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  1. My son has been drinking and sleeping a lot. His random blood sugar was elevated, but his fasting blood sugar was normal. My son just doesn't seem himself. What do you think? (28 Feb 2006)

  2. My son has been hungry, thirsty and not gaining weight. After a snack, his blood sugar was 149 mg/dl [8.3 mmol/L]. Could he be in the early stages of diabetes? (27 Feb 2006)

  3. If my husband's fasting blood sugar is somewhat elevated, can he still exercise? He is overweight and has a heart problem. (27 Feb 2006)

  4. My granddaughter's A1c was 11. What happens to her body with a high A1c? (27 Feb 2006)

  5. I was diagnosed with type 2 before my pregnancy and took insulin when pregnant. Now, post-birth, my blood sugars are in range. Do I still have diabetes? (27 Feb 2006)

  6. I've controlled my diabetes through diet and exercise, but no longer have the willpower to diet. Am I better off on medications? I've heard they add to the risk of death. (27 Feb 2006)

  7. One of my students has gained a lot of weight, is always sleepy, and has stomachaches. Could this be a blood sugar problem? (27 Feb 2006)

  8. During her illness, we have been giving our daughter Humalog for corrections and carbohydrates. She's had ketones for three days. Could she go into DKA if her blood sugars have not been too high? (26 Feb 2006)

  9. Since he's been drinking a lot, I tested my son's blood sugar. Two minutes after juice, he was 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L]. Is this normal for a non-diabetic? Could the juice have cause the elevated blood sugar? (26 Feb 2006)

  10. I am a school nurse and am to teach the school's bus driver about caring for students with diabetes while they are on the bus. Do you have any suggestions to teach them in simple terms? (25 Feb 2006)

  11. Recently, I have been urinating a lot. I researched diabetes, but I only have excessive, watery urine. Should I be concerned? (25 Feb 2006)

  12. I am 25 and have had type 1 for 14 years. I am shorter than my parents and younger brother. To help me grow, should I take an enhancer or hormone injections? Which would have the least impact on my blood sugars? (25 Feb 2006)

  13. My son is getting four or five shots a day. Is that normal for a child of his age? He doesn't live with me and I don't know much about diabetes. (25 Feb 2006)

  14. My stepson has missed appointments with his endocrinologist and his A1c is up a bit. Should he be seen by a pediatrician or an endocrinologist? (25 Feb 2006)

  15. Is there a way to work out how much insulin I need to take? Calorie counting didn't work for me. (23 Feb 2006)

  16. I have MODY3. My A1c went from 6.5 to 7 in a six week period. My diabetes consultant wasn't concerned, but I am worried about the highs I am having. What is your opinion? (23 Feb 2006)

  17. How can I persuade my 11 year old to rotate insulin injection sites? (22 Feb 2006)

  18. My teen has been lying about her blood sugars. How do I convince her that diabetes is serious and she needs to take care of herself? Where can I find a support group? (22 Feb 2006)

  19. My adult brother keeps having blackouts. What causes them? How can I help prevent them? I know he isn't eating well or checking his blood sugar. (22 Feb 2006)

  20. For six months, my son has been waking with a high blood sugar after being around 180 mg/dl [10.0 mmol/l] at 2:30 a.m. Why is this? Is this harmful? (22 Feb 2006)

  21. For a teen, how much insulin is "too much?" What defines "insulin resistance?" (22 Feb 2006)

  22. From reading other questions on this site, I am afraid for my son. Is there any hope for the future? (22 Feb 2006)

  23. Sometimes I skip my insulin and blood sugar checks. What kind of damage is this doing to my body? (22 Feb 2006)

  24. I have my A1c checked once a year and the recent one is higher than the last. Is this related to cutting back on exercise? Is there a meter available for testing my A1c at home? (22 Feb 2006)

  25. Can the blood work for testing the thyroid and cholesterol be tested using the fingerstick blood test or must it be done with the venous blood work? (22 Feb 2006)

