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  1. I am wondering what is the normal sugar level in urine. My son was tested two different times and readings were 4.0 in urine and 6.4 mmol/L in blood after a fast of twelve hours. He has been taking olanzapine for two months now. Before the olazapine his urine had no traces of sugar. (31 Jan 2004)

  2. For the last two years I have had type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar is not under control. I am taking Amaryl 3 mg once a day and glucophage 1 gm twice a day. My glucose in blood always over 200. What should I do? Is there any easy way to take insulin, like using an inhaler? (31 Jan 2004)

  3. My 8 year old daughter is on a two shot a day regimen. Over the last couple of months, her average blood sugar stays between 200 and 450. It doesn't matter what she eats, she will shot up to 400 and her readings in the morning are always over 200. Can she have more NPH at night to get her reading back down to a normal reading? What can be done to get her readings during the day to a normal range? (31 Jan 2004)

  4. I have read that benfotiamine may be beneficial for avoiding complications. I have seen dosing information for adults on the web but have never seen it for a child or adolescent. Is benfotiamine safe to give to a child? If so what is the recommended dosage? (31 Jan 2004)

  5. I am very big into bodybuilding and I am trying to find out what supplements are safe to take (creatine, testosterone increasing products, or other steroid alternatives, etc.) and which ones I should never take. (31 Jan 2004)

  6. My 8 year old son has had type 1 diabetes since June 30, 2003. He A1C at that time was 10.2. His A1C in September 2003 was 6.5 and his last one done recently was 5.9. He has been on an insulin pump for almost a month now. What is considered a good A1C number for a child this age? Is the 5.9 actually too low? (31 Jan 2004)

  7. I am wondering what other diseases can cause dehydration despite excessive fluid consumption with increase in urination. My 2 year old son is not ill and has been showing all classic signs of diabetes. On a home monitor (correctly calibrated) he has had levels as high as 427 recently. His A1c was normal at 5.0, and antibody test are negative. (31 Jan 2004)

  8. My grandfather is 70 years old and has Type 2 diabetes. He has an extremely bad itch from head to toe everyday for extended periods of time. We've tried over the counter creams, prescription creams, oral medications, injections given by his doctor and in the ER. Nothing takes it away. He gets extremely depressed and desperate. We do not know what to do. Please help. (31 Jan 2004)

  9. My two year old son was admitted with high blood sugar about a month ago. We were sent home and asked to continue monitoring. His levels could be 120, then an hour or so later be 230, then 45 minutes later be 180. Is that normal? In your opinion, is the wait and see approach the one to take with my son? If this is diabetes, how long is the typical onset period from where we are at now? (31 Jan 2004)

  10. My granddaughter is a very fussy eater. She does not eat any vegetables or much meat. She eats processed food, cheese, salami, and we do get her to eat fish sometimes. I would like to help her learn to eat better and would appreciate any help you can give me. (31 Jan 2004)

  11. I have a friend who has diabetes and suffers from gastroparesis. Her doctor says that she needs to have the "pacemaker" implant but cannot afford it. Are there any agencies or groups that assist in providing financial aid for indigent people? (31 Jan 2004)

  12. Since I was little I would get these "bumps" on my fingers that caused discomfort. I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed Clobetasol. He thought it was Dishydrotic Eczema. How this is related to diabetes? The other possibility he thought could be I have a nickel allergy. Do lancets contain nickel? If so, what are my other options for pricking my finger? (31 Jan 2004)

  13. My auntie would like to know how she can reduce her blood sugar once she knows it is on the way up, on a particular day. She is not on insulin/medications. Can she do some exercise or eat something in particular that will help bring it down, or does she just have to wait for it to come down on its own? (30 Jan 2004)

  14. Can I wax my pubic hair? The instructions say diabetics like myself are not to use the particular product I purchased. (30 Jan 2004)

  15. My 9 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Optic atrophy. She has been to see both a eye specialist and a endocrinologist at the Great Ormond street Hospital in London, Both have advised that she will need to go for a genetic test. They have mentioned DIDMOA. Is this the same as DIDMOAD? (30 Jan 2004)

  16. How do they know that type 2 diabetes is not just the over production of glycogen by the liver? (30 Jan 2004)

  17. My mom was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She is 74 years old, and also has been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. My sister has asked me about doing meal planning for her, but I do not know where to begin. I would really appreciate it if I could get a list of foods that she might have, or where to start in meal planning for her. (30 Jan 2004)

  18. Our local news said a study has shown that children who are given solid foods before the recommended age of four months are more likely to have type 1 diabetes later on in childhood. My son was given whole milk at 2 months of age and I was wondering if that in some way contributed to his illness. (30 Jan 2004)

  19. I am 26 years old. I was diagnosed when I was 8. Despite my six daily injections, my glucose has never been in control no matter what my doctors or I do. I have recently begun to have hair loss on one spot of my head. I asked my endocrinologist about it, but she doesn't seem to know what the problem may be. Is my hair loss due to my diabetes? (30 Jan 2004)

