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  1. Despite some symptoms of hypoglycemia and some abnormal blood sugars, my doctor does not intend to test my daughter at this time. Should I get another opinion? (31 Mar 2005)

  2. My teen daughter takes Humalog with meals, Lantus at bedtime. She is waking up low at 6 a.m. How do we determine which insulin is causing the lows? (25 Mar 2005)

  3. My daughter is on injections of Lantus and diluted Humalog (U10). Is it okay to pre-fill syringes with insulin and refrigerate them? If so, how long can I store them? (25 Mar 2005)

  4. My son has elevated blood sugars in the winter, normal ones in the summer, so the doctor wants him on insulin. What could be going on? The doctor is not sure what my son has. (25 Mar 2005)

  5. Is there any benefit to entering my newly diagnosed son in a study to try to prolong his honeymoon? (25 Mar 2005)

  6. My son is having a hard time gaining weight. What could be causing this? (25 Mar 2005)

  7. Since her diagnosis with type 1, my seven year old has been angry and violent, especially towards me, mom. How can I restore a happy environment to the whole family? Will this behavior continue? (25 Mar 2005)

  8. My young son has celiac. He drinks and wets a lot and has various other symptoms, including those of hypoglycemia. His glucose level always tests normal. What could this be? (25 Mar 2005)

  9. I have put on the weight I had lost and don't exercise much. My post-prandial numbers are somewhat elevated. How can I still have a good A1c, 6.1%? (25 Mar 2005)

  10. My nine year old with type 1 has chicken pox. Is there anything special that I need to know? (24 Mar 2005)

  11. I have type 1 and am worried about my young daughter getting it since she is at risk. How can I protect her from getting it? (24 Mar 2005)

  12. Last October, I was in a serious car accident. In November, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Did the stress of the accident cause my diabetes? (24 Mar 2005)

  13. My sister is concerned that her daughter is sneaking candy and taking insulin for it. She is worried about an insulin overdose. Where can my sister and niece get counseling? (23 Mar 2005)

  14. Although my young grandson has been diagnosed with type 1, he is not yet on insulin. Can you help me understand what is going on? (22 Mar 2005)

  15. Five years after her diagnosis at age 13 months, my daughter has a hard time identifyting the letters of the alphabet. Is this related to her diabetes? Where can I go for help? (22 Mar 2005)

  16. I suspect I have PCOS and insulin resistance. My fasting blood sugars have been somewhat elevated since starting Albuterol. Is this from the illness or the Albuterol? Do people with acanthosis nigricans always have insulin resistance? (22 Mar 2005)

  17. Why does my doctor insist I keep a paper record of four daily blood sugars? I feel my Ultra Smart meter keeps better records and is more convenient. (21 Mar 2005)

  18. The endocrinologist recently told our 15 year old son that he will probably not grow any more. Should we get a second opinion? Should we consider HGH? Could his lack of growth be related to his recent hernia surgery? (21 Mar 2005)

  19. Is there an connection between diabetes and viral infections? My son with type 1 seems to catch many viral infections? (21 Mar 2005)

  20. If I go to Australia for six months to a year, how do I manage my diabetes while there? Do I need to take my insulin supplies with me? (21 Mar 2005)

  21. Is it possible to buy needle free insulin dispensers on the NHS or would I have to buy them privately? Are they more efficient? (21 Mar 2005)

  22. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, but the doctor is unsure which type. If tests show I am not producing insulin, do I have type 1? Or, could I just be in the early stages of type 2? My blood sugars are somewhat high if I eat any carbs in my meals. (21 Mar 2005)

  23. Is there any research or current treatment different for type 1 diabetics who are producing insulin sporadically? (21 Mar 2005)

  24. Following his recent diagnosis, my 20 year old son takes no insulin due to very low morning blood sugars. His thyroid tests were normal and we are awaiting the results of his cortisol test. What other tests should he have? (21 Mar 2005)

  25. I have pre-diabetes. After a bout of the flu, my fasting blood sugars were normal for six weeks. Why would this happen? I expected the opposite. (21 Mar 2005)

  26. In 2000, I was diagnosed with type 2. Now, since my second pregnancy, the doctor said I have type 1 based on my C-peptide results. I am very insulin resistant and get sick a lot. Is this common with type 2s who get pregnant? Do they stop producing insulin? (21 Mar 2005)

