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  1. My 16 year old has had type 2 for five years and takes metformin. His A1c/blood sugars have gone up despite increasing his metformin. Why would this be? (31 Dec 2004)

  2. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 with an A1c of 7.8. The doctor recommended medication. Could I achieve the same results with diet and exercise? (30 Dec 2004)

  3. We just relocated. Where can I find pediatricians/endocrinologists who work with diabetic children? How can I check for any disciplinary action? (30 Dec 2004)

  4. In terms of diabetes, is apheresis/leukapheresis just as safe, for the donor, as a regular whole blood donation? (30 Dec 2004)

  5. When my blood sugar is 45 to 65 mg/dl [2.5 to 3.6 mmol/L], everything I try to eat tastes like baking soda and makes me nauseous. Is this a warning sign of an impending seizure? (30 Dec 2004)

  6. My mom was given a formula to determine her insulin. Can you help explain this? (30 Dec 2004)

  7. My seven year old son was recently diagnosed and put on N and NovoLog. He has since been much more fidgety in school. Could this be caused by the insulin? (30 Dec 2004)

  8. Our family is planning a trip to France, Switzerland, England, and Italy this summer. Where can I get information about medical care for our son who has diabetes, should the need arise? (30 Dec 2004)

  9. Is it possible that certain individuals could be prone to higher or lower A1cs? (30 Dec 2004)

  10. After a year on Zocor and Niaspan, I had high blood sugars. Can Niaspan cause type 2 diabetes? (29 Dec 2004)

  11. I have had diabetes for three years. For three days, I have felt hot on my legs and hands. Why is this? Will diabetes affect my sexual life? (29 Dec 2004)

  12. During a cholesterol check-up, my A1c was up to 6.2. Could this increase be from the steroids in the Flonase I have been using? Do I have diabetes? (29 Dec 2004)

  13. Is diabetes considered a disability for Social Security purposes? (28 Dec 2004)

  14. Are there any hormonal drugs which do not cause your blood sugar to increase and promote weight gain? (28 Dec 2004)

  15. Despite dieting and exercising I have gained a little weight and am worried I might keep gaining. Do you have any advice on how to reverse this? I want to improve my diabetes control by losing weight. (28 Dec 2004)

  16. During some recent blood work, my blood sugar was slightly elevated, but I'm not sure about my kidneys. Should I be concerned about my kidney function? (28 Dec 2004)

  17. Do my symptoms fit the diagnosis of type 1? How often are people my age diagnosed with type 1? (28 Dec 2004)

  18. Is type 1 diabetes more common in females than in males? (28 Dec 2004)

  19. Is it possible that my son's diagnosis with type 1 at age six is related to the AIDS preventive therapy he took at age two? (28 Dec 2004)

  20. I recently used a home A1c test and it gave me an A1c that I believe is higher than it should be, based on my blood sugar readings. What is your opinion of these tests? (28 Dec 2004)

  21. In a person on oral medications for type 2, can occasional high blood sugars spoil his sperm quality? What do you recommend? Is there a drug he could take? Does he need vitamins? (28 Dec 2004)

  22. What are the long-term effects of Viagra? Will it make one's diabetes worse? Will it cause liver damage? (28 Dec 2004)

  23. My daughter's school will not allow her to buy a hot lunch because they cannot provide the carbohydrate information. What should I do? (27 Dec 2004)

  24. I have frequent bad headaches and dizziness. Once, I felt better after drinking juice, so, my grandmother suggested diabetes or hypoglycemia. Should I see a doctor? (27 Dec 2004)

  25. My young daughter has had continued stomach problems that no one can diagnose. She now has some elevated blood sugars after eating. Could she have some odd form of diabetes? (27 Dec 2004)

  26. What is your opinion of the Accelerator Hypothesis? (27 Dec 2004)

  27. Do you know of any correlation of Ritalin causing hyperglycemia? (27 Dec 2004)

  28. The specialist my son sees keeps insisting that we see his P.A. for all appointments, yet the P.A. blames me for my son's elevated A1c. Should I change doctors? (27 Dec 2004)

  29. During the early weeks of my pregnancy, my blood sugars were somewhat high. Would this put my baby at risk for birth defects? Could I have had diabetes before my pregnancy? (27 Dec 2004)

  30. How many grams of carbohydrates are allowed in a day per meal and per snack? Is the fat in avocados okay? (26 Dec 2004)

  31. Is there any chance that there might be a cure for diabetes? (26 Dec 2004)

  32. I have been urinating frequently so I got a meter to test my blood sugar. All fasting and random tests were normal, as was a urinalysis at a health center. What could be going on? (24 Dec 2004)

  33. To achieve better control of my diabetes, I am testing 10 to 20 times a day. My doctor has praised me, but has yet to call to allow me unlimited test strips. Is there any way I can feel more comfortable with my diabetes and not test as much? (24 Dec 2004)