  20. My dad is having problems controlling his blood sugar levels. He had been watching his diet very closely, but he cannot get his levels down. He is 450 every mooring. He went to the doctor and they gave him a new medication, but it has not worked. (29 Jan 2004)

  21. I'm a woman who has been a type 1 diabetic for 35 years. I'm in very good control using Insulatard + Humalog. Due to the more user friendly devices from Novo Nordisk I wanted to change from Humalog to NovoRapid. My doctor would not let me change because he thinks the risk of forming antibodies is more prominent for NovoRapid than for Humalog. Are there any studies confirming his concern? (29 Jan 2004)

  22. My daughter, age 11, was diagnosed last week with type 1 diabetes. During the last few days, her blood sugars were almost normal, reading over 200 mg/dl only once a day. But today before breakfast she was 164 mg/dl, then 318 mg/dl, and before lunch 235 mg/dl. She took 17 units of Novolin and 4 units of NovoLog, and we're trying stick to the meal plan as close as possible. Why did this happen? What am I doing wrong? (29 Jan 2004)

  23. Is there a digital diabetes monitor without need of drawing blood? If so, where can I buy and its price range? (29 Jan 2004)

  24. My husband lost his health insurance prior to him finding out he had diabetes. Now he is stuck in the predictament of no insurance and I am unable to find a private insurance policy for him anywhere because of this pre-existing condition. Is there an insurance out there that you know of that accepts pre-existing or any groups out there that assist in purchasing supplies? (29 Jan 2004)

  25. I'm on an insulin pump. On the weekends, I bolus one unit for every 14 carbs and my glucose levels are perfect. However, during the week at work, my glucose levels run very high, between 200 and 300. I can't figure out what the problem is. Do you think it is inactivity during the week, being that I sit all day at a desk? (29 Jan 2004)

  26. What is a truly normal blood sugar profile for a non-diabetic healthy, non-obese individual? I know the numbers for the preprandial blood sugar (70-90 mg/dl [3.9-5.0 mmol/L]). What I would like to know is some more about the effects of the phase I insulin secretion. Is it true that a truly normal blood sugar profile rarely goes above 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L] and returns to baseline within at most an hour after peaking? (29 Jan 2004)

  27. Can borderline or impaired glucose tolerance lead to impotence? (29 Jan 2004)

  28. I have an eight year old daughter who eats constantly and when not eating is always saying she is hungry. She drinks almost all day, goes to the bathroom probably once an hour. I was talking to the school nurse where I work and she said that these are signs of diabetes. I am concerned but honestly do not have the money to get her tested at this time. Does this seem like I need to test her? Where can I go to get her tested for a low cost? (29 Jan 2004)

  29. I was adopted and just found birth family. I was told by my birth father that my grandparents have diabetes and heart disease. Am I at risk? (28 Jan 2004)

  30. What should I do for my feet that have been being numb overnight for about a month? I also have very bad pain down the back of my thigh from my hip to my knee. I am taking a large amount of pain killers. (28 Jan 2004)

  31. I've had type 1 diabetes since 1986. When I eat, my blood sugar goes high because the insulin effect starts 30 minutes after injection and blood glucose isn't normalised until two hours after injection. So if I eat five times each day, my blood sugar is high for ten hours each day. Could we inject insulin straight into the circulation (intravenous), perhaps by an automatic machine? (28 Jan 2004)

  32. I am 18 years old. My height is 180 cm. I weigh 102 kg. My BMI is 31. Is it possible to reduce my weight by diet modifications alone and without exercise? I have been told to shed at least 20 kg. by my doctor. I take Huminsulin 30/70 and Humalog. Please guide me (28 Jan 2004)

  33. I've had type 1 diabetes for 13 years. I was on a pump previously. Due to a return to college, and lack of good medical coverage, I had to discontinue using the pump. I now take 4 injections a day, and my A1C is very poor. I would like to go back on a pump, but my doctor is telling me that I am not a good candidate right now. What can I do to change their minds? (26 Jan 2004)

  34. I would like to know what the acceptable sugar spike is after eating. For example, if I eat a high carb meal and my premeal blood sugar level was 100, if it spikes up to 275-300 and comes back down to 100-120 after 2 hours, is that ok? (26 Jan 2004)

  35. My dad is 80 years old and basically in great health except for his diabetes. The real problem is that he needs to gain some weight (he is only 114 pounds and 5'5"). Everytime he gets a cold or a bug, he loses more weight and can never put it back on. What can he eat that will help him put on weight without raising his blood sugar? (26 Jan 2004)

  36. My son is 12. At our last endocrinologist visit, the doctor told us that my son should not be eating a bed time snack and that people should eat dinner and be done eating for the night. I thought that is was important for a child with diabetes to have a small snack with some protein at night. Do you think it's right that a growing boy should not have a snack at night before bed? (26 Jan 2004)

  37. At age 40, my brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. His pancreas produces no insulin. Can several family members go together and donate islet cells for him? John has always been very athletic and healthy and we as a family would do what ever it took to keep him that way. Is there any real hope for him? (26 Jan 2004)

