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  1. My girlfriend and I have plans to get married. I don't think she sees the seriousness of the whole situation. I don't want to marry someone that I will have to bury in 20 years because they didn't think it was too important. Is their anything I could tell her to kind of "scare" her into taking better care of herself? (31 Dec 2003)

  2. I was told by a friend that there has been pancreas transplantation surgery performed before. Is this true, and who can I contact for more information in my area? (31 Dec 2003)

  3. My 14-year-old son takes one Centrum Multivitamin/MultiMineral Supplement. It was brought to my attention via a family member who is very much into health and fitness that I should consider giving my son a trace mineral called chromium. What is your opinion about chromium? Is is beneficial to give my son? Is it safe? Are there any side effects that you know of? (31 Dec 2003)

  4. Is there any connection between nesidioblastosis and growth hormone deficiency or other bone disorders? (30 Dec 2003)

  5. I am 22 years old. For my entire life I have wanted to serve in the military and protect my country. Unfortunately, no branch of the military will allow me to enlist due to the fact that I am a diabetic. I think this is extremely unfair and unjust. (30 Dec 2003)

  6. Are 500 mg plain metformin and 500 mg sustained release metformin equal in total capacity? How does the extended release 500 mg metformin differ from plain? (30 Dec 2003)

  7. I have had type 1 diabetes since 1969. My husband got laid off and recently took a new job. We just got the coverage available and they do not cover diabetic supplies unless it is generic. I have one bottle of insulin and one bottle of strips left and I am scared. Are there any resources available for assistance until we can find an insurance that will cover me? (30 Dec 2003)

  8. My son aims for very tight control and has been very successful thus far. To achieve this, he tests his sugar levels at least 15 times a day. His prescription for test strips is for 10-12 a day, which is never enough. In response to a request for a larger prescription (15-20 a day) his doctor said that there is no medical justification. Do you agree? (30 Dec 2003)

  9. My boyfriend has had type 1 diabetes for approximately 17 years. Is it normal for a young person (he's 19) to have a hard time discussing their diabetes? It's almost like he's ashamed of it. (30 Dec 2003)

  10. My five-year-old daughter has just had routine blood work done and I am confused about the results. We were testing for celiac (she has no obvious symptoms) and her results came back as follows: TTG 17.5 normal 0-20, EMA-positive. Which one of these tests are more accurate in diagnosing celiac? (30 Dec 2003)

  11. My nine-year-old son has certain symptoms that I have addressed with the doctor. He has to eat at least every two hours and he is so thirsty all the time. Should I be more persistent with the doctors about the signs I see? (30 Dec 2003)

  12. My daughter is a forty years old. She has had type 1 diabetes for twenty years and has been diagnosed with gastroparesis. She is hospitalized now with uncontrollable vomiting. The doctor is recommending an adrenal test. What is the reason for that test? (30 Dec 2003)

  13. Is it common to have higher blood sugars during the first few weeks of pregnancy due to progesterone and other hormones? I have always heard that low blood sugar is common in early pregnancy, but what about high blood sugars? If high blood sugars are sometimes a sign of early pregnancy in diabetics, what exactly is the cause? (30 Dec 2003)

  14. My son has type 1 diabetes and has been controlling his glucose level excellently until this last week. He takes only two injections daily. He has had a head cold this last week and his sugar readings are running quite a bit higher even with more Humalog. Is this normal when a person has a virus or other type of infection? (27 Dec 2003)

  15. I have severe photophobia that started approximately 4 years ago and it is worsening. Light that for normal people is fine, bothers me with a penetrating sensation and I see everything white. This is worse in the morning. I wonder if other long term diabetics have experienced similar conditions, or if this is completely independent from DM or the thyroid? (27 Dec 2003)

  16. Could that fact that my child weighed almost 10 pounds at birth have contributed to his developing Type 1 diabetes? I've heard that large birth weight increases the risk for developing diabetes. Does this only pertain to Type 2 diabetes? (27 Dec 2003)

  17. I've been working out and want to take some weight gain supplements that contain creatine. The supplement is called Cell-Tech. Is that safe to use if I'm a diabetic? (27 Dec 2003)

  18. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis in 1999. I was not having any problems until this summer. I understand that type 1 and thyroid disease run together. If I got my thyroid out, would this stop the antibodies from attacking my thyroid? With the thyroid out would the antibodies start attacking another organ (pancreas)? (24 Dec 2003)

