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  1. My son seems to digest food slowly, making it difficult to treat low blood sugars. Is it acceptable to give him his Humalog after he eats? It prevents this problem. (30 Apr 2004)

  2. How do I determine the amount of insulin I need for a Glucerna meal bar? I don't quite understand the nutrition facts on the package. (30 Apr 2004)

  3. My daughter recently switched from NPH to Lantus. Could you help me understand whether we should be adjusting the Lantus or Humalog for high and low blood sugars? (30 Apr 2004)

  4. What can I do to help someone who has boils on their back? (30 Apr 2004)

  5. I want to ask a recently formed Canadian foundation to help me get a pump. Can you suggest things I should tell them? (30 Apr 2004)

  6. I had a stomach bug when I was pregnant with my son. Could this have possibly been the "trigger" for his diabetes? (30 Apr 2004)

  7. Are there any links between antibiotics, such as Keflex, and diabetes? (30 Apr 2004)

  8. I have been having blurry vision starting after breakfast since my diagnosis with type 2 one and a half years ago. Four ophthalmologists have been unable to help. What could be causing the blurriness? (30 Apr 2004)

  9. Is it common for people with pre-diabetes to have hypoglycemia as well? (30 Apr 2004)

  10. I have been having erratic blood sugars, ketones, and vomiting, but was not in DKA. Tests showed I had protein in my urine and high creatinine from kidney disease. What should I do to get help? (28 Apr 2004)

  11. I manage my diabetes with diet and exercise, no medication, yet my blood sugar drops to 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L] or lower each night. What can I do to prevent this bottoming out? (28 Apr 2004)

  12. Could the severe blow to my chest that I received have damaged my pancreas, causing me to get diabetes about a year later? I have a C-peptide level of 0.62. What does this mean? (28 Apr 2004)

  13. My son refuses to take care of his diabetes. He is gifted and ADD, getting mediocre grades because he is bored. Is there any kind of specialized program, peer group, or any other avenue that we might pursue? (28 Apr 2004)

  14. What is the relationship between blood sugar levels and altitude? My son had more lows when we recently traveled to a higher elevation. (28 Apr 2004)

  15. My teen son had consistently high blood sugars with a pump so his doctor and I put him back on injections. Now, his blood sugars are even higher. The doctors are not concerned. Should I get an opinion from another doctor? (28 Apr 2004)

  16. Although I have not been diagnosed with diabetes, I had an elevated blood sugar after exercising. What does this mean? (28 Apr 2004)

  17. My father has had allergic reactions to several insulins he has taken. Is insulin administration by other means effective without allergies? I read about lispro being used; should he pursue this? (28 Apr 2004)

  18. After her diagnosis with type 1 last March, my daughter was on insulin for only two months when we had to stop the injections to avoid low blood sugars. Her fasting blood sugars are now slightly higher than the past few months. When should we resume insulin? (26 Apr 2004)

  19. Is "tight control therapy" used in India? What does it cost? (26 Apr 2004)

  20. I plan to travel to South America and Asia in the next year. If I lose my diabetes supplies, can I get them in these countries? What do I do if I need to get a different kind of insulin? (26 Apr 2004)

  21. Will I be able to mix Lantus with the new insulin Apidra? (26 Apr 2004)

  22. Could there be a connection between intra muscular gamma globulin given at an early age and the development of diabetes some eight years later? (26 Apr 2004)

  23. My young son was diagnosed with diabetes in January. He has diarrhea every other week. Could it be diabetes diarrhea that I have read about or a virus? (26 Apr 2004)

  24. Where can I take my son to test how resistant to insulin he is and how long it takes his body to respond to insulin? We are in Montana. My son has lipoatrophy and is always very high up to two hours after an injection for a meal. (25 Apr 2004)

  25. I have a young boy with swings in his blood sugars. His mother has been testing him since the endocrinologist did not have a definitive diagnosis. He now has headaches, nausea and vomiting. What could be going on? (25 Apr 2004)