  38. My dad has diabetes. He seems constantly annoyed with me and is very unfriendly and irritable. I am wondering if this behaviour is due to his illness and if there is anything I or we can do to remedy this. Is this typical diabetic behaviour, or only typical of some? (26 Jan 2004)

  39. My six year old was diagnosed when she was four years old, so I checked my five year old's blood sugar. The result was 307. My pediatrician sent us to the ER. Her blood sugar in the ER was down to 99. Is it possible that this is the very beginning stages of Type 1 diabetes, and we just have caught it extremely early? (26 Jan 2004)

  40. On several occasions I have had blood sugar readings less than 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L]. While bringing my level up either by eating or glucose tabs, I experienced heart palpitations requiring a visit to the E.R. Can these heart palpitations (rate of 150 to 190 beats) be caused by a low blood sugar? (26 Jan 2004)

  41. I wrote to you a couple of years back as I had a routine blood test which found a blood sugar level of 7.8 mmol/l (fasting). You expressed that I needed a second test with a value of 7.0+ to confirm diabetes. The second test came back normal with a value of 4.4. Does the fact that I had a high value once mean that I am on my way to getting diabetes or even have a higher risk than the average population? (25 Jan 2004)

  42. My 8-year-old son has type 1 diabetes. Since his diagnosis, my other children sometimes find it fun to check their own blood sugars as well. I have noticed that my 6-year-old daughter has elevated (250-350+ [13.9-19.4 mmol/L]) blood sugars quite frequently. I have had urine tests and lab work done on her, all with normal results, and yet we continue to see her levels very high. What do you suggest? (25 Jan 2004)

  43. My granddaughter was sick yesterday. We took her to the hospital due to her vomiting five times. She was refusing to drink or eat anything, and complained of her stomach hurting. At the hospital, the first thing they did was check her ketones--they were very high. Could the high ketones cause the vomiting and stomach to hurt? (25 Jan 2004)

  44. Is it normal practice to deny taking a patient because they have type 1 diabetes? We were just turned down as a new patient at a local pediatricians office because my son has type 1. I told them that he has a regular endocrinologist that he sees every three months for his diabetes but she told me that they are a small, busy practice and didn't think their office was the best "fit" for my son. (25 Jan 2004)

  45. My six-year-old son recently had a bout of GI infection. He seemed to recover pretty fast from the infection, but his sensitivity to insulin has changed. His normal insulin-to-carb ratio to cover meals has reduced about 33-40% during the day, but his needs at night need to be increased by about 40%. We are making adjustment to return to better control but are baffled at this sudden change. (25 Jan 2004)

  46. My granddaughter has been sick for over a month. Her eyes are weak, she is pale, and has little appetite. She developed a rash, which still comes and goes, has intermittent fever, and some vomiting. The only explanation so far is an allergy to an antibiotic she was taking over a month ago for flu-like symptoms. Is there any obvious diabetes-related reason for her illness other than an allergy to medicine? (25 Jan 2004)

  47. My two-year-old son had been monitored for about six weeks prior to starting insulin. He was then on Lantus and NovoLog for about three weeks and is now honeymooning. His A1Cs (4.1-5.1) have not reflected his blood glucose values. They said he may have a hemoglobin variant, or some kind of anemia shortening the life of the red blood cell. I am wondering how likely this is as I've never heard of such a thing. (25 Jan 2004)

  48. I have Type 1 Diabetes. Recently a dietitian told me that the Atkins diet is not suitable for me since it will put a tremendous pressure on my kidneys. Please guide me since I am desperately trying to lose weight. (25 Jan 2004)

  49. I read one of the articles on a particular diabetes website where they had mentioned the various blood plasma glucose values and their corresponding Hba1c results. They had mentioned higher Hba1c values for high blood plasma glucose levels and smaller Hba1c values for the latter. Does this mean that I will derive different Hba1c values from either my fasting blood sugar level or the post-breakfast one? (25 Jan 2004)

  50. My twelve year old was diagnosed two and a half years ago. He was always complaining about stomachaches and would vomit several times a day. He was tested for celiac disease and the test was negative. On one of my visit to the ER he was diagnosed with gastroparesis. Is it possible for my son to have gastroparesis after only two and one half years with diabetes? (25 Jan 2004)

  51. Is Splenda a sweetener I can use that will not raise my blood sugar level? (25 Jan 2004)

  52. My nine-year-old daughter was diagnosed almost seven years ago. She is being seen by a new doctor. This doctor treats me like a complete idiot! Her A1c levels have never been above 8% or below 6.8% From what I am told and what I have read that is perfect! However, this doctor is insisting that I am doing something wrong, and that there is no way I could maintain such a great level without cheating. I didn't know her blood lied! (23 Jan 2004)

  53. My relative has type 2 diabetes. She has some worrying symptoms: falling, stubbing toes that take a long time to heal, forgetfulness, falling asleep after dinner, decreasing driving skills. Are these normal signs of diabetes and high blood pressure or should we be more worried? (23 Jan 2004)

  54. I would like to know if there are any residual affects for DKA. My son was hospitalized for DKA in the beginning of January. He has fallen way behind in his class work, and his school is refusing to give him time to make up his work. I need to know if there are any affects that could cause him to have problems concentrating or doing school work. (23 Jan 2004)