  19. My son is a college student. Two years ago, as a high school senior, we tried him on Lantus and Humalog. He developed a very low heart rate and very low blood pressure. After many tests we finally insisted it was the insulin and put him back on regular and NPH. He got better. He wishes for a more flexible mix. (24 Dec 2003)

  20. What are the side effects of having diabetes? (24 Dec 2003)

  21. I am studying abroad in India and was wondering where in Bangalore I could purchase Humalog and/or NPH insulin in the event of an emergency. (24 Dec 2003)

  22. My father's wife is 85 years old and has had two episodes of severe hypoglycemia in the last two days, resulting in ambulance trips to the hospital. What is your opinion of any hypoglycemia warning devices that might be available? Would someone of this age and incapacity be a good candidate and which product? (24 Dec 2003)

  23. For the past nine months, I have been controlling my sugar very well with diet and exercise. In the last three weeks, my fasting levels have been between 135-160 (7.5-8.9 mmol/L] and I have tried everything (exercise and diet) but nothing seems to be working. At night, my levels are 120-125 (6.6-6.9 mmol/L], but in the morning when I wake up they are back up to 150s (8.3 mmol/L). Is something happening while I'm sleeping? (24 Dec 2003)

  24. Is there a ball park figure for the amount of carbs to consume within a 24 hour time? I am trying to set a goal of carb intake now that I must watch my carbs to keep my blood sugar down. (24 Dec 2003)

  25. My husband has diabetes and he likes peanut butter. Is there a particular kind he should use? I am new at this and the doctor doesn't give too many suggestions. My husband eats a peanut butter sandwich about twice a week, and on wheat bread. (24 Dec 2003)

  26. My husband is 22 years old and we just found out yesterday that he has type 1 diabetes. Right now they are giving him pills, they are not sure yet if he will need insulin. We were planning to have a child sometime soon. Will diabetes affect him at all? (23 Dec 2003)

  27. My 16 year old daughter has been type 1 for almost five years now. Six weeks ago she choose to stop using the pump because she hates changing her infusion set. Her A1c was 12.8. She says that she never feels good. She says she is sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. Can you help? She hates being a diabetic. (23 Dec 2003)

  28. My son was born with a low blood sugar reading. Now my son is 18 months old and I have recently checked his blood sugar, just out of curiosity, and found it to be 51 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L]. Is this normal for his age or should I insist that he be tested by the doctor? (23 Dec 2003)

  29. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000. We went through almost two year of the rigors of diabetic life. He was on insulin for approximately one month, and we were testing blood sugars two or three times a day. The last time we took him for his three month checkup, which was around the two year mark, the doctor told us that our son doesn't have diabetes. Have you ever seen or heard of this happening? (23 Dec 2003)

  30. I am 19 and I have low blood sugar. I really would like to know if you think it will or could ever go away. I'm really scared about it. (23 Dec 2003)

  31. How many calories should be eaten before a blood test for diagnosing diabetes? (23 Dec 2003)

  32. My partner, whom I live with, has type 1 diabetes and has had for over 30 years. He suffers from hypoglycaemia unawareness. He has probably, on average, 5-6 hypos per week. I do not know what to do any longer. I fear leaving him on his own. Does diabetes affect other people's relationships or is it just me? (23 Dec 2003)

  33. I have been controlling my blood glucose levels through diet and exercise, but lately my fasting level is between 120 and 130 [6.7 and 7.2 mmol/L]. Do I need medication to lower these fasting numbers? If the numbers are in the normal range the rest of the day, should I be concerned about this fasting number? (22 Dec 2003)

  34. My mother is visiting for Christmas and she has type 2 diabetes. I've been looking for diabetic cookie recipes and they all have some sugar or chocolate in them. Can she still eat things with sugar and chocolate in them? (22 Dec 2003)

  35. I have had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and my microalbumin in my urine has risen from 17 to 25. Does alcohol consumption contribute to microalbumin, as I consume an after work martini daily? Is there anything I can do to reverse or stop its progress? (22 Dec 2003)

  36. My 14-year-old son does not check his blood sugar regularly. Everyone says he should check his blood sugar 4 plus times a day. I'm lucky if he checks his blood sugar once a week. He says he knows when he is low or high. The doctor said to take him to a counselor. Been there done that. Should I be worried? What can I do? (22 Dec 2003)

