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  1. When he used NovoLog, my son had high blood sugars up to three hours after a meal, then he'd have lows. Could we have had a bad vial of NovoLog? Or, do you think there is some physiological reason for this reaction? (31 Jul 2004)

  2. I have heard of an A1c reading being a percentage, but we all have a straight number. What's the difference? (31 Jul 2004)

  3. Where did you find the recommendation that diabetic women planning for pregnancy should take 4 to 5 mg/day of folic acid? (31 Jul 2004)

  4. One morning, my young daughter awoke cold and lethargic; she vomited several times on the way to the doctor. The doctor surmised it was related to hitting her head. However, she is also very thirsty, urinates a lot and has strong smelling urine. Could she have diabetes? (31 Jul 2004)

  5. As an adult with type 1, I occasionally have elevated blood sugars and am concerned about ketoacidosis. Has there been research into how to minimize the effects of it? (31 Jul 2004)

  6. My son recently switched to NovoRapid and Lantus. Our doctor has discouraged us from giving correction shots, like I did with our previous regimen. What should I do? (29 Jul 2004)

  7. A co-worker's teen daughter was recently diagnosed with type 2. She keeps vomiting after eating. Why would this happen? (29 Jul 2004)

  8. My 6 year old son has had diabetes for 17 months. He hates shots and really wants a pump, but our diabetes team is discouraging us from getting one. Why would they do this? Should we get a different diabetes team? (29 Jul 2004)

  9. I have type 2 and take insulin. I would like to get pregnant in six months. What are the health risks for me and my baby? Will my diabetes get worse after pregnancy? (28 Jul 2004)

  10. I have had high blood sugars and stomach cramps for two to three weeks. A pregnancy test was negative. Could I be pregnant? (28 Jul 2004)

  11. I have heard about insulin pumps. Are they available only in the U.S.? Where else can you get one? I am in Northern Ireland. (27 Jul 2004)

  12. At a recent check-up, my daughter, who is 16 and has had diabetes for 12 years, had protein in her urine. The doctor put her on an Ace inhibitor. Is this the start of kidney disease? Should she have other tests? (27 Jul 2004)

  13. Is there any product that will help eliminate acetone breath for a diabetic adult? It is so embarrassing. (27 Jul 2004)

  14. I was switched to insulin for uncontrollable blood sugars. Do I have type 1 or type 2? What regimen is best for preparing for pregnancy? Also, do I need more bedtime NPH to stay in range? (27 Jul 2004)

  15. My grandmother, who has had type 2 for over 45 years, recently had a stroke and resumed using insulin. Despite higher dosages, she has been having very high blood sugars and unusual stroke-like behavior. Her doctors aren't overly concerned. What should we be asking them to do? (27 Jul 2004)

  16. My almost three year old niece was recently diagnosed with type 1. Her blood sugars were in range, but now they are much higher. Why is this? (27 Jul 2004)

  17. After 32 years with diabetes, I have had severe pain in my legs and feet. Circulation and nerve test results were good. What should I do now? (26 Jul 2004)

  18. I have had diabetes for 41 years, using a pump for four years. I cannot always get the cannula to push through my skin proprerly. Why is this? (26 Jul 2004)

  19. My son had a glucose tolerance test following a fast heart rate with heavy sweating. The doctor then suggested a change in diet. Should he be on medication? (26 Jul 2004)

  20. I am looking for someone who has tried the Lasette machine. Does it hurt less than the lancet? What has the experience been? (26 Jul 2004)

  21. Following a seizure, my infant daughter cannot keep her blood sugar normalized without an IV. Why is this? (26 Jul 2004)

  22. After my initial diagnosis, I exercised and lost weight, leading to improved readings at my three month check-up. Is my diabetes in remission? (24 Jul 2004)

  23. Early in my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with diabetes and put on insulin. My control was great. After giving birth, I was put on metformin and my control is poor. Do I need insulin or metformin? Is my diabetes causing my high blood pressure? (24 Jul 2004)

  24. My doctor wants me to walk to help my diabetes, but I have a problem with my knee joint. What could I do that would not cause pain to my knee? (24 Jul 2004)