  55. I wish to get married to a juvenile diabetic. Would she have problems in conceiving? Her diabetes is well under control, I need medical opinion. (23 Jan 2004)

  56. I am 17 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said I had a reading of plus 3 in during my urine test. She said it might have been something I ate that day, but I'm scared it might be gestational diabetes. Is a reading of plus 3 usually an indication that gestational diabetes is forthcoming? (23 Jan 2004)

  57. I was wondering if when an HbA1c is checked, does it make a difference if the hands are clean (i.e., no residue of sugar)? (23 Jan 2004)

  58. My son's doctor told us to stick to his normal diet, excluding candies and other sweets. However, what is the difference in giving my son a fruit at dinner than giving him chocolate "goodies"? Some of the fruit content seems just as high in sugar. (23 Jan 2004)

  59. I have been having a problem with my child's school regarding how they treat her with her diabetes. She is denied field trips. They are not doing right how they are treating her blood sugars and also when it is time for her snacks are to be given to her. I want to know how I can go about filing a 504 plan. Every year it is getting worse. (23 Jan 2004)

  60. I developed gestational diabetes with my second and third pregnancies in 1992 and 1997. In 2000, I began exhibiting the symptoms of Type 1 and began taking insulin injections. I have met other women who developed Type 1 after experiencing gestational diabetes. I can't find any medical studies, research or information describing our situation. Can you help me? (23 Jan 2004)

  61. I wanted to get on the Atkins diet and a health nutritionist at the gym told me that it causes type 2 diabetes. Is that true? (23 Jan 2004)

  62. I am a 31 year old with type 1 diabetes. This morning I woke up and legs and arms were so wobbly that I couldn't walk and I was shaking. My wife said I sounded like I was drunk. I have never felt this before. I know my blood sugar was low, but I don't know how low it was. Could this be a seizure? What is considered a diabetic seizure? (23 Jan 2004)

  63. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease a year and a half ago. I am presently taking Synthroid and Lotrel for high blood pressure. Recently my fasting blood glucose level has been slightly higher than normal: 118 mg/dl. Is this related to the thyroid disease? (23 Jan 2004)

  64. My daughter just had blood work done for being overweight and for hepatitis-c (possible exposure). Her c-peptide (which I have no idea what they are) is 3.2 and her triglycerides are 199 (which I think is her fat intake). Can you help me understand these a little before I go to the doctor. (21 Jan 2004)

  65. The test strip manual of my glucometer states that the results given by the meter are not affected by cholesterol up to 600 mg/dl and triglycerides up to 400 mg/dl. But recently a lab test showed my triglycerides to be around 624 mg/dl. What repercussions will this have on the glucometer results? (21 Jan 2004)

  66. Do all diabetics get glaucoma, or is it if you have a family history? (21 Jan 2004)

  67. Is is common for younger children (age 7) with type 1 diabetes to have underarm body odor? If so, would I just have my child use deodorant to control it? (21 Jan 2004)

  68. My eleven year old son had a hypoglycemic seizure last night. Why did he go into a seizure when his blood sugar was 53? His blood sugar falls that low several times a week without him starting to seize. After his last two seizures his blood sugar was in the twenties. (21 Jan 2004)

  69. My six year old son who has had type 1 diabetes for just over three years is going to have to be circumcised at the end of the month. I am very nervous because he will have to be put to sleep but I think it will be day surgery only. He has a pre-admission appointment next week. I was just wondering what questions I should ask them to make sure they are planning on treating him correctly. (21 Jan 2004)

  70. My daughter is three and was diagnosed in May 2003. She's been doing really well on a two daily injection schedule of NovoLog and NPH. However, I've been having a tough time controlling her blood glucose levels during the night. So, her doc put her on Lantus for bedtime and she is still supposed to take her NPH and NovoLog during the day time. Is this a combination that is used? Both NPH and Lantus given during a 24 hour period? (21 Jan 2004)

  71. I recently changed doctors and had previously been taking 2000 mg of metformin daily plus 2 insulin shots, morning and evening. My new doctor wants me to stop taking the metformin and increase my insulin. My last A1C was 8.1. I have had type 2 diabetes for 30 years. It has just been within the last year that my A1C has been this high. What is your advice? (21 Jan 2004)

  72. I would like to know if there's any possibility of a pancreas replacement operation for a two-year-child, and would it be successful. How do we go ahead to found out and who do we contact? (21 Jan 2004)

  73. My two-year-old was diagnosed eight months ago. We've noticed that he drools a lot more than other kids his age. We initially thought this was teething but as far as we can tell his teeth are all through now and the problem is pretty much continuous. Is this somehow related to the diabetes? (21 Jan 2004)

  74. My two-year-old daughter was hospitalized in October for pneumonia, dehydration and a high glucose level. They told us that they felt my daughter's body was stressed and that was why her sugar level was 279 mg/dl [15.5 mmol/L]. They are unsure if she has type 1 diabetes but would like to monitor her. Any suggestions? (21 Jan 2004)