  37. I am interested in receiving cosmetic surgery--tummy tuck and liposuction to thigh areas. I have had Type 1 Diabetes for approximately 22 years and wear an insulin pump. I would like to know if there are any risks in addition to the common ones for this type of procedure for a diabetic person. (22 Dec 2003)

  38. I have type 1 and use an insulin pump. I've noticed that when I go high and treat it, in the process of coming down, I'll feel a little nauseous. Both my endocrinologist and gastroenterologist don't think it could be gastroparesis, since I haven't had diabetes all that long. Also, I have had a problem lately with having highs consistently after dinner. (22 Dec 2003)

  39. For a few months, my friend, who is 43, has had pre-diabetes. If he does not take sugar, rice, or potato, and takes a diet with full care and exercise, he has an absolute normal glucose reading. But this is not always possible. Hence the doctor had advised him to take Acarbose occasionally. Is this proper? (22 Dec 2003)

  40. The pharmacy where we have always patronized has recently decided to charge for syringes. My husband is taking Humalog and he needed the syringes in order to take the insulin. Are syringes covered by Medicaid any longer in NYC, and if so, why did the pharmacy decide to charge the full amount for these syringes? (22 Dec 2003)

  41. My nephew has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He also has Major Depressive Disorder. His HA1C has shot up from a 6.7 to 9.4 He is taking 150mg of Zoloft and 900mg of Trileptal. Could this medication change his blood sugars? Is there any medication that would not have a big effect on blood sugars? (22 Dec 2003)

  42. My daughter was diagnosed after a urine sample was detected with sugar and a blood sugar test resulted in 280 mg/dl [15.5 mmol/L] reading. Throughout her stay in the hospital, her sugar level remained normal. Is she in the honeymoon stage already, or was she misdiagnosed? The doctor "thinks" that we may have caught it so early that her pancreas is still working. (22 Dec 2003)

  43. My husband has been diabetic for 8 years. He does not control his sugars with medication as he is prescribed. I am noticing major mental changes. For the past 4 years, there have been subtle changes. This past year, his temper has become uncontrolled. The latest concern seems to be his memory. Is this something that could be associated with the uncontrolled diabetes? (22 Dec 2003)

  44. My 16 month old daughter, diagnosed at 10 months, takes 3.5 units of NPH (Novolin N) in the morning and 0.5 unit NPH before bedtime. The morning NPH seems to be acting a lot longer than it should, producing peaks (often with hypos) 14 to 16 hours latter. Is NPH possibly having an extra-long action on her metabolism? (22 Dec 2003)

  45. My son told me in church that he was was having sharp stomach pains. I helped him out to the lobby when his legs gave out. He was gone for 3 or 4 minutes. I gave him instant lemonade (the only sugar source that was there) and within 30 second he began blinking. He was confused but seemed okay in a couple of minutes. (22 Dec 2003)

  46. I am 13 years old, half Hispanic, half white. My weight is over 160 pounds. I am 5' tall. My Hispanic mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles all have diabetes. My family tells me that I am in a high risk group, so does my doctor, and that I need to lose weight and start eating healthy. (22 Dec 2003)

  47. My daughter seems to be mentally regressing. She seems to need step-by-step instructions for basic tasks. What is going on? (20 Dec 2003)

  48. Can anyone give me an idea of the daily amount and type of insulin for a 9-year-old? A general idea? I know there are individualistic considerations, but I can't find an example child or a case study on dosages? Any suggestions? (20 Dec 2003)

  49. I learned today that my friend's son (age 9) has diabetes (don't know what type). The child also has Down Syndrome. Are there additional problems that the boy will have because of the Down Syndrome? (20 Dec 2003)

  50. I've noticed quite a few questions recently from women undergoing IVF and dealing with Type 1 diabetes. Is there any connection between Type 1 diabetes and infertility? Would trying metformin do any harm? (20 Dec 2003)

  51. Is there any benefit to chiropractic care in helping to treat diabetes for my child? He has been seeing a diabetes specialist and endocrinologist and his numbers remain very high in spite of the suggested treatments of both his current medical advisors. (20 Dec 2003)

