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  1. I do not have insurance and would like to know the average or ballpark range for an insulin pump. (31 Oct 2003)

  2. My daughter is on NPH with Humalog. If I check my daughter and she is okay one hour after eating, should I expect the macaroni and cheese to kick in two to three hours later? Should I have her eat additional food to keep from getting low during the next two to three hours? How soon does macaroni and cheese affect the blood sugar? (31 Oct 2003)

  3. I do not have diabetes, but my mum is and some relatives on her side of her family do. What are the chances of diabetes affecting someone 16- 21 years old? If I change my diet, will my chances of developing diabetes decrease? (31 Oct 2003)

  4. I have had type 1 diabetes for 24 years, was diagnosed with gastroparesis when I was seven weeks pregnant, and two days later I had a miscarriage. I have had two healthy pregnancies in the past with no problems, and I want to get pregnant again. Can gastroparesis cause miscarriages? Can you please tell me the risks of having gastroparesis and pregnancy? (31 Oct 2003)

  5. It's been a week since we found out my son has type 1 diabetes. Is it common to have blurry vision frequently with glucose levels that are high? (29 Oct 2003)

  6. My eight year old grandson, who has diabetes, had a cholesterol level of 201 which is a bit higher than his doctor would like it to be. Do you have anything that would help me to incorporate lower cholesterol foods into the diet he is currently on? (29 Oct 2003)

  7. A friend said he was diagnosed with prediabetes. He was put on 3000 mg of Glucophage per day, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was put on 500 mg per day. Doesn't this seem extremely high for him to be on if he doesn't have diabetes? (29 Oct 2003)

  8. My 29 year old wife is 26 weeks pregnant, and the test at home mildly elevated. Please advise me as to whether or not she needs to start insulin. (29 Oct 2003)

  9. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year, and I was able do stop taking insulin three months after I was diagnosed. I went to a endocrinologist who said I was misdiagnosed as my blood sugar was normal most of the times, and I was told I had prediabetes. My new endocrinologist told me my insulin production is decreased, and I have several questions. (29 Oct 2003)

  10. Recently, my daughter had an upper respiratory infection, and was seen by her normal doctor who said my daughter should not take steroids of any kind because she had diabetes. Why is that ? What does taking steroids have to due with having diabetes? (29 Oct 2003)

  11. My son has diabetes, but his sister and I do not, so I am having a difficult time meal planning for my family. Any suggestions and recipes would be helpful. (29 Oct 2003)

  12. I am a firefighter/ paramedic and my department uses oral glucose in our medical bags What are the pros and cons of using the gel-based oral glucose versus the quick-dissolve tablet form of oral glucose? (28 Oct 2003)

  13. Is type 1 diabetes occasionally caused by a flu shot or being over-immunized? I've heard theories of this, and I can testify to it. (28 Oct 2003)

  14. One day per week, my daughter has lunch at 11:30 am, followed by physical education at 12:00 N, and most likely after eating lunch her blood sugar may spike and drop after an hour. If she does PE on a high number, is it likely that her number will get even higher? If we decide to check right after lunch, and her blood sugar is over 250mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] should she participate in PE? (28 Oct 2003)

  15. I seem to get the same high results regardless of which insulin I use. Is it possible to take both a premix and Lantus to achieve a normal glucose reading? (28 Oct 2003)

  16. My husband, who has type 2 diabetes treated with pills, does not test his blood sugar regularly, and I am concerned for his health. (28 Oct 2003)

  17. I just heard that my father had a high blood sugar level and is in the early stages of diabetes. He always consumed a lots of sugar and I love my father so much that I need to know exactly what is that my father has. What can my family do avoid the advancement of this illness? (28 Oct 2003)

  18. I work for a healthcare organization, and we are being told that if we receive the 'FluMist' we must be off work for 21 days because it contains a live strain of influenza. My son, who has type 1 diabetes, has already received his flu shot. Are there risks if my son comes in contact with someone who has received FluMist? (27 Oct 2003)

  19. After my son injects his Lantus, he says the area stings and/or itches and a red area around the injection site sometimes develops. The nurse educator says she has never heard of this happening. Have you? Do you know why? Is there anything we can do to alleviate the stinging/itching? (27 Oct 2003)

  20. About a year ago, my fiancee, who has had diabetes for over 30 years, changed to Lantus, and since then he has been suffering very violent mood swings. He has also been suffering from severe low blood sugars while asleep causing convulsions. Have you heard of any other cases of this? (27 Oct 2003)

  21. My four year old son was recently changed to Lantus at night because of nighttime lows, and now he's on NPH with Regular in the morning and Lantus at night. Is it okay to mix NPH and Lantus during the day? (27 Oct 2003)

  22. My six year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a month ago and testing shows that it is specifically "a typical type 1 diabetes". However, I do not understand exactly what this means. I've looked around on the Internet for more information but have had no luck. Can you explain what "a typical type 1 diabetes" means? (27 Oct 2003)

  23. I have lost about 25 pounds since I quit drinking wine and eat better and exercise. My glucose readings gradually went down, and very slowly, I got to the point of no insulin, and it's been that way for more than a week now. Please tell me I'm onto a good thing. I'm really happy about the situation so far and will continue to monitor my blood sugar. Have you encountered this before? (27 Oct 2003)

