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  1. After his diagnosis, I sent my infant's blood to the U.K. to see if he had a certain mutation. He did and no longer needs insulin. How well known is this study? How can we spread the word? (31 Jan 2006)

  2. My son was diagnosed with type 1 about two weeks after a flu shot. Did the shot cause his diabetes? (31 Jan 2006)

  3. My son, who was on insulin two years ago, then taken off, again has symptoms of diabetes with elevated blood sugars. What do you think? (31 Jan 2006)

  4. My teen daughter was diagnosed with type 1 in December 2005. Her friend was just diagnosed with type 1. Both are soccer goalies. Could an injury have caused their diagnoses? (31 Jan 2006)

  5. After 31 years with diabetes, I have been diagnosed with celiac disease. With the dietary change, why am I not losing weight? Can you help me understand more about celiac? (31 Jan 2006)

  6. I think I have hypoglycemia. With two jobs, school, and low blood sugar, I am very stressed. Where can I find government assistance to help me? (31 Jan 2006)

  7. Our friends have been told to let their newly diagnosed three year old choose her meals, then dose insulin accordingly. Can you explain this? (31 Jan 2006)

  8. What causes the negative cognitive effects of diabetes, especially brain atrophy and decreased processing speed? How can we prevent them? (31 Jan 2006)

  9. I've had type 12 for 20 years. Last summer, when I had a hip replacement, my blood sugars remained very high for several days. I was recently diagnosed with retinopathy. Is it related to the post surgery highs or my long-term diabetes? (31 Jan 2006)

  10. Since my diagnosis with type 2 in July 2005, I have lost weight. Should I continue to try to lose weight? Could the burning sensation in my legs be neuropathy? (31 Jan 2006)

  11. At birth, which was four weeks early, my daughter was given sugar. Now 18 months old, she is underweight. Might diabetes be contributing to her lack of weight? (30 Jan 2006)

  12. Four months ago, my 10 year old was diagnosed with diabetes. Two doctors disagree on the type she has, given her excess weight. What do you think? (30 Jan 2006)

  13. Have any studies been done on the relationship between blood glucose and the glycemic index? Is the "a carb is a carb" philosophy changing? (30 Jan 2006)

  14. Because my 19 year old son suffers from depression and anxiety, we want to send him to Cumberland Hospital, but our insurance company is against this. Do you know anyone in a similar situation who was able to get help for their child? (30 Jan 2006)

  15. Eight months after her diagnosis with type 1, my daughter was still producing some insulin. Is this her honeymoon? Might she produce enough insulin when her growth stops? (29 Jan 2006)

  16. When diagnosed a week ago, my teen son had a "normal" C-Peptide level. What does this mean? (29 Jan 2006)

  17. Since my son has type 1 diabetes and my husband has ulcerative colitis, both autoimmune disorders, what are the chances another child of ours would have an autoimmune disorder? (29 Jan 2006)

  18. What are the normal blood sugars for a child? Can the consumption of sugary foods cause diabetes? (29 Jan 2006)

  19. Although my son handled his diagnosis well for three months, he now is an emotional wreck, worrying about silly things. What should I do? (29 Jan 2006)

  20. Both of my children have type 1. There is no family history of the disease. Why do they have it? Will we ever understand how type 1 develops? (29 Jan 2006)

  21. My son, after nine months with type 1, still has many blood sugar swings. In December, he had a seizure. To prevent another one, what should we do? Should we consider a pump? He now takes Lantus in the morning with Humalog for meals. (28 Jan 2006)

  22. My teen son was diagnosed with type 1 in late December 2005. Why did the symptoms of the disease not show up sooner in his life? (28 Jan 2006)

  23. What does it mean when my daughter's blood sugar is normal, but her insulin level is low? She was antibody negative, but has thirst and frequent urination. (28 Jan 2006)

  24. I think my daughter has hypoglycemia. What can I do? Would "azole" drugs help? (28 Jan 2006)

  25. My daughter had a partial pancreatectomy for nesidioblastosis, then petit mal seizures for many years. She was treated with diazoxide, but "recovered" after a grand mal seizure at the age of 12. What's her prognosis? Could my son's children develop nesidioblastosis? (28 Jan 2006)