  52. We are working with a Senator's assistant in order to verify the possibility to legislate for the "diabetes supplies" such as blood test strips, meters, lancets, etc. This Senator's assistant asked us how these items are covered in the US. Could you please provide me with this kind of information? (20 Dec 2003)

  53. Our five-year-old daughter was diagnosed on May 31, 2003 with type 1 diabetes. She is on insulin. Her doctors said she can eat whatever she wants. I don't think this is healthy. Can you recommend a diet for her? (19 Dec 2003)

  54. My son takes insulin cocktails. Recently we have felt much pressure from our physician about switching to Lantus and NovoLog. So we finally tried it. Our son spent six days with blood sugars from 300-400 mg/dl [16.7-22.2 mmol/L] during the day and frequently went low at night. Are we mistreating him by using the old style NPH? Did we not try the Lantus/NovoLog regimen long enough? (19 Dec 2003)

  55. My brother got pancreatitis after excessive alcohol consumption on holiday. He was in hospital for a month and was told by his doctors that he may of done serious damage to his pancreas. He is also overweight. I am very worried that my brother has a high risk of diabetes and is showing some early signs of the disease. However, he refuses to go to a doctor for a test. (17 Dec 2003)

  56. I am a school guidance counselor, trying to help a 9-year-old boy understand good and bad food choices for himself. I, myself, don't understand, exactly what he can and can't eat. We both need some specifics and a childlike explanation of things. (17 Dec 2003)

  57. Does my son have any rights under section 504 in a Catholic school in Illinois? (17 Dec 2003)

  58. I have been told that celiac has no treatment. I am not looking for a long-term treatment (although it would be nice.) For lactose-intolerant people there is a pill to counteract their reactions so they can have lactose. Is there any sort of pill to counteract celiac? I would love to enjoy my favorite foods again. (17 Dec 2003)

  59. When my daughter turns 13 years old, can she see her regular doctor instead of a specialist? (17 Dec 2003)

  60. During this year I have had 4 major colds, 2 within the last 2 months. Is it possible that my immune system is just not functioning properly and causing these recurrant colds/sinusitis? (17 Dec 2003)

  61. I've read a lot about the benefits of soy and soy-based products and understand that it's a good daily food source for diabetics, especially in the area of vegetarian food which mainly uses soy flour. Does that mean that my dad (who is a Type 2 diabetic) can henceforth consume large amounts of all types of soy-based food products and vegetarian food made from soy flour? (17 Dec 2003)

  62. What is the difference between 500 mg metformin and SR 500 mg metformin? (17 Dec 2003)

  63. I have heard that the insulin is good for about a month, and then it starts to loose its potency and needs to be discarded. My son is using only 6-8 units of Humalog a day. My doctor prescribed Humalog 1.5ml cartridges. This was working wonderful, but then the bottles started busting after about 5 or 6 uses. Any suggestions? (17 Dec 2003)

  64. What is your best advice and opinion related to night time blood sugar testing? Are there any situations that can concretely state that a parent can sleep 6-8 hours without worry? Are there any studies out there that provide any indication about the statistics and reasons for dead in bed? (17 Dec 2003)

  65. My 13 year old son has been irresponsible with his diabetes as well as school work and family responsibilities. He has discovered that high blood sugar will cause his school nurse to call his parents and demand he be picked up immediately. I feel his future health is in jeopardy and believe he controls this family with the continued drama. (15 Dec 2003)

  66. What percentage of kids with diabetes are allergic to penicillin and had their reaction before they were diagnosed with diabetes? Could this possibly play a part in developing diabetes? (15 Dec 2003)

  67. I'm a Pharmacist and was doing a continuing education program on new insulin delivery and technology. My husband is on a pump. The CE booklet had a section by Dr. Bruce Bode. In his last paragraph he said, "the best insulin for the pumps is insulin aspart" based on results of a study of his (Diabetes Care 2002; 25:439-444) in which symptomatic or confirmed hypoglycemia was reduced by 30% over insulin lispro and human insulin." (15 Dec 2003)

  68. My daughter diagnosed 4 months ago, has been pumping now for 2 weeks, is still having a large dawn phenomenon. I know this is not unusual, but can a person have a dawn phenomenon that doesn't occur every night? (15 Dec 2003)