  24. My husband, who has type 2 diabetes treated with pills, takes Viagra three times per week, jenasol, Interex, superlibido formula for men, and a lot of others. Would these medicines affect his diabetes, the heart, or other organs? (27 Oct 2003)

  25. I've been on an insulin pump for almost two years now, and I am interested in using a numbing cream for when I insert my infusion sets as it tends to sting some. Can you tell me what kind of creams are best? Will l it effect the insulin absorption? Is there a certain main ingredient I should look for and or stay away from? (26 Oct 2003)

  26. The school district head nurse wants to give sugar first (if not passed out) or glucagon (if passed out) when a child is in a hypo or found passed out, and then check the child's sugar level. Her opinion is better high than low. What is your opinion? Would the high levels of sugar caused by giving glucagon when not needed be bad for the child? (26 Oct 2003)

  27. I am currently taking several medications, and I am also morbidly obese. I have no energy, and I don't feel my best. I asked my physician if I could have gastric bypass, but she said I could not because I had gastric stapling previously. Please help me figure out what I should do about this. I am desperate. (26 Oct 2003)

  28. I am 59 years old, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two months ago, and I have neuropathy along with protein in my urine. I would like to take three grams of fish oil per day to help prevent heart disease. Is this okay? (26 Oct 2003)

  29. My nine year old stepson has had diabetes since the age of four, and every few months, he has a stomachache that lasts two to five days. Is this normal for a child with diabetes? (26 Oct 2003)

  30. After eating, both my 14 year old son and I get sleepy, hot/sweaty and weak within an hour. Both of us have gotten a nod from our doctor that we probably have hypoglycemia, but I thought that the symptoms took three to four hours to manifest It seems to happen seemingly no matter what we eat. Could you tell us if this has anything to do with our blood sugar levels? (26 Oct 2003)

  31. Does breastfeeding decrease the incidence of type 1 diabetes? (26 Oct 2003)

  32. Approximately how many children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the US per year? How many children in the US have type 1 diabetes? (26 Oct 2003)

  33. I recently had a severe low sugar attack with convulsions, and since then, I am trying to continue my life as before, but it just doesn't feel right. Are there supplements I can take or foods I can eat to help restore balance? Are some of the after effects I am experiencing normal? What can I do to gain some normalcy? (26 Oct 2003)

  34. My six year old grandson has been having spells with sugar dropping. He seems to get sick to his stomach, has a rapid heart rate, and become very pale. He refuses to eat anything when he is like this. His doctor suggested that we try Glucerna. what is your opinion? Is it was appropriate for him? (26 Oct 2003)

  35. My 14 year old is covered by my employer's insurance, but I feel that my position may be in some jeopardy. As you know, diabetes is a very expensive disease. If we should find ourselves without health insurance, what are our options? (25 Oct 2003)

  36. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two months ago, and I have neuropathy along with protein in my urine. Can my kidney condition be improved/cured over time by my current weight reduction/exercise program? (25 Oct 2003)

  37. Why would a doctor prescribe Glucophage for a patient who does not have diabetes? (25 Oct 2003)

  38. Our daughter has started kindergarten this year and no longer has an afternoon nap.This has brought her pre-supper number closer to her target range. However, it is difficult to get supper going and over with soon enough to get her to bed early, and the mornings are a trial because she is tired. What can we do to get her to bed early and still have some control over her morning numbers? (25 Oct 2003)

  39. My daughter has had diabetes for 10 years, we just found out she is insulin resistant, and her doctors are not really sure what we can expect other than increased insulin. She also has a number of other problems, and her kidneys are already damaged. Where can I find information on insulin resistance? What can I expect to see happen? What can I do? (24 Oct 2003)

  40. At first, my endocrinologist thought I had type 2 diabetes, but then changed the diagnosis to type 1. I am still confused as to what type of diabetes I have since I did have negative GAD. (24 Oct 2003)

  41. I have type 2 diabetes, and my son is going to be five months old next week. When should I start getting him tested for diabetes? (24 Oct 2003)

  42. I have type 2 diabetes which is well-controlled with oral agents. I walk quite a bit on my job, and lately, especially when the weather changes, my legs hurt when I lay down at night. What causes this pain? How can I relieve it? (24 Oct 2003)

  43. My husband has type 1 diabetes we now have two beautiful daughters, and I recently "heard" a statistic that fathers are more likely to "pass" the likelihood of developing type 1 diabetes to their daughters in greater numbers than to any sons they may have. Are there any tests my daughters can have done that may indicate a predisposition to developing type 1 diabetes in the future? (24 Oct 2003)

  44. I am a teenager with type 1 diabetes, I have been thinking about having sex, and I know that it is really not safe for anyone my age to get pregnant accidentally. What are the effects of birth control pills on blood sugars? Is it possible to get birth control pills in Canada without your parents' knowledge or permission? (23 Oct 2003)

  45. Are there any protocols for sustaining and extending the remission (honeymoon) stage of type 1 diabetes? (23 Oct 2003)

  46. My 12 year old daughter, who has had diabetes for almost seven years, recently had an abnormal random urine microalbumin so she then did a 24 hour collection, and her excretion rate was 138 micrograms per minute. I have several questions. (23 Oct 2003)

