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  1. As the parent of a newly diagnosed toddler, do I need to feed my daughter based on the Food Guide Pyramid? She seems to have high blood sugars if I give her six grains. (30 Oct 2005)

  2. About three years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2. I was obese and a heavy drinker. I lost weight and am sober. My blood sugars are now fine. Do I still have diabetes or not? (30 Oct 2005)

  3. I am newly diagnosed with type 2. My nurse practitioner now wants me to undergo blood work for Hepatitis A, B, and C, and an ultrasound. Are these normal procedures? (30 Oct 2005)

  4. My blood sugars are currently out of control. Since I am overweight, would losing 70 pounds get my blood sugars under control? (30 Oct 2005)

  5. How long will it take for insulin to react and lower one's blood sugar level after a spike in blood sugar levels? (29 Oct 2005)

  6. When is the best time to put a child on a pump? Should I wait until my daughter is out of her honeymoon? (29 Oct 2005)

  7. My daughter's GAD and IAA test results from the TrialNet study were above normal. Does this increase her risk of developing diabetes? (29 Oct 2005)

  8. Despite a kidney/pancreas transplant, I have complications. Are there any new treatments for my eye damage? Am I doing the right thing with respect to my other complications? (29 Oct 2005)

  9. Since I am symptomatic for diabetes and am obese, I had my fasting blood sugar checked. It was 121 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. How likely am I to be diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes? (28 Oct 2005)

  10. My teen son is skipping insulin and not testing his blood sugar. He walked out when I took him to therapy. The therapist has suggested that we take him to a mental facility, but this seems too extreme. What do you recommend? (28 Oct 2005)

  11. My daughter is taking Avandia for hypoglycemia. She has missed two periods. Is a weight loss disorder causing the missed periods? (28 Oct 2005)

  12. What are the risks associated with SCUBA diving for someone taking insulin? (26 Oct 2005)

  13. My young daughter was diagnosed with hypoglycemia a year ago. The doctor suspected hyperinsulinemia, but he wants a second opinion. Is this possibly pre-diabetes? (26 Oct 2005)

  14. Just after starting on 30/70 insulin, I developed a rash on my right leg that has since spread to other parts of my body. Is it possible I am allergic to the insulin? My dermatologist says I have dermatitis. (26 Oct 2005)

  15. Recently, I had two test results I do not understand, for "Appearance S" and "Creatine Kinase." What are these tests? Should I be concerned? (26 Oct 2005)

  16. My infant son has been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. Will he always have this or just in childhood? Is diet the only treatment? We are worried about his low blood sugars. (25 Oct 2005)

  17. My daughter's school wants to drop my daughter's 504 plan. What can I do about this? (25 Oct 2005)

  18. My daughter's teacher won't let her go to the bathroom when it's necessary. Some teachers send her to the nurse alone. Where can I find information about my daughter's rights? (25 Oct 2005)

  19. Although I have good control on NovoLog and Lantus, I want to get an insulin pump. My mom says no because I already have good control. What is your opinion? (25 Oct 2005)

  20. I have type 1 and am 28 weeks pregnant. I have high blood pressure, sciatica, too much amniotic fluid, among other symptoms. As a waitress, I am always on my feet and lifting heavy trays. My doctor doesn't seem concerned. Should I get another opinion? (25 Oct 2005)

  21. I am newly diagnosed. My school says I have to do my diabetes care in the office. Am I allowed to do it somewhere else? (25 Oct 2005)

  22. Does a school nurse in the state of Texas have the right to contact a student's physician without parental consent to obtain medical information? (25 Oct 2005)

  23. Since I have type 1, I often check my children's blood sugars. My 13 year old recently had a slightly elevated blood sugar. His only symptom is unexplained weight loss. Should I be concerned that he may be developing diabetes? (24 Oct 2005)

  24. My young daughter has a linea nigra. Is this related to diabetes, insulin resistance or a sex hormone imbalance due to drugs or disease? (24 Oct 2005)

  25. Where can my husband find French-language books about type 1 diabetes? (24 Oct 2005)

  26. Can type 2 diabetes itself or one of the medications my husband is taking cause infertility issues? (24 Oct 2005)

  27. What is the most reliable test for detecting early kidney damage? (22 Oct 2005)

  28. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Is this a type of diabetes? Can it lead to diabetes? (22 Oct 2005)

