and feeling poorly daily? (8 Sep 2003)

  158. My daughter, who has type 1 diabetes, takes Paxil. We have just increased her dosage, and there seems to be a corresponding increase in her blood sugar readings. Is it possible that Paxil could contribute to this? (8 Sep 2003)

  159. I read that a person with type 1 diabetes has a life expectancy, on average, of greater than 20 years less than someone without it, and I am not sure whether I should tell my partner. However, given the length of time he has had diabetes, is it inevitable that he will develop complications sometime in the future and die prematurely? (8 Sep 2003)

  160. One article I read said that children with type 1 diabetes were twice as likely to have been fed soy as infants. I am very concerned because I could not breast feed and gave my son soy formula from birth to one year. What is the latest regarding soy formula and the development of diabetes? (8 Sep 2003)

  161. Diabetes is genetic on both sides of our family, and our eight year old son has been drinking a lot, going to the bathroom a lot, getting headaches, and losing weight. He had a blood sugar of 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L] on my husband's meter, even though he had not eaten breakfast. Do I have a reason to be concerned about this? (8 Sep 2003)

  162. My son's last A1c was 5.6%, so I decided to have his C-peptide level checked, and it was 0.9, although low it is still in the "normal" range. Does this sound right? I know its possible he may still be in the honeymoon, but is this probable? Is the autoimmune process always complete? (7 Sep 2003)

  163. My son has had pretty stable blood sugars at home, but, when he started school this year, his lunch time readings are very high, and on weekends or days off he is not high. Do you have any idea why he would be so high at school? (7 Sep 2003)

  164. For the past two years, I've controlled my diabetes with diet and exercise, but since my Niaspan dose was doubled about a year ago, my wake-up blood sugar levels have been higher than before I started taking it. The thing I am baffled about is my A1cs have consistently been around 5.2% Why the discrepancy? Is it a mistake for me to be taking Niaspan? (7 Sep 2003)

  165. I have had a bladder infection for four and a half months, and when I had insurance, the doctor gave me all kinds of prescriptions, but nothing is working. All the medicine is gone, and I hurt so bad. Now the specialists won't even talk to me without insurance. I am trying to keep my blood sugar under control without help. Is there any way of curing this problem at home? (7 Sep 2003)

  166. I have had diabetes for over 30 years, and have gradually gained weight over the years. I have tried dieting but have not been able to stick to it, and I have heard of the South Beach Diet, which is currently "hot". Is that appropriate for people with type 1 diabetes? (7 Sep 2003)

  167. I have gestational diabetes. How soon after you eat should to test your blood? (7 Sep 2003)

  168. My son's father has d type 1 diabetes, and two years ago, my son started showing signs of diabetes. Since then, he has had episodes of high blood sugar, but it always goes back to normal without intervention. He saw an endocrinologist who said that his pancreas could be "sputtering" and that he will eventually develop diabetes. Do you agree? (7 Sep 2003)

  169. Recently, my husband's triglyceride level was 365 mg/dl, but his A1c was 5.5%. I am really concerned about this, and I don't understand what could cause this when he has such good sugar. What would this indicate to you? (7 Sep 2003)

  170. I am on prednisone, and a week ago, I found out I have diabetes. I know that prednisone makes me very insulin resistant, so I am taking Regular insulin and attempting to work with the dramatic blood glucose rise that happens about an hour after I take it. Is there a good formula for timing of food, insulin, and prednisone I can use to work effectively, so I can keep my blood glucose levels more level? (7 Sep 2003)

  171. Our four year old son has normal fasting readings on a meter but he had a couple of high ones after meals, and the pediatrician is not concerned. Should I be panicking right now? Should the pediatrician be concerned? If so, how do I get them to do what is appropriate? (5 Sep 2003)

