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  1. Does type 1 diabetes make one more intolerant to cold? (30 Jun 2005)

  2. My son's diabetes team is suggesting that we begin considering a new pump for him. Is there a comparison of pumps/pump problems available? (30 Jun 2005)

  3. At 15, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Recently, I have been experiencing hyperglycemia and had a higher than usual A1c. What could this mean? (30 Jun 2005)

  4. What laboratory tests distinguish type 1 diabetes, type 1.5 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes? (30 Jun 2005)

  5. My husband and I plan to travel to China to adopt a child. We are unsure about traveling with our four year old who has type 1. What are your thoughts? (30 Jun 2005)

  6. I have gastroparesis, which causes me to vomit one or two hours after meals. Although I inject Humalog after eating, I still have lows from the vomiting. Should I consider a sliding scale for my insulin? (29 Jun 2005)

  7. I've had diabetes for 32 years, mild kidney disease, with the same creatinine level, for six years. Will I remain at this low level? Or, will my kidney disease worsen, even if I maintain good control of my diabetes. (29 Jun 2005)

  8. I want to run a 50 mile marathon. I have been having trouble with dehydration and nausea while training. A doctor said that diabetics cannot stay ahead of the dehydration. What can I do about this? (29 Jun 2005)

  9. In September 2004, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Recently, since a case of thrush, I have had more highs, but still some lows. What do I need to do? (29 Jun 2005)

  10. Now 33, I have had type 1 for 23 years. I also have PCOS. For three years, I have been gaining weight I can't lose. I walk five times a week and eat ony 1200 calories daily. What else can I do? (29 Jun 2005)

  11. Does the end of the honeymoon have a rapid or gradual increase in insulin? With stubborn highs, should we still wait three days before making adjustments? (29 Jun 2005)

  12. Can a person with type 1 diabetes take amino acids to aid in weight loss? (29 Jun 2005)

  13. I am a type 1 diabetic with celiac disease and hypothyroidism. I believe that I can get better control with a pump. How can I convince my anti-pump doctor of this? (29 Jun 2005)

  14. My six year old has had frequent hypoglycemic episodes. Recently, when hospitalized, he had ketones and reducing substances. Are these a sign of diabetes? (29 Jun 2005)

  15. Recently, my three year old has had "accidents" in her underwear. She had a slightly elevated blood sugar at the ER. Should I be worried? (29 Jun 2005)

  16. At birth, my son's blood sugar was low. Was his diabetes caused by this or the medication I took while pregnant? When do I need to worry about complications? (29 Jun 2005)

  17. I was diagnosed with diabetes just before my daughter's birth. Should I be concerned about her most recent blood sugar and A1c? (29 Jun 2005)

  18. My daughter's endocrinologist has recommended yearly eye exams. Should I pursue finding a pediatric ophthalmologist who uses fundus photography and non-dilated exams? (29 Jun 2005)

  19. My son has type 1. Should I restrict his carbohydrates? How concerned should I be if he doesn't always have vegetables? (29 Jun 2005)

  20. I suspect I have hypoglycemia. If I am diagnosed with it, will it still be okay for me to have children? (29 Jun 2005)

  21. Is there any reason to be concerned about my daughter's recent test results? She doesn't see her endocrinologist until September. (29 Jun 2005)

  22. My nine year old daughter weighs over 150 pounds. Since her dad has diabetes and heart problems, do I need to be concerned about her getting diabetes? Should I be concerned about her weight? (28 Jun 2005)

  23. What doctors are currently studying implantable pumps? What is the status of the trials conducted by a French doctor? (28 Jun 2005)

  24. My husband, who has diabetes, was diagnosed with dumping syndrome. Was it caused by his diabetes? Will his blood sugars be harder to control? (28 Jun 2005)

  25. I am at risk for diabetes. Should I drink diet soda or regular soda? (26 Jun 2005)

  26. My daughter was just diagnosed. She had no tests run; was she diagnosed "too soon?" Should I give her insulin as the home health agency person has instructed? What is the three-month test my daughter needs? (26 Jun 2005)

  27. The 24 hour urine test I had indicated a high level of microalbumin so I was put on an ACE inhibitor. What do my results mean? Are there other measures I should be taking to protect my kidneys? (26 Jun 2005)