  26. I had gestational diabetes. After giving birth recently, I still have high fasting and post meal blood sugars. Do I have diabetes? What medication do I need? Will the highs harm my baby through breast milk? (22 Feb 2006)

  27. My teen son has always used an Inject-Ease. His new doctor wants him to stop using it, saying the syringes may not be going into the tissue properly. Do you think injections with the Inject-Ease are less effective? (21 Feb 2006)

  28. I like to cook and bake for my family. Where can I find a reference book that lists ingredients as they are measured, e.g. 1 cup apple slices? Most books provide the carbohydrate count for a medium apple, small banana, etc. (21 Feb 2006)

  29. Diagnosed in October 2005, my daughter needs very little insulin. Twice, she was negative for antibodies. What type of diabetes could she have? (21 Feb 2006)

  30. How many people with type 1 are positive for the autoantibodies that attack the beta cells? Do you also have to have the HLA gene? (21 Feb 2006)

  31. My 10 year old was diagnosed with type 1 six months ago. She still has highs, which the doctor says are normal. Is there anything she could do besides eat the right foods and monitor herself? (21 Feb 2006)

  32. Due to a high random blood sugar, my son was diagnosed with "hyperglycemia, unknown cause," not diabetes. He is to be tested for celiac. What should we do now? (21 Feb 2006)

  33. My son is taking a protein supplement to gain weight and build muscle. Can high protein intake affect his renal function? (21 Feb 2006)

  34. My son has lactose intolerance and has been exhibiting some of the symptoms of diabetes. Is there a link between lactose intolerance and diabetes? (21 Feb 2006)

  35. My niece is overweight, but I know she needs to consume carbohydrates when she has a low blood sugar. How can I help her with her diet? (21 Feb 2006)

  36. Recent blood work showed my son's alkaline phosphatase level was high. I am worried about bone cancer. Should he see a specialist? Is this common in children with diabetes? (21 Feb 2006)

  37. I have been diagnosed with type 2 and have serious needle phobia. Is there a meter on the market where I wouldn't see the blood? Are there any other options? (20 Feb 2006)

  38. I have conflicting information from two doctors with respect to my daughter's tests for celiac disease. What do you recommend? (19 Feb 2006)

  39. Are there any documented cases of people with type 1 having some permanent level of islet cell function, even years later? My son's doctor did not believe my son would honeymoon, but his insulin requirement has dropped. Could it be a honeymoon? (17 Feb 2006)

  40. During the honeymoon, is it better to stop insulin or keep injecting it at a lower dose to preserve beta cells? I've seen studies about both. (17 Feb 2006)

  41. My daughter recently had some elevated blood sugars. The general practitioner said her test results were okay, but she should lose a little weight. Should I consult a specialist? (17 Feb 2006)

  42. My son was just diagnosed with type 1 on January 31, 2006. Since then, he has had several DKA-like episodes, but all tests were normal. How can I find out what is wrong with my son? (17 Feb 2006)

  43. At a recent physical, my son's fasting blood sugar was 120 mg/dl [6.7 mmol/L]. He hasn't been himself lately. Should I have further testing done? (17 Feb 2006)

  44. Are there any laws in the state of Ohio regulating babysitting for a child with type 1 diabetes? (17 Feb 2006)

  45. My son was hospitalized twice in eight days with vomiting, ketones and highs. His doctor wants no change in his insulin dosage. Would a pump be a better choice? (17 Feb 2006)

  46. Many hours after exercise, which is daily, I am having low blood sugars. What can I do to fix this problem? I take Lantus and Humalog. (17 Feb 2006)

  47. I have type 2 and have been struggling with hyperglycemia. The more medication I take, the more my blood sugars go out of control. And, I keep gaining weight, despite efforts to the contrary. What do you suggest? (17 Feb 2006)