  26. I can't get my teenaged son to take control of his diabetes. Once, he took too much Lantus and had a seizure. He doesn't often take insulin for dinners and is in denial. What can I do? Are there overseas stem cell procedures I can get for him? (25 Apr 2004)

  27. My daughter was previously diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but she tapered off insulin and hasn't needed it for a year. Will this continue? (23 Apr 2004)

  28. My young daughter recently had a seizure and there's some debate about whether it was diabetes-related or an epileptic type seizure. How do I know which it was? Will she have more seizures? Should I loosen up on tight control or will this possibly lead to future complications? (23 Apr 2004)

  29. I am concerned my son will get type 1 diabetes like his father and I want to prevent it. Is there any immunosupression research for the prevention of diabetes to which you could refer me? (21 Apr 2004)

  30. I have some symptoms of diabetes, but don't seem to fit the profile for type 1 or type 2. Could it be something else? (21 Apr 2004)

  31. My husband, age 44, has impaired glucose tolerance or borderline diabetes. What test can he have to check the status of his beta cells? (21 Apr 2004)

  32. We count carboydrates. Should I give my son a regular or sugar-free cookie as part of his meal, when they have the same number of carbs? (20 Apr 2004)

  33. Should we wait until my son's honeymoon is over before getting him on a pump? (20 Apr 2004)

  34. My dad and I know a 17 year old girl in Poland who is blind as a result of having diabetes. Is there some way to help her regain her vision? (19 Apr 2004)

  35. My 14 year old son had a seizure three years ago. Since then, he has been struggling academically. Could he have a learning disorder from the seizure? (19 Apr 2004)

  36. My teenaged son was recently diagnosed. He doesn't want to check his blood sugars and doesn't care about his future health. What should I do? (19 Apr 2004)

  37. My son has been diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia. Although his condition has improved, should we be pursuing medication or further investigations rather than a "wait and see" approach? (18 Apr 2004)

  38. When do diabetics present with gastroparesis? Does it usually exist with other forms of neuropathies or complications? (18 Apr 2004)

  39. My young daughter had vomiting, diarrhea, a fever and abdominal pain. A test showed sugar in her urine. We don't see a specialist for a few days. I've heard untreated diabetes is dangerous. Should I be concerned? (18 Apr 2004)

  40. Has any link been considered between the increase in type 1 diabetes and the increased used of BGH, other hormones, and antibiotics in the food supply? (18 Apr 2004)

  41. My son has had several lows since his recent diagnosis. Could these lows have caused to brain damage? (18 Apr 2004)

  42. On what should insulin dose corrections be based? (18 Apr 2004)

  43. I was recently diagnosed pre-type 1/hypoglycemic. Will I get diabetes, and when? I see an endocrinologist in May. (18 Apr 2004)

  44. My teenaged son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on March 15, 2004 based on a high glucose level at the doctor's. He has since gone off insulin completely. Is this common? (18 Apr 2004)

  45. My 12 year old has type 1 and hypothyroidism. Will her period start later than normal? (18 Apr 2004)

  46. I have type 1 and had normal blood sugars while avoiding carbohydrates. I got ketones and the doctor told me to eat carbohydrates. My blood sugar then skyrocketed. What should I do, and why are ketones important? (16 Apr 2004)

  47. Can you tell me how more often do children have lows that are on the pump than children that take shots? How do you prevent the lows during the night, if they are on the pump? (16 Apr 2004)

  48. Do women with type 1 diabetes have a harder time conceiving? (15 Apr 2004)

  49. I have type 1 and my A1c is less than 7, but the people I know with type 2 have much lower A1cs. Do most type 1s have A1cs less than 7 or are they more the exception than the rule? (15 Apr 2004)

  50. My pregnant wife has gone into insulin shock/seizures several times. What can I do to help our unborn child? What are the odds of birth defects? (15 Apr 2004)

  51. Are type 1 diabetics at greater risk for OCD? Is the behavior a possible manifestation of the stress of dealing with the diabetes? (14 Apr 2004)

