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  1. Is there a reliable insurance company that I can apply with in order to get a PPO medical coverage? (29 Feb 2004)

  2. My young daughter often wakes with high blood sugars. Can you explain more about rebounding? (28 Feb 2004)

  3. My partner, who had type 1 diabetes, died while I was away. Can you help me interpret the postmortem test results? (28 Feb 2004)

  4. In college, I had to discontinue use of my insulin pump because of lack of good medical coverage. Since then, my A1c has gone up significantly and I want to resume pumping. My doctor will not approve my use of the pump. How can I convince he and my educator to change their minds? (28 Feb 2004)

  5. During a visit to the doctor for an illness, my young son had a blood sugar of 152 mg/dl [8.4 mmol/L]. Does he have diabetes? What should I do next? (28 Feb 2004)

  6. I am currently using an insulin pump while at a residential treatment center. How can I get the staff to understand I know how to take care of my diabetes? (28 Feb 2004)

  7. I have been experiencing a number of symptoms that were found to be consistent with an autoimmune disorder. Since my father has type 1 diabetes, should I undergo further testing to identify my disorder? (27 Feb 2004)

  8. Can beta blockers induce hypoglycemia? (27 Feb 2004)

  9. Is the leg aching I've been experiencing related to my hypoglycemia? (27 Feb 2004)

  10. Is it normal to have blood glucose spikes while honeymooning? (27 Feb 2004)

  11. How does the onset of menses typically affect diabetes management? (27 Feb 2004)

  12. I have been breast feeding my four month old daughter, but she had to have formula when she had jaundice. Will the introduction of cow's milk spoil the benefits of breast feeding? My husband, his mother and grandmother have type 1 diabetes. (27 Feb 2004)

  13. My daughter has problems with insulin resistance and takes a lot of insulin, at times. She recently had her first hypoglycemic seizure. I've been told she might be "prone to have more seizures." Is this true? Since her seizure, my daughter is on very little insulin. Why is she now having many lows? Her endocrinology team is baffled. (27 Feb 2004)

  14. I often have peanut butter for a bedtime snack as it is a source of protein. How much peanut butter would be too much at one time? (27 Feb 2004)

  15. My partner insists on drinking Coca-Cola with meals, but I want him to have something healthier. How can introduce vitamin C into his diet? (27 Feb 2004)

  16. I'm 13, have type 1 diabetes and weigh about 180 pounds. How can I lose weight? (27 Feb 2004)

  17. I experience nausea and light-headedness if I don't eat for six hours or more. Might I have mild hypoglycemia? If so, could this be a precursor for diabetes? (27 Feb 2004)

  18. Can you assure my friend that good blood sugar control may prevent him from developing impotence? (27 Feb 2004)

  19. Is any correlation between gestational diabetes and anemia of which I should be aware? Could the two be related to another underlying condition, such as HELLP syndrome or anything else? (27 Feb 2004)

  20. Does California AB 942 only cover public schools? Can you tell me if my son is covered by this law in private school? (27 Feb 2004)

  21. Does cinnamon help with insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes? What form of it should one take? How much of it and how often? (27 Feb 2004)

  22. I have type 1 diabetes and am 29 weeks pregnant. I switched from Lantus to NPH and am having rebound high blood sugars in the morning. How do I get these fasting numbers lowered? (25 Feb 2004)

  23. My son is having erratic blood sugars during puberty. How long will ipuberty last? Can he achieve an A1c under eight while in puberty? (25 Feb 2004)

  24. My 12 month old son drinks very large quantities of water. He has not lost any weight and does not seem excessively hungry. Should I have him tested for diabetes? (25 Feb 2004)

  25. I have gestational diabetes. Could my recent higher blood sugars be from the cold I have? (25 Feb 2004)

  26. For a woman with type 1 diabetes, is the combined birth control pill dangerous? Is there a reason I should conceive before the age of 30? Could I have trouble adopting because of my diabetes? (25 Feb 2004)

  27. I am a pedatric resident. We recently had a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes who began to need less and less insulin. Is this part of the honeymoon phase? (25 Feb 2004)

  28. I have had diabetes for 25 years. I have sporadic chest pain, but tests have shown my heart is fine. When I've tried to exercise, I've had complete numbness in my left foot. What would be causing this? (25 Feb 2004)

