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  1. My insurance company recently stopped paying for Humalog and gave me NovoLog. Since the switch, I have painful welts where I do my injections. Have you heard of this before? (30 Sep 2004)

  2. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 after polyuria. However, because she is overweight, was negative for islet cell antibodies, and positive for GAD antibodies, could she really have type 2? (30 Sep 2004)

  3. Should I be able to ask that my son's teacher remove a big bowl of candy from my son's view? (30 Sep 2004)

  4. My friend's daughter has had some random elevated blood sugars, but a normal A1c. Is she hypoglycemic or pre-diabetic? (30 Sep 2004)

  5. When I took my daughter to the pediatrician for a UTI, they found sugar in her urine. At the ER, her blood sugar was normal so she was not admitted. What would cause her to have sugar in her urine and a relatively normal blood sugar level? Could the sugar be from her UTI or high sugar breakfast? (30 Sep 2004)

  6. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with LADA with a high blood sugar and ketones. After four months, I was able to discontinue insulin. My A1c has remained normal. What could be going on? If done now, would islet cell antibody tests still be accurate? (30 Sep 2004)

  7. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 14, my 18 year old daughter now has normal blood glucoses. Does she still have diabetes? My younger daughter had a random elevated blood glucose. Does she also have type 2? (29 Sep 2004)

  8. I just had a seizure where my blood sugar was 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. I'd been waking up lower than that recently. Why did I not have a seizure when I was lower? Were the ER doctors right sending me to school afterwards? (29 Sep 2004)

  9. I have been taking Glucophage for two years. When I recently had a CT scan, I did not know that you should not take it 48 hours before the scan. What should I do? (29 Sep 2004)

  10. My son, who was born with nesidioblastosis, now has type 1 diabetes. What is the likelihood that my next child will have nesidioblastosis? (29 Sep 2004)

  11. Our 12 year old son has been pumping saline for a few weeks. The doctor wants him to have an overnight stay in the hospital when he starts pumping insulin. What is the standard of care for transitioning responsible pre-teens to a pump? What might be the medical "logic" for insisting on a hospital stay? (29 Sep 2004)

  12. My son was having erratic blood sugar control and not growing. We recently learned he has celiac and hypothyroidism. Where can we find a specialist in the U.S.? We've heard there are few specialists in the U.K. (29 Sep 2004)

  13. What do you think of the "cure" for diabetes as described by Hulda Regehr Clark in "The Cure for All Diseases?" (29 Sep 2004)

  14. My eyesight is blurry and my eyes are watery. I have been treated for an infection, with no improvement. How can I get help or a diagnosis? (29 Sep 2004)

  15. My 16 year old daughter has been having high blood sugars, although no ketones. Is it safe for her to drive? I am very nervous about her highs and driving. (29 Sep 2004)

  16. Even if he does not eat breakfast, my son, who takes Lantus at night and Humalog for meals, sees an increase in his blood sugar at lunch. Why is this? (29 Sep 2004)

  17. My daughter has headaches similar to what she feels when her blood sugar drops. Are they diabetes-related? Should she see the endocrinologist or pediatrician? How can we avoid the highs after sports? She is low a few hours later. (29 Sep 2004)

  18. My fiance has a daughter with type 2 diabetes. Her mom wants us to receive proper medical training before the girl can visit. Where do we find such training? (28 Sep 2004)

  19. I am a school nurse who has learned that a 17 year old female distance runner has a problem with incontinence near the end of her races. Is this related to her diabetes? (28 Sep 2004)

  20. My daughter has PCOS and insulin resistance. The family doctor says she has impaired glucose tolerance, but her endocrinologist says that she has type 2 diabetes. Which is it? (27 Sep 2004)

  21. I had a creatinine test done and it was 1.1. Is that good? I already take an ACE inhibitor. Will I need a kidney machine in the future? (27 Sep 2004)

  22. At week 28 of my pregnancy, I had a glucose tolerance test and was 186 mg/dl [10.3 mmol/L] after one hour. Do I really have gestational diabetes or was it a false reading because of the cold I had? (27 Sep 2004)

  23. My young son has developed four "boils" in the past month. Are they related to his diabetes? He was diagnosed with type 1 two weeks ago. (27 Sep 2004)