  52. My toddler daughter has had some potty accidents and random high blood sugars. Could she have MODY? Could the highs be from infections? What tests should our pediatrician do? (14 Apr 2004)

  53. My son is still honeymooning. Is there anything we should be doing or avoiding to extend his honeymoon? (14 Apr 2004)

  54. Why are there no generic insulins? (14 Apr 2004)

  55. My son had to have a venipuncture for his A1c. I was considering a home A1c test before his next visit. What do you think of the home tests? (14 Apr 2004)

  56. How do pumpers handle a day spent at a water park? Should my son use injections for the day? (14 Apr 2004)

  57. If a diabetic doesn't take insulin for two and drinks two alcoholic beverages, what affect will alcoholic level have on a breathalyzer test? (13 Apr 2004)

  58. I have high triglycerides and am obese. If I lose weight, will I be able to discontinue my triglycerides medication? (13 Apr 2004)

  59. My daughter is having high blood sugars on school days where she has physical education occurring when her blood sugar is already elevated. Should she not participate? (13 Apr 2004)

  60. My girlfriend's new doctor changed her insulin, then she had a hysterectomy. Now, are blood sugars are almost normal. Some days she doesn't need insulin. Why is this? (12 Apr 2004)

  61. How long does it take to see stable blood sugars after diagnosis? My daughter has perfect vision since diagnosis; is this temporary or permanent? (11 Apr 2004)

  62. It seems to take three hours for my son's blood sugar to return to normal after a shot of NovoLog and a meal. Is it crucial that the return to normal be within two hours? (11 Apr 2004)

  63. If my niece is having low blood sugars/dehydration due to illness, what intravenous solution should she receive? (11 Apr 2004)

  64. Are there are oral medications used for type 2 that can reduce the daily insulin requirement in type 1 patients? (10 Apr 2004)

  65. I recently had some blood glucose testing done. My doctor wants me on Glucophage. I think she is being too aggressive. Do I have diabetes? Should I take drugs or try diet and exercise? (10 Apr 2004)

  66. My 136 pound daughter takes about 107 units a day, might be low in the morning, but high at lunch and dinner. Is this a lot of insulin? Is she becoming insulin resistant? (10 Apr 2004)

  67. Is my daughter's diabetes causing her inflammation problems? She often has injuries that are slow to heal. (9 Apr 2004)

  68. My father, who has type 2, fell and injured his foot. The swelling has continued beyond the two weeks the doctor said it would last. Is this normal? (9 Apr 2004)

  69. Is it possible that my daughter's diabetes was caused by excess mold and fungus in our home? I thought a virus was the trigger for diabetes. (9 Apr 2004)

  70. Our new doctor wants a consistent, 15 gram, morning snack for our daughter regardless of her blood sugar. Is this what most parents do? (9 Apr 2004)

  71. Does Paxil for depression/anxiety affect type 1 diabetes or the insulin? (9 Apr 2004)

  72. My young son began having spasms/twitches about five weeks ago. He has an EEG, chemical profile and thyroid test in April. Will they indicate if he has diabetes? His grandmothers suspect he has it. (9 Apr 2004)

  73. My son has reactions when he eats sugar. Is this something to worry about and a sign of sugar/diabetes problems or should I not be concerned? (9 Apr 2004)

  74. I have proliferative retinopathy and may have a vitrectomy. I'm confused and scared as the doctor as said the decision to have surgery is up to me. Can you give me some guidance? (8 Apr 2004)

  75. After a recent kidney test, I was told I had a low creatinine clearance. I am to get re-tested in a month. What does this mean? (8 Apr 2004)

  76. My friend, who is recently divorced, can't afford his Cobra. Are there any programs or pharmaceutical companies that would provide him with reduced cost or free medications? (8 Apr 2004)

  77. My spouse recently took our son to a different diabetes specialist. The specialist advised us to change his insulin regimen and reduce his carbohydrate intake significantly, based on Dr. Richard Bernstein's therapy. What do you think about this? (8 Apr 2004)