  25. About how high do your average blood sugars have to be for your doctor to place you in the hospital? (24 Jul 2004)

  26. In the case of a hypoglycemia induced seizure in a diabetic, do you treat it as a seizure (neurology) or as diabetes (endocrinology)? (23 Jul 2004)

  27. Diagnosed with type 1 in February 2003, my daughter stopped needing insulin that Spring. Recently, she has had some elevated readings. Is it likely that she will need to resume injections? Why did her blood sugar rise this morning after she exercised? (23 Jul 2004)

  28. When she was diagnosed with type 1 recently, my daughter had a very high blood sugar. She had symptoms, but said she felt fine. How could this be? (23 Jul 2004)

  29. My son's recent thyroid results were 5.25. Isn't that on the high side of the scale? (23 Jul 2004)

  30. My 12 year old son is entering puberty. His blood sugars are harder to control. He takes NPH and Humalog. Do you have any suggestions? (23 Jul 2004)

  31. Both my husband and son have type 1 diabetes. My blood type is O-, my husband is A+ and our son is A-. Does this increase the risk our next child could have diabetes? (23 Jul 2004)

  32. I take Glucovance twice a day. My blood sugars rise in the morning whether I eat or not. Humalog caused me to have lows. What do you suggest? (23 Jul 2004)

  33. Diagnosed with type 2 this year, my glucose control is improving while my neuropathy is worsening. I've heard the neuropathy may eventually disappear. What is your opinion? (23 Jul 2004)

  34. My endocrinologist put me on hydrochlorothiazide and Altace for high blood pressure. Do I have to worry about the hydrochlorothiazide causing higher blood sugars? (23 Jul 2004)

  35. My daughter's friend had two slightly elevated blood sugars. Her doctor said she was fine. Are slightly elevated numbers possible for a non-diabetic? (23 Jul 2004)

  36. My son was recently in the ER in DKA. They gave him fluids, checked his potassium and pH. They released him after nine hours, he still had large ketones. Wasn't this dangerous? Why did he still have large ketones? Why wouldn't they call our pediatric endocrinologist? (22 Jul 2004)

  37. Can type 1 diabetes show symptoms before actual onset? My daughter has occasional high blood sugars, according to a glucose meter. Is it possible that she is developing diabetes? (22 Jul 2004)

  38. My daughter had headaches, fatigue and thirst. We were asked to check her blood sugars and feed her a special diet. She has some high blood sugars, according to our glucose meter. Does she need a pediatric endocrinologist? Should she have more tests? (22 Jul 2004)

  39. A friend recently chided me for not wearing medical identification. I have type 2 and am under pretty good control. Sometimes, when I travel, I write on my chest or arm, about my condition. Am I "stupid" for not having identification? (22 Jul 2004)

  40. Could you please explain the relationship between food and ketones? If your food to insulin ratio was miscalculated, then couldn't ketones appear? (22 Jul 2004)

  41. I went to bed with a target blood sugar after a meal of pasta and bread. My pump indicated there was insulin remaining on board. I woke up with an elevated blood sugar. Could I have had a low during the night? Or, do I need to adjust my insulin to carbohydrate ratios? (22 Jul 2004)

  42. I know a three year old whose blood sugars rise during exercise, then drop. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this? (22 Jul 2004)

  43. My eleven year old son had a seizure with a low blood sugar three years ago. Because of "spikes" in his EEG, he was put on Depakote. He recently had another seizure, from which he recovered after intravenous glucose. Does he really still need the Depakote? (22 Jul 2004)

  44. I often skip breakfast and lunch. Is this bad for me? Do you gain weight if you take insulin, but don't eat? I'm afraid to discuss this with my parents. (22 Jul 2004)

  45. I was hired as a U.S. Forest Service apprentice, but dismissed after one day because someone with diabetes was not allowed to perform such a job. How can this be? (22 Jul 2004)