  47. There many relatives with diabetes on both sides of our family, and I am concerned about my daughter who has been drinking more, constantly hungry, and recently she has been wetting the bed at night. Can you have a normal urine test and still have diabetes? Should she be tested further? (23 Oct 2003)

  48. I have had hypothyroidism for over 20 years, and within the past year, I was also diagnosed with diabetes. I cannot lose weight and have tried. I don't eat much basically because I'm not hungry but nor do I drink a lot. I am extremely tired, my vision is not good, I am restless at night, I pee a lot, I am very moody, and I seem to cry at the drop of a hat. What could my problem be? (23 Oct 2003)

  49. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five months ago, had a 13% A1c at the time of diagnosis. She is twice daily NPH, and her recent A1c tests have been (respectively) 7.5% and now 6.4%. All antibody tests for type 1 and MODY2 diabetes are negative. Is this possibly something other than type 1 in a honeymoon period? (23 Oct 2003)

  50. My granddaughter has had seizures for two years which always occur in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Doctors have run many tests, but they have no explanation for her seizures. Is it possible she may have an insulin disorder? (23 Oct 2003)

  51. I am a 44 year old male who does not have diabetes at this time. I suffer from hypoglycemia, and if I skip breakfast and begin physical labor in the morning or eat something it drops. My wife says these are warning signs for diabetes. Is this true? (23 Oct 2003)

  52. Is there some formal guide for conversion an insulin from a drip rate to Lantus? If a patient is receiving approximately 75 units of Regular, and the attempt is being made to convert from drip to Lantus, how much Lantus would be given? (22 Oct 2003)

  53. My granddaughter has had seizures for two years which always occur in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Doctors have run many tests, but they have no explanation for her seizures. Is it possible she may have an insulin disorder? (22 Oct 2003)

  54. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about four months ago, has had hearing problems since she was a baby, and her specialist has actually now said he wants to investigate her as he thinks she may have Wolfram syndrome. What is this? What sort of tests will they do? How long will it be before the results come back? What is the outcome of all this? (22 Oct 2003)

  55. I would like to obtain something in writing confirming whether or not there major health problems when a child is older if not carefully monitored. Where would I find information about the long term health effects if the proper diet is not maintained and sugar levels are not monitored properly when a child has type 1 diabetes? (22 Oct 2003)

  56. My 14 year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a month ago, has developed a twitch in his legs, almost like the reaction you have when a doctor uses the instrument to test your knee reflexes. Is this related to insulin? Hormones? Who do we take him to for evaluation? (21 Oct 2003)

  57. My son, who has type 1 diabetes, gets strep throat at least once a year, and I read that some antibiotics can raise blood sugar values higher than others. Is there a particular antibiotic that is better than another for people with diabetes? (21 Oct 2003)

  58. Since my miscarriage, some postprandial glucose spikes were causing visual disturbance, so my doctor has me on metformin. I have several questions. (21 Oct 2003)

  59. I have suffered from night time lows frequently, slept through them and woke up in the morning very high from rebound, so I am concerned down the road when my awareness diminishes somewhat. Do you tend to see hypoglycemia unawareness in people who have had diabetes 20+ years, 30+ years, or does it vary? (21 Oct 2003)

  60. I am scared and confused because the doctors tell me I have clear symptoms of diabetes, but the tests do not detect any problem.What should I do? Is it possible to have diabetes which cannot be detected by medical tests? (21 Oct 2003)

  61. If Lantus is supposed to be so good, why does my child seem to be giving himself twice as many shots per day as before? He gives himself a shot of Humalog at every meal and liked the old method better with fewer injections. (21 Oct 2003)

  62. I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy, I just recently found out that I am five weeks pregnant, and I am already monitoring my sugars. I have had a few that were a little high. Since this early in a pregnancy what are the expected fasting and two hour after meal readings? Could these be controlled for the meantime with diet? Could this be type 2 diabetes? (21 Oct 2003)

  63. My son, diagnosed about five months ago, has had two spot urines which showed protein. A 24 hour urine test was normal, and they are doing another 24 hour test. The doctor keeps asking if he's really active, and says not to lose any sleep over it. Well, I have definitely lost some sleep over this. If the 24 hour test comes back normal, what could this mean? (20 Oct 2003)

  64. I developed type 1 diabetes at the age of 30. Are there any recent breakthroughs or research you're aware of that suggest any probable triggers for those of us who are hit with type 1 later in life? Any particular patterns evident? (20 Oct 2003)

  65. My son is always thirsty, has begun eating excessively, and he is tired a lot. He has had several high blood glucose readings. We took him to our family doctor who told us that blood glucose monitoring was not accurate in kids and did a urine test which was negative. Is the home monitoring accurate in kids? What signs should I watch for? Should I take my son to a different doctor? (20 Oct 2003)

  66. I developed some dark patches on my shins which blanch when pressed. They're not ulcerated, painful, or itchy at all. Mostly, I'm embarrassed because they look just horrible. I saw a dermatologist suggested cortisone injections, but I'm very reluctant. Is this a common problem? Should I use steroids in an attempt to fix a purely cosmetic problem? (20 Oct 2003)

  67. Is it okay for a child with diabetes to get her hair permed? (20 Oct 2003)

  68. I have type 2 diabetes, and my doctor said I need to lose weight. My husband tells me I'm fat all the time, the kids laugh and say the same. Is there anything you can tell me to help me lose the weight? (20 Oct 2003)