  29. When my grandson gets an infection, his blood sugars go up and he becomes testy. Is this normal? Are we doing anything wrong? (24 Feb 2004)

  30. For children with type 2 diabetes, what type of diet is appropriate? Can they participate in sports? (24 Feb 2004)

  31. If a person has a high C-peptide level, which they are able to lower, would they lose weight? Would this person be in danger of ketoacidosis. (24 Feb 2004)

  32. My daughter's stepmother is keeping my daughter's blood sugars quite high. My daughter is now having vision problems, which I believe are a result of her high sugar levels. How do I make the stepmother understand the high levels are dangerous? (24 Feb 2004)

  33. My daughter has erratic diabetes control and an eating disorder. What are the risks of driving while having a high blood glucose level? Our insurance allows only 30 days of mental health treatment per year. What are our other options for long term care? (24 Feb 2004)

  34. Given that my daughter's recent BUN and creatinine levels were higher than at diagnosis, I am concerned about future renal failure. Will these values change? Should I reduce protein in her diet? (24 Feb 2004)

  35. My waking blood sugar was higher than it had been when I'd tested two hours earlier. I hadn't eaten. Why did my blood sugar rise (24 Feb 2004)

  36. Is it normal that a non-diabetic person's blood glucose levels go up past the normal range when they eat a high carbohydrate meal? (23 Feb 2004)

  37. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He now takes no insulin and still has low blood sugars. What could be causing the low blood sugars? (23 Feb 2004)

  38. My eight year old son has had a lot of blood in his urine for the last two months. He had a urine test. Would it have shown that he has diabetes? (23 Feb 2004)

  39. My three year old daughter has developed an insatiable thirst. Our pediatrician is satisfied that she does not have diabetes insipidus. We are concerned and don't want to wait two more months until he sees her again. What should we do? (23 Feb 2004)

  40. Despite a lower A1c, my young son is experiencing unpredictable high blood sugars. He also has a higher BUN level and may have a heart murmur. Are these problems because of his diabetes? (22 Feb 2004)

  41. Why does my son not wake up for night time lows? What can you tell me about Dead in Bed Syndrome? Should I pursue celiac testing? Should I consider using Lantus? (22 Feb 2004)

  42. My six year old daughter takes Lantus at bedtime, NovoRapid at meals. She has been having low blood sugars in the morning, but is too high at lunch if we decrease the Lantus. What should we do? (22 Feb 2004)

  43. My question is about the Atkins Diet and ketosis. How do non-diabetics get ketones? Are these no carbohydrate diets safe for those with diabetes? (22 Feb 2004)

  44. Is there a relationship between chicken pox and type 1 diabetes? (22 Feb 2004)

  45. My young daughter has experienced several hypoglycemic episodes. The doctor says it may be a glycogen storage issue. Should I push for more testing? If so, what tests do you recommend? (22 Feb 2004)

  46. What insulin syringes have the finest needles for maximum comfort? I have the same question concerning the lancets. (22 Feb 2004)

  47. My 21 day old granddaughter has been suffering with hypoglycemia since birth. How can we confirm this? Is this curable? (22 Feb 2004)

  48. At 107 pounds, my daughter is taking 80 units of Lantus a day. With this increased dosage, she is constantly hungry and is slowly gaining weight. Does increased insulin dosage cause excessive hunger? Do you think her hunger and weight gain are due to her insulin intake or just a result of having diabetes? (22 Feb 2004)

  49. Can you comment on the insulins we are currently using for our son? (21 Feb 2004)

  50. My wife's prescription carrier is changing to a new provider. None of our diabetes supplies are covered. How can the provider do this? (21 Feb 2004)

  51. My son gets 15 units of Lantus at bedtime, but his blood sugar drops 30 minutes afterwards, even with a snack not covered by NovoLog. Do you have any suggestions? (21 Feb 2004)

  52. My daughter, who has type 1 diabetes and Myasthenia Gravis, has leg pain once or twice a week. Could this be related to her diabetes? (21 Feb 2004)

  53. Can a steroid trigger something in the human body to bring on diabetes or a high blood sugar? (21 Feb 2004)

  54. I was diagnosed with diabetes based on a single blood sample. I have tested my blood sugars with and without the prescribed medication and suspect I was misdiagnosed. Should I seek a second opinion? (21 Feb 2004)