  28. At age 37, I was diagnosed with type 1. Now, my new endocrinologist says I have type 2 based on antibody testing. How do I know which type I have? (26 Jun 2005)

  29. I had my blood sugar tested because I was having trouble focusing and concentrating after meals. My fasting blood sugar was normal. Does this rule out type 1? Should I get a glucometer to keep track of my blood sugars? (26 Jun 2005)

  30. Although my son has elevated blood sugars, he is considered to have glucose intolerance, not diabetes, since his fasting blood sugars are normal. Is there anything to do about the blood sugar swings he is having? (26 Jun 2005)

  31. Is it possible that my daughter's diabetes was somehow caused by her anemia and Graves disease? Is there a connection between too much iron and diabetes? (26 Jun 2005)

  32. I take metformin and NovoMix for my type 2 diabetes. I often have a normal blood sugar around 5 a.m., but it is higher two hours later, without food. Why does this happen? (25 Jun 2005)

  33. According to the laboratory's range, my daughter's albumin/creatinine ratio was somewhat elevated. Should we be concerned? What should we do about her elevated cholesterol? (25 Jun 2005)

  34. My daughter has had insulin edema since about a month after her diagnosis with type 1. She takes Aldactone, but still seems full of fluid. Is it normal for insulin edema to last so long? Does she need antibody testing? (25 Jun 2005)

  35. At the Emergency Room, my sister had a high blood sugar. Was it caused by her poor eating habit? (25 Jun 2005)

  36. My mom, who has had diabetes for 38 years, has hypglycemia unawareness. What should she do? She does not want to use a pump. When my dad travels, should I have someone check on my mom? How often? (25 Jun 2005)

  37. I am a single father trying to find a child care provider that will help me with me my son who is 6 years old. Do you know of any nurse's referal or other programs that will help me to solve this problem? (24 Jun 2005)

  38. Our doctor recommended a dinner time mix of Humalog and Lantus. I am confused, because I read that Lantus cannot be mixed. (24 Jun 2005)

  39. My 10-year-old daughter recently went to the doctor. Today, the office called me and asked me to bring her back in for some fasting bloodwork because her cholesterol was 230. Why did they ask me about diabetes based upon a high cholesterol reading? (21 Jun 2005)

  40. I am concerned about a two-year-old boy in daycare, who wets extremely with an overflowing diaper, and whose blood sugar ranges from 77 up to over 450. (21 Jun 2005)

  41. If my children follow a healthy diet and are physically active, will it delay or prevent the onset of diabetes, if they are genetically predisposed? Should they be tested preventatively even if asymptomatic? (16 Jun 2005)

  42. My 18 month old has had some elevated blood sugars, but a normal A1c. She was adopted from Russia and we know little about her parents. Is there any other reason for high glucose levels, other than diabetes? Could she have type 2? (16 Jun 2005)

  43. My teen daughter had some of the symptoms of diabetes. Her C-peptide and insulin levels were elevated when she had a GTT. What does this mean? (16 Jun 2005)

  44. Is it okay for my son to take a second injection of fast-acting insulin for additional food while he still has insulin on board from a previous injection? Since he takes bedtime Lantus, does he really need the bedtime snack the doctor recommends? (16 Jun 2005)

  45. When younger, I had anorexia nervosa. Now, I have type 2. Is there a connection between these two? (16 Jun 2005)

  46. Are the symptoms of type 1 diabetes continuous? Are they affected by menstruation? What is polyuria? What volume of urine constitutes polyuria? (16 Jun 2005)

  47. My endocrinologist has switched me from Toronto to NovoRapid. Is this insulin safe before and during pregnancy? Will it cause birth defects? (16 Jun 2005)

  48. Can surgery cause diabetes? My son didn't exhibit symptoms of diabetes until three weeks after a tonsillectomy. (16 Jun 2005)

  49. Can you help me understand why my son is having some higher blood sugars? Is he coming out of his honeymoon? (15 Jun 2005)

  50. Can you recommend books or articles about the effects of normal growth and development on children with type 1 diabetes? (15 Jun 2005)