  24. Is it possible for a type 1 to be aware of having hypoglycemia severe enough to cause convulsions? If I did experience convulsions, why was I able to eventually wake myself up? (27 Sep 2004)

  25. Am I taking the right medicines for my blood sugar control? Are my stomach problems, including loose stools, caused by the medicines? (26 Sep 2004)

  26. After her GTT, I was told my daughter has mild insulin resistance. What does this mean? Will she get type 2? Will diet and exercise help? (26 Sep 2004)

  27. My 16 month old son, diagnosed three months ago, has been taking Regular and NPH. Can we put my son on Lantus and Humalog? (26 Sep 2004)

  28. My daughter had two days of unexplained lows that would not go up with the usual amount of carbohydrates. Might this be a growth or hormonal issue? (26 Sep 2004)

  29. My son will be switching from Humalog to NovoLog in his pump. What are the differences? Will the transition be problem free? (26 Sep 2004)

  30. My younger daughter may have Glomerulocystic Kidney Disease, which involves MODY5. Where can I find information about MODY5? (26 Sep 2004)

  31. I used a pump in the past and had a problem with excess tissue in my stomach where I put my infusion sets. If I resume pumping, how can I avoid this? (26 Sep 2004)

  32. Is it okay to use my young son's toes to test his blood sugar? I've heard conflicting information. (25 Sep 2004)

  33. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 about six weeks ago. She now has skin peeling from the base of her foot. Is moisturizer okay or is there something serious going on? (25 Sep 2004)

  34. My brother often has unexplained lows. This was not the case when he took pork and beef insulin. Is it possible to get these insulins still? (25 Sep 2004)

  35. I am 26 years old and have been using a pump for five months. My basal rates are increasing and I am high at odd times. Is it possible that I am becoming insulin resistant? (24 Sep 2004)

  36. Urinating frequently and being hungry constantly, we tested our son's blood sugar using my husband's meter. Since he had elevated readings, the doctor had laboratory work done. My son's blood sugar was normal. Could he still have diabetes? Should we continue to monitor him at home? (24 Sep 2004)

  37. My nine year old daughter does not have diabetes, but she recently checked her blood sugar and it was 132 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? (24 Sep 2004)

  38. My 12 1/2 year old daughter is very overweight and identified as "pre-diabetic." The doctor wants her to start Glucophage, increase her exercise and diet. Can she be treated without medication? (24 Sep 2004)

  39. Because my husband and sister have type 1 diabetes, I may provide day care for a two year old who has diabetes. Can I administer medication to this child, with the parents' written consent, should we choose to help them care for their son? (23 Sep 2004)

  40. Dr. Ragnar Hanas says, in his book, that "glucose cannot be absorbed through the lining of the mouth (oral mucosa) or from the stomach." Then, why did my daughter's doctor recommend glucose gel for a low when my daughter cannot swallow? (23 Sep 2004)

  41. Here, in Scotland, we want to set up a student support group for students with diabetes. Can you give us advice on where to start? (23 Sep 2004)

  42. My grandson has been identified as "borderline" diabetic so must eat a no sugar, low carbohydrate diet and exercise. His blood sugars are somewhat high and low, according to home testing. Is it possible the diet is causing problems and that he may not have diabetes? (23 Sep 2004)

  43. My son is having lows around midnight. Could it be from playing football? Is a big dose of Humalog at 7 p.m. contributing to the lows? (23 Sep 2004)

  44. Despite rotating her shots, my teen daughter has bulges in her stomach and sides. What could be causing them? (23 Sep 2004)

  45. I have hypoglycemia. Will I be able to give blood next week? (23 Sep 2004)

  46. My son takes Prograf for kidney disease. He occasionally gets a stomachache and headache, accompanied by large amounts of urine ketones. Do you know what could be causing this? (22 Sep 2004)

  47. If a healthy young adult type 1 diabetic goes into shock and then a coma, how long can he survive until help arrives? (22 Sep 2004)

  48. My two year old is having high blood sugars six weeks after diagnosis. Could his honeymoon be over? His blood sugars are not "normalized." Is this common? Could you explain the Somogyi effect and insulin resistance? Is it really safe for him to use Lantus since it is not FDA approved for those under six? (22 Sep 2004)

  49. I have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years. I take Regular and NPH, twice a day, exercise a lot and try to eat well. I have low blood sugars before and after dinner, and at bedtime. What should I do? (21 Sep 2004)