  69. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about four years ago, and I worked for a pharmaceutical production site at the time where I was exposed to a large amount of concentrated bovine serum albumin (BSA) powder.I have seen a lot of research linking this protein in cow's milk with type 1 diabetes in children. Would it be possible to get BSA in the bloodstream by inhaling concentrated powder? (20 Oct 2003)

  70. My sister is facing nine felony counts of theft. She was a person who had no record and never did anything wrong. She seems to have become a totally different person and has no concept of reality anymore. Can diabetes, left basically left untreated, have any affect on a person's brain causing behavioral changes like this? (20 Oct 2003)

  71. I have had diabetes for about 25 years, and I have retinopathy. I also have a disc in my root of my back which presses on the vein of my right leg. When I exercise I lose the feeling in my feet because I also have neuropathy. what should I do since I have to go through these exercises? (20 Oct 2003)

  72. My daughter is currently taking premixed insulin. Can you tell me about Lantus insulin? Is it effective for 24 hours? Do we have to mix it with any other insulin? Can I use this insulin for my daughter? (19 Oct 2003)

  73. My two year old son is on multiple daily injections (Lantus with Humalog), and we are doing pretty well keeping his blood sugars under control during the day. At night, however, he runs very high and drops between 3:00 am and 6:30 am. What do you suggest we do to keep him from having such wild swings? (19 Oct 2003)

  74. I recently had blurred vision so I tested for diabetes, and my fasting blood sugars on two consecutive days were high. I have a healthy lifestyle, but I have hypothyroidism, and I am under a lot stress. Could it be that this stress was the cause of the high blood sugar levels, and I do not have diabetes? Is there any relation between hypothyroidism and diabetes? (19 Oct 2003)

  75. After what was diagnosed as a febrile seizure which required CPR, my daughter had a low blood sugar. Can someone who does not have diabetes have blood glucose readings out of the "normal" range? (19 Oct 2003)

  76. What is the reality of all people who have type 1 diabetes being cured with islet cell transplantation? Everyone may not be able to afford it. Where will all the transplanted cells come from? Do they come from a deceased patient's organ donation going to a live person on a long waiting list? (19 Oct 2003)

  77. My 10 year old son has been on a pump for 15 months, and we love the difference using the pump has made for him. Now the manufacturer has offered their upgrade for a fee, but his current pump is working out well, and I am not sure if the updates would really do much for us. In your view, is the update worth the money? (19 Oct 2003)

  78. I decided to order several at home A1c tests which apparently, recently became available without a prescription. Do you feel that the home A1c tests will portray an accurate result? (19 Oct 2003)

  79. I totally lost vision in one of my eyes from retinopathy, and I see about 50% with the other one. I'm working as a research biologist, and it's very difficult for me to see things during work. What can I do? (19 Oct 2003)

  80. Can type 2 diabetes go away? Can other prescribed medications make it seem as if the diabetes has gone away? (19 Oct 2003)

  81. Are there thermogenic effects from hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia? (19 Oct 2003)

  82. My teenaged son, who is on metformin as well as an insulin pump, woke up this morning with a high blood sugar and large urine ketones. Since he is on metformin, his diabetes team was concerned about lactic acidosis, but after doing some hunting on my own, my interpretation led me strongly down the path of DKA versus anything else. Any thoughts? (18 Oct 2003)

  83. My nine year old son, diagnosed just a month and a half ago, instantly embraced being helpful and doing whatever needed to be done. However, less than a week ago he quit wanting to do his own injections, has started to say his injections sting, and he hesitates momentarily when doing his glucose checks saying it hurts. Could it be that the reality has set in that this is a lifetime situation? (18 Oct 2003)

  84. I know there have been some studies on endotoxin LPS in people with type 1 diabetes. What can you tell me about this? (18 Oct 2003)

  85. I am a 53 year old male, who has had type 1 diabetes for 42 years and on a pump for a year and a half.. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 12 years ago, and I know both my diabetes and fibromyalgia were caused by an autoimmune process. Are there more people with diabetes being diagnosed with fibromyalgia? Are (18 Oct 2003)

  86. Lately, my 12 year old son's blood sugars are running high, he has had ketones in his urine about four times in the past month. He was sick about two weeks ago and again last night. Is it possible he could still have a bug? Could he need an insulin increase all together? (18 Oct 2003)

  87. Since my son started taking Strattera or his ADHD, his nighttime blood sugars are running low, and he seems to be running high during the day. We have ave lowered his Lantus and increased his Humalog slightly. Could the Strattera be causing my son to run high during the day and low at night? (18 Oct 2003)

  88. When protein is found in the urine of a teen with type 1 diabetes, why is it necessary to take a prescribed pill daily for life? Why can't the urine be re-tested periodically, and if none is present at the later testing, the daily pill be stopped? (18 Oct 2003)

  89. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 34, I was just told by an oncologist that it was impossible for me to have gotten it at that age. Is he right? (18 Oct 2003)

  90. My 15 year old son is currently on basal/bolus therapy which is very successful, when he is diligent about covering his snacks/meals with a bolus. However, he has become far too lax about doing this, and his A1c is 11%. What can I do to get him to follow his prescribed regimen and get tight(er) control? (16 Oct 2003)