  75. My daughter is being treated by an endocrinologist for hypothyroidism. She has what looks like 'dirty skin' around her neck. The doctor said this is a sign of insulin intolerance and that she is borderline diabetic. What is insulin intolerance and is this 'dirty skin' look a symptom? (21 Jan 2004)

  76. My son was diagnosed in April. He has adjusted well, has taken charge and knows what he needs to do. He is an active, smart kid who is fun to be around. Recently, he has turned into a child possessed! He is moody, defiant and has lost interest in a lot of the things that he likes to do. I am thinking of a psychologist, but would like to know if this is a usual behavioral change in children with diabetes. (21 Jan 2004)

  77. I need to know about new research on Lantus insulin done on rats and findings of tumors in these rats after high doses of Lantus insulin. (19 Jan 2004)

  78. I am currently trying to lose weight. I am 5 feet tall and I weight 205 pounds. I am determined to reach my goal this time. I have tried the Atkins diet, but I feel it is too extreme. What I need to know is how many carbohydrates per day should I allow myself? I just need to know how many carbs I can eat in a day and still lose weight and keep it off. (19 Jan 2004)

  79. I have diabetes type 1, diagnosed 1 year and 2 months ago at the age of 39. Is it possible that I had diabetes even from the first pregnancy when nothing was mentioned of diabetes and probably I was not tested at that time? (19 Jan 2004)

  80. My daughter is nine and was diagnosed with type 1 at six. She also has Down Syndrome. I would like some information regarding the use of insulin pumps for her. Would this be a practical move to make? She is fairly high functioning, but she would not be able to operate the pump by herself. She is, however, able to check her blood sugar without assistance. (19 Jan 2004)

  81. My friend has had diabetes for 26 years. She had a stomach by-pass 5 years ago and now suffers from short bowel syndrome with only 5' remaining of her small intestine. This has resulted in a difficult management in her sugar levels. She has requested Social Security assistance, but was rejected. Where can she find free legal help to get some assistance? (19 Jan 2004)

  82. My 15-year-old son is 5' 3" tall and weighs 209 pounds. The tests that the doctor ran came back to say that his cholesterol level is 187 and he is anemic he also has a high insulin count. The only advice that I was given for him was to start him on a multi-vitamin with iron and get him to lose weight. How do I get a 15 year old boy with these three problems to lose weight safely? (19 Jan 2004)

  83. My son has been on 4-5 injections per day. We just moved to Alaska in July of 2003, and his diabetes is out of control. He A1c is now 12%. The doctor up here says he's too young for a pump. I think he needs a pump. Can I demand an insulin pump? (17 Jan 2004)

  84. I am 5'4'' tall and have lost a lot of weight. Previously I weighed 56 kg. I currently weigh 51 kg and would like to increase my weight. Is there a diet regimen that I can safely follow? (17 Jan 2004)

  85. My husband is 57 and an on the needle diabetic. He has always had mood swings and they have gone into fits of rage to mega rage. Can you tell me why this happens? (17 Jan 2004)

  86. My friend has been having sweet smelling urine off and on for awhile now. From what I can tell on the web, this is an indication of uncontrolled blood sugar. Should she tell her doctor that her urine smells sweet? Is this a concern or can she ignore it for awhile? (17 Jan 2004)

  87. I have recently used Bayer's UriStix to test for protein in my urine. The first test showed between none and a trace. About an hour after that I tested again and the readings came out to be very high. The second test was almost immediately after I had had sex and I am wondering if this was the cause of the abnormal reading. (17 Jan 2004)

  88. I have a question about a previous question about Lilly's Humalog and NovoLog pens. My diabetes educator told me to leave the pen needle in for 2 seconds, counting off "one one thousand, two one thousand." Does it really take a count of 5 to 6 to get all the insulin out of a pen? (16 Jan 2004)

  89. If someone with type 1 diabetes consumed a large amount of alcohol, would his blood sugar be affected to the degree that he would become aggressive and have memory loss as to his behavior? (16 Jan 2004)

  90. My eighteen month old granddaughter was diagnosed with diabetes six weeks ago. My daughter states that the dietitian never said anything about watching sugar intake, only carbs. They allow her to have three small chocolate donuts some mornings for breakfast, claiming only 21 carbs. What about the sugar? (16 Jan 2004)

  91. Ever since my daughter was diagnosed about a year ago with type 1 diabetes, I've been told differently from hospital to clinic on her diet. We don't want to do the wrong thing and give her sweets even occasionally that will eventually give her long term side effects. With all the conflicting advice we don't know what to believe. (16 Jan 2004)

  92. My two year old was recently diagnosed with diabetes. All antibody tests were negative. Within the last two days he seems to be entering a honeymoon as the blood sugars are stabilizing and insulin has had to be reduced. Although his average blood glucose is about 180, his A1c test is reflecting 4.5 (an average of 80 or so). Does he have diabetes? (16 Jan 2004)

  93. We all know that much research has been done to find out what complications are caused by high blood glucose readings. Has any research been done to determine what, if any, complications result from low blood glucose incidences? (16 Jan 2004)