  26. Because of two slightly elevated blood sugars, our pediatrician had us take our daughter to a specialist. She had positive GAD antibodies, but no symptoms of diabetes. Will she develop type 1? Could she have MODY? She's in the 95th percentile for her BMI. (28 Jan 2006)

  27. I am 16 and have had type 1 for eight years. I have been having numbness in my right foot. Is it related to my diabetes or my Chiari 1 malformation? (28 Jan 2006)

  28. I am worried about my cousin, who has had diabetes for about eight years. She has thyroid and kidney problems and won't take her medicine. What can I do to help? (28 Jan 2006)

  29. My sister and her ex-fiance are battling for custody of their son, who has type 1. An assessor said only one parent should have custody because of the child's health. What do you think of this? (25 Jan 2006)

  30. I just found out the my son's school has been giving him regular, not diabetic, trays at lunch. What are the possible damaging effects on his organs and anything else after being fed sugar for six months? (25 Jan 2006)

  31. Recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes, my fasting blood sugars range from 90 to 100 mg/dl [5.0 to 5.6 mmol/L]. One doctor recommended insulin to get lower fasting numbers. Do I have any other options? (25 Jan 2006)

  32. Although she does her own insulin shots, my daughter is afraid of having her blood drawn. Topical pain relief does not help. Do you have any suggestions? (25 Jan 2006)

  33. Have you had any experience with diabetics in good control because of chiropractic care? (25 Jan 2006)

  34. Can Strattera affect one's diabetes? (25 Jan 2006)

  35. My teen son has gotten dumbbells to build up his arm muscles. I've heard that this is not a good idea. Will he be doing damage to his body? (24 Jan 2006)

  36. After 16 years with type 1, I have neuropathy, for which I take Neurontin at bedtime. Since my feet are still hurting, can I take it during the daytime? (24 Jan 2006)

  37. My daughter used to grow about three inches a year, but she has not grown at all since her diagnosis nine months ago. Does type 1 hinder growth? (23 Jan 2006)

  38. My young daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. What are your thoughts on the newest techniques to make this easier? Do you have a general idea of when there will be a cure? (23 Jan 2006)

  39. My daughter keeps getting ingrown toenails. She had some treated, but they are back. How should we get them treated properly? (23 Jan 2006)

  40. My pharmacist recommended aloe vera juice so my daughter would be able to take less insulin. Is this true? (23 Jan 2006)

  41. I've have been experiencing numbness in my left hand. Is there any way to correct this? Do you have any methods or non-prescription ways to help with the neuropathy? (23 Jan 2006)

  42. When hospitalized for a lung transplant, my dad was given insulin, but was told to use diet at home. His blood sugars remain high. How dangerous is it for him to continue to have highs? (23 Jan 2006)

  43. What foods lower blood glucose? (23 Jan 2006)

  44. Our new doctor says our daughter should not use a pump because she uses very little insulin, that the insulin will crystallize with a "0" basal rate. Is this true? (23 Jan 2006)

  45. I have diabetes and can't get pregnant because I've never had a regular period. Does this mean I won't be able to have a baby? (21 Jan 2006)

  46. My nephew, who has type 2 diabetes, has been vomiting a lot, sometimes daily. The doctor said it was from growth hormones. What can I do to help my nephew? (21 Jan 2006)

  47. Is there any way to avoid taking insulin shots at meals? Are there low carbohydrate foods I could eat that would not require a shot? I had site infections with a pump, so I take Lantus and fast-acting insulin. (21 Jan 2006)

  48. Since his August 2005 diagnosis, my nephew continues to have wide blood sugar fluctuations. What do we need to do to improve his control? Do we need to reduce his carbohydrates? Does he need an exercise program? How about longer needles for his shots? (21 Jan 2006)

  49. As a high school senior, I am now afraid to go away to college, unsure that I could take proper care of my diabetes. Why am I now afraid to go away for school? Would it be better to find an endocrinologist near campus? (21 Jan 2006)

  50. Since her diagnosis over two years ago, my teen daughter has had nausea, chest pain, and a continuous low grade fever, thus high blood sugars. Are these normal symptoms for someone with type 1? What could be causing them? (21 Jan 2006)