  91. My three and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two weeks ago. She does great on her sugar checks (pricking her finger) but is terrified of her insulin shots. Any advice? (16 Oct 2003)

  92. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the past month, and the doctor put him on a 2000 calorie diet. I am on the Weight Watchers diet, and if we could do this together it would be great. Is the Weight Watchers plan okay for him? (16 Oct 2003)

  93. How does one really confirm that the honeymoon stage is over and that is not just puberty or hormones defining the need for extra insulin? (16 Oct 2003)

  94. I read that there is a new herbal cure for diabetes and the rights were bought by a Canadian company who will be marketing it. Is this true? (16 Oct 2003)

  95. I am an 18 year old girl who has had type 1 diabetes for just over two years, and I have put on approximately 10 kg (22 pounds) in the past nine to ten months. I am really uncomfortable about my weight now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I am worried that I am not going to be able to lose the weight again. (16 Oct 2003)

  96. I have had problems with hyperglycemia after changing the site which suggests to me that there was a problem with the insertion. Do a lot of people on the pump have problems with catheter insertion? If the pump site looks and feels fine, how would I know that it's working properly? (16 Oct 2003)

  97. My three year old son has had multiple high fasting blood sugars with negative urine glucose and ketones. I had him tested, his A1c was 5%, and his C-peptide was normal, but he had an islet cell antibody test result of 1.4 Should I be concerned about an ICA of 1.4? (16 Oct 2003)

  98. The pediatrician say my 12 year old daughter (5 feet, 159 pounds) has above average insulin levels in her body with normal sugar levels, and that she frankly does not have type 2 diabetes. However she want to refer her to an endocrinologist What will an endocrinologist do for my 12 year old daughter? (16 Oct 2003)

  99. My 11 year old daughter, was recently switched to Lantus with NovoLog, and since then, her blood sugars have steadily came down, and she has had had no more extreme lows. She was doing a bedtime dose, which was changed to morning to avoid some lows in the night. However, she is now running high overnight. and has trace to small urine ketones all the time. Any suggestions? (16 Oct 2003)

  100. For the last two months, I noticed that I'd get incredibly hungry before lunch, and sweaty, foggy, and sometimes shaky. I would dash back to the break room and grab something to hold me until lunch. I started checking my blood sugars which are 54-72 mg/dl [3-4 mmol/L]. So I bought an inexpensive meter and started checking my blood sugars. What do you think? (15 Oct 2003)

  101. My three year old son has type 1 diabetes diagnosed six months ago, and my five year old daughter has had some high blood sugars and an A1c of 6.1%, and negative antibody test. My daughter is thinking she has diabetes now and is completely stressed out I know. Could this be a stress response? Do you suspect I caught it early, and the antibodies have not shown up yet? (15 Oct 2003)

  102. I'm a 19 year old who was only diagnosed a year ago, my blood sugars are not good, and recently, I have been experiencing many effects of the diabetes. My life has dramatically changed. I get very depressed sometimes, and I hate my life now. What are the chances of a cure in my lifetime? (14 Oct 2003)

  103. My 13 year old son takes Humalog with NPH at breakfast and at dinner. If in the future he switched from NPH to Lantus, do you estimate less Humalog for meals because the Lantus and Humalog will overlap whereas Humalog and NPH do not? (14 Oct 2003)

  104. My daughter has recently switched to an insulin pump that calculates the "active insulin" when determining appropriate bolus dosages. I am surprised to see nearly 50% of the insulin remaining after four hours, since I thought that Humalog was used up completely in two to four hours. Do you have an opinion on relying on this option in the pump? (14 Oct 2003)

  105. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant, and I used my husband's glucose meter to check the other day because I wasn't feeling well, and I think it was high. What are normal blood sugar levels should be for someone without gestational diabetes? When is the best time and way to check myself? (14 Oct 2003)

  106. My daughter, who has type 1 diabetes and currently has an A1c of 7.5%, spilled protein in her urine. They suggested this may be because she is an athlete but want to do another test with the first urine of the day which is scheduled. Can you explain what are medical reasons for spilling protein? (14 Oct 2003)

  107. What is an appropriate sliding scale ratio for a 13 year old athletic child? I was informed that one unit of Humalog will bring the blood sugar down 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L] and that 1 unit of insulin will cover about 10-15 grams. Does this sound accurate? (14 Oct 2003)

  108. We just found out that my 18 month old granddaughter has diabetes, and it is necessary now for the mother to stay home and care for the baby. Will this child be able to draw disability income or some type of income? (14 Oct 2003)

  109. My 18 year old daughter, who has had insulin-treated type 2 diabetes for 10 years, has become more insulin resistant recently. I was warned four years ago that this was a highly likely scenario considering her other health problems, but I am concerned about the effects of this resistance and insensitivity. What are the ramifications of a body that no longer can process the insulin being injected? (14 Oct 2003)

  110. I am thinking of doing some volunteer work which would take me to third-world countries. I was wondering how to find out which countries will have insulin supplies available as the posting would be for up to two years. (14 Oct 2003)

  111. My six year old adopted son has had acetone breath consistently for several weeks. I've tested his urine with the strips for glucose and ketones twice, and they are both negative. Are there causes of acetone breath other than diabetes in an otherwise normal six year old? In view of the negative strips should I still have his blood glucose tested? (13 Oct 2003)

