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  1. My son has had hyperglycemia since birth. His A1c is mostly normal, even though he takes no insulin. The doctor wants us to test his blood sugar less than the current three times a day. What is your opinion? Could this be a long honeymoon? (31 May 2005)

  2. Since my daughter gets one unit of Lantus in the morning and her last NovoLog at 5 p.m., should we worry about nighttime hypoglycemia? Should we check her at night? (31 May 2005)

  3. I know two young men, both of whom had frequent episodes of DKA, who had sudden cardiac death and had fatty livers. Is this related to the "dead in bed" syndrome? (31 May 2005)

  4. I have had type 1 for 20 years, so, I was concerned with my daughter's bed wetting, then weight loss. She is now on a low dose of Lantus and often has normal blood sugar. Does she really have type 1? (31 May 2005)

  5. Insulin gave me a bloated stomach so I stopped taking it. It came back when I resumed insulin. Is it going to go away? Is this a normal side effect? (30 May 2005)

  6. Since treatment for a brain tumor, my wife's insulin needs have decreased dramatically and she is having very low blood sugars. I have locked up her insulin and know she is not taking extra. What is going on? (30 May 2005)

  7. My friend has three year old twins, one of whom has been experiencing hypoglycemia. The doctor suspects it is genetic. If so, why doesn't his twin have it? (30 May 2005)

  8. My teen son, who has had diabetes for about nine years, has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and growth hormone deficiency. Is there a correlation between all these hormone issues? (30 May 2005)

  9. My young son recently had a seizure uopn waking. His blood sugar was 27 mg/dl [1.5 mmol/]. Why would his blood sugar have dropped so low? (30 May 2005)

  10. Is there a web site where I can find a diet plan for my teen son? There are no dietitians in the West Indies where we live. (29 May 2005)

  11. I'm 43 and was diagnosed with type 1 about 18 months ago. My endocrinologist says I'm producing some insulin, but not in a honeymoon, as I seem to be "recovering." Are there cases of even one person getting better? (29 May 2005)

  12. Where can I find an insulin pump with a blood glucose meter included in it? (29 May 2005)

  13. Recently, I've lost some weight, have been urinating a lot, and feeling lightheaded after eating big meals or candy. Do you think I have hypoglycemia, diabetes, or something else? (29 May 2005)

  14. In your professional opinion, how long does a clinical trial take before a procedure or drug is ready for use? (29 May 2005)

  15. My son has ketotic hypoglycemia and takes levocarnitine. Is this standard practice? He still has symptoms. Should I get a second opinion? (29 May 2005)

  16. Is there cause for concern when a 5 year old non-diabetic has ketones in her urine several times over the course of six weeks? In March, her urine showed large ketones, no sugar. (29 May 2005)

  17. My daughter disconnects her pump on weekends and takes Lantus in the evenings. She is often low on Monday mornings. Is some of the Lantus still in her system? (29 May 2005)

  18. How do I know how much insulin to give my daughter? She is still in her honeymoon, but requires NovoLog sometimes. I am confused about the doctor's explanation. (28 May 2005)

  19. Does an A1c over 9.0 for a sustained period of time increase the risk for sudden cardiac death in a person with type 1 who is very non-compliant? (28 May 2005)

  20. Last week, my eight year old son had a stomach flu. Since then, I have had to reduce his insulin drastically because of low blood sugars. The doctor said he might be producing insulin again. Is this possible six years after diagnosis? (28 May 2005)

  21. For someone who is allergic to Humulin/Humalog, what other options are there, since Lilly no longer makes pork insulin? Why do some people have high blood sugars on Lantus/Humalog than animal insulins? (28 May 2005)

  22. I recently had a microalbumin test with abnormal results. Was it related to the exercise I did prior to the test? What can I do to prevent any kidney damage? (28 May 2005)

  23. With metformin and Glyburide, I am having roller coaster blood sugars. Do I need insulin? How do doctors determine when insulin is needed? (28 May 2005)