  27. How long should a shot of cortisone affect my blood sugars? (20 Mar 2005)

  28. How can I prevent air bubbles in the tubing of my MiniMed pump? I only have them when I am outdoors in temperatures that are often below freezing. I often participate in snow sports or winter camping and go back and forth from very warm to very cold temperatures. (20 Mar 2005)

  29. When ill, my newly diagnosed son had target blood sugars without insulin, so he decided to eat fewer carbohydrates to skip his insulin shots. His blood sugars remain in range. Could he control his diabetes by diet? Or, is this the honeymoon? (20 Mar 2005)

  30. Is it true that, as our son grows, he will do better on fewer than three shots a day? (20 Mar 2005)

  31. When my son was on a basketball team, he had lower blood sugars. He is no longer playing, but is still running low. Could the beginning of puberty cause his blood sugars to run low? (20 Mar 2005)

  32. Since splitting my son's Lantus dose, his carbohydrate to insulin ratio has gone from 20:1 to 100:1. Could this be related to the Lantus? Or, is it related to my son's physical activity? (20 Mar 2005)

  33. Why are my four year old's blood sugars so erratic? Is there something I should or should not be doing with his diet and exercise? (20 Mar 2005)

  34. After seven months with diabetes, I still do not know what type of diabetes my son has. His blood sugars are in range unless he eats more than 80 grams of carbohydrates per meal. Could he have both insulin reistance and insulin sensitive at the same time? (20 Mar 2005)

  35. The doctor just decreased my son's Lantus because of lows. Now, we are seeing highs at 3 a.m., with target numbers by breakfast. Do we need to change his insulin dose? (20 Mar 2005)

  36. Can Lantus sometimes have a mild peak in children in the first 12 hours? I give my daughter Lantus in the morning since her pre-breakfast blood sugars were low with an evening shot. Is there anything else to consider? (20 Mar 2005)

  37. Since she started pumping, our five year old often complains about feeling weak or shaky. Why is this? Previously, she could tell when high or low. Does she need time to adjust? (20 Mar 2005)

  38. My daughter has had some elevated blood sugars, but tested negative for antibodies. Could it still be type 1 or MODY, as suggested by the endocrinologist? Where can she get genetic testing to see if she is at risk for type 1 due to previous kidney damage? (20 Mar 2005)

  39. My daughter has been suffering from migraines for a while. Are they related to her diabetes? (18 Mar 2005)

  40. My son was diagnosed in November 2004 and needs only a small amount of NPH daily. He does have some post-meal high blood sugars. What kind of damage might they be causing? Is it possible his recent behavior is related to blood sugar fluctuations? (17 Mar 2005)

  41. If someone is having a severe low with convulsions and there is no glucagon available, what is the next best thing to use? What comes after convulsions? (17 Mar 2005)

  42. Since we are going to Australia for a year, should we ship supplies since we cannot carry it all? Can my friend get insulin in Australia? (17 Mar 2005)

  43. What would a two hour post meal blood glucose target number for a 11 year old active boy be? (17 Mar 2005)

  44. My son has no health insurance. His ex-wife's employer is going out of business. Since they cannot afford COBRA for our granddaughter, where can they go for supplies and medical care? (16 Mar 2005)

  45. I had a fasting blood sugar of 111 mg/dl [6.2 mmol/L]. The nurse said that diet and exercise would bring it down to normal if my pancreas hasn't been damaged. Would this blood sugar cause damage? (15 Mar 2005)

  46. Why should people with diabetes not smoke? Why should they limit themselves to two glasses of wine? Should diabetics see an endocrinologist? (15 Mar 2005)

  47. My younger daughter has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and I think she may also have type 1 diabetes. Should I have the pediatrician run blood tests? Is there a connection between thyroid disease and diabetes? (15 Mar 2005)

  48. Is anyone tracking the incidence of type 1 diabetes in the population? What are some of the possible causes for the increase in number of children diagnosed? (15 Mar 2005)

  49. Three years ago, at age 21, I was diagnosed with type 1. I take only 12 units of insulin daily. Is it possible I was misdiagnosed? Do I need more tests? Could I just be a non-typical type 1? What will happen if I get pregnant; will the hospital administer too much insulin? (15 Mar 2005)

  50. Is it odd to have kidney problems without any retinopathy? After 30 years with diabetes, my doctor found protein in my urine. I have no retinopathy. (15 Mar 2005)