  78. What type of blood test is used to determine celiac disease? How common is it in newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics? (8 Apr 2004)

  79. If a parent has a thyroid problem, does it mean his/her children are at higher risk for developing diabetes? (8 Apr 2004)

  80. I have had type 1 diabetes and an eating disorder. I have been to three treatment clinics. Then, I reduced my insulin and went into DKA. Can someone help me? I feel I'm dying on the inside. (8 Apr 2004)

  81. Is there any benefit to extracting working beta cells during the honeymoon period so they can be reproduced in a laboratory and then replaced? Would this be feasible? (6 Apr 2004)

  82. Since the cholesterol medications I was on did not lower my cholesterol, I stopped taking them and made a dietary change. A home test kit indicated a lower reading. Are such test kits reliable? Why did my doctors not recommend dietary changes? (6 Apr 2004)

  83. My seven month old's breath occasionally smells like acetone. A blood sugar check was normal. Should I pursue additional tests? If so, which ones? I am worried about ketotic hypoglycemia. (6 Apr 2004)

  84. Is it normal for type 1 diabetic women to go into labor early? Should I be allowed to carry a baby full term? My doctor wants to do a c-section weeks before my due date. (6 Apr 2004)

  85. My grandson has neonatal diabetes. Will he have diabetes all his life or is it transient? (6 Apr 2004)

  86. We have no insurance to pay for my son's pump supplies. When he soon turns 19, he loses his coverage by Indiana Medicaid. What can I do? (5 Apr 2004)

  87. My daughter was recently diagnosed with orthostatic proteinuria. Can you give me more information on this? Does this mean she may have future kidney problems? (5 Apr 2004)

  88. Can stress send your body into an episode of low blood sugar and, if so, do you have any idea how low you go before you lose all self control? (5 Apr 2004)

  89. I live in Colombia and have hyploglycemic unawareness. My doctor wants me to have a positron scan to see if there is brain damage. Where can I get this done? (5 Apr 2004)

  90. Recently, I ate some chocolate containing sugar alcohol. A couple of days later, I had consistently high blood sugars. Was it from the sugar alcohol? (5 Apr 2004)

  91. I have had type 1 for about two years. Recently, I have been having high blood sugars and moderate to high ketones. Is this something I need to worry about? When should I contact my doctor? (5 Apr 2004)

  92. My daughter no longer wants to take her insulin and is having mood swings. She seems depressed. Could she be bipolar like me? Is this behavior typical for teens who have type 1? (5 Apr 2004)

  93. Since a steroid injection two weeks ago, I have been having extremely high blood sugars, even with significantly more insulin. Should I go to the ER? (5 Apr 2004)

  94. My father has an infection on his foot from which pus oozes. Is there medication he can take to avoid amputation? Should he use leeches to help his recovery? (3 Apr 2004)

  95. Can you explain fructosamine testing? (3 Apr 2004)

  96. Can you eat watermelon? (3 Apr 2004)

  97. Can you contract HIV by re-using your own insulin syringes? (3 Apr 2004)

  98. I am 19 and have good control of my type 1 diabetes. I do struggle at work and at school. I feel stressed and anxious. Is there something I can do? (3 Apr 2004)

  99. Our diabetes clinic wants our daughter to take Lipitor to lower her cholesterol. What are the long term effects of the drug on children? Is there a safer way to lower her LDL? (2 Apr 2004)

  100. For about 30 years, my father maintained good control of his diabetes. For a year, he has had a major personality changes, especially when his blood sugar is low. Is there a link between diabetes and mental health issues? (2 Apr 2004)

  101. My doctor thinks I may have arthritis. What is the link between diabetes and arthritis? (2 Apr 2004)

  102. Since I no longer take medication for my type 2 diabetes, is it possible that my recent low blood sugars are caused by my fibromyalgia? I take several medications. (2 Apr 2004)

  103. My son's diabetes team has recommended Lantus, but did not mention any fast acting insulin. What should we do? (2 Apr 2004)

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