  24. Since switching from pills to insulin, I have gained weight, mostly in my stomach. Is this from doing my injections in my stomach? Or, do I need to adjust my insulin and exercise? (28 May 2005)

  25. Should I retake my shot if blood comes out after the injection? (27 May 2005)

  26. What can you tell me about Detemir? When will it be available in the U.S.? Is it taken as one dose or two? What do you think of Detemir? (27 May 2005)

  27. Two years after my diagnosis with type 1, I require only eight units of insulin daily and always have an A1c of 5%. How accurate are A1cs? Why are my antibodies negative? Could I have idiopathic diabetes? (26 May 2005)

  28. I have a massive lump of fatty-like tissue on my upper legs from not rotating injection sites. How can I get rid of this damaged tissue? (25 May 2005)

  29. My granddaughter has recently had low blood sugars. She does not have diabetes at this time. Are the lows a precursor to diabetes? (24 May 2005)

  30. I am in my honeymoon so I have been reducing my insulin. I am not taking any at this time, but I still have lows. Is my body overcompensating? (24 May 2005)

  31. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 last weekend with an elevated blood sugar at the pediatrician's office. She has not been put on insulin, but has low, normal and some high blood sugars. Could she have something else? Is her body fighting off the disease? (24 May 2005)

  32. In January 2005, my teen daughter was diagnosed with insulin resistance and put on Glucophage XR, diet and exercise. Her fasting insulin level tripled in three months. Why would this have happened? (23 May 2005)

  33. I am a high school junior and I have had diabetes for 12 years. Is there any way I can join the U.S. military? I would like to serve in the medical branch of the Air Force or the Army. (23 May 2005)

  34. Both of my grandsons have been diagnosed with diabetes, one with type 1 and one with type 2. Could there possibly be a link between their "mental health" medications and the diabetes? (23 May 2005)

  35. Last night, my three year old was 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] and had a convulsion without losing consciousness. This has happened two other times. Are convulsions common for people with low blood sugars? (23 May 2005)

  36. My son has gained weight since starting on clozopine two years ago. He is exercising and losing weight. What kind of diabetes testing should he have? Is he at risk for diabetes as a result of the medication or the weight gain? (23 May 2005)

  37. My nephew, who is going through puberty, is having occasional high blood sugars, frequent urination, and thirst. Is he developing type 1? Should we consult an endocrinologist? (23 May 2005)

  38. Could my son still be in his honeymoon after three years? He has been taking the same amount of fast-acting insulin since diagnosis. (23 May 2005)

  39. Twice a year, my son's tests include an injection of glucagon into his arm. Why is done? Is this a standard test? With A1cs less than 6.0, is my son still producing insulin? (23 May 2005)

  40. Since a recent flu and cold, my daughter has been experiencing low blood sugars even after we have reduced her insulin. What could be going on? (23 May 2005)

  41. My son has been vomiting at school when not immediately given water to drink. The school nurse suspected diabetes. He will soon have blood work done. Should it be fasting? If it's negative, what other tests should he have? (23 May 2005)

  42. I was diagnosed with type 1 two and a half years ago. I take less than 10 units of insulin daily. Is this a proglonged honeymoon? Could I skip my Lantus? Did my bulimia cause my diabetes? (22 May 2005)

  43. My 14 year old daughter has developed an allergy to the tape that holds the infusion set she uses. Are there any other options, such as "PVC-free" canulas? (21 May 2005)

  44. Do you know an organization helping find a cure for diabetes without the destruction of embryos? I am looking for one that can benefit from financial support. (21 May 2005)

  45. What are the risks to a child who is found low during the night? For a sleeping child, is there a point at which the child's brain may be affected? (21 May 2005)

  46. My fasting blood sugars are somewhat elevated. I had my gallbladder removed 20 years ago. So, is this from the bile running through my system all night? (20 May 2005)

  47. My 18 year old son is moving back to my home. His previous physicians have retired. How do I go about assembling a diabetes team for a young adult? (20 May 2005)