  51. Can seasonal allergies, specifically those caused by tree pollen, raise blood sugar? (15 Jun 2005)

  52. How can I get over my fear of injections? (15 Jun 2005)

  53. Due to a pump site malfunction, my daughter's blood sugar was high during the night. She is breast feeding her child. Will the milk be affected to where it would harm the baby? (15 Jun 2005)

  54. Are there any neurological diseases that cause type 2? Other than overeating, what causes stubborn high blood sugars? Is nausea a common side effect of oral medications? (14 Jun 2005)

  55. With blood sugars of 144 mg/dl [8.0 mmol/L] fasting and 139 mg/dl [7.7 mmol/L] postprandial, do I have diabetes? How do I manage it? (14 Jun 2005)

  56. Will I have problems traveling to and from Japan with my insulin pump and other diabetes supplies? (14 Jun 2005)

  57. I have a newly diagnosed six year old patient. Are there any studies that might prolong her honeymoon phase? (14 Jun 2005)

  58. Has anyone considered the possibility of passing on the antibodies that destroy the insulin-producing cells to others through blood transfusions? I was diagnosed with type 1 after receiving blood. Might my child born afterwards be at risk for developing type 1? (13 Jun 2005)

  59. Since I had low C-Peptide and insulin levels, I was diagnosed with type 1, but I was GAD antibody negative. With a strong genetic factor, could I have MODY? (13 Jun 2005)

  60. After a November 2003 diagnosis of pre-diabetes, I cut out simple sugars and exercised more. In May 2005, my A1c was higher as was my fasting blood sugar. What can I do to keep from developing diabetes? (13 Jun 2005)

  61. For cerebral palsy, my child is to have a Botox treatment. Will it affect his/her blood sugars. If so, how, and for how long? (13 Jun 2005)

  62. How many children have been diagnosed with type 1 after their 18 month vaccinations? How many toddlers have diabetes? (13 Jun 2005)

  63. Can you help me understand my son's antibody test results? I want to know if they mean he will develop type 1. (13 Jun 2005)

  64. What causes hyperglycemic seizures? (13 Jun 2005)

  65. My son's doctor is not familiar with The Un-Tethered Regimen. Has this been used widely? Are there any drawbacks or dangers? I am not too familiar with Lantus. (13 Jun 2005)

  66. After a high blood sugar, my daughter was put on a "diabetic" diet. One test said her pancreas produces no insulin. Does she have diabetes or something else? Should I cancel our planned cross country trip? (13 Jun 2005)

  67. When counting carbohydrates, why can't you subtract fiber if it is less than 5 grams? Does carbonation cause fat retention and weight gain? (13 Jun 2005)

  68. My son was diagnosed with type 1 after a steroid treatment. His A1c was 7.6. Does he really have diabetes? (10 Jun 2005)

  69. I became pregnant while taking Solosa. Are there any side effects that might affect my baby? (10 Jun 2005)

  70. How low does one's blood sugar need to go to cause one to pass out, have convulsions, or go into a coma? (9 Jun 2005)

  71. I recently had a patient who was a seven month old infant in DKA, severely dehydrated, and with hyperglycemia. How common is it for infants to have type 1 diabetes? How is it managed? (9 Jun 2005)

  72. Recently, my three year old has been urinating and drinking a lot. His fasting blood sugars are normal or somewhat elevated. Are these elevated blood sugars normal? He tested negative for antibodies. (8 Jun 2005)

  73. My son seems to take much more long-acting insulin than others with his age and size with diabetes. Will his insulin requirements increase as he ages? Will he become insulin resistant? (8 Jun 2005)

  74. My daughter, who has type 1, has constant yeast infections as well as frequent migraines and urinary tract infections. What should I do? Her blood sugars are usually 120 to 200 mg/dl [6.7 to 11.1 mmol/L]. (8 Jun 2005)

  75. Although my recently diagnosed daughter is eating well, including the proper amount of carbohydrates, her blood sugars are going up; why is this? (8 Jun 2005)

  76. My brother has type 1. We have test strips and a meter to use only when he is sick. His doctor knows only Lente insulin, which my brother takes. His blood sugars, when checked, are very high. How can we help him? Is there a better insulin for him? (8 Jun 2005)