  29. Lately, I have had breath that smells like rotten eggs and diarrhea. Why is this happening? (22 Oct 2005)

  30. After 27 years with diabetes, I had three days of perfect blood sugars, even though I had done nothing differently. Why is this? Can a pancreas start working again? (22 Oct 2005)

  31. When she was on a more controlled diet plan where she had a total carbohydrate count goal for each meal and snack, my daughter had better control. How can we get her under better control now? (22 Oct 2005)

  32. My mother takes oral medications for type 2, but her doctor has suggested she start insulin. Her fasting blood sugars are 200 to 230 mg/dl [11.1 to 12.8 mmol/L]. Is this necessary? Are there other options? (22 Oct 2005)

  33. Does type 1 diabetes, the medicine, or a combination of both cause sexual dysfunction in women? (22 Oct 2005)

  34. Why does my fasting blood sugar increase one to two hours after awakening? I have seen it increase even if I have not eaten. (19 Oct 2005)

  35. I have been taking Synthroid for several years. Recently, I have what I think is impaired glucose tolerance. Are my thyroid problems causing high blood sugars? How can I slow my progression to diabetes? (19 Oct 2005)

  36. Can an A1c drop from about 10.8 to 7.7 within two weeks? (19 Oct 2005)

  37. As a child gets older, do the chances of having to use glucagon decrease? Is an adult less likely to need to use glucagon than a child? (19 Oct 2005)

  38. Could unexpected highs in a 15 year old female be due to hormonal shifts of adolescents? They are not related to menses. (19 Oct 2005)

  39. Since I am pregnant, I took a test for diabetes. My blood sugars were checked on my own meter and by a laboratory using venipuncture. The meter readings were much higher than the laboratory readings.Is there that much difference in a glucometer reading and a venipuncture laboratory reading? (18 Oct 2005)

  40. Two months ago, my 12 year old starting self-injecting with a pen. Now, he is "freaked out" and needs help. Do you have any suggestions? Should we force him to do it? (18 Oct 2005)

  41. Can you use insulin pens and/or insulin pumps in children under 10 years old? Can they be used by a four year old? (18 Oct 2005)

  42. My daughter was diagnosed seven weeks ago. What would happen to her blood sugars if she were to inject and eat after her 30 minute morning training run? She's been having trouble eating first, then running on hills. (18 Oct 2005)

  43. My daughter has low blood sugars at the same time every day, then highs during the night. Without corrections, her blood sugar is in range in the morning. And, she can be in range during the day without any insulin, while high at night. How do you explain this? (18 Oct 2005)

  44. My friend in Romania is looking for the best care options for her young son. What glucose meter and needle-free insulin injection devices do you recommend? (17 Oct 2005)

  45. How long does it take for simple sugars, like sucrose, to reach the blood stream and affect the person? What would be deemed a high blood sugar level? (17 Oct 2005)

  46. My son had 15 hypoglycemic reactions from June through September. His endocrinologist recommends that we reduce his slow-acting insulin by a half unit, since lows may affect brain development. What is your opinion? (17 Oct 2005)

  47. When my son was diagnosed with diabetes, I was told it would take a few weeks to get it under control. It's been four months and he has many ups and downs. Am I doing something wrong? How can I achieve better control? (17 Oct 2005)

  48. My daughter has been complaining of breathing problems and stomach pain. She has ketones. Her blood sugar is usually 200 to 400 mg/dl [11.1 to 22.2 mmol/L]. Are these problems normal? (17 Oct 2005)

  49. At a recent physical, my doctor said I could have pre-diabetes. I then failed an FAA physical because I had glucose in my urine. I am not overweight. Could this be something else? (15 Oct 2005)

  50. Do people who are antibody negative have more or less susceptibility to long term complications? How does their control compare to those who are antibody positive? (15 Oct 2005)

  51. I have been experiencing dizziness, headaches, nausea and numbness on the left side of my body only. I am going to be tested for diabetes, which runs in my father's family. I am also overweight. Is diabetes hereditary? (15 Oct 2005)