  48. Since his diagnosis in October, my teen son has been depressed and suicidal. Could there be a direct correlation between his hypothyroidism, uncontrolled blood sugars and depression? Where can we find support groups? (17 Feb 2006)

  49. Is there any cold medicine that will not raise my daughter's blood sugars so dramatically? She does not like Diabetussin. Where can I find the carbohydrate count for some over-the-counter drugs? (16 Feb 2006)

  50. Recently, my daughter had moderate to high urine ketones. The doctor also found ketones, but a normal blood sugar tested by a fingerstick. She's not sick. Why does she have ketones? (15 Feb 2006)

  51. My four year old has had sugar in her urine several times. Is this a sign of diabetes? If she does not have sugar in her urine next week, will she still need tests? (15 Feb 2006)

  52. I have type 2 and am overweight. I take 250 units of insulin and several other medications. How much insulin is too much? I'm worried that all the medications will do more harm than good. (15 Feb 2006)

  53. My daughter is on Humalog and NPH. I find the NPH unpredictable and believe it is causing her to have lows. Would Lantus be a better long-acting insulin? Eventually, we intend to get her on a pump. (15 Feb 2006)

  54. After a year with type 1, my son's blood sugars still fluctuate a lot. Is this normal? When will this end? Is it my fault as a parent? (14 Feb 2006)

  55. Why do jail doctor's treat youths with type 1 like they have type 2? Why do they cut their insulin in half? (14 Feb 2006)

  56. At the local police station, I was not given access to my insulin and ended up hospitalized with a very high blood sugar. Do you know of other cases like this? (14 Feb 2006)

  57. Is there any evidence that the taking of common antidepressants by pregnant women increase the chances of the child getting type 1 diabetes? (14 Feb 2006)

  58. If I have my hemoglobin A1c checked, will it also check my hemoglobin count to see if I have anemia? (14 Feb 2006)

  59. Diagnosed with type 1 in September, the reality of this has hit my daughter. She just isn't herself. Her schoolwork is slipping. How can I help her? (14 Feb 2006)

  60. My son has been on Regular and NPH since diagnosis. I've read that this regimen is outdated. Do you agree? (14 Feb 2006)

  61. My granddaughter's random blood sugar was 160 mg/dl [8.9 mmol/L]. She is always thirsty. Should she see a doctor? Would an asthma inhaler raise her blood sugar? (14 Feb 2006)

  62. What is the A1c range for a juvenile non-diabetic? (14 Feb 2006)

  63. My granddaughter had a fingernail separate from the "root." The endocrinologist was not concerned. Could it get infected? Can you assure us this will cause no further damage? (14 Feb 2006)

  64. I've had type 1 for 23 years and also have several other autoimmune diseases. Why do I keep having autoimmune problems? Is there a way to use stem cells from my son's cord blood to produce islets for me? Are there any alternative therapies into which I should look? (13 Feb 2006)

  65. Where can I find help for my self-employed dad whose diabetes is now hard to control? He is trying to be declared disabled, but doesn't know if he will qualify. (13 Feb 2006)

  66. What is the road to becoming an endocrinologist like? (13 Feb 2006)

  67. For the most part, my son's blood sugars are in range. The doctor has said to increase the dinner Humalog and decrease his dinner NPH. Why? Can you explain why taking too much insulin can be harmful for him even though he has good readings? (13 Feb 2006)

  68. My teen son has the beginnings glaucoma, according to one eye doctor. Is this because he has some elevated blood sugars or from built up pressure behind his eyes? (13 Feb 2006)

  69. My doctor is not concerned with my blood sugars and A1c, but I am worried that I may have diabetes. Should I get a second opinion? What questions should I ask? (12 Feb 2006)

  70. Diagnosed in late December, my five year old is not eating much, unless it's considered a "treat," such as cookies or ice cream" What do you suggest? (12 Feb 2006)

  71. My son has late morning highs. Is there a metabolic reason for this or some other explanation? (12 Feb 2006)

  72. Do complications always happen? If blood levels are kept perfectly regulated, will complications still occur? (11 Feb 2006)

