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  1. I would like to get pregnant and incorporate low GI fruits into my diet. Are there certain fruits with a low GI index? (31 Oct 2004)

  2. Do you have any experience, good or bad, with Aetna HMO plans? (31 Oct 2004)

  3. Does my daughter have to leave the classroom to have her snack? (31 Oct 2004)

  4. My teen son often has high blood sugars he cannot explain. I know he doesn't always exercise and eat well. The endocrinologist won't let him get a pump until he lowers his A1c. Do you have any suggestions? (30 Oct 2004)

  5. After six months with type 2, I have fasting blood sugars from 110 to 126 mg/dl [6.1 to 7.0 mmol/L] with my dinner time metformin. Am I doing anything wrong? (30 Oct 2004)

  6. Born prematurely, my four year old is very lethargic. His blood sugar was 195 mg/dl [10.8 mmol/L] after cereal and milk. Is it EVER normal for a child to have this blood sugar level? (30 Oct 2004)

  7. As the only child with diabetes in her school, my 11 year old daughter is depressed about her diabetes. She is also eating without taking insulin. How can I convince her to follow the rules about diabetes and eating? (30 Oct 2004)

  8. Has there been any research done on using a patch for administering insulin in place of an injection? (30 Oct 2004)

  9. Does pre-diabetes commonly precede type 1 diabetes in older patients? My doctor says I am developing type 2, but I don't think I fit in that category. Should I ask for an antibody test? Is there a way to get a free one? (29 Oct 2004)

  10. We live in the UK, but plan to visit the U.S. soon. Can you explain how U.S. nutrition labels work for our son with diabetes? (29 Oct 2004)

  11. My two year old has many signs of diabetes, but the doctor ran a test and said she does not have it. Is there another test they can do to rule out diabetes? (29 Oct 2004)

  12. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. The doctor said it was from a virus, possibly chicken pox, but she had that has a toddler. Could it have developed as a result of the swimmer's itch she had this summer? (29 Oct 2004)

  13. While eating a big breakfast, my young son felt ill. I tested his blood sugar because I have type 1. His blood sugar was 475 mg/dl [26.4 mmol/L], but was normal within an hour. Is this a sign of type 1? (29 Oct 2004)

  14. My young daughter has a lot of the signs of diabetes, but has gained weight. Should I be concerned? (29 Oct 2004)

  15. The pediatrician has recommended that my daughter lose 10 pounds a month for five to six months since she is borderline diabetic. Is that safe? What is the discoloration on her neck? (29 Oct 2004)

  16. My teen daughter, who has had diabetes for about two years, has been experiencing waves of nausea. I also think she has hard stools. What could this be? (29 Oct 2004)

  17. My young daughter was just diagnosed with type 1. She keeps complaining about pain under her left rib cage. Could she have kidney damage? Would the pain be related to her diabetes? (29 Oct 2004)

  18. My granddaughter's pump site left a hard spot on her tummy. What should we do? (29 Oct 2004)

  19. I want my seven year old son to begin testing his blood sugar in the classroom. How do I approach this? Is he old enough to do so? (28 Oct 2004)

  20. I sometimes inject Lantus into my shoulders, in the deltoid muscle. I have developed frozen shoulder. Could it be caused by the acid base in the Lantus? (28 Oct 2004)

  21. Can I use EMLA cream, which we use it to insert my daughter's Insuflon, to numb a spot for her flu shot? (28 Oct 2004)

  22. For two years, my daughter has been hospitalized for vomiting and DKA. She often has signs of an infection, but no one can identify the infection. Is it possible the infection and her diabetes are connected somehow? What can she do to stop these episodes? (27 Oct 2004)

  23. How can I, as a medical student, manage my blood sugars more effectively with my busy schedule? How can I remind myself to check my blood sugar? (27 Oct 2004)

  24. Is it okay to include a chocolate candy as part of my son's meal once or twice a week? (27 Oct 2004)

  25. Based on my son's latest thyroid panel, is he hypothyroid or is he in the so-called gray area? Are his headaches and fatigue related to the thyroid? (27 Oct 2004)

  26. When my young son was hospitalized, I was told to test his blood sugars three to five times daily, but he was not diagnosed with diabetes. What else could be causing his higher blood sugars? (27 Oct 2004)