  52. I get sweats, tingling, dilated eyes, etc. when I eat even small amounts of sugar. An internist said I have reactive hypoglycemia. What does this mean? (15 Oct 2005)

  53. Once damaged, can one's kidneys be repaired? What is a diabetes team? (15 Oct 2005)

  54. I need to develop a weekly menu for a young child with diabetes. What can the child eat and what should be avoided? (15 Oct 2005)

  55. My husband and I are trying to conceive our second child. Are my odds of conceiving lower because my husband has type 1? (15 Oct 2005)

  56. As a paraprofessional in a classroom, how do I work with a child with diabetes? What symptoms do I need to look out for since I have diabetes in my family? (15 Oct 2005)

  57. Is the drug, "sucanon," which is only available in Mexico, a good product for someone with type 2? Can it be bought without a prescription? (15 Oct 2005)

  58. Do kids with diabetes have a "compromised" or a "dysfunctional" immune system? (15 Oct 2005)

  59. I have a rare form of hypoglycemia. When I eat any kind of sugar, my blood sugar remains low. What do I have? What kind of diet should I follow? (14 Oct 2005)

  60. Recently, when my younger son was ill, I noticed his fruity breath so I checked his blood sugar. It was 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L], but the doctor said just to watch for urine glucose. Are elevated blood sugars normal for sick children? Should he have an antibody test? (14 Oct 2005)

  61. Taking only one unit of insulin, my daughter has mostly in range blood sugars. Should we discontinue the Lantus? Is it possible she doesn't have diabetes? (14 Oct 2005)

  62. My son has type 1 and celiac. He recently had a mild stomach ache after taking enalapril for proteinuria. Is enalapril gluten free? I cannot find this information. (13 Oct 2005)

  63. I smoke marijuana daily. How does smoking marijuana affect my diabetes? (13 Oct 2005)

  64. My son's family doctor won't give him a referral to an endocrinologist, claiming he is qualified to care for my son's diabetes. He has prescribed Lotensin for him. What is this drug? (13 Oct 2005)

  65. My doctor has prescribed Byetta injections. What can you tell me about Byetta? (13 Oct 2005)

  66. For eight weeks, I have been following a diet for hypoglycemia, but I'm still having very low blood sugars. One doctor suggested I have nesidioblastosis, probably as a result of my 2002 gastric bypass. Is this possible? Will an endocrinologist be able to help me? (13 Oct 2005)

  67. Our daughter was diagnosed with type 1 in February 2005. We were advised, in a note from the hospital, that she and her family members should get a flu shot. Why? Our daughter is healthy and eats well. (12 Oct 2005)

  68. Is there a way to treat type 1 diabetes without taking shots? (12 Oct 2005)

  69. My 20 year old was diagnosed with diabetes in May 2005. We are not sure what type. She controls it with oral medications, but had a positive GAD-65 test. She also has PCOS. What type does she have? Should she start insulin or wait? Is it safe for her to continue taking the oral medications? (10 Oct 2005)

  70. After starting on Adderall and Wellbutrin, my son, who has type 2, had a very low blood sugar. What should we do? (10 Oct 2005)

  71. I read about hyperglycemia being a cause seizures. Is this a safeguard, an internal mechanism telling the body it's in trouble? Where can I find more information? (10 Oct 2005)

  72. I have no job or health insurance and need insulin. I've had diabetes for 11 years and have neuropathy. What do you suggest? (10 Oct 2005)

  73. If a child qualifies for a free and or reduced lunch in a school district, is the child also able to have their snacks provided for? (10 Oct 2005)

  74. I have had a transient increase in urination, but no other symptoms of diabetes. I do have calcium oxalate in my urine. The laboratory says I do not have diabetes. What do I have? (10 Oct 2005)

  75. My son drinks a lot and is often very hungry. My in-laws are concerned about diabetes. Should I have my son tested? (10 Oct 2005)

  76. My daughter goes through unexplained periods of insulin resistance. We've tried to determine why, but can't. What could we have overlooked? (10 Oct 2005)

  77. I have type 2 and am now overweight. At my age, 61, can I safely lose this weight so I'll feel better, be less tired and hopefully control my diabetes better? (9 Oct 2005)