  94. As a nurse in the hospital we evaluate preprandial blood glucose. If this is valid practice, is there an associated time frame for preprandial testing (e.g. within two hours, etc.) that is more valid for monitoring/treating with regular insulin? (16 Jan 2004)

  95. Since I have been at school I engage in binge eating and don't cover it with insulin, as well as sometimes forcing myself to throw up after eating inappropriate amount of food. I have in fact found that other girls on my floor are bulimic and I wonder if it's a coincidence or if it's a result of the kind of eating habits that are being encouraged. (16 Jan 2004)

  96. My five-year-old son and I are both on insulin pumps. I have been on a low-carb, low-glycemic diet for about six years and my son has been eating in the "zone" for about two years. The doctors do not seem to have much information for diabetics eating this way. Do you think "times are changing" and the old ADA diet is saying goodbye? (16 Jan 2004)

  97. Could coeliac disease be caused by the patient injecting on the stomach? When the blood test shows weakly positive, why must a biopsy be done? (16 Jan 2004)

  98. Why are blood glucose tests to be taken two hours after eating? Don't some foods raise blood glucose levels slower than others? Sometimes it seems that it is still rising after two hours, and have not peaked. Last night it was 115 two hours after, 139 three hours after and 111 four hours after. (13 Jan 2004)

  99. How long does it normally take to get test results from the anti GAD test? (13 Jan 2004)

  100. My son has had two seizures over the past six months from hypoglycemia. Each time this occurred in the morning while trying to "wake up." Are you aware of any new studies of long term effects from hypoglycemic seizures? Please tell us parents straight out -- can hypoglycemic events result in organ failure? (13 Jan 2004)

  101. My 10-year-old son was diagnosed 5 months ago. When we went to see his endocrinologist last month, his A1c was 5.5. I thought that was great news. However, the doctor didn't share my joy and said he wanted to decrease his nighttime Lantus because a normal A1c level at this stage makes him a good candidate for hypoglycemic episodes that may happen without warning. (13 Jan 2004)

  102. My four-year-old daughter has type 1 diabetes. She has been having trouble with chronic yeast infections. Her vulva is always white and red with little blisters. It smells bad and is very itchy and burns when she voids. She has been having this trouble for a year and a half. I have been to a gynecologist and her specialist and they are unable to help me. (13 Jan 2004)

  103. I recently had a non-fasting blood sugar test and it was 57. But now that I am back home for break, my grandmother tested my blood sugar for me two hours after I ate. It was 93. This morning she took it again for me and it was 78, so I think the higher numbers mean they are under control. Do you think that I really have hypoglycemia and am I at a high risk for developing diabetes? (13 Jan 2004)

  104. I live in India. It's winter time out here. The temperatures remain under 15 deg. C. Since the last three days, my post breakfast sugar levels have been soaring as high as 250 mg/dl [13.9 mmol/L] when they usually remain between 140-170 mg/dl. I had to take an exceptionally high dose of Humalog to bring down the sugar level. What has gone wrong? (13 Jan 2004)

  105. I live in Malta and my 30 year old friend is diabetic. During my studies at the University, I studied about DNA and about the Recombinant of DNA for insulin. How likely is it that this person will be cured and live a normal life? (13 Jan 2004)

  106. My 3-year-old son recently went in for his yearly check up and we mentioned that diabetes is very common in my husband's side. It had been about four hours since my son had eaten lunch and his blood sugar was 194 mg/dl [10.8 mmol/L]. Yesterday they called and said that we needed to come in because he had low insulin levels. What is a low insulin level? Does that mean he has diabetes or will develop diabetes? (13 Jan 2004)

  107. I was pregnant with my first child and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was supposed to go back to the endocrinologist after three months of delivery but never went. For over a year now, I have now begun to notice that my glucose levels are higher than usual around time of ovulation and come down to normal after my menstruation. Do I have a problem? Is this a hormonal thing? (13 Jan 2004)

  108. My son is starting to complain that his fingers are getting sore. We are trying an alternate site tester. Today for the first time, I tested with his regular tester and the new tester on the finger for comparison. The results were 9.9 mmol/L and 10.0 mmol/L. I then tested on his forearm with the new one and the result was 5.9 mmol/L. Is it normal to have such a big difference between the arm and fingers? (11 Jan 2004)

  109. Our 15 year old son has had type on diabetes since February 1995. A couple of days ago he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Do any of you have any experience dealing with this combination of type 1 diabetes, AML, and the pump? And due to his diabetes, what can we expect when he has his bone marrow transplant as far as blood sugars and could it help his diabetes? (11 Jan 2004)

  110. I am 18 years old and am fairly active, though unsure if I have diabetes. I am really thirsty (drinking 4 litres +) a day, frequent urination. I have recently been getting really tired and sleeping over 12 hours a day where I used to (a year ago) only need six. Do I have diabetes? Is there a way of finding out, other than going to the doctor, as I really don't like going unless I really need to? (11 Jan 2004)

  111. My daughter had a blood sugar test done today a few hours after she ate and the reading was 175 mg/dl [9.7 mmol/L]. She has had a lot of urinary tract infections and drank a lot of water. Should we be concerned? She has also had sugar in her urine. (11 Jan 2004)