  55. In June 2003 my wife became pregnant. Immediately, she had an elevated blood glucose reading, which led to the use of metformin. Since then, she has stopped using metformin and has no elevated blood glucoses. We plan to conceive again. Would the sugar levels again rise? Should she be put on insulin injections before conceiving? (21 Feb 2004)

  56. My son's honeymoon period is coming to an end and we are seeing erratic blood sugars. Will daily high blood sugars harm him? Our current doctor says they aren't a problem unless they are higher than 500 mg/dl [27.7 mmol/L]. Should I find another doctor? (21 Feb 2004)

  57. Is it okay to use Neosporin at every site change or is it bad to use an antiobiotic cream almost everyday? Also, is it true that NovoLog doesn't leave a red mark? (21 Feb 2004)

  58. I quit smoking about two years before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Is it possible that this could have caused my illness? Is it possible to reverse or adjust my diabetes by smoking again? (21 Feb 2004)

  59. Since my son has type 1 diabetes, my non-diabetic daughter enjoys testing her blood glucose. She is often very high. Her A1c test was 4.9 and she had low readings following a glucose tolerance test. Am I paranoid because of my son or is there something going on with her? (21 Feb 2004)

  60. Do you know of a good site that has a clear and common carbohydrate counter? (21 Feb 2004)

  61. At times, my son is quite hyperactive. He does "stupid" things. During these times, I have found his blood sugars are either low, or dropping from a high to a low. Would a pump help keep his sugars more level, thus keeping his behavior more stable? (21 Feb 2004)

  62. My child, who has type 1 diabetes, gets terrible headaches and leg pains. Is there any way her condition can be improved? What foods can she eat? Are there any alternatives to insulin injections? (21 Feb 2004)

  63. I was of the opinion that the sugar molecules in cake frosting were too big and needed to go to the small intestine for absorption. Can you please clear this up for me? (21 Feb 2004)

  64. I have had type 1 diabetes for close to three years. I had irregular periods, then symptoms of diabetes, which I ignored for 10 months. I then had blood work consistent with PCOS and an elevated cortisol level. How common is PCOS in people with autoimmune diabetes? What are the implications of my insulin doses? Does the fact that I was symptomatic for so long and never went into DKA indicative of anything? (20 Feb 2004)

  65. I was recently hospitalized for DKA. Since then I've had too many low blood sugars, even after adjusting my insulin several times. Is there a certain place I could inject that won't cause my insulin to work as fast? How long should I wait to exercise after taking my insulin? What might be good snacks to treat lows? (20 Feb 2004)

  66. I was diagnosed with chronic hypoglycemia in 1996. When I later went to a low cost medical clinic for another problem, the doctor said that I cannot have it without having diabetes, too. The doctor was insensitive about my family history. What should I do when I have to go there again? (20 Feb 2004)

  67. My wife and I are planning a world tour. Do you know how I can ship insulin cartridges to relatives we plan to visit? (20 Feb 2004)

  68. My son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Will "tight control" of his blood glucose reduce the risks of complications? (20 Feb 2004)

  69. I took my 17-month old daughter into the emergency room with elevated blood sugar levels. A pediatric endocrinologist is running an insulin antibody test, but we have not yet received the results. Her blood sugar levels continue to be erratic, based on finger stick testing. Should I be concerned with these erratic blood sugar levels? (20 Feb 2004)

  70. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes one year ago. I already exercised three to four times a week doing cardiovascular and weights, so the only thing I really changed was my diet. I developed high cholesterol, too, and my doctor wants me on medication for high blood pressure. How could I have gone from no medications a year ago to needing several? (20 Feb 2004)

  71. Today I felt weak, so my mom just decided to see what my blood sugar level was. My blood sugar was 174 mg/dl [9.6 mmol/L]. Could this be because I am borderline diabetic? Or, could it be because I may be pregnant and my family has a history of high blood sugars? (20 Feb 2004)

  72. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I took the one hour glucose test and it came back high at 177 mg/dl [9.8 mmol/L]. Is there anyway I can get out of taking the three hour glucose test? Should I already start implementing a diet plan for those with gestational diabetes just in case? Also, where could I find a diet plan on the Internet for gestational diabetes? (20 Feb 2004)

  73. I would like to know if there are any health insurance companies from whom I could obtain insurance without an employer? (19 Feb 2004)