  77. I was told that chromium vanadium will lower my blood sugar. How long does it work? (8 Jun 2005)

  78. Do diabetes and blood sugar levels have an influence on mood swings? (8 Jun 2005)

  79. Some days, I urinate frequently after drinking green tea. I have no other symptoms. Do I have diabetes? Could the tea cause frequent urination? (8 Jun 2005)

  80. Two months ago, my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 and mononucleosis. She uses very little insulin. Is she in her honeymoon or has the mononucleosis caused pancreatitis from which she will recover? (7 Jun 2005)

  81. While the pediatrician thinks my son has type 1, her educator suspects he has MODY. Is there a test for this? What do you think? (7 Jun 2005)

  82. My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 at age five. She takes low doses of insulin and has never had tests, not even an A1c. Could she have type 2? (7 Jun 2005)

  83. We are switching our daughter from NPH to Lantus. Can you tell us about your experience with nine year olds on Lantus? We are a bit nervous. (7 Jun 2005)

  84. I was diagnosed with type 2 after a bout with pneumonia. Then, I had a positive GAD antibody test. Should I be on insulin to preserve beta cell function? Do I have adult onset type 1? (7 Jun 2005)

  85. My almost 89 year old father has been having elevated blood sugars. He isn't eating much and his mental faculties are dulled. Is this from the high sugars? (6 Jun 2005)

  86. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2001, but the diabetes never went away. I was told I had type 2. Could I have late onset type 1? What are the chances of one of my sons developing type 1? (6 Jun 2005)

  87. I have both type 1 diabetes and Stein-Leventhal (PCOS). What are the chances I will have insulin resistance as well? (6 Jun 2005)

  88. I have had type 2 for about two years and am taking Amaryl since I had gastric problems with Glucophage. My blood sugars are not completely in control. Are there any other medications or is insulin the next step? (6 Jun 2005)

  89. I was initially told I was a possible match to donate bone marrow. However, they told me I could not do so because of my type 1 diabetes, that it would put me at risk. Why is this? (6 Jun 2005)

  90. My daughter had symptoms of diabetes, including an elevated blood sugar. Her OGTT and other tests were normal. She is no longer symptomatic. What could have caused this increase in blood sugar? (5 Jun 2005)

  91. I eat of lot of sugary foods and often feel faint if I reduce the amount of sugar I eat. Sometimes I urinate a lot, too. Should I be tested for diabetes? (5 Jun 2005)

  92. I am an American living in West Africa. Where might I be able to get Lantus in Nigeria? I may run out before I return to the U.S. (4 Jun 2005)

  93. In the past two weeks, my husband has had erratic blood sugars, including two bad lows. What can cause this? Can you lose the ability to feel lows? (1 Jun 2005)

  94. I'm 18 and moving from Israel to Chicago in three months. How can I find a doctor? Is there a university hospital with a diabetes clinic? (1 Jun 2005)

  95. Should there be sugar in my son's urine if he has diabetes? Or, should I request blood tests? (1 Jun 2005)

  96. I was diagnosed with type 1 after being overweight and treated with Ziak for hypertension. What role did this medication have in causing my symptoms? I have stopped taking insulin and still have mostly normal blood sugars. Do I really have type 1? (1 Jun 2005)

  97. At age 16, my son was diagnosed with type 1. His blood sugars vary; he has hip, stomach and chest pain; he continues to lose weight and be lethargic. Could he have another autoimmune disease and not diabetes? (1 Jun 2005)

  98. My young son's doctor thinks my son is still in his honeymoon, after two and a half years, because of the low amount of insulin he takes. Could he have another "genetic" form of diabetes? (1 Jun 2005)

  99. My teen daughter has type 1 and OCD. When her diabetes is in control, her OCD isn't. What should we do? Should I send her to a psychiatric ward for 7-14 days, as has been suggested? (1 Jun 2005)

  100. I was recently diagnosed with retinopathy and told to visit the ophthalmologist again in six months. What kind of retinopathy is it? Can I prevent further damage if I lower my blood sugars? Do I need to alter my current exercise regimen? (1 Jun 2005)

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