  51. The endocrinologist checks my son's groin area at each visit, three or four times a year. Is this a normal procedure? (21 Jan 2006)

  52. Although my daughter tested negative for MODY 3 and MODY 5, she still has some elevated blood sugars. She is high 15 minutes to an hour after a meal, but her blood sugar returns to normal in a couple of hours. Is this something to be worried about? (19 Jan 2006)

  53. If I don't eat before physical exercise, I get shaky. The feeling subsides after eating. I also have purple toes. Could it be some type of diabetes? Do I need to have my blood sugar checked? (19 Jan 2006)

  54. My 17 year old's Lantus dose has decreased a lot in the last month. His doctor feels it might be the end of puberty and growth hormones. What do you think? (19 Jan 2006)

  55. My daughter has type 1 and celiac. Despite exercise and diet, she is overweight. What could the problem be? She is also depressed. Could she be deficient in certain minerals or vitamins? (18 Jan 2006)

  56. I was tested for reactive hypoglycemia. Are my test results indicative of this? What kind of diet should I follow? If I take Glucophage for PCOS, how will it affect my blood sugars? (18 Jan 2006)

  57. Due to highs and intermittent ketones, my daughter has lost weight. Can you recommend foods with increased calories, but not extra carbohydrates? (18 Jan 2006)

  58. Are carb factors for American fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes and bread, the same as here in New Zealand? (17 Jan 2006)

  59. My son, who has had type 1 for two years, feels like he is choking when he's eating. I am concerned this is because I have had to force him to eat. Do you have any advice? (17 Jan 2006)

  60. Since Lilly is no longer making Lente, what other insulin do you recommend? I an concerned about nighttime lows and maintaining a good A1c. (17 Jan 2006)

  61. After eating dextrose, Splenda, Equal and Sweet 'N Low, I become very violent and angry. Where can I find help? (17 Jan 2006)

  62. My young son continues to have wide swings in his daily blood sugars. He takes NovoLog and NPH because the doctor refuses to put him on Lantus. What should I do? (17 Jan 2006)

  63. Since my gastric bypass surgery, I have postprandial hypoglycemia. Is there a blood test to see if hyperfunctioning islets are causing this? (17 Jan 2006)

  64. My college aged son has had diabetes for five years. Do you have any advice for him in pursuing a career in diabetes research or other diabetes related fields? (16 Jan 2006)

  65. Could a child develop diabetes by being very scared or traumatized? (13 Jan 2006)

  66. Where can I find books to help with meal planning for an adult recently diagnosed with type 1? (13 Jan 2006)

  67. Do you have to be losing weight as one of the symptoms for diabetes, or could you just be very thirsty, hungry, and urinate often? (13 Jan 2006)

  68. When my daughter was diagnosed with pre-diabetes two years ago, we were told to check blood sugars one and two hours after meals, randomly. She's checked sooner than an hour and had elevated readings. What does this mean? (13 Jan 2006)

  69. I've had type 1 for three years. I have painful cracks at the corners of my mouth for which I take vitamins. Is there anything else for which I need to check? I often wake up confused, but am not low. Is this also related to the lack of vitamins? (13 Jan 2006)

  70. My toddler is urinating frequently and has started taking long naps right after consuming sugar. Are these signs of pre-diabetes? (13 Jan 2006)

  71. Have any of you ever heard of a cure for type 1 coming from tobacco? I saw a news article aout this. (13 Jan 2006)

  72. Is there any benefit in splitting NPH into three injections for an infant who still has milk during the night at 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.? (13 Jan 2006)

  73. My son, who has type 1 and asthma, has unusually large pupils. I first noticed it after a Humalog injection. Is this something about which I should be concerned? (13 Jan 2006)

  74. My toddler has Down Syndrome and hyperthyroidism, which I've heard often go hand in hand with diabetes. When should I have her tested for diabetes? (13 Jan 2006)

  75. My 41 year old friend, diagnosed with type 1 at the age of seven, has gastroparesis. She is weak, has lost a lot of weight, and is on a feeding tube. Is there something the doctors have missed? (11 Jan 2006)