  73. I would like to know if high blood sugar readings in the mornings are from the breakfast I ate, the supper I ate the night before, or a combination of both? (11 Feb 2006)

  74. I have been diagnosed with borderline diabetes and given metformin. Friends have suggested that the metformin is not necessary. What is your opinion? (11 Feb 2006)

  75. A few days after a stomach illness, my daughter's blood sugar remained low for several hours after her usual supper injection. We treated her often. Then, she was HI. What caused the persistent lows? (11 Feb 2006)

  76. Since his diagnosis a year ago, my nephew has been on a low carbohydrate diet and has not grown any. Is this related to his diet? (11 Feb 2006)

  77. I am trying three shots of NPH to prevent post-breakfast and late afternoon highs. My doctor doesn't like this idea. What is your opinion? (10 Feb 2006)

  78. After 20 years with type 1, I have numbness and tingling in my feet. The nurse practitioner has no advice. What kind of doctor should I see about this? (10 Feb 2006)

  79. As a teen, my late husband was on insulin, then off it after the removal of a tumor from his adrenal gland. At 24, he was told he had type 2. Five years later, he had complications and died at 35 from them. Could he have had an aggressive form of MODY? I am worried about my son, who has tested positive for MODY-3. Are there any ongoing studies about MODY? (10 Feb 2006)

  80. I have gestational diabetes and have been told to take NovoRapid with meals and Insulatard at night. Is this a normal regimen? What is the risk of taking NovoRapid? (10 Feb 2006)

  81. After two years, my son's A1c is around 9. The specialist isn't worried, but I am. Do you have any suggestions on how to lower it? (10 Feb 2006)

  82. Last summer, doctors in the U.S. suspected my daughter was developing type 1. Later, French doctors did a GTT and the results were normal. The local pediatrician said to continue testing. What could this be? Could she be developing type 1? (6 Feb 2006)

  83. My young niece takes insulin and oral medications. She often has seizures, so the school will not be able to care for her. Why does she have to suffer? (6 Feb 2006)

  84. I am doing well with my current insulin regimen, but I like the idea of inhalable insulin and fewer shots. What do you think of it? (6 Feb 2006)

  85. My insurance company will no longer let my daughter be seen by a pediatric endocrinologist; I have filed an appeal. What else should I do? (6 Feb 2006)

  86. My 77 year old grandmother has an aneurysm. I know that diabetes can influence her blood pressure and cholesterol, but the doctor has told her just to watch her diet. Should we investigate this further? (6 Feb 2006)

  87. Are there specific eating guidelines to follow before having a fasting blood test? (6 Feb 2006)

  88. My 20 month old was diagnosed with type 1 three months ago. Should we consider getting her a pump? (4 Feb 2006)

  89. I currently have a student who behaves very poorly in class. Often, his parents say it is related to his blood sugar. Are these behaviors typical for children with diabetes? (4 Feb 2006)

  90. My 26 year old son has had diabetes for 13 years. He is often low because he takes his insulin, then waits two to four hours to eat, saying he can't eat. His self management is getting worse each year and he has mental health issues. How can I get help? (4 Feb 2006)

  91. My son, a competitive gymnast, has had two seizures in the last month, both the day after meets. The endocrinologist thinks they were from lows, but the pediatrician has suggested we taken our son to a neurologist. What do you think? (4 Feb 2006)

  92. What type of foods would you suggest as finger foods for a child who has diabetes and is just beginning to eat solid foods? (4 Feb 2006)

  93. My daughter has pimples or keloids near her infusion sites. Moving the sites has helped. Is this an allergy or staph infection? Have you seen this before? (4 Feb 2006)

  94. My husband checked his blood sugar using my daughter's lancet, then neglected to replace the lancet when done. Should my husband have tests to ensure he has no diseases that he could have passed to my daughter? (4 Feb 2006)