  69. My 35 month-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 months ago. About 2 months before diagnosis she had a very bad stomach flu. I have been told that this could have been the "trigger" which started the diabetes. (15 Dec 2003)

  70. I am 29 weeks pregnant. I just received the results of my one hour glucose screen and was shocked to learn that my reading was 206 mg/dl [11.4 mmol/L]! With values this high, will I be able to skip the three hour GTT and receive a diagnosis? Also, assuming these numbers are accurate, am I going to be able to manage this with diet and exercise alone, or will I more likely need insulin therapy? (13 Dec 2003)

  71. My family (mom, dad, and brothers) don't understand what high and low blood sugar does to our six-year-old son's behavior. It's almost like they think we have no control over him. Are their any books or articles that deal with behav (13 Dec 2003)

  72. At a recent physical lab work showed I had a fasting insulin level of less than 2 uU/mL. The blood sugar level at the same time was 78 mg/dl [4.3 mmol/L]. Ketones were 1 plus. Is this anything to check into furthur? (13 Dec 2003)

  73. My daughter is 6 years old. Right now her A1C is 11.3. My biggest problem with her is she tends to sneak food all the time, or tricks people we know into giving her food. She also will hide her pump and monitor from me and I'm just wondering if anyone has had these same problems. (13 Dec 2003)

  74. Is it possible for ethanol to show in the urine of a diabetic, and would yeast make a false positive for this? (13 Dec 2003)

  75. I wound up at the ER with a blood sugar of 33.2 mmol/L [598 mg/dl]. They sent an endocrinologist to see me who asked me a lot of seemingly normal questions. I was in a hospital gown and I expected him to feel my abdomen, which he did. The only unusual thing was he touched my breasts in an awkward kind of way. (13 Dec 2003)

  76. My relative was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes. The doctor has said he has to take insulin for the rest of his life. Is that so, or is there another medical procedure to relieve this life long medication? (13 Dec 2003)

  77. I am wondering how exactly to deal with my son's school. He went to this same school last year with out a problem with the monitor and such being left in the classroom. Now the school is refusing to let the glucagon shot to even be in the school building. (13 Dec 2003)

  78. I check my blood sugar regularly several times a day and get acceptable readings. I cannot get my A1c level down below 10. My endocrinologist is baffled and it is very frustrating to me. I am in the process of changing to a new insulin pump. Any suggestions? (13 Dec 2003)

  79. This past weekend, I had a very serious DKA episode, which I believe, having ruled everything else out, may have been the result of heavy stress. Currently my blood sugar is 100 mg/dl [5.5 mmol/L], but I'm still showing moderate amounts of ketones. I can't seem to shake them! What could cause such high ketones with normal blood sugar, and how do I go about correcting it? (13 Dec 2003)

  80. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 a week ago. The doctor mentioned that at this stage her immune system had destroyed about 80% of her pancreas. Is there anything that can be done to maintain the other 20%? How close are we to finding a cure with stem cell research? (11 Dec 2003)

  81. My husband is taking oral diabetic medicine for his Type 2 Diabetes that he has had for almost two years. Recently he is complaining of feeling like he is starving and then eats a balanced meal. Within a few minutes after eating he feels nausea and will often vomit. Why is this happening? (11 Dec 2003)

  82. I would like my son to have a better quality of life without having to check his blood sugar so many times a day, which makes his fingers hurt. And the insulin injections are already starting to hurt the parts where he has bumps. Would a pancreas surgery would be suitable for him or islet cell transplant? (11 Dec 2003)

  83. We are having a very difficult time at the beginning of gymnastics. At least once -- sometimes twice -- a week she is crashing. I have done everything in the evening to try and prevent these lows. I have tried to cut her insulin in half. I have tried to feed her earlier but nothing seems to work. (11 Dec 2003)

  84. What complications arise with an individual who exercises whilst taking metformin? (11 Dec 2003)

  85. During my one week stay in the hospital, everything was fine. But since being discharged (about 8 days since then), I started to develop a rash in the form of very tiny blisters over my stomach region. After three or so days, they started to clear up, but it now has spread to my thighs and hands. Is this an allergy and how serious is it? (11 Dec 2003)

  86. I recently read an article stating that the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa (Olanzapine) can be responsible for causing diabetes. I developed type 2 diabetes after starting this drug and was wondering if you had any information about this connection. Do you think the drug could make your diabetes worse, and would it be beneficial to switch to another type of anti-psychotic medicine? (11 Dec 2003)