  112. I was disappointed, surprised, and confused that his A1c dropped 2% only six weeks after diagnosis with high blood sugar numbers, but only 0.3% after three months of excellent blood sugar readings How can this be? Can you provide an explanation? (13 Oct 2003)

  113. My three year old son, who is teated with Lantus and Humalog, is in tight control, but unfortunately I need to test him 10 to 12 times per day to maintain this control. Why do we continue to see new invasive meters out on the market every six months? (13 Oct 2003)

  114. Are there short-term consequences for not treating high blood sugars? (13 Oct 2003)

  115. I'm a 15 year old girl, and I have noticed that in the recent months I have put on a lot of weight. Is there anything I can do? (13 Oct 2003)

  116. My ex husband killed a pedestrian while driving. After being incarcerated he learned he had type 2 diabetes, and was told he had had it for a long time. I understand that alcohol can raise the blood sugar, and cause false positives, but what about diabetes and cocaine? (12 Oct 2003)

  117. My granddaughter is going to a new school with new rules, etc., and it seems to be a harder adjustment for her this year. Her teacher embarrassed the child in front of the class, told her parents that one of them needs to be on all field trips, and at this point will not allow her to participate. Does the school my granddaughter attends have the right to demand that one of her parents accompany her on all field trips? (12 Oct 2003)

  118. I recently read some articles which discussed adiposity. Would it be theoretically possible for this theory to substantiate a situation in which an adolescent with diabetes could be so drastically insulin resistant that there could be little reaction to higher than normal subcutaneous insulin doses but increased sensitivity to intravenous insulin administration? (12 Oct 2003)

  119. My father began serving a nine month prison sentence, and when he reported to the institution, he brought all of his diabetes supplies and medications. Since then, all of his medications have been changed, he has only had one test in seven weeks, and he is feeling very lethargic and weak.Any information or direction would be appreciated. (11 Oct 2003)

  120. I sometimes wake up from an afternoon nap with mildly elevated blood glucose levels. Does it have anything to do with the nap itself? (11 Oct 2003)

  121. My son has been successfully using oral diazoxide. Since it seems he will always be on this medicine, I am wondering what the long- term effects are of using diazoxide are. Could it be damaging in anyway, physically or mentally? (11 Oct 2003)

  122. I am worried about this sweet boy and no one is listening. I asked the neurologist who says he says that sugar problems cannot cause seizures and to to ask the pediatrician. I have asked the pediatrician to run a diabetes test, but he says it's not needed. Do you think there may be a sugar problem? Is it worth checking out? (11 Oct 2003)

  123. My 14 year old son's doctor told us he had a beginning stage of diabetes, and we don't understand a lot. However, my mother passed away with diabetes, and my sister also has it. How do I explain to a 14 year old how bad diabetes is? (11 Oct 2003)

  124. I've had diabetes for just over five years, and recently, I had a bad low electrolyte reaction. How high does the blood sugar have to be for excess magnesium to be lost in the urine? Is potassium lost in the same manner when there are high blood sugars but not ketosis or DKA. Could it be a renal transport problem? (11 Oct 2003)

  125. I am four months pregnant, and I have had a few really low blood sugars in the past two months. I want to know if this is really harmful to the baby or if it could make the baby die because I know it causes the umbilical cord to tighten. (11 Oct 2003)

  126. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes five months ago Can you tell me the purpose and meaning of these tests: insulin antibody, GAD 65 antibody, ICA 512 antibodies, lipoprotein pro, T4, free T4, TSH, C-peptide? What was measured? What is considered "normal"? (11 Oct 2003)

  127. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven months ago and takes premixed insulin. Please tell me about insulin pens. Which one can be used with her insulin type? Which one has the thinnest needle?. (11 Oct 2003)

  128. I was told you cannot combine allergy serum with insulin, but I can't stand the idea of my son having more shots. I am wondering if anyone has actually researched to see if you could draw the serum in with the insulin to reduce the number of shots? (9 Oct 2003)

  129. Would diabetes cause numbness in hands and fingers along with shooting pains in the arm? (9 Oct 2003)

  130. I have gestational diabetes, and a natural, vaginal childbirth is very important to me (if possible), but I would like the opportunity to prepare myself if I am just fooling myself by believing I have a shot. What, if any, statistics are there for women with gestational diabetes being allowed to go into labor by themselves? Can women with gestational diabetes deliver a baby vaginally? (9 Oct 2003)

  131. My daughter's endocrinologist says that she can't have diabetes because even though her blood sugar goes over 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L], it goes down without insulin. I thought that the fact that the blood sugars go high meant you have diabetes. (9 Oct 2003)

  132. What is your opinion regarding the time frame for a cure for type 1 diabetes? Are you confident it will happen? (9 Oct 2003)

  133. My 13 year old son, diagnosed with type1 diabetes five months ago, is taking Humalog with NPH at breakfast and dinner, and I have some concerns about hypoglycemia. (9 Oct 2003)

  134. I am 33 years old, have had hypothyroidism since I was 19, and my eight and a half year old son has type 1 diabetes. I have always had problems with food, and don't like to eat very much. Since my son has diabetes, I do lots of research and have come across celiac disease. Is this something I should ask my doctor about getting checked for? (9 Oct 2003)

  135. I have just found out that I am four weeks pregnant. Is it safe to continue taking Glucophage XR during pregnancy? Are there any possible risks to the baby? (9 Oct 2003)