  50. A few months after starting Paxil and Depakote, my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. Did the medications cause his diabetes? (20 Sep 2004)

  51. Is it a fact that diabetes will always progress? Can you achieve lifelong normal blood sugars through diet and exercise? Does weight loss lead to more normal blood sugars? (20 Sep 2004)

  52. My post-meal blood sugar is around 165 mg/dl [9.2 mmol/L]. One doctor has recommended metformin. Another has said I don't need it. What do you recommend? (20 Sep 2004)

  53. How do we get our daughter to eat? She takes ADHD medications that make her not hungry, but since being diagnosed with type 1, we know she needs to eat lunch or a snack. (20 Sep 2004)

  54. My daughter's pediatrician has recommended that my daughter take fish oil caplets. What do you think of this? (20 Sep 2004)

  55. Feeling shaky, my teen daughter used my meter to check her blood sugar, which was 50 mg/dl [2.8 mmol/L]. Is this a precursor to diabetes? (20 Sep 2004)

  56. My daughter, who has had type 1 for three years, was recently diagnosed with celiac. Could we have prevented the diabetes if we had known earlier about the celiac? (20 Sep 2004)

  57. My son's 504 plan allows him to choose which meal to buy for school lunch. The teacher says this isn't fair since my son's classmates are not allowed such a choice. What are our rights? (19 Sep 2004)

  58. My daughter's blood sugar soars after breakfast, then drops low. Will such swings have near- or long-term effects? (19 Sep 2004)

  59. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes with a high blood sugar and large ketones. Her blood sugar dropped very low without insulin and she has not needed insulin since right after diagnosis. Is this a honeymoon? Or, could she have something else. I am waiting to hear the results of her glucose tolerance test. (16 Sep 2004)

  60. My toddler was diagnosed with type 1 in early August 2004. He developed a lung infection in the hospital, then a bacterial infection. He gets Lantus and, when high, Humalog. He has a poor appetite and vomits at least once a day. Do you have any ideas as to what might be going on? (16 Sep 2004)

  61. My son has been drinking and urinating a lot. Can a child have diabetes if the urine showed no sugar? Is there a blood test that might be better at picking it up? (16 Sep 2004)

  62. Recently I heard a diabetes specialist talk about her diabetes. She said that her dog was specially trained to alert her when she is low. I have been searching for more information on this subject and have found none. Do you know where I can go to learn more about this (16 Sep 2004)

  63. At a recent physical, my fasting glucose was slightly elevated. My A1c was 5.5% and fasting insulin was 3.5, abnormal, low. What does this mean? (15 Sep 2004)

  64. How long can type 1 diabetes go unnoticed before being diagnosed? (15 Sep 2004)

  65. My teen son had a blood test because he had glucose in his urine. We won't get the test results for over a week. What will they indicate? (15 Sep 2004)

  66. My husband and young son both have type 1 diabetes. When we have our second child, do you recommend skipping certain immunizations? (15 Sep 2004)

  67. In early August 2004, my teen son was diagnosed with early onset type 1. He was given insulin, which eventually led to a very low blood sugar reading. Since then, he has not needed insulin. His antibody tests for type 1 came back negative. Does he have type 2 or early onset type 1? (15 Sep 2004)

  68. My son goes off to college next year. What should I do in the upcoming year to make sure I've done all I can to make this transition as easy as possible? (15 Sep 2004)

  69. What is your opinion of the Jenny Craig diet program? Would you recommend it for an "on the go" person with diabetes? (15 Sep 2004)

  70. My father takes oral medication and insulin. We use a sliding scale for NPH at night, but his doctor says not to do so. What do you think? (14 Sep 2004)

  71. Do you know if any of the non-invasive devices to measure blood sugars are close to being commercially available? Have you heard of the contact lens that is being developed to measure glucose levels? (13 Sep 2004)

  72. On three occasions, my toddler has acted shaky, sweaty and crying. The third time, I gave him juice, which roused him, then took him to the doctor, where his blood sugar was somewhat low. Could he have diabetes or hypoglycemia? (13 Sep 2004)

  73. My young son has had type 1 for over a year. He eats a lot, but isn't gaining weight. What can you suggest? (13 Sep 2004)