  87. I have been reading up on some of the symptoms of diabetes. I have recently noticed that I have to go to the bathroom all the time and I never can get enough to drink. It scares me because I think I might have type 1 diabetes. (10 Dec 2003)

  88. Do you know what the current price is for the insulin pumps in the US market? (9 Dec 2003)

  89. I am on Insulatard [NPH] and Actrapid [Regular] and have recently asked to be put on Lantus. I am waiting to see my diabetes nurse about starting it. She is keen that I stay on Actrapid to cover the bolus, rather switch to a shorter lasting insulin. Given that Actrapid lasts 4-5 hours, do you think Humalog would be more appropriate? (9 Dec 2003)

  90. My 14-year-old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about four weeks ago. It was brought to my attention by his school nurse that there is a link between Seroquel (which he is currently taking) and diabetes. (9 Dec 2003)

  91. I've heard that only 20% of the population get the flu. Is it better to take the flu shot and be exposed to the dead virus, or just risk getting the flu? What impact will extremely strenuous crew workouts six times a week have on his body's immune system? Can this trigger juvenile diabetes? (9 Dec 2003)

  92. Last night my son ate a "sugar-free pudding". We heard thrashing in our kitchen and he was in the first part of the seizure. They told us not to give him any more insulin until the morning, after we called his doctor. His blood sugars are now ranging from 200-450 mg/dl [11.1-25 mmol/l]. Was that right? Should I have given him a little insulin? (9 Dec 2003)

  93. My daughter was born without a thyroid. They test her once a year for her sugar. Can an infection cause your sugar levels to act funny? For the last three weeks, I have been checking her sugar. It has been as low as 33 and as high as 224, sometimes in the say day. (9 Dec 2003)

  94. My four-year-old daughter urinates frequently, on average four times in as many hours. She does not consume a great deal of liquid, doesn't seem excessively thirsty or have any other of the commonly known symptoms of diabetes. Should I be concerned? (9 Dec 2003)

  95. I am working with a fifth grade boy who is refusing to come to school and when he is forced to, he panics and becomes aggressive. Is there any indication that his refusal to attend school has any relationship to his diabetes? (9 Dec 2003)

  96. My niece at the age of 16 developed type 1 diabetes after being prescribed accutane. Is there any central organization what would keep track of similar cases? (7 Dec 2003)

  97. We are starting an ART (in vitro) cycle next week, and I wanted to verify that my A1c level was appropriate. To my shock and horror, my A1c was 10%! I test several times a day and I am NEVER over 150. I know that I have lost a great deal of blood over the past 2 months, and I also know that I am anemic. Could that be causing this very aberrant A1c result? (7 Dec 2003)

  98. I would like to change from injections to a pump. Have you ever heard of people doing the pump and injections? Not at the same time, but if they don't want to wear the pump to a special event, like prom or a wedding, can they switch? (7 Dec 2003)

  99. What does it mean when the injection burns? (7 Dec 2003)

  100. How many times can you safely "reuse" a needle on the Novo Pen? The doctor says 10 times but my daughter is bruising and the needle is very hard to even enter her arm after 3 to 4. It feels as if you have to force it in and she complains of pain. I am thinking that the needle should be changed every time it's used. What should I do? (7 Dec 2003)

  101. During the past year, my A1C results have consistently been climbing from 6.3 to 7.0 and are now 8.5, even after my doctor has doubled by Glyburide. He has now put me on Actos. I do all the right things -- diet, exercise, etc. Any information you can provide will be most appreciated. (7 Dec 2003)

  102. I have type 1 for 13 years and I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I read everywhere that during your first trimester, insulin need is lower. As soon as I got pregnant, I had to take much more insulin than usual and I'm wondering is it normal. (7 Dec 2003)

  103. We have the chart that converts the A1C to the correlating cbg reading, but we would like to know the formula that calculates the conversion. (7 Dec 2003)

  104. My daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 2.5 years. She received the flu vaccination in the two years preceding the onset of her diabetes. Is there any research that would indicate that flu shots can trigger the onset of diabetes? Is there any research to show that a flu shot can cause other autoimmune reactions? (7 Dec 2003)

  105. Is there any form of treatment (homeapathy, alopathy) to treat our pancreas so that it again starts to produce insulin? (7 Dec 2003)