  136. My daughter, diagnosed about five months ago, is only taking 1 unit of NovoLog mixed with 4 units of NPH in the morning, 1 unit of NovoLog at supper, and 1 unit of NPH at bedtime. If we have to call after hours and speak to other doctors, they seem really confused because she is only on this amount of insulin. Is this an unusual amount of insulin for someone at this stage? (9 Oct 2003)

  137. I heard about islet cell transplantation. Can you recommend this procedure for my daughter? What do I have to do? How much will it cost in the USA? (9 Oct 2003)

  138. I will be taking my 12 year old son in for a flu shot soon, but an urgent care center told me to wait until November because the flu shot only lasted three months. Last year, my children got flu shots in October, but my son with diabetes did contract it anyway in February. I just wanted to know your thoughts on when the best time to get the shot would be due to conflicting information. (9 Oct 2003)

  139. My four year old son has type 1 diabetes, and I need some advice on how to explain it in the simplest terms to a classroom of preschoolers. The other classmates range from three to five years old, and I have been asked to come to talk about diabetes. I want to keep things simple, and I do not want to scare these young children. (8 Oct 2003)

  140. Can you please tell me if you know if any residential treatment programs in the Northeast that either specialize in diabetes and/or chronic diseases, or at least accepts kids with diabetes? (8 Oct 2003)

  141. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven months ago and takes premixed insulin. I heard about a type of insulin which is effective for 24 hours, and at least I can save her from one shot. Is this true? (8 Oct 2003)

  142. Would it be possible for a young girl who has had type 1 diabetes for to develop PCOS that could complicate control (insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, ruptured ovarian cysts, etc.? (8 Oct 2003)

  143. My daughter, diagnosed about five months ago, is only taking small doses of insulin. Sometimes she has lows around mid morning, but if we go down on her NovoLog, she has highs. Could it be that she needs to be changed to a different short-acting insulin? (8 Oct 2003)

  144. My nine year old son has complained of ringing in his ears. The ENT doctor found nothing and sent him off to a neurologist for a MRI. Before we put him through that. I wanted to find out if you are aware of ringing in the ears as a symptom of diabetes. Someone mentioned reading that it was. (8 Oct 2003)

  145. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven months ago, has a blood sugar level maintained at 70-160 mg/dl [3.9-8.9 mmol/L], sometimes less. Is this okay? (8 Oct 2003)

  146. Our school cafeteria people are not dietitians. Should they be giving parents a carb count on the meals that are served? Should the parents be provided with an advance copy of the menus and doing the figuring on their own? Keep in mind, not all of the food contains nutritional break down. (7 Oct 2003)

  147. My two year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about six months ago, is currently taking NPH with Regular twice daily, and he has extreme swings. The hospital is now talking with us about basal/bolus therapy, but we are still very overwhelmed with this diagnosis and just aren't sure of the options available to us. How do we know what therapy is right for our two year old son? (7 Oct 2003)

  148. The doctor changed my partner's Regular insulin brand, but not his NPH. He did not offer any explanation for this and did not tell us what changes we could expect from the change in insulin type. Please help with this if possible. (7 Oct 2003)

  149. I have had type 2 diabetes for a lot of years, and my four year old daughter had a blood sugar of 138 mg/dl [7.7 mmol/L] The doctor said this was a little high, but not too many children her age have this type of diabetes. Do I need to be concerned about my daughter's blood sugar level being this high? Should I insist on more testing? (7 Oct 2003)

  150. Yesterday morning, our six year old daughter, who has had type 1 diabetes for about 19 months, had a blood sugar of 48 mg/dl [2.7 mmol/L] and went immediately into a full blown seizure. She has been as low as 21 mg/dl [1.2 mmol/L] in the past and has never had a seizure. Now all of a sudden, we have to worry if she drops below 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L]. Can you comment on this? (7 Oct 2003)

  151. I have type 2 diabetes treated with 10 mg of Avandia once per day along with 500 mg of metformin three times per day, and I average 8.0 mmol/L [144 mg/dl] in the morning and 5.5 mmol/L [99 mg/dl] before my evening meals. Why are my blood sugars higher in the morning? (7 Oct 2003)

  152. In response to a my recent question, one of the doctors said that it sounded like my son has ketotic hypoglycemia. He has also had some high blood sugars, but his doctor says everything is normal. Everyone seems to have conflicting opinions, and I'd like to hear an answer from an endocrinologist who deals with this kind of stuff on a day to day basis. (7 Oct 2003)

  153. Could our newborn's cord blood could be used for our three and half year old diabetic son some day? (7 Oct 2003)

  154. I'm 13 years old, have had type 1 diabetes for 10 years, and I use an insulin pump. I get athletes feet a lot, and it's hard to get rid of. Is this a symptom of peripheral neuropathy? (6 Oct 2003)

  155. Yesterday, I saw a glimpse of a news TV show on which it was suggested that using rice cereal for infants at bedtime can cause type 1 diabetes. Can you expand on this? (6 Oct 2003)

  156. My 10 year old son has had type 1 since he was five years old, and we have had a problem in getting him under control. The doctor we have gets very disgusted in me, says I am not following his recommendations, has now sent a referral into social services, I was charged with medical neglect and had my son removed from my home. Any tips on what I can do to undo this mess? (6 Oct 2003)