  34. At a routine check-up, our daughter had an elevated blood sugar. At the ER, she was tested and the doctors said she might have pre-diabetes. How do we determine if she has diabetes or not? Could that one high blood sugar have been caused by stress? (22 Dec 2004)

  35. Is there a web site that one can go to and enter meals on-line to find out the carbohydrate count information? (22 Dec 2004)

  36. How are you supposed to know how many carbohydrates to eat in one day? (22 Dec 2004)

  37. What are the general numbers for low, normal, and high insulin levels? (22 Dec 2004)

  38. My 17 year old friend is experiencing pubertal changes, but claims his penis is the same size it was when he was younger. Is this normal? Does it have anything to do with his diabetes? (22 Dec 2004)

  39. Why exactly are diabetics prone to infection? Is it safe for someone with type 1 to undergo liposuction? (22 Dec 2004)

  40. My six year old is generally calm, but he often has "meltdowns" that I believe may be sugar related. Is this possible? (22 Dec 2004)

  41. Is there any research on behaviors in diabetic children when they are out of range and its effect on school performance? When my eight year old daughter is high, her behavior is characteristic of ADD/ADHD. A psychologist has evaluated her and feels her behaviors are blood sugar related. (22 Dec 2004)

  42. I am 71 years old and I take Humalog and Lantus. I have frequent nocturia followed by paresthesias. What could be causing this? (22 Dec 2004)

  43. How can I control my son's behavior at school? He is defiant, has mood swings and can't keep his hands to himself. His blood sugars are either high or low. (22 Dec 2004)

  44. Where can I find books or a strategy to get my teenaged daughter motivated to take care of her diabetes? (22 Dec 2004)

  45. My brother has had diabetes for 21 years and has problems with his vision, feet and healing time from injuries. What is his life expectancy? What can be done to improve his health? (22 Dec 2004)

  46. As a 19 year old with diabetes, I want to start a weight loss/muscle gaining program. Is is okay to take fat burning supplements? Would it be safe to take creatine and/or protein shakes as well as other various supplements? (21 Dec 2004)

  47. I found cookie dough made with Splenda. Are these cookies safe for my nephew, who was recently diagnosed with type 1? (21 Dec 2004)

  48. According to a test done by my pediatrician, my child may have diabetes. Could the sucker he ate on the way to the test have affected the results? What should my next step be? What specialists do I need to see? (19 Dec 2004)

  49. How dangerous is it to have diabetes and celiac at the same time? Is constant glucose monitoring the only answer? (19 Dec 2004)

  50. My diabetes is not controlled and I am worried since I have no meal plan or doctor. Where can I find information on diabetes programs in my area? (19 Dec 2004)

  51. Why are questions pertaining to adult onset type 2 diabetes, excluding the relatively rare MODY subtype, and/or "pre-diabetes" allowed to be posted and answered on this forum? (19 Dec 2004)

  52. My daughter, who has had diabetes for about nine years, has complained of stomachaches for a few years. She tested negative for celiac last year and was recently retested. We are also waiting for the results of thyroid, kidney and liver function tests. What else should we consider? (19 Dec 2004)

  53. Where can I find information about the game "GlucoBoy?" (17 Dec 2004)

  54. Does mononucleosis have a more serious effect on people with diabetes? (15 Dec 2004)

  55. Recently, tests revealed I have a high level of triglycerides and uncontrolled hypertension. Is the hypertension due to the triglycerides? Have my kidneys and liver been damaged irreversibly? (15 Dec 2004)

  56. If I take steroid injections for my back pain, how long will it affect my blood sugar? How high could it get? (15 Dec 2004)

  57. Recently, my A1c was 6.7 and the doctor said he would put me on medication if it went up to 6.9. I believe my blood sugars, diet and exercise are okay. Am I on the right track to stave off type 2? (14 Dec 2004)

  58. My toddler, recently diagnosed wtih celiac disease, has been drinking a lot and soaking his diapers. Should I have him tested for diabetes insipidus? (13 Dec 2004)

  59. My daughter, diagnosed in July 2004, is having high fasting blood sugars. Why is this? (13 Dec 2004)

  60. My father recently had a steroid shot and then had an elevated fasting blood sugar. Is this possible for someone who does not have diabetes? (13 Dec 2004)

  61. My daughter was diagnosed with type 2 then went to college where she is doing poorly, both academically and health wise. Is there an inpatient facility where she can get medical and mental help? (13 Dec 2004)

  62. Who do I talk to about setting up an IEP for my daughter? (13 Dec 2004)

  63. I am having high fasting blood sugars despite the diabetes medications I am taking. Are there any alternatives? (11 Dec 2004)