  112. Recently there was a sex educator at my school. The age-old question of swallowing ejaculate came up, and the nurse subsequently commented that it had approximately 30 calories. This lead me to wonder how much carbohydrate is there in semen? Would swallowing semen affect my blood glucose? (11 Jan 2004)

  113. What is Bafilomycin? If I am planning a pregnancy should I cut out this sort of vegetable before I get pregnant? Should I be concerned about eating root vegetables when I am pregnant? (8 Jan 2004)

  114. My son has a history of leukemia which required a bone marrow transplant at the age of 2. He was diagnosed with Ketotic Hypoglycemia. My pediatrician feels he will become a diabetic. Are the two related? (8 Jan 2004)

  115. My son, age 11, has had in the last week two serious hypos which have caused fits of about 6 minutes in duration. It appears that his insulin requirements are dropping (albeit temporarily) and his insulin levels have dropped from about 34 units to about 14 units. Currently nobody can explain the dramatic drop in insulin requirements. Have you seen any similar cases? (8 Jan 2004)

  116. My 4 year old son started vomiting early one Friday morning and continued throughout the day. During the early morning hours on Saturday he took a trip to the ER. The triage nurse checked his blood glucose and it was at 262 mg/dl [14.6 mmol/L]. Within in an hour I was informed that my son had type 1 diabetes. Is it possible that he was misdiagnosed? (8 Jan 2004)

  117. We seem to be having a major problem with hypos over the last couple of months. She averages maybe 2 to 3 per day. We saw our specialist and he increased her insulin, but we are having more hypos than we had before. We have decided to cut down her dosages. Is this okay? (8 Jan 2004)

  118. My daughter had been complaining that it hurts when she urinated. I was surprised when the doctor came in and told me that she was 95% sure that my daughter had type 1 diabetes. The next morning the doctor told us that the tests indicated that she did not have diabetes. I am still confused as to how she could get so sick and then it just go away. (8 Jan 2004)

  119. We are new to Missouri, and I barely got my child enrolled in school here this week. I need to know why her blood sugars keep dropping below 30 mg/dl [1.7 mmol/L] since we got here from Arizona. I was wondering if climate and elevation could be affecting her blood sugar. Is this normal for a move? (8 Jan 2004)

  120. Could you please explain to me in detail how NPH works? I am especially interested in how the insulin molecule is released into the blood stream detaching itself from its binding to protamine. I have read that protamine may cause the immune system to make antibodies to the insulin. Is this the cause of the unpredictable peaks of NPH? (7 Jan 2004)

  121. My grandson was diagnosed with epilepsy after having a long seizure. During this time his blood glucose level was 400. He is on Lamictal. I caught him as he was starting to have a seizure his blood glucose level was 40. I gave him a drink of Pepsi and it stopped immediately. Could the Lamictal raise the blood glucose levels some? (7 Jan 2004)

  122. Is it normal for a non-diabetic to have the sweet, fruity/acetone smell on their breath? I notice it often in my son. (7 Jan 2004)

  123. My daughter had really good control for nearly a year on Mixtard 30. Her sugars started to rise and she wanted to move on to 4 injections per day basal/bolus. Her doctor agreed and she went to Lantus and NovoRapid about five weeks ago. She had a really good week then her sugars started to rise again. (7 Jan 2004)

  124. I am 35 and 32 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have only needed to start taking insulin this week for this pregnancy. I was very concerned about the number of blood tests that were carried out on my first baby during her first 48 hours. What do you consider to be 'necessary' blood testing for a new born baby during the first 48 hours? (7 Jan 2004)

  125. My daughter has fainting spells. I have had test after test and they keep coming back normal. Could she have hypoglycemia that is brought about with exercise or by getting to hot? (5 Jan 2004)

  126. I have heard that in past years there have been college scholarships awarded to diabetic young adults headed to college. My daughter is going to college in September, and I haven't found any drug companies, etc., offering anything. Do you know of any organization offering any scholarships? (5 Jan 2004)

  127. My son-in-law's mother is in the hospital and they have performed several amputations on her leg and want to do more, due to her diabetes. Is this "piece-at-a-time" method of surgery a normal treatment? Why couldn't they take off a significant portion so they wouldn't have to do several consecutive surgeries? (5 Jan 2004)

  128. Two of my sons, ages 10 and 15, and I were recently diagnosed with MODY2 Glucokinase. This was confirmed through genetic testing in England. Is there some place you would recommend with information on glucokinase, because we have been able to find very little information on this rare form of diabetes? (5 Jan 2004)

  129. Where in Miami, Florida can I go to receive training on injecting my husband's son with insulin (he is 11 years old)? Also, where can I receive training on the basics of his illness and how to monitor his sugar levels? We recently married and I want to be aware of how I can help the child when he is at home on the weekends with us. (5 Jan 2004)

  130. My dad was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, although we believe he has had for at least five years. He has been experiencing tingling, burning, and swelling of his feet and ankles. Is this related to his diabetes, and what does that mean if it is? (5 Jan 2004)