  27. After eight months of intermittent diabetes symptoms, I was diagnosed with "pre-diabetes." What does this mean? Will I develop diabetes? Which type? (27 Oct 2004)

  28. I was diagnosed with type 1 in February 2004. Since then, I've had good control, but continue to lose weight. Could I be restricting my carbohydrate intake too much? (27 Oct 2004)

  29. Since my son's diagnosis, he has needed no insulin since that first day. He has continued to lose weight and has moderate ketones. Can you help determine if he has type 1 or type 2? (27 Oct 2004)

  30. My 29 year old son takes insulin. The California DMV will not renew his class C license because of this. Who can we contact to get information on his rights? (27 Oct 2004)

  31. Have Biotin supplements been proven to improve blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes, especially in young children? (27 Oct 2004)

  32. My young daughter was diagnosed with type 1 16 months ago and still is not stable. She is now on Levemir and NovoRapid, but I'm not sure this is the best option. What do you advise? (27 Oct 2004)

  33. My young daughter showed symptoms of diabetes so I checked her blood sugar, which was only slightly elevated. The doctor said she was fine until she has glucose in her urine. What should I do? (27 Oct 2004)

  34. I called 911 to help my neighbor's daughter who was gray, lethargic, and couldn't hear or see. Her blood sugars were slightly high so the ER released her, saying this was a "fainting spell." Shouldn't they have determined if the episode were diabetes-related? (26 Oct 2004)

  35. Is there a relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer? What percentage of people with diabetes end up with that particular cancer? (26 Oct 2004)

  36. I have type 2 diabetes, Crohn's disease and uric acid stones. Are these related somehow? (26 Oct 2004)

  37. I have a student in my class who was recently diagnosed with type 1. Is it okay for him to have high sugar foods in his lunch? (25 Oct 2004)

  38. My teen daughter has "intermittent" insulin resistance during her period and when she feels stressed. Her blood sugars are very high using her pump and injections. Do you have any suggestions? (24 Oct 2004)

  39. My daughter had a second case of chicken pox, which caused her type 1 diabetes. Is this possible? (24 Oct 2004)

  40. Recently, I was diagnosed with diabetes at a routine physical. Since I have been able to lower my A1c and blood sugars, is it possible I have something other than type 2? (23 Oct 2004)

  41. Sincer her diagnosis four months ago, my daughter complains about her tummy hurting after eating. Her test for celiac was negative. What should I do? (23 Oct 2004)

  42. My daughter takes NPH and Humalog. She eats well and exercises, but still has some high readings. What effects will these highs have? What other insulin therapy should we consider? (23 Oct 2004)

  43. My five year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 14 months ago. She was on a Lantus and NovoLog until an episode of vomiting a week ago. Now, she needs less Lantus and no NovoLog. What is going on? (23 Oct 2004)

  44. I am a teen and was diagnosed with type 1 eight months ago. I prefer to keep my two hour post-prandial readings within my target range, rather than slightly higher, as suggested by my doctor. Is this acceptable? Why is it that I have needed to drastically increase my insulin at times? (21 Oct 2004)

  45. What are the long and short term effects of low blood sugar? Could my daughter, who does not feel low in the 40s mg/dl [2.4 to 2.6 mmol/L], develop hypoglycemia unawareness? (21 Oct 2004)

  46. I took my four year old daughter to the ER when her blood sugar tested high on a home monitor and she was tired and sweaty. Tests done there did not specifically indicate diabetes and the doctors said the sweating was an indication of something other than diabetes. What do you think of her situation? (21 Oct 2004)

  47. At 35 weeks, I had a stillborn baby, which was related to my type 1 diabetes. Will this happen with a future pregnancy? Are there studies about why this could have happened? How many non-diabetic mothers experience this? (21 Oct 2004)

  48. Is there any type of insulin that can be injected once a day? Instead of three injections, I would like to give my son only one per day. (21 Oct 2004)

  49. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. For the past four weeks, I have been craving and eating extra carbohydrates. Could this put my child at risk for birth defects? (21 Oct 2004)