  76. Is laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy painful or uncomfortable? (11 Jan 2006)

  77. Where can I get a list of "free foods" appropriate for a teenaged boy? (11 Jan 2006)

  78. Diagnosed with type 1 at the end of December, my daughter's blood sugars are still very high. Why is this? She takes Regular three times a day and NPH at night. Also, how can she regain the weight she lost without having high blood sugars? (11 Jan 2006)

  79. I recently started taking insulin. Can I make dose adjustments on my own or should I consult with my doctor? Are there any painless injection methods? (10 Jan 2006)

  80. My fiance, who has type 2, has been told that if his upcoming A1c is greater than 6, he will need to take insulin. Would he need shots for the rest of his life? If he loses weight, might he be able to stop taking insulin? (10 Jan 2006)

  81. My grandson is to get tested for diabetes. Why do they want him tested six times a day? (10 Jan 2006)

  82. My patient with borderline diabetes is not interested in taking pills. However, he is obese and his post meal blood sugars are somewhat elevated at times. Do you recommend diet only or metformin? (10 Jan 2006)

  83. My nine year old has had several nighttime lows this week even with reduced insulin. Are they perhaps caused by her Lantus? Why wouldn't they occur during the day since she takes her Lantus in the morning? (9 Jan 2006)

  84. My daughter, diagnosed with type 1 six years ago, is having frequent night tremors. Are they related to her diabetes? (9 Jan 2006)

  85. I have gestational diabetes and need to increase my insulin to keep my blood sugars in range. Is there a limit to the amount I can take? Will it affect my unborn child? (9 Jan 2006)

  86. Why might the injection of too much insulin be harmful? How we can help someone who had taken too much insulin? (9 Jan 2006)

  87. My son continues to have good control, almost four years after diagnosis. Could he still be in his honeymoon? Or, could he have another type of diabetes? (9 Jan 2006)

  88. Would it be okay if I stopped taking my metformin and focused on diet and exercise instead? (9 Jan 2006)

  89. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic in 1968 and have taken pills and insulin for 12 years. I had classes on diabetes three times. Why did no one previously teach about the glycemic index? (7 Jan 2006)

  90. According to standards here in the Philippines, I have gestational diabetes. Based on my test results, do you think I have it? (7 Jan 2006)

  91. My nephew was diagnosed with type 1 in September 2005. He has been vomiting most mornings for about three weeks. What would cause this? (5 Jan 2006)

  92. Since my gastric bypass surgery, I have been having low blood sugars. Why would this be happening? (5 Jan 2006)

  93. After recent surgery, I had high blood sugars and blood pressure. A calm person, I lashed out at someone. Could this be from the high blood sugar? (5 Jan 2006)

  94. Twice, I have awakened with sore calf muscles and a shredded and bruised tongue. What do you think is happening? (5 Jan 2006)

  95. My son was just diagnosed with type 1. His blood sugars remain quite high, but he doesn't see the doctor again until January 11. Should I be concerned? (5 Jan 2006)

  96. My daughter has a history of immune dysreguation. She was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycemia and put on a diet to regulate her blood sugars. She is to have more tests soon. Are we overlooking anything? (4 Jan 2006)

  97. About two years ago, my son took insulin for what the doctor said was "transient" diabetes. Now, he is symptomatic again. Could this be diabetes? Should I monitor his blood sugars? (4 Jan 2006)

  98. My eight month old was diagnosed with type 1 four months ago. Told to err on the high side, what is too high and what is too low? (4 Jan 2006)

  99. I'm 21 and have had type 1 for about 11 years. I've had carpal tunnel syndrome for two years. Is this connected to my diabetes? (4 Jan 2006)

  100. Can someone with diabetes have orthokeratology, a non-surgical contact lens program to control the progression of or temporarily reduce or eliminate myopia? (2 Jan 2006)

  101. My grandson has been complaining about feeling "sand" in his feet. What could be causing this? His blood sugars are checked often. (2 Jan 2006)

  102. I have twice experienced one hour periods where I have no memory of events. Could these episodes be related to my type 2 diabetes? My blood sugars were slightly elevated after both episodes. (2 Jan 2006)

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