  106. I have psoriasis which appeared approximately 10 years before being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Is there any proof that the psoriasis could be connected to the onset of the diabetes? (4 Dec 2003)

  107. My 15 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes for two years now. For the last week or so, her levels have stayed continuously high (15-20 mmol/l [270-360 mg/dl]) and ketone readings between 0.2 and 1.0. We have increased her basal rate, bolused the extra 10-15% on top of the correction bolus as recommended depending on the ketone level, but her readings seem to be staying in the 15-20 range. (4 Dec 2003)

  108. I was just curious how close they are to having a continuous glucose monitor, and how the development of a closed loop insulin pump is going, and how close they are on that also. My son is almost 2, and I'm just very anxious for at least the continuous glucose meter to become a reality for now. It would take a lot of stress off me and my wife not having to worry about highs, and especially lows. (4 Dec 2003)

  109. My 5-year old niece was admitted to hospital with suspected diabetes. They run several tests and the only thing that we heard was that "her level is 31 [558 mg/dl] while it is supposed to be 6-8 [108-144 mg/dl]". I presume they were talking about the blood sugar level. Can a person get diabetes, with no family history of diabetes and how is that possible? (4 Dec 2003)

  110. I am a firefighter paramedic. Today we transported a 74-year-old, semi-conscious Type 2 diabetic who is on a course of the antibiotic Tequin. The receiving physian explained that they had received a bulletin about the use of Teguin in diabetic patients. Why haven't the drug manufacture released this information to health care providers/patients? (4 Dec 2003)

  111. What effect could taking enalapril have on a 15 year old girl's monthly periods? (3 Dec 2003)

  112. Is it normal to have chest pain when your blood glucose is low? (3 Dec 2003)

  113. My daughter has been ill for around 6 months. She has Ankylosing Spondylitis and has had Glandular Fever both diagnosed within the last 4 months. It also doesn't seem to affect her blood sugars dramatically. Is this common in children and how do I help her return to her daily activities? (3 Dec 2003)

  114. I desperately want to use an insulin pump. I fit all the criteria, and would really appreciate some details on where to get a pump, and how much it would cost. Insulin and sticks costs unbelievably much in South Africa, and it seems to be a solution to my financial crisis as well. (3 Dec 2003)

  115. My son has had an increase in his thirst over the last two weeks. My husband has type 2. My son's meter readings have been 192, 292 before breakfast, and 247 before lunch. I called his pediatrician. His A1C was 4.4, his random glucose was 76 mg/dl. She has been consulting with a endocrinologist but they haven't given us any reasons for his high fingerstick readings. Any ideas? (3 Dec 2003)

  116. My son is 7 years old and has had type 1 diabetes for about 4 years. We have had an ongoing problems of mid morning high blood sugars. We have tried several combinations of insulin, (Humalog/NPH, Humalog/Lantus, regular/NPH, and regular/Humalog/Lantus) and we continue to get the same results. Do you know what might be causing this, and do you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem? (2 Dec 2003)

  117. How can I control my blood sugar? What kind of food can I eat? I count carbs. Can you find some one to talk to me about what I can eat? I am a 11 year old boy who has type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed in August 2001 and cannot control my blood sugar and I need help. (2 Dec 2003)

  118. Why is Lantus non-formulary? Do you consider there to be a perfectly acceptable alternative? (2 Dec 2003)

  119. My son is 8 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just over a year ago. He is still on a relatively low dose of insulin. Our problem is that we have difficulty maintaining good control. We are considering starting him on a pump but wonder if there is anything else we can try first. (2 Dec 2003)

  120. Could there be any connection between Type 1a IDDM and autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss? (2 Dec 2003)

The Diabetes Team

Bill Jones, MD (Specialist in the management of diabetes during pregnancy, member since April 1997)
Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
Larry Deeb, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since July 1998)
John Schulga, MBChB MRCGP MRCP FRCPCH (UK) (Consultant Paediatrician in childhood and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology, member since July 1999)
Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

Barb Schreiner, RN, MPH, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist, member since July 2002)
Jane Seley, RN, GNP, MPH, MSN, CDE, CHES (Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, member since August 2002)
Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

Exercise Physiologists
Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

Social Workers
Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

And Our Occasional Experts

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