  172. My son has type 1 diabetes, and I have carefully researched our family tree for anyone else who might possibly have this disease, but I can find no one! According my child book from the American Academy of Pediatrics, type 1 diabetes is inherited and special genes must be present on both sides of the family in order for it to develop. Is there any information/research on this subject? (5 Sep 2003)

  173. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with diabetes which his regular doctor and I think is type 1, but the special thinks it's type 2, even though my son does not fit the criteria.He is taking two different diabetes medications, and his sugars are still very erratic. He was sleeping all the time, tired, and hungry, but he is losing weight. Please tell me what you think. Why would the specialist think this? (5 Sep 2003)

  174. The physician did a number of "hand on" tests, said that my reflexes were excellent, and that he thought I had diabetes-related anemia. I just looked up anemia and diabetes and was shocked to learn that anemia in people with type 1 diabetes is a sign of kidney disease. My last urine, blood, eye, and foot exams showed no signs of anything. (5 Sep 2003)

  175. I have gestational diabetes. How soon after you eat should to test your blood? (5 Sep 2003)

  176. I have been having some medical problems, and since my family has a history of diabetes, my doctor wanted me to have the sugar diabetes test. I went, drank the liquid, and started the test, but halfway through. I got very sick and vomited. I told the nurse who stopped the test right then. I was sick for almost two days and don't feel I can redo the test. Does this mean anything? (5 Sep 2003)

  177. I am 52 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 27 years, and I have not had any problems until the other day. I was told about diabetes unawareness after this happened. Usually I can tell when a low blood sugar is coming, I was by myself when I passed out between 11:30 am and noon, and I wasn't found until 3:30 pm. Will this occur more often now that I am older or is it just random? (5 Sep 2003)

  178. My brother was diagnosed with Addison's disease two years ago. Our five year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago, and we noticed a darkening of his skin. He is tested for Addison's annually, and the result about six months ago was negative. Should we bring our son in quickly to see his endocrinologist? (4 Sep 2003)

  179. My 73 year old father is taking metformin, aspirin, vitamin B6, glyburide, and simvastatin. He has trouble controlling his bowel movements, and it is very embarrassing to him so much so that he won't go to many places any more. Is this medication doing this to him? Can you tell me in which direction I should turn? What type of doctor should he see? (4 Sep 2003)

  180. My 62 year old husband is 10 pounds overweight and has a very early stage of prostate cancer. I checked his sugar this morning and it was 130 mg/dl [7.2 mmol/L]. Could this possibly be the early stages of diabetes? Is there a connection between prostate cancer and diabetes? (4 Sep 2003)

  181. Why do physicians always make the comment that losing weight makes diabetes easier to control? What's easier? Am I missing something? Do physicians really mean to say, "Weight loss makes your general health better and results in less strain on your body that is already under stress from diabetes."? (4 Sep 2003)

  182. I heard a doctor on the radio say that anyone with diabetes should never eat any food containing flour. We didn't receive any information like this when our son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. Would this only apply to people with type 2 diabetes, or should this be a concern for us as well? (4 Sep 2003)

  183. My son had no symptoms of diabetes, but eight weeks ago, on the basis of some lab test, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Now the endocrinologist has mentioned MODY. Can you help me ask the right questions of my son's doctor? Can you give me more information or your opinion? (4 Sep 2003)

  184. I checked my son's urine with a strip, and it showed moderate ketones, even though his blood glucose hadn't been extremely high. I had him drink some water, and a half hour later he showed no ketones. Now I am wondering if my urine strip was bad or if there is some relationship between the amount of ketones and the time between using the bathroom? (4 Sep 2003)

  185. My son's pump cost $7000 and since our health insurance company will only pay for a new insulin pump every five years, we are concerned about it getting lost or damaged. We are having a hard time convincing our homeowner's company to let us insure the pump. What are other people doing to insure their pumps? Is there a special company we should contact? (4 Sep 2003)