  74. My two-year-old daughter does not receive any NPH in the evening and rarely requires Humalog. However, she has been waking up low in the morning, often as low as 50. Why/how does her glucose level drop so low if she doesn't have any insulin? (19 Feb 2004)

  75. My daughter is 27 months old, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in May 2003. She sometimes goes low during the night, then wakes up much higher. I know she could have a Dawn Phenomenon, but I really do not understand much about that. Can you give me any clarification or suggestions? (19 Feb 2004)

  76. My son, recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, isn't gaining weight and has foul smelling bowel movements. Could this be Celiac Disease? My Pediatrician said it was very unlikely to get both autoimmune disorders diagnosed at the same time. (19 Feb 2004)

  77. My daughter and I just met with a diabetes specialist. We had to wait three hours. Although satisfied with my daughter's A1c, the doctor wants us to fine tune by doing blood glucose checks every two hours. Is this necessary? (18 Feb 2004)

  78. My son has been complaining of stomach aches, being tired, has a few dry skin patches and just isn't himself. Could it be hypothyroidism? (18 Feb 2004)

  79. How do I get a copy of the Carb Count Chart? Are there any studies in which I can be involved? (18 Feb 2004)

  80. My daughter was diagnosed in July of 2003. About two months ago, we were told to start one unit of Lantus to even out some highs after breakfast. The rest of the day she would fluctuate around 75-90 mg/dl [4.2-5.0 mmol/L]. Our diabetes educator told us that we want to see her blood sugars at around 100 mg/dl [5/6 mmol/L], so we stopped the Lantus. Should we do the Lantus again and try feeding her things with more carbohydrates? (18 Feb 2004)

  81. I have had glucose intolerance for several years, with several recent episodes of high readings that have lasted and even caused my meter to flash the check for ketones signal. Is it normal to have intermittent highs and normal readings in the beginning? Is it unusual to be thin and have type 2? Do people with type 2 have ketones? (18 Feb 2004)

  82. My stepdaughter is five years old and recently she has been regressing with her toilet training. Is this related to her diabetes? (17 Feb 2004)

  83. I'm 39 years old with gestational diabetes. My fetus is 33 weeks in gestational age. I've now been told I've lost weight during my pregnancy and weigh one pound more than I did when I had my first OB appointment at 8 weeks. I was told my baby only weighed 3.9 pounds per ultrasound this week and I'm freaking out. What can I do to help this poor child along? (17 Feb 2004)

  84. I am 34 and have had type 1 for about 14 years. Last night I was coming downstairs and my knee gave out. I subsequently hit my head and was knocked unconscious for about an hour. Since my fall, my blood sugar has been fluctuating widely. In addition, I have episodes of strange confusion, really bad headache, and double/blurry vision. Do I need to contact my doctor? (17 Feb 2004)

  85. Is there a relationship between breast milk jaundice and type 1 diabetes? (16 Feb 2004)

  86. I am a Play Specialist and have a client who is recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I will be working with him and his family, which entails explaining certain procedures to them. What are the child and family going to experience in hospital -- i.e., what tests will they get and which specialists will they see? (16 Feb 2004)

  87. Is it okay to drink 330 ml of beer once a month or once every other month? Can it affect any of my organs, such as my kidneys, heart, or eyes? (13 Feb 2004)

  88. Is it safe for type 1 diabetics to use testosterone or andro products for gaining muscle, as long as its used responsibly, and glucose levels are monitored closely? (13 Feb 2004)

  89. Should I increase my son's exercise regimen to help bring down his blood glucose readings? The doctor says he should not exceed more than 12.3 units per day, but he is currently taking 13.05 units. (13 Feb 2004)

  90. I feel my sister should see an endocrinologist. She sees an internist for high blood sugar, but he gave her no material to read about her type 2 diabetes, and we have had to ferret information from others who have diabetes, and on the Internet. Do I have reason to be concerned, or should I just not say anything more to her? (12 Feb 2004)

  91. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was 16. A clinic nurse said that people with hypoglycemia have a higher risk of developing diabetes. Back home for break, my grandmother tested my blood sugar for me two hours after I ate a relatively high carbohydrate meal because I got extremely dizzy and almost passed out. It was 93. This morning it was 78. Do you think that I really have hypoglycemia and am I at a high risk for developing diabetes? (12 Feb 2004)