  64. My boyfriend wants to lose weight so he has started exercising and not eating meat. Is not eating meat dangerous? (9 Dec 2004)

  65. For one week every month, my son has elevated blood sugars. He does not change his diet, exercise or insulin. What could be causing this? (9 Dec 2004)

  66. Recently, my 11 year old was hospitalized with hypoglycemia. Her insulin level was over 2000. The doctors suspected she had given herself quite a lot of insulin, but this seems impossible. Do you have any insight? (9 Dec 2004)

  67. What is the general criteria for treating patients with type 2 diabetes? One patient used oral medication for six years, then had hypoglycemia when given insulin. Was this a honeymoon? (9 Dec 2004)

  68. What can you tell me about the work of Dr. Denise Faustman? Is there any new information about her efforts? (9 Dec 2004)

  69. My daughter had a high insulin level during her GTT so the doctor thinks she may be insulin resistant. Is this possible even if she is not overweight? Could she still develop type 2 or PCOS after puberty? Or, could it still be a MODY diabetes? What should we do? (8 Dec 2004)

  70. I don't agree with the statement that Lantus has essentially no peak. My daughter's blood sugar drops significantly during the night. How do they claim that Lantus has "no peak?" (8 Dec 2004)

  71. My teen son keeps needing to increase his daily insulin. Our endocrinologist will not add metformin as was recommended by someone else. What are the average amounts of insulin taken and A1cs, typically, that key a physician to add a drug like metformin to a teen's daily medications? (8 Dec 2004)

  72. I was diagnosed with type 2 well after a diagnosis with hyperthyroidism, which, I believe, was undiagnosed for years. Could my elevated thryoid level have damaged my pancreas? Could I really have type 1.5? (7 Dec 2004)

  73. Is numbness/tingling a side effect of Actos? (7 Dec 2004)

  74. Diagnosed a month ago, my son has one or two lows per week without symptoms. He is on very low doses of insulin. What should we do? Is it safe for him to have lows? (7 Dec 2004)

  75. After 23 years with type 1, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since increasing my dose of Synthroid, I have had to increase my 70/30 insulin and add Regular. Does Synthroid cause insulin resistance? (5 Dec 2004)

  76. Is type 1 diabetes inherited dominantly or recessively? (5 Dec 2004)

  77. My doctor has just diagnosed me with diabetes and is going to refer me to a diabetes clinic. How soon does the clinic need to see me? (3 Dec 2004)

  78. My elderly mother has type 2 and takes several medications. Despite consistent high blood sugars, according to home monitoring, her A1c is in the 6.0 range. How can this be? (3 Dec 2004)

  79. While a five hour GTT indicated I am hypoglycemic, my doctor thinks I may be in the early stages of type 1, especially since I lost 30 pounds in two months, eat and drink a lot. My C-peptides were low, too. What does this mean? (3 Dec 2004)

  80. My son, diagnosed with type 1 in June 2004, broke his leg. Will he have a longer healing time than a non-diabetic? Is he more susceptible to having this injury occur again? Might he have any special complications because of his diabetes? (3 Dec 2004)

  81. My blood sugars seem fine when I eat carbohydrates that do not have sugar listed as an ingredient, but they are elevated if sugar is listed as an ingredient. Any thoughts? (3 Dec 2004)

  82. Are there any recommended guidelines on stopping insulin pump therapy?I have been using a pump for five years, but am not happy with infusion site problems and higher A1cs.Is there anything I need to be aware of? (3 Dec 2004)

  83. Since I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I have been avoiding sweets and excess carbs. I am having lows so my doctor suggested peanut butter when they occur. But, I've read that treatment should be given for blood sugars less than 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. So, what should I do when lower than that? (3 Dec 2004)

  84. Where can I get a Soft Touch lancet device? Local pharmacies don't carry it. (2 Dec 2004)

  85. When my daughter was in the hospital in DKA, she said she'd smoked marijuana. Did it not show up in a drug test because of her high blood sugar? (2 Dec 2004)

The Diabetes Team

Bill Jones, MD (Specialist in the management of diabetes during pregnancy, member since April 1997)
Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
Larry Deeb, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since July 1998)
John Schulga, MBChB MRCGP MRCP FRCPCH (UK) (Consultant Paediatrician in childhood and adolescent diabetes and endocrinology, member since July 1999)
Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

Barb Schreiner, RN, MPH, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist, member since July 2002)
Jane Seley, RN, GNP, MPH, MSN, CDE, CHES (Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, member since August 2002)
Joe Solowiejczyk, RN, MSW (Family Therapist, member since April 2010)
Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, PhD (Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, member since January 2000)

James Michael Schurig, MS, RD, LD, CDE (Dietitian, member since December 2000)

Exercise Physiologists
Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

Social Workers
Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

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