  48. I've been at a mood disorder clinic for three weeks and having good control of my blood sugars. Tonight, my mood changed dramatically after supper, before my insulin. Could my mood change have been caused by my blood sugar? (20 May 2005)

  49. Using the standard 1800 rule is not possible for my infant son. Is there another way to come up with a realistic ISF? (20 May 2005)

  50. Should the parent(s) of a child with diabetes train someone to care for their child's diabetes in case of parental absence? (18 May 2005)

  51. Some nights, we have to treat our young son's lows with juice every two hours throughout the night. The doctor suspects an absorption problem. Are there certain juices that are absorbed more easily? (18 May 2005)

  52. My four year old son's fingernail is covered with ridges and indentions. Is this a sign of diabetes? (18 May 2005)

  53. What kind of support is available for children with diabetes and their families in the United Kingdom? (18 May 2005)

  54. For high blood sugars, should my daughter get a shot of short-acting and long-acting insulin or just the long-acting insulin, then checked in an hour? (18 May 2005)

  55. Based on my recent low insulin and C-peptide levels, does it seem I am heading towards a diagnosis of diabetes? Do you have any general comment on proactive, low-level insulin therapy for pre-diabetics in an effort to extend beta cell function? (17 May 2005)

  56. For the past six weeks, my blood sugars have been very high. I take Regular and NPH, six shots a day. I feel very thirsty, nauseous, and tired. Is it okay to wait six more weeks to see an endocrinologist? (17 May 2005)

  57. Could environmental allergies make it necessary to increase one's insulin to avoid high blood sugars? (15 May 2005)

  58. What is the current thinking on using Lantus during pregnancy? I am not having good control using Lente. (15 May 2005)

  59. During my 14 year's old menstrual periods, she is having clotted blood. Does her diabetes have anything to do with this clotting? (15 May 2005)

  60. Is it normal to regularly have glucose spilling over into my urine, as high as 2000 mg/dL, when my blood sugar indicates I'm in the normal range? (14 May 2005)

  61. I have type 2. Before I exercise, my blood sugars are normal or slightly higher. Afterwards, they are elevated. Why is this? What can I do? Is it safe to continue to train for marathons? (14 May 2005)

  62. Two brothers were recently diagnosed with type 1. They take their insulin for lunch, but don't always eat. The younger boy eats glucose tablets even when he's not low. What is their school's responsibility in this whole situation? What suggestions do you have? (14 May 2005)

  63. For several years, I have had several symptoms of diabetes. A doctor once said I had low blood sugars. Could a fasting test show I have diabetes? Would it be type 1? (14 May 2005)

  64. Because of dizziness and nausea after meals, I have checked my blood sugars and they have been somewhat elevated. Blood work was normal. Why do I still have these symptoms? Is this an early warning sign for diabetes? (14 May 2005)

  65. From June to September 2004, our daughter was on insulin, but we stopped it when she had hypoglycemia. Recently, she has need some fast acting insulin. Is she in her honeymoon? What signifies the end of the honeymoon? How can we determine if she has type 1A, 1B or MODY? (14 May 2005)

  66. Does 101 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] as a fasting blood sugar indicate diabetes, knowing that the post-prandial reading is always in the range of 135 to 160 [7.5 to 8.9 mmol/L]? (14 May 2005)

  67. My sister has just come home from the hospital with an open sore that won't heal. Her blood sugar was quite high. What can happen to a person who has a blood sugar level over 400 mg/dl [22.2 mmol/L]? (14 May 2005)

  68. My husband has had type 1 for about 25 years. Last weekend, he was low for 72 hours, even with his pump disconnected. Does this fall into the category of counter regulatory responses? Is this part of a "normal" sequence or decline that is seen with long term diabetes? (14 May 2005)

  69. Because of my family history and fatigue, I had a two hour oral glucose tolerance test. Based on my results, am I diabetic or pre-diabetic? Should I watch my diet anyway? (14 May 2005)