  74. My young son was recently diagnosed with type 1. What caused it? Was it the steroids he took for ITP? What can he eat? What is his life expectancy? (12 Sep 2004)

  75. What is the difference between the following tests and their results: glycohemoglobin or glycosolated hemoglobin versus HbgA1c or A1c or hemoglobin A1c or HbA1c? (12 Sep 2004)

  76. My daughter, who has several health issues, had a high GAD positive titer and a decreased first phase insulin response. Will she develop diabetes? (12 Sep 2004)

  77. My 20 year old son has had diabetes since he was 10 months old. He is now refusing to check his blood sugar before injecting insulin. How can we get him to test? (12 Sep 2004)

  78. I have a high amount of sugar in my blood, but not diabetes. I do have high blood pressure. Would it be okay to use Arginine to help my blood pressure? (11 Sep 2004)

  79. My son was diagnosed with type 1 just after taking eight days of antibiotics. Did the antibiotics cause his diabetes? (11 Sep 2004)

  80. I want to file an insurance claim for my son's hospitalization when he was diagnosed with type 1. A hospital report indicates diabetes is congenital, which means my insurance will not pay. Is type 1 congenital? (11 Sep 2004)

  81. I am 15 and have had type 1 for six years. For four days, my blood sugars have been very high and correction shots of Humalog are ineffective. I even got new insulin from the pharmacy. Do you have any ideas about what is going on? (11 Sep 2004)

  82. I am an athlete. How could I have gestational diabetes? Am I at risk for type 2? Can a past eating disorder lead to gestational diabetes? (11 Sep 2004)

  83. Could you explain the link between the ingestion of dairy product and type 1 diabetes? My son complains about stomach aches after consuming milk-based products. Is this common? (10 Sep 2004)

  84. I'm 19 and just diagnosed with type 1. Is it possible that my pancreas will later produce insulin so I can take pills instead of injections? (10 Sep 2004)

  85. I am 18 years old and not overweight. I often feel tired, shaky and weak several hours after eating. Could I have hypoglycemia? (10 Sep 2004)

  86. My daughter's endocrinologist recently had us switch from NPH to Lantus. Overall, she has higher reading, except at night when she is low. Is this related to her insulin dosing or her age? (10 Sep 2004)

  87. How do you explain urine ketones and a high level of urine glucose, but a low pre-prandial glucose reading? (10 Sep 2004)

  88. My doctor has recommended that I lose weight. Does my type 1 diabetes make it harder to lose weight? What do you suggest? (10 Sep 2004)

  89. Since he had some symptoms of diabetes and a few elevated blood sugars, we had autoantibody tests run on our son and his brother. Could you help me understand the results? (9 Sep 2004)

  90. During my second trimester, I was exposed to and tested positive for the Cocksackie B virus. Will my child be at greater risk for type 1 diabetes? (9 Sep 2004)

  91. When you have a low blood sugar, will chocolate bring it up or block the sugar? (9 Sep 2004)

  92. My husband has had type 1 diabetes for 10 years. He now has stomach pain and diarrhea after meals. Is this related to his diabetes? (9 Sep 2004)

  93. I have access to a blood glucose meter and have done some random tests. Recently, two readings were elevated. Should I be concerned? (8 Sep 2004)

  94. I get a headache after consuming foods containing artificial sweeteners. Could this be an adverse reaction to the sweeteners? (8 Sep 2004)

  95. I recently had an OGTT. My 30 minute reading was double my fasting reading and my three hour reading was low. What do you think about this? (8 Sep 2004)

  96. I would like to stop pumping and take injections for a while. Is this okay to do? (8 Sep 2004)

  97. My teen daughter is taking a "pump break." She takes Lantus at night, NovoLog for meals. She is running high in the afternoon. If I added a small dose of NPH in the morning, when would it peak? (7 Sep 2004)

  98. My GP says I am type 2, while my endocrinologist says I am type 1.5. My C-peptide is 0.4. What type am I? Do I really need insulin? (2 Sep 2004)

  99. Are there cases of type 1 diabetes being triggered by extended exposure to extreme heat, 100 to 150 degrees F? (2 Sep 2004)

  100. I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. If I kill the thyroid with radioactive iodine, will I gain weight? I've heard that weight gain is a side effect hypothyroidism, which I'd have after the iodine procedure. (2 Sep 2004)

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Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

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Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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