  51. My young son, who takes NovoLog for meals and Lantus at bedtime, is having 2 a.m. highs. Are they from his cold or a rebound from a low we are missing? Should we check him around 11:30 p.m.? (15 Mar 2005)

  52. How does one get tested to see if they have type 1A or type 1B? Does the type affect one's fertility? Is there a difference in how the two types are treated? (14 Mar 2005)

  53. Where can I get a glucose tolerance test without a prescription? (14 Mar 2005)

  54. I take Humalog for meals and NPH at bedtime. I keep waking with very high blood sugars, even when in range three hours before. What do you suggest? (14 Mar 2005)

  55. Since my recent diagnosis with type 2, I am having slightly elevated blood sugars after meals, but in range numbers at other times. Are varying blood sugars common? (14 Mar 2005)

  56. After three years with diabetes, my teen son has given up taking care of his diabetes. What should I do? Everything I do just makes him angry. (14 Mar 2005)

  57. Is there any difference between Humalog and NovoLog? I use Humalog and can't lose weight. I have heard that people on NovoLog don't seem to have this issue. (14 Mar 2005)

  58. I take Actos and Lantus and can't get my blood sugars under 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L] and I feel horrible. The doctor said to increase my Lantus, but never gave a maximum. What should I do? (14 Mar 2005)

  59. Is there a way to have a test for diabetes that does not include a blood draw? (13 Mar 2005)

  60. My daughter was recently diagnosed. She takes Lantus and rapid-acting insulin three times a day. What do you think of this regimen? (13 Mar 2005)

  61. Since my son's diagnosis a month ago, we have eliminated NovoRapid and reduced his Lantus to prevent lows. Is it okay to give Lantus only while he is in his honeymoon? (13 Mar 2005)

  62. Is there any reliable new news about SugarTrac? (12 Mar 2005)

  63. When someone with type 1 is ill, not eating, and having lower blood sugars, do you still need to give them insulin? (12 Mar 2005)

  64. My son had GAD, IAA and IA2 antibody tests run through the SEARCH trial. Should we inform our doctors about these results? Are they anything to be concerned about? (12 Mar 2005)

  65. How can I get my nephew on the list for an islet transplant? Where can I find information on pediatric diabetes doctors in Des Moines? (12 Mar 2005)

  66. Our granddaughter has had diabetes for eight years. Last night, she took six units of Lantus only, then required a lot of high sugar foods to prevent lows all day, with no additional insulin. Are there any tests to determine what is going on? (10 Mar 2005)

  67. Since I am on Lantus, which I understand cannot be given via I.V., do I have to have an insulin/glucose drip when I go into labor? I am 31 weeks pregnant. (10 Mar 2005)

  68. I just got out of the ICU after a severe low, 11 mg/dl [0.6 mmol/L]. I was told I was about 30 minutes from death. Is this possible? Can hypoglycemia cause death? If so, why? (10 Mar 2005)

  69. How do we prevent lipoatrophy? (9 Mar 2005)

  70. Am I correct in understanding that a drink of juice, which were taught to give our son when his blood sugar is low, will actually not bring his blood sugar up as fast as a graham cracker or a piece of bread? (8 Mar 2005)

  71. Can a doctor diagnose a child with hypoglycemia based on her eating/behavior? Should I get a second opinion? Where can I get a medical identification bracelet? (8 Mar 2005)

  72. Three times recently, my daughter has overflowed her diaper with urine. At the doctor's office, her blood sugar was 48 mg/dl [[2.7 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned? Is this too low? (8 Mar 2005)

  73. What effect does Sugar Free Red Bull have on blood sugar levels for a type 1 diabetic? Does the consumption of so much caffeine influence insulin? When can it be consumed? (7 Mar 2005)

  74. Why would a blood sugar reading in the morning be higher than a blood sugar reading the previous evening immediately before going to bed? (7 Mar 2005)

  75. My toddler is scheduled to see an endocrinologist to test for hypoglycemia. What tests will be run? Should I be overly concerned until the appointment? (7 Mar 2005)

  76. My four year old has type 1 and often complains about pain in her legs. Is there any way to know if these are just growing pains? (7 Mar 2005)

  77. Five years ago, I was clinically obese and designated borderline diabetic. I lost weight, then my blood sugars were fine. Now, they rise if I eat carbohydrates. What kind of diet should I follow? (7 Mar 2005)

  78. Three months after my August 2003 diagnosis with type 1, I did not require insulin to maintain normal blood sugars. I still don't need insulin. How can I determine how long this "honeymoon" will continue? (6 Mar 2005)