  92. My husband recently started on a diet his doctor recommended that is basically 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% fat. I saw where you answered another question and stated that eating more than 20% of total calories as protein may accelerate a decline in kidney function for diabetics. Could you please explain further? Is this diet ill advised for someone like me? (12 Feb 2004)

  93. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 42. I see a Primary Care physician rather than a specialist andI am his first pump patient. We are disagreeing about what is a reasonable the amount of testing. I'm averaging just over eight times a day. He thinks I should be testing only four times a day. Who is right and why? (12 Feb 2004)

  94. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 on December 12. She has begun to feel ill on most days and her stomach is somewhat bloated from the insulin injections I believe. I was told that she could have what is called MODY diabetes, which is neither type 1 or type 2. Can you give me more information on MODY? (12 Feb 2004)

  95. As her body has started producing insulin by itself now, why is her blood sugar still high? We consulted with the child specialist and he told us that the might be a problem or a complication in her body otherwise it wouldn't be like this. Can you send me information about the complications like this and any treatments? Is it possible that the diabetes could be removed from her body forever? (12 Feb 2004)

  96. Is a child at higher risk of developing type 1 diabetes if that child was not breast fed the first few days after birth and therefore did not receive that important colostrum from their mother's milk? (12 Feb 2004)

  97. I developed type 2 diabetes after breast cancer. I would like to know if there is any relation between diabetes and the cancer and with hypothyroidism, because I have all of them at once. (12 Feb 2004)

  98. For more than 15 years, I have been experiencing a decline in my vision. I saw an optical neurologist who told me that my family had Wolfram's Syndrome due to the fact my father had the same problems. Should I get tested, and, if so, where would I go to get such a test? (11 Feb 2004)

  99. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May 2003. A few months ago she began using an insulin pen, but, recently, has been experiencing great difficulty giving herself injections. What can I do to help her? (11 Feb 2004)

  100. My son is 4 years old and has type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed a month before his third birthday. His paternal grandfather was diagnosed with celiac disease a year prior. Since both are autoimmune diseases and hereditary, what are my son's chances of developing celiac? (11 Feb 2004)

  101. I was wondering how diabetes is passed on. It is quite common in my friend's family and he is very concerned! (11 Feb 2004)

  102. Hi, I am 16 years old, and I am not a diagnosed diabetic, but I have a lot of symptoms for diabetes mellitus. I also have what the endocrinologist calls acanthosis nigricans, which surprised me. So really, I need to do something like get tested for diabetes, but I have no way to mentally get to the point of going back to the endo. What can I do? (11 Feb 2004)

  103. My son was diagnosed at the young age of 15 months. My husband has type 1 and his great uncle had type 1 as well. What are the chances that our next child will get the disease? (11 Feb 2004)

  104. If a person had a high C peptide level of 6.1, would they be overweight? And if their C peptide level then fell to 0.9, would they lose weight? My doctor wasn't sure about this. Would this person be in danger of getting ketoacidosis? This person has Type 2. (11 Feb 2004)

  105. My eight year old daughter has type 1 diabetes. In the future, will she be able to have children? (9 Feb 2004)

  106. I had good control on oral medications, but now they are not really working well. Should I take insulin? How will diabetes affect any children I may have after I get married? (9 Feb 2004)

  107. By the age of one, my daughter weighed 31 pounds. She continued to gain weight, even under hospital supervision. Fasting blood tests and tests after a "sweet drink" revealed no unusual blood sugar readings. She continues to urinate every hour and I suspect hypoglycemia; what do you think? (9 Feb 2004)

  108. My son rolls around a lot in bed at night. He has reset his insulin pump doing this and not realized it. Do you have any suggestions about what he can wear at night so that no buttons are pressed and the infusion set isn't pulled out without realizing it? (9 Feb 2004)

  109. My 13 year old niece has Type 1 diabetes. When we are together - which is not daily - she is reluctant to test, is usually high and frequently is allowed "special treats" that are high in sugar and carbs. I am concerned that neither she nor her parents are taking this disease seriously and do not realize the health risks she is suffering by not managing the glucose levels better. (9 Feb 2004)

  110. I am the first patient my primary care physician has put on the pump. He and I have an on-going argument about testing. He feels that I should be testing only 4 times a day and wants to write the scripts for that. It seems to me that I should be testing at least 6 times a day. Can you point me to documentation that specifies how many times an insulin pump user should test? (9 Feb 2004)