  157. My husband has type 2 diabetes treated with pills, he has bad headaches, and he has been told his sugar is too high. He doesn't follow through with diabetes doctors, won't go to one, and won't let me call one so I don't know where to turn. However, he has finally decided to follow the carb total, and we need to know how many carbs he can have per day. (6 Oct 2003)

  158. What are the chances our children will develop type 1 diabetes? Will breast feeding reduce the chances our children will develop type 1 diabetes? (6 Oct 2003)

  159. My children's father has type 2 diabetes and went into a severe depression. He refuses to take his medication, monitor his blood levels, and won't refrain from sugar. In addition, he has turned to alcohol and drug use, and I'm afraid he has a death wish. What can expect of him? What, if anything, can I do for him? (6 Oct 2003)

  160. Since upgrading my pump, I have had problems with it along with the service provided by the company. Often these problems have resulted in extremely high blood sugars, and I have had four pumps already. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get a pump that actually works properly? Do I have any recourse? (3 Oct 2003)

  161. My daughter is a single parent, has had episodes of low blood sugar, and my 11 year old grandson was present during many of these. He has been affected by them and worried about the possible death of his only parent. Are there support groups and/or therapists who would offer help for a child with a parent who has diabetes? (3 Oct 2003)

  162. For the last three or four months, I have noticed a mildly severe hair loss. I have been suffering from bad headaches, and I have been feeling very tired and run-down, no matter how much sleep I get. I have researched and found these symptoms to be the same for thyroid problems. (3 Oct 2003)

  163. Recently, I have been training for the marathon in addition to skipping meals and drinking. A week ago, I felt dizzy and light-headed, and, over the last few days, I have been urinating frequently and experience a gnawing hunger. Do my symptoms merit suspicion of diabetes or hypoglycemia? (3 Oct 2003)

  164. Our 21 year old son doesn't seem to take disease seriously. How can we help him? (3 Oct 2003)

  165. I am 18 years old, I have type 1 diabetes diagnosed almost five months ago, and I currently have an endocrinologist who I believe hasn't been informative or helpful at all so would like to find a new doctor. Should I go to a regular endocrinologist? Can I go to a pediatric endocrinologist? Which would be more beneficial? Is there any real difference? (3 Oct 2003)

  166. My husband, who has type 2 diabetes treated with pills, is overweight, and his doctor told him he needs to bring his blood sugar levels down if he doesn't want to go on Insulin. So, I put him on a "controlled" carb diet. I would like your opinion as to whether I'm doing the right thing. (3 Oct 2003)

  167. Recently, my daughter, who is on NPH with Humalog before breakfast and dinner, has become extremely pale within an hour or two after injections. Although she recognizes hypoglycemia symptoms extremely quickly, she exhibits no other signs of possible hypoglycemia at these times, and her blood glucose readings are normal. What could be causing this sudden skin pallor? (3 Oct 2003)

  168. I have type 2 diabetes, and a class I am in at my school is planning a trip to the fair. Can you give me some tips on what to have and what not to have? How much cotton candy or popcorn should I should have? (3 Oct 2003)

  169. I am interested in the new breakthroughs in the treatment of type 1 diabetes and want to be a subject for islet cell transplantation. What is your opinion on islet cell transplantation? What are the risks? (3 Oct 2003)

  170. We recently moved, and I need advice on changing my nine year old son's insulin doses. His blood sugar is averaging over 230 mg/dl [12.8 mmol/L] at every meal. I have tried adjusting his doses and am failing. The numbers are still high. Is there some type of information I can read to show me how to adjust his doses? (2 Oct 2003)

  171. Is there any place we can obtain a list of meal suggestions for a week at a time? Are there recipes for diabetic foods showing carbohydrates amounts? (2 Oct 2003)

  172. My seven year old daughter had a five-hour GTT done today, and I was just wondering how to interpret her results. From what I can tell, she only had two out of the seven readings that were a little high. Does this mean she has diabetes? (2 Oct 2003)

  173. I have type 1 diabetes, am using an insulin pump, and I just started in-vitro fertilization. My blood sugars since that first shot last night have been all over the map, and I have doubled my basal insulin dose in the past 24 hours. I am hoping you can send me some information. (2 Oct 2003)

  174. My three year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and it's been three months since he had blood work done. We went to the endocrinologist there and no blood tests were done nor even a urine specimen taken. I am very frustrated with this team and really need to also find another specialist. Shouldn't they be monitoring his A1c and any other levels on a regular basis? (2 Oct 2003)

  175. I have type 1 diabetes, and I am wondering about adding oral medications to better control sugars and weight gain. Can metformin be taken in conjunction with insulin? (2 Oct 2003)

  176. One school in our district has a full-time nurse which is where all special needs children are required to go. Our daughter currently goes to the local school, has a nurse for three hours a day, and the other hours are covered by family. However, they are trying to make her move. How do we start fighting this? (2 Oct 2003)

  177. I am a pension Officer with the Vietnam Veterans Federation, and we have a male client, in his 70s, diagnosed in 43 years ago with type 2 diabetes. He saw active service 56 years ago, during World War II. Is it possible that the poor diet over a four month period combined with extreme physical activity and extreme stress could contribute to his condition? (2 Oct 2003)

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