  46. Last night, I was awakened by a noise and soon had a very low blood sugar. After treating it, I was somewhat high in the morning. I was also high after lunch. Are these bouncing numbers related to my low? Could the low have been caused by the fact that I was startled? (21 Jul 2004)

  47. I have heard that an A1c of less than 8% is acceptable, as is 5 grams of urine glucose. Can urine glucose cause kidney damage? (21 Jul 2004)

  48. If one is diagnosed with type 2, does not take medications or insulin and is re-tested with "normal" results, is one still considered diabetic? (21 Jul 2004)

  49. My niece, who has had diabetes for about eight years, has urinary incontinence. Could it be neuropathy? (21 Jul 2004)

  50. I am going backpacking for the first time since I got my pump. Are there special precautions I should take? Where can I place my canulas? I am thin and cannot use my abdomen because of my pack. (21 Jul 2004)

  51. My teen daughter has an A1c below 7.0, but still has daily blood sugar fluctuations. Is this okay? We cannot afford a pump in India. (21 Jul 2004)

  52. I recently had some kidney and blood work done. I have a high cortisol level. Should I be concerned? Would it cause my blood sugars to be high at certain times? (21 Jul 2004)

  53. If we cannot give our daughter Lantus at the regular time, but can do it later, what should we do? Is it better to give the shot late or test often until the regular Lantus shot time the following night? (21 Jul 2004)

  54. Since we had problems with it, we stopped using the GlucoWatch on our son. What can you tell us about Pendragon Medical's non-invasive device? (21 Jul 2004)

  55. Four times, my daughter has had elevated blood sugars that usually come down without insulin. She was negative for ICA. What could this be? Is she at risk for diabetes? (20 Jul 2004)

  56. Our four year old takes Humalog and NPH. Her blood sugars are elevated at lunch and dinner. Are we giving her too many carbohydrates? Is there a scale or ratio of insulin to grams of carbohydrates for each meal and snack? (20 Jul 2004)

  57. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes in mid May 2004 and was able to stop using insulin in June. Is this her honeymoon period? (16 Jul 2004)

  58. My girlfriend has been having a series of infections and pain. She keeps getting conflicting information from doctors and isn't eating well. How can I help her? (16 Jul 2004)

  59. After a year of satisfactory blood sugars, my teen son has high blood sugars in the morning. The nurse thought hormones would be the cause. Is this possible? (12 Jul 2004)

  60. According to my doctor, my A1c was 5.6 and my fasting blood sugar was 123 mg/dl [6.8 mmol/L]. She said I might have diabetes or I might not. I'm confused. What is she talking about? (12 Jul 2004)

  61. After two years with diabetes, my stomach now growls and feels empty often. My blood sugar is then somewhat elevated. Could I have a problem with my digestive system? (12 Jul 2004)

  62. I'm 19 and have had diabetes for almost 18 years. Since I've always eaten a lot of carbs, especially when low, I have gained weight. Is it safe for a diabetic to follow a low carbohydrate diet to cut medications and lose weight? (12 Jul 2004)

  63. At risk for diabetes, I have been on a strict diet. My dietitian wants me to lose more weight, but my legs feel tired so I can't exercise. Do you have any advice? (12 Jul 2004)

  64. Since his diagnosis two months ago, my toddler gets very "wired" after 8 p.m. and won't go to bed. Could this be a reaction to the insulin? (9 Jul 2004)

  65. After a seizure, my infant's blood sugar was low. It was stable only when hooked up to a glucose IV. She is now also getting HGH shots. What could be going on? (9 Jul 2004)

  66. My sister was diagnosed with celiac after having diabetes. A friend now has celiac. What are the chances that he/she will get diabetes? (9 Jul 2004)

  67. My wife has diarrhea, burning and bleeding, as well as fatigue and confusion. Are these related to her medications? (9 Jul 2004)

  68. Can you provide any information regarding a treatment procedure called Metabolic Activation Therapy, also referred to as MAT? (9 Jul 2004)

  69. Are there any tests for pre-diabetes or antibodies? I am interested in having my daughter tested since my son was diagnosed at her age. (9 Jul 2004)