  186. About a week ago, my 16 year old son died 10 hours after returning with me from a trip to Peru. The autopsy found nothing, and it could be not associated with diabetes. Someone told me that "dead-in-bed" syndrome occurs with statistically greater frequency in adolescents with diabetes than in adolescents who don't have it. Do you have any thoughts or information? (3 Sep 2003)

  187. I had a routine eye test with my diabetes specialist who told me I had a "dot hemorrhage" in my left eye. What is this? Is it serious? Can it get worse and have long term effects? Can it be stopped or removed? (3 Sep 2003)

  188. My 13 year old son has been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and he is taking Humalog with NPH at breakfast and dinner. Is there a maximum dose of NPH that should be given at the bedtime dose to reduce risk of nighttime hypoglycemia? (3 Sep 2003)

  189. I have been using an insulin pump user for about five years, and I am in very good health, but suddenly, I am having elevated blood sugars after weight lifting class (three times per week). I believe that this is from fat and calories being converted to glucose and being released. Is this the reason? I am going to try to increase my basal rate during and a few hours after my training. (3 Sep 2003)

  190. I am 35 weeks along, and I am very worried. I fasted for the one-hour test, even though I didn't know I didn't have to fast. I drank the glucose, and waited an hour. My doctor called me last night, said my blood sugar was higher than he wanted. So now I have to go in for the three-hour test. Is this accurate? (3 Sep 2003)

  191. I am on Glucotrol with Actos, and now my blood sugars will not go down for anything. I run about two miles every other day and consume about 245 grams of carbohydrate per day, but I cannot get my blood sugar to normalize. My doctor is mentioning insulin, and I don't think that is the answer so I am making an appointment with an endocrinologist, but what should I do? (3 Sep 2003)

  192. My eight year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for three months, has been complaining that her eyes have been hurting, itching, watery, sometimes red, and not seeing clearing when reading since being diagnosed. Could the diabetes be causing the eye problems at her age? (3 Sep 2003)

  193. My son, just changed to Lantus with Humalog bolus injections for meals last week, and we have not yet regulated his blood sugar levels. His orthodontist wants him to have his wisdom teeth removed soon because he feels they are becoming impacted, and I would like to have this done by an oral surgeon. I have several questions. (3 Sep 2003)

  194. We would love to try Lantus due to the no-peak thing, but my son does not want to inject in school thus NPH works for this reason. Can we simply replace the NPH with Lantus? (2 Sep 2003)

  195. My son had a high blood glucose. His GAD antibody test was positive, islet cell antibodies were negative, and his glucose levels are always within normal ranges. Within a week, my husband had a positive antinuclear antibody test. Is there a correlation between the two test results? Why would they both have these antibodies? What should we do? (2 Sep 2003)

  196. My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I have concerns about hypoglycemia. Are seizures, coma, and death always a risk? What would happen if he did not wake up from hypoglycemia during his sleep? I have been told most kids wake up, but what if he didn't? How does one ease the constant fear of emergency hypoglycemia? (2 Sep 2003)

  197. The doctors told us that my very overweight daughter has a high level of insulin. They have done a glucose tolerance test and said that her sugar levels went up very high and that she has a serious problem. I asked if she had diabetes and they said no. However, all the information I have read on hyperglycemia refers to diabetes. Do you have any information? (2 Sep 2003)

  198. My doctor sent me a note recommending I come back to discuss these test results. The note from the lab said that an A1c over 6% was considered positive for diabetes, but I don't see that I have any of the risk factors for developing diabetes. Could there be other factors that resulted in my high A1c results that I should be investigating? (2 Sep 2003)

  199. The 504 plan coordinator said that since my son wasn't having any problems that she did not think that he would qualify for one. What are your views? Aren't I supposed to be his advocate and keep his rights protected? (2 Sep 2003)

  200. A while back my doctor told me I had low blood sugar, and I had an 'episode' at work yesterday. I am visiting my doctor today, and I hope I am just fine! Please give me your thoughts on this. (2 Sep 2003)

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