  111. I read that an experiment involving cloning of pancreatic beta cells was successful. Do you know when it will be done with humans? (9 Feb 2004)

  112. My 2 1/2 year old was diagnosed with type 1 on November 3, 2003. In hematology records (total of 3, one being last week) his blood is showing moderate levels of microcytes, slight poikilocytosis, few schistocytes, hypocromasia, burr cells and tear drop cells. In looking this up on the Internet I have found numerous cause, all scary. (9 Feb 2004)

  113. My 17 month old son was diagnosed with Type 1 a month ago. They switched his Lantus to the NPH without giving the Lantus much of a chance; do you believe that Lantus provides the best control? We have been finding that his blood sugars are often in the 300s two hours after he eats and the doctor suggests that this is okay and wonders why we check them two hours after he eats. (9 Feb 2004)

  114. My daughter was admitted into hospital diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. She has started to eat and drink, but wants to eat a lot. What sort of foods and drinks should I give her? How much and how often? Do I need to use supplements? (9 Feb 2004)

  115. Do all type 1 diabetics go through a honeymoon period? (8 Feb 2004)

  116. I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 28 years with no complications. During my first pregnancy I had many hypoglycemic episodes during and after birth. I had three severe reactions and passed out for five to six hours, losing all feeling on the right side of my body. I wish to get pregnant again and want to know if this could this happen again. (8 Feb 2004)

  117. What is the difference in administering Lantus in the morning versus bedtime? (8 Feb 2004)

  118. My 10 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia/hypoglycemia, occasionally awakening from 4-6 a.m. with cyclic vomiting spells. Her blood sugars are within range, but she is symptomatic at 70 mg/dl [3.9mmol/L] and less. She has also suffered headaches and paleness for at least 3 years. Should I pursue Glucophage, as the endocrinologist has recommened, or purse further testing? (8 Feb 2004)

  119. Is there a general guideline for the amount of carbs a two and a half year old needs for each meal and snacks? They are telling me to make him eat at least 45-50 carbs at breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus 15 for afternoon snack and 30 for bedtime snack. (7 Feb 2004)

  120. In previous responses, you suggest 2-3 hours after a meal, the blood sugar should be 50 points higher than the premeal blood sugar (which should be under 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]). What percent of fat calories is suggested for a meal to keep consistency with the 50 point swing? (6 Feb 2004)

  121. What do the words 'Aspart' and 'Lispro' mean and what is the difference between these two fast acting types of insulin? (6 Feb 2004)

  122. Once you start taking insulin injections, is it possible to go back to oral medications? My grandson was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. (6 Feb 2004)

  123. I am a dual national of the UK and USA, currently residing in the UK. We really want to move to the States to be near my Mom and Dad in Florida, but we are worried about the cost of health care in the US as our 9 year old son has Type 1 diabetes. Here in the UK, all health care advice and medicine is free, but we are unsure how much my son's diabetes would cost in the USA. (6 Feb 2004)

  124. I have a client with a HbA1c of 9%, elevated microalbumin of 2000, medical chart review shows elevation of microalbumin. The patent is on 30/70 insulin BID, and takes Metformin 250 BID. Due to increased blood sugars I recommended increasing insulin, the doc opted to increase Metformin to 850 TID. In light of increased microalbumin was this the best move? (6 Feb 2004)

  125. My son became very lethargic one morning before breakfast. The pediatrician directed us to the emergency room. At 12:30 pm they said he had acidosis, but that his sugar was 65 mg/dl. At 6:45 p.m., they sent us home with diagnosis of gastroenteritis and dehydration. His last blood test showed 255 mg/dl. His pediatrician assured me that he is fine. If he were your patient or son, what would you do? (6 Feb 2004)

  126. I want to share some information with some other concerned people in regards to lipoatrophy. Our endocrinologist decided that we would try mixing the NovoLog with a steroid called dexamethazone. It will be a year this coming March that we have been using the steroid with her insulin. The results have been no loss of fatty tissue. (6 Feb 2004)

  127. My son takes 29 units of Lantus and anywhere from 20 to 35 units of NovoLog a day. I am somewhat confused as to why his insulin sensitivity seems so different than the 1500 or even the 1800 rule. Instead of using these rules, I now base my calculations on the action of 15 grams of carbs. Is there something wrong with this approach? (6 Feb 2004)