  70. After one month with type 1, my son has low blood sugars in the early morning after his bedtime shot of Insulatard. Could he have type 2? How long will he be in "remission?" (14 May 2005)

  71. Since I had gestational diabetes with my first three children, I was tested early in my current pregnancy. Do I have gestational diabetes? Should I be re-tested later? Should I test at home anyway since I have a meter? (14 May 2005)

  72. Since going on a pump six months ago, my son has had many episodes of high blood sugars/mild DKA. He also doesn't like testing his blood sugar at school. What can you suggest? (13 May 2005)

  73. How important is it that my grandson, who has type 1 and celiac disease, get well balanced meals? (13 May 2005)

  74. My sister-in-law takes Lantus and Humalog. If she has a normal blood sugar and doesn't eat breakfast, should she still take Humalog in the morning? (13 May 2005)

  75. My son was diagnosed a month ago. Since he is often low following dinner and exercise, is it okay to skip his dinner Humalog? His doctor says to skip it on baseball nights. (13 May 2005)

  76. When my toddler had an asthma attack, he also had an elevated blood sugar. Could the attack have cause the elevation? Or, could the elevated level have caused the asthma attack? (13 May 2005)

  77. If I understand correctly, metformin makes the type 2 diabetic more sensitive to the insulin they produce. So, why isn't it given to people with type 1? (13 May 2005)

  78. Although she has no excessive thirst or urination, my daughter has lost weight. No obvious causes were found. Could she still have diabetes even though it is not showing up on a test? (13 May 2005)

  79. I am having symptoms of diabetes, such as increased hunger, thirst, and urination. Should I go to a doctor? (13 May 2005)

  80. My three year old was diagnosed in October 2004. How do I get others involved in her care? Is she hitting me because I am currently the only person doing her diabetes care? (13 May 2005)

  81. I was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 48. Isn't it unusual for someone my age to be diagnosed with type 1? Can one person have worse diabetes than another? (13 May 2005)

  82. Do you have any information on severe hypoglycemia unawareness? Could it be caused by Humalog or the length of time I've had diabetes? (11 May 2005)

  83. Can the inhaled insulin, Exubera, be used by children under 6? (11 May 2005)

  84. My granddaughter recently had a low insulin level then had a normal glucose tolerance test. What does this mean? Should we be concerned? (11 May 2005)

  85. My youngest daughter has tested as high risk for developing diabetes. What are the normal values for a non-diabetic? Should I be concerned about my daughter's recent readings? (11 May 2005)

  86. Do you have any guidance or advice on handling the emotional/social side of this disease? My four year old is starting to ask questions about her diabetes. (11 May 2005)

  87. With the recent success of a live donor transplant, and encapsulating the islets to prevent immunosupression drugs, when do you realistically view this being available to my child? I would like to be a donor. (11 May 2005)

  88. My son is vomiting with high blood sugars and ketones. I don't have insurance and can't take him to the clinic because I don't have the money. What can I do? (10 May 2005)

  89. My daughter has dark spots that have spread from her ankles. A podiatrist thinks it is diabetes. Could it be diabetes or cancer? (7 May 2005)

  90. If I'm concerned that my 10 year old son is anemic, do I have him tested by his diabetes doctor or his primary care physician? (7 May 2005)

  91. Is it safe for my nine year old daughter to use a sauna? We are installing one in our home. (7 May 2005)

  92. My 22 month old son was diagnosed with type 1 six weeks ago. We discontinued Lantus due to nighttime lows, which he continues to have. How can this be? At what point is my son "dangerously" low? (7 May 2005)

  93. Can you tell me if it's possible for type 2 diabetics, insulin dependent, to find success using an insulin pump? (6 May 2005)

  94. I am 23. When I feel hungry, I get the shakes and have headaches. Should I see a doctor? (2 May 2005)

  95. My young son has had diabetes for about four years and has no pancreatic function. What are the chances his pancreas will die off and cause an infection or complicate his health? (2 May 2005)

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