  50. My teenaged daughter is "sick of diabetes" and has not been testing regularly. What can I do if she won't help herself? (20 Oct 2004)

  51. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 last February. She witnessed a seizure at camp and panics every time her blood sugar is under 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], fearing a seizure. Do you have any advice? (20 Oct 2004)

  52. I was diagnosed with type two and take oral medications. I am concerned that I am a prospective LADA. Will the oral medications damage my pancreas or should I begin insulin? (20 Oct 2004)

  53. My grandmother and father both had diabetes. I have balanced translocation, granuloma annulare and trigger finger. Does this put me at risk for diabetes? Should I see my primary care physician? (20 Oct 2004)

  54. My son's blood sugar was elevated at the 30 minute mark of his glucose tolerance test. He has gained weight and is often in a daze. Does he need shots? (20 Oct 2004)

  55. At 35 weeks, I had a screening for gestational diabetes. Is the result valid this late into the pregnancy? (20 Oct 2004)

  56. My sister, just diagnosed with type 1, has high blood sugars. Besides insulin, what is a way to normalize her blood sugars? (20 Oct 2004)

  57. My child has sudden mood changes. Is this common in children with diabetes? (19 Oct 2004)

  58. My teen daughter has not been testing her blood sugar and skipping insulin to lose weight. What should I do? (19 Oct 2004)

  59. What is the general practice for taking care of diabetic children on school field trips? Can the school force the parent to accompany the child? (19 Oct 2004)

  60. My daughter's A1c reflects higher blood sugars than we are seeing. She already gets five or more shots per day. What do you suggest? (18 Oct 2004)

  61. My eight year old, overweight, daughter was diagnosed with type 2, then type 1 after the doctor reviewed her GAD test. He recommended insulin, but she has lost weight and has no symptoms. A second doctor diagnosed her with type 2. What is your opinion? (18 Oct 2004)

  62. My son, who is drinking a lot, but eating little, had a slightly elevated blood sugar this morning, before eating. Could it be from his medications? How often should I check his blood sugar? (18 Oct 2004)

  63. I have type 2 and noticed some signs of diabetes in my four year old. He had some elevated blood sugars, but the doctor said his A1c was fine. What should we do? (18 Oct 2004)

  64. What are some different ways that I can maintain good blood sugar control and live a healthy life? I find that I have been craving foods even when I am not really hungry. (18 Oct 2004)

  65. I have type 2 and have been experiencing low blood sugars during the second halves of my rugby games. I take Glucophage. How can I prevent the lows? (18 Oct 2004)

  66. I have hypoglycemia. After I treat a low blood sugar, I then get a headache and itching. What can I do to stop the itching? (17 Oct 2004)

  67. I was recently diagnosed with macular edema, apparently since I improved my A1c and became pregnant. I was told to wait for laser treatment, that I should continue to reduce my A1c and blood pressure. Is it okay to wait? (17 Oct 2004)

  68. For the past two months, both of my children who have type 1, have had stomach aches and ketones without high blood sugars. Why is this? (16 Oct 2004)

  69. Is there any special diabetic residential school in India or in the United Kingdom? (16 Oct 2004)

  70. My young daughter, diagnosed with type 1 in July 2004, has been waking at night with pins and needles in her feet. Will she need to have her feet amputated? (16 Oct 2004)

  71. To check if I have hypoglycemia, I had a GTT, which showed I am actually pre-diabetic. How can this be since I have always had low blood sugars? (16 Oct 2004)

  72. Can you describe what autoimmune diabetes entails? What does my granddaughter's anti-GAD 65 reading of 3.7 mean? She has had urine glucose and ketones recently. (15 Oct 2004)

  73. With this year's flu vaccine shortage, should otherwise healthy children with diabetes get a flu vaccine or decline this year so other "more at risk" people get the vaccine? (14 Oct 2004)

  74. Recently, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and told to cut back on simple carbohydrates. I was fine a few months ago. Can type 2 come on so rapidly? Should I have further testing? (13 Oct 2004)

  75. At 24, my daughter was diagnosed with type 2. At 34, she had a miscarriage and her blood sugars returned to normal. A C-peptide test showed her pancreas had shut down, but she has low blood sugars without insulin. What do you think of this? (11 Oct 2004)