  95. My daughter's cholesterol is slightly elevated. Is there any harm to giving her rice bran policosanol? (4 Feb 2006)

  96. My daughter experiences sudden bleeding from under a fingernail. It usually bleeds heavily. Is this related to more serious diabetes complications? (4 Feb 2006)

  97. Where can I find information about my son's rights in school? We are new to the area and I don't know where to get help. (4 Feb 2006)

  98. I read about the use of stabilized rice bran to help lower one's A1cs and blood sugars. Is this generally accepted or not? (4 Feb 2006)

  99. Diagnosed in August 2005, my daughter's insulin needs vary a lot. Is this normal? Are her dosages appropriate? Is her anti-gliadin test result high? (4 Feb 2006)

  100. I consumed an Orange Sunkist for my gestational diabetes test. My one hour blood sugar was 76 mg/dl [4.2 mmol/L]. Is this too low? Could I have hypoglycemia? (3 Feb 2006)

  101. It is hard to control my young daughter's blood sugars. She is always hungry. Is it okay to give extra insulin for extra food? (3 Feb 2006)

  102. Do you know anything about high platelets in children, especially children already dealing with type 1 diabetes? (3 Feb 2006)

  103. I have type 1 and just found out I'm pregnant, unexpectedly. My blood sugars are out of control and I'm spilling protein in my urine. Will I go full term? Should I expect a miscarriage? How often should I check my blood sugars? (3 Feb 2006)

  104. After many tests, my son was diagnosed with type 1. However, the doctor feels he has Latent Autoimmune Diabetes. Based on his test, results, could this be was he has? (2 Feb 2006)

  105. After four months on the same insulin regimen, my son is often low twice a day. And, he's had low blood sugars that don't want to come up. What could be causing this? (2 Feb 2006)

  106. I have been on a pump for two years and have developed dark and stiff stains on my stomach. What is causing them? (2 Feb 2006)

  107. My young daughter was recently diagnosed. She keeps complaining that her shoes and socks don't fit right. Have you heard of other children complaining of this? (2 Feb 2006)

  108. If it is known that the Coxsackie virus has been associated with the development of pancreatic beta cell destruction, why is there no vaccine or other method to stop the destruction? (2 Feb 2006)

  109. My best friend was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She is being treated with artificial insulin. How is it made? (1 Feb 2006)

  110. Recent, I was diagnosed with vitiligo. The doctor ran blood tests which indicated a high blood sugar. A second test was normal. Can you help me understand my test results? Could the first test have been skewed by the juice I drank the night before? (1 Feb 2006)

  111. The ADA has recommended I hire an attorney to fight for my son's right to self-monitor at school. Can you recommend someone? (1 Feb 2006)

  112. My brother has had type 1 for years. His doctor says he is going blind in one eye and needs liver tests. I am in the U.S. How can I help him? (1 Feb 2006)

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Marco Songini, MD (Italy) (Pediatric, adolescent, and adult endocrinologist and diabetologist, member since April 1997)
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Stuart Brink, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 1999)
Matthew Brown, MD (Pediatrician and a Pediatric Diabetologist, member since January 2000)
Jim Lane, MD (Adult Endocrinologist, member since November 2000)
David Schwartz, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since May 2001)
Andrea Scaramuzza, MD (Italy) (Pediatric Endocrinologist, member since October 2003)
Linda DiMeglio, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist)

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Linda Mackowiak, RN, MS, FNP, CDE (Diabetes Nurse Specialist)

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Rick Philbin, M.Ed., A.T.C., C.S.C.S (Sports Medicine, member since July 2004)

Lois Schmidt Finney, RD, MPH, CDE (DPT-1 Research Coordinator, member since July 1998)
Heather Speer, MPH, CCRC, CDE (Clinical Diabetes Research and Education Coordinator, member since July 1998)

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Debbie Butler, CDE, MSW, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, member since October 2004)

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