  131. I am 34 years old, and have had type 1 diabetes for 13 years. My glycemic control is very poor. (Last a1c was 14.9%.) Although I know the risks and dangers of poor control, I seem to continually play games with my insulin. I tell my doctors that I check my blood sugars, but I rarely do. I started seeing a counselor lately to help me, but I haven't come clean with my doctors yet. (5 Jan 2004)

  132. My 11 year old son was switched to a protocol of Lantus (15mg) h.s. and NovoLog bolus at meal time. Recently we have seen a pattern: He is low normal in the A.M. Two hours later he will be high We bolus appropriately and usually he comes down by supper. At bedtime he is high again. Any advice on the very high post-prandial blood sugar? (5 Jan 2004)

  133. My daughter is is still on rather low amounts of insulin. The other night, she was in the hot tub and came in to get changed for bed. Unfortunately, she forgot to put her pump back on. I found her pump the next morning. I quickly tested her blood sugar and miraculously, she was only 9.3 mmol/L [167 mg/dl]. I then tested for ketones and there weren't any. How could this be? (5 Jan 2004)

  134. We are currently switching from NPH to Lantus. Since Lantus is clear, is there a reason we couldn't use a squirt of food color to inject into the Lantus so that it stands apart from his Humalog? (5 Jan 2004)

  135. What in the world does NPH mean? Or what is it an abbreviation for? None of my medical books indicate any reference to this. (4 Jan 2004)

  136. My daughter is beginning to develop antibodies against her thyroid. They say they will check her thyroid condition again in six months and that if the problem has increased, eventually daily oral medication would be the solution. Is the outcome anymore serious than the need for daily medication to supplement her thyroid? (4 Jan 2004)

  137. Does Health insurance usually cover diabetic camps for children? Also do they cover any costs of the Diabetic conferences? (4 Jan 2004)

  138. Our son was diagnosed with type 1 after a routine pre-dental operation physical on December 2, 2003. He had absolutely no symptoms. He has not had insulin since the morning on December 22, and his levels are within "normal range". Could this be the miracle we asked for? (4 Jan 2004)

  139. My husband has type 2 diabetes and has problems with his legs. He has lost the big toe on his left foot due to the disease. His daughter-in-law told him it's bad for him to sleep under an electric blanket, and that it could cause him to have a blood clot. Is this true? Is the heat from the blanket harmful to him? (4 Jan 2004)

  140. I appear to have hypersensitivity to insulin. Due to the severity of low blood sugars, I am constantly battling rebounding highs. Lantus appears to be spiking throughout the day. Is it possible that I have some sort of allergy to Lantus that would be causing this? Is there any research on side-effects or sensitivity to Lantus? (2 Jan 2004)

  141. What are the consequences of having a blood sugar of over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L] for an hour or so when one eats and the Humalog has not taken effect yet? She has always been a "stubborn" kind of kid, but since she has been on insulin, her mood swings have gotten worse. Is this just part of being five years old or is it related to the disease? (2 Jan 2004)

  142. I have bouts of feeling tired and thirsty for weeks at a time. I have been to my GP and had urine tested and fasted and had my blood sugar levels tested twice in the last year, but according to the GP I am not diabetic. Is it possible to have other tests, or could the symptoms be due to something else? (2 Jan 2004)

  143. My son has done his thyroid tests and his TPOAb was positive (93), his TgAb negative, T4 was 6.9 and TSH was 1.8. What can he do? He must begin taking T4 or he must wait? Three years ago he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 18 years old, and my daughter and I were diagnosed with hypothyroidism. All of this in a few months. Do you think this can be related? (2 Jan 2004)

  144. My son recently began Lantus at evening time and Humalog with meals. His blood sugars have improved dramatically, however we are experiencing lows around 4:00am. Any thoughts? (2 Jan 2004)

  145. Can a 35-year-old type 1 diabetic woman donate a healthy (diabetes-free) oocyte (egg) without the risk of having a child with diabetes? How high is the risk of the child developing the disease in the future? I have had diabetes for 20 years with no complications yet. (2 Jan 2004)

  146. When a child is sick with a cough and the flu, is it possible that there will be sugar in the urine? We took our five-year-old child to the doctor because she was not eating at all. The doctor did a urine test and it came back with sugar in it. I am worried about it and would appreciate your advise. (1 Jan 2004)

  147. Recently my blood sugar level has been running at about 16.0-17.5 mmol/L [288-315 mg/dl]. I do not take any medication and was wondering what dietary information you could provide to aid in lowering this level. (1 Jan 2004)

  148. Does diabetes affect your sexuality? (1 Jan 2004)

  149. Is there a danger in taking Humalog 75/25, 15 units, and Actos 15 mg? (1 Jan 2004)

  150. I have good control of my blood sugars during the day. My bedtime reading is usually 6-8 mmol/L [108-144 mg/dl] but my morning reading is always 9-13 mmol/L [162-234 mg/dl]. My Doctor tells me to increase my Lantus dose but this does not seem to be doing anything. I have already increased it from 18 units to 22 and the readings stay the same. Do you have any suggestions? (1 Jan 2004)

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