  79. I have been told that salt and caffeine intake can effect the Lantus my husband is taking. Is this true? If so, how? (6 Mar 2005)

  80. My dad has had type 1 for almost 50 years. Can he have neurological damage from a recent hypoglycemic seizure? Can his memory loss be related to the four episodes of DKA he had in the last year? (6 Mar 2005)

  81. Last summer, my daughter had infusion set and high blood sugar problems when she was on a swim team. How difficult would it be for her to switch to shots for the summer, then back to pumping in September? (6 Mar 2005)

  82. At her check-up, my daughter had sugar in her urine, but a normal blood sugar. What could cause this? Is another urine test the right thing to do? (6 Mar 2005)

  83. I have observed small circular markings at the base of syringes. What are these markings? Do they indicate number of times the syringe has been refurbished? (6 Mar 2005)

  84. Because of arthritis pain in my lower back and spinal stenosis, I have had epidural steroid shots to relieve the pain. I have increased my NPH, but I am still having high fasting blood sugars. Is it safe to take more insulin? (6 Mar 2005)

  85. When I increase my insulin, as directed by my specialist, my blood sugar goes over 300 mg/dl [16.7 mmol/L]. I test four times a day, take Lantus and NovoLog for meals. What do you suggest? (6 Mar 2005)

  86. Since taking Niaspan to improve my cholesterol levels, I have noted an increase in my average blood sugars, despite increasing my metformin. Should I stop the Niaspan to help get my type 2 under control? (6 Mar 2005)

  87. Diagnosed six months ago, I was having lows using Actrapid and Monotard twice daily. Can I take five units of Human Mixtard 40 instead? (6 Mar 2005)

  88. I have type 1, Graves' disease and PCOS. Are these three related? Will I be able to have children? Will my children inherit these conditions? How can I prevent other related diseases? (5 Mar 2005)

  89. Why do you need a high carbohydrate before a GTT? Doesn't this mean you are destined to fail? (5 Mar 2005)

  90. When diagnosed with type 2 in October 2004, my A1c was 6.l. It is now 5.4 and I have lost 20 pounds. Why would my doctor be considering putting me on diabetes medication? (5 Mar 2005)

  91. Since my diagnosis with type 1 12 years ago, I have had diarrhea and then pain near my kidneys. The gastroenterologist says it is neuropathy, which the diabetic specialist says it cannot be. What do you think? (5 Mar 2005)

  92. My son takes Regular and NPH. He was high at lunch, so we changed his morning snack. Now, he's sometimes low at lunch. Is there a happy medium? (3 Mar 2005)

  93. I was ticketed for "rolling" through a stop sign when I was rushing home to treat my son's low. He was refusing to eat in the car. Do I have a case for fighting this or not? (3 Mar 2005)

  94. Can someone have acanthosis nigricans and type 1 diabetes? (2 Mar 2005)

  95. My son has been complaining of stomachaches halfway through meals. What can cause this? (2 Mar 2005)

  96. Would a non-diabetic feel poorly if their blood sugar were on the low or high side of normal? What is the normal range? (2 Mar 2005)

  97. We have to pressure our baby to eat and get insulin and he is aggressive. Is there something else we should do? Is there research on diabetic children and their temper? (2 Mar 2005)

  98. I have some symptoms of low blood sugar. If it is not hypoglycemia, what could it be? Can coffee cause low blood sugar? Can hypoglycemia turn into type 1 diabetes? (2 Mar 2005)

  99. I've had type 1 for 18 years and plan on having IVF/ICSI in order to get pregnant. What are all of the possible complications of a regular versus multiple pregnancy for a type 1 diabetic with very good control? (2 Mar 2005)

  100. How can I participate in the islet cell transplantation trials? (2 Mar 2005)

  101. Is it true that several hours of low blood sugars affect your brain, making it hard for someone to function? (2 Mar 2005)

  102. Since his January diagnosis, my son needs only 3.5 units of NPH daily. His blood sugars are consistently around 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L]. Could he have type 2? Could it just be the honeymoon? What tests can be done? (1 Mar 2005)

  103. Is there any correlation between long term type 1 diabetes and general apathy/depression? (1 Mar 2005)

  104. My doctor's office said I have early diabetes based on routine blood work. I am to have a glucose test and an A1c. Do I have diabetes? (1 Mar 2005)

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