  70. In someone who has anorexic tendencies and eats very little, can diabetes exist undetected for a long time? Or, would the disease be evident and easily identified? (8 Jul 2004)

  71. My oral glucose tolerance test came back saying "slightly hemolyzed." What does this mean? (8 Jul 2004)

  72. When born, my now 18 month old son was borderline hypoglycemic. He wakes up shaky and cranky, but improves after breakfast. Is this something to worry about? (8 Jul 2004)

  73. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 five weeks ago. She has been staining her knickers for nine months. Is it related to her diabetes? (8 Jul 2004)

  74. My four year old son has a problem with frequent eczema breakouts. Is this related to his diabetes in any way? (8 Jul 2004)

  75. I have heard that one should not exercise if their blood sugar is less than 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Is this true for all exercise or just that which is very demanding? (8 Jul 2004)

  76. I had a laproscopic Roux-en-Y last year and was told to eat at least 68 grams of protein daily. Is a type one diabetic at greater risk for renal problems based on high protein intake alone? (8 Jul 2004)

  77. My daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 last week. How can we measure and avoid the temptation of all the food on board? (8 Jul 2004)

  78. At 33 weeks gestation, I have moderate to large ketones in my urine and fat in my stool. How do I change this without messing up my sugar levels? (7 Jul 2004)

  79. My cat has been diagnosed with diabetes one year after my daughter's diagnosis. Could there be a factor in the environment contributing to the development of diabetes? (7 Jul 2004)

  80. Should I limit my intake of Splenda because large amounts of it yield high doses of maltodextrin? How many calories should I count for Splenda when I use it in cooking/baking when I use high amounts? (7 Jul 2004)

  81. My son takes Lantus, NPH and Humalog to avoid a noon shot. He's having higher blood sugars though. How can we make this work? (7 Jul 2004)

  82. I have type 2 diabetes and just found out I am pregnant. My previous pregnancies have been high risk. Is there any financial help or information for me out there? (7 Jul 2004)

  83. I am taking B vitamins for mytochondrial myopathy. A side effect is type 2 diabetes and my blood sugars are higher. Can B vitamins have an effect of sugar readings? (7 Jul 2004)

  84. I am a teen girl trying to lose 10 to 20 pounds. I play basketball, run and power walk while trying to watch what I eat. My A1c has gone up a bit, too. How can I lose weight safely? (6 Jul 2004)

  85. Kentucky does not pay for our child's pump supplies. Who can we contact to find a solution to this problem? (6 Jul 2004)

  86. Is there a glucose monitor for use by the visually impaired? (6 Jul 2004)

  87. I have had diabetes for four years and not been on insulin. My fasting blood sugars are fine, but rise throughout the day. What should I do? My doctor won't help me. (6 Jul 2004)

  88. My son has abdominal pain and a fever. The ER suspects mononucleosis, but the tests were inconclusive. What do you think the problem is? (5 Jul 2004)

  89. My teen son has grown only about 3 inches over the last three years. Is this normal for child with diabetes? How can I ensure his growth is normal? (5 Jul 2004)

  90. We recently moved to Illinois. Illinois Medicaid will not cover my sons' Lantus and I can't afford to pay for it myself. What other insulins could he try? (4 Jul 2004)

  91. Who can give my daughter shots at school? (4 Jul 2004)

  92. How common is PCOS in type 1 diabetics? I am taking metformin. Have other women with type 1 and PCOS been treated successfully with metformin? (4 Jul 2004)

  93. I have had two operations for retinopathy, the last in October 2003. I would like to go SCUBA diving, but my eye surgeon has recommended I go no deeper than 30 feet. What are the risks if I dive deeper? (4 Jul 2004)

  94. I often don't get my daughter's pump supplies for eight to nine weeks after I order them. Is this normal? What can I do about it? (4 Jul 2004)

  95. If postprandial blood sugars are in range, but fasting numbers are slightly elevated, how would the addition of metformin help? (2 Jul 2004)

  96. Since my diagnosis with type 1 a few years ago, I feel hungry constantly. Would an appetite suppressant help? If so, what kind? (2 Jul 2004)

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