  76. My seven year old has type 1 and PTSD. He has good days and bad, mentally and physically. I am totally worn out and frustrated. My husband is in the military. What should I do? (11 Oct 2004)

  77. What are insulin crystals and where do they come from? (10 Oct 2004)

  78. Nine months after his diagnosis with type 1, my son had a viral illness, after which his insulin requirements dropped significantly. Coupled with three negative antibody tests, could my son have type 1B or be treated with an oral medication? Or, is it just his honeymoon? (10 Oct 2004)

  79. Through the PANDA study, my 15 year old has been identified with a 25% risk probability. Could his Accutane be a factor in him developing type 1? (10 Oct 2004)

  80. My family may move to London for two years. What is the "standard of diabetes care" in the UK? Should we pursue a pump before moving there? Can you recommend any useful web sites to read about living with diabetes in the UK? (10 Oct 2004)

  81. My son had a normal fasting blood sugar, but has, what I believe, are symptoms of hypoglycemia. Should I ask the doctor to do more testing? (10 Oct 2004)

  82. How does one go about donating an old insulin pump to someone else? (10 Oct 2004)

  83. My son is a long distance runner. How can he keep his blood sugar from dropping during a race? Are there certain foods to eat or drink? (10 Oct 2004)

  84. My daughter's doctor gave me two different correction ratios, 125/75 and 120/80. I am confused. Can you explain how this works? (10 Oct 2004)

  85. Our son's doctors have said that we can prevent complications by controlling glucose levels now, but we have seen literature stating otherwise. Where can we find more information? (9 Oct 2004)

  86. My teen son will be traveling to Japan and will stay with a Japanese family. How can we make sure others know how to deal with any medical emergencies? (9 Oct 2004)

  87. My daughter's doctor says to dispose of Humalog vials after 30 days, but does not say this about Regular and NPH. Why is this? (7 Oct 2004)

  88. At her three year check-up, my daughter had glucose in her urine, but none during a second test the next day. How should I prepare her for future testing? (7 Oct 2004)

  89. Her blood sugars are in control with medication, but my daughter is complaining of thirst and hunger. She has stopped losing weight. Is this normal? (7 Oct 2004)

  90. Over the past few days, we have continued to decrease our son's insulin to prevent low blood sugars. Since he was diagnosed in August, our doctor says it's his honeymoon. Could he really be type 2? (7 Oct 2004)

  91. My son was diagnosed with type 1 a month ago and has been prescribed cephalexin oral suspension. Should I be concerned about the sugar content? (6 Oct 2004)

  92. Can the early stages of Goodpasture Syndrome be confused with diabetes? (6 Oct 2004)

  93. Is it normal for a non-diabetic, three year old to have a blood sugar level of 175 mg/dl [9.7 mmol/L] on more than one occasion? (6 Oct 2004)

  94. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 two months after stopping Zoloft. Is there a connection between Zoloft and the development of diabetes? (6 Oct 2004)

  95. I have had a variety of symptoms for years, including thirst, frequent urination, headaches, fatigue, etc. Home glucose tests seem to indicate hypoglycemia, but the doctor said I had did not have diabetes or hyplogycemia. What do you think could be going on? (6 Oct 2004)

  96. Since the fingertips often become calloused and feet/toes can present problems, is it okay to use the back for glucose testing? Is there a different reading when using the back as opposed to other parts? (5 Oct 2004)

  97. My 16 year old son has been getting up at night to eat. Some nights, he sweats terribly and needs to get a clean blanket. I have not heard from the doctor about his recent urine test for diabetes. Could he have a thyroid disorder? (5 Oct 2004)

  98. Could you tell me what oral medications are used for treating impotence? (4 Oct 2004)

  99. After four years with celiac, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Where can I find a proper diet? (4 Oct 2004)

  100. In girls with type 1, is weight gain an issue for those who were diagnosed before or after puberty? (3 Oct 2004)

  101. My ten year old son had good diabetes control for six years. Now, I have to give him more Humalog and NPH, but his nighttime control is inconsistent. Is the increase in Humalog normal? Why are his morning blood sugars so high? Could this be a sign of adolescence? (3 Oct 2004)

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Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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