  78. I've had two OGTT's with slightly elevated two hour blood sugars. I have had intermittent symptoms for over a year and have swings in blood sugars when I eat more calories. I also have ketones. How do I get proper care? (9 Oct 2005)

  79. Is it safe to do a mixed injection of Lantus, NovoLog and NPH? (9 Oct 2005)

  80. Recently, we woke to find our daughter making odd sounds. She was low so we gave her two forms of glucose. Then, with a "normal" blood sugar, she had a grand mal seizure. What could have caused it? (9 Oct 2005)

  81. My daughter's blood sugars spike late in the evening, but come down to her range by morning. What, if any, pump adjustments should we consider? (9 Oct 2005)

  82. My six year old is overweight, but had an elevated insulin level. Could she have type 2 diabetes? (8 Oct 2005)

  83. At her Head Start program, my young daughter has been very low twice. What could happen if she were to go lower than 24 mg/dl [1/3 mmol/L]? Could she stop breathing? (7 Oct 2005)

  84. I had gestational diabetes and low amniotic fluid while pregnant with my daughter. Can this cause speech or developmental delays? (7 Oct 2005)

  85. My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes recently, but she is asymptomatic and has no urine ketones. Her blood sugars are erratic. Could she have MODY? Should she start insulin soon? (7 Oct 2005)

  86. What can I feed my son at night to help prevent low blood sugars at 3 a.m.? I don't like having him go to bed with a high sugar just to avoid the drop. Where are support groups in my area? (5 Oct 2005)

  87. I have increased urination, dehydration, hunger and tingling in my legs. Seven months ago, I had tests that showed no urine abnormalities. Could I have developed diabetes since then? If not, what else could this be? (5 Oct 2005)

  88. To combat hyperglycemia, my endocrinologist has suggested I use Lantus along with the pump. Have you heard of this before? (5 Oct 2005)

  89. Since the FDA has approved the Guardian RT for adults, do you think it will soon be available for children's use? Why is it limited to adults? (5 Oct 2005)

  90. Our three year old has type 1, so his eight year old brother asked to be checked. His blood sugar was somewhat elevated and he tested positive for GAD-65 antibodies. We were told to wait for more symptoms. How can we delay the onset of diabetes? (5 Oct 2005)

  91. I am an assistant manager at a community based residential facility and have a client with type 2 diabetes. Where can I find meal ideas for him? How can I help him with his diabetes? (5 Oct 2005)

  92. Is it legal for the school to penalize my child by giving him/her a different version of a test for one missed due to a diabetes-related absence? (5 Oct 2005)

  93. One of my second grade students has had several major outbursts of rage this year and I'm trying to find out if they are related to his diabetes. Are violent outbursts common with high blood sugars? (5 Oct 2005)

  94. How can friend, who has type 1, gain weight? (4 Oct 2005)

  95. Do you have any information on how blood glucose meters actually work? (4 Oct 2005)

  96. Is DDAVP the best choice for the treatment of bed wetting? My son started wetting his bed four months before his diagnosis with type 1 and has gotten worse since he started on Lantus. (4 Oct 2005)

  97. My teen son's A1c is higher than the averages in his glucose meter say it should be. How can this be happening? (4 Oct 2005)

  98. I have type 2. My A1c has gone up and I want your opinion. Where can I find material to read about diabetes medications and such? (3 Oct 2005)

  99. Can you comment on my son's current insulin dosing, the number of blood tests we are doing, and whether or not he may still be producing insulin? (3 Oct 2005)

  100. If I have type 1 diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and confirmed type II polyglandular autoimmune disease, does this increase my chances of passing my autoimmune genes to the baby I want to have? (2 Oct 2005)

  101. Since my daughter's last two A1cs have been 6.3, should we switch to Lantus/Humalog as the diabetes team has recommended?She does have fluctuations in her blood sugar. Does a Lantus/Humalog combination work better than and NPH/Humalog combination? (2 Oct 2005)

  102. Do you know of anyone using the MiniMed Guardian RT Continuous Glucose Monitoring System? What kind of results have there been? (1 Oct 2005)

  103. I am a triathlete. I went to a doctor because of dizziness, nausea and headaches. He ran blood tests and said I have diabetes. Given my athletic conditioning and carbohydrate loading, is this possible? (1 Oct 2005)

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