  128. My son refuses to take insulin. I am tired of fighting him about taking his shots. I do not know what to do. My son's doctors are saying I have to give him his shots. I get distracted very easy with the other kids and it's very hard to watch that he takes his shot. I would like to get him on the pump but the doctors say he has to follow this packet before he can get the pump. (6 Feb 2004)

  129. The A1C test result at our most recent quarterly endo visit for my 14 year old was 8.7. However only two weeks ago, we completed an at home A1C from Metrika (A1cNow) with a result of 7. Can you explain the diverse test results only 2 weeks apart? My endo offered no explanation when we shared we got a 7 only two weeks before. (6 Feb 2004)

  130. I had a letter from my daughter's consultant today saying she had high levels of protein in her water. They want her to do a 24 hour water sample. They didn't say anything about what causes this or what the problem might be. She has recently changed from Mixtard 30 to NovoRapid and Lantus. Do you think the change of insulin might be causing this new problem? (5 Feb 2004)

  131. My daughter was diagnosed on August 20, 2003 with a blood glucose of 31.7 mmol/L [570 mg/dl] and HBA1c of 10.9. Over a number of weeks, her insulin requirements dropped to nil. Is it possible for her to have Type 1B diabetes, or is it more likely she is on the slide to full-on type 1 diabetes? (5 Feb 2004)

  132. When I am working, usually about 12-2 pm, I go 'semi-unconscious'. My doctor says this is my system overproducing insulin and my brain fades out for lack of glucose. It's very important that I get this under control. (5 Feb 2004)

  133. I'm 17 years old and I have had diabetes for about 8 years. At first I was taking good care of myself, but for the past year or two I have kind of slacked off. I'm getting back on track now. I've become very aware and afraid of the complications that come with not taking care of myself. I'm writing to ask if it's too late to prevent all of these things from happening. (5 Feb 2004)

  134. I was advised that my daughter can no longer attend the preschool for her condition is seen as dangerous. I was advised that family would have to administer her insulin. I am most interested in finding out if it is illegal for the school to refuse to assist her with her insulin shots. Are there any laws that protect smaller children? (5 Feb 2004)

  135. My nine year old son has had type 1 diabetes since November 15, 2003. He was on various doses of NPH and Humalog for about two weeks. Due to numerous lows we kept reducing the amount of insulin to the point where he was not on any. I know there is a honeymoon phase, but is not needing any insulin common? Could he be an evolving type 1 or is he type 2? (3 Feb 2004)

  136. I have always had a problem with my glucose level in the morning. My evening readings vary from 85 to 125 [4.7-6.9 mmol/L]. Morning readings are 185 to 230 mg/dl [10.3-12.8 mmol/L]. I take my readings before meals about the same time every day. (3 Feb 2004)

  137. My last A1c was 16.1. I have been having problems with muscle weakness, especially in my legs. It began as minor lower leg weakness once in a while and has progressed to the point where now every day it is difficult to walk very far at all, and stairs are nearly impossible. Could it be peripheral neuropathy? (3 Feb 2004)

  138. The doctor won't give us prescriptions for more than 3 months and says we have to do $200 worth of lab test each time. We are humble people without insurance and have a very small income. We just can't do this. How can I get the medicines my son needs to stay alive? (2 Feb 2004)

  139. My daughter has experienced a lot of changes in the last four months due to the onset of puberty. Our concern is the difficulty she is having with heavy frequent periods as well as difficulty sleeping. Should I inquire about thyroid issues, anemia or sleep studies? Or should we continue looking at blood sugar patterns? (2 Feb 2004)

  140. Is there a video out there for grandparents to teach them about type 1 care and the importance of timed snacks and foods? We have problems with our parents wanting to give the kids sweets and snacks, but it is always at the wrong times. They just don't understand! (2 Feb 2004)

The Diabetes Team

Bill Jones, MD (Specialist in the management of diabetes during pregnancy, member since April 1997)
Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
Larry Deeb, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since July 1998)
John Schulga, MBChB MRCGP MRCP FRCPCH (UK) (Consultant Paediatrician in childhood and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology, member since July 1999)
Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

Barb Schreiner, RN, MPH, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist, member since July 2002)
Jane Seley, RN, GNP, MPH, MSN, CDE, CHES (Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, member since August 2002)
Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

Exercise Physiologists
Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

Social Workers
